Episode 157 – A Podcast About Selective Listening – Grillz – Nelly, Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp

“Got the whole top diamond, and the bottom rose gold!” Or is the bottom row gold? It’s hard to tell sometimes what is meant by any particular lyric in any particular song, so Nick and Kalvin are here yet again to break down a song line by line in the latest entry to the Selective Listening song. We try to figure out which one of these rappers is the most talented, how many different ways they can say “diamonds are shiny,” and of course what was going on in each of their careers in late 2005 to bring us the anthem of a lifetime. Grillz was an instant classic and it was important for us to immortalize it again over 15 years later, so rob your local jewelry store and tell em to make you a grill (preferably while listening to this episode)!

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Full episode transcript available below:

Kalvin 0:06
held on to a podcast about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me it’s the ice man. Paul Wall co host Nick Richardson,

Nick 0:20
man why Yeah, maybe the fat guy.

Kalvin 0:22
I guess it’s just one of the best lines in the song. So

Nick 0:25
The Iceman powwow. Yeah, I mean, it

Kalvin 0:28
even sounds like a disco ball. So killer also is a CCI white guy. So yeah, that’d be the white guy.

Nick 0:36
You know, he’s got the baddest flow in the goddamn joy if he’s the only white dude

Kalvin 0:40
you know, I kind of actually like his verse on the song better than the other. We’ll get into it. We’re talking grills by Nelly. Not Nelly Diddy Murphy Lee Nelly Paul Wall, Gibbon Ali and Jermaine Dupri we’re going to do one of our selective listening episodes which is this a series we’ve been doing this is going to be the final one and we done it sometimes there was no set schedule really just kind of pops up. Or actually no, there will be one last one in finale week. So or finale month so this isn’t the last one. Stay tuned for another one. But there will be one more in finale month we take a song break it down line by line based on only our perceptions and preconceived knowledge of the song. We can’t look into what the lyrics actually mean. Or do research on it. Unless we already have it in our brain. So we’ve already covered hypnotized by Notorious BIG loser by BEC, the monster mash and Rap God by Eminem.

Nick 1:38
You know, I really listened to rap devil. Okay. I think Mgk won that. That feud?

Kalvin 1:46
No, he didn’t. I’m sorry.

Nick 1:48
I’m sorry. His bars are better.

Kalvin 1:52
Okay, well, you’re fired.

Nick 1:55
He’s like, okay, Note to self trash. Nick and redone version every

Unknown Speaker 2:00

Kalvin 2:02
Every episode of the new podcast will start out Hello, welcome. Fuck Nick Richardson.

Nick 2:07
Yeah. Hello, welcome fuckface to co host ask swipe Richardson.

Kalvin 2:14
Just kidding. Nick is great. This is all been great. He’s wrong about rap devil, but we’re not here.

Unknown Speaker 2:21
Oh, yes, I saw

Kalvin 2:26
we’re here talking about grilles. Like I said by Nelly featuring Paul Wall, Ollie and Kip and Jermaine Dupri

Nick 2:32
I read that in GIMP The first time I it’s Kip. Yeah,

Kalvin 2:36
I figured that again from the Goody mob.

Nick 2:38
Is it that tall skinny dude. With the afro

Kalvin 2:41
Yeah, yeah, this is gift got the purples got them yellows got them reds.

Unknown Speaker 2:45
He’s cold.

Kalvin 2:47
Yeah, he’s we’re gonna talk about get cuz I like it. But yeah, part of the Goodie Mob with CeeLo Green and some other people also nice little cameo in mystery man. Great movie.

Nick 3:00
Go watch it. Been a minute.

Kalvin 3:04
Everybody should go watch mystery man right now. Pause this go watch mystery man. Come back.

Nick 3:08
I’d like to come back to this. It’s fucking mystery man. I’m gonna watch it again.

Kalvin 3:14
This song debuted on Nellies album sweatsuit, and was officially released on November 8 2005. Hits several charts hit the US mainstream top 40 at number seven, the US Billboard Hot 100 got all the way up number one us hot r&b and hip hop songs got to number two, which is weird to me that got all the way number one on the Hot 100 but not on my hot hip hop and r&b. That doesn’t make sense. But what do I know? Yeah, you know,

Nick 3:41
no shit, Calvin. I don’t either.

Kalvin 3:44
And then again, US hot rap songs. It got to number one. So I like how rap is different than r&b and hip hop. Yet it also qualifies for both things at the same time. Like if you’re gonna make that distinction. You can’t be on both charts.

Nick 3:59
I always just assume hip hop and rap were the same thing.

Kalvin 4:02
Exactly. And then r&b is the slow down slow jams version. Yes, the essential stuff if you’re going to break out anything from this r&b should be its own category and rap and hip hop should be the same category.

Nick 4:13
I agree. 100% we need to write these fuckers and correct this should actually I’m gonna go ahead and edit this right now.

Kalvin 4:19
Yeah, go ahead.

Nick 4:20
Editing grill section. Oh, and Wikipedia. Yep.

Kalvin 4:24
I mean, that’s not Wikipedia is fault. It’s the Billboard charts fault for having weird categories. So write a letter to a billboard.

Nick 4:32
I probably shouldn’t change that the FBO but you don’t change.

Kalvin 4:39
And it reached number one on the US rhythmic Billboard chart. It’s not very which is another another thing.

Nick 4:46
Rhythm and Blues. There’s like no rhythm and blues in that at all.

Kalvin 4:51
No, not at all. A certified platinum. 1 million copies sold over a million copies sold. I didn’t look up the actual and I already have it there in front of on Wikipedia.

Nick 5:01
Don’t It’s a shame. I bet you I can find it keep talking.

Kalvin 5:07
I don’t have anything to talk about. What do you think I just have things to talk about?

Nick 5:11
No son of a bitch.

Kalvin 5:15
Yeah, I don’t have it either. Well, the next part is what is your history with this song? So what is your history with the song?

Nick 5:24
It came out in a very influential time in my life. Let’s see, that would be so I was 12 years old. And I thought this shit was hot. So hot. So I would have been in middle school when this went down at the time when everybody’s trying to impress each other. And I vividly remember thinking I had the ability to rock a grill. And I tried to get one.

Kalvin 5:55
That’s a bad idea.

Nick 5:56
I do. They had this like little, little bell called a pavilion, little kiosk in the mall. They’re still there, actually. But they still sell $30 grills and they look they looked alright. I can never work up the courage because I knew I already got these. Just give me the grill guy.

Kalvin 6:18
This came out when I was in college, I was a freshman in college, everybody’s kind of trying to, you know, make themselves known in their own way. You know, whatever. you’re figuring out who you are still, but I love this song. It was it was a party staple. Obviously, freshmen party staple. It’s it’s an awesome song. Every bit of it is awesome in its own way, but also completely corny at the same time, and that’s what makes it great.

Nick 6:43
I’ll take it and one of the things I watched the music video a couple times.

Kalvin 6:48
Like I was literally watching it before we start recording.

Nick 6:50
Did you notice how less corny it was than most r&b or rap music videos? Oh, yeah,

Kalvin 6:56
the video is very good. The video enhances the song more so than like, if you’re just riding around, it comes on on the radio,

Nick 7:02
right? I 100% a grilles with you.

Kalvin 7:08
We’re not going to do puns this whole time our way.

Nick 7:10
Dude, I’m a dad. It’s like, ingrained in my DNA. Now it’s

Kalvin 7:13
true. I just had to make a fart joke on a group test because somebody said they needed gas. I had to do it.

Unknown Speaker 7:20
You should underpants.

Kalvin 7:23
So back, you know, late last year when I was trying my hand at writing on the website, which all this has been deleted since then, so you can’t go find it. But I wrote this whole like retrospective on grilles, the song for its 15th anniversary. So that was in November, but I was mostly writing in October of last year. So I’ve selected some of the points. I mean, they’re to remake them here. Because I The world needs to hear it and I took it off the site so you can’t go read it and maybe I’ll repost it on along with this but I haven’t decided yet.

Nick 7:53
Well, I am the world so let me hear bro.

Kalvin 7:58
If no one else hears that at least Nick does I know in that the best. So simply put grilles is a microcosm of what late 2005 to early 2006 was and I think it needs to be explored and understood for all the future generations to come.

Nick 8:16
It was it was a wild time to use a wild time. Not only

Kalvin 8:21
was a wild time in the world, it was a really strange time for music like the boy bands and girl groups of the 90s had mostly all died out but like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s and like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. They hadn’t quite popped up yet.

