Episode 158 – A Podcast About Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers)

My boy Tommy O, the one and only Green (White, Red x 2, and Black) Ranger out there. By one and only, we mean a cut above the rest, a leader, an enemy, and a friend by the name of Tommy Oliver! Often people’s favorite of all Power Rangers, he certainly has quite the background when it comes to development, with Jason David Frank bringing the character to screens near you. With an up and down history amongst fellow rangers and a storyline that spans all forms of media, we give Tommy our full attention as we try to decide which version is best and what makes Tommy such a great ranger. Age certainly hasn’t done JDF justice, but Tommy is timeless.

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Full Episode Transcript Available Below:

Kalvin 0:06
To podcast, each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin. And joining me from the reef side high school science lab to co host Nick Richardson. What’s happening sciencey Up In This Bitch. Yeah, he thought I was gonna say from Angel Grove But either way,

Unknown Speaker 0:25
well then my brain was just like Okay, so what’s the other one? A brief side was the first one that came to mind. Just because I’ve been watching a lot of this shit.

Kalvin 0:33
Yeah, I was gonna go with Angel Grove and then because I couldn’t think of what the other city was even though I have it in my notes, but I didn’t want to scroll through to find it. in like three seconds I was taking to lead into the intro. And then I thought about the last second I was like, Yes, I

Unknown Speaker 0:48
did say resign. resign bistros all I want to think about some fucking hungry.

Kalvin 0:54
If you if you didn’t read the title of this episode, we are talking about Tommy Dr. Tommy Oliver. Yeah, give Power Rangers. Yeah, put some respect on this man’s name. He’s changed lives. Calvin. He’s changed lots of lives. He Jason David Frank, our boy. friend of the show. Really? Sorry, Jason. But you’re a shitty actor. In anything other like, but in Power Rangers. He pulls it off. It works.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
I mean, yeah, it also

Unknown Speaker 1:24
works. His dialogue is so terribly. There was one line is so awful, but it made me laugh is this copy is gonna kick your butt. It’s like what

Kalvin 1:35
zero and turbo are very bad. Oh, turbo is horrendous. He the first three seasons the first season? I think he does really well. I think he does better than some of the other people in the first season. And then yeah, he had some rough patches here and there. I think he did good in the movie. I love the movie. Yeah. And he was great in the movie it seemed and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie not in the turbo. Nobody did good in the turbo movie. Everybody who’s involved in the turbo movie should just like not ever have a job. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:06
Calvin buss up you know, some some careers here today taking jobs.

Kalvin 2:13
I thought it was really good in dyno Thunder when he came back. Like I thought that was his best acting. Now, his martial arts had fallen off quite a bit by that though, you could tell he was old and slow. He like us. I think I’ve mentioned it on the podcast before but when I was at CTV to fucking 2019. God has been forever. It seems like he’s like 18 years ago, but really, it’s only two

Unknown Speaker 2:39
fucking eternity. This will go down in history. But anyway, I saw Jason David Frank. And he looked like dogshit Yeah, he kind of lets himself go in the offseason when they’re not recording. So I mean, this man was packing some powder. He

Kalvin 2:54
hasn’t been in an episode since Megaforce. I think the legendary battle or whatever it was. Was that 2018? Honestly, like 2017 2016 2017 you think Megaforce was like four shows ago? It’s hard to keep track. Yeah, they’re on. I know, we’re totally losing our power rangers credentials right now, but they’re on dyno fury or dyno charge right now. I think dyno charge is what it is. Beast. morphers was before that. And then I think there was something else in between beast morphers and Megaforce. But I could be wrong. If you want to find out for real, we covered all of Power Rangers from beginning to end. And a three part mega episode back in May of 2020. So we should probably remember that it was only a year ago. But we don’t so that a year Dude, it’s been a long fuckin year. Long here, brother. I think I just blacked out of the whole three hours that we did. It’s just a complete blank space in my mind.

Unknown Speaker 3:54
I felt so raw afterwards. Yeah. Just word vomited for three hours a power of us.

Kalvin 4:00
It’s it’s a really fun episode or three episodes if you go back and listen, but it was a kind of a rough recording.

Unknown Speaker 4:08
I mean is three hours is a long time. It’s like 1130 when we’re done as a fuck, I gotta be up before the Lord.

Kalvin 4:15
It reminds me of when Eric and I did the Avengers Infinity War episode. It was right after infinity war came out. So like he had seen it first. And we didn’t talk about it. And then I saw it. So I called him and we just like talked about it for a little bit. And I was like, hey, let’s go ahead and record the episode when I get back to my hotel. And so then we recorded it. At first we talked about it for like 20 minutes, got most of our thoughts out. So then we recorded an actual episode for another hour hour 15 you know, whatever. And then there was something wrong with the audio, so we had to re record it. So then by the third time, we’re now having this conversation, it just felt completely nailed it. I mean, yeah, that’s that’s a rough go. Thanks, man. Yeah, so our our three of the Power Rangers make episode Mike not be as good as our one. But who knows? Who knows? There’s no way to tell really.

Unknown Speaker 5:06
It’s impossibly.

Kalvin 5:07
So what are the Power Rangers? They are the greatest kid show about teenage karate fighting superheroes with cool weapons and dinosaur robots ever created. Literally should do. Better than beagleboard better than VR Troopers better than common writer come

Unknown Speaker 5:22
at me. My my first words were powers in troopers for VR Troopers and Power Rangers.

Kalvin 5:31
So VR Troopers is something that is hard to find out. Oh, yeah, it was on Netflix for a while and I never rewatch it. Like I tried to rewatch leaderboards at one point and like, I couldn’t even make it through the first episode, but I did. I wanted to give VR Troopers another try and it I can’t find it now. And like, cuz those are the big three when I was a kid and watching those like those three were on the block together and I would watch them all the time.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
Oh, yeah. I mean, I still have the beetle boards like boards somewhere.

Kalvin 6:01
I’ve got a I’ve got a few of them. They’re all broken. No, no my fully intact because they would have these little I guess they’d have like the soft plastic parts on them too. And all the soft plastic parts and break off.

Unknown Speaker 6:13
Sons of bitches had all these swords, too. If I still had that shit, I’d be rich as fuck.

Kalvin 6:18
Oh my god, like two Chainz Dude, look guys don’t have all those Power Rangers now look at us. All my dudes are riches. Fuck yeah. And we’re that’s how you go Calvin. Yeah, No, I haven’t. So this is the real explanation from Wikipedia what the Power Rangers are. It’s an American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live action superhero television series based on the Japanese tokusatsu franchise Super Sentai produce first by Steve savant entertainment second by VVS BVs. Entertainment later by savant brands, and today by SCG Power Rangers and Hasbro Power Rangers television series takes much of its footage from the Super Sentai television series produced by the toy company. The first Power Rangers entry Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in on August 28 1993, help launch the Fox Kids programming block of the 1990s during which it catapulted into popular culture, along with a line of action figures and other toys by Bandai. By 2001, the media franchise generated over $6 billion in Toy sales. Why? their toys are the hot though, let me tell you, let’s see, do I always think like my power rangers collections done, and then they release something new that I’m like, Yeah, I gotta have that too.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
I haven’t even started the collection, because I will buy them all. Well, I’ll buy at least 10 that I really, really like. And that’s a lot of money. That’s like 200 bucks.

Kalvin 7:40
Well, so I never watch. I didn’t watch anything past like last galaxy and I have a lot of the stuff from Mighty Morphin already. So I’m like, Well, I can’t. I’m not gonna care about anything else, but then they keep re releasing Mighty Morphin stuff in different light. The different looks a little bit and I’m like, Okay, I gotta get this to Okay, I gotta get this. Do they get the scopes? Oh, they made a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers versus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. Got it. righteous. Yeah, so, got to do that. Nick, can you tell us a little bit about who Tommy Oliver is, before we get into his different Ranger forms?

Unknown Speaker 8:16
Tommy Oliver. You know, he’s just, he’s a dude. Named Tommy.

Kalvin 8:24
Last Name over.

Unknown Speaker 8:25
Yeah. He has a ponytail. And he’s played by Jason David Frank. So Tommy Oliver is the quintessential fuckin homeboy. Like everybody loved this. This cat. He was the new kid at Angel Grove. And he first appeared in Episode 17 of season one green with evil part one. boot of control.

Kalvin 8:49
I gotta pause it for just a second son of a bitch. I know you’re doing a great job, but it made me think of something else here. Do kids in TV and movies? So like if it’s a new guy? He’s always like the coolest guy right? The new kid that comes in for high school. Always the coolest dude. And if it’s a girl, it’s always the hottest girl is the new girl. Did you every year going into school? Think like, okay, who’s the new kid going to be? Are they going to be really cool or really hot girl?

Unknown Speaker 9:17
No, cuz I never had that luck. Really? It was that happened one time in like sixth grade. But other than that, like new kids weren’t the weirdos?

Kalvin 9:26
Yeah, I don’t know that I’ll go that far. They’re to me. They’re always like just normal. Which I think like in the world, most people are fall on the bell curve in the normal area. Yes. So. But every year like during the summer, like the week before school would start. It would always be in my mind like, oh, we’re gonna get some new kids this year. They’re gonna be cool people and hot girls and like you said they just never were I finally gave up on it. Like once I when I went to high school and I was in the Catholic school because there were no new kids coming into the Catholic schools. They were losing me in ninth grade. Oh man. That’s a shout out man. You Yeah. Hey, and I was the coolest in the school. So there we go. Fucking bet you’re the only one that can look at this kid. Oh my god. I was the Tawny owl for my Catholic High School. I was evil for a little while. Good. He started bagging all the honeys.

Unknown Speaker 10:20

Kalvin 10:21
can I confirm that? All right, so go back to Tommy.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
So Tommy Oliver new kid who is big in a karate, and you know he’s got the he’s got the looks. He’s a handsome cat. He’s got the ponytail. Does he have earrings?

Kalvin 10:37
I think so. Yeah, that was a big thing. But Zack had earrings too, because Zach was the cool one before Tommy got them. Yeah, but Zach had the studs and Tommy has Jason hearing too. Probably he had the little gold.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
Yeah, like a little hoop? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 10:50
Yeah, Tommy had the hoops. But he was very into Kairos a him and Jason they thought Jason one. And Tommy went on to become the evil Green Ranger when he was under the spell of Rita repulsa. You know, when he was being evil, he he kind of turned away the advances of Kimberly which is the hot girl in school. Fuck I had a crush on her when I was a kid. I think everyone did. Literally everybody.

Kalvin 11:21
Well, every guy was watching something the other day Oh superstore my wife and I were watching superstore and they were talking about like who their first crush like their celebrity crushes were right and the guy says Alyssa Milano cuz that’s everybody else. It’s like either Alyssa Milano or Kimberly from Power Rangers was everyone from the 90s first crush.

