Episode 97 – A Podcast About Rap Beefs

Kalvin and Nick dive into the world of hip hop as we discuss some of the most pivotal beefs between artists. We cover the gamut from the whack to the legendary to see who came out on top in 8 different beefs.

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Full Transcript below:

Hello and welcome to

Kalvin 0:06
a podcast about something. Each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host Calvin and joining me straight out of Compton. It’s your co host, Nick Richardson. And you know the fuck What man? I have no Vaseline. Oh, it’s gonna be rough. I need that we are talking rap beefs. I was almost gonna say classic rap beefs. But some of these are far from classic. We’re just talking some rap beef throughout history some wack. We’re recovering the whole spectrum black to Great. So we’ve got a couple of whack. We’ve got a couple kind of middle ground and then we’ve got a couple just like absolutely top tier one.

Nick 0:45
slapping beefs.

Unknown 0:47
Oh, yeah, definitely slap this. Like rocky out there. Yeah, no, you didn’t get that?

Kalvin 0:53
No, I guess

Kalvin 0:56
just in case you know

Unknown 1:00
We will not be covering Notorious BIG verse Tupac. We did a whole episode on Notorious BIG sometime in 2018. go listen to that, or 2019 go listen to that instead. Yeah, yeah, we, we went pretty deep into big impact there. So I don’t think we need to revisit that now. Because we just say the same things. Yeah, pretty much.

Nick 1:26
Biggest thing is better. That’s what we settled on. So you guys know, I mean, other than the fact that we established so fuck, yeah.

Unknown 1:37
So we’re going to run through we have eight different beefs. We’re going to go back and forth with who introduces it and kind of talks about it. And we’re going to start at the wackest and work our way up to the best.

Nick 1:49
Oh, hell yeah.

Unknown 1:51
Because we want to get these whack ones out of the way first yet

Unknown 1:54
has a fucking whack that away.

Unknown 1:57
So speaking whack, start right.

Unknown 2:00
Let’s start with a whack. Attack.

Unknown 2:03
Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack attack.

Unknown 2:09
Bow Wow verse Soulja Boy.

Unknown 2:12
The best of the best. Let me just give it a slow golf clap. Because Sir, this is not just a classic. It’s classy.

Unknown 2:21
It Oh yeah, this was one that I followed at the time,

Unknown 2:26
because I’ve always really liked bow. And

Unknown 2:28
you have always really liked I have and always put them out

Unknown 2:31
there and when I was 13 lobello like We’re the same age so I started listening to little bow and he was 13 I just kind of grew with him and he’s not great and I get that but I’ll ride for him whenever. So in 2009 he and soulja boy went at it and I just I it was very entertaining to watch. I didn’t care who was winning or doing better. It was just a very funny thing to see. It started in February of 2009. And they had just in December of 2008. They had just recorded a song together Marco Polo. Which great jam. Great Summer Jam. No, Marco Polo, Marco Polo, Marco. Great song. Check it out. It’s not very good.

Unknown 3:17

Unknown 3:18
So Soulja Boy uploads a video to his YouTube account after buying a new Lamborghini and issued a challenge to bow out of racing for his car.

Unknown 3:28
He’s like, bro, you’re on the fast in the furious. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown 3:32
well, yeah, he was tokyo drift.

Unknown 3:34
Yes, that still counts.

Unknown 3:35
So Bella took umbrage with this. To soldier boys remarks, he filmed a clip of himself and his own Lamborghini, disparaging Soulja Boy his own pricey car before issuing his own challenge back on Soulja Boy to race him which, like, if somebody challenges you to a race, you can’t be like, no, I challenge you to a race, bitch. He said he said the same thing.

Unknown 3:56
In the same car to like

Unknown 4:00
Cars better.

Unknown 4:01
Again, this was super entertaining to watch. It might have started a little earlier, because there was like an interview with Soulja Boy where he claimed NAS had killed hip hop and bow then released a freestyle with the line. I would never disrespect NAS. I’m not Soulja Boy. So I bow I’ll kind of call them out there but it really started with the uploading of the videos.

Unknown 4:24
Do this something I learned is these rap beef start over the Amish Amish shit.

Unknown 4:29
Yes, absolutely. And yeah, we’ll be covering the gamut of dumb shit that starts rap battles. So this one there wasn’t a whole lot of rapping involved in this beef. No, but neither there were there were a couple of freestyles on YouTube. Bow is pretty good when he wants to be like if he if he puts the time in and tries to be he can be pretty good. It’s soldier boys not sorry boys now, but this was mostly like a YouTube talking Battle there were maybe two freestyle all the videos are gone from YouTube as far as I could tell every like article that I read on it, like had links to videos that none of the links worked anymore. So it’s kind of been erased from existence but so this wasn’t so much was rap beef it was should a YouTube video beef the wackiest insult I heard is not even an insult soulja boy could not pronounce guyardo which are Lamborghini guyardo ga Ll AR do it’s Italian. And throughout his video challenging bow he kept calling it a go Largo with a with a hard g in there, which doesn’t exist in the actual word. That’s why it says I’ve heard it. Well. I’ve heard it as Gallardo with a with a D. But not he was saying the Largo with it with a GGALARG. Oh,

Unknown 5:53
see, I feel like I’ve heard that other rap songs but

Unknown 5:57
it’s a Gallardo, GA Ll, a R. do so so they pronounce they pronounced the L’s you know they don’t they don’t accent the L’s but they say it with a D so he just kept like 15 times throughout his video said the Largo really sounded stupid and so bow calls him out on his next video on that which I it was just funny to see him there and then I was just like you can’t even pronounce it you don’t you don’t deserve to drive one of these

Unknown 6:29
so Soulja Boy his initial response after bow came back at him was he was saying that bows Lambo was actually rented not owned by balla which I guess this is the original challenge

Unknown 6:42
that might have some credence it’s it’s not the first well it would have been the first time

Unknown 6:48
but yeah, in more recent memory, you know, bow has been known to to lie about his status and things which, you know, whatever.

Unknown 6:57
Let’s clarify here. That dude is been busted two times that I know of and I don’t even follow it closely one standing next to a taller woman, instead of just being like, you know, I’m sure dog you know live with it because I’m rich. And then the my wallet.

Unknown 7:17
Yeah, stand up my wallet I’d be taller than check so like just do that bow.

Unknown 7:22
Yeah, I mean, why the fuck? Would you even buy a private plane or anything like that a private jet that’s just super big waste of money. But saying you’re flying a private jet and then flying class. Yeah, commercial. That that’s a bold faced lie.

Unknown 7:39
That’s funny.

Unknown 7:41
So yeah, it’s not, you know, there’s a history of our maybe not being but from my knowledge of Allah. He’s driven Lamborghinis. Like, since he could drive like that was his thing. And like he’s been making music since he was 10. I think he has enough money to buy a Lamborghini

Unknown 7:57
and also

Unknown 7:59
and That point because like, he was still only like 18 he couldn’t or I guess it was like 20 he couldn’t piss it all away yet. Oh, by now he could have when he’s writing commercial and taking pictures of private jets, but you know, whatever. So Bow Bow response to that one in his video with like his actual pink slip which he flashes so fast he can’t read it, obviously. So here it is inside his house, and then he kind of walks around and points out all the other cool shit that he owns. Like he’s on MTV Cribs.

Unknown 8:32
Not on MTV Cribs. That’s an Ocelot made it pisses everywhere. I’ll give a fuck.

Unknown 8:38
So when we get Soulja Boy coming out, this is the beginning of Twitter to like the I think this is why I followed it so much because it’s early Twitter days. I was an early adapter of Twitter. I’m following both of them on Twitter. So I see all this stuff going on on Twitter because not a lot of people using Twitter at the time. So Soulja Boy on Twitter, hashtag Listen, bitch add Chris Brown and bow followers to And you still ain’t halfway fucking with me lol but alright cool I mean yeah, bowels been around a lot longer nice old boy and way better at like just talent and things.

Unknown 9:13
Yeah there were two Soulja Boy songs that I can remember. I remember any battle songs but I remember like Mike and that’s what really matters.

Unknown 9:21
I think like on my whole listing of music which is 30,000 songs or something, you know, I probably have six Soulja Boy songs and pray 30 bow songs so

Unknown 9:36
you are

Unknown 9:39
a soldier boy.

Unknown 9:40
So you know the bow says the only reason Soulja Boy is it even in rap is because of him which I mean true.

Unknown 9:47
Is that true? I yeah, like

Unknown 9:50
bow I’ll pave the way for any young rapper. rapping right.

Unknown 9:57
graded disagree on that one. Really.

Unknown 10:00
soulja boy would exist if lowbrow didn’t exist.

Unknown 10:03
Fuck yeah, cuz as long as there’s dumb teenagers, they’ll be

Unknown 10:06
dumb rappers like Yeah, but somebody had to be the first dumb teenager to rap to other dumb teenagers.

Unknown 10:12
She wasn’t it. So how does one come up? Wasn’t it YouTube? Yeah, like I’m pretty sure it was one of the first I would think Craig that Yeah,

Unknown 10:20
yeah. He’s I remember that was like our theme song. For my freshman year in high school on the football team. We had this one kid that was like six nine. Yeah, very loud. You’d always be like you and then just destroy kid was it? Yeah, but yeah. Maybe

Unknown 10:39
we like my friends and I liked that song. We just run around yelling at each other. Soulja Boy was good for like memorable courses. You know, he was a good meme rapper.

Unknown 10:53
Again, that shorts, shorts for top notch.

Unknown 10:58
So let’s talk about how it ended. Who actually won? I gotta say, No really oneness, it just like kind of fizzled out because, again, I’m pretty sure I was the only person paying attention to this

Unknown 11:10
rat beef. Yeah, I mean, probably their moms and stuff other than the two of them

Unknown 11:15
and their immediate family and me and my, my other friend, like, we’re the only ones paying attention. And we were just paying attention to make fun of it because it was hilarious every time. One of them would upload a new video to watch. It was one of those things that like you could tell they were just trying to promote themselves because they both had albums coming up, and they didn’t really care about hurting each other’s feelings or anything. They’re just clearly like, I bet if we start going after each other people buy more of our albums. I don’t think it worked.