Nick 8:34
Yeah, it was like the more socially acceptable rap music. Like it was a whole lot less

Kalvin 8:40
rap. Rap was becoming very Poppy. Yeah, and it was but on top of that, it was a weird time at rap music too, because Jay Z had retired. Eminem had retired and was dealing with addiction issues. 50 cent had fallen all the way off after the second album, and that time was coming for the southern takeover to start and you couldn’t really listen to the radio without hearing some combination of ti Young Jeezy Lil Wayne and little john and ludicrous all throw in there to

Nick 9:08
pump it up bangers man,

Kalvin 9:09
they really were and Nelly Nelly was all over the place at the time still to

Nick 9:13
your hard, humble backyard.

Kalvin 9:17
So Southern rap was still kind of coming into its own there and people were starting to recognize it for being a true force. But in the mid 2000s it still like Lil Wayne wasn’t the greatest rapper alive yet right Young Jeezy hadn’t really really hit the spot yet. Same with ti like he had some good songs but it wasn’t there yet. And it was a lot dominated by these silly dance songs like lean wet rock with it or two step those kind of things. Or like the tracks that the only thing they had going for him was like the snaps or claps on the beat. So as white people could dance along things like snap your fingers. Oh, I think they liked me. Or you have this goofy like video game sample or like Willy Wonka esque sample. Sounds like whistle while you work or Laffy Taffy, or that Laffy Taffy, I

Nick 10:05
thought yeah that song about 10 years

Kalvin 10:08
and then the other thing you had in southern rap was just randomly shouting out your phone number hoping stupid kids would call it and you could charge them cash. I mean 281330800 hit Mike Jones up on the low. I’ve done it. We all have

Nick 10:22
Yeah, I remember that being like the big thing also in middle school I believe Bow Bow had

Kalvin 10:26
one of those numbers you could call in and get like a voicemail or whatever that he seemed like he was talking to soulja boy had one like that. That was the thing in the mid 2000s.

Nick 10:36
Also, in the mid 2000s rap had gone from like hardcore lyricist over usually pretty solid beats to like, the beats carry the song and then you usually got like witty catchphrases and you know just

Kalvin 10:52
it’s the Nelly it’s the Nelly style.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Yeah, of like, really weighing jokes

Kalvin 10:56
over a plane like a different type of beat here. Yeah. And ludicrous was really good at that too.

Nick 11:05
Fuck Yeah, dude, blueberry, yum yum.

Kalvin 11:07
Very good song. Yeah, but for every great ti and little Wayne track that came out it seemed like there were three of these tracks in this other realm the the get rich clicks the Cadillac Don’s you know, de forelle all these people. They were just flooding the market for every like, really actual solid song you had.

Nick 11:24
That was a what was really popping off at that time, too. They all put their music on. Fuck, I can’t remember my space. My Space was fucking huge. Yeah, that’s how a lot of them got Pathak

Kalvin 11:40
It was so that that’s kind of sets the scene of the mid 2000s. And it was the perfect time for for artists at very, very different stages in their careers to hit us with the track. That meant nothing to most people. But everything to all people like this song felt like it came out of nowhere and was just instantly a smash.

Nick 11:59
It’s a banger like it is we were thirsty for a goddamn banger. We were still in the throes of the Iraq War, the Iraq war.

Kalvin 12:08
I mean, we technically still are. So it’s coming to an end. I think we’re not here to talk about that. So we got Nellie, who’s in this weird stage where he hadn’t quite adapted to the future of what rap was going to be and was in the process of falling off but wasn’t quite there yet. You know, sweat and Sue were so pretty well but neither were great albums are kind of live up to how good country grammar was. He also tried his hand at acting, but he’s not very good at acting. You know, he was we’d like him in The Longest Yard, but I’m not sure how much acting was involved there.

Nick 12:40
Just go out there and be Nelly.

Kalvin 12:41
Yeah, just look like you’re running fast. You don’t actually have to run fast. You just need to look like it running fast.

Nick 12:48
You already know. Everybody out there fast. He’s from St. Louis.

Kalvin 12:54
You can find him in St. Louis, where the gunplay going all day.

Nick 12:58
I saw St. Louis once. Oh, yeah, from a distance. He’s shorter than I anticipated.

Kalvin 13:05
He’s very short. So Nellie made a big win in 2005. And for him, it was like this perfect time for a cash grab. He releases the double album sweat suit, made up mostly songs that came from sweat and suit but they also threw in a few new songs which grilles was one of those new songs. But sweatsuit was literally nothing but a cash grab. I mean, we’re ticket work. Yeah, yeah,

Nick 13:28
I was devastated when I left it on an airplane. Back when CD players were a thing Damn. Yeah, I left my whole CD case. It was like 500 so mad.

Kalvin 13:39
So then you got Paul Wall who’s kind of the new kid on the block. He had been making music kind of street level music for a while had some mixtapes out there but he needed to make a name for himself. He had released his debut album didn’t sell very well. And you know being a newcomer who’s not going to take a chance to be on a track with Nellie which is the track is basically a side advertisement for Paul Wall side hustle like he’s out there selling grills literally. So getting on the song is only going to help that business even if the song doesn’t work that good

Nick 14:09
I wonder if he made more money off just grills in fuckin god yeah, he probably made a shitload of money off that

Kalvin 14:17
probably is not a very talented rapper so I can’t imagine he made that much but it’s kind of good Paul Wall needed the when he he’s trying to put Houston area rappers really on the map you got Slim Thug, Mike Jones, who and comedian millionaire all coming up at the same time that they’re all leading this charge and I think grilles was something that really helped that along more so than any of the stuff these other three were doing, I guess right and dirty. kinda helped a lot.

Nick 14:44
When did that come out? Was that?

Kalvin 14:47
I want to say it was oh six. Yeah, like early. oh six.

Nick 14:49
So I feel like grilles made ride dirty. socially acceptable. And then you had it out Yankovic adopt that shit. The white nerdy Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:58
and oh,

Kalvin 15:00
Should Okay, so who is Mike Jones came out before grilles and Paul was on, I think one or two tracks there and he had done some features with a millionaire as well him and a millionaire had put out like a joint album before that, or a mixtape before that. Slim Thug was always on the periphery of all these guys and he is probably the best one out of them. And then I think like you said, Paul Wall really like with grills made people kind of stand up and listen to these Houston Houston area guys for the first time since UGK. Was poppin.

Nick 15:34
I haven’t thought about them in 10 years. Yeah,

Kalvin 15:36
well, I really like UGK was always closer to underground than it ever was to mainstream to. Yeah, that’s true. So then you got Ali and Kip, which was a new heavy air quotes power group formed by Ali, the fourth best member of the st lunatics and they get the first best member of the Goody mob. And, you know, this was kind of their first attempt of working together as a group. So they’re build together on the song. It’s all in gip. It’s not Ali, comma gip. You know, so they’re, they’re like a duo in this song. They had been working on a joint album that eventually released in 2007. And I think this was kind of their attempt to validate their existence together. They also had a song on The Longest Yard soundtrack, which is a low key pretty good soundtrack.

Nick 16:23
low key. I mean, it’s pretty good. Pretty good movie. I enjoy it.

Kalvin 16:26
Yeah. Better movie than a soundtrack. But the soundtracks pretty good time to be Co. Here, Tom looby. So do we need to explain to the listeners before we get into the song What a grill actually is, I have a whole thing on

Nick 16:38
let’s I think you should know.

Kalvin 16:41
This is all per Wikipedia. I pretty much copy and paste it, mostly from there to the article I wrote. So from Wikipedia, in hip hop culture, a grill most commonly commonly referred to as grills or grills, also known as runs or goals, is a type of dental jewelry worn over the teeth. grills are made of metal and are generally removable, and I think that’s a good way to describe it.

Nick 17:06
Covered in diamonds.

Kalvin 17:08
I think there are a lot more than that too, don’t you? Like, such as metal that you put in your mouth? That’s a retainer. Basically,

Nick 17:15
I mean, if you ever get punched in the mouth, you got a look. They will shred their hand and your lips bust out your teeth too.

