Episode 112 – A Podcast About Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a phenomenon that has permeated the far corners of the Pop Culture realm, and Kalvin and Nick are here to talk all about it! Starting with the history of DBZ (the short version, we promise) and who created it before diving into a graded Q&A to see just how far DBZ has infiltrated the lexicon of an admirer of Pop Culture (who has never consumed it). Developed by Nick, the superfan, answered by Kalvin, the Pop Culture fan and DBZ novice: saiyans, transformations, tails, weird head thingies, the afterlife, and more highlight this episode! Find out how Kalvin does before we find out if he will give the famed franchise a shot.

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Episode 107 – A Podcast About Power Rangers

KIYAHHHHHHH! It’s Morphin Time! Backflip your way to wherever you indulge in podcasts and press play on this week’s mega, super, ultra 3-part episode all about the Power Rangers! Kalvin and Nick go real deep in this multi-part episode touching on all things under the Power Ranger umbrella. One of the few American shows to successfully adapt a Japanese predecessor, Power Rangers was everywhere in the early to late 90’s and still holds a prominent spot in pop culture today, as well as in most people’s hearts. In part 1, we discuss the shows’ creation and the first 6 series (Mighty Morphin through In Space), including rangers, zords, villains, and more! In part 2, we discuss the rest of the series (Lost Galaxy through Beast Morphers) in depth. And in part 3, we discuss our favorite things from the Power Rangers universe and the three theatrically released movies. Ay, yi, yi, T.V., movies, action figures, and more dominate the discussion as we delve into the Morphin Grid.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Episode 95 – A Podcast About the Avengers VS the Justice League

Epic heroes, epic matchups, epic showdowns. Kalvin and Nick are back to tackle one of the greatest matchups in pop culture history when the Avengers take on the Justice League! Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or DC, there are countless heroes who have served amongst their rosters, and who doesn’t want to know what will happen when they beat the crap out of each other? The lore is vast when it comes to these old school squads and we cover some of the most important backstories as we build up to a final showdown!

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Episode LXXXV – A Podcast About the First Galactic Empire (Star Wars Month)

The First Galactic Empire, also known as the Imperium (way cooler, we know), willed itself into reality at the behest of a mighty Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine after nearly 25,000 years of the Republic’s existence. However, as with any intricate task like the scale of the epic overthrow of the Republic, it’s a little more nuanced than that, and this week, as part of Star Wars month, Kalvin and Nick dive deep into all things Galatic Empire! From how Palpatine rose to power to the inception, construction, and implementation of the mighty army that would lead it, its power structure as well as the multitude of things that had to go just right so the whole operation didn’t go up in smoke. A story of just how far one man has to go to change the galaxy to instill the ultimate Empire unfolds before us.

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Episode 78 – A Podcast About Flashpoint

One of the most epic DC crossover events in comics history is on Kalvin and Nick’s docket this week as we dive into the one and only epic tale: DC’s Flashpoint. The timeline is not to be trifled with, and the Flash learns first-hand what happens when you meddle, resulting in a shattered reality. The world he knew is gone. and the people who used to inhabit his life have all changed for better and worse. We dive deep into some classic heroes who were also affected as the Flash works to restore what he used to know, and save this new world and it’s inhabitants from the clutches of doom.

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Episode 74 – A Podcast About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabungaaaaaaa! Join Kalvin and Nick this week as we discuss a group of totally, radical teenage ninjas who live totally, tubular lives as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This generation is rife with memories of the famed heroes in a half shell, and we discuss all of our best memories. We bring you the movies, tv shows, comics, villains, turtle bros, rat daddies and more that make up the world of our favorite green guys. Grab a pizza with the usual fly and stink bug toppings as we get down to the bottom of what the shell’s going on under the sewers! Turtle Power!

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Episode 71 – A Podcast About Spider-Man Movie Superlatives

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider-mMn can, which is one of the most iconic songs of all time (thanks old lady playing violin by the subway) and always reminds us of our favorite Webhead, who coincidentally is the subject of this month’s movie superlatives episode! Join Kalvin and Nick as we give out made up awards to our favorite super-hero who has more iterations in the MCU and beyond then
we care to admit, but that doesn’t stop us from loving every second of him! From the best costumes, to the best Peter Parker we break down the interconnected web of Spider-Men and decide who does it best. Also, at the end of the Superlatives episode we are once again joined by Erich to discuss the newest outing of our favorite hero, Spider-Man: Far From Home and what it brings to the MCU. Needless to say, SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Episode 64 – A Podcast About 90s Cartoons

Ahhh! the nostalgia is real, but don’t take our word for it, join Kalvin and Nick this week and find out for yourself as we talk about arguably the best era of cartoons, the 90s. We wade through the river of fond memories as we discuss the best of the best, what made them so, and whether they still hold up today. With a literal mountain of good content to sift through, there is something for everyone who shared the similar experience of waking up early to catch Batman: TAS on Saturday mornings, or plopping down to catch Doug right after school. Listen in and let the inner child out.

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Episode 60 – A Podcast About Avengers Endgame

SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME AHEAD: But I mean come on, if you haven’t seen it yet shame on you.

Avengers Assemble!

The time has finally arrived for this epic 22 part saga that comprises the Marvel Cinematic Universe to grace our screens and Kalvin, Erich, and Nick are here to talk all about it. From heartbreaking moments to gut busting quips, we breakdown a movie that does so many things well and brings this wild ride to a perfect conclusion. We also discuss where this wonderful universe will go and the sad goodbyes to beloved characters that we had to endure. Over ten years in the making and worth every minute of it, we reminisce on the story the Russo brothers have spun, and the satisfaction they delivered to our inner child.

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Episode 58 – A Podcast About MCU Movie Superlatives

This week Kalvin and Nick pass out some more made up awards to something nearly all of us are invested in, The Marvel Cinematic Universe. We discuss the best of the best of an epic 22 film arc that spanned over 10 years of our lives, and with the end of Phase 3 fast approaching we aim to settle the score, no matter the cost. From best Hero to best Alien we explore it all, including some of our thoughts for what’s to come in Phase 4 and beyond.

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