Unknown 11:44
I mean, someone had to buy

Unknown 11:46
again, I bought the bow one. I’ll say

Unknown 11:49
that there you

Unknown 11:50
Well, I downloaded that one. Oh, my God. I hope you know I already called gut. I didn’t say it legally. I said I downloaded it. Back then no one download it

Unknown 12:03
legally Are you seriously it would take like nine days

Unknown 12:08
if I had to had to pick a winner it’s probably bad wow just one because I like him better and to because at this point in our life I feel like he’s more relevant than Soulja Boy. Agree looking at back at it 10 years later like if he said something about soulja boy he’s it’s a punch line. I mean bow is for the most part too but like bow still on TV, he’s been in movies he’s been in shows he’s he’s still kind of making music soulja boy has done like literally nothing since 2011.

Unknown 12:37
No, and he came out with that game system that literally was a carbon copy of the point of the switch, wasn’t it? PLP or something?

Unknown 12:47
It looked like a PSP, but like, have you ever have you ever used the wish app? Yes. Have you ever seen like they advertise like the 256 video games and one it’s always a picture of Mario on it. You’re like, Oh, I can get This for 12 bucks and play Mario handheld. Yeah, and it’s not actually I bought one of those it’s not actually that that’s what Soulja boy’s console was. or his his video game system. So I mean one

Unknown 13:10
of those with his name on it. He’s an entrepreneur. It was like the Soulja Boy get it. Yeah, that’s it again. I’m like a 28 year old call myself.

Unknown 13:23
Yeah, I get it.

Unknown 13:24
Do you do you Yeah,

Unknown 13:26
I got I get it. Just me if anybody else has any other thoughts on who won bow or Soulja Boy if anyone else actually paid attention to it. Hit us on Twitter at APA something at alone underscore

Unknown 13:37
podcast. how’s it gonna say did you

Unknown 13:40
got it? Just alone on it. You need to change your Twitter handle just alone underscore

Unknown 13:45
and I’ll get it every time then.

Unknown 13:46
And then I’ll just change it to add alone. And I’ll say it here in my overtime.

Unknown 13:54
Alright, let’s, I I don’t have anything else to say about Soulja Boy yet. They’re both irrelevant vows on like a bt reality show right now. That’s it. So he’s the winner by default. Damn, the channel still exists. That’s crazy as far as I know.

Unknown 14:12
Yeah. All right. I mean, I’ll go with that.

Unknown 14:14
All right, what do you got for your first whack beef?

Unknown 14:16
Do this one is really stupid. Oh, yeah, this was back in the sweet old days. 2004 Oh, and that’s a Nelly versus cheney.

Unknown 14:30
The band aid versus a guy named Charlie. Yeah, right The

Unknown 14:37
both of those both those guys are basically the same person in my book. It will

Unknown 14:43
cut your hammer. Come on now.

Unknown 14:45
Yeah, I mean, we had this discussion about Instagram but you think it’s the best rap song of all time? Don’t you? The Best Rap Album? Yes. Okay. Okay. But anyways,

Unknown 14:55
I wouldn’t say country remember the song is the best rap song, but it’s pretty fucking good.

Unknown 15:00
Now just splitting hairs, bro.

Unknown 15:02
It’s way better than right tire or Holiday Inn.

Unknown 15:06
I don’t know. I’m chillin at the Holiday Inn.

Unknown 15:10
It’s true with

Unknown 15:11
Snoop Dogg and ludicrous. I’ve never stayed at a holiday and this is why

Unknown 15:18
you haven’t stayed to see say that until the holiday. Exactly, bro.

Unknown 15:22
But anyway chinky He’s an uppercut up and comer in St. Louis, which is pretty close to home five Main St. Louis. Yeah, and St. Louis. But if you say like that, you might get punched in the mouth around there. And just, I mean, orphan G or if you’re King, I mean, ci and cheevers Nelly like, epitomizes the Finnick Enos of St. Louis, but you know, here’s an up and comer Nelly took him under his wing, like a like a straight up leader like a G. And chinky of course was just like, bro, you’re taking all the limelight. I’m not getting the fame and The respect that I deserve it had nothing to do with the fact she fucking sucked. Nothing at all, and that Nelly dropped like two of the hottest albums of all fucking time. And then yeah, Nelly thought he wasn’t getting the same respect from cheney for bringing them into the game. So it was basically like a respect versus respect match like,

Unknown 16:20
yada yada except only one of them actually, at that point in 2045 ish. Only one of them really deserved any respect. And that was no ching ching he had already felt like Timmy was hot in like oh three and then he had already faded by oh five.

Unknown 16:34
I remember the name Chinni but I don’t really remember shit about Chinni

Unknown 16:40
I had both his first two albums I bought them actually like actual CDs.

Unknown 16:46
The first one I if you’re listening.

Unknown 16:50
The first one I I liked I liked most of the songs on but again it’s 2003 am

Unknown 16:57
14 years old. 2002 maybe You know, it was like eighth grade. Yeah. Right. 1314 years old, not great taste. And then I bought the second one I liked like three songs on it. And and even that that was still like bad taste songs, but like, they’re kind of bangers, but they weren’t good music. Yeah.

Unknown 17:17
I mean, I can remember Sutent sweat coming out. I don’t remember when those came out exactly. But it was.

Unknown 17:27
Oh 405 it was my junior high school. I remember that.

Unknown 17:30
I remember I got both those. Both those CDs in the neck flew down to see my mom.

Unknown 17:35
I got sweat. I didn’t get to slow jams. So chance was

Unknown 17:41
my my stepsister listen to that like crazy. So I mean, it was kind of something that was just used to, but I left them on a goddamn airplane. By accident and back then, you know, CDs were like 1995 and I was a kid so yeah, man, I’m fucking out. But that should say something if I own those two albums, and either literally have never fucking had a single song in my library by cheney. I think that kind of you know says a lot but they this was some petty shit this was like just barely a step above Soulja Boy bow. Mostly for the fact

Unknown 18:18
because there are a little more relevant.

Unknown 18:19
Yeah, and the fact that Nellie didn’t really respond all that much like I felt like it was more a chihuahua bite neta fucking Siberian Husky.

Unknown 18:29
Yeah, chickie, chickie punching up and Nelly just be like, whatever.

Unknown 18:32
Yeah, and I mean some of the shit that cheney was going in on like, Natalie’s a liar. He’s a goddamn fucking liar. Mostly because he’s an adjuster, just like it

Unknown 18:47
but Nellie claim the phrase dirty or however the fuck he says Bernie.

Unknown 18:55

Unknown 18:57
you know, cheney was out here saying that they’ve been saying it forever. Nellie shouldn’t have a claim to it, but I would have never heard of it. I’m guessing most of modern you know Middle America would have never heard of anyone saying it like that if not for Nellie. No,

Unknown 19:11
absolutely not. Because it because hot in her came before right there.

Unknown 19:17
That tree and that was a banger.

Unknown 19:20
Yeah, having her absolutely bang. I mean, right there it was to her what it was but

Unknown 19:26
hers. I mean,

Unknown 19:28
I’m just kidding, like, Jason, do they play that at every school dance? All the way through senior year, I went to a Catholic school so we weren’t asking anyone to take off all their clothes at school dances. Oh, hell no. I went to a public school and people were basically doing it on the dance. Yeah. I was not one of those people.

Unknown 19:48
disrespectful and disgusting with

Unknown 19:51

Unknown 19:52
Yeah, yes, should be ashamed of yourselves. That’s why I wore four

Unknown 19:55
pairs of underwear because I’m not a fucking center.

Unknown 20:00
And then I told all

Unknown 20:02
that guy and that guy, a

Unknown 20:04
macro and that guy over there. Look at him just having so much fun listening to Nelly.

Unknown 20:12
Oh my god, believe it. He’s from the Dirty South

Unknown 20:15
from the Dirty South. He’s from St. Louis. That’s not the south or the North,

Unknown 20:20
guys the dirt South the dar not actually the South is the dirt itself,

Unknown 20:25
despite the skim milk of the South. There you go.

Unknown 20:31
It’s lying about being this. Are there

Unknown 20:36
any actual insults thrown? I know of one I wanted to see if you pick this up in your research.

Unknown 20:41
I mean, I really, I didn’t really find a whole lot of insult other than she kept calling Nellie a fucking liar.

Unknown 20:48
Yeah, I didn’t. This was another one that didn’t happen a lot on the mic. It was like chigan interviews talking a lot of shit. And this one I didn’t even realize was going on until like 2006 I caught this thing on pH one that’s like, going over rap battles, right. Basically what we’re doing right now are rap beefs. And it mentioned melian chinky. So I sat and watched it. And I’m like, Oh, I didn’t know that was going on. So there’s one song on sweat. I remember what song it was off top my head, but Nelly, directly calls out cheney. And that’s like the only track from either of them that actually directly calls either one mountain that’s why these ones are wack because then they don’t happen. You know, on wax, when we get to some of the better ones will see that there are just punches being thrown left and right on the mic, which is great. Oh, yeah. So he says, I like the way you do that right there. Just remember why you do that right there. So he’s, he’s basically saying what you said is like, okay, you can do what you’re doing, but remember that it was me that that brought St. Louis to the forefront. So you Ching, you need to respect me and stop going on interviews. And calling me a little bitch.

Unknown 22:02
Yeah, no shit.

Unknown 22:03
So how did this one and who who would you claim the champion if you could claim one? Pretty sure we know the answer.

Unknown 22:10
I’m gonna have to go with Nelly. I mean, he mostly pumped out chigi throughout just with the status in the game. And you know, he had a cousin who named in j going with Michael Jordan, they gotta be fuckin related, you know, the proximity and everything. But he basically raised chinky since he was six and you know, there there was a little talking and they resolved the problem and then in Oh, six, I’m guessing is terms of the you lose, you know, piece of paper, whatever he signed paperwork to end on us, right I mean, that’s the prior get this paperwork right her for you to sign but

Unknown 22:51
but he had to go out and basically publicly admit, yeah, the beef beef is done. You know, it’s all good and It’s all good.