Kalvin 17:23
Well, so that kind of brings me to at the time, they were the sort of status symbol like you tried to get one to show you were a cool guy. I don’t think that worked in your favor. But for like actual celebrities cool as fuck. For like actual celebrities, rappers, athletes, you know, people in the public eye, I think only the baddest of the bad motherfuckers had a grill at the time. You know, I don’t think that’s true anymore. But I remember like 2007 2008 Ochocinco Chad Ochocinco war one in an NFL game, and I’m like, Damn, that’s crazy. He gets hit in the head for a living. And I don’t know why you’d want metal and diamonds inside your mouth.

Nick 18:04
I don’t know why they rock $18,000 chains on the field is dumb. That’s true. I feel like after this, it went from crazy big watches and like just ridiculous. necklaces, not so much. watches were like a huge thing at that time. And then it switched to Mt. dually. Everybody had fucking girls after that, like what it really did. Oh my god.

Kalvin 18:29
And I feel like now i don’t think that the status symbol anymore. I think like a lot of people. I see him a lot in NFL games. Still people wearing them and you know it doesn’t stand out as much as it did you know when Chad Ochocinco was doing it back in 2007 2008. Alvin Kamara has a really great one. Very bright, very diamond he go check that Google out and Kamera grill. If you’ve got a second it’s very bright. So girls can be made from many different metals including silver, gold and platinum and can have diamonds and gems and crusted in them. They began to rise to prominence in 1980s in New York City, Eddie plane is most often credited with bringing the trend to New York and later moved to Atlanta and start outfitting rappers such as ludicrous outcast and Littlejohn with grills trend continue to spread throughout the southern US where it reached critical mass in Atlanta, Memphis and Houston. Southern rap fueled the rise of grills as an accessory and all culminated in the 2005 smash hit by Nellie Paul Wall and all

Nick 19:32
I gotta say man hit his his grill is fantastic. It’s it’s not so cumbersome. Like, are you on

Kalvin 19:38
Alvin Kamara are already playing

Nick 19:40
on Alvin Kamara. Yeah, I mean that’s that looks chic back. Fuck man. There was a while there was like having 30 pounds on your face.

Kalvin 19:48
Yeah, they just Well, that’s because you paid $30 for your grill. That’s probably literally iron.

Nick 19:54
I mean, probably. I would have had in my mouth for more than 15 minutes I would have gotten tetanus

Kalvin 19:58
stainless steel. in there,

Nick 20:00
yeah, aluminium, aluminium, aluminium. Aluminium Ian. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 20:07

Nick 20:10
fuck are you English folks?

Kalvin 20:12
Let’s jump into the lyrical breakdown. We’re just gonna go back and forth you’ll read one give your interpretation. I’ll clarify anything I think I thought differently and then I’ll read the next one get my interpretation and you can clarify anything you think you thought differently. That’s how we’ll do this. You want first or second?

Nick 20:29
I’m gonna call Second. All right, I’m gonna go on record to say brandy Williams is fun.

Kalvin 20:36
If that’s her in the video, then I 100% agree, but it’s not always the person in the video.

Nick 20:41
She’s the one singing like the backup of us. Yeah, yeah,

Kalvin 20:43
you’ve got 30 down at the bottom. 30 more at the top all invisible set. Little in little ice cube blocks. So first of all, he’s got way too many teeth in his mouth. Can’t have 30 teeth on the bottom 30 at the top if not how that shit works. Maximum you should have 16 on top and 16 on the bottom. You need to go see a dentist. You’re probably a shark

Nick 21:04
just pops his grill out. It’s like Ah,

Unknown Speaker 21:07
what the hell

Nick 21:08
looks like the violator from spawn.

Kalvin 21:11
Or what’s the girl in Mortal Kombat Katana? That’s what he’s got going on. No, Molina The only no that’s it. Sorry. Sorry, Mortal Kombat heads. I get those two confused

Unknown Speaker 21:23
good over here.

Kalvin 21:26
So with his abundant teeth, he has them adorned with clear jewels, so they look like ice cubes. Pretty simple.

Nick 21:35
I I didn’t really get this line. Honestly. Like I get the ice cube blocks. It’s it’s ice ice blocks for teeth. So I think it means like, visible though.

Kalvin 21:46
I think the invisible set is like you can’t see the individual gaps. No, I Yeah. Like maybe it looks like one big diamond or there’s no there’s no gap. Like he’s got Invisalign under him kind of thing going on. That’s kind of how I took it. So each one looks like it’s each diamond is separate. And it looks like it’s just like an ice cube floating there. That’s my thought on it.

Nick 22:07
That’s fair.

Kalvin 22:09
That’s what I would take his invisible set.

Nick 22:11
I’m gonna go with that.

Kalvin 22:13
Because you know, like if you’re looking at Alvin Kamara still, he’s got like gold in between each tooth. Something and there’s no, they’re just clear between each tooth.

Nick 22:21
It’s just literally straight diamonds. Is it? No, I’m saying like, Oh, yeah, to your point. Yeah. All right. If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks. This line is cold. Fuck, great line is one of the better lines in the song. And

Kalvin 22:36
it might be nearly as best.

Nick 22:38
It’s it’s definitely heightened by the music video too. But it goes back to his last line. And, you know, smile on the rocks, like a drink like an alcoholic beverage on the rocks with ice cubes in it. And he’s just saying if you call it a drink, there you go. He’s making it for the layman. You know, so we can understand.

Kalvin 22:59
I’ve got to go on record here saying Nelly has the weakest verse on the song.

Nick 23:03
Now he’s not very great, dude. He’s catchy.

Kalvin 23:06
Yeah, he’s he’s catchy. I can throw a good joke out there. But he’s he’s definitely not lyricist. There. There are some on country grammar. There’s some better stuff, but he was more of a jokester rapper than a better lyricist ever.

Nick 23:20
Yeah, that’s fair.

Kalvin 23:22
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot. So if Nelly is bidding on his teeth on the prices right here, he wouldn’t know what price to yell out. He just say Yo, that shits expensive.

Nick 23:33
I’m illiterate son. So a lot. Betting a lot. I mean, yeah. Fucking

Kalvin 23:41
Nick Richardson that said Nellie is illiterate. Not Calvin.

Nick 23:44
That’s Nick. They didn’t like it was clear that out. I fucking said it.

Kalvin 23:48
Nick Richardson. Nelly comes after us. I

Nick 23:50
want to kick your ass because I’m not far from you. Nellie, I’m only an hour in the mall in white Louis one time. He was getting into getting into a vehicle. And my buddy was just like, holy shit. That’s fucking Nelly and I looked over and I’m like, where I don’t see him. And I legitimately thought it was a little boy. Like looking harder, and it’s like, oh shit. That is really

Kalvin 24:18
where the rest of the st lunatics with him because that they’ve got some height in the St. Louis. I think he wants pretty tall and slow down. I think it’s pretty tall.

Nick 24:26
No, they had a couple dudes dressed in black holding the door and just posting up keeping an eye out on people. Of course I’m really lucky.

Kalvin 24:34
I’ve also only seen the st lunatics in music videos where they’re with Nelly. So everybody looks tall compared to him. Yeah, no

Nick 24:41
shit. He can play samwise gamgee

Kalvin 24:44
Oh shit. That’s what I want to see st lunatics version of Lord of the Rings.

Nick 24:49
That would be blessing. I would be down with that. It would

Kalvin 24:53
be so bad but so make it to Nellis. I know you’re looking to unity. You’re not Doing anything right now?

Nick 25:01
Literally nothing. I got like platinum and white rose traditional gold. I’m changing girls every day like j change clothes. So who’s j? JC? That’s kind of what I thought.

Kalvin 25:19
So in on the Black Album 2003 there was a song called change clothes Jay Z featuring seret forelle were like, the whole song is about how having enough outfits to change clothes all day is the pinnacle of being cool. I’m not sure Jay Z knows what being cool is like

Nick 25:38
I remember it was back in the day it was never wear a white t twice. Like he made I remember MTV Cribs. This rapper like pulls out a drawer. All whities. Another all whities third row all fuckin whities.

Kalvin 25:54
I just want to go on record with I don’t think Jay Z is probably a very cool person. Like he’s very successful and very good at everything he does. I don’t think he’s ever been like the coolest student his friend group.

Nick 26:06
Probably not. I got like platinum and white rose. So he’s got a variety of grill So not only does he have an average of $30,000 in his mouth, he’s probably got multiples of them. changes them every day or every day. Or every fucking irda you don’t want them to get gross. You know, they need a full day to sit and disinfectant.

Kalvin 26:29
And I had invisaligns for those things get gross real quick.

Nick 26:32
I fucking bad dude. But you chug mouthwash a lot?

