Episode 73 – A Podcast About Movie Soundtracks

The lights dim and the show begins, but the tone is always set by the music that was selected to help guide you through the visual ride and that’s exactly what Kalvin and Nick discuss this week as we dive in to the wonderful world of Movie Soundtracks. Some stick with you more than others, but they often have the uncanny ability to get you in the right headspace, and sometimes they rock so hard you can’t help but jam to them after the credits role. From the whack to the stacked, we talk about the original masterpieces, the tunes that fit, those that don’t, and much more.

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Episode 59 – A Podcast About Top 10 Rap Albums

How can you rank an art form, such as a truly great Rap album? We couldn’t say for sure, but we surely have a few opinions on such a thing. Join us this week as Kalvin and Nick rank their top ten favorite rap albums of all time and discuss what exactly makes them great. With a few choices that will catch you off guard and a few more we’re sure you’ll agree with, we discuss it all. Some of the best lyrics, beats, flows and more will be on display, as well as many moments where this art form affected us.

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Episode 48 – A Podcast About Notorious B.I.G.

It’s the N-O T-O R I-O-U-S! This week Kalvin and Nick take a hard look at a rivalry heard around the world, one that helped shape the 90’s for better or for worse (we’re not here to judge…. or are we?). East vs West, Bad Boy vs Death Row, Biggie vs Pac. From upbringing to death, flow to biopic we make an admittedly biased examination of two titans of the rap game and have a good time doing it. Whether you fall into one camp or another, everyone will find something to enjoy in this boisterous episode diving into the legacies of arguably two of the greatest to ever do it.

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