Unknown 23:01
That was something I learned through the research here. They always end the beef by like one of them is on some random ass interview is just like Yeah, yeah, he won. It’s over.

Unknown 23:11
Yeah, you know, we set we settled. It was two. were cool. I mean, he’s my he’s the Godfather, my son, you know,

Unknown 23:19
we’re all right. No, I remember why I do that right there. Yeah, I mean, as she was just bad for him like he was like, fine. His first album they just went downhill real quick. Sorry, I can imagine where Nelly was like, nearly went downhill fast once he went downhill but those those first two albums are like certified bangers

Unknown 23:42
and he knew he had like seven or eight years that he was really fuck man. We just hired a guy at work. Couple weeks ago. He got we already fired but that dude listen to the Nelly all day every day of shit you got every time I saw his phone, there’s fucking Nelly in the background. I mean,

Unknown 24:00
So, country grammar we’ve discussed at length Nelly Ville, great album, Air Force ones top tier song any day of the week, and I heard we discussed a sweat suit holds up. It’s not great, but it holds up. Sweat suit is on level with like Jenny’s first album, and it’s probably even better than that still.

Unknown 24:21
Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of bangers on those album. Yeah.

Unknown 24:25
And then like, that’s when after that he kind of started fizzling out a little bit, but he could still bring it when he needed to.

Unknown 24:32
I mean, he’s from the south.

Unknown 24:34
Yeah, I don’t know that he could ever

Unknown 24:36
bring it if you needed to. It means changing everything a little bit.

Unknown 24:43
I guess so. Yeah. Let’s move on to the next one. This is our last of the whack beefs. 50 cent verse Rick Ross. And oh, wait through like it’s still going on.

Unknown 24:56
That doesn’t surprise me.

Unknown 24:58
These two have to graduate. whatever they can to stay relevant. So March 2008 50 cent compliments Rick Ross on his number one album during an interview, but also warns him not to stand too close to Fat Joe, who was feuding with him and G unit at the time, alluding that the friend of my enemy is an enemy. During the 2008 bt awards, Rick Ross saw 50 cent and did not like the way it looked at him. 50 cent later claimed that he doesn’t remember Rick Ross even being at the award show.

Unknown 25:26
So boom, beef boom, we got beef 5250 is great. It be funny to say that

Unknown 25:34
he he really is but she didn’t really bring as a gay Well, he had some other struggles mixed into this since this one went on so long. But like as far as Wackness of these go, I I listened to that there were two distracts and then the rest of it happened in like interviews and ancillary shit. So Rick Ross, you know, tried to start off with mafia music which was actually a song on his Real album and then 50 cent comes in response called officer Ricky that was just like a freestyle that he put out on his website.

Unknown 26:08
Officer Ricky

Unknown 26:11
50 cent is just such a better rapper than Rick Ross. And like even in the small sample it shows through.

Unknown 26:18
Rossi even isn’t even that good.

Unknown 26:22
Well get Richard Tranghese very good it’s a great I don’t know

Unknown 26:26
we’ll get to that one to that shit we’re not on get Richard I tried yet in 2008 like this is 57 is pretty much completely fallen off and Rick Ross is kind of at the top of his game right now.

Unknown 26:35
He really was so

Unknown 26:37
Rick Ross gave that track everything he could and it’s still absolute garbage. I do not like Rick Ross I think he’s terrible. But on you know on 50 track officer Ricky he takes time to address mafia music Ross’s song he plays on Ross’s terrible writing scheme where he often rhymes Ross with boss with boss again and then Ross and they throw is called in there and then boss again like he is runs aren’t very unique or intelligent. No he does. And he takes time to take shots at DJ Kaledin little way. And so just to kind of further put my point home with Rick Ross on mafia music, he rhymes roof with roof in the first verse, and then he follows that up by stacking on top of roof rhyming with roof proof. Then proof again in the next line. So in his first like five lines, he Ryan’s roof roof proof.

Unknown 27:35
Rick Ross, the fucking boss. Check out my sauce. It’s you at a loss. Yeah, you had a lot of what it costs in you know, it’s because I’m a boss. He has one good verse that I’ve ever fucking light and Kanye album.

Unknown 27:54
Which ones that

Unknown 27:57
was a monster. I think he was a monster, wasn’t he?

Unknown 28:01
No my my dark and beautiful Twisted Fantasy buckets, right? Yeah, I’m thinking the song is monster though. It might be. I don’t recall but that’s a decent verse and it’s like six minutes into the song.

Unknown 28:14
Though it’s a devil in a blue dress. I think this is a song. It doesn’t matter.

Unknown 28:19
We’re not going to red dress, red dress,

Unknown 28:21
that might be it. Uh, so he later and this is the line that I want to point out is truly wack. He says I love to pay bills can’t wait to pay rent. Curtis Jackson baby mama ain’t asking for a cent.

Unknown 28:36
I mean, really bad.

Unknown 28:37

Unknown 28:40
Rick Ross out here just talking about how he loves to pay all his bills on time.

Unknown 28:46
Right, right at the beginning of the month. And then you know, he calls out he’s so basically he’s saying that 50 cents x doesn’t want anything to do with 50 cent anymore. He’s like her. He should He’s not asking for a cent or 50 cent you know, just like Curtis Jackson bait markers Jackson 50 cent it’s it’s really convoluted and starts off real stupid with the I love to pay bills bit

Unknown 29:12
yeah no shit

Unknown 29:14
I think that really threw me off otherwise I might have been like, you know that has a little depth to it. But it’s it’s almost borderline so Dom as I can

Unknown 29:23
Yeah, it’s right so just some highlights because it’s been going on so long so I want to go over some highlights from in 2009 after Mafi music had dropped January 29 50 cent response to Ross with officer Ricky and it says back in 2008 details and a photo surfaced of Ross’s 818 month stint as a correctional officer which is why 50 titled The song officer Ricky so he’s playing off of this like Rick Ross thinks he’s this drug mafioso but really he was a correction officer for some time. Which is the opposite of a drug mafioso?

Unknown 30:03
Just about I mean that are being a judge like those were pretty close together. Yeah.

Unknown 30:08
So then January 30. The next day Rick Ross calls into Angela ease lip service radio show on shade 45 in spoke on 15 officer Ricky. He didn’t hold back his thoughts saying that he was in disbelief that this was the song he came back with. He even gave 5048 hours to come back with something short. Like, I listened to both the songs officer Ricky destroys whatever Rick Ross was doing. I’m sorry.

Unknown 30:32
Rick Ross is using the Trump method. I bet he is bad, then it’s terrible.

Unknown 30:38
It’s terrible. You gotta come up with something better. I don’t have to come up with some better you did a bad job. You need to come up with something better.

Unknown 30:43
Yeah, mine’s amazing as it is. I didn’t say you never said you didn’t like mine.

Unknown 30:49
So then January 31 2009 50 cent responds with video upload and titled warning shot. He mentioned that he doesn’t remember seeing Ross the BT awards, but he accepts the beef. So it’s on now January 31. 2009 officially beef is started. He also states that Ross could be doing this for publicity, but he chose the wrong adversary, and that he planned to ruin his life for the fun of it is also also

Unknown 31:10
doing this for publicity.

Unknown 31:13
Absolutely. So, this is this is what I like. 50 also releases the first officer Ricky cartoon, and he would continue to release them weekly on Saturdays. Let’s do that here picking the Saturday morning cartoons.

Unknown 31:27
Like the best when it comes to Beasley

Unknown 31:30
I’m going to skim over it but like he kept doing it every week. I’m not gonna mention all the times that he released them but like as I was going through this timeline, it was like and 50 releases the next episode and we

Unknown 31:41
kept going over this

Unknown 31:41
cartoon that he created, which is great man, the spoken word.

Unknown 31:45
So and here’s where it gets serious. March 12 2009. Still 50 cent released a trailer for a sex tape that features Rick Ross’s child’s mother was Stoney 11 stun 1550 brought bought the tape from Estonians foreign boyfriend after they broke up. 17th 50 keeps his promise and releases the 13 minutes I state like that. That’s harsh. That’s pretty bogus. leasing a sex tape of somebody else’s ex with another dude.

Unknown 32:11
And the fact that only lasted 13 minutes so she, I mean, that says a lot about

Unknown 32:15
but it wasn’t.

Unknown 32:17
It wasn’t her with Rick Ross It was a sex tape of her and a different boyfriend.

Unknown 32:21
That’s what I’m saying. There’s no sex tape of Rick Ross in her, but it’s a sex tape of her and this fella. So I’m going to go out and assume that, you know his 30s she wasn’t

Unknown 32:31
on stage with him.

Unknown 32:32
Yeah, I mean, so he’s really fat. As he

Unknown 32:39
releases this, he also overdubs with his own bass voice adding his own commentary not only attacking Ross, but also demeaning and degrading, Estonia. Are you sure? He actually

Unknown 32:51
Oh my god, can you still find this other?

Unknown 32:54
Probably not because every lawsuit around it doesn’t say the lawsuit.

Unknown 32:57
Yeah, I might have to fucking watch Because I think it’s fair pieces should look good.

Unknown 33:05
So April 20, Ross releases the trailer for a song called blood. The video was released the next day depicting a mock funeral for 50 men may 20 Tia Kemp, who’s another one of Ross’s ex girlfriends and baby mamas release the tell all book surrounding her life and relationship with Rick Ross titled diary deeper than rap clarity truth and exposure and like 50 cent back to her the whole time like she’s promoting this book and doing everything like 50 cents like right over her shoulder like Yeah,

Unknown 33:32
get her book is walking glory

Unknown 33:37
Oh, we’re not done yet. That’s only 2009 so 2010 2011 we get some minor jabs from back and forth and interviews and things like that. Ross suffers a couple seizures and 50 cents kind of nice about He’s like, you know, he needs to get his health in order blah blah blah. He’s not going to attack the man who’s sick. Good for 50

Unknown 33:53
Fuck I want to go on after Rick Ross so our man piece of shit yeah, you like That also says you’ve gotten in weeks fat boy not

Unknown 34:05
like an asshole just say it, even though Yes,

Unknown 34:09
so come September 29 2012 double MTS gunplay double MTG is Rick Ross’s rap label if anyone cares. So it MMG is gunplay and members of 50 Cent’s entourage got no minors couple backstage at the BT awards. Rick Ross was around at the time, October 10 50 cent and spotted bowling in gun plays MMG chain that he lost during the altercation at the BT awards, so somebody snatched his chain and 50 cents out there wearing it and also wearing it in a music video.