Kalvin 26:37
Yeah, and I got like some denture cleaner that I’d soak them in every other night. Yeah.

Nick 26:42
What do you 100 worked?

Kalvin 26:44
I mean it kept them clean.

Nick 26:47
I’m just being perfect.

Kalvin 26:48
I also like this this is one of the thing that Nellie things that Nellie does really well and that’s like referencing other rappers and their songs within his songs but not calling them out or dissing them in any way just like kind of shouting them out and and referring men making jokes off of names of their songs or lines that they’ve dropped in. And he does it here again. I

Nick 27:08
think I want to be like you bro. Jay. Well, I mean, he’s got this is the way they write these lines or, you know, the way they enunciate these stances, if you will, is perfect for Nellie style of rapping. He’s, like, just his kind of I wouldn’t say he has a southern drawl. He’s got a bit of a triangle. Most people some Yeah,

Kalvin 27:31
he’s got the country. He’s got that country grammar.

Nick 27:33
Right. There you go. That really lends itself to these lines.

Kalvin 27:37
Yeah. I might be grilled out nicely. Am I white t o or on South Beach?

Unknown Speaker 27:47

Kalvin 27:49
my wife got her that one. He’s wearing his grill no matter where he is. And no matter what type of white shirt he has on, and I I just feel like white tees and white beaters aren’t really that sartorial holistically different. So why does he make the comparison here like white tees and white beaters? Might as well be the same thing.

Nick 28:09
Dude, Nellie wears three things whities white beads and nothing.

Kalvin 28:13
And a baseball jersey over the white tea or white beer or Rams? jersey. That’s true. But why are you not highlighting two completely different styles? Like why is it white tea and wifebeaters? Like, I know, Nelly, I’ve seen you wear different shirts. I think I take the shirt off

Nick 28:30
about the climate. No, he’s grown out nicely in his white tea. His hometown

Kalvin 28:35
in St. Louis. He’s got the white tea. Right in South Beach.

Nick 28:38
It’s hot man. He needs his wife beat. All right. Make sense? His white tank top.

Kalvin 28:44
But his girl always looks nice no matter what. That’s really the point here.

Nick 28:47
No matter what. VVS studded you can tell when they cut it. You see my grandma hate it by my little mama love. So I don’t know what VVS studded means. I think it’s a high end jewelry purveyor. Okay, so it’s BDSM Yes. Yeah. Okay, so built custom by this certain high end jewelry jewelry jury there. And you can tell when they cut it when they go to cut diamonds are so clean, so beautiful. So So I see. And it’s grandma hater because he’s got, you know, the equivalent of what she bought her house for in 1976 in his fucking mouth, but his little Mama’s like, dang, I can get hella child support payments out of you. pawn that shit tomorrow, son, fat

Kalvin 29:39
lady ladies love cool grills.

Nick 29:41
They’re like Dang, he got money.

Kalvin 29:43
Yeah, I really want to make a Larry Johnson joke here cuz he was grandma back in the 90s. But it just didn’t happen. Like I couldn’t get the verbiage right on it. You too bad?

Nick 29:58
Too bad

Kalvin 29:59
but yeah. I mean, this isn’t a very difficult line to see his family. They don’t like his grills. But that doesn’t matter because ladies love it.

Nick 30:09
I’m sure it’s just as Grandma, even though he’s foster care of her like crazy. She’s like, Oh, he’s

Kalvin 30:13
probably got a cousin that really likes.

Nick 30:15
Probably suppose the last time you went to church, Nellie, I don’t know his real name, but Cornell

Kalvin 30:21
Cornell Hanes.

Nick 30:24
You said that so Mater Cornell, Cornell Hanes.

Kalvin 30:27
I want to make sure you heard because when I open up your mouth, you grow gleeman I stay low from the chief and

Nick 30:41
I did not get that as a kid. No, I

Kalvin 30:45
did because I was in college. I understood everything at that point.

Nick 30:51
The Chiefs

Kalvin 30:54
his girl is very nice at gleams in the sunlight. Very bright again. Even though he can barely open his eyes because he’s smoked so much fucking weed.

Nick 31:03
Twice smiling and everybody He’s like, that’s true. eyes close. poor bastard. Sick. Whoa. I got a grilled they call penny candy. You know what that means? It looked like now in laters gum drops. Jelly Beans. He gets fucking into that shit when he says it. It’s like, dude, no.

Kalvin 31:27
Pictures voice on when he gets there.

Nick 31:29
Gently. I feel like he’s channeling his inner marshawn Lynch right there. He just doesn’t mention Skittles because he doesn’t want to get trademark. But I mean, his got a grill they call penny candy. I think some people Oh, okay, so the grab bag of just random candies. What he means by that is fruit ease. Guaranteed. I got a grill they called penny candy. That’s fucking fruit. He’s dude. I

Kalvin 31:57
remember the tootsie rolls right basically. Yeah, flavor to cereal. Yeah, we used to go to the convenience store and get just gobs of those without leftover lunch money. Oh, dude, I

Nick 32:06
remember eating a whole bag of grape fucking fruit ease and my shit was green. like jelly beans. But uh, so yeah, he just stops drop starts dropping candy because he’s I don’t know why he needs to elaborate a little harder.

Kalvin 32:24
Yeah, I don’t know either like the

Nick 32:27
same shit.

Kalvin 32:28
I mean, you got to fill the song would be the point. Literally, the whole song is just saying the same shit over and over again. So you just have to pat that out. But yeah, it seems like almost every one of his 60 teeth in his mouth is embellished by a different color or style of jewel within his many many grills.

Nick 32:46
Or Bernie Botts every flavor bead. Oh, I guess I bet this is the only rap song has ever had the phrase jelly beans in it.

Kalvin 32:54
I guarantee it’s not I bet Laffy Taffy has it in there. Do you know how many bad Southern rap dance songs there were that probably reference candy.

Nick 33:05
I’m gonna say it’s been at least six songs you there’s literally we found 180 Lyrics 34 out artists and 47 albums talking about jellybeans.

Kalvin 33:14
A list of lyrics artists and songs that contain the term Jelly Bean.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
That’s what I need nut jelly beans

Kalvin 33:22
180 Lyrics 34 is 47 albums is that we said?

Nick 33:25

Kalvin 33:26
So 180 Lyrics so I was way off with six but you were more off with one one. Idiot I wouldn’t want the prices right there.

Nick 33:35
Yeah, probably.

Kalvin 33:37
I would have called out a price on jelly beans and songs. I would call that a lot.

Nick 33:41
You know Calvin you win every day.

Kalvin 33:44
I wouldn’t leave it for nothing. Only a crazy man would so if you catch me in your city somewhere out in your hood. Just say so. Nick, first of all before we get to the breakdown of this when you saw an le in your city? Why didn’t you just say smile for me Dad?

Nick 34:01
Hey, smile for me dad. I value my life and I had no business being there

Kalvin 34:12
was one of the funniest thing that would be one of the greatest things ever if just walking down the street you go Nellie smile for me dad.

Nick 34:21
guarantee this is how it play out he come running up on me out of his goddamn Yeah, fuck you shouldn’t be got Debbie you rip his fucking Band Aid off. Look at me. I didn’t even flinch, bitch.

Kalvin 34:32
Now he’s got so damn cocky. He took the band aid off that happened on Nononono Nah, that’s the band is gone. It’s been gone since Oh, four.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
No, none of none.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
No, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 34:48
Great talk, harmonize.

Kalvin 34:51
So I guess people are always asking Nellie to just ditches grills for some reason and he’s not going to fucking do it. Never leave them. The only way I stay relevant No, what’s funny now is it’s 15 and a half years later and nobody’s wearing grills except for Alvin Kamara and select NFL players and I’m pretty sure Nelly has definitely left his behind.

Nick 35:13
I’m pretty sure like Takashi six nine wears grills. Like we dive

Kalvin 35:17
I feel like Takashi six nine got teeth implants.

Nick 35:20
He’s probably got

Kalvin 35:22
like, he’s, he’s crazy like Lance

Nick 35:23
in his butt. Being in prison.

Kalvin 35:27
Yeah, I saw where you’re going. And he didn’t have to spell it out for us all I get to elaborate like Nellie, I’m

Nick 35:31
not very good with these fucking jokes. And nasoni Calvin,

Kalvin 35:37
I wrote this note not like, cuz I didn’t know you’ve ever seen Nellie. So I wasn’t going to bring it up. But this is what I wrote about this line. If I saw him in my city and told him to smile for me, he would punch me. So I’m on the same wavelength there. I’m not yelling out smile for me that

Nick 35:56
whatever you want, totally went Sorry to bother you. And she’s like, you know what, buddy? I got you. Family.

