Episode 138 – A Podcast About TV Fan Theories

TV fan theories, the natural aftermath of a particularly explosive idea, tragic death, terrible twist, and much more. Good television is meant to get us as fans talking, and discussion breeds ideas. Some can be completely out of left field, while others are entirely plausible. So plausible, in fact, a creator may come out and admit the theory is valid (or at least hint heavily that it is). The few times we as fans actually get the opportunity to influence our favorite shows. If you’re a fan of this show you’ll understand exactly where we’re coming from, and hopefully your interest is piqued! Kalvin and Nick are back with some expertly curated fan theories! Reveling in the minutiae of it, we present two picks each of the best fan theories ever brought forth to the front page of the internet (reddit) or crammed into a cracked.com article. With evidence to support our claims and hours of thought behind our picks we lay it out for you! What’s in the Krabby Pattys? How the hell did a house sponge start talkin? We promise they aren’t all Spongebob (Daredevil, Arrested Development, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also make appearances), but they’ll all make you wonder.  

Listen Here

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