Episode 44 – A Podcast About 2018 Movie Superlatives (Part 2)

This week we move on to part 2 of the 2 part episode for 2018 Movie Superlatives where we continue to discuss a little something, a dash of nothing, and a whole lot of everything when it comes to 2018 movies and pass out some awards. This episode focuses more on the mainstream awards (as opposed to part 1) with some selections neither of us saw coming. Join the discussion and find out how well our choices, and yours, line up with the 2018 Oscars (Spoiler: they don’t) and maybe discover some new and noteworthy movies you may have missed out on in 2018. We shine some light on what stood out, what amazed, and what was flat out less preferable than being punched in the face. Don’t miss out on this weeks 2 minute iso as we bring categories to the table that coulda, but not necessarily shoulda, been as well as an update regarding Patreon.

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Episode 43 – A Podcast About 2018 Movie Superlatives (Part 1)

For part 1 of a 2 part episode I am joined by the new co-host Nick from You Are All Alone Podcast as we discuss a little something, a dash of nothing, and a whole lot of everything when it comes to 2018 movies and pass out some awards. Join us as we dive into the good, bad and ugly of an epic 2018 moviescape and give our hot takes on what deserves some love, and what deserves to be tossed into a hot pile of garbage as we hope you find some new movies to enjoy, and learn what to avoid. We will be back next week with part 2 to finish our hot takes and awarding of 2018 movies with some selections that may very well surprise you. Also, don’t miss out on this weeks 2 minute iso as we learn a little bit about the hosts of A Podcast About Something.

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Episode 42 – A Podcast About Old School Video Games with The Save Point Podcast (Part 4)

Dan from the Save Point podcast joins me for the fourth and final installment of Old School Video Games. We discuss the last “old school” video game generation which includes the XBox, Nintendo GameCube, and Playstation 2. We talk about our favorite games for each console, why we like this era of gaming, and the where we see the future of gaming headed. Check out more from Dan and gaming in general on the Save Point Podcast. 2 minute iso on Spider-Man PS4 and Into the Spider-Verse.

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Episode 41 – A Podcast About Festivus (Seinfeld) with Thunk Tank

I’m joined again by Joe and Luke from the Thunk Tank Podcast to discuss Festivus from Seinfeld. In this 2-part mega episode we dive DEEEEEEEEEEP into Festivus the holiday for the Rest of Us from Seinfeld. In part 1, we discuss how Festivus came to be in the world of Seinfeld and how the Costanza’s celebrate. We dig into every plot and side plot of this episode as well as the wider Seinfeld canon. In part 2, we talk about Festivus in the real world, we flesh out our own Festivus traditions, found the Thunk Tank About Something Latvian Orthodox First Church of Festivus, and have our second trivia challenge. Find the official Thunk Tank About Something Festivus Clock at https://amzn.to/2DQ4G89. For more from the Thunk Tankers listen to their weekly podcast and follow them on twitter @thunktankers. 2 Minute Iso at the end of Part 2 on a big announcement for the future of A Podcast About Something.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 40 – A Podcast About Christmas Movie Superlatives with Ross from Kidflix

I’m joined by Ross from the Kidflix podcast as we give out Movie Superlatives to Christmas movies. Disclaimer: We discuss Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas and other holidays, you may not want to listen to this episode with your kids. We give awards for Best Real Santa Magic, Best Fake Santa, Best Family Drama, Best Gift or Toy, Best Christmas. We talk about our favorite parts of Christmas movies and why we love the holiday season. For more from Ross check out the Kidflix podcast and follow him on social media @kidflixpod. 2 Minute Iso on my favorite Christmas things.

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Episode 39 – A Podcast About Horcruxes with The VCR Kids

I’m joined by Jay and Erin from The VCR Kids podcast on this episode all about Horcruxes in the Harry Potter universe. We first review our houses, patronuses (patroni??), and wands and talk about what that means about each of us. We cover the history of Horcruxes as well as Voldemort’s journey to create his Horcruxes and Dumbledore’s and Harry’s journey to destroy them. We each give our theories about what the final unknown part of creating a Horcrux is and how it would have effected Voldemort. We finish up by talking about creators’ changing their stories after the fact and how that effects the stories legacy. To hear more from The VCR kids check out their weekly podcast on your favorite podcast app. 2 Minute Iso on Ozark Season 2 and an upcoming guest appearance on the Kidflix podcast.

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Episode 38 – A Podcast About NBA Point Guards with Secret Spice of Life

I’m joined by Brandon and Jordan from the Secret Spice of Life Podcast as we discuss our favorite NBA Point Guards. We take a subjective look at NBA Point Guards through the ages and talk about which ones we liked watching and emulating best. We also take some time to discuss the current state of the NBA, Lebron and the Lakers, and provide a hot take on the Warriors vs 90s Bulls debate. 2 minute iso on Mount Rushmore.

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