Unknown 34:39
Damn. That’s that’s pretty. Yeah, that’s ballsy.

Unknown 34:43
Moving into 2013 Jared 2850 cent mocks Rick Ross on Twitter. The day after his car crashed into a building while being shot at fat boy hit the building. It looks staged to me. No bullet holes in the car.

Unknown 35:00
crashed car into a building 50s got something to say have a seizure. No word.

Unknown 35:04
I should lose face to bank to me dog. I don’t know. She looks like

Unknown 35:09
so then on November 5 during a visit with The Breakfast Club, Rick Ross calls the 50 beat buffoonery. So he’s over at this point, which again, this is Rick Ross’s career in 2013 is nothing to write home about anymore. Yeah, and then nothing really happens in 2014 2015 they come back. TMZ obtains a lawsuit that shows 50 Cent’s attempting to sue Rick Ross, blaming him for leaking the sex tape and that he simply posted it to his website. He demands that any money must be paid Ross and his camp should handle the bulk of it. Basically, this stemmed from Ross’s ex suing 50 cent so now 50 cents, basically suing Rick Ross saying it’s his fault that it got released. So if he loses the suit to the ex Ross would actually have to pay. Now that panned out 50 cent loss the lawsuit to the accent had to pay her on lot of

Unknown 36:00
money, a shitload of money because I’m pretty sure he was broke after this.

Unknown 36:05
And then in October during a string of interviews while promoting his new album Rick Ross discussed his rivalry 50 cent and almost every stop commenting on 15 ongoing bankruptcy issues get Richard died try now you bankrupt he said during an interview with Angie Martinez. And then December 10 50 cent abruptly stops his interview with P dice a former Remy boy to mock Ross’s album sales for black market. 34,000. Is that rock or a brick? He says. In 2016, we get some more. January Rick Ross tells Rolling Stone that he’s the biggest el 50 cent ever took, which at this point, I don’t know that 50 Cent’s taking the hell? No,

Unknown 36:45
no, I mean, he went bankrupt though. So there’s that.

Unknown 36:49
We, it’s hard.

Unknown 36:52
I never heard Rick Ross talking about how much money dude, where’s tracksuits all the time. He’s like a fucking slob. That’s your

Unknown 37:00
Then last thing I’ve got is in January 50 response to the Rolling Stone interview with posts on Instagram, where a hyena is carrying the head of a separate deer with the caption, when it’s all said and done, I will have his head I said I was going to talk less and do more this year, watch it play. Then, like nothing really happened

Unknown 37:18
was that that’s like the most violent thing he’s insinuated so far, nine years after, as

Unknown 37:25
well. And so it’s still pretty much ongoing and never really ended. It’s gotten heated at times, I mean, throwing people’s exes and sex tapes out there. That’s some pretty hard shit. But it never really felt like it mattered the way you know, some of the ones later on this list mattered as far as rap goes, because like Rick Ross is just garbage. And 50 cent was already on his way out of being relevant. Yeah, so it always felt like it was kind of in the background. I mean, when

Unknown 37:54
life of a rap artist is a short as a running back in the NFL, in regards to relevancy. You know, they come and go pretty quickly.

Unknown 38:03
And, you know, I’d like to say 51 because like he’s just better. So definitely, definitely had the upper hand early on. But at the same time, it’s hard not to say that last one. Because throughout this whole time 50 cent went bankrupt. He had to pay out all these damages rosses X for the sex tape, and like Rick Ross’s label kept growing and growing and signing better and better rapidly. They signed the mill they signed ya. They’ve got a lot of good people on that rap label, whereas 50 cent is going downhill and Rick Ross as a rapper is not necessarily going uphill, but his label at least is and that’s money in his pocket.

Unknown 38:45
50 is better, but Ross probably came out on top. I don’t know he’s gonna I’m guessing 50 has a large stake and Shady Records are

Unknown 38:56
now that’s all m&ms he tried to do is I think he tried to make his own

Unknown 39:01
g unit radio or some shit?

Unknown 39:02
No Eminem was part of the unit who are he helped start g unit? Well yeah, he helped start them.

Unknown 39:09
I don’t know I’m sure he’s invested in in mo

Unknown 39:11
vitaminwater, man vitaminwater

Unknown 39:15
Alright, so let’s move on to our middle ground beef. So we got two here we got one.

Unknown 39:19
You start us out. I’m gonna I’m gonna move through this beef pretty quickly. It’s not a deep one. No, this was way back in the time before time, aka 2003 and it was you know a couple couple rappers from the the third coast as I say that was a term I I came across which I thought was pretty neat. It’s ti verse little flip. And I don’t know who the fuck little flip is I know the flipping game over. Now you talk a little flip, flip, flip. I’ve just that little bit that you just said made me want to scratch my face. Just hard.

Unknown 39:59
You want to watch them. vt in 2002 man I

Unknown 40:02
I was probably still watching Dragon Ball Z anyway ti took this shit way too far he was going hard as fuck this but from the get go

Unknown 40:15
this is another one where ti is a really really good rapper and little flip is a really really not

Unknown 40:19
good rapper non ti just goes fucking bananas he’s not as clever or as good as he is when it comes to decision will put out but I guess a little flip was basically saying you know tell ti is Game Over during a show in Atlanta when you know a little flip was asking the crowd who’s the king of the south and they started yelling at him. Yeah, but when T i was in fucking jail, you gotta be bad if your crowds just like yeah, rules from Jay.

Unknown 40:50
I mean, he’s in Atlanta, which is ti city. Yeah and ti had already claimed himself King at the South. Being from Atlanta and little clip is from Houston which isn’t the same kind of South like this The South but Houston Atlanta

Unknown 41:05
aren’t the same thing. Houston and Atlanta are two entirely different world Yeah.

Unknown 41:10
little flip can’t go into Atlanta and expect a warm welcome in the middle of a beef with the you know, one of the best rappers out of Atlanta.

Unknown 41:19
I mean that’s his that’s how dumb this motherfucker is that I mean, I don’t know maybe that incited ti to go absolutely bananas. But he just he spouted off he’s like anytime he was on TV or being recorded like an interview or something. He basically went after little flip like some of the wackest should I took a specific like entire paragraph but at the end of it is really where you see the Wackness of ti come out. And he goes us a sucker man. You sweet on the inside and even sweeter on the outside. I’m letting I have not letting up on your ass Boy, you should. Try me man. I gotta shut you down pimp. You have been faking for entirely too long. The Game over. Yes, the game is over for you that is that shit is wack as fuck. I’m saying a supervillain like that’s a god damn that’s the penguin and Gotham I’m saying in T eyes anytime you got on the fucking mic he’s saying shit like that, you know like he’s sitting in his you know his jail cell because he was on work release for a lot of this sitting there lucky. Yeah that sounds tight. That sounds good. Yeah yeah Game Over Uh huh. That is pitch game over for you

Unknown 42:40
look at the size of my hands are huge.

Unknown 42:44
Adam and I mean little flip for you know, his position he really didn’t do a whole lot. He didn’t retaliate because I didn’t think he had a medium to retaliate on like he made music about it. And, you know, talk shit and interviews, but no one really cared.

Unknown 43:06
Now, this was another one that like, I liked ti during this time and I liked a couple things from little flip at the time. And I didn’t really know what was going on. It was another one that I caught on that VH one special about rap beefs. And I was like, Oh, that was going on, then I’d look into and I was like, okay, that’s

Unknown 43:21
Yes. Yeah. See, I killed him. Okay, pretty, pretty much and the ending of it is even funnier, because ti went on the radio. And he was basically like, I’m gonna come to a little Phillips neighborhood and expose them as broad as he said, he lived in like Ohio or some shit. And then, really soon after that little clip came out and said they had to sit down and talked and clear the air.

Unknown 43:44
sign the paperwork.

Unknown 43:46
Yeah, pretty quickly over and then it came out like a year later, after ti posted a video of it. these motherfuckers apparently met up and just fought. So it’s like okay with that context. Don’t know

Unknown 44:00
that Go Fighting ti

Unknown 44:02
i won’t go fucking fight and ti Yeah,

Unknown 44:06
he’s small and like lean.

Unknown 44:09
Those are the ones I yeah, take it from a guy that spot guys like that that shit sucks. Yeah, they’re wired they have long arms Yeah. And I mean that hurts but he went to jail I don’t remember a little flip going in the other thing yeah any motherfucker that goes to jail and my mind is immediately harder than motherfuckers that didn’t go to jail even the world not had

Unknown 44:30
our little flip rides around and a lucky charm right Range Rover, as he would call it.

Unknown 44:36
Yeah, I mean, he I was going bananas you know blowing up pictures of little flip in a leprechaun costume is that’s how he got noticed on like his first album or some shit.

Unknown 44:46
Yeah, that was like his that was his gimmick. When he first started was like leprechauns and Lucky Charms for the clovers. He tried to start a label called like clover clover label or some shit like that? It was bad.

Unknown 45:03
Yeah, I’m guessing everybody felt how I just fell which was I just lost a year of my life was saying that since

Unknown 45:11
go go listen a game over by a little flip. It’s good so

Unknown 45:14
I’m gonna start this label is going to be called Global label

Unknown 45:20
so ready for my middle ground one yeah hit me all right this one will be perfect

Unknown 45:26
so we settled on ti winning that

Unknown 45:27
yeah to win okay well do you know who little flip is?