Unknown Speaker 11:40

Kalvin 11:42
Eventually I don’t know how far you want me to go with Tommy? Yeah, let’s not go too deep because we’re gonna get into it once we talked about as Rangers so yeah, he’s doing an angel grow brainwashed by Rita took on four different colors as arranger throughout the years green, white, red and black. And those are those are going to be our five fundamental some things about something is those four plus Lord drakkon, which will be the fifth, which is a different thing, alternate timeline version from comics. And then it’s often the de facto leader of the Rangers

Unknown Speaker 12:16

Unknown Speaker 12:16
most like the best Ranger of all time, throughout every timeline in every like iteration of the Rangers don’t like oh, fucking Tommy.

Kalvin 12:23
Yeah, everybody knows Tom,

Unknown Speaker 12:25
my boy Tommy, whenever

Kalvin 12:26
they do these big crossovers. everybody’s like, holy shit,

Unknown Speaker 12:28
Tommy’s here.

Unknown Speaker 12:30
He’s got this stupid little soul patch and he’s 25 pounds overweight. Like oh my god, that’s the best way to

Unknown Speaker 12:37
look at him. specimen.

Kalvin 12:39
So I mean, I guess there’s kind of spoilers here. The mostly we’re going to be pulling our own knowledge from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Rangers, the Oh, Power Rangers, turbo dyno thunder. Some of the crossovers from later seasons we’re going to be pulling out of the comics, especially the Lord dragon stuff, and most of it is straight from the Power Rangers fandom site or YouTube research. So I mean, if you don’t want to be spoiled on what happens to Tommy, I guess don’t listen. But I mean, it’s 25 years old. I think we’re okay. No, you’re good. You came here for the nostalgia of it. You want to fanboy over Tommy as much as we are. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
My boy Tommy.

Kalvin 13:18
So I had just a little bit more background on him. Previously, until the age of seven Tommy Marshall and his friend Tyler lived on the streets until he left the orphanage to be adopted by his mother. See you he said Tommy’s new student eventually stopped he’s eventually stopped by the Power Rangers and broke free to spell. He realizes all the damage he had done. He felt terrible. Jason assured him it was only because of his spell, so he’s good now. He decided to join the Power Rangers. Tommy can continues to feel like an outsider afterwards. He’s kind of haunted by Rita. I had a David he had a brother David. At one point it was not my Sam trueheart Yeah. And it was actually his real brother in real life that played him. I thought it was like him. I thought they did the thing where both on Wareham. They’re pretty sure is is real. It might be I don’t remember watching that episode. Recently. That the two did not meet until later in their team. I think it was during Zio or maybe even turbo that they met for real on screen. For rooferhow a karate. Yeah, I think that’s it. He’s like Helen or karate. Yeah. He said season one episode. 17. Right. First parents, so that was October 5 1993.

Unknown Speaker 14:35
I feel so old.

Kalvin 14:37
Yeah. Well, I’m old. You’re younger. 20 a bro. Yeah, I’m older. back and you guys have to figure that out for yourself. Let me guess for 33 not gonna say the five fundamentals some things about Tommy Oliver. We’re going to go through each color Ranger and Lord drakkon. So let’s start with the green Ranger. While he was a freshman in high school, Tommy and his family moved to Angel Grove, entered a martial arts tournament and fought Jason to a Thai by a four by four. Despite Jason being labeled as Angel groves finest martial artists by the announcer fight had earned him Jason’s respect, even though he didn’t wait. I mean that he Jason definitely one he tagged as much as the wildest thing I could get from this is that these 35 year olds are not only in high school, but the freshmen in high school in season one. That’s fabulous. Jason’s fucking jack dude. He’s hitting some roids Kimberly is the only one who like can possibly pull off that she’s an actual high schooler. It looks like he’s 40 j Jason and Zach and Tommy all look like they’re in their mid 20s and Trini. Looks like she’s 30 at least. Maybe 35. Yeah, but but Kimmy, you could say is a teenager, but really I’d pay her for like 20 to 25 also.

Unknown Speaker 16:00

Unknown Speaker 16:00
I can see that.

Kalvin 16:02
It Yeah, it’s always wild. Like, thinking they’re in high school. And then they’re like they’re in high school for three seasons of Power Rangers. They’ll be there. It’s how it always goes with these things. Well, yeah, cuz it’s easier to hire 20 year olds because you don’t have to worry about like child labor and all that stuff

Unknown Speaker 16:18
on paying them. Like hey, you’re poor. You want to get you want to make some money? Fuck Yeah, dude. I’ll do whatever.

Kalvin 16:24
As the Green Ranger. His sword was the dragonzord what was weapons? What weapons to use?

Unknown Speaker 16:29
He Oh, fuck me.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
He had the dragon dagger which was also the flute.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
He used to call

Unknown Speaker 16:39
alpha Yeah, that to which he used to call the dragonzord train he also had the the shield. The Dragon Shield? Yes. Which made it i’d technically call that a weapon because it increased its power.

Kalvin 16:52
Yeah, no, it’s definitely a weapon it like contained the the green power clean power as he said. He also while he was evil had the sword of darkness, which we can’t forget about.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
That’s right, which also was referred to it was the sort of the sort of darkness and the sort of something else. green power source of these nuts. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:16

Kalvin 17:18
so now we’re just going to go through some other interesting things that Tommy did while he was a Green Ranger. What do you got? start us off hot here. Levine. He totally cuckolded the entire Power Ranger see

Unknown Speaker 17:33
their sauce, bro.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
I don’t know what really most of that means. But he managed to break free of reader repulses, strength, whatever you want to call it, her her spell. Which I gotta say that’s that’s pretty, pretty big feat on its own.

Kalvin 17:52
Well, yeah, I mean, she was Lorna man. She gave him the dragon coin. She made him evil filled as it was brainwashed him more or less filled his head with all these illusions of grandeur and gave him the sword of darkness, which, oh, here’s what it is. It not only enhances dark powers, but also acted as a catalyst to keep him under her evil spell.

Unknown Speaker 18:12
So yeah, poor son of a bitch. And I mean, he basically ends up saving the rest of the Rangers when Rita repulsa acquires the dragon dagger. And you know a whole bunch of convoluted stuff goes down but

Kalvin 18:24
yeah, that’s how most of these talking points are going to end it’s or like the middle of Zeus and be like a bunch of convoluted shit happened and then Tommy did this to fix it. Basically,

Unknown Speaker 18:33
he you know, had the power coin and they find Tommy again, and he’s able to turn into the Green Ranger just long enough Zord on you know, kind of supplementing his power to fight Rita. And they win, bro. They fuckin win.

Kalvin 18:49
Yeah, so then, you know, they invite him to be a ranger. He’s a ranger. His his friendship kind of blooms with everyone, especially Kimberly. Except Jason’s French. It takes a little takes a little bit longer for Jason to come around. So Jordan is aware of this problem between him he and Jason and he sent since the two of them on a mission to recover the special blasters protected by Titanic. Which Titanic’s is wack. I’m sorry. Dude, they’re all wack. Rita repulsa repo repo, not the name Titanic like the actual Zord Titanic. That’s the big like bracket Saurus thing that the rest of the swords fit inside. I never liked it.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
hater. Okay,

Kalvin 19:32
so while they’re going to get the special blasters from Titanic, they form a deep bond and begin teaching martial arts together as well as competing together in competitions. It Tommy learned a lot of Jason’s leadership skills which would help him down the road as he would more or less become the leader. What’s Jason’s gone? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 19:52
mean, he kicks Jason out. He’s like by sia in Switzerland, loser. Stay here with Kim and take over your job. Red blooded American, let me throw that out there.

Kalvin 20:03
He even takes Jason’s color.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
He does twice.

Kalvin 20:06
Yeah, it’s rough. Then we got the saga of the green candle, which, like that was the source of his power.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
Yes. As long as it was burning he or as it burned, he lost power. So as long as it wasn’t material that

Kalvin 20:22
had once in case Tommy and turned him evil was actually magic wax. Yes, they turn that into a candle reader was able to ensure that as the candle burned, his powers would fade away. That’s what it was. Yeah. And if he’s closer to it, it steals his power faster. Yes. And if it burnt out, she could take his powers back from him. Well, it’s just gone forever. No, no, I’d said she could reclaim his powers. If it weren’t.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
Oh, man. Fuck.

Kalvin 20:51
I did the research here, Nick. You know what? I’m told

Unknown Speaker 20:54
shit. You’re reading it right off the bat. You’re like, hey, it says right here. Well,

Unknown Speaker 20:57

Kalvin 20:59
I’m doing the research. Yeah, Tommy. So they put it in the Dark Dimension. Jason’s got to go there to stop the candle from burning. He’s unable to do so because gold are beat his ass. You know, Tommy’s out there using his strength against the Cyclops monster. Jason and the other Rangers have to come back to help him and as they’re doing that the green candle burns out absord on was able to transfer the coin to another Ranger to prevent Rita from taking it so Tommy gives the dragon coin to Jason and then he gets to have the Dragon Shield which is pretty dope and can control the Dragon Sword. pretty dope. Well there Tommy actually gives it to Jason then I say that no I said sword on gave it to no I correct you homie. I said sort on figured out that he could and then I said he I played the pronoun game right? I said he I meant Tommy not sword on but so I’m just sorry everyone spitting on me. They gave it to Jason. Sorry guys. I’m just Tommy does everything for Tommy is the best. He is bro he is. It’s Tommy. I can’t believe it. It’s fucking Tommy my boy Tommy. At one point he gives the Dragon Shield to Zack somehow to I don’t remember how that went down. I don’t either, but he looks rad with it. Yeah, I have the lightning collection. One of that. Which is great.

Unknown Speaker 22:21
I can’t get that.

Kalvin 22:22
I remember when so I have all the head flipping ones. Night and those were the ones that I got when I was a kid. Yeah, and I would take the Dragon Shield and I would put it on each of them separately and like play these elaborate storylines where each of them got the Dragon Shield.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
And you get a Dragon Shield and you get a Dragon Shield.

Kalvin 22:39
Yeah, I should just bought five Tommy’s and then I could everybody could have their own. That would have been dope.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
Hey, Tommy was my Dragon Shield.

Kalvin 22:48
Tommy has to say goodbye to everyone, but they assured him hey, we’re gonna see you at school every day. We’re gonna do karate with you. We’re still gonna be friends dude.

Unknown Speaker 22:56
Kim’s like, will still bang it’s

Kalvin 23:00
so yeah, even though he wasn’t the Green Ranger. He still remained friends with the rest of the Rangers and maintained this relationship with Kimberly which is important.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
I mean, that’s like the antithesis of the entirety of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Like what’s gonna happen what’s gonna happen with Kim and Tommy?

