Episode 122 – A Podcast About Seinfeld (Cultural Impact)

Seinfeld was a trendsetter in the realm of sitcom television as well as pop culture as a whole. It has had a major impact on the entire direction of a genre of television and many people who experienced it not only then, but also now. Kalvin and Nick are here to find out just how much Seinfeld has impacted the Pop Culture landscape, changing it up a bit this time as Kalvin, the self-professed super fan, will be asking Nick, the not so super fan, the questions this time! Developed and dispensed questions by Kalvin, the superomegalevel sensei fan, answered by the Pop culture fan and Seinfeld grasshopper Nick! A quick intro to the world of Seinfeld precedes Shrinkage, the debate of real vs fake, hand modeling, Contests, soup nazis, Festivus, controversial endings and more with an episode filled to the brim with broad strokes and deep cuts. Find out how Nick does before we find out if he will give the beloved franchise a shot.

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