Episode 164 – A Podcast About the Lost Episode with Bore Meets World

Way back in 2018, Kalvin was joined by Kyle and Steven from the Bore Meets World podcast to discuss one of the most iconic brothers in television history. The episode has been locked in a vault for almost 3 years hoping to never see the light of day, but with A Podcast About Something soon coming to an end, we finally had to release it for the world to hear! Enjoy the long awaited episode all about Eric Matthews and what he meant to the Boy Meets World universe.

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Full Episode Transcript Available Below

Kalvin 0:06
Hold on to a podcast about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin. And today we have a very special episode. This is an episode that was recorded all the way back in I want to say September of 2018. And never saw the light of day, because it was not our best work. This is an episode about Eric Matthews that I did with the guys, Kyle and Steven from Bourne Meets World, Boy Meets World podcast where you know, they go through episode by episode, recapping woman’s world. And so now that this show is coming to an end, I wanted to release that onto the world. And you could you can hear just what we think about Eric Matthews and how bad it was we I remember when we did this recording, I was sick. And I came home from work early because we were doing it in the middle of the afternoon. And I just wanted to go to sleep. But we had already planned this out. We’ve been planning it for weeks. So we’re ready to go. I feel like absolute trash. And so I powered through. And you can definitely tell that I’ve tried to power through and then the This was they were prime my second guests that I did this back 2018 as having guests on every week that this was probably the second one of those that I did. And I wasn’t good at finding a way to engage the guests in the right way yet and asking the right questions. So it’s it is a very raw. And let’s say interesting take on Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World. It was fun to do. Just wish we had done a better job. And then this was their first guest spot too. So they were a little caught off guard about you know, kind of the processes behind that. But it’s very interesting to listen to now. I feel like both our shows have come a long way since then. And so it’s kind of fun to go back into to see so this is you know, I never released it because the quality wasn’t up to the standard that I thought it should be. But now because the show’s ending right before finale month, we are releasing it to the masses so everyone can enjoy this piece of work. So there’s gonna be a break here and then you’ll hear that episode in its entirety. Stay classy. Hello, and welcome to a podcast about something today we are talking about Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World I’ve got the guys, Steven and Kyle from the podcast bore Meets World which is basically just a straight recap of every episode of the show. Isn’t that right guys? Yeah, zero personality. So why don’t you tell our listeners what the show is really about and not just what your single one star review says. Take it away, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 2:55
Well, I believe there’s two one star reviews now.

Kalvin 2:58
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
You guys can keep them coming. I love to read them. They made me laugh. I appreciate it. Or you can give us a good one. That’d be great. The show was basically about boys room. It is a recap. But we also talk about the life lessons that each episode teach us or how we relate about said lessons and maybe some fun stories about Kyle’s life basically.

Kalvin 3:30
Yeah, blow misfortune growing up. Right, right, obviously. Well, I love the show. I listen every week or so that you guys put them out. And I’m always excited when a new one comes out because it’s it’s a show that I’ve Boy Meets World as a show that I’ve loved since I was a kid and it’s great to follow along with you guys as you journey through. Steve, I think you’re the one that says you do a yearly rewatch. I do probably two rewatches a year. And I’m doing one of them right now. You guys kind of spurned that in me to go watch it again.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
Oh, well, you’re welcome. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, this whole show stealing that idea. Yeah, Kyle, I don’t think has actually ever seen the show in its entirety.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
I haven’t I just catch it on CBS, ABC, Disney kids or something. I just kind of watched him passively growing up, though. I’m more familiar later seasons. So it was kind of jarring to watch season one in the air just means two dimensional character that his dad heard about.

Kalvin 4:36
Yeah, Eric goes through a lot of changes throughout the season.

Unknown Speaker 4:40
Yeah, so it’s kind of interesting for me at least to see Kyle’s reactions as we actually go through sensitives his first time a guy like me has watched it. I don’t even know how many times so far.

Kalvin 4:52
Yeah, I’m the same way I go back and forth between both worlds and Seinfeld pretty much as we sleep and my wife hates me because of it because she doesn’t like anything. While she sleeps and I have to have one of these two shows on. And so yeah, it’s it’s always exciting to find other fans because nobody, I feel like people don’t give it the credit it deserves for being such a great show.

Unknown Speaker 5:13
No, definitely not. And I think it still holds up to this day, no matter how many times I’ve watched it. I still laugh at every joke gets sad and every sad part. I mean, it’s great.

Kalvin 5:26
Yeah, it definitely holds up. I was watching one episode The other day, though, where I was, I was sitting there and I’m like, why doesn’t Korea just go Google? The answer to this? And I’m like, Oh, wait. It’s 2000 chord can’t Google. So many problems will be solved with Google and Boy Meets World.

Unknown Speaker 5:44
Oh, yeah. But you know, Corey would be like, overdramatic while he’s googling or something.

Kalvin 5:51
Oh, yeah. He definitely becomes a hypochondriac later. So he would, that would come up in his Google searches as well.

Unknown Speaker 5:58
He kind of reminds me of Ross from friends a little bit eventually.

Kalvin 6:03
Yeah, a little bit. What’s up go? taking it all in man. Plug and Play. I’ll share a little more worldly find us. Oh, wow. That’s your deal.

Unknown Speaker 6:19
Oh, yeah. That’s right, man. On Twitter. We’re at moremy swirled. Also replied to we recently got put on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, everywhere. You can listen to podcasts, basically.