Kalvin 23:17
It really is like the whole the whole first three seasons are pretty much when are these two gonna ball? Yeah. When are these 14 year olds gonna vote? They look drastically different in age so I’m a little worried my call someone I don’t know. Actually Tommy briefly returned to the Rangers with limited power until Lord Zedd arrived and destroy the dinosaurs. So that made sort on create the thunder swords from the remnants but Tommy did not get a thunder sword.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
I mean, sorta, and just couldn’t keep up with all of that because it was just draining his power so fast.

Kalvin 23:53
Right. So tell us about what have what ended the Green Ranger. The candle burnt up. No, cuz, so after the candle burnt there was more because they he could keep coming back in a limited supply. Like he would come back every once in a while, I guess because there’s probably a Green Ranger in the Sentai footage. So I had to give him a reason to come back even though they tell us his story out. Yeah. So the real end The end end, Lord Zedd Best Villain in all Power Rangers just kind of throw that out there.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
Ivan Ooze.

Kalvin 24:30
Does the news count though? Like the Power Rangers movie is not even counted within the Power Rangers universe. What they retold the whole story in season three of how they got their ninja powers. There’s like no fuck that movie. We don’t care. See I always thought it was like concurrent stories sees how see it was but they but that’s they go to ninja and get the ninja powers all over again. Fucking Miss ninja who’s done ninja was great. still mad at my nephew has my ninja toy from when I was a kid or get that shit back. Won’t my mom give it to him as a Christmas present? Because she just like found some old shit in her attic and wrapped it up and gave it to us as presents and she gave me like some Pogs and he got the fucking ninja. Yo and so I can’t take a Christmas present from a three year old.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
Fuck Thank you.

Kalvin 25:18
I want to, but I can’t he won’t even remember that shit. Oh no, he plays that shit all the time. Now he’ll forget about it here in a week. So Zed, kidnaps five teenagers plans to use Tommy’s powers to make them the dark Rangers as the area that was guarded against the Rangers Tommy’s the only one who can go destroy the crystal that held his powers. He succeeds at this and uses his powers for the last time to morph and destroys that monster. Tommy saddened that the Green Ranger powers are now truly gone forever but he had known that this time would eventually come so he uses the lat because he’s got this limited power for like, I don’t know the first half of the second season I want to say where it’s just coming back spotty as the Green Ranger and lighting up that candle yeah the candles gone at this point.

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Stop it.

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Fucking candle No, it’s not because they end up fighting like close to the candle that’s why it starts burning out faster and then it’s

Kalvin 26:18
gone that’s in the first time and then he the candle burns out as he gives his the power to Jason and then Jason relinquishes as well, but he can come back in a limited supply even though the candles gone after that. See people see how hard it is keep track of this timeline

Unknown Speaker 26:35
yes fucking time

Kalvin 26:36
doesn’t make any sense. It’s all over the place. So and then this thing with the dark Rangers happens and that sucks the rest of his power out with the chaos crystal or whatever the hell they’re called

Unknown Speaker 26:48
to chaos crystal

Kalvin 26:52
have like a million iterations of all that weird shit. A lot of macguffins going on in the power. But also and we talked about this on the three part make episode about Power Rangers is like, these guys are taking just pieces of footage of people in costumes, doing karate, and building whole stories around it. And like these weird monsters destroying cities, and they just got to come up with something that fits where this monster came from. Why these teenagers are dealing with this type of monster like, you gotta you gotta give him some slack.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Oh, I’m totally giving it two

Kalvin 27:27
hours put in all these random ass macguffins like chaos crystals and green candles and they’d have to play that into

Unknown Speaker 27:36
like, What the fuck is going on? I don’t know. But put Tommy that he’ll be alright. This fucking video kids will watch this shit.

Kalvin 27:43
Tommy shows up. Everybody will be happy. So let’s talk about the White Ranger. My boy. Yeah, probably not good stuff. all time favorite. Ranger. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 27:53
it’s bolt.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
Well, Magnum defenders my favorite Ranger. See? Looks the dopest but uh, you know, White Ranger. I still got to post it somewhere. I know where the pictures at but it’s me in my White Ranger costume for Halloween when I was like two, probably three or four actually. Doing my karate moves. Yeah.

Kalvin 28:13
I had a White Ranger costume as well. I used to think it was a knockoff. Yeah, I thought it was a knock off my whole life. And then like I saw a video with it. And it was the real deal.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
This is a real fucking deal. Mine was a knockoff. It was

Kalvin 28:27
like a shitty jumper and then a plastic mask. Well, yeah, it was that but it was like the actual I thought it was like white ninja guy. Not actual power. Yeah. I probably know how they have those like the the knockoff Mario one is plumber guy in red jumpsuit or something like that. Yeah. crooked stash. Yeah. So after the Rangers free Tommy and dark Rangers from Rita spells on created the White Ranger powers as a replacement for the depletion of the green Rangers energy.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
So he is white. He’s created from the white light of good, which is another little MacGuffin deal here. It’s like oh, yeah, we’ll call it the white light of good. He’s basically Christ comes down from the ceiling, like,

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Oh, he’s

Kalvin 29:13
got that he’s got that Jesus like long hair for their like, shit. It’s

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Tommy. Oh, new theory.

Kalvin 29:18
Tommy Oliver’s Jesus. I’m Tommy the white. He comes back from the dead in the comics in the shattered grid comics. So Tommy is saying the Green Ranger. They used to call me by that name. I hadn’t heard in a long time. And Tommy, the white he came, sir. So tell us about Tommy Zords as the White Ranger,

Unknown Speaker 29:43
dude. He’s got the white Tigers or the CIT his raw son. And he’s got the Y Falcons. org.

Kalvin 29:50
I like the Falcon better than the tiger. I feel like the tiger is too big to fail very.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
It’s very square. clunk. Yeah. But the fact that they can make like, I’m sure Megazord with it. Well, I see that with the dragons or two, but I enjoyed my white Tigers or action figure, the one that were Tommy was huge, and he would ride on it. The white Falcons or doe was one of the coolest megazords back in the day. And it also was his sword in the Power Rangers movie, which was my shit.

Kalvin 30:20
I washed out so you had the Rockets coming out of the wing? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:24
we could do all kinds of a train could ride on him. I mean, he he called which was really cool, too. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:32

Kalvin 30:34
Tigers are looked like that Tesla truck that they tried to put out that was all blocky and shit. You know? It looks like a Hummer h1. Yeah, that’s that’s true, too. I mean, big and Square was kind of cool in the 90s though. Every SUV was big and square back then.

Unknown Speaker 30:49
They didn’t really have this is really weird, but fucking Nellie is playing at the county fair. like six weeks. One

Kalvin 30:58
holler out What you looking at? Our smile for me, dad. Hey, Dad, smile for me. He’s gonna get started on jelly in his grills. Listen to our last episode all about grills.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
The song Let me tell you that.

Unknown Speaker 31:16
I heard it on the radio like Billy’s coming to county fair.

Unknown Speaker 31:19

Kalvin 31:20
It’s like 10 bucks or something to zoom. Anyway, so Tommy Oliver. So his weapons as the White Ranger was he only had one weapon. I mean, he had like the blaster and stuff but everybody had that his specific weapon was Saba the white tiger saber who could who was a sentient being and could just act on his own accord whenever he wanted to.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
Yes, he can fly and talk and now he acted as like a boomerang. he defied the laws of physics.

Kalvin 31:47
he defied the laws of everything. He gave Tommy advice. He was kind of a snarky asshole to Tommy sometimes, which was always nice. I just see Tommy like holding them up to his face like

Unknown Speaker 31:59

Kalvin 32:00
starts with some upper cuts in his sword. Quietly you haven’t finished shattered grid

Unknown Speaker 32:07
did finish it actually I finished it on my camping trip. Nice shot at like 430 in the morning. It was good. Yeah, a lot of big brain words.

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Well, that lat Alright, we’ll

Kalvin 32:19
talk to it when we get there. We’re not there yet. Um, so let’s go back to the the white light of good Tommy sees the white light of good while he is swimming at the lake at it because like after he loses his Green Ranger powers he goes to his uncle cat his uncle’s cabin, you know off in the woods. And he’s just swimming in the lake out there and a beam of light surrounded Tom and he’s transported to the command center zorana Alpha their reveal their plans to him of creating a new Ranger and because the Ranger would be created from the white light of good it would be impossible for the darkness to control him. Tommy’s perfect candidate honestly. Like dope that sounds tight. Yeah, I’m in anything to get me back in those spandex. I can be a Power Ranger again. They make a shitload of money. So that all I don’t think they do. I mean, that’s teenagers High School. Just get the juice bar with Ernie. The juice bar get bullied by booking school. Welcome scholar dweebs. Whoa Do you see that cap the book where’s the righteous son the other Rangers get teleported back Tommy reveals himself to be the new white Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the now leader. All Jason is still there.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Sorry. chased sucker. I heard you was a little bit.

Kalvin 33:43
Jason you’re doing okay. But we think Tommy’s gonna be buried. Just look at him though. He’s, he came from the ceiling like Jesus. So I mean, he’s he’s literally Jesus to the Power Rangers are just gonna start calling him Tommy Jesus Oliver.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
Well, does it Kim faint too at the same time? Like when they reveal it’s Tommy. Like that is so it don’t she definitely does it stereotypical as far as she does. Oh.

Kalvin 34:09
Except like they’re still all friends. Like they see each other. It’s not like he’s been gone for years. He’s gone for like a week at his uncle’s camp. I think Who do they think was gonna be this new Ranger.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
He’s been gone for like four and a half hours but guys I fucking had this experience is unreal. Just you know. They show scene of him like running around the cab and Taryn shut up like,

Kalvin 34:31
I’m surprised. teleported he wasn’t literally walking across the water on top of it. That’s a bit too heavy handed for Power Rangers.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
I think if George Lucas was in charge of the Power Rangers, he would hear this and retcon some form of it and the 35th release date. Could be that’d be dope.

Kalvin 34:48
So then later, as we talked about Jason leaving, it’s important to point out that during the day of rollerblading in the park, Tommy Kim and Billy meet three new teens from stone Canyon. Hi, Rocky Santos Adam Park and Aisha Campbell. How about their fucking boner? Yeah, no one likes to ask face hate him his sword was dope. They help save their teachers infant son as he in his stroller almost went downhill. Like these people rollerblading for like six miles trying to catch that baby.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
Jog do their whole thing the whole time. Man they really made rollerblading. Look dope.

Kalvin 35:24
They did the Power Rangers, the Power Rangers and the Mighty Ducks really brought rollerblading to the forefront of the 90s

Unknown Speaker 35:32
fucking Miss robley it’s making

Kalvin 35:33
a comeback. I see it all the time. I was talking to some friends the other day they said they see in their neighborhoods to you guys throw sticks out everywhere. Like Big Daddy. I think that I think that’s what killed the rollerblading trend is that he comes out and nobody rollerblades anymore.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
I sure as fuck threw a bunch of sticks out in the road and sidewalk trying to fuck with people. I’m terrible. I’m a terrible human being.