Kalvin 36:06
The best would be if he gets what you’re looking at. And then smiles. Like that’s what I want to see. Fine. If you tell me to say smile for me, daddy, and you don’t respond with what you’re looking at? What’s this all bent for? Well, I

Nick 36:17
guarantee you Calvin if you had huge tits, and we’re a chick, I mean, probably respond to you in a positive manner.

Kalvin 36:27
Yeah, but I’m not so punching. It is

Nick 36:30
for me hunting it is two sides of the same coin. big tits or punching. So let’s

Kalvin 36:36
move into the hook here. On that note.

Nick 36:40
Do I gotta say all the hook?

Kalvin 36:42
Well, the first line I broke it up for you.

Nick 36:44
So brandy Williams. Let me rephrase. Fine brandy Williams. Dang. Smile for me. Daddy.

Kalvin 36:54
What you looking at?

Nick 36:55
What you look in it? It’s probably like pitch. fuck up off me. Would you look at our booth? guarantee? I need your sir.

Kalvin 37:05
Well, what does that line mean?

Nick 37:07
It means Show me your your grill. And by using the phrase Daddy, she’s implying a probably. I’m gonna try to get with you. So be prepared.

Kalvin 37:21
But But Nellie doesn’t know what she’s looking at here.

Nick 37:23
He’s like, What are you looking at you chicken head?

Kalvin 37:27
Let me see a grill.

Unknown Speaker 37:31
Let me see My what?

Kalvin 37:32
Yeah, your grill? Yeah, yeah, yeah, grill. Again, they just want to see the grills but Nellie can’t seem to understand what’s going on. So they just keep repeating themselves over and over again. Nellie is really bad listener. Apparently.

Nick 37:47
She says Let me see Grilli slaps a 35 year old Weber it’s like yeah, there you go. You grew Yeah, it’s it’s you grew it’s my girl robbed the jewelry store and tell him make me and grill this would take too long. This would not this is not

Kalvin 38:06
not a good plan.

Nick 38:06
Yeah, not a good play. Why don’t you just steal everything and then go to some like fiber artists and be like Hey, dude, I got a shitload of diamonds. Are you gonna fly there and you’re gonna make me this dope ass grow?

Kalvin 38:18
Yeah 100% not the heist movie. I want to see you know Paul Wall likes to instead of just going and buying a grill he’s gonna make the jewelry store owners build his grills at gunpoint which again, just terrible terrible crime strategy here takes way too long to make a good grill and you know, impressions and shit. You’re gonna get caught real quick if this is how you’re going about buying your grills

Nick 38:43
and just see Paul like your girls in a chair mouth wide open trying to get these can you don’t try nothing doc.

Kalvin 38:53
Press the client harder. You’re not getting all my teeth.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
Oh, smile for me daddy. Like

Nick 39:02
around my chair

Kalvin 39:05
so we get smile for me daddy what you’re looking at I want to see your grill you want to see my what your grill yeah your grill we get all that again?

Nick 39:12
at a whole top diamonds in the bottom rose

Unknown Speaker 39:15

Nick 39:19
like it double entendre there is autumn rose slash rose you know

Kalvin 39:26
yeah, so that was that always confused me as a kid I never knew and I never had the energy to look it up whether it was the bottom is the color rose gold or the bottom row is gold. And from the lyrics here the bottom row is rose gold, but I think I think it’s the play on both of them that you could hear it either way is what’s meant there. Should heart so now we’re in Nepal walls verse. What do baby it’s The Iceman Paul Wall. Yeah. So Paul Wall he’s got some angels in his mouth. There, we need to start calling them Iceman like from the x men and ice. You know, it’s another one of those terms for diamonds and because of the way that they shine, they look like ice so that that’s what Paul was going for here.

Nick 40:10
Also, he is a stone cold killer on the mic. Much like The Iceman is he? Yes, he thinks he is at least much like The Iceman who was notorious mob Hitman who killed like 56 people.

Kalvin 40:28
Ah, there you go. For like, ice the bounty hunter and Arrested Development.

Nick 40:33
Dang. I prefer dog. I got my mouth looking something like a disco ball. You just got to let people know how fucking white you are. Loser. mean only white folks would be like, Yeah, I got a distant.

Kalvin 40:51
I got a disco ball on my mouth.

Nick 40:53
Right? Okay, let me just let me just say this. I’m gonna throw it out there. only ever seen why folks with a disco ball in the rearview mirror of their car? crate has played it. There you go. I mean, there you go. It’s fact now.

Kalvin 41:09
If Creed’s doing is definitely awake, I

Nick 41:10
think it’s gonna be something Creed’s pretty hip, but he’s like one of the hip is why dudes on earth

Kalvin 41:17
I got the diamonds in the ice all handset. I might cause a cold front if I’d take a deep breath

Nick 41:24
already reads that’s terrible CGI. It’s like if you just chewed you know chewed gum and then like took a drink of something Ah, I like that though.

Kalvin 41:37
It’s good Yeah, it’s it’s a good line is one of his better ones I think line for line. Paul Wall has the best verse But the best flow i think is all in good like if that makes sense. So like when you’re when you’re breaking it down really like figuring out the jokes I think Paul walls got it but when you’re listening to the song Ollie and Kip just flows better.

Nick 42:01
They also are more entertaining to watch on the music video that’s very fair.

Kalvin 42:06
But so Paul walls grill is made very carefully by hand at gunpoint apparently because he likes to rob the jury. And again, his his mouth is so cold from all the ice that he can literally cause cold fronts in the weather just by breathing. Which, good for you Paul Wall.

Nick 42:25
I bet he’s great getting his toddler to eat hot food. So if we just go ahead and blow my eyes on it, if

Kalvin 42:31
I also like makes Ray in the hot Houston sun he’s probably out there making rain in front of his mouth all the time.

Nick 42:37
What a baller that would be pretty sweet just changing climates out in this ma my teeth gleaming like I’m chewing on aluminium foil

Kalvin 42:49
the way he says aluminum foil aluminum fall

Nick 42:52
he’s trying so hard to put aluminum in there he’s a man that’s bad as a fucking fucking dough baby

Kalvin 42:59
finish it off here.

Nick 43:00
Smiling showing off my diamond sipping on some potent or what is he drinking? What is he drinking? I can see smoking on some potent oil like hash oil or something? Yes. Yeah,

Kalvin 43:14
like people call weed gas sometimes like I get that

Nick 43:17
I’ve never heard that phrase in my life. But you don’t sip on weed dude sip it on some potent oil What do you tell him? Oh, I bet you it

Kalvin 43:25
I’ve got a whole song called jet fuel that’s about smoking weed. So like jet fuel is a kind of gas

Nick 43:32
but I bet you potent oil is probably Remy Martin because that looks ridiculously close to the color of oil.

Kalvin 43:40
Alright, maybe it’s something thick and I don’t know if I want to partake with him. I agree with

Unknown Speaker 43:48
a smoothie.

Kalvin 43:48
I also just it might be a smoothie

Nick 43:52
in that hot Houston sun and he’s like give me a goddamn my smoothie right now. This is awesome. Cracking daddy.

Kalvin 44:01
I like how he somehow manages to rhyme a lubra coil with potent oil. No those words dry is so bad dude.

Nick 44:13
I remember putting take five rappers in my mouth thinking I was hard and had some sweet ass girls thanks Paul Wall sure hurt

Kalvin 44:23
so yeah, he had some chewing on aluminum fall and sipping on some putting all his words they don’t

Unknown Speaker 44:32
boil. potent all

Kalvin 44:37
I put my money where my mouth is imbaba grill 20 carrots 30 stacks let them know I’m so for real for real. Paul while he’s gonna tell you exactly how much he pays for his grills but that’s because he’s robbing them at gunpoint.

Nick 44:52
I said was 390 free 99 psych t shirt idea

Kalvin 44:58
should Paul Wall in The dental chair with a gun at a dentist getting dental impressions

Nick 45:04
that’s a perfect meme.

Kalvin 45:06
Yeah don’t don’t know how to make it happen but

Nick 45:10
trademark teams

Kalvin 45:11
yeah somebody with Photoshop skills hit me up or put on a T shirt

Nick 45:16
I feel like he’s looking at this like a fucking investment like someone’s gonna be like oh yeah dog when we get those fucking we get that groom listen just slapped it right in their mouth.