Kalvin 6:37
All right. That is good. Um, so yeah, we’re gonna, we’re gonna just gonna talk about air today because he is the most interesting character on the show. There are basically three stages of Eric and season one and season two, like Kyle was saying before, he’s kind of a two dimensional beefcake, just the older brother and doesn’t have a lot going on. Then like, season three through five, he becomes this kind of dumb and lovable goof. And then towards the end of season six and into season seven. He’s just as the dumbest person you’ve ever met. Like total ridiculous. Yeah, yeah. Which is good. It gives the show a lot of a tumor. But it’s hard to it’s hard to see where he’s coming from on some things because they’ll still have these moments. I’m on my rewatch. I’m in season six right now where he’s like, really, really stupid. And then all of a sudden, he’s really really insightful. And it’s like, though, he can’t be both.

Unknown Speaker 7:34
Yeah, insightful. And then very heartfelt at times wisdom from an idiot.

Kalvin 7:40
Exactly. So what is what is your guy’s favorite version of Eric?

Unknown Speaker 7:46
Oh, man, if I was gonna tell you guys to give away my the answer to my trivia question. So I can’t tell you. But I’m definitely a big fan of two and three probably equal.

Kalvin 7:57
Like, starting to become dumb.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Yeah, when he’s just starting to go into that line of being an idiot. You know, when he’s just cracking Feeny. Feeny.

Kalvin 8:09
Feeny calls fantastic. Yeah. Steven, what’s up guys tune in the board meeting just for Eric. Really?

Unknown Speaker 8:19
Eric, as for me, it’s it’s hard to really just pick one I think. Obviously, Season One and Two is kind of dull. But he he he has moments where he’s funny and whatever. But yeah, it’s the least favorite. Obviously. Probably middle. Probably middle ground would be mine. It gets a little too much eventually.

Kalvin 8:50
Yeah, I agree. I think right in the middle this season three and four are probably his best seasons where he’s he’s dumb, but he’s not insanely dumb. Where you don’t believe any of the things that he’s saying. He He wants to become a secret agent at that point in his life. This is after he fails as being a weatherman obviously. He just does so many. Like funny one off things that are still possible. Do you remember the episode where he dreams himself as the good looking guy? Oh, of course. When a crime breaks out all the cute girl shout caldina the rest of the words as you’re down. You get the gun. Yeah, you guys are still in season as of recording this. You guys are finishing up Season One of bore Meets World. Yes. So we just wrapped up Episode 18 today. That’s the last episode right.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
Now we got four more to go. I believe. Wow.

Kalvin 9:47
There’s not many in season one. Yeah, yeah, I believe there’s 22. Okay. And then, um, for some reason he thinks his middle name is Neil even though it’s Randall. That was One of my favorite moments and then you’ll enjoy this. He when he talks to himself he calls himself Kyle. Yeah. So that was always said to myself, Kyle Allen and Amy Just look at him crazy and he doesn’t know what to do. Like Kyle. Yeah, that’s what I call myself. That’s

Unknown Speaker 10:21
probably why I like him because he just refers to himself as calm. Like, that’s my name.

Kalvin 10:25
You think he’s talking to you? Exactly. Yeah. So another Oh, go ahead. No, go ahead. I

Unknown Speaker 10:33
was gonna say I just really enjoyed the storyline of him when he was trying to be a weatherman and whatnot. And I thought it would always be great if we actually get to continue that and that’s what he became, instead of just total dumb.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Yeah, end up doing Ramiz world came by watch that. Now.

Kalvin 10:51
I watched like three episodes. And I was like, I’m not a 13 year old girl. So can’t keep up with it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:57
it was it was hard. I guess want to say it was like a senator.

Kalvin 11:02
Wow. It’s it’s very Disney FIDE to like Boy Meets World. When it started. Disney didn’t own ABC yet. So it wasn’t as Disney FIDE. And then like to watch a couple episodes of Girl Meets World but I did it was it it felt to Disney ish.

Unknown Speaker 11:22
And wholesale. It didn’t help that the main character this time was the 13 year old girl. Because I can’t relate to a girl. No matter the age really, you know, right growing up, and I have nostalgia for a teenage boy and things like that. But

Kalvin 11:42
for being a teenage boy. Yeah, maybe that’s a better. You remember as you learn those life lessons with Korean Eric. Exactly. All right. All right, Kyle, and experience being a teenage girl. You know, I actually don’t have any. That’s rough. No wonder you guys can get those one star reviews. So So another thing that I’ve noticed on this latest walkthrough is Eric really is the only one who progresses through time and through school. Normally, everyone else gets this weird time jump. And that I never understood. Like I get I guess I understood because I want him to graduate high school faster. But like Eric goes through the grades. And then all of a sudden by the end of the show, Cory is only like one year behind him when he started out three years behind him. So I never that was always confusing to me.

Unknown Speaker 12:40
Yeah, I mean, they graduated high school and season five, right? Yes. But they just got there in season two.

Kalvin 12:51
Yeah. And I always thought Season Two was like a junior high, kind of like their seventh eighth grade.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
Yeah, I assume they were seventh grade.

Kalvin 12:57
Yeah. And then like, Man felt like season three. Maybe they were in all of a sudden in ninth grade. And then season four. He was definitely in 11th grade because Alan told he, Alan asked him what grade he was in one time. And he said 11 and then I graduated season five. So somewhere we lost a few years on there for Cory. Elena. If you want to master we’ve all just been blissfully ignorant of it. But in season one Fini says they’re all the class of 2019. Season Five when they graduate. They say the class of 98. So yeah, there’s there’s two last years there.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
This show has a problem with remembering anything and previous led continuity errors abound in the 90s.

