Episode 116 – A Podcast About Disney Movie Superlatives

Let it go, let it gooooooooo! No, we’re not going to break into song, but we are back to let go of our made up awards for this month’s Disney Animated Movie Superlatives! Kalvin and Nick cast their votes, along with a healthy dose of our friends from Twitter, for Disney Movie awards broken down into five categories! Disney movies all share some themes in common like love stories, villains, helpful sidekicks, adventurous plots, and more. Of course it makes the decisions a little tougher with such a range of great animated films to choose from. With plenty of extra discussions and a visit from two bona-fide, Disney experts, there’s something for every Disney fan in this episode.

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Episode 114 – A Podcast About Classic Monsters

Who doesn’t love vampires, lycans, stinky sewn together dudes, invisible creeps, and more causing mayhem? No, Kalvin and Nick aren’t here to talk any old stable of monsters, but the Classics! We wind our way through the long history that comprises the Classic Monster scene, from the monster of Frankenstein to the Creature of the Black Lagoon and what makes them so endearing. With dozens of iterations, which ones are the best or most lethal? How did they come to be? And most importantly, how do you stop them? We dive into these subjects and more; while also establishing the thread that connects them all and the primal motivation that drives them forward.

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Episode 112 – A Podcast About Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a phenomenon that has permeated the far corners of the Pop Culture realm, and Kalvin and Nick are here to talk all about it! Starting with the history of DBZ (the short version, we promise) and who created it before diving into a graded Q&A to see just how far DBZ has infiltrated the lexicon of an admirer of Pop Culture (who has never consumed it). Developed by Nick, the superfan, answered by Kalvin, the Pop Culture fan and DBZ novice: saiyans, transformations, tails, weird head thingies, the afterlife, and more highlight this episode! Find out how Kalvin does before we find out if he will give the famed franchise a shot.

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Episode 111 – A Podcast About Part 2 Movie Superlatives

Movie sequels come in all shapes and sizes, but usually Part 2 feels like the middle child of any movie franchise. This week Nick and Kalvin celebrate what makes Part 2 of any franchise great by giving out our special blend of made up awards. New characters, devastating losses, and world expansion highlight this month’s Movie Superlatives. Be sure to stay through the end of the episode for the introduction of a new segment to the Movie Superlatives series: the first ever Movie Sucklatives, where we explore the not so great attempts at continuing a franchise.

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Episode 108 – A Podcast About Gangster Movie Superlatives

Ever since we can remember, we’ve wanted to be gangsters. Well, that’s not true, but it’s a damn good opening line! Gangster movies occupy a position near the top of the pop culture totem pole, with a rich history of brilliant actors and directors lending their talents to bring their tales to life. So, of course Kalvin and Nick had to give out some made-up awards! Who’s got the best crew? The best score, or cover? We touch on all things Gangster movies as well as some on the small screen.

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Episode 107 – A Podcast About Power Rangers

KIYAHHHHHHH! It’s Morphin Time! Backflip your way to wherever you indulge in podcasts and press play on this week’s mega, super, ultra 3-part episode all about the Power Rangers! Kalvin and Nick go real deep in this multi-part episode touching on all things under the Power Ranger umbrella. One of the few American shows to successfully adapt a Japanese predecessor, Power Rangers was everywhere in the early to late 90’s and still holds a prominent spot in pop culture today, as well as in most people’s hearts. In part 1, we discuss the shows’ creation and the first 6 series (Mighty Morphin through In Space), including rangers, zords, villains, and more! In part 2, we discuss the rest of the series (Lost Galaxy through Beast Morphers) in depth. And in part 3, we discuss our favorite things from the Power Rangers universe and the three theatrically released movies. Ay, yi, yi, T.V., movies, action figures, and more dominate the discussion as we delve into the Morphin Grid.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Episode 105 – A Podcast About Vincent Chase’s Filmography (Entourage)

Oh YEAH, Oh YEAH, Oh YEAH!!! Join Erich and Kalvin this week as we head out to Hollywood to discuss the career of one of the most polarizing movie stars of the last two decades, Vincent Chase. We go through the timeline of Vince’s career and compare the movies he made to movies in the real and discuss how the choices he made for movies effected not only his career but also his friends.

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Episode 103 – A Podcast About the 2020 Fictional NFL Draft

Are you ready for some football?!?!?!?!?! Good, because Kalvin and Nick surely are! Due to the circumstances surrounding the state of sports, we as fans have been sorely lacking in the entertainment department. With the NFL draft fast approaching, we figured why not do a draft of our own! We closely follow the NFL draft order for 2020 and pick the best fit for each team, but there is a catch! Fictional football players fill our rosters, whether from movies or TV, we wade through the sea of wannabe stars to pick the right ones. Position, skills, fit, and team culture all play a part.

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Episode 102 – A Podcast About College Movie Superlatives

College movies are a diverse genre on their own, but few stand out from the pack. So, when you want to give College movies made up awards like Kalvin and Nick you tend to gravitate to the good ones! We dive into some of the best of the best College movies and award the best extracurricular activities, roommate, prank, college and more!

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