Kalvin 45:25
Tell this on the shirt says rob the jewelry store. Tell me a girl.

Nick 45:30
This is Paul Wall like now when he’s 40 pounds overweight, even bolder.

Kalvin 45:38
So he’s got 20 carrots in his grill spent 30 stacks on it so everyone knows he’s for real, but I’m just thinking like maybe he shouldn’t spend so much money on grills. I feel like that money that he spent on grills would be really helpful to him right about now.

Nick 45:51
I can’t imagine the grills money is still paying dividends. Dude if he would just save that cash and invest it in the housing market

Kalvin 46:00
Bitcoin Bitcoin was poppin off then

Nick 46:03
no that’s too early for Bitcoin file Yeah,

Kalvin 46:06
it was like No, it was like a wait Bitcoin started pop like that’s when Bitcoin first went on sale. Because I remember I looked into it when I was still in college. I was like, that seems like a lot of work and an expensive computer. Because you couldn’t just like buy it like you can’t now you had to actually have a computer that can mine it at the time.

Nick 46:23
Yeah. It were buy from exchanges.

Kalvin 46:27
Right. But those weren’t as prominent as

Nick 46:29
they are now. No, it was like Romanian or some bullshit.

Kalvin 46:33
My motivation? Oh, now this one’s here. Sorry. I did the last one.

Nick 46:36
My motivation is from 30 pointers VVS. The front edge of my mouth simply symbolize success. That’s right. So 30 pointers, a just another phrase for 30 grand. Oh, like a 30 point buck. You know my motivation. That’s what I’m out here. I’m hon VVS. Once again, they must have paid them or some shit to get to.

Kalvin 46:59
It might have been like the brand he uses in his shop like cuz he owned a grills store.

Nick 47:06
If he didn’t he was a dumb motherfucker.

Kalvin 47:09
Now he definitely did.

Nick 47:10
He definitely 100% but the front engine his mouth is symbolized I mean, yeah, he’s got 30 racks in his fucking face. If you can just add some racks on racks. If you can put 30 racks in your fucking face. I think I would assume you’re successful. If you weren’t I think you’re an idiot, man. You gotta buy groceries and shit like kids clothes. You can’t be putting all that in your mouth. What’s wrong with K dog?

Kalvin 47:36
This brings me to my main point of contention with this song here. I agree. It makes him look like he has expendable money, because it definitely does. But I’m not sure that having multiple grills should be held up as this pinnacle of success that Paul Wall does. Which brings me to the question what singular item that someone could purchase in your mind would symbolize quote unquote success not like some weird thing that only Ilan Musk is going out there and buying just to prove he can but something that mostly tangible that all people who have reached a certain standing in their life and in a certain point of success should have

Nick 48:12
secluded land.

Kalvin 48:14
Okay. So like that island? Maybe? Yeah, maybe a better way to refer to is like if tomorrow you wake up and you’re all of a sudden in the top 1% what is the thing you buy that makes you think? Okay, this is real now. secluded land

Nick 48:29
prime scenery? Like I would probably go to the mountains somewhere and just buy a shitload of property. That’s that’s real mansion somewhere

Kalvin 48:38
in Wisconsin.

Nick 48:40
Now, no, I probably buy a part of a national forest. Like that’s kind of what I mean. I’m not

Kalvin 48:44
being very private islands, or something like that. Yeah. No, I

Nick 48:48
buy like, I go to the national parks Association. Just be like, Hey, I’m gonna buy some of this land feel like you’re not allowed to do that. I’m sure with enough money, you could probably

Kalvin 48:59
you’d probably have to sign some things to preserve the land and all that bullshit.

Nick 49:02
Totally game for that. I’ll go all solar. But people don’t come here. That’s the deal. I want bears patrolling my property leads and Battlestar Galactica and Nellie out front with 30 racks in his face.

Kalvin 49:15
racks on racks on racks. I think it’s so private land private island. seclude land I think I think you’re on the right track. I think also like a private plane, like a really nice one. Not just like a puddle jumper kind of thing. A little private jet. Yeah. Or a big enough stake in a sports franchise where you actually have some some cachet to make an impact or if not an entire sports franchise, you know, startup? Yeah. And so I think the difference there is is evident. No one’s ever gonna call Paul Wall. One of the most successful rappers ever but he’s probably in the 99th percentile if you’re looking at number of grills per rapper. He’s way up there that I mean,

Nick 49:57
so you got to make it somehow.

Kalvin 49:59
But I think if we Look at some of the most successful right like actually successful rappers of all time and that means like best selling and popular not best rappers you know you got Jay Z out there who has owned parts of different NBA franchises and now an entire sports agency most likely has a private plane not a private plant I’m sure it’s a private plant to

Nick 50:20
us house is worth like $93 million

Kalvin 50:23
a lot of that’s Beyonce money though I’m because remember Jay Z is probably corny.

Nick 50:29
I mean, yeah, do you think he’s a cook? But

Kalvin 50:34
I don’t think we should have that conversation right

Nick 50:38
shout out at me love you.

Kalvin 50:40
I think Nelly he you know he’s held ownership in sports franchises I would say he’s one of the more successful rappers just from a popularity standpoint and and album sales standpoint ludicrous. owns a plane m&m owns a plane. He could probably buy into a sports franchise at any moment if he wanted to. Or if anyone in Detroit

Nick 50:58
one to sell. I say surprise, he hasn’t tried to buy the lions, but their shit.

Kalvin 51:02
Well, the lions the Lions have had the same ownership group for a long time. And it’s like the the Ford family or whoever owns it. So they’re definitely not selling but like the pistons. You tell me he can on some some of the pistons,

Nick 51:13
the Red Wings,

Kalvin 51:14
bows out there pretending he owns a private plane, you know, so that’s kind of something

Nick 51:19
we’ll dig in.

Kalvin 51:21
But I just I saw I think I don’t think the number of grills you have necessarily equates to actual success. I think you got to have more than that.

Nick 51:30
I mean, yeah, probably.

Kalvin 51:33
Okay, we’re on the same page there.

Nick 51:35
I agree with you. Like objective Lee? Yes.

Kalvin 51:39
I got the wrist wear and neckwear that’s captivating. But it’s nice, but it’s my smile that’s got these onlookers spectating

Nick 51:46
oh I just thought of something from the last line now okay. symbolizing success if he ever goes to jail he’s got bail money right there

Kalvin 51:55
that’s on him at all times.

Nick 51:57
There you go. And you could probably buy be like man I’ll I want your car right now. I’m trying to get away from the cops. Here’s a $30,000 grill it’s like a 96 elegance

Kalvin 52:06
saliva and shit on I don’t know that I take that as payment

Nick 52:10
if he handed me a I don’t know I try to see if it was real first like Hold on Hold up. Hold this in. Yeah, this is gross Corona slap him.

Kalvin 52:21
I got the wrist wear neck wear that’s captivating but it’s my smile that that’s that’s got these onlooker spectating eyes, necklaces and bracelets. They catch people’s eye but it’s a smile that has keeps everyone just gawking at Paul Wall all the time.

Nick 52:34
Probably all thinking the same thing like Dude, I bet your breath stinks like shit. in your mouth is funky. It’s icy muddy. It’s icy. That’s it. I help him with the hot breath bro.

Kalvin 52:46
Just making it more moist in there really is what it’s doing.

Nick 52:50
Man that pun was on point. like jelly beans. I’m having too much fun.

Kalvin 53:00
It’s a fun song.

Nick 53:05
Oh, yeah, my mouthpiece. Simply certified a total package. Open up my mouth and you see more carrots than a salad. Come on. Dom this line is dumb snack. This mouthpiece is certified as the total package as in its gold, diamonds, probably a little silver, platinum. It’s all the essential, you know, non bull or it’s all the essential bullion that you would ever need in the event of an apocalypse apocalyptic disaster. And he doesn’t eat salad. If you look at him, you can tell I don’t

Kalvin 53:40
want carrots on salad.

Nick 53:42
So he sees more carrots and salads that are really there. And you know, when he opens his mouth, he’s just reminded of that, and he’s like, oh, give me the MC chicken. Fuck those salads.

Kalvin 53:53
I like the comparison of you know, Diamond carrots to carrots and a salad but I don’t like yeah, I don’t like having carrots in a salad either. Like I like carrots. It’s probably my favorite vegetable. And just don’t think it fits well in a salad.