Kalvin 13:43
Yeah, that’s very true. They don’t like they didn’t feel the need it. They didn’t think it would ever be on the internet where everybody could access it so easily. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 13:52
I don’t know how many different ways Cory and Topanga met are hooked up.

Kalvin 13:58
Yeah. they’ve they’ve had like four different beginnings to their relationship. I think. Same with Shawn Cory. Yeah, Shawn and Cory as well. And then I like your running gag on your show with the the third friend, whoever it’s going to be this week. Just that revolving door.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
Yeah, like all that the desk chair, I believe on the set. Oh, yeah.

Kalvin 14:24
And then Eric, Eric, what Shawn always had a. He had different times. He had a sister and then he had a different half brother from jack who comes later. It was stealing computers. Kyle young got the trailer version. Yeah. So anyway, back to Eric. We keep getting off track here. We want to talk here. So maybe maybe that’s what happened. That’s why Eric got so dumb because he stayed on the normal timeline while everybody else was, you know, jumping into the future. He was just confused. Exactly. He’s still thinking. It’s You know, he’s supposed to be three years older than Korea and all of a sudden Korea is one year behind him in school. That doesn’t make sense to him. Fried his brain.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Yeah, he wasn’t like a lost situation with the flash forward, backward and sideways.

Kalvin 15:14
I never watched loss. You got me there? Oh my gosh, me neither. Thank you. I was lost on everyone. I saw probably three episodes of loss. And each one I was more and more confused. So I just never took to it continues throughout the entire series. That the as the people in the show are lost, the viewers are also lost. Oh, yeah. All right. Um, so I have this as a note to kind of to go along with that that middle section is apparently well, Fidel and writer strong were such good friends that they couldn’t have scenes together because they would just make each other laugh throughout the whole thing. And you you get that because they live together for a whole year and have cried three scenes together.

Unknown Speaker 16:01
Yeah, the only one that really sticks out to me is when Eric was hiding on the couch. Yeah. And they couldn’t even finish that scene. As you can tell from the ratings. Yeah.

Kalvin 16:17
That one? Yeah, that one was one of my The first time I saw that. I just remember when he popped up that first time I probably laughed for like 20 minutes. And then they did all the outtakes from it. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 16:27
that entire episode was great with Eric tried to attack Topanga.

Kalvin 16:32
Yeah, cuz she heard she and mankind stole their apartment. Was it mankind? Yeah. A lot of wrestlers and Boy Meets World. Yep. And President peace. Big Bader. Oh, yes. Frankie’s to kinos. Father.

Okay, what’s next?

Unknown Speaker 17:03
Man? I’ll be glad when we get through season one. So we can actually see this relationship with Feeny. Eric, you know, yes. That take hold and

Kalvin 17:10
great segue. Kyle. We were lost. And you brought us back to it.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Which is ironic, because I’m the one derailing our show, like every time, how

Kalvin 17:19
can we not step up on our show? Sorry. I’m just playing the part, you know. Great. You’re a great moderator, Kyle. Yet that that takes off in season two, because Eric finally gets because Feeny somehow moves into high school with them, and then just continues every year with them to a point where they have no other teacher, they have Turner for a while, and then they just have no other teachers. But yeah, the air confini relationship was always really good. Because before this last rewatch, I didn’t think that they actually like Eric ever had classes with Feeny. And then I guess he did. Mostly in season three, they started to interact a lot. So I thought it was just like this neighbor that Feeny or Eric always wanted to get advice from without ever actually learning anything from him.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
I believe he taught him in sixth grade. Right. They always referenced that in season one.

Kalvin 18:11
Yeah, they would have had he would have had to, I guess, unless you look at later seasons, where they say Feeny taught Cory every year of his life that he couldn’t have also taught her to that. So again, our continuity, or these errors come up to bite us in the ass.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
We don’t ever actually see Eric in class, do it.

Kalvin 18:33
Whoa, we see him. We see him skipping class in the weatherman. We do an episode where he is a weatherman. He like sneaks in at the end of class to try and pretend he was there. That’s the only time I remember seeing him in a class. He gets in a lot of trouble for not like turning in papers on time. He does a he hires Gerard from term papers by Gerard to do one of his papers one time, that’s where you get the life stuff get a helmet line. But yeah, he’s in a couple classes in college. But other than that, no, I don’t think he’s in a lot of classes. Yeah, the sneaking then I remember

Unknown Speaker 19:11
the college because Mr. finis in his class that one day.

Kalvin 19:20
Yep. Feeny and Rachel, team up for the group project.

Unknown Speaker 19:22
Yeah. And then he and Amy have a class together one time.

Kalvin 19:29
Yes. Creative Writing where she talks about her trembling. Kyle, you’ll enjoy that one when you get to it. That’s sexy. Can’t wait. Good to see you. Good to see Mrs. Matthews and a whole new light on what is she talking about? she she’s in a creative writing class with Eric and she writes a paper about her wedding night. I believe it is or the honeymoon and how she trembles as Ellen approached her on their wedding night. Some steamy action with Alan poohbear as it were. Boom was trembling. Bilbo was definitely trauma. She’s got a creative writing, but poetry is not a strong suit. You know, another continuity here? Well, creative writing is different than poetry. I think you got to be creative write poetry. Okay. Non school, but right. Yeah, I will agree. Thank you for stepping up. Nice. Everything’s great. So what’s your favorite version of the Feeny call? There’s a few. There’s the Go ahead. No, you run through them all. And then there’s just the This was I guess when he was more of a townie he would go up to the basically his back door and just tell Mr. Feed a Mr. Fan a and then um, he did, and then it would get longer and longer with that. And then in college, you would get the Fini fee. Oh, that’s mine. Right there. No doubt.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Yeah. The, like the time where he was doing multiple of them. And then he created a new one.