Unknown 45:31
I mean I do know thank you

Unknown 45:35
did you okay DIY Exactly

Unknown 45:41
So mine is Drake verse Meek Mill and I fucked this up because I really wanted to do Drake beef with push it t were pushing he calls out Drake for literally hiding a child but I thought that it was because it kind of happened that the like one right after the other And I don’t really listen to Drake or Meek Mill or Pusha T in the current day and age so I it was one of these things on the periphery so I thought it was the beef with Meek Mill that led to that line and didn’t realize I was too far gone into this research to that that it was somebody else so next time if we do wrap these Part Two Drake first push it to you will be on there so I can talk about that day. So this one started July 22 2015. With a Meek Mill tweet. He says stop comparing Drake to me too. He don’t write his own raps which that someone called for shit can’t just call people out for not writing their own

Unknown 46:42
raps Yeah, it’s pretty bogus. I was like at the time one of the worst insults next to you know,

Unknown 46:49
well wasn’t cuz.

Unknown 46:54
Well, so Mick says you know if he would have known that Drake didn’t write his first on emails latest album dreams worth more than money. He would have taken off Drake’s first. Other artists, you know backed up meek Mills claim that Drake uses ghost writers. Specifically, he uses this guy named Quinten Miller. But he also credits him so it’s not a ghostwriter. If he credit him on the album, it’s a whole mess of like this intricate. How do you actually write songs thing? And a lot of other artists chimed in like Roscoe dash was out there. Lupe Fiasco Nicki Minaj a lot of people were talking about like, whether or not they use writers and how really it’s just kind of part of the game and not really that big of a deal.

Unknown 47:35
It is. Also nobody wants to be called out on it. I think

Unknown 47:38
Well, yeah, I mean, everyone wants to be you know, entirely responsible for their success like I felt like at the time if you couldn’t didn’t freestyle all your shit. Then you were a booty rapper or like that. That was like the culture at the time. So I mean, that was that was a pretty big insult to say, not only do you have to write your shit, someone else Right, you’re shit.

Unknown 48:02
Exactly. So the two quickly took it off Twitter and got on to the mix, which is great. I liked it when they’re actually rapping in the rap beefs, rather than on Twitter or YouTube videos or interviews. Whatever.

Unknown 48:13
I like cartoons. They’re pretty cool.

Unknown 48:16
Well, yeah, I mean, I’ll still ride for the 50 cent officer Ricky cartoon.

Unknown 48:19
Oh, hell yeah.

Unknown 48:21
They each release several distracts aimed at one another. Drake starts out with charged up weights like a week and nothing comes out. So they released his back to back with probably the best line of the whole thing. Because Meek Mill had been on stage at he’s dating Nicki Minaj. At the time. He’s on stage at one of her concerts on like her world tour. And Drake calls Maddie goes, is that a world tour or your girls tour? I know that you got to be a thug for her. This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.

Unknown 48:52
Which, yeah, that’s rough. It goes right

Unknown 48:54
or not, that’s fire. You know Drake delivers to

Unknown 48:58
so on. When he first released charged up Meek Mill didn’t respond with a with a track right away but he did respond on Twitter he said he said something he’s like I can tell you wrote that though. Because charged up was kind of not very good But back to back was really good. So like meat milk colonizer, I tell you wrote that shitty track, calls up with back to back and then Meek Mill finally responds with a song titled want to know and then Drake performs another song he calls three p at the OBO Fest, and then Drake and future releases joint mixtape mixtape call what a time to be alive with several distance aimed at Meek Mill between both Drake and future. And then finally Meek Mill releases the four out of four EP with pretty much all of them just taking shots at Drake.

Unknown 49:44
Is there four songs? I think so. And they all take shots to drink or get it Yeah, it is very clever and Meek Mill.

Unknown 49:54
So this ended when they publicly reconciled in September 2018 right before The push to one started when Drake brought Meek Mill onto the stage with him in Boston while Drake was on tour and had him you know, wrap a verse within him off of collaboration they had done together.

Unknown 50:13
I really I think I gotta give this one to Drake.

Unknown 50:16
Mean, Drake still around exact like

Unknown 50:19
Meek Mill still around, but nobody gives a shit about him,

Unknown 50:22
right? Hasn’t been in jail, like hasn’t been in jail. He was

Unknown 50:26
no he’s out. He he was in for like, less than a year I think.

Unknown 50:30
Oh, I thought he went back to jail several times. Like No, I don’t think Nick was like a big thing for a while.

Unknown 50:36
Yeah, but it was only like it was one of those things like when ti went to jail in 2008. And when little Wayne went to jail in 2008, like where they were in for like nine months in that out. But Drake Drake had better lines. He had more stuff to throw at Meek Mill and like he said he’s actually still more culturally relevant. Yeah, Meek Mill didn’t stand a chance in this. He’s dating Nicki Minaj at the time who everyone had already assumed. had previously had a relationship with Drake at some point. And Drake is a better rapper. And Nicki Minaj is A Better Rapper like this is just too easy for Drake to take shots at Meek

Unknown 51:10
Mill, right? And Nicki Minaj fucking sucks.

Unknown 51:13
So, but she’s better than Meek Mill. Oh, at least she was hundred percent

Unknown 51:19
still is. Yeah, I don’t know if she’s really still makes music but

Unknown 51:23
still she does. She’s got to be out there with cardi B she had a beef with Iggy Azalea all those will be on part two. All the big booty women

Unknown 51:30
yet just be female rap beats. I’m getting really fucking Where’s Missy Elliott. Oh, missy. Elliott’s ever beef with anyone. She’s too good.

Unknown 51:42
Everybody just like respects her. Like when when a new female rapper comes on. They owe it like Nicki Minaj did it cardi B did it like they all take shots at little Kim. like nobody ever takes shots at Missy Elliott.

Unknown 51:54
Because they know Missy la would fucking murder. That’s true. It’d be great. So you got the crazy eyes for sure. Yeah

Unknown 52:01
Alright so we got three legit ones to go over let’s try and run through them fast but also relish in them because they’re awesome

Unknown 52:08
you can we can spend more time relishing because these are a lot more well known than any of the previous bs we spoken of.

Unknown 52:16
I mean our Soulja Boy wasn’t well known

Unknown 52:21
everybody didn’t take sides and the Nelly cine Battle of 2004

Unknown 52:24
I saw my note my Nelly Nelly thousand for sure in in, you know, my closet is real dirty. It’s dirty boy

Unknown 52:33
Team nelio for

Unknown 52:35
Yeah. And then on the back is a picture of chain in jail where he

Unknown 52:42
was one of those, like the circle of red line through his face.

Unknown 52:45
Yeah, don’t jail, says not there. He’s not there. He’s at his mom’s house. So let’s

Unknown 52:54
talk some legit rap beefs again, there’s no Tupac and Biggie this This was actually before my time, but before my time too, but it’s it’s up there as one of the top five classics easily.

Unknown 53:08
It’s it’s nasty. And that’s, that’s NWA verse Ice Cube back in the ripe days of 1989. And, and it spans to about 1991 and beyond. But I really say it hit its Pinnacle in 1991. So I’m sure you know Straight Outta Compton came out a couple years ago. So pretty much everyone’s got, you know, or at least that would be listening to this episode has a refresher on you know, NWA,

Unknown 53:38
I was how I know about it. I, I didn’t really know I listened to some icecube stuff. I didn’t really listen to NWA before I saw Straight Outta Compton and like that, obviously, they played a lot of the songs throughout the movie. So I was like, Oh, this is actually really good. And I went and downloaded a bunch and you know, I got some of the earlier icecube stuff that I hadn’t listened to.

Unknown 53:58
And ice cube. Really good.

Unknown 54:00
NWA. Oh, do cube was nasty as fuck. He’s a great lyricist. And he’s like fantastic.

Unknown 54:07
Friends good. Easy. He’s fine.

Unknown 54:12
He’s mine Dre his booty

Unknown 54:16
NWA days? Yeah. Ren Ren and cube definitely carried away. But once

Unknown 54:22
Cuba’s gone like that, they couldn’t carry themselves.

Unknown 54:28
And it sucks that they didn’t see that coming because they probably all would have been a lot richer. But cube left NWA, cuz he was feeling like he wasn’t getting paid properly. Compared to easy excellent Paul Giamatti. Yeah, fucking Jerry, punk bitch. And he left the group. You know, he’s going solo. He’s striking out on his own so NWA the remaining members put a disc in the album 100 miles and running. And, you know, cube obviously didn’t really take too kindly to that.

Unknown 54:59
Well left on kind of good terms.

Unknown 55:01
Well, I mean, that’s it. He left him a complete exam is that shit?

Unknown 55:06
Yeah. Not. I mean, Jerry Heller is a piece of shit. And he was not on good terms of Jerry Heller,

Unknown 55:11
but with the rest of NWA like he was fine. Well, it’s because he struck out and started. He was obviously better. Way better way.

Unknown 55:21
Let me just take a pause for a second.

Unknown 55:24
His son

Unknown 55:25
is actually a pretty good actor, too.

Unknown 55:27
He’s a great actor.

Unknown 55:28
Well, he was really good at being icecube and Straight Outta Compton. I’ve seen him in a couple other things and he he can hold his own.

Unknown 55:33
Yeah, he’s not bad at all. He

Unknown 55:37
should shit what’s Denzel Washington something john David Washington, but I would watch O’Shea Jackson Jr. and movies.

Unknown 55:44
Oh, hell yeah. Especially if it’s featured around him playing. You know, ice cube is really good at that. question though. Who came first? Ice Cube or ice tea. Ice cold. That’s come to you today. But anyway, so NWA put out this this booty iasts track. I’m guessing at the direction of fucking Jerry. And then as retaliation, q put out the fucking nastiest song on the face of the earth, like I’ve listened to a couple times I heard it as, as a kid from my cousin. He’s like, Listen to the show, man. It’s unbelievable. You should hear this shit.

Unknown 56:30
This is the point where we have to have the requisite what’s the better diss track?