Nick 54:08
I just don’t eat salad or carrots.

Kalvin 54:11
There you go. Well that’s something Yeah, my teeth are mind blowing given everybody chills call me George Foreman cuz I’m selling everybody grills. Best Song.

Nick 54:23
Yeah. little riddim little redemption here for Yeah, Paul

Kalvin 54:27
is his grill is so icy that it makes other people cold. And he wrote like I said he runs his own grill store. At least he did at the time. So he’s literally selling grills like George Foreman used to sell the fat eliminating grills which man the 90s were a weird time.

Nick 54:42
I fucking love George Foreman grills. I mean, I dare off of George Foreman. Uh, yeah, dude. My parents could check it off a George Foreman grill at least three times

Kalvin 54:50
on the George Foreman grill was very good. And so just for our listeners who weren’t alive during the 90s or early 2000s there was a time Where the top selling household product was a grill that would cook out all the fat from whatever meat was on it. And it was advertised by an ex boxer who hadn’t really been fully relevant for quite some time because time moved more slowly

Nick 55:12
in the 90s. And what do we mean by grilled all the flavor out? Oh, yeah, I said I said that. Yeah, grilled on the flavor out

Kalvin 55:21
Chicken Chicken always tasted better but any kind of meat any other kind of meat other than chicken was just god awful.

Nick 55:27
I just put bagels on it and it worked out really well.

Kalvin 55:30
Yeah, it’s it’s almost as if the fat that was being grilled out was where all the taste all the tastes within meat is stored.

Nick 55:38
Yeah. Who would have thought that but

Kalvin 55:41
every fucking buddy had a George Foreman Grill.

Nick 55:44
And like I said, we ate off a George Foreman grill three four times a week like Ed’s for like a year straight. When I ever my parents got it. They thought it was coolest shit on Earth.

Kalvin 55:54
I mean, we definitely got one and we were using it. I don’t think it was that often. But we’d have chicken breasts and we’d make hamburgers on it. The hamburgers were awful. But I feel

Nick 56:04
like they would cook appropriately because the heat element never said taste flush. Oh, here we go. We’re in verse three.

verse three with Ollie big, big GIMP and Paul Wall again. Gift got them yellows got them Purple’s got the murraya it’s going back to the candy. He’s got all kinds of different diamonds in his shit. Looking like a rainbow. And I gotta say in the music video when this guy’s dancing while she’s trying to do his nails. That’s just disrespectful. Yeah, she’s like the fuck dude this is disrespectful I’m out here making $6 an hour like let’s go give me your fucking hands.

Kalvin 56:50
This single line in this song will just randomly pop into my head for no reason and I just had to finish the whole song like in my head once it does I don’t know why or how but it’s always this line just comes out good got the purples got them yellows got them reds no idea how it happens.

Nick 57:06
It reminds me of something my grandfather would say when he’s like imparting life advice to me just the way he you know what says it

Kalvin 57:13
you know what grandson got them yellows got them purples got them reds. Go on with your life now. We’re grandpa word. I think give also wins the whole song because of his overall style and overall flow. Like I said, Paul Wall has the best beat for beat verse But Ali and get is the nicest to listen to and gives a big reason for that. He’s just incredibly effortless. And it also like all the lyrics just kind of roll out of his mouth. It reminds me of on the office when Andy tries to explain to Michael how his Southern accent is wrong and so that should be like, more like molasses just rolling out of your mouth on the murder episode. And like that’s, that’s exactly what big gift sounds like on grilles smooth. Yeah, man he’s right when he tells Michael that Yeah, thank you

Nick 58:05
knows what’s up. Give me 10 minutes to talk to my grandpa and I’ll come back on this podcast with the best Southern accent

Kalvin 58:13
give got the meals got them purples and reds is always gonna tell you get my own

Nick 58:17
okie accent out here.

Kalvin 58:19
Lights go ahead and make it woozy in your head. With the lights hit his smile just right it’s going to make other people woozy it’s going to blind them just orient them a bit.

Nick 58:31
It’s like a flashbang going off your eyes start sizzlin you need special glasses. It’s fucked up.

Kalvin 58:37
Yep, that’s what’s going on with big lips mouth.

Nick 58:41
Jesus like oh hey baby, what’s up?

Kalvin 58:45
I feel like this is not the best way to attract people to like hang out with you or girls to hang out with you. It’d be like hey, if the lights at my smile just right. You’re just gonna like pass out sorry.

Nick 58:57
Yeah, so we go back walks in there’s like 50 disco balls hanging up spreading strobe lights

Kalvin 59:08
everywhere he’s just like dancing his head around trying to hit the light just right what is

Nick 59:14
what are you doing? It’s like a it’s a jaw exercise. I just keep my teeth exposed it’s good for the oxygen you know it really helps your enamel you can catch me in my two short drop I don’t know what this means

Kalvin 59:30
is assumption that it was referring to the rapper too short.

Nick 59:35
You can catch me in my two short drop car

Kalvin 59:39
like a drop is a car right

Nick 59:41
dropped on drug deal.

Kalvin 59:42
Yeah, could be and so like I was thinking that it was maybe some kind of like prominent car that to short had and one of his videos and like something that has a replica over or something like that. That that was

Nick 59:56
probably like a 64 Impala. Fucking Yeah, it’s my guess

Kalvin 1:00:03
that that’s the best I could come up with on that. All right, this one’s a little easier mouth got colors like a fruit loop box. Just just a fun way to say that big gift likes his grills colorful.

Nick 1:00:14
We fucking get it dude, you’ve had four lines so far two of them have been about the goddamn colors of the rainbow. My daughter would love this song.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
There’s no swearing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
There really isn’t

Nick 1:00:29
worthy inward.

Kalvin 1:00:31
There’s nothing there’s no bad words. I don’t think

Nick 1:00:33
dude, it was totally made for radio.

Kalvin 1:00:36
Oh, yeah. When I told you it was a cash grab by Nelly

Nick 1:00:39
book. Yeah, it’s what it do in the loo I skrill country grammar where the hustlers move bricks and the gangsters bang hammers. So it’s just you know, that’s that’s normal in St. Louis, and that scene is to have a fucking grill. You talk with a bit of a drawl. And that’s where the hustlers move bricks of dope. And other narcotics and the gangsters bang hammers, aka guns. So it’s just the hood shit.

Kalvin 1:01:08
Good shit. And this is we’ve now switched into Ali from st lunatics here with the Sega where I gotta meet up, man, you’re gonna get the best line. That’s where I got them. You can spot them on the top. On the bottom. You can see all these diamonds on the top and or bottom rows of his teeth. Just really filler here to get us to the next line in the rhyme scheme.

Nick 1:01:34
Got a bill in my mouth like Hillary Rodham just makes me think a way of weighing every time I see Hillary Rodham Clinton, I think of when I, at first I did not get this and then it’s just like, are they calling Hillary a stripper? And she’s taking some money in her mouth. Dancing on the pole. Bill Clinton’s Oh,

Kalvin 1:01:57
that is not what it is. I mean, it kind of is.

Nick 1:02:01
I get it. She was she wasn’t speaker of the house yet. Well, she

Kalvin 1:02:07
I mean, Bill Clinton had already been president. No, because this is a that’s a republican led presidency in 2005.

Nick 1:02:15

Kalvin 1:02:19
So yeah, Hillary Rodham Hillary Rodham Clinton now was married to build close uses us in the Senate. For York. She’s the center Yeah. So it’s assumed here by Ali that in this state of marriage to Bill Clinton, on at least one occasion she sucked Bill Clinton’s dick. She had a bill in her mouth

Nick 1:02:41
that’s much better than my idea of a progressive woman can you know constructing policy for the greater good of America? So I’ll kick that’s it

Kalvin 1:02:52
is comparing how much money he spent on grills about a billion which again, just terrible waste of money here, too. How much of Bill Clinton’s dick Hillary has sucked about a billion apparently.

Nick 1:03:04
She’s got a you know, she’s got bills. She doesn’t have billion there. And she’s a long way from Billy Boy. Yeah. A whole long way from William. So I like that’s a good line, man. That’s great line. Actually.