Kalvin 21:27
Which ones that?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Oh, God. He was outside. And he was just like yelling, yelling yelling Feeny. And then he accidentally didn’t know. Yeah, he actually said,

Kalvin 21:38
Oh, that was a new one. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That was towards it. That might have been one of the last episodes where he just kind of cracked or something. Yeah. And then he defini the Feeny call doll was probably the best. I don’t believe I have. No. That was good. Yeah, you’ll get there. It’s the last episode. Do you want us to spoil it for you? Or do you want to go in fresh? Fresh? Don’t spoil it can be pristine. He does Mission Impossible, though. You’ll like it. And then, um, so one of my favorite Eric things was the I guess it was finis retirement, the 2006 in the future. It was in the episode where they were all fighting and Eric comes back as a hermit. Kyle, do you notice his hermit nameless? Yes, it was plagued with squirrels. That’s him. There you go. Now, okay. I don’t have any trivia question, guys. How’s it? That’s all right. I’ll give you guys a trivia quiz. I got good questions. Sweet. We’ll do a we’re gonna do a trivia at the end of the episode, which we’re getting towards. Maybe not Excellent. Well, we’ll see we got there’s a lot of Eric in there. So yeah, please was pleased with squirrels was one of my favorite Eric things and all. The The best thing was when Feeny called him Mr. Matthews and he just goes Mr. Squirrels. No, I’m gonna get some one star reviews off this one Cherry Bomb. You don’t want to go for cherry Bumble. He’s salivating behind his keyboard right now. He does not listen to my podcast, apparently.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
And I forget the other ones name. Figment fever, some shit like that.

Kalvin 23:32
Can I curse? Sorry, go ahead. Too late. Now he already did. So another thing that struck me as odd on this latest watch watch through is Eric always has a job. But he never seemed to have like, I don’t Cory doesn’t ever have a job. And he always has money to do everything. So Eric should be like, super rich compared to Cory. Because he had. He was the box boy at Alan’s restaurant, or grocery store that is, and then he co owned the outdoor store. And then I mean, he just did that for he had a he was a security guard for like a day. He was a weatherman for a week or two. You’d have a brief stint as a model. Yep. Yeah, he bought store that lobster costume, which that’s a pretty sweet gig if he asked me. Yeah, I would totally do it. Yeah, you get done. You get dunked in some fake butter and get 50 bucks. I load right back up on that dunk tank. Yeah. And then he works him and jack work at the Student Union at one point in the college so I guess I just don’t know what Eric does with all this money. Thank you blows it on dates. Again, towards the end of the the later seasons, no dates for Eric. I get in the early seasons. He’s always got a new girlfriend every week. But there In the college years, he doesn’t know jack takes all the dates. Maybe he’s the only one paying rent on the apartment. Could be because Jack’s dad goes from healthy middle class to a super rich in half a season to

Unknown Speaker 25:17
now showing him have the same dad right? Check

Kalvin 25:21
yet chat is they’re both their real dad but Jack’s stepfather is super rich. Okay, so that’s true. Yep. There’s a connection for a moment. Oh, gotcha. You’re being very quiet. Yeah. Sorry. We’re talking about job Ah, job prospects.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
Oh, yeah, I heard I heard it all. Just gonna talk about. Yeah, maybe, maybe, maybe Cory, like me is really good. I mean,

Kalvin 25:53
he did take home lessons for Shawn when when Alan quit his job, so he may have picked up more than we saw.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Maybe maybe Topanga or Shawn is paying for gas and whatever, you know, could be could be?

Kalvin 26:07
Yeah, I just I just thought it was odd How? How Eric doesn’t ever seem to have. Like they don’t they only talk about the job is like something for him to do not something other than when he bought his video baseball watch. It wasn’t something that he actually used his money for him from.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
And if you recall that time, he was supposed to go to the bank to drop off the money for the student union and gave it away. That’s true. Maybe he just gives money away all the time,

Kalvin 26:39
to organ grinders with monkeys who have the same happy dance example? Yeah, that’s a tough look for Eric. All right. All right. I know where his money goes. The other thing, so I mentioned he had the job as a security guy when he got fired for hiring a bear in the outdoor shop. His parents were really down on him getting the job as a security guard. And I didn’t really understand that. Why, why was that such a shitty job for him to have? Like, he has no college degree. His parents fired him from their family business. So he went and got a job. co former security guard, you know, it’s

Unknown Speaker 27:22
actually a pretty sweet gig. I don’t see why anybody would hate on it. Because you just basically sit there and do whatever you want. And then you get paid. Anything he’s winning, that

Kalvin 27:32
that’s kind of what I thought, and he he has a super easy his his uh, his location of choice is obviously john, I’m tired that he gets to patrol. So there’s not a it’s not a hotbed of criminal activity in the middle of the night, gets a dog gets a partner. I don’t know why. They said he wasn’t living up to his potential. But I thought security guy was pretty good for someone with no college degree and no ambition.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
And you say no. criminal activity, but whatever was out there cousin Russ ruckus. That’s true.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
That are people are stealing answers out of the garbage can to the IQ tests. And they’re for way too high.