Unknown 56:37
Nobody Vaseline

Unknown 56:38
or no Vaseline big time? I think so too. And I mean, he he there was enough time. So there was basically like a year and a half I want to say between songs. But no Vaseline came out and it was stunningly clear. Who the fuck he was calling out there was zero question about it. It was fucking loud, proud and really well done. I’m not really a fan. It’s a banger of a song. It’s a banger. Even if you take the end of the context out of it, yeah. And I mean, it’s really it’s got cubes touch all fucking over it. And I mean one of the best insult from it, or one of the best insults from the time and his his rapping and it’s so cube is you looking like straight bozos I saw it coming. That’s why I went solo. You got jealous when I got my own company, but I’m a man and I ain’t nobody humping me. Like that is this is fucking wacky dude. That’s wacky shit. No one’s rapping about no one’s rapping like that anymore. And I thought it was fucking good. So I thought it was good insult it.

Unknown 57:44
were simple rhyme scheme. Exactly. But he uses

Unknown 57:51
$10 words. They’re like $7 words, right?

Unknown 57:53
Not even they’re like

Unknown 57:54
they’re not simple dollar bill words. Yeah, that’s a good way. There. There are Rare words, but they’re either

Unknown 58:02
Yeah, he’s the B word

Unknown 58:05
bozo. And so so right

Unknown 58:08
but i mean the way his that’s what I say to my kid like when I’m being really stupid and we don’t want our kids to say like stupid and don’t like call people stupid and dumb, we say oh, we’re being a bozo so like ice cubes out here doing that and distract 1991

Unknown 58:23
being a bozo shout out ice cube. So I mean, I think with that info cube fucking wins it hands down. Hands down. Oh, yeah, and

Unknown 58:35
sorry good. Did NWA even exist after that?

Unknown 58:39
Will there was that and then I think he made a very good point with most of his raps like, he was attacking Jerry and easy for basically taking more money than the rest of you know, the rest of the crew. And Dre ended up leaving NWA and they basically dissolved after that.

Unknown 58:59
Right well Then easy shortly after contracted aids, and you know, that all went through,

Unknown 59:04
so I mean, he’s fucking dead. There’s that. Dre is a billionaire. And he was in 21 and 22 Jump Street, so and are we there yet? And are we there yet? Which was not good.

Unknown 59:17
I mean, but really he’s also in boys in the hood. He’s also started Friday like built the Friday franchise built the barbershop franchise.

Unknown 59:28
What do you say like that? It’s like, Yeah, he’s pretty fucking real. I think I gotta say Dre is a better businessman, but I think cube is more talented in the show rate in Israel is.

Unknown 59:40
So Dre was better as a producer and running a label. And he figured out how to build a shitty headphone and put a logo on it and charge people a lot of money and then to sell that logo to Apple, which is great like like he said, That’s great business moves. Ice Cube is a better entertainer than anyone else

Unknown 1:00:01
that’s that’s a better way better, better entertainer.

Unknown 1:00:04
So he’s relevant from that standpoint and Dre is relevant from a behind the scenes business standpoint. But NWA as a group, like ice cube killed it. Like nobody even knows who I didn’t know who MC Ren was before watch Straight Outta Compton. Nobody does from you know, that was probably born after 1985 Yeah, absolutely not. But I knew who it was. Right. Exactly. But I think cube wins like to eat this rated NWA. He made Dr. Dre realize that shit is wrong and he needs to move on and Dre moved on to doing better things. Like the chronic is still a classic album. 2001 has some good songs on it. You know, he’s got some good verses on like Eminem and 50 cent tracks. I don’t know that I’d be all in he released a full album, titled Compton in like 2015 it was right before Straight Outta Compton came out.

Unknown 1:00:57
Yeah, Kenya was already there.

Unknown 1:00:59
Yeah. There was very it was very feature heavy. Kendrick Lamar was on it a lot.

Unknown 1:01:07
But the stuff that Dre was doing on it was not very good.

Unknown 1:01:10
No, I mean, he’s he’s was never the greatest rapper, like, you know, he had a good entourage then right. He did very well. And if you if you

Unknown 1:01:19
look at the chronic and the chronic 2001 the best songs are one feature Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

Unknown 1:01:25
Yeah, exactly. That’s kind of what kind of what I was gonna say is the best songs on there are features. Right?

Unknown 1:01:33
So ice cubes the way

Unknown 1:01:35
ice cubes a winner.

Unknown 1:01:36
Alright, so let’s move on to I think it’s my favorite one on the list. Because I liked both of these rappers at the time. That’s it’s hard to say right now, but once I introduce it, yeah, they’re gonna think less of me. 50 cent verse gel rule slash Murder Inc.

Unknown 1:01:57
I really liked your rule in his early days. His early days he was pretty fucking dope. Yeah, it wasn’t a lot of collaborations that were really good too.

Unknown 1:02:07
But this was for me, this was the seminal beef of kind of my formative years. Jay Z and NAS was already pretty much over by the time I got really into rap, but this came in like, right as I started general rule 336 was one of the first rap albums that I had. Besides a little bow beware of dog obviously.

Unknown 1:02:30
Your first rap album,

Unknown 1:02:33
little bow, yeah. Trying to think

Unknown 1:02:37

Unknown 1:02:41
Country grammar would be close. Rule 336 will be closed. Seattle. blueprint was there right around the same time. One of those

Unknown 1:02:54
2001 was a good year, man. But yeah, it was,

Unknown 1:02:57
except for you know, the whole terrorist attack things Yeah,

Unknown 1:03:01
so that was a good year for rat man.

Unknown 1:03:03
Yeah, they thank you for the clip.

Unknown 1:03:10
So yeah, started really in 1999 john rule was robbed first chain at gunpoint and Southside Jamaica queens. While he was filming a music video recording and 50 cent general was incensed after seeing 50 at a club with the man who robbed him 50 would later go on to claim a friend of mine Rob rule. That’s how the beef originally started. My man dropped him for chain and then this guy named brown came and got me got the chain back for job later john saw me in the club with the kid robbed him I want to say what’s up to john and he acted like he had a problem with me, but I’m not I’m not the one who robbed him. To rule claims that the bad blood between them stem from 50 being snubbed by margar by the Margaret crew during a video shoot for a single murder for life. So Got conflicting stories, which is a great start to any rap beat.

Unknown 1:04:03
Oh hell yeah.

Unknown 1:04:06
So just some some highlights.

Unknown 1:04:10
As 50 cent slowly chips away at jahl rules entire existence through the next four years.

Unknown 1:04:19
Get Rich or Die trying is released.

Unknown 1:04:20
Oh, if you don’t if you don’t mention this, I’m gonna have to go keep going.

Unknown 1:04:25
I don’t know. So 50% first releases life’s on the line, which just continually shoots at General immigrant child rule of 50 cent get into a fight in Atlanta at a nightclub where they’re both booked to perform which like, club promoter. Why are you booking these two guys together?

Unknown 1:04:43
Because you want to see them fight? Are you serious? It was fucking jack. I got my money on him for sure.

Unknown 1:04:50
And then 50 cent gets stabbed while recording at the hit factory studio and john and his crew visited 50 in an altercation broke out to ruin Blackstone. Another murdering crew member were arrested after this black child took credit for the stabbing of 50.

Unknown 1:05:05
Which that’s just like an unkillable dude. Jeez. Yeah,

Unknown 1:05:08
absolutely. And and black child taking credit that’s just like a look general. You’re the one with the career. Yeah, you need to stay out. Yes, that one. I got him. I want all the ramen I can eat. You fucking hear me it’s, it’s like when in the NBA sometimes like two people are right around somebody who gets fouled going up for a layup and you know, your teammates got four fouls, so you kind of put your hand up is like I’m the one who found him so you can take that foul form so your other dude doesn’t fall out? That that’s what black child was doing here?

Unknown 1:05:39
Yeah, pretty much

Unknown 1:05:41
does the other guy gives you a better chance to win? Exactly.

Unknown 1:05:44
What he’s the one anyway falling off. I don’t have to. Yeah, so then after that 50 cent releases gangsta which again, straight shot at rule. After descent releases I smell pussy, which later showed up on the G unit album. And then 50 cent releases back down which was later on Get Rich or Die tryin da rule responded at one time after back down released that he releases a song titled loose change. And this is where john rule tries to bring in Dr. Dre and Eminem and Busta Rhymes and he even mentioned m&ms daughter on the track which is not good

Unknown 1:06:22
idea. No,

Unknown 1:06:24
no added nowhere. Let’s just call it m&m Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes let’s get them in. Okay, so 50 Eminem and Busta Rhymes remix to pocs Classic Hail Mary and just all three go after john rule

Unknown 1:06:42
in rock him

Unknown 1:06:44
absolutely destroy him m&m at around the same time releases a diss track titled monkey see monkey do which is taking shots at cha rule. Fat Joe, basically everybody in murder rank also. So now 50s on his own attack of rule and m&m Also on his own attack of general Busta Rhymes just on the Hail Mary remix didn’t do much. General Risa track called gesu shacho which was not very good. And then general releases his next album because in 2001 2002, he had released a real 336 and 2001 Veni, vidi Vici in 99 then rule 336 and 2001 and then paint is love in 2002 all sold like hotcakes like everybody loved them great albums. A lot of collabs with Jennifer Lopez at the time rules doing Oh then in oh three he releases blood my eye with the single track clap back which is straight shot at 15 Mmm. And it’s Pam’s critically and does not sell well in general is officially just like done rapping now.

Unknown 1:07:48
Did he make a song when Nelly Furtado

Unknown 1:07:52
shall rule?

Unknown 1:07:53

Unknown 1:07:56
Timberland did that Yeah.

Unknown 1:07:57
Okay. Things I want to

Unknown 1:08:03
know yet and rule just was not relevant. I mean he appeared in the Fast and Furious but I guess that would have been before he was destroyed there.

Unknown 1:08:11
I mean 15 went out of his way to destroy this cat

Unknown 1:08:18
well I’ve got so for best installed I’ve got the whole first person back down which this all happened before get Richard diatribe and was released and they’re like four songs on get Richard I try and that are just shots at john rule and murdering and then there’s a couple more on the gene album that came out later in the year. I don’t remember the title of it right now. But that it was a 50 Lloyd Banks and Young Buck put out an album together as a unit out.

Unknown 1:08:46
Still, still a good one. I like it. Still one on one. Yeah.

Unknown 1:08:54
Gotta have fun with your rap sometimes.

