Episode 137 – A Podcast About Christmas Adjacent Movie Superlatives

As we come off of the holliest, jolliest time of year, when every other movie that has the word ‘Christmas’ is branded as a classic, we like to sidestep the mistletoe for something a little different. Some movies like to shoehorn in the holiday, while others do it in a way that leaves some mystery in the air. Do all movies that have Christmas in them fall into the Christmas category? Hell no they don’t! We’re here to give you the skinny on some of the dopest Chirstmas adjacent movies! They may take place around, or feature Christmas, but don’t you dare call it a Christmas movie! Who brings the best fight to the table during the season, but for a completely different reason, outside of shopaholic christmas induced rage? Who throws the best party, or has the best use of a fake santa? We toe the white and red line with our picks, some coming dangerously close to actual Christmas movie territory, and argue bitterly over the classification! Stick around for the polar opposite sucklative awards with some honorable mentions in between. Feel free to argue with us on Twitter @APASomething and @alone_podcast on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

Listen Here

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