Kalvin 28:15
Yeah, you got to stop those guys. But it was the it was the perimeter of john adams. Hi. So I don’t think he would have stopped that.

So this is the key to watch more. Yeah, you got to catch up, Kyle. This is the last point I wanted to to make and kind of have a discussion on. There’s a theory out on the internet that the show is actually through, seen through corys eyes. So that’s that’s kind of why Eric changes so much. And Topanga gets hotter. And really, that’s just life, his girls get hotter as they get older. But Shawn also becomes more well rounded and deep as they mature, because Corey can now see them as fully realized humans instead of as like an 11 year old looking up to his cool brother. And then as Corey gets a little older, he’s like, Alright, my brother’s an idiot. And then he gets really old. And he’s like, I don’t want to have anything to do with my brother. He’s too stupid. Have you guys heard that theory theory? What do you think about it?

Unknown Speaker 29:15
Yes, I’ve heard that. But first I want to touch on Topanga became more well rounded. Ray,

Kalvin 29:23
she became less weird. Oh, gosh, you’re loud. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that. And obviously, I think anyone can agree with that. Right?

Unknown Speaker 29:47
Well, I mean, the only thing I’m noticing but you guys have watched it way more than I have is that Alan and Amy and Feeny stay pretty static through the whole show like they don’t really develop as characters other than ours. And losing his job at the market or something, right?

Kalvin 30:03
Yeah, he quit.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
He Oh, he quits. And then Amy’s just seems like she keeps the same character through all seven seasons.

Kalvin 30:11
She gets pregnant at one point. I don’t know if that’s a character trait. I mean, it’s already happened three times. I don’t think that’s true. But um, yeah. Okay. Will you buy that theory Do you buy?

Unknown Speaker 30:31
If you just use Shawn Herrick into paying as though? Yeah,

Kalvin 30:38
yeah, it’s like, do you do you feel your parents have changed in your life throughout your life that they’ve grown as humans? No. I’m

Unknown Speaker 30:51
not in like, oh, wow, like 17 years, they’ve been pretty much the same.

Kalvin 30:57
So Exactly. I don’t know how old you are. But since you’re 11 till now, you haven’t seen a if you haven’t seen a growth and they have none, that would be kind of the same as Korea not seeing any growth in his parents. That’s fair point. Okay. Yeah, totally binding. Bring me here. Usually. Yes. I do have a counter theory. Oh, let’s hear it.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
Maybe you heard this one. You remember Lani.

Kalvin 31:21
I believe her name is Darla he stole one of my trivia questions, but yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
Eric was taking her somewhere and it was got really snowy and they got stuck. Oh, yeah.

Kalvin 31:33
Remember that?

Unknown Speaker 31:34
They’re stuck in the car. He’s banging his head on the window knocked himself out. I have heard that bump may have created the dumbness.

Kalvin 31:47
It could have that was I want to say that was season four. I just watched that one not too long ago. Yeah, I would buy that. But I think he was already starting to get pretty dumb before that. was to say it didn’t help. No, it definitely did help. And then they got to you know, he missed out on the stripping each other naked and huddling for warmth in the car. Unfortunately, cuz she was pretty hot. Yeah. Lonnie. Lonnie, was good stuff. Yeah. Kyle, any thoughts on Lonnie?

Unknown Speaker 32:17
I can’t be that hard for named Lonnie. Okay. I had an uncle named Juan and he was 300 pounds. So say Lonnie. I see hairy Kentucky man.

Kalvin 32:29
Wow. He is definitely not a hairy Kentucky man. We don’t want Lonnie. You tell Ronnie to go back to where she came from. All right, then. Any other thoughts on Eric from either of you guys on on what what we what we love about Eric?

Unknown Speaker 32:50
My favorite scene of Eric and you guys. We could all share ours. It’s I think it’s you told me was in season two of Harley right? We’re Harley threatens to beat up Cory. And goofball Eric, just go straight, serious steps in. How you can take care of this bully for Corey?

Kalvin 33:12
Yeah, yeah, that was season. That was first episode of season two. I want to say when Cory starts at john adams. Hi. I believe he’s going through his own Odyssey. Yes, that’s right. History X men and the Odyssey in the same night and then Turner comes in and scares off Harley for good because Eric was gonna get as SB two. As the first time Eric was really like a real older brother. Yeah. Yep. Steve, do you have a favorite? heirloom? Mine is the place with squirrels. I’d have to say. I don’t know why that always gets me.

Unknown Speaker 33:54
Like I said, I enjoyed the mini ark of the weather man. And also, the Korean Eric roadtrip.

Kalvin 34:05
And he couldn’t he couldn’t he could have been their king in the yogurt cup world. Exactly. Yeah, that’s a good one. All right. Yeah, that’s a lot of good. Eric are ready for trivia. zoo. All right. Let’s do some trivia. You already took one and that was what was the the girl’s name who comes to work for at the outdoor shop. That’s all right. I’ve got extras. So we’re gonna do five questions. See how many you can get right. We’ll start with an easy one. Or at least I think it’s an easy one. What are the names of this one statement? What are the names of Harley, owners lackeys. You got this one statement. Well, we got.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
We got Joey the rat. Yep. And Frankie, the enforcer.

