Episode 61 – A Podcast About Arrested Development

Kalvin is joined this week by Jay from the VCR Kids to discuss one of the greatest sitcoms of all time: Arrested Development. We talk about why we love this show, the original run vs the Netflix releases, and our favorite moments, inside jokes, and characters. To hear more from Jay check out the VCR Kids podcast and follow them on twitter @TheVCRKids

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Episode 60 – A Podcast About Avengers Endgame

SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME AHEAD: But I mean come on, if you haven’t seen it yet shame on you.

Avengers Assemble!

The time has finally arrived for this epic 22 part saga that comprises the Marvel Cinematic Universe to grace our screens and Kalvin, Erich, and Nick are here to talk all about it. From heartbreaking moments to gut busting quips, we breakdown a movie that does so many things well and brings this wild ride to a perfect conclusion. We also discuss where this wonderful universe will go and the sad goodbyes to beloved characters that we had to endure. Over ten years in the making and worth every minute of it, we reminisce on the story the Russo brothers have spun, and the satisfaction they delivered to our inner child.

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Episode 59 – A Podcast About Top 10 Rap Albums

How can you rank an art form, such as a truly great Rap album? We couldn’t say for sure, but we surely have a few opinions on such a thing. Join us this week as Kalvin and Nick rank their top ten favorite rap albums of all time and discuss what exactly makes them great. With a few choices that will catch you off guard and a few more we’re sure you’ll agree with, we discuss it all. Some of the best lyrics, beats, flows and more will be on display, as well as many moments where this art form affected us.

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Episode 58 – A Podcast About MCU Movie Superlatives

This week Kalvin and Nick pass out some more made up awards to something nearly all of us are invested in, The Marvel Cinematic Universe. We discuss the best of the best of an epic 22 film arc that spanned over 10 years of our lives, and with the end of Phase 3 fast approaching we aim to settle the score, no matter the cost. From best Hero to best Alien we explore it all, including some of our thoughts for what’s to come in Phase 4 and beyond.

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Episode 57 – A Podcast About Big Brother (not the reality show)

They are always watching. They are always listening. They know and see all. Who is they anyway? Join Kalvin and Nick this week as we discuss Big Brother. Ranging from real to fictional instances where the world was draped under the watchful eyes and ears of Big Brother and how it affects who we are as human beings. A common fear for many but an after thought for most, we dive in and discuss the possibility of domination by Big Brother and how it would come to be. Stay vigilant and resist!

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Episode 56 – A Podcast About Game of Thrones VS A Song of Ice and Fire

This week Kalvin and Nick discuss many differences and similarities between a literary masterpiece and the most epic TV show of all time that it spawned: GoT vs ASoIaF. The similarities are abundant, as are the differences and we aim to discuss the big ones! Ranging from Dorne to the Doom of Old Valyria, we touch on it all just in time for the TV show’s hotly anticipated epic conclusion, while we wait patiently for the books to do so as well. With such a rich history of triumph, heartbreak, death, and love, there is no doubt this show will resonate with us audience members forever, living on among the epic landscape of Pop Culture until the end of time. What do we say to the God of Death? Not today.

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Episode 55 – A Podcast About the Battle of Thermopylae

This is SPARTA! Join Kalvin and Nick this week on the banks of the Hellespont as we discuss stepping up against overwhelming odds, laughter in the face of evil, and standing strong at a pivotal moment in history with defeat all but certain: the Battle or Thermopylae. We take a look at the lead up and composition of both sides of one of the most significant battles of the last 2,000 years and what led to victory and the survival of Western civilization. The intensity is dialed up to 11 as an army that blots out the sun with its arrows and drinks rivers dry clashes with a conglomerate of men led by some of the most badass warriors and tacticians in all of history. Listen well, the fate of the ancient world depends on it.

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