Unknown 1:08:56

Unknown 1:08:58
So best insult comes. 50 cent clearly not from john rule because he did not like the the shot of m&m about Haley is Loki pretty good but you’re just asking for yourself to get destroyed

Unknown 1:09:11
that’s fucking uncalled for it that’s like Myles Garrett hitting old boy Mason Rudolph over the head with a helmet it’s like yeah this is not called bore that’s but

Unknown 1:09:20
yeah so I won’t the whole first verse of back down because I couldn’t like single out one or two lines and this he just pretty much ends general and all murdering right off the bat and this song I have replaced all mentions of the N word with the word dude should throw that out there

Unknown 1:09:39
hell yeah

Unknown 1:09:42
so 50 goes any living thing that cannot coexist with the kid him must cease existing little dude Now listen, your your mommy your Pappy that Pichu chasing your little dirty ass kids I’ll fucking erase on your success is not enough. You want to be hard knowing that you get not knowing You get knocked to get fucked in the yard use a pop tart sweetheart you soft in the middle I eat you for breakfast then watch the watch was an exchange for your necklace so that’s he’s going back to when they snatched his necklace and your boss is a bitch if he could he would sell his soul for cheap trade his life to be should you can buy cars but you can’t buy respect in the hood maybe I’m so disrespectful cuz to me You’re a mystery. I know dudes from the hood you have no history never put nothing ever pop nothing dude stop front and j put you on x major hot now now you run around like you some big shot. Haha

Unknown 1:10:39
yeah 50 and 50 cent does a much better job of delivering that than I did. He had some dude, he has way like that voices man. He could hit some shit. Yeah. When he was gone.

Unknown 1:10:53
I may have been able to do better if I have the beat behind me Scott feeling it but I’m not gonna go there.

Unknown 1:10:58
You’re not gonna a clip of me doing it. Let’s say that right now,

Unknown 1:11:03
did I mention the thing that you wanted to talk about? You did not. Oh, what do you got? I missed.

Unknown 1:11:08
So this is this is yet again. Evidence of 50 cents ability to be with people 50 cent used to buy out like the first four rows. Oh yeah, at cha rule count concerts. Just so this motherfucker would have in DC. Like

Unknown 1:11:24
that happened recently.

Unknown 1:11:28
Yeah, this was

Unknown 1:11:30
I thought it was in the midst of their

Unknown 1:11:32
Oh no, this happened like in the last five years. I want to say I read that because it’s so far away from the main beef. I didn’t include it. Right? Yeah, but like 50 cent keeps jabbing him every once in a while.

Unknown 1:11:45
Which is great. I think that’s fucking hilarious. Like, how how shitty can you get man he must have spent 20 G’s maybe on like your full Rose was the backdrop to Yeah, no shit. So he’s putting a lot of on the line so you can make your room look like a bitch. I mean, it’s probably silent for jar rule like past those four lines. What can you really see now? Yes

Unknown 1:12:11
So during an interview with hot 97 in September 2013 General admitted that he and Murder Inc had lost the war with 50 cent. Ah, no shit,

Unknown 1:12:23
dude. Even if you fucking lose and it’s obvious to everyone you shouldn’t minute

Unknown 1:12:30
yeah 50 cent like far away one that’s right.

Unknown 1:12:33
You know 50 cent was just like, a like I forgot one that shit. You know, I’m gonna he’s gonna put that on his tombstone now. Yeah, you’re lucky gyro.

Unknown 1:12:43
He’s gonna he’s gonna buy himself like a big ass tombstone. And then there’s gonna be like a little one next to it was like shit coming out of 50 cents and somehow landing on the little one that he bought that says john rule on it. That’s what 50 cents gonna do on his deathbed.

Unknown 1:12:58
He’s gonna do something wacky. And I’m going to be there. I’m going to be there for it and I can’t wait.

Unknown 1:13:03
Well, so I was reading this book. And it’s, it’s really interesting. It’s called off to be the wizard. And this basically this guy who like, knows little computer programming and like does a little hacking for fun, finds this file in this old repository that basically runs the matrix. They live in a simulation and he finds the file that runs it and can adjust all this shit. Anyway, he gets in trouble and he decides that if he gets in trouble, he’s gonna go back to medieval times and be a wizard.

Unknown 1:13:31
what the book says home, top off to be the wizard.

Unknown 1:13:35
It’s a whole series, there’s like six books. I’ve only read the first one so far. So he goes back in time, and he’s clearly not the first one that’s found this file and had the same idea. There’s like 25 other wizards living in medieval England trying to be wizards. Right.

Unknown 1:13:49
I’m Merlin, Merlin, Jr.

Unknown 1:13:52
One of them is pretending to be Merlin and like just does all this God built a huge gold castle build a gold statue of himself and One of the guys who like really dislikes the guy who’s taken on the persona Merlin has basically he’s written into the program that whenever he takes a shit into his toilet, it goes to this big gaudy gold statue that Marlin bill and like explodes up the top of Maryland’s hat like all the shit that he just shit

Unknown 1:14:23
that’s what 50 cents gonna do to rule

Unknown 1:14:25
if he Yeah, absolutely fucking word.

Unknown 1:14:29
So there’s this big gaudy gold statue of Merlin that just once a day has shit all over it out of nowhere, randomly to the thing I liked about this one versus the others that I’ve covered is that other than the stabbing and the Robbins, it all took place on the mic. And like I listed five tracks that 50 cent put out. And john rule had like three, and every single one of 50s was miles better than Oh fire even jaws best one

Unknown 1:15:00
But I mean when you say other than the stabbing

Unknown 1:15:04
yeah, that’s pretty rough. That’s the rendus we’ve come across so far.

Unknown 1:15:07
And lately, like 50 cent has really like, just he just jabs general whenever he can.

Unknown 1:15:14
I mean, why the fuck not? He’s really good.

Unknown 1:15:17
I’m surprised that he didn’t do more around the whole failure. Failure of fire festival.

Unknown 1:15:23
Dude, there’s a documentary coming. I am sure that it’s probably got 50 narrating in the bank is done with the fucker.

Unknown 1:15:32
He’s taken a he he uses the same narration that he did on the sex tape from Rick Ross. Yeah.

Unknown 1:15:41
Yeah, he gets going. He’s funny as fuck. He ended Charles career and ended murdering like Ashanti wasn’t doing anything after Fat Joe didn’t really do much after like murdering just died on the table. I mean, with as I said the 2003 album blood. My critically pan sold to terribly. And this is Charles still at the height of his power. Like he’s in movies. He just came off two great albums. And by the point, by the time this album dropped, everyone could see like the toll that 50 took on. Like he just wasn’t the same person after what 52

Unknown 1:16:17
Well, I mean, Ashanti and facha were balling at the time to

Unknown 1:16:21
write, like Murder Inc was huge between 2000 2003

Unknown 1:16:25
that speaks volumes to how good 50 was at the time. Like he fell off dramatically after

Unknown 1:16:30
he had even dropped his album yet.

Unknown 1:16:32
That’s I mean, I’m saying 50 used to be 50 caliber.

Unknown 1:16:40
Yeah, I believe we mentioned Get Rich or Die trying on the top 10 rap albums episode. Alright, Let’s end it with the probably the second Best Rap beef ever.

Unknown 1:16:53
You know, this was rapping I honestly I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to like seven I missed it. I came in after it was pretty much over. I came in after it was over well after it was over, and I’ve also I’m just gonna throw this out there. I was never really a huge Jay Z or NAS fan. spoil in the blue. that’s who we’re talking about baby.

Unknown 1:17:16
blueprint so good, though. And there’s some good shots at NAS on the blueprint, which I didn’t never realize until like, 10 years later, I’m listening to him. I’m like, Oh

Unknown 1:17:27
yeah, he’s gotta grow up a little bit. Yeah, then you get it. But I mean, back in the late 90s. Back in 96, fucking us who was at the absolute height of his power at the time, I’d say. He failed to show up a recording session. recording session with Jay Z on the song, bring it on.

Unknown 1:17:51
Bring it on, bring it up.

Unknown 1:17:54
And whatever.

Unknown 1:17:56
But Jay Z I’ve heard From you know the grapevine and other rumors that he’s he’s more of a punctual, he’s very much a businessman. And if you’re wasting time or especially his time, he’s not going to fuck him like that. Yeah. So he took one of nozzles lines and sampled it basically and made it sound better and right. So NAS obviously is really fucking pissed off. So this one went really rapid fire and in the interest of getting this episode before everyone listening turns 150. I’m going to go through it pretty fucking quickly.

Unknown 1:18:37
So not

Unknown 1:18:38
only did six be next time if we do a part two, we’ll do six, not eight. Yes, we shot for the moon with eight.

Unknown 1:18:44
Yeah, we shot for the moon and we’ll say we almost did 10 I had 10 in me. And then you know,

Unknown 1:18:52
if we wanted it to be three hours and that would have been good, exactly.

Unknown 1:18:56
So NAS responded very quickly. So these are two Titans. The industry Jay Z wasn’t quite at the height of his power, like he’s not known.

Unknown 1:19:05
He’s right. He’s a bit of an up and comer 96 I think he was probably on a second album.

Unknown 1:19:10
Around that time. He’s definitely an up and comer and kind of like

Unknown 1:19:15
a lot of people looked at him on par with with Biggie or right in the same circle. I mean, he was he was featured on Biggie songs at the time, and Biggie was featured on his and this is like, coming on his first album. And, you know, so he’s on album two or three Around this time, and everybody knew he was going to be great. It was an up and comer, but everybody knew what he had.

Unknown 1:19:38
And we This was more towards the end of his career. Like NASA, his career spanned quite a bit of time, but this was after last

Unknown 1:19:47
might have been a little bit of the reason for that too. I’d say so we’ve seemed to take it out of the the loser of them.