Kalvin 34:54
That’s them. You’ll meet them soon, Kyle. All right, Question two. What was Alan’s dream job? What did he want to do when he grew up? We learned this season one. Was it moved to California? Build rockets to build something. Bridges, you want to build bridges. That’s it. Two for two. All right. This one’s a little tougher. Kyle, you’re not going to get this one. I don’t think number three, what is Eric’s favorite fish? Kyle carp. I think it was penguin. Penguin. Yes. How do you spell penguin? Oh, God. Wrong. Yeah. It was. It has a W Yeah. It was PNG wi n. All right. 343. You guys are good. Well, Steven is Kyle you got one. Took you two tries. He got it. When Sean changes the school paper this isn’t season two. Sean changes the school paper headline when Eric stating the school edit the paper editor. He changed it to new principle is what? Mr. weenie? That’s correct again. All right. You guys are good. I gotta think a harder question. So next time. Stephen is the expert on boy matorral. Kyle, you should be able to get this one because it’s season one. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 36:38
Did you have something I was gonna say you’re pretty good with the boys world knowledge as well.

Kalvin 36:43
I am. That’s why I wanted to be a trivia challenge. You guys were supposed to bring some trivia questions for me. But it didn’t happen apparently. So round two, perhaps Yeah. Next time next time when we talk about Morgan Matthews and where she went for a year and a half. All right, Kyle, you should get this one because it was season one. What is Topanga sister’s name? Oh, and your middle name in the war or something like that? Yeah, stop the work. Stop outdoorsy. Nebula? Yeah. All right. That’s it. Bonus Question is Cory right or left hand? Left hand. Yep, that’s right.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
All right. Yep. Oh, wow. That’s a little stamp in the dark there. Well, I figured Kyle and myself are left handed as well. Oh, wow. There we go.

Kalvin 37:39
You guys have something in common with Cory? Yeah. Ambien dramatic. What’s that? mean? dramatic. I still don’t understand what you said. dramatic. Were dramatic. I got you know, I have to cut this podcast. Hey, that’s okay. Alright, so that’s really all I had on Eric. He, like we said at the top, he’s probably the most interesting character in Boy Meets World because he goes, he has the biggest arc, I would say where he goes through, he has a lot of changes. And he becomes a different character several times and he usually ends up interesting, whereas the other characters aren’t always interesting where they end up in their arc.

Unknown Speaker 38:33
Agreed? Definitely. I do actually have a couple trivia questions. So you guys want to throw them in?

Kalvin 38:40
Let’s do it. I’m ready.

Unknown Speaker 38:42
Okay. What character on Boy Meets World is played by an actor who was originally considered for the role of Eric Matthews.

Kalvin 38:53
Jason You got it.

I think he could have been chorus brother the whole time. He was good. And the three episodes Eric’s best friend since they were three.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
Yeah, we were watching Episode 18 a day and I was watching and I was kind of trying to picture it like gammon will friedle kind of sound the same. But it just doesn’t work. I guess it’s where you know, we’ve grown up seeing Yeah. Next question isn’t really about Eric Matthews per se. It’s about will friedle. But what show did he do voice acting for? It was a cartoon.

Kalvin 39:37
Which one he’s got like, there’s a couple. There’s a lot okay. It was a hell, man. I can never forget this. Beyond or can I? Congratulations. There’s a point Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
Hey, Mr. Turner, was possibly going to have a different role. Do you know what that was?

Kalvin 40:01
I read this the other day. He was going to be Oh, now that I know, I don’t know. But I did read an interesting piece of trivia that I’ll share once he gave me the answer. He was going to be Alan. Oh. That would have been interesting.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
Yeah. They thought he was too young though.

Kalvin 40:24
Yeah, I can see that. So they said, the piece of trivia I saw the other day it was that he, they brought him in because of the success of friends. They wanted someone in their mid 20s to bring in those viewers I guess, because friends was so popular. They thought, if we bring in this guy who’s 25 years old, then 20 year olds will want to watch our show to

Unknown Speaker 40:49
definitely, let’s let’s have another guy with a mullet. bigarade

Kalvin 40:53
gotta have them all up.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
Speaking of friends, and Girl Meets World, can we just forget about that? And then redo the show? And based basically make friends in the morning his role in the universe?

Kalvin 41:14
Yes, that would be good. I would watch that. So it focuses on Cory and Shawn and Topanga and Eric maybe jack as adults, adults, like they have kids but they’re kind of a side plot. Yeah, and just barely been mentioned. Yeah. Which they change the their daughter’s name for Girl Meets World to in the future episode that they did. Her name was Beverly Glen or something. And that’s not her name and the Girl Meets World. Surprisingly forgot. That’s true. continuity is so important to them. Of course, that wasn’t a real thing. So yeah, I would I would definitely watch a friend style show for grown up. Boy Meets the grown ups A Boy Meets World. Let’s make it happen. All right, I’ll start writing it. I don’t know how to write TV shows. Do you guys? We can figure it out. We don’t know how to podcast but we have one. That’s true. Same here. As you can see from how wonderfully this has gone. You claim to listen to us. Listen to you guys. It’s fantastic. Every time I’m excited for Episode 18. Live I do. Alright, that’s that’s all I’ve got for Eric Matthews. Any closing thoughts or anything like that? Go ahead, I think on this one final thought. Yeah. Mine would be. Hey, thanks for helping us. Sure. All right. That’s a great final thought. Mine would be a shit. I forgot the one. I was gonna do the one really about Eric. But do you guys have older brothers? I have an older brother. Was he like Eric? I’d like to think he was but I don’t think so. He’s he was like Eric in the in the early seasons.

Unknown Speaker 43:23
Did he get dumber as you grew up?

