About A Podcast About Something

What is A Podcast About Something?

Join us and a special guest each week as we break down a random but specific topic with incredible depth and detail. On A Podcast About Something, we talk about something, nothing, anything and everything including sports, movies, TV,  pop culture, strange occurrences, and whatever else may pop into our brains. A Podcast about Something proudly features guests from other podcasts, if you have a podcast and would like to talk about something visit the contact page.

Who Are The Hosts of A Podcast About Something?

Kalvin and Erich are from South Florida and decided they liked talking about many things. With A Podcast About Something we realized we could talk about anything we wanted and people would (probably) listen.

Kalvin heads up the weekly A Podcast About Something episodes that feature guests from other podcasts and sometimes Erich as we dive deep into random topics. Kalvin enjoys engaging with the guests in order to learn new things about their favorite topics. Kalvin’s favorite subjects to discuss are movies, superheros (in any media), and the short-lived Starz sitcom Party Down.

Erich leads the spinoff A Podcast About Football launching in August of 2018. A Podcast About Football is a weekly roundup of NFL action and where the season is headed. Kalvin will be joining Erich most weeks for the Weekly Roundups, and together will have a competition at the end of each roundup, this competition consists of guessing the Vegas line for three NFL games and making three picks each against the spread. At the end of season the loser of each competition will owe the winner lunch. Erich is a Bears fan, but please don’t hold that against him.

How Can You Support A Podcast About Something?

  • You can listen to A Podcast About Something, just search A Podcast About Something in your favorite podcast app
  • You can subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes. This helps us appear in the New & Noteworthy sections of iTunes
  • You can follow us on Twitter: @APASomething
  • You can send us feedback or topic ideas through our contact page.
  • Visit and Donate at A Patreon About Something

Who Provides The Music For A Podcast About Something?

The music for A Podcast About Something is provided by Those Cats. You can follow Those Cats on twitter: @thosecatsmusic or check out more of their music at thosecats.bandcamp.com