Unknown 1:19:54
No shit. And, you know, I’ll speak to that a little later, but can both these guys are really good lyricist. They’re really deep and in depth and they speak to a lot of things with very minimal words. And it really exploded when NAS responded A month later on the album, it was written with Lex with TV sets the minimum, which is, you know, an ambiguous line to say the least. But at the time, Jay Z drove a Lexus and NAS later came out and admitted that was a direct shot at Jay Z. Because if Jay Z was driving a Lexus, he had to do better like that was the bare minimum because he was better than Jay Z or that’s what he he tried to portray. Right. And I mean, after the shit just starts popping off like crazy. They respond to each other. Just about every chance they get I pulled to Two insults that I really liked one from each. And one from Jay Z was basically nasty as fuck in the way he delivers it. He, you know, he calls him a husband and he says, You got one hot album every 10 year average. And the way he delivered it was just like

Unknown 1:21:21
yeah, that’s, that’s on takeover on the blueprint. Yeah, there you go. Really good.

Unknown 1:21:26
Yeah. So I mean, when he said it in the way he said it, and just the point in time and everything surrounding it was, is very, very relevant. And then NAS had a great line, I think, because

Unknown 1:21:43
I’m just thinking about this because he goes through like, I’m trying to put it into context of the song. He goes through and like names every album, he’s like this one as Okay, and then he’s like, and they had illmatic. That was dope. That’s a one hot album every 10 year average. That’s like, he went through his whole discography is like, yeah, that’s all trash. Except illmatic like illmatic was good way to go.

Unknown 1:22:02
Well, I mean emetics known as one of the best albums of all time, especially in in rap like if you look up top 20 rap oh yeah all time it wasn’t on either of our

Unknown 1:22:11
lists. Well, we have weird taste

Unknown 1:22:14
well and we’re not not as fans.

Unknown 1:22:15
We’re not enough. He was already dead by the time we were listening to rap music cuz Jay Z Jay Z fucking killed. Exactly. Nas was and that says a lot because NAS was a damn good lyricist. He was he was really deep. And what I’m about to say on the song from the song ether by NAS or Ethernet or whatever they call it, which is a straight district. Yeah. I’m also going to replace the N word with the word dude. Because I am so not as responds with y’all do the deal with emotions like bitches what sad is I love you because you’re my brother. You traded your soul for riches. And that’s that’s a fire as in so because You know everyone’s heard of the story of the devil at the crossroads trading your soul for the talent and I mean already those rumors are you know kind of that whisper was going on about Jay Z because he came out so hot so fire and he stayed so hot so far

Unknown 1:23:18
that’s pretty fucking nasty fucking insult

Unknown 1:23:21
me yeah he hit him with some truth bombs there but at the same time

Unknown 1:23:27
let’s think about it here in 2020 traveled to hang out Jay Z or not.

Unknown 1:23:33
But I mean you know this fucking you know the answer that for several reasons it the beef ended in 2005 thank God and many thought, you know, it was a tour that Jay Z was thrown and many thought that it was a return tour for Jay Z basically and they thought he was going to be coming for his enemies but instead he reconciled with us which was kind of A surprise, I would say, surprise me. And they perform dead presidents and the world is yours. And together and then Jay Z declared all that beef should have done. We had our fun. Let’s get this money. And that leads me into my last one of who won this shit. And let’s get this money personifies exactly what the fuck Jay Z. Yeah, he won this chick has not put out a couple more booty albums I want to say. And I mean, Jay Z’s, a billionaire with a B, like B as in boy, billionaire. That’s fucking bananas. And he’s also married to Beyonce song to be where the, you know, the sexiest woman on the face of the fucking planet. Also

Unknown 1:24:48
best friends with Kanye West. He’s also got a thing.

Unknown 1:24:52
Best friends at the best producer Kanye West.

Unknown 1:24:56
And he’s also other best friends with Barack Obama.

Unknown 1:25:00
I mean, that’s a dude’s a fucking G. I mean, he owns pics trips to

Unknown 1:25:05
Cuba with Barack and Michelle Obama like, come

Unknown 1:25:07
on. That’s fucking genius. Fuck he’s married to Beyonce. Yeah, he’s out of all the, I mean, all the things that he has in his life like he’s a partial owner of sports teams, he invested a ton of money he Well,

Unknown 1:25:20
he’s not a part owner anymore because he sold his stake and he sold it so he could run his own

Unknown 1:25:27
very lucrative sports agency. Exactly. dude’s a brilliant businessman. He’s helping eight. He’s like the black Bill Gates, in my opinion, is the Bill and Melinda Gates. They just haven’t really got billing quite yet. They don’t have enough time to expand like Bill and Melinda Gates. I mean, he’s had some bad ideas to like titles a bad idea. Well, no, no bad ideas. But dude, he married beyond say, let me just, you know, I gotta throw that out. There.

Unknown 1:26:00
One of the most talented it may be. I think I heard that somewhere. Pretty sure they do that. I think they got married. I think he’s

Unknown 1:26:07
got a daughter Blue Ivy.

Unknown 1:26:09
Yeah, I don’t know about the name, but that’s fine. That’s what happens when you let Beyonce choose the name. You know, he was like

Unknown 1:26:17
we talked about how like with NWA and ice cube like ice cube is the better entertainer but Dr. Dre is the mogul right and became a mogul Ice Cube because there’s

Unknown 1:26:28
no way with him.

Unknown 1:26:30
Jay Z is both of those things like he is still entertaining. So he can’t act but he’s entertaining his house to watch to perform to listen to

Unknown 1:26:41
you know, go and listen to he’s one of the ugliest dudes on the face of the earth. I can’t believe he

Unknown 1:26:46
got some good music videos out there though.

Unknown 1:26:48
He does have. He’s very

Unknown 1:26:50
smart. He’s very talented. And he’s got the business side of it down to like he makes good as it title was a bad plan. By It worked to a certain extent, you know, get my name.

Unknown 1:27:04
Right. Yeah, exactly. And I mean, if you look at it, I think everything points to the fact that Jay Z is if you strip rap away, Jay Z is still a brilliant individual dude is not dumb by any extent. And I think it expands to more than business, like marriage to be honestly. To be married to be able to. I think so.

Unknown 1:27:29
And now as you can’t say any of those things about him not

Unknown 1:27:33
a mogul. He’s not like it’s not married to Beyonce. He did marry kalise for like a month.

Unknown 1:27:39
I don’t know who the fuck that is. But not

Unknown 1:27:41
my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Unknown 1:27:43
Oh, okay. Yeah, I

Unknown 1:27:44
know. That’s all he got a tattoo over on his arm and then she divorced him like a week later.

Unknown 1:27:49
That’s what’s up. Yeah, he brought his milkshake to the yard and she was like,

Unknown 1:27:56
I gotta make sure it’s kalise before I go on record with that

Unknown 1:27:59
yarn. Record, bro. It’s no

Unknown 1:28:01
I yeah, but I can still fix it.

Unknown 1:28:04
Maybe we’ll see. But I mean Nasus arose, it was kalise in every regard except for the fact he’s on those best rappers of All Time list. Whereas Jay Z is usually number one, or in the top three at least, and he’s still relevant. And he’s a billionaire. On say,

Unknown 1:28:25
not on his best day was one of the best rappers out there.

Unknown 1:28:31
Today is still one of the best rappers out there.

Unknown 1:28:33
So that was Jay Z raps to like, you hear those stories that Jay Z pretty much just freestyle everything.

Unknown 1:28:41
And I watched the documentary when he did the Black Album, they did a documentary surrounding it with the tour and the album coming out and everything like that. And like he just be sitting there and like music would start playing. He’s just like, start going. It’s like what the hell. I mean, it was genius. I like a lot of people can sit there and like I’m Rick Ross, and I’m a boss. And you know, I do things at a loss like anybody can do that. But like he’s coming up with real, actual good things when he like he’s sitting there with Kanye West and Rick Rubin and like, they’re just going off and can’t stop because his mind is just constantly going and putting things together. m&ms the same way. I’ve seen interviews with Eminem, where he’s just like, I can write anything with anything. And like, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just be sitting there. He’s got notebooks with scribbles all over and what just rhymes that don’t make any sense in any context. But they’re there. So when he wants to bring them into a context he can.

Unknown 1:29:34
I mean, that’s, I think you said the perfect word, genius. Well, you know why, while he’s not a genius mathematician, or a genius architect, or you know, genius, this takes a level of genius to be as great as these people are. Absolutely. And the way Jay Z is such a great lyricist, and it’s sometimes it feels like, on when he’s hot, like the shit he’s spitting Every line means 10 different things. And runs was layers to same time. It’s, that’s what makes it so fucking good and the way it just kind of rolls off the tongue and I found when Jay Z raps like he doesn’t even necessarily fucking rhyme. Like it’s just, it’s brilliant and they work together like he knows the synapses of words, and he can combine them in a way that is pleasing to the, you know, pleasing to the ear. And he does a great job at that whereas NAS is just really good at rhyming. And, you know, high vocabulary sense of the word.

Unknown 1:30:39
Yes, I agree.

Unknown 1:30:42
So, major winners from this discussion, Jay Z 50 cent,

Unknown 1:30:46
bow. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wouldn’t agree with all three of those.

Unknown 1:30:54
I think that’s all we got on rap beefs. I think that’s all we got, man. Thank you for joining us, we may revisit rap beefs. If we can think of, you know, some more that are actually interesting to do, and that we want to talk about, we may revisit this down the road and maybe we’ll even include Tupac and Biggie at that time. Who knows?

Unknown 1:31:08
He knows man. I’m saying that might be a good one.

Unknown 1:31:11
We can we can look it up, but it’s gonna be Nicki Minaj verse. A lot of people

Unknown 1:31:15
let us know what you think at alone. Yeah, you like that? Look at atheism?

Unknown 1:31:19
Yes, there you go. If you like this, hit us on Twitter. Let us know. We’ll be there. We promise eventually, we’ll get these shows back closer to an hour. We just had a lot to talk about lately.

Unknown 1:31:30
We’ve had a lot to talk about and to be honest, guys, who doesn’t want an extra half hour content?

Unknown 1:31:35
Exactly. Because our or just like, skip the first half hour when we’re talking about bow and Nelly and chain like, skip that half hour? That’s fair. Yeah. Thank you for listening. All the music, for podcasts about something is probably by those cats.

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