Kalvin 43:27
No, I think he was always the same level of balm. I just maybe noticed it more as as our theory pointed out, Cory noticed how dumb he was more in the future. All right. All right. It’s a fun time. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for coming on. Remember to check out board Meets World. And listen to just a straight recap where you get no new information. And you’ll, you’ll hear a lot about Boy Meets World.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
Oh yeah. Twitter at board Meets World. And wherever you listen to podcast, check it out.

Kalvin 44:02
That’s where they are.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
Thank you. Thanks, guys. It’s just amazing.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Episode 161 – A Podcast About the Tourney at Harrenhal (ASOIAF)

Now that it has been awhile since the disastrous 8th season of Game of Thrones, we think it’s time to visit the subject again. Arguably, the event that kick started the events that we loved as fans for at least 5 seasons, The Tourney at Harrenhal! Shrouded in mystery during a time period of much calamity, the Tourney was one of the biggest butterfly effect events that occurred throughout fake history. Shadow alliances, attempts at a coup, marriage and love were all present and dialed up to 11. It’s most certainly poignant that it occurred at one of the most expensive castles ever built while hosting the best knights that have ever lived as the spark of Robert’s Rebellion is ready to explode and tear apart the realm. Also, who the F&%k is the Knight of the Laughing Tree?

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Full Episode Transcript available below

Episode 158 – A Podcast About Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers)

My boy Tommy O, the one and only Green (White, Red x 2, and Black) Ranger out there. By one and only, we mean a cut above the rest, a leader, an enemy, and a friend by the name of Tommy Oliver! Often people’s favorite of all Power Rangers, he certainly has quite the background when it comes to development, with Jason David Frank bringing the character to screens near you. With an up and down history amongst fellow rangers and a storyline that spans all forms of media, we give Tommy our full attention as we try to decide which version is best and what makes Tommy such a great ranger. Age certainly hasn’t done JDF justice, but Tommy is timeless.

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Full Episode Transcript Available Below:

Kalvin 0:06
To podcast, each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin. And joining me from the reef side high school science lab to co host Nick Richardson. What’s happening sciencey Up In This Bitch. Yeah, he thought I was gonna say from Angel Grove But either way,

Unknown Speaker 0:25
well then my brain was just like Okay, so what’s the other one? A brief side was the first one that came to mind. Just because I’ve been watching a lot of this shit.

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Episode 147 – A Podcast About Beach Games (The Office)

You’ve pushed yourself through a rough work week and are surprised with the unexpected, a Beach Day. Of course, with a beach day comes Beach Games, and the caveat to this trip is that those beach games could land you a new job! Sound awful? We agree, but luckily you won’t have to live through something like that, because the members of one of the greatest shows on earth did it for you already. The Office, Season 3, Episode 23 finds our characters subjected to yet another scheme by the world’s best boss (self proclaimed), Michael Scott, and now they must fight for their lives (figuratively) in the new Regional Manager sweepstakes. Who finds themselves paired together during the egg on a spoon contest? Who shoves the most hot dogs down their gullet? A sumo suit anyone? If that sounded insane, it’s because it is! Would you tolerate or enjoy a beach day with your work colleagues? Would you walk across a pit of hot coals to prove a point before confessing your love in front of everyone? And for god sakes, look at what we’re doing, and go tell someone it!

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Full episode transcript available below

Kalvin 0:06
To podcast about something each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host Calvin and joining me from Lake Scranton co host Nick Richardson,

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Episode 145 – A Podcast About Kramer’s Schemes (Seinfeld) with Nick Emel from the 10ish Podcast

Cosmo Kramer was never one to shy away from a good caper. Whether he was trying to make money or save time or just felt the need to do something, Kramer was constantly coming up with new and exciting (and often dangerous) schemes. This week Kalvin is joined by fellow Seinfeld super fan, Nick Emel, from the 10ish Podcast to discuss the insane (but sometimes sane and quite clever) machinations of our quintessential hipster doofus. Kalvin and (new) Nick hold a draft as we go back and forth to try determine Kramer’s 10(ish) best schemes throughout Seinfeld’s run. We choose from over 60 schemes, plots, bamboozles, flim-flams, and great ideas while hilarity and Seinfeld quotes ensue! Let us know what your favorite Kramer scheme is on twitter @APASomething, @alone_podcast, and @10ishpodcast

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Full list of Kramer’s schemes: Roll up tie dispenser,  A pizza place where you make your own pie, Hennigan’s spokesman, The beach perfume, Calvin Klein model, The Kramer portrait, Coffee table book about coffee tables,  Periscope for your car, Woody Allen movie: “These pretzels are making me thirsty”,  Murphy Brown’s assistant – Steven Snell, Auditions for Kramer in “Jerry” as Martin Van Nostrand, Movie treatment for The Keys, Selling used records (Bleeker Bob’s Records), Soap Opera Stand In, Coleman’s Santa Claus, Police Lineup stand in, Miss America Coach ,    Ball Man at the US Open, The Executive beltless trenchcoat resale middle-man (Rudy’s),    Moviefone 2.0, Handsome Cab Driver, Organized a Jewish singles mixer, Co-inventor of The Bro, Alex Theater Revival, Michigan Bottle deposit scheme, Restaurant that only serves peanut butter and jelly (pb&j’s), Cock fighting, Fireman, Tobacco Billboard Model, Sells his life stories to J Peterman ($750), Peterman reality tour, Imports Cubans (people) to roll cigars, Da Vinci sleep, The Merv Griffin Show, Pretending to have diseases so that medical students could diagnose, Seat filler at the Tony’s, H&H Bagels employee, Tested a banks “Hello” policy,    Staying in shower all the time, Brandt-Leland (TCB), Introduced rickshaws to NYC, Kramerica Industries, Oil bladder system, Ketchup and Mustard in the same bottle, Jon Voight bite marks comparison, Dog-napping, Puppet Regime at Del Boca Vista, Airport gambling with Texas tycoon, Blood at-home bank, Highway Adoption, Karate class, Police Tape for Frogger machine, Unlimited Cafe Lattes after suing coffee company for coffee being too hot, Hot Tub & Fake Wood Wallpaper, The pigman escape, The Assman license plate, Butter shave, Meat slicer/Dr. Van Nostrand cancer screening, Apartment Switcheroo with Jerry, High-flow Showerheads, Clothes drying in the oven, The Junk mail, Strongbox, Reverse peephole, Sniffing accountant stakeout