Kalvin 35:57
So Tommy, Kim and Billy make quick friends with these three. They surprised when they compete with them and a ninja tournament. Which like we’re just gonna have a ninja tournament. Cool. I guess what guys like rocky de Santos so as you alluded to earlier, the tiene World Summit comes to Angel Grove and Jason Zack and Trini are chosen as representatives for peace conferences in Switzerland so they’re gone. In income rocky Adam and I Isha.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
I mean, I would leave the Power Rangers getting the fuck beat out of me to go to Switzerland. Yo, Samia. Yeah.

Kalvin 36:38
Well, so in order to do this power transfer, Tommy has to lead everyone to the sword of light before Lord Zedd can destroy the planet where with serpent Terra? I sometimes I just like reading the sentences because they mean nothing. There’s like a lot of words. Big Brain shit. Yeah, none of the words mean anything. But it’s just so much. There’s just so there’s so much. Yeah, so obviously, they get the sort of light and time transfer the powers and Have you recently watched these episodes in between the transfer of power because like, Jason, Zack and Trini are gone long before rocky Adam and Aisha take over. So they do these like Kim Tommy and Billy will just be somewhere the three of them together and then they’re like oh shit, we got to go fight. So those three go fight and then the other three come in in full costume already because clearly the actors are gone. And then when they do this actual transfer of power, it is the very worst, like photoshopping in of the backside of their bodies are like these standards that they tried to make up their backsides look enough like them to be in the command center. It’s one of the worst looking scenes in a show that’s full of very bad looking scenes.

Unknown Speaker 37:52
I have not watched that recently. But I feel like I should know it’s a gift.

Kalvin 37:58
It’s like 10 episodes probably wet in between, like when I used to Rocky and Adam for show up to when they actually get their power. And it’s just so weird and ham fisted how like the two the two halves of the team are always split up and it’s just like just make these guys the Power Rangers earlier. What are we doing here?

Unknown Speaker 38:17
I mean, they just had to cut him free because they were on a shoestring budget even though they’re making millions hand over fist type of Dallas, except they already hired

Kalvin 38:25
the like the other actors are there already. That’s true. So I didn’t

Unknown Speaker 38:29
make sense in the Super Sentai footage.

Unknown Speaker 38:33
I guess. Whatever. No,

Unknown Speaker 38:36
no, not yet. Don’t do yet.

Kalvin 38:38
hold off. Can you make them come down from the ceiling with a Christ like pose? We need a lot of Christ like poses. So I’m gonna do you have any good Tommy White Ranger moments? Can I pull from the movie? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
The whole thing

Unknown Speaker 38:58
right? Yeah, fact he had that sidepiece on the island that was pretty sweet White Ranger moment.

Kalvin 39:05
She was they’ll see Yes, fine. Oh my God. That was my second crush. The Power Rangers movies were very good at putting really really attractive ladies in there. Because that nearly clad many scantily clad as well because in turbo we got we get diva talks in there and she is even more scantily clad

Unknown Speaker 39:26
tits out the whole movie. She wrote the whole show and they’re like other kids. They won’t give a fuck Wahlberg, you know, seven and eight. Like, I think I like boobs. Those are pretty sweet. But it was pretty cool.

Kalvin 39:39
Nice. Yeah, so I haven’t news destroys the original Megazord and dinosaurs. We’re not using the thunder swords at all in the show. showdown? No. This is all so in the movie. Like in the show when the movie came out. We were already way past the dinosaurs. But they’re filming concurrently like Season Two and the movie, so like they didn’t know where Season Two would really go yet. And so they’re using the thunder they don’t even bring this up thunders words into the movie. They destroy the regular dinosaurs in the command center all over again. Then they go to phaistos get the spirit of the ninjetta or whatever the fuck they’re doing and then we get Tommy being the white Falcon ninja Ranger.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
I mean, he’s dope. He’s got these sweet spin kicks I forget what he what he calls it or what he yells out before he does it.

Kalvin 40:30
Yeah is like white Falcon tornado kick or something? Some like that. That’s why the cyclone kick whatever it is shove it out. Yeah, the movie they always had to call out their their moves like Dragonball Z. Well,

Unknown Speaker 40:45
he had Hey, don’t eat bad mouth. Dragonball Z Calvin. Still good though. Yeah, that’s probably my favorite moment when they’re fighting all this rock creatures. Yeah,

Kalvin 40:56
like almost gets killed like six times. That’s really what you like to buy. It goes a little Indiana Jones there for a little while. And that’s I’m always down for like an Indiana Jones Tomb Raider type thing.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
Plus the end of the movie and I agree with you 100% plus the end of the movie when he’s pretty much the only thing that saves everybody does anything.

Kalvin 41:15
Yeah. The rest are just like in the Megazord just like stomping around kind of fighting with the big ant monster and Tommy’s just flying around the Falcon literally doing everything.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
So what do you guys do? And I got fucking rockets. What do you got? Oh, I got a fucking tongue. And I can grab on to him. Great. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 41:33
guys. You dex. Let me go save this train to automatic

Kalvin 41:37
utility. It’s amazing. So another one I want to point out is Rita who’s now married to Zed calls upon the Wizard of deception. And she wanted him to create another Tommy one that would return to her side as the evil Green Ranger. So he does that. Get some buddies to attack Tommy gets his hair creates a clone Tommy basically we’re going full Spider Man clone saga here. His name is Tom. You can twist it. All the other Rangers back in time. And so during that time, Tommy as the White Ranger has to confront the evil Green Ranger and Tommy’s able to outwit the Green Ranger and found out where the others have been sent back in time. He goes back, retrieves them brings them all back. Now they can break the spell on the new evil Green Ranger. And they sent him back to colonial times where the other Rangers had been sent. And he kind of serves as his protector of the colonial times. And there is hints that Tommy may have created his own family line by sending Tom back in time. So now Tom creates the Oliver family line that eventually leads to Tommy. So Tom, Tommy is his own. Great, great, great grandfather. Yeah, I mean, cuz Tom Fox. Oh, yeah. So Tom’s getting down on some Salem Witch Trials strange.

Unknown Speaker 43:06
For sure. A Oh, hey, ladies.

Unknown Speaker 43:12
Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, very convoluted.

Unknown Speaker 43:15
Bullshit. They’re

Kalvin 43:17
very convoluted. If anyone followed that, congrats, like for real. I mean, I followed it, but my brain is just like, Ah, yeah. Why do you do these things? And so to parallel the ninja quest that they had in the movie, I also want to mention the ninja quest that’s in the show. This is where Rito rivolto read his brother destroys the thunder swords and the Rangers power again. Just they keep destroying the power like you got to protect that ship better sword on? Yeah, I mean, you guys suck. Stop it. The Rangers now need to search in the desert of despair for Ninja, the maker of the original power coins and with ninjas help Tommy and the others gain ninja Ranger powers, which drew on the life force of its Ranger rather than an external source, and would help them in many battles to come.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
What I love is that they show up there and he’s like, No, I’m not going to give it to you. And they’re like, Oh, I guess that’s okay. At least we’re still Rangers at heart. We know we can help the people of Angel Grove will be great. And he’s like, Alright, Sam,

Unknown Speaker 44:14
let me give you this shit.

Unknown Speaker 44:16
He’s got the dumbest voice. Ah, yeah, terrible in the show. Sorry, Ninja.

Kalvin 44:23
Fuck you ninja. Your fingers are dope though. Yeah. Thank Kimberly leaves. She goes to compete in the pan and games and trains in Florida. Tommy starts dating cat who was literally a cat at one point. Also an evil mind controlled Ranger. But that Kimberly Kimberly turns over her power to Catherine then the alien Rangers come in. And the alien Rangers come in when Rito and gold are turn all the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into kids. Yeah. monomorphic alien Rangers Yeah, so the alien Rangers come in to do some world saving while everyone’s kids and the kids have to all go on these vision quests to find their Xeo crystal and Tommy is sent to a Native American village where he was assisted by a white Sage named true apart. With a bird as his guide, Tommy made his way up the mountain where the crystal was. With three rap crystals front of them the false ones which would guarantee Tommy would be stuck, true of heart help Tommy look into his heart and find the correct crystal. He also gave Tommy half an arrowhead saying it would play an important role in his life. He just so happens his brother has the other half done. Son of a bitch. Anything else on the White Ranger before we move to the Red Ranger?

Unknown Speaker 45:44
This is probably Tommy’s best.

Unknown Speaker 45:46
Yes, this is most powerful, I would say his most utilitarian and we’re going to shoot it’s iconic. sabas awesome. Sounds great. So it really is this

Kalvin 45:58
is really Jason David Frank kind of giving his all to like it became his show in like the second half of that second season. The movie and the third season where they’re they’re the ninja Rangers like that. It became about Tommy more than anything. 100% like when the other three left it was just like, okay, they’re leaving when Kimberly left. They made like five episodes dedicated to Tommy and Kimberly coming to terms with that.

Unknown Speaker 46:26
I’m sorry, I

Unknown Speaker 46:27
love you.

Unknown Speaker 46:28
Yeah, this is I feel like when Power Rangers really started to take off, like once they had a mascot. You know, aka Tommy. And then it started really fucking getting going.

Kalvin 46:43
I just think everybody could mostly identify with Tommy better than Jason or Billy or Zach or Kimberly or trainee like they all seemed like very pigeon holed characters or like what’s the word I’m looking for? Like kind of one beat characters right?

Unknown Speaker 47:01
They were terrible. Well that Tommy was so easy to work like work for route for

Kalvin 47:08
Yeah, Tommy seemed like he had a little bit of every person’s personality worked into him and went with the flow a little bit more like Kimberly was always she was just the gymnast and kind of the ditzy girl Trini was the smarter But still, like, feel like she was she didn’t ever, like seem strong. Billy was the nerd Zach was the hip hop keto guy. Jason was the tough guy. And that’s it. Like that’s where their characters ended. Tommy it felt like they put a lot more work into his character. I mean, pretty much the entire storyline of Power Rangers for years revolved around him. Yeah. And we’re gonna see that as he becomes the Red Ranger. Boom segue.

Unknown Speaker 47:50
Do I like it?

Kalvin 47:50
Yeah, that was sick. So once the team discovers the Zeo crystal Tommy was chosen to become the zero Ranger five or zero Ranger five read of the zero Rangers, and later the first read turbo Ranger of the turbo Rangers. Doing so he would control the 00 sword five, Phoenix, the red battles award. The Super zeros or zorgt phi. I didn’t like enzio how they’re just like, you guys are fucking numbers and shapes. We’re not putting any work into this.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
The stars The Megazord look terrible. The mega star in his helmet looked like dogshit like how do you see out of that, bro?

