Episode 123 – A Podcast About The Pensieve

The Pensieve is one of the few objects of immense power within the world of Harry Potter to not have a full-fledged history behind it. Well, Kalvin and Nick came to the conclusion that this couldn’t stand, so we decided to dive into the Pensieve and figure it out for ourselves! Throughout the story of the Boy Who Lived, the Pensieve was incredibly significant just a few times, but when it did come into play you knew something was going down. With little to no background we set our eye on this shallow bowl (don’t s*%t in it), the memory capabilities it holds, how and if it would be useful in the real world, and whether or not you want John Madden or Mike Tyson to narrate your memories. Would you get lost in the past? What memories would be worth saving? Do you share the thing?!

Listen Here

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