Episode 138 – A Podcast About TV Fan Theories

TV fan theories, the natural aftermath of a particularly explosive idea, tragic death, terrible twist, and much more. Good television is meant to get us as fans talking, and discussion breeds ideas. Some can be completely out of left field, while others are entirely plausible. So plausible, in fact, a creator may come out and admit the theory is valid (or at least hint heavily that it is). The few times we as fans actually get the opportunity to influence our favorite shows. If you’re a fan of this show you’ll understand exactly where we’re coming from, and hopefully your interest is piqued! Kalvin and Nick are back with some expertly curated fan theories! Reveling in the minutiae of it, we present two picks each of the best fan theories ever brought forth to the front page of the internet (reddit) or crammed into a cracked.com article. With evidence to support our claims and hours of thought behind our picks we lay it out for you! What’s in the Krabby Pattys? How the hell did a house sponge start talkin? We promise they aren’t all Spongebob (Daredevil, Arrested Development, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also make appearances), but they’ll all make you wonder.  

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Episode 137 – A Podcast About Christmas Adjacent Movie Superlatives

As we come off of the holliest, jolliest time of year, when every other movie that has the word ‘Christmas’ is branded as a classic, we like to sidestep the mistletoe for something a little different. Some movies like to shoehorn in the holiday, while others do it in a way that leaves some mystery in the air. Do all movies that have Christmas in them fall into the Christmas category? Hell no they don’t! We’re here to give you the skinny on some of the dopest Chirstmas adjacent movies! They may take place around, or feature Christmas, but don’t you dare call it a Christmas movie! Who brings the best fight to the table during the season, but for a completely different reason, outside of shopaholic christmas induced rage? Who throws the best party, or has the best use of a fake santa? We toe the white and red line with our picks, some coming dangerously close to actual Christmas movie territory, and argue bitterly over the classification! Stick around for the polar opposite sucklative awards with some honorable mentions in between. Feel free to argue with us on Twitter @APASomething and @alone_podcast on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

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Episode 136 – A Podcast About the NFL in the Time of COVID

Oh what a time to be alive! While a majority of options out and about that used to entertain the masses have been taken off the table, the good ole American past time of sports has remained front and center. Now more than ever the entertainment the NFL provides is essential to some people and provides thousands of jobs and massive amounts of revenue. They, however, are not immune to the effects of Covid-19, and Kalvin and Nick are here for it! What have they done to keep the players playing? The coaches coaching? How has the experience been different for fans such as ourselves, and the teams who play the games? Have they figured it out, or is it the false sense of security that has bitten so many other organizations in the ass? We’re gonna break it down, and then provide our amazingly valuable insight into where the divisions stand, who the dark horse teams are, and our pick for who will not only be in the Super Bowl, but win it!

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Episodes 134 & 135 – A Podcast About DUNE with Alex from Suck My Fan Fic

Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet. If you couldn’t guess, we’re here to dive into the desolate future of Arrakis, the desert planet also known as Dune and the character known as Paul Muad’dib. Joined by Alex from the fantastic Suck My Fan Fic podcast for an epic 2 part episode! In part 1, Kalvin and Nick share our thoughts on the Frank Herbert novel in the midst of an expert. We touch on some of the major events, characters, cultures, economics and more that occupy the world of Dune. Then in part 2, with Alex to guide us we learn what happens in future novels, how they are set up in the first, and if it affects whether we will check out the other novels or not! Are you pumped for the release of Dune in 2021? If not, you will be after this! Don’t worry, we don’t neglect to mention the ‘84 movie, as well as some of the less than stellar happenings that have occurred across all mediums for this Sci-Fi property. Check out Alex and smff on Twitter @suckmyfanfic.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 133 – A Podcast About Fatherhood

Those with their dad card (or soon to be) please stand up, this one’s for you! Fatherhood is a big deal, with no exact science behind it, tons of trials and tribulations, lots of poop, weird adventures and so on. We reflect on the nitty gritty of our own fatherhood, whether we were prepared, and how those around us tried to prepare us. Now that we’re seasoned veterans, we try to impart what little wisdom we’ve gained over the years on you, the listeners, and whether those books you’re thinking of buying are worth a damn! We end with stories that hit you in the feels, wise words, and puns only a dad could deliver.

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Episode 132 – A Podcast About Teen Movie Superlatives

Being a teenager is a rite of passage we all share; an awkward phase in our lives where we grapple with the oddity that is ourselves and the preconception of what the world is supposed to be like. Like every other aspect of life, being a teenager in high school has been blown up and put on the big screen time and time again. Some do it well, bringing to life an idea of the high school experience meant to wow the watcher and fantasize about the experience. Others are straight garbage and miss the point completely (there were no 35 year olds in my high school)! For this month’s superlatives, we dive into high school/teenage movies and which big-screen adaptations get them right or wrong. Who attends the best high school or has the best friend group? Which puppy-dog young love couple is the best? Which parents rock, or suck? We bring you compelling awards for every aspect of cinematic high schools as well as awards for those who do it the worst. Lastly, we aim to answer whether the experience in these movies was a reflection of real-life or utter crap.

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Episode 131 – A Podcast About Rap Beefs Part 2

Round 2, Fight! We’re back with another round of Rap Beefs, and somehow it’s even better than the first! The genre is overflowing with upstart youngins’ and heart-broken bumkins aiming for the top, stepping on whoever’s toes without paying the proper dues. These are rampant factors in the ancient art of beefing, and damn rappers tend to be some of the best in the business. With the vocal vehicle to do so, a following, and cash to burn, some rappers, like the ones we feature, put some heart into their beefs, and we the people are all the better for it! Covering a series of 4 of the most intense and problematic incidents in the industry (mostly) we figure out exactly how they began, the insults that were traded and the consequences of said beefs.

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Episode 130 – A Podcast About TV Villains

The medium of television has given us some of the best examples of villains of all time. Whether it is the long-form content, in depth world building, build up, or larger cast, there seems to be a notable gap between the majority of villains who appear on film versus those on television, outside of a select few. You may ask yourself, “who is the best,” and dear listener, Kalvin and Nick are here to settle that debate! Bringing a super scientific tracking method (thanks to Kalvin) we dive in and rate some of the best TV Villains and what makes them so memorable! We dissect what makes a good villain, from the mystery factor to the connection to the protagonist, or whether their mean asses deserve any sympathy or not. Assigning a rating of 1-50, we lay out our evidence before giving a rating, and at the end we settle once and for all, at least for us, who is the best villain. Are there any ‘perfect’ villains?

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Episode 129 – A Podcast About Voting and US Elections

Have you ever attempted to learn about voting in America? The process, ins and outs, or the down and dirties of the U.S. Democratic process and it was boring as all hell? Just in time for one of the biggest elections of our lifetime Kalvin and Nick are here to break down the process in which one votes, how their vote is counted, and what it means when you cast your ballot like you’ve never heard before. The Electoral college? We’ve got it covered. From registration to vote to submission? Most definitely. All without putting you to sleep (and attempting to keep it as free from bias as possible)! Listen up and have a little fun while you’re at it, and hopefully, the process is a little clearer.

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