Kalvin 48:25
How do you see out of any Oh,

Unknown Speaker 48:26
well, I mean, like it’s I could see seeing out of them. But this one is just not even. His eyes are like half cut off.

Kalvin 48:35
And then for turbo he had the red lightning sword which was just like a cool looking car.

Unknown Speaker 48:41
Yeah, he decided fuck karate and checks. I’m gonna be in a cars. Yeah, like cars for real? What? Is he in zero? Is he still like a big fan of you know? karate in there? Yeah, he’s

Kalvin 48:53
still doing martial art. They might have still been in high school and 00 I’m really yeah, they were on. So in zeal, they’re still in high school because that’s their graduation happens at the end of zeal. And Aisha is replaced by Tanya when she goes on her vision quest. And at the end of like, the beginning of turbo Tommy is like working for different uncle at this racetrack. Like being a mechanic for these cars or whatever. And he’s trying to be like a racer. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:26
yeah, he wants to be a pro racer. But he also wants to go to MIT.

Kalvin 49:31
He does go down I dude.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
Yeah, he does. But I mean, yeah, the red turbo Ranger. I liked a lot more because I I feel like I was really in a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers CEO was there was something else I think it was when Pokemon came out. So started getting into Pokemon really hard and the Power Rangers with a turbo.

Kalvin 49:54
I do not like turbo. I like to do better than turbo. I have to get that. I think that so Turbo has the problem of they replaced all the characters that were left

Unknown Speaker 50:04
with turbo just fucking sucks and that little kid was an asshole fuck that kid

Kalvin 50:09
Billy’s gone Tommy’s gone eventually cats gone fuck. Adam, Adam and Tommy or Adam and rocky are gone. You’re gone. Yeah. So literally replace everyone that you’re comfortable with. And you know that the new characters are fine, but I was just like, okay, I don’t. These people aren’t for me anymore. These are for new class of Power Rangers fans.

Unknown Speaker 50:32
Do they have a sixth Ranger? enzio

Kalvin 50:35
Yeah, the Gold Ranger. Oh, yeah. Okay. And the even harder visor to see through.

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Yeah, but his shield was fire. I see I’d like the the six Rangers those are usually some of my favorite

Kalvin 50:47
ex Rangers easily the best Yeah, turbo had a way better six Ranger Lindsey blue Centurion is that what was? Yes, blue Centurion is that thug? So Tommy as the zero and turbo Ranger he used the 00 laser blade his Xeo V power sword and the defender wheel which is a wack ass little shield type of thing. The fender wheel? Yeah, it’s like a little shit. It’s like Captain America shield but handheld. It’s like much smaller. It’s dum dum as of right now. Oh shit. I barely typed it into vendor wheel. It was already up. And then under turbo, he had the turbo lightning sword.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
What the fuck? I have a wheel dude. I totally legit wheel.

Kalvin 51:34
I mean, how to use that as a shield?

Unknown Speaker 51:36
How the fuck is zero? That doesn’t even make any sense. That’d be better for turbo zero The fuck?

Kalvin 51:44
This shit doesn’t make any sense man. Nothing ever does not with Power Rangers. So Tommy is the one that found the Zeo crystal under the wreckage of the command center and repaired it. Good for Tommy. Kimberly broke up with them using a dear john letter saying she had found love during her training. She’s definitely being in the trainer. 100% right.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
Oh, yeah. Fuck Yeah, dude. And Tommy’s just like, Well guess how big cat? had her on the side? Yep. Boom, and he keeps on backbar he’s kind of a dick in that regard. Man. Strings these ladies along. And you know every other guy in schools like to fucking make. Pick something Billy’s

Kalvin 52:26
just like, come on. I’m 40 doesn’t anyone like me? I feel bad though. Cuz they bullied the fuck out. Yeah, they did. Oh, we’re not we’re not helping him here. I wonder if Jason David Frank did that son of a bitch. From what I’ve read. Everyone fucking did. Pork. Yeah. Billy Cranston, and Billy crams tons of crayons in his ass. Or Dick’s? Sure, I mean, that’s not the joke from the Power Rangers movie. But you go there. Is that the joke? I haven’t seen the Power Rangers movie in like a year. Yeah. That’s the joke. he shoves Kranz is as Yeah. So Tommy during the zero years has a recurring dream about true of heart. One day he bumped into a man named Sam, who looked exactly like him. Tommy offered to drop Sam at home where he found someone who looked remarkably similar to him. Does everybody out there? Run around looking like Tommy apparently.

Unknown Speaker 53:22
He’s like Hey, dude, you look like me What the fuck?

Kalvin 53:26
So Tommy chases knocks him for a while, reveals his name. Sam reveals his name to be Sam trueheart told Tommy that once he completed his quest the identity of the young man would be revealed. Tommy complete some quests. He’s surprised to find out the young man is David true heart and his brother and he has as you said the other half of the arrowhead when I put together they control the power of spirits trapped within a hidden stone.

Unknown Speaker 53:52

Kalvin 53:55
They do that. Man. Tommy introduces David to his friends and then beats is asking the karate match. So David runs away. Bitch captured by King Mondo for the arrowhead. Tommy gives him the arrowhead. mano double crosses him tails oldest time. Tommy finds his brother gets him to safety. David’s worried about Tommy, Tommy has to tell him Hey, it’s cool. Red Ranger. I’m Tommy, we’re good. And then Tommy gets the arrowhead back also and the brothers decided to keep their hands separate and we never see or hear from David ever again. Literally. Yeah. David played by Jason David Frank. Real Life brother. There you go. Yes, he was not as good of actors. jdf Yeah, then we get this fucking a hole out of your GPS fucking sucks too. So he must have been really good. Exactly. If he’s worse than that fucking awful man.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
I think they just were struggling with this season because they didn’t know what to do quite yet.

Kalvin 54:56
Yeah, they were kind of stuck. I think and I think That I think the licensing rights were up in the air at that time to

Unknown Speaker 55:04
that would make sounds like

Kalvin 55:05
which channels are landing on and all that because that shit went back and forth a ton.

Unknown Speaker 55:09
Well, I mean, I would imagine with their explosion in popularity is you got to figure out who’s getting that piece of the pie. You know how that’s gonna break down?

Kalvin 55:18
During the zero years, Tommy is also instrumental in convincing Jason to become the gold to Ranger replacing tray of try forea when he couldn’t control his power anymore, so he brings Jason back into the fold.

Unknown Speaker 55:30
That mean that’s a dope name. tray of try foria Yeah, dope. style shift into turbo. Fucking turbo. I don’t know why Tommy didn’t beat the shit out of that Blue Ranger. Whenever he was an adult size, I’d beat the fuck out of them. Like do your enjoy. Okay, they

Kalvin 55:48
really they should have had just one episode where like, you know, the Dave atox takes over mind control somebody or something? Everybody just gets to beat the shit out. Justin for a day.

Unknown Speaker 56:02
Isn’t your friend I

Unknown Speaker 56:02
swear. No, you’re

Unknown Speaker 56:03

Unknown Speaker 56:03

Kalvin 56:12
know, Batman could pluck out this Power Rangers.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
grabs this little kid by his stupid blue. Fucking you know spandex suit collar? Swear to me.

Unknown Speaker 56:25
What do you mean? Fuck you.

Kalvin 56:29
Yeah, I could totally do a parody movie. of just bad. It just needs to be like all these random things happening. And then Batman coming Swear to me and then like walking away. You know? Hey, are

Unknown Speaker 56:42
these TPS reports accurate? fuckin accurate. It should do Swear to me. Okay, man, they’re accurate.

Kalvin 56:50
All right, start right in the audio drama minister Batman.

Unknown Speaker 56:53
You got it?

Kalvin 56:55
Are the YouTubes here? Do you know how to animate anything on YouTube?

Unknown Speaker 56:58
Yeah, I’ll call it the red turbos SEO. White ninja Ranger,

Unknown Speaker 57:05

Unknown Speaker 57:07
Trevor have tried forea

Kalvin 57:10
meets Batman it’s bappy office. So as they go into turbo, trouble finds Rangers again. Obviously when diva toxic ruthless Space Pirate decided to become a threat. new source of power had to be found to stop her and the turbo Rangers are born.

Unknown Speaker 57:29
How rageous turbo because

Kalvin 57:32
they’re now the turbo Rangers, Tommy out of nowhere, gains an interest in cars and begin spent a lot of times at the racetrack.

Unknown Speaker 57:39
He’s like, I just fucking knew fam. Like, I knew I was gonna be in my blood, bro. That’s why I’m read the turbo Ranger.

Kalvin 57:47
He doesn’t attend their graduation. Yeah, to go to a race. Yes. And so this Oh, and he really started mailing it in, and he wouldn’t be in very much at the episodes. But he would always like the Red Ranger would always show up to fight because the Sentai footage obviously includes right Ranger, but like Jason, David Frank would just not be doing any of the other stuff ever. Like do we’re sick of you. He’s so wooden though. Yeah. Well, I think he’s nailed it at this point.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Yeah, he’s he’s getting a check. He doesn’t give a fuck

Kalvin 58:17
yeah. Which brings us to them passing the torch on to TJ and the others.

Unknown Speaker 58:25
I feel like Jason David Frank. I feel like he barely was able to say this to a black man. Like rewatching it it’s just like he like skinning his Pinkie. TJ you’re the fucking grood is Birla Red Ranger. No.

Kalvin 58:44
prana trans of duck Tommy, bring him to a cave or diva docks was detox is prepared to drop him into the vortex of eternal doom and sorrow.

Unknown Speaker 58:54
That sounds so wonderful. Like, hey,

Unknown Speaker 58:59
we’re gonna put you down there. He’s like, psych. How about TJ in the black dude? Yeah, you get to be the Red Ranger. Now get in the hole.

Kalvin 59:06
Theodore J. Jarvis Johnson TJ for short. Saves Tommy, he’s a teenage boy just happens to be passing through Angel Grove at this time. Tommy’s impressed by TJ his dedication and bravery and owed his life to Him. So when Tommy the other Rangers are going to leave for college. Tommy chooses TJ as his successor. Well, that’d be some shit.

Unknown Speaker 59:25
You just help out this kid and he’s like, Hey, I’m gonna leave be in the galaxies defender on your back. I’m outta here though. So have fun, idiot.

Kalvin 59:37
Before he becomes the Black Ranger, he makes one more appearance in Wild Force as the Red Ranger, the forever red episode and he’s instrumental in gathering up all 10 red Rangers to help defeat the machine Empire who are trying to resurrect serpent Terra. Tommy kind of leads that battle.