Read the full episode transcript below:

Hello, and welcome to a podcast about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me from the tennis podcast at the pines of Del Mar phase two guest host, Nick Emel. From the 10ish podcast, I think I said that already. Giddy up. And you know, I, you might have a new Nic on the block here.

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Episode 142 – A Podcast About Dragons and their Riders (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Now that some time has passed and we have had some time to grieve for our dearly beloved butchered world of A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s time to dive back in and get to the fat of the matter! That’s right, what you came to GoT (Game of Thrones) for in the first place; the motherfu*$%ng dragons! We take a deep dive into one of the most interesting aspects of the world itself, and most definitely the most interesting creatures to inhabit the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. But how did they come to be? How did someone even get close enough to tame the first one, considering they aren’t puppies? What made the people who rode dragons so special? We provide our theories and more including the history of dragons, the biggest and baddest of all, the riders who, well, rode them, and where the hell they ended up. With the keen ability at waging war, the history is bloody, full of intense moments that shifted the power dichotomy fifty times over. From humble beginnings to power unattainable to the regular peasant, to the descent that led to extinction (kind of), we cover it all!

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Read the Full Episode Transcript Below:

Kalvin 0:06
Hello, talk about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me from the smoking See, it’s your co host, Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:16
The smoking see my dog 14 flames, the flying creatures in the sky.

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Episode 138 – A Podcast About TV Fan Theories

TV fan theories, the natural aftermath of a particularly explosive idea, tragic death, terrible twist, and much more. Good television is meant to get us as fans talking, and discussion breeds ideas. Some can be completely out of left field, while others are entirely plausible. So plausible, in fact, a creator may come out and admit the theory is valid (or at least hint heavily that it is). The few times we as fans actually get the opportunity to influence our favorite shows. If you’re a fan of this show you’ll understand exactly where we’re coming from, and hopefully your interest is piqued! Kalvin and Nick are back with some expertly curated fan theories! Reveling in the minutiae of it, we present two picks each of the best fan theories ever brought forth to the front page of the internet (reddit) or crammed into a cracked.com article. With evidence to support our claims and hours of thought behind our picks we lay it out for you! What’s in the Krabby Pattys? How the hell did a house sponge start talkin? We promise they aren’t all Spongebob (Daredevil, Arrested Development, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also make appearances), but they’ll all make you wonder.  

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Episode 130 – A Podcast About TV Villains

The medium of television has given us some of the best examples of villains of all time. Whether it is the long-form content, in depth world building, build up, or larger cast, there seems to be a notable gap between the majority of villains who appear on film versus those on television, outside of a select few. You may ask yourself, “who is the best,” and dear listener, Kalvin and Nick are here to settle that debate! Bringing a super scientific tracking method (thanks to Kalvin) we dive in and rate some of the best TV Villains and what makes them so memorable! We dissect what makes a good villain, from the mystery factor to the connection to the protagonist, or whether their mean asses deserve any sympathy or not. Assigning a rating of 1-50, we lay out our evidence before giving a rating, and at the end we settle once and for all, at least for us, who is the best villain. Are there any ‘perfect’ villains?

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Patreon Bonus Release

This week Kalvin and Nick are on vacation, so we are opening up our vault of Patreon bonus episodes to the masses!
Now that our Patreon has been shut down, we would like to share all of that sweet bonus content with you our listeners. All week we will
be releasing Random Reviews and Pilot Projections compilation episodes on alternating days. You will be able to listen to our thoughts
on classic movies like “A Force of One”, “Puss in Boots”, “Toy Story 2” and much more. You’ll also hear our reactions to pilot episodesof various
TV Shows and how we thought each show would continue and if we like the idea. Shows include: “Breaking Bad”, “The Madalorian”, “Gargoyles” and more.
We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week, but in the meantime enjoy this bonus content!

Random Reviews

Pilot Projections

Episode 122 – A Podcast About Seinfeld (Cultural Impact)

Seinfeld was a trendsetter in the realm of sitcom television as well as pop culture as a whole. It has had a major impact on the entire direction of a genre of television and many people who experienced it not only then, but also now. Kalvin and Nick are here to find out just how much Seinfeld has impacted the Pop Culture landscape, changing it up a bit this time as Kalvin, the self-professed super fan, will be asking Nick, the not so super fan, the questions this time! Developed and dispensed questions by Kalvin, the superomegalevel sensei fan, answered by the Pop culture fan and Seinfeld grasshopper Nick! A quick intro to the world of Seinfeld precedes Shrinkage, the debate of real vs fake, hand modeling, Contests, soup nazis, Festivus, controversial endings and more with an episode filled to the brim with broad strokes and deep cuts. Find out how Nick does before we find out if he will give the beloved franchise a shot.

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