Kalvin 1:03:19
I often come back to this line and think what would have happened if Hillary had won the presidential election in 2016? Would grilles have made a comeback on the merits of this line alone? Would she have made it part of her walk up music for press conferences and speeches? Why did Trump never use it against her? Like would it even embarrass her if he did? We’re never gonna know like, what is this garbage? No, she

got a bills in your mouth Hillary, like Ali and gip Look, I

Nick 1:03:47
Li and gip Have you seen a my grill? It’s American made? Can you believe it? Or you don’t like America? I’m going to stop right there. But guarantee she would have made a dumb ass decision walking up dancing with Barack Obama at her side. She’s like, yeah, I played grills. It’s Obama’s favorite.

Kalvin 1:04:10
Like Hillary Rodham just walking up.

Nick 1:04:11
He’s just like chasing like

Kalvin 1:04:15
him should forever be my president. If she didn’t want I’m sorry. I’m very easy to win.

Nick 1:04:20
It ain’t hard.

Kalvin 1:04:21
If any president wants my vote play grills as your walk up music you’ve got it.

Nick 1:04:27
I mean, better yet where a grill with diamonds that make up your face on each individual tooth like that. That’s hard as fuck.

Kalvin 1:04:35
I didn’t know buddy, but let’s bring it to the light. gip was the first with my mouth bright white gip here is claiming that he was the first with a diamond grill and this is most likely untrue as the history of girls that I stated earlier, started out in NYC and big IP is from Atlanta, where that’s where the movement went next after New York City. As we said Mr. Eddie pleine or somebody like that. What was his name? Let’s look it up here.

Nick 1:05:00
Nobody gets oh

Kalvin 1:05:04
I mean he no he was he was somebody in like the mixtape underground rap circles in New York City

Nick 1:05:10
don’t matter yeah rapping with Nelly

Kalvin 1:05:14
not that you know of that’s true he couldn’t make some beats for Nellie

Nick 1:05:19
we’re gonna go back to the damaging women so they sleep with me yeah these house can’t focus the hoses is not a good word because they eyesight blurry tippin on some photos you can see my mouth jewelry jury tippin on some foe vote vote submit all Bobo’s? Yeah, he’s blinding them once again so we can probably do something that’s not

Kalvin 1:05:43
the flashbang to go off. Yep.

Nick 1:05:45
And they’re just like, oh

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
my god, I

Nick 1:05:46
need to suck your dick right now. I can’t see shit. He’s already tight. But get the GIMP. Tip it on foot some foes like 24 inch rims, because God what were they called? Not hydraulics.

Kalvin 1:06:04
The I know what you’re talking about? Car mounts?

Nick 1:06:08
Yeah. Fuck is I call my cousin had one of them.

Kalvin 1:06:16
about you and your family with grills and my cousin

Nick 1:06:19
was hard AF.

Kalvin 1:06:21
Damn, what do they call it? I mean is hydraulics but like they there’s a name for it. Alright, we’re gonna move on because it’s gonna bother me.

Nick 1:06:30
Yeah, it’s gonna bother the shit out of me. Okay, go ahead.

Kalvin 1:06:35
I think big get here highlight something important that the song isn’t there’s not a lot of variety of lyricism. It’s basically 100 ways to say diamonds are bright, shiny and sometimes colorful.

Nick 1:06:48
Yeah, and they gave me hose

Kalvin 1:06:51
that I then blind.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
It look put your mouth look on my face. I got

Kalvin 1:06:56
four different sets. It’s a fabulous thing. One white, one yellow, like fabulous chain. So Jermaine Dupri jumps in on this line along with Ollie saying that they have four sets of grills. One set is white. One is yellow, and the rapper fabulous historically Ward gold and diamond chains in like his videos and performances. So they’re calling him out there.

Nick 1:07:19
So I mean, he’s just got two sets of white to yellow with no

Kalvin 1:07:22
the next two sets are in the next two lines. I figured that out too.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30

Nick 1:07:31
I got four different sets. I got 120 grand, easy sitting in my fucking mouth were like, fabulous. They’re really given love to a lot of the rappers. Yeah, kind, very generous. These shout out rappers. Yeah, you’re so kind to each other. And the other set the same. Got my name in the mold. So, yeah, he’s got two sets of white in yellow, two whites to yellow. And they got his name in the mold because they’re made by fucking hand by VBS or whatever that company was. And yeah, so if anyone finds them, there’ll be sure to return them to their proper Oh to the big. Yeah, yes. And they’re not going to steal them at all. You just find a girl. It’s this big gap. I’m like, well, this is going to the pawn shop.

Kalvin 1:08:23
Some random short white dudes walk around with a grip on his teeth.

Nick 1:08:28
They call me big guilt. Like Dude, you’re, you’re bald and five, nine, like

Kalvin 1:08:33
yeah, had a whole top diamond in the bottom rose gold. So this time they switched up the lyrics and did the bottom row is gold. So the last of the four sets is the tops diamond and the bottom is gold. So it’s kind of a mix and match of the fabulous sets mentioned before.

Nick 1:08:53
It’s brilliant. It’s fucking brilliant.

Kalvin 1:08:57
I mean, that’s grills it is brilliant.

Nick 1:09:00
It’s a piece of modern Americana, the likes of which will never be seen again.

Kalvin 1:09:07
Absolutely not. It’s officially been over 15 years since grills first race car stereos and you know i’m not sure that we will have not attract that quite captures the culture in the same way. Gucci gang

Nick 1:09:21
that was like the closest thing I can.

Kalvin 1:09:23
There’s a lot that I’ve tried. You got swagger like us by ti, Lil Wayne and Jay Z and Kanye West. Look at me now little Wayne Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes, countless DJ calot produced tracks. Those are kind of the most notable post 2005 attempts in my mind and what did you say? Gucci gang?

Nick 1:09:40
Gucci gang?

Kalvin 1:09:41
That whole Young Money album that they put out that was you know that

Nick 1:09:45
album was shit dude. Oh my god what? Little scrappy

Kalvin 1:09:50
little scrappy little twist

Nick 1:09:51
little twist that’s what he was fucking garbage dude.

Kalvin 1:09:55
I don’t think any are ever gonna be able to live up to the hype and exuberance that we found on grills. It’s just this perfect intersection of all four artists, career paths, and kind of the central culmination of the mid 2000s Southern rap mixed with rowing, chopped and screwed style that’s coming out of Houston. And, you know, like I said before, I think a lot of people would credit grilles with bringing more prominence to the Houston scene in general. You know, I don’t know that it fully did that. But a lot of people would argue that.

Nick 1:10:26
I think that’s, that’s fair. At least brought some more attention.

Kalvin 1:10:30
Yeah. On a final note, if you haven’t listened to grills in a while, please throw it on. Now. You’re not going to be disappointed. It’s so much fun. Watch the video while you’re doing it makes it even better. I think reels needs to live on forever. And you know, I hope this episode of our podcast helps it reach its inevitable immortality

Nick 1:10:48
or reignites your passion for grills and dental where

Kalvin 1:10:53
I don’t care if you actually go get a grill like Nick does. But you will fucking growth listen to the song.

Nick 1:11:01
Also, by the song, there’ll be a bitch. Yeah, now he needs that money.

Kalvin 1:11:08
He’s gone download, go out and buy the

Nick 1:11:09
record as well. Smith once said, No, just go to iTunes and pay 99 cents because that’s all the sorry.

Kalvin 1:11:16
Can we do? Will Smith switch on selective listening?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21

Kalvin 1:11:25
Wait a minute now. Alright, thank you to everyone for listening. That grilles is very near and dear to my heart. It’s just a fantastic song. And I’m glad I got to relive some of the things I wrote last year and bring it to the audio space here. And you can follow us on Twitter at APA something at alone underscore podcast. Check out everything for the new show coming up in August 2021. Over at magic three TV pod on Twitter. That’s for the magic number is three TV podcast. And next podcast. You’re all alone is out there. Go listen to that great story. Great fantasy sci fi world going on there. Do you want to say anything about it?

Nick 1:12:12
I just concluded episode eight the revisited. I was

Kalvin 1:12:16
like dude, like 40 before?

Nick 1:12:18
Yes. 42 is in the works as we speak. And I’m going back through and redoing all my early shit episodes. So you don’t have to deal with that guy.

Kalvin 1:12:30
So 42 is in the works. But eight is done.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
Eight is done.

Kalvin 1:12:35
So go check that out as well. Check out those cats. They provide all the music for podcasts about something and again, listen to grills also, I wit maybe those cats should do a cover of grills just for us. That’d be fucking you guys are listening. Get working on it. I know you can do it. Dang Yeah, stay says stay classy.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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