Unknown Speaker 59:54
Well, I mean, that’s what it really is. establish that he has that lore behind them as like the Ranger everyone everyone’s like fuckin it’s Tommy bro. Well, and I think,

Kalvin 1:00:05
like we talked about how he’s mailing in during Zio and turbo, but I think like coming back for stuff like that this is one of the things he was okay with after the fact.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
Well, I mean, they’re probably like, dude, here’s 10 grand. Just come back for three, four days.

Kalvin 1:00:20
Yeah, you don’t have to do like, we got the Sentai footage, all the red Rangers, you just got to come back and like, talk to this dude from over. Yeah. What is operation overdrive? Just talk to him for a few minutes. Yeah, he sucks at acting. He’s worse than you, but just talk to him.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Well, at the same time, you don’t even have to shave that soul patch either, bro. He’s like, Alright, Fuck, I’m in. Save and I’m in.

Kalvin 1:00:42
You got anything more on the Red Ranger version of Tommy.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
Not really, these were like my least favorite Rangers. I just I hated the fact that they Tommy is like the perfect fit as a sixth Ranger, but the de facto leader of the team, whereas anytime he’s absent, the Red Ranger is the leader of the team. You know what I mean? Well, I think in most iterations, and we’ve

Kalvin 1:01:03
talked about this on the other episode, I believe the Red Ranger is usually the leader.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
Right? That he’s the de facto leader all the time, and I i get that Tommy is already the de facto leader. But making him the Red Ranger just feels dumb to me.

Kalvin 1:01:19
Yeah, but also at the same time, like, you can’t have rocky out there being a Red Ranger. No, he can’t be the leader. I’d rather have Tommy be like the teal Ranger or the purple Ranger or some shit. I just remembered. Oh, is the blue Centurion. I was gonna say I don’t remember what the sixth Ranger was from Turbo.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
Yeah, the blue. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:01:39
And the silver Centurion I think man appearance too. I mean, they’re everybody’s got a doppelganger, brother. Let’s talk about the Black Ranger. This should be quick. After he’s retired his power to TJ graduates from college at MIT. As you mentioned, he discovers the dyno gems and becomes a teacher at reef sight high becoming the black dine arranger of the dyno Thunder Rangers. He controls into this one. What’s that?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
I was saying that this one I want the thunder they actually I mean the choreography is amazing and the effects are amazing considering what they were back in the 90s Sure, it’s unreal. I really

Kalvin 1:02:16
like the storyline with I think his name’s Ethan and Magog and like his or no, his name’s Ethan. What is it Mercer Mercer. Yeah, yeah, Mercer is our last name. I can’t think of the the kingdoms mesic. org Yeah, Alan Mercer becomes Magog. The White Ranger though is his son. Starts with an E and I can’t think of it right now. I’m sure I have it in my notes somewhere where? Although Bard, not Yo, Bart, Dan Oh Thawne get the fight. I’m glad you got a reference I did. That’s why we do this show. So he controls several swords as the black diner Thunder Ranger, the Brachiosaurus the cephalus or the diametro sword stegosaurs parasaur Resort in the ancol absord. Which This is they just have all these kind of auxiliar resorts that each of them can control at different times, which is what was going on and dyno thunder, but the bracket is or it was his main sword. And he also controlled the bracket of staff as his weapon, which is a wack ass weapon.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
Yeah, I mean, for real, but in the hands of Tommy, my boy. Oh, my God is unreal.

Kalvin 1:03:21
It’s like an A Bourne movie, the guy that gets to say, Oh my god, it’s Jason Bourne. That’s like, whoever in the crossover episodes. Whoever gets to say, Tommy’s here. Same same flow there.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
Yeah, I agree. 100% Thanks, Andy and his or their, their teacher to at the same time, like, Oh, fuck, I don’t know what to do. He’s kind of tight. He’s a Power Ranger. But at the same that would be an awkward position to be in as a student of his and his like, you know, because he’s the de facto leader. He’s Tommy’s, like the best Ranger ever.

Kalvin 1:03:54
Tommy man. So yeah, after after he goes college, goes college at MIT gets his doctorate in paleontology. Obviously, he’s got a fascination brought on by his early days with the dinosaur inspired Mighty Morphin Power Ranger teams. He’s researching fossils and finds the Red Blue and Yellow Diamond gems remnants of an asteroid which killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, learns the power of the gems contained. He knew they would be misused and he hides them. During his time, he meets Haley’s Victor who helped him create the Dynamo morphers, which could harness the power of the dyno Thunder Power Rangers. And he’s also partners with Terrence Smitty Smith and Dr. Anton Mercer. I think I call them Alan, but it’s Anton very bad at the Mercer’s names apparently on the dinosaur related projects that would lead to the creation of the tie Rana drones, Raptor riders and the bio swords. So he’s basically sword on musk Yeah, he’s definitely the sword on the dyno Thunder cuz he, so he’s a teacher at this free side school. These three kids get detention Connor Knight Ethan James and Kira Ford. They unraveled Tommy’s past as a Power Ranger after uncovering three artifacts from his lab and turn them into Power Rangers, Tommy recruits these students to become the dyno Thunder Rangers doing so well seeming mysterious and somewhat noxious as noted by Connor. When he discovered that maze, a guard was still active he still another dyno gem from Magog Meza dog enjoying the other Rangers as the black Dino Thunder Ranger. Which he got the power of invisibility.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
Fucking cheap. Well, let’s say that 100% but, you know, also six Ranger, he’s dope.

Kalvin 1:05:38
No, he’s the fourth one’s Ranger. Yeah, I mean, Trent Trent is his name Trent Mercer becomes the White Ranger and is technically the sixth Ranger, but he’s only the fifth Ranger. They only have five and Dinah Thunder

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51

Kalvin 1:05:52
I think that’s a trend that started then i think i think they max out at five after that. Well, I think they just didn’t want to pay people. I mean, they’re going off Sentai footage too, though. Right. If the center grab four or five then you got to go with what they have. Trent Mercer’s White Ranger looks way better than the original White Ranger. Then like Tommy’s White Ranger.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16

Kalvin 1:06:18
interest over I mean, I love Trent Mercer as the White Ranger that like that’s my favorite part of his pull because he knows his father’s magic God, but he’s also working with the Power Rangers like that that pull between him is is what makes Donald Thunder so compelling and why I like it. It’s one of my top seasons I like I actually enjoy. Yeah, that’s a prototype dragon outfit for sure. Yeah, true. So then later an experiment sees the return of Tommy dude, his natural state this is after he gets like frozen in morph mode for a while. And so now an experiment brings him back to he can go back and forth. And that but that puts him into a coma. So he goes from Frozen and morphed into a coma. During this time he has to enter indoor three internal battles facing off against three of his past Ranger. He goes green and white Rangers and the red zero Ranger during each of these fights with those Rangers on the screen is tempted to match the color of that Ranger which was pretty cool. That’s a really cool episode. He goes back and has to fight these different versions of himself. It’s a good episode.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
Yeah, Yeah, he is. Pretty good episode. Actually. I enjoyed it out in the wilderness. Yeah,

Kalvin 1:07:32
I enjoyed it. After he proves he will not give up the fight for his life. His opponents each offered him a shattered piece of a dyno jam. And that wakes him up and now gives him the power of super dyno mode. Super dyno

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43

Kalvin 1:07:45
Tommy decides he’s going to pursue the simple life of a high school science teacher after he defeats Meza dog. Finally retiring as a Power Ranger for good However, no power ranger even Tommy can escape the power forever and he does come back in a couple more crossovers like the legendary battle I mentioned earlier. Yeah, I mean, he he’ll never get away from Power Rangers. While he was even in Power Rangers the movie him in What’s her name? Amy Jo Johnson were there dude, I don’t even remember they’re in like they’re in the crowd after the the sword is defeated goldar and everything they’re like in the crowd clapping

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23

Kalvin 1:08:27
Alright, so let’s talk about Lord fucking drag. Do you have anything else on Black Ranger Tommy? I don’t. Okay, we’re gonna talk about Lord drakkon

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
Fuck yeah.

Kalvin 1:08:39
So as early history follows the same events as Tommy Oliver from Prime continuity up until the climactic final battle against Red Ranger of his timeline. Jason Lee Scott in this pivotal event, Tommy was freed from redist curse but instead of aligning with sword on in the Rangers, he fled wandering from city to city while evading pursuit from the Power Rangers. He started turning back Yeah, so He first appears in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers boom studio comics issue for Lord dragon appears in voice only and then he appears actually on the page in issue nine. He makes appearances in the run. He makes a lot of appearances in the run of money more from Power Rangers and Go go Power Rangers series and served as the main villain in the shattered grid arc, which we’re going to talk a lot about. He’s appeared in the tabletop RPG Power Rangers hyper force is one of the villains there. And I think they ran that as a YouTube series, but I’ve never been able to find like the video behind it. Really? Yeah. Because Jason David Frank plays the part of Dragon at some point in this hyper four series when it’s just like these guys playing this Dungeons and Dragons type RPG with Power Rangers. I know they did a live action. Little bit. They did like a trailer for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
He looks sick. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:09:58
And then he appeared as the main villain In the video game Power Rangers battle for the grid, and the video game follows pretty much the same story beats at shattered grid. But it’s a fighting game like Mortal Kombat. So there’s not like much of a story there. No, I mean, there’s not much power and use either. But more than in that game. I don’t know man dyno Thunder was a deep fuckin story. I kept trying to just watch parts of it when we were leading up to that first Power Rangers episode and I just wanted more I had to watch the whole thing. I kept just trying to jump through episodes. And I kept going what is going on with these people? I need to know the story here.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
I must know I got

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
it. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35

Kalvin 1:10:36
So dragon took on three different evolutions and style. First, he was like a mix of Tommy’s white and green Ranger forms. And then a second eration he had some more black and some armored gauntlets. And then evolution three is all black with gold armor and red trim. And a sweet ass Kate.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:52
Yeah, it’s it’s fucking sick. Lord dragon is probably the coolest like a Power Ranger on the face of the earth.

Kalvin 1:10:59
Yeah, and I think a lot of that is well, he’s a he’s a Power Rangers exclusive character. Like, there’s no Sentai to back him up. And the design was made in comics instead of on screen. So it’s a lot easier to draw something than it is to like, make a real costume. At least I would think so.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
Oh, yeah. I mean, well, it’s easier to come up with that initial idea because your imagination can really just fly.

Kalvin 1:11:24
Right? And then they have to evolve in over 30 issues to Oh, yeah. And it’s the most intimidating costume by far, I think. But yeah, that that dragon run, like the original dragon run is pretty much you got to read Mighty Morphin Power Rangers one all the way through like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 30 I think it is. And you get kind of the full dragon story there. If you just read shattered grid, you kind of miss the first fight with Dragon and then he comes back and starts fucking with the morphing grid. So yeah, if you and that’s all we’re gonna we’re only gonna cover up to the end of shattered grid, because he does come back later. But I haven’t read any of that. So I don’t know what happens to them. And I didn’t want to read the Wikipedia on it because like that’s something I just want to learn by reading the comics, right? I don’t want to be spoiled for me. Yeah, exactly. So we won’t spoil it for you either. He uses Lord dragon uses the dragon dagger and a broken Saba. He just snaps the head right off. I thought he’d like mind controlled saga to a certain degree. No, sir Sabo was trying to say I was about to kill him. And he broke out of his imprisonment and just snatched him out of the air, snapped his head off and then teleported out of there.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
It’s like psych.

Kalvin 1:12:40
I think he mind control ninja.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Kalvin 1:12:46
So in becoming dragon, while he’s out just wandering around Rita intercept sim and persuades him that her cause is important, and tells him all these tales of a young man named dragon from her alien planet. She saw potential in and tried to forge his own legacy under her guidance. Tommy believes that Rita meant to make the world a better place through conquest, so Tommy helps Rita in taking over Earth one city at a time. Eventually, Tommy led redist forces into one final battle against Oregon’s last battalion of Rangers and Zords just as Oran was on the verge of crane, New Power Ranger more powerful than any before which he’s actually turning Jason into the White Ranger at that point, Tommy bus into the command center, and interrupts the process of Jason getting turned into the White Ranger. Tommy Jason fight. Tommy stole the new power for himself. Murder emerges from the command center clutching Jason’s shattered helmet and this is when he’s fully now he’s got a mix of the green and white

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
costume going on. It’s sick to that picture is fucking sick. It’s really good. I mean, they did all those covers with him like holding each Rangers helmet. Super good.

Kalvin 1:14:06
So Tommy, his forces then move on to heat the other Rangers shortsword sassily calm, conquer Earth and read his name. And then immediately after the Rangers are vanquish and Rita taught him are spells such as brainwashing, the sorceress was met with an unforeseen outcome. Tommy became so corrupted that he sought to control the world by himself and killed sort of killing everybody. Yeah, he did vow to continue her work and kills her gain the loyalty of Finster and kills alpha and yet mixes Finster with alpha to create Fincher five which is like this. That was the thing I didn’t understand most going through it because that happens off page. It was like what the fuck Why is Vince turn fused with alphas body? Why is he like so in love with Tommy too? That’s the other thing I didn’t get as like, what

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
the fuck with me.

Kalvin 1:14:58
He’s dreamy,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:59
man. He I mean, that’s right. Lord dragons got all the power at that big dick energy, that BDA.

Kalvin 1:15:07
So now he’s been christened as he’s Christian himself is Lord drakkon. He draws upon the PowerPoint energies and creates all these Ranger centuries, each serving very specific role in his army. He only could never get Billy’s coin because Trini hid it away from him. And the rest of the Rangers that are out there, they formed this alliance called the coin lists, and still try and fight, which is pretty cool thing. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
mean, they still try to sabotage and do all kinds of neat stuff, and basically try to stay one step ahead. A dragon. Yeah, it works to a certain degree. Who wouldn’t? I mean, you got like, 10 Rangers working together, and he’s just pretty much bulldozing everybody. And he’s once he’s nipping at their heels the whole time. Oh, absolutely. But, you know, they they use a lot of sabotage in the form of was it? Is it bulk or school small trade?

Kalvin 1:15:59
Yeah, school. School becomes one of these centuries. And so at some point, I believe from Prime continuity. It’s Tommy Trini. And Zack, I want to say, get transported into dragons timeline. And they fight them a little bit. They help the coin list along the way, and they defeat him. And in his defeat, they get sent back to their universe, but dragon also gets pulled into the prime timeline. And he is then captured by the US government agency and kept locked away on the Promethean complex, which later becomes the ship that Power Rangers in space

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
use I believe,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
yeah. Lost in Space. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:16:41
So Saba comes in to execute him as he’s trapped in promethium. But fails and drop dragon rips off sobs head using the remains of the weapon with an incantation he presumably learned from Rita to create a portal and escape prison. And that him like grabbing sob and ripping the head off was one of the most brutal things to read in that comic. Do I mean the whole comic was brutal shit, man. It really was. It’s just tough to see Tommy doing all this terrible terrible shit. Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
you know he’s evil too at the same time,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:12
but it’s like Tommy Tommy

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
it’s fun.

Kalvin 1:17:15
That’s Tommy

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
that’s my boy a Tommy me me it no square

Kalvin 1:17:20
and that’s kind of where shattered grid starts. Tommy are dragon convinces ninja to repair the broken Morpher captures him and helps him with all these later uses of Ranger power sources that he starts stealing breaks in the command center and steal the the green chaos crystal ambushes prime timeline Tommy and stabs him in the back right in front of Kimberly as the pink time forest ranger tries to get there in time to save him and does not but like honestly, you’ve got a fucking time machine. Yeah, I mean, you’re a Time Force Ranger. enforced the time you’re from like, 3032. And you couldn’t go back five minutes earlier.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
The fuck?

Kalvin 1:18:03
I know, she couldn’t because there’s some like weird stuff with the morphing grid. And she had like they had to pull this weird maneuver to get just in the right place at the right time. And then their time travel was broken or whatever. But come on. There was so much

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
shit. I re read it twice. Yeah, so I woke up super early on a camping trip. And it was I I was confused.

Kalvin 1:18:24
Well, I just went on, I grab shattered grid, the tpB of shattered grid just thinking like, Okay, this will tell me about tracking. That’s what I want. I played the battle for the grid game. I like the idea of Dragon. I just want to learn more about them. So I grabbed that. And I start reading and it starts right with the time forest rangers out there just flying around and I’m like, What the hell is going on? Then all of a sudden she’s back. And dragon is killing Tommy. And that’s like the first 10 pages of this book. And I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51
hold on.

Kalvin 1:18:52
I am missing so much context here. Yeah, and I ended up going back to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers one and just being like, I can read 25 comics to get to this point will take me you know, two hours. It was it was during NFL season. So like I like to sit there and read on my tablet while I have redzone on there you go. That usually works and now like now, I think I’m going to continue I’m going to read the Power Rangers verse turtles first and then I think I’m just gonna continue the Mighty Morphin run straight after shattered grids. And I’m kind of kind of there myself. Yes, they’re they’re legit it’s like there’s a lot of good stuff going on in them and like I don’t I I’m interested in the arts on unreal too. Yeah, really good. Um, so dragon after he kills Tommy he sets out to conquer other Rangers teams and take their power and connection to the morphing grid for zone. one point he imposed he goes to the Xeo era and impersonate zero error Tommy and he becomes disgusted with how much Tommy was respected by the other Rangers. He steals Adams z and either and murders zero Tommy. So at this point, he’s just going trying to kill all the time. He’s out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:01
He fucking hates himself. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
So why does everyone like you but they don’t like me because you’re killing everyone guy.

Kalvin 1:20:08
So dragons out there trying to take as many powers from as many teams as he can get Zord on on the other hand, is trying to rally as many Rangers as he can get before dragon gets don’t steal their power, so they can build a kind of their own super team to defeat tracking. It’s like LeBron, go into the heat. And then go back to the Cavs. Right and then go into the Lakers.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:29
There you go.

Kalvin 1:20:31
I like it. That’s a good analogy. Yeah, solid. Zora Sorbonne is just LeBron sort on is Erik Spoelstra. There we go. So then they get to a final battle. He is able to nullify a number of rain dragon is able to nullify a number of Rangers powers before Kimberley strikes him with the dragon dagger and that’s Ranger Slayer. Kimberly, I believe she comes out of nowhere too, because she’s off having her own adventure this whole time that I haven’t read about. And then she just pops back up and book like 27 Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:05
she she like breaks the spell to write and figures things out because at first she was gonna go Yeah, well, she’s, you know, they’re fucking banging in and killing people.

Kalvin 1:21:15
I think her story all takes place in the gogo series, which is not the one I read.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:20
I I’ve seen it on the shelf, and I’ve flipped through it. I’ve never read it though.

Kalvin 1:21:26
So suddenly, he finds himself weakened and returns to the throne room to find sword on Krueger and reader their reader using green candle to steal his powers. However, Finster, five ambushes a trio and tries to save dragon one last time, he becomes gravely concerned about his desire to use all the morphers in his possession but dragon now murderer spinster, five also ridiculous looks him up to his device and fully empowers himself. And this is where I got fucking lost reading this book. Because we just jump into the next book, and he’s a superhero. he’s a he’s literally a god. Yeah, I just call it the second God dragon. Yeah, I mean, he’s God. So what happens? That so that they don’t do this chronologically in the book, you have to figure it out as you read through it. But chronologically what happens is he entered at that point, when he hooks himself up, he enters the morphing grid, dispatches the emissaries three before finding and taking the heart of the master, using it to destroy the multiverse and just build his own new world where he’s fucking Superman. So yeah, he builds a world he’s a superman like figures, Oregon and Rita are his parents and Krueger is his dog.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:36

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
it’s like they’re like, Okay, how would Nero of ancient Rome act as a Power Ranger and then they put it on page?

Kalvin 1:22:45
Yeah. Which I mean, good job. Like that’s what they’re going for. The city is protected by Jen Scott’s and Lauren Shiva, who I believe is from Samurai Power Rangers. Billy’s a mechanic Finster. Five is his loyal Butler, Zack and Trini are reporters. And Kimberly is a lowly waitress man now hates Kimberly, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
He’s doing her dirty. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:23:08
We listen when should during all this dragon finds himself being haunted by the specter of Tommy taunting him and telling him that he knows this world is wrong, and that he is a pathetic man for creating it. This allows him his grip on the world the weekend enough so that Tommy can resurrect himself Jesus, he’s doing it. rescue the 100 we’re rescuing his teammates.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:29
I mean, he’s fucking Jesus. It’s the whole arc. Jesus what you know when he first appears in the Bible, and then 30 years later, when he comes back,

Kalvin 1:23:39
Tommy gathers up the team, Dragon realize there’s something going wrong and they lead to a struggle Tommy grabs the heart of the master. They get pulled inside of the heart, battling briefly before Tommy defeats dragon, telling him that the reason he lost was because he couldn’t stomach the idea that in an entire multiverse of Tommy’s, he was the only one who was pure evil. With dragon pulled away from the heart, his world began to fall apart. Tommy offers him one last chance to survive and come with him a dragon refuses staying with his broken roles as it collapsed around him, presumably ending him once and for all.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:13

Kalvin 1:24:14
As I said, Dragon actually lives on, but we haven’t gotten that far. So we’re not gonna talk about.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:19
That’s fair.

Kalvin 1:24:21
I want to just not there yet. Yeah, I’m kind of in the same boat. So that brings us to the big question. Do you think we’re ever going to see Lord dragon on screen?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
I wouldn’t. Yes, I do think so. I just don’t think it’s going to be Jason David Frank. Unfortunately.

Kalvin 1:24:38
Yeah. I don’t know that he could. So the problem with it not being Jason Damon for Jason David Frank, is it would be tough for someone else to fill those shoes. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
I think if they put some money into it if they did a movie well, so yeah, that would be the way to go. You could do a gym.

Kalvin 1:24:56
I slightly. Yeah, I think I think you do a movie. Right and you have to be a movie I I think like where beast morphers and dyno charge are those seem so far removed to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and it would be like really weird to bring Tommy back into the world that like beast mortars and morphers and dyno charts existed. And like, I don’t think you can tell the whole shattered grid storyline anywhere because it’d be too hard to get all these people together and if Sentai footage doesn’t exist, it’d be very difficult and there’s no Sentai footage on dragon obviously. Yet, so they’re gonna take all these ideas, maybe bring it back.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:35
I fucking Whoa.

Kalvin 1:25:37
Yeah, I just I don’t know how many of these these real actors would be down with coming back or how they could fit some tie footage. I mean, they did it with legendary battle, but I think it would be something different for for something like shattered grid, it would be very difficult, but I like your idea of a movie. Because I mean, it would have to be we’re gonna get a new reboot of movies right at some point. And I think what you do is you have them all teenagers again. You have a different actor as Jay says Tommy the kid, right as 15 year olds 11 year old Tommy. Better yet hope someone from Stranger Things probably obviously Finn wolfhard coming in is Tommy, do write it down. He need to put on like 20 pounds of muscle. But yeah, I can see that. But then I think you bring Jason David Franken as dragon as the main villain. But they don’t they don’t know where dragons come from, you know, you kind of tell the first part of the story, where he’s an alternate timeline version of Tommy and arrangers just have to defeat him you don’t do all of shattered grid you just this is this is what happens if Tommy turns evil and these new Rangers these six Rangers have to face that with young Tommy and Tommy hat and young Tommy now has to decide what path he’s going to take you know, that’d be sick, dude. That’d be awesome. You know, or or you just you come up with a whole new story. Just so we can see like the costume is what people want to see from Dragon I think the story is good, but I think the story only works in comics because you can get so convoluted in comics that you can’t I want to see him fight all the other Rangers like that choreography would be super dope. Yeah. They definitely have to have a different stunt man. If Jason David Frank is doing like the voice work or whatever. Yeah, or any on helmeted action. Someone that doesn’t shake their head violently all the time. Alright, so we agree. next movie, let’s make cracking the bad guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:26
Love it.

Kalvin 1:27:28
Alright, so Nick, what would you do? What is your favorite? We kind of covered this but what is your favorite version of Tommy all? The white Raider for sure. Why Ranger? Especially the movie version? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:38
with the costumes the sickest. That’s the best acting. I love it. I mean, he goes fucking ham. And it I love the hard plastic like the metallic key. Yeah, nature of it. It’s actually looks like armor instead of just a fucking onesy with a hard helmet on onesy with a hardhat. And it’s his best acting you made a great point. By far. I think that’s his best outing as an actor, which isn’t saying much.

Kalvin 1:28:11
I so I have a tie this Lord drakkon. And like I get it. It’s evil Tommy that’s not the best version of Tommy because he’s evil. But that characterization of Lord dragon and you know this, this different journey, I always love an alternate timeline story of this different journey he could have taken and where that led and this how this power corrupts him and everything. And really, at the end of the day, what he wants is to be loved by him. He wants to rule over the world. But he wants to do that. with everybody looking up to him, which is not something he actually did. In becoming dragon, he made everyone fear him instead. So I kind of like that that pool of good is still in Dragon. And he just doesn’t know what to do with it. He doesn’t know how to focus that because he never teamed up with the Rangers. So I like that dichotomy of Tommy’s and and that’s why I like dragon. And again, the outfit is dope.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:02
Yeah, that’s a that’s definitely number two. In my point of view, only reason is I just grew up with the wire Ranger. Yeah, but I think I agree with all your points

Kalvin 1:29:12
on the White Ranger to

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
the depth of Lord dragon is far superior to any iteration of Tommy Oliver beforehand.

Kalvin 1:29:20
Well, and you get that when you write after, you know, 30 issues on this guy. Instead of like these bs? Yeah, there were 150 episodes in the first three seasons of Power Rangers, but like they’re not they’re not putting character work in any of that. Well, you need to there’s like in the commie deficit those three seasons, there’s like eight episodes of character work.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
Right. And I mean, but the thing with comics is, is you can cross that line, like what if Tommy was a bad guy, right? I mean, I think that’s people have been, I mean, you saw it with the first you know, first iteration of power and using Mighty Morphin. They just took it to the nth degree, right, which,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
when you can always time someone did

Kalvin 1:29:58
in comics, you can always just spin off too. Right, if something works good, you just spin that off into its own book and you keep the the regular continuity going that you want. And you have this other side book, which is what they did the Ranger Slayer. Alright, my other favorite version is dyno thunder, I think of Tommy. It’s a song I like mentor, Tommy, I think it’s cool to see him as the guy that’s been there before and teaching the new kids that it’s kind of okay to fall down, you have to get back up with a lot of these other Rangers mentors, they’re like aliens are all knowing beings, you know, this vast knowledge, or they’re scientists with no knowledge of rangering. And, you know, they can tell them how their power should work, but they don’t know anything about actually fighting crime, or they’re aliens, who know everything about the power, but don’t know how to tell them how to be human teenagers. And I think with Tommy, you get both of those things. He’s been there before. He knows what it takes to be a ranger. He knows how the powers work, he can really affect these teenagers. From a mentor standpoint, whereas Zord on can like be like, Well, here’s how your powers work. And this is why this green candle is burning, but he can’t be like, Well, here’s how you ask that girl out at school.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:05
Right? I mean, the best coaches in any like sport, for example, are the former players. For the most part, like a familiarity of the game is essential. And I think Tommy

Kalvin 1:31:15
Jason is just killing it as a coach. me fuck Jason Kidd. tyronn Lue did all right. Yeah, when you have LeBron, it makes your job a lot easier. But even like, I mean, we’re taking that to the extreme and NBA players are often not good, like people, people who are good, like really good in the NBA don’t come back and are good NBA coaches. But the good NBA coaches they played in college like they played at high level in college, they played at high level in high school, they know the game better. And even if they didn’t play in the NBA, or they were like the 10th man in the NBA, that makes them a little bit better as a coach because they’re kind of always observing, you know, they had to fight hard to like LeBron would be a bad coach because he’s so good at basketball. Everything is easy to him. And like I’m not saying he doesn’t work hard, but he works hard. And but like the game come so easy to him so he can’t go up to somebody like lamella ball and teach them how to be a better player. Make a try, but he’d probably get him a pissy. Alright, so what’s the worst version of Tommy?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:21
Let’s say at the same time, we’ll go on 123 go. Yeah. All right. 123 goes Mighty Morphin. white,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:31

Kalvin 1:32:34
birch. Oh, but yeah, I mean, yeah. Both. Both red restorations of him are fucking wack, dude. Yeah, I agree. This is this is easy. Turbo is one of the worst series Power Rangers in all of history. Tommy does nothing to help. He’s barely in the show. He turns his powers over to TJ and the first like, 15 episodes. And I’ve said it he just felt like Jason David Frank felt like he mailed it in and Tommy anytime he was on screen felt like Tommy was nailing it and like he didn’t want to be a ranger anymore. He was ready to move on with his life.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:06
I mean, probably He’s like, dude, I got a car. Trying to get these chicks, bro. chicks dig the car. Yeah, I mean, you see this shit is blessing. Get this little ass kid out of here. Probably she doesn’t want to be a Power Ranger with this fucking loser. Chili will fuck.

Kalvin 1:33:21
But yeah, once Justin came in, everybody was like, hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:24
how do we get out of here? That’s just how much do I get to pay to get out of this contract? Fucking Justin.

Kalvin 1:33:32
Justin went to work for like NASA when they went into space to.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:36
Yeah, okay.

Kalvin 1:33:37
He helped launch and really, it was just I didn’t have to take him to space. They’re like, yeah, you stay back with NASA dude.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
We’ll get you back up. So cool, buddy. You could stay with NASA. You’ll get some stickers, maybe a sucker and he’s like, yeah, guys. All right, cool.

Kalvin 1:33:55
Okay, Joseph. Justin. Justin. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:59

Kalvin 1:34:02
Do you have anything else to say on Tommy Oliver? Jesus, Tommy Oliver.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:05
I don’t man. I

Kalvin 1:34:06
think I beat that Tommy Oliver looking horse to death. Look, we only went half as long on just Tommy as we did the entire run of Power Rangers. So I think that’s good. That’s pretty remarkable. I could probably go three hours on Tommy. Wait. Yeah, we probably could. I didn’t even include all the stories from the Wikipedia page. There’s so much shit on there. There really is so much it. And it’s very hard to tell what’s actually interesting. And what is just something I remember and was

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
like, Oh, yeah, that was cool. That I had fun with that. I mean, I read nonstop his entire way. I mean, it took me like 30 minutes. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
I’m a quick reader.

Kalvin 1:34:40
I’m not like I was doing it. While I was like waiting for things to load for work and stuff. I’d kind of keep switching back and forth. And but yeah, Tommy, our boy. fuckin Tommy Oliver. Let

Unknown Speaker 1:34:51
us know what you think about Tommy.

Kalvin 1:34:53
Yeah. There’s a better Ranger out there than Tommy hit us up because you’re wrong. Because fight homies that dude. Nobody nobody’s going oh shit that’s rocky de Santos.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
Yeah, no one gives a fuck my rocky Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
Jason Kim what’s up

Kalvin 1:35:12
apparently he married cat at some point like that’s the content they have kids Yeah, or some shit. They do like a future episode they do a future episode and they do I think in time for us one of the time for us like trainees is some long descendant of there’s wack yeah dumb. He did end up with Kim dumb she’s off there she’s off there banging the gymnastics teacher man. You mean the gymnastics teachers begging her? Well, yeah. Let’s move on from that. Thank you for listening. Be sure to check us out on Twitter share who your favorite Ranger is or which version of Tommy you like best. That’s at APA something and at alone underscore podcast. Again this show is coming to an end soon and I will be moving on to the magic number is three podcast where we will be breaking down just season three of various TV shows. You can check that out on Twitter right now at magic three TV there will be a pilot episode launching soon on all the cool podcasting platforms. You can always hear more from Nick on the URL alone podcast a lot of fun over there and get all the information you want there at alone podcast.com and thank you very much for listening. You can you know you can buy our merch it’s still up there t public comm APA something, just search that you’ll find it. And yeah, thanks to those cats for providing all the music for a podcast about something

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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