Episode 156 – A Podcast About the Salem Witch Trials

Incantations. Spells. Grimoires. The Devil’s words. BS tests and the hangman’s noose. All things that today don’t mean much, but in 1692 they meant everything, especially during the epic (kind of) mythological time of the Salem Witch Trials! Blown out of proportion is an understatement, and Kalvin and Nick dive deep to abolish the blasphemers and confirm the truths. We bring our spectral evidence to the table and dissect this grim episode of American lore and the trials and tribulations many poor women and men of a Puritan community faced on the frontiers of Massachusetts. Yet another time where it’s easy to point fingers until the higher ups find themselves pointed out, and just as quickly as it flamed up, it fizzled out.

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Full Episode Transcript Available Below:

Kalvin 0:06
To podcast each week we dive deep in whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me from 17th century Massachusetts. It’s your co host, Nick Richardson. I, sir.

Nick 0:20
I’m here in the state of mass. choose that. I

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Episode 125 – A Podcast About Selective Listening – Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Tis’ the season to get spooky! What better way to break in October than with one of our awesome Selective Listening episodes? For this round Kalvin and Nick are going to break down, line by line, one of the best (of admittedly few) Halloween songs: The Monster Mash! For a month dominated by the likes of ghouls (wtf are those?) ghosts, vampires and other creatures of the night our song is rather fitting! You’ve heard Monster Mash a million times, at least 4 every time you step into a store during the month of October, but have you ever really ‘heard’ it? That’s why we’re here, to bring out the little details of this morose tune. With snippets of what’s to come in the month of October this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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Episode 115- A Podcast About The Jejune Institute/Dispatches From Elsewhere

Welcome to the Jejune Institute, a purveyor of divine nonchalance as well as many other oddities and the mortal enemy of the Elsewhere Society. Will you, like countless others (including Kalvin and Nick), fall down the rabbit hole of this Alternate Reality Game that popped up from elsewhere in San Francisco in 2008 and disappeared in 2011 after inducting 10,000 people? Is it a cult, or something more. We dive into the Institute, a 2013 documentary based on the 2008 Alternate Reality Game and the inspiration for AMC’s Dispatches from Elsewhere, and what made it so enthralling that people became “indoctrinated” and some even forgot where the game ends and reality begins. The evil Octavio Coleman, Esq. and the exuberant Commander 14 will guide the search for Eva, a mysterious missing girl, as we decode The Dispatches from Elsewhere.

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Episode 114 – A Podcast About Classic Monsters

Who doesn’t love vampires, lycans, stinky sewn together dudes, invisible creeps, and more causing mayhem? No, Kalvin and Nick aren’t here to talk any old stable of monsters, but the Classics! We wind our way through the long history that comprises the Classic Monster scene, from the monster of Frankenstein to the Creature of the Black Lagoon and what makes them so endearing. With dozens of iterations, which ones are the best or most lethal? How did they come to be? And most importantly, how do you stop them? We dive into these subjects and more; while also establishing the thread that connects them all and the primal motivation that drives them forward.

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Episode 109 – A Podcast About Selective Listening – Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G.

Uh, uh, uh, we surely hope you’re ready for our newest series Selective Listening, where we take a well known or semi obscure song and break it down line by line! If you’re a fan of the show then you know how we feel about Notorious BIG! So, we couldn’t help but break down his epic hit Hypnotize for our inaugural episode after a little nudge from our Twitter fans over @APASomething. We unwind the double entendres, the words with purpose and a few lines that were just there for the hell of it. The layers go deeper than you’d think in this week’s Selective Listening episode on Hypnotize.

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Episode 69 – A Podcast About a Zombie Apocalypse

The world has halted, infrastructure has crumbled, food runs low, and a wall of man eating animated corpses is heading your way and the only thing running through your mind is you still need to listen to Kalvin and Nick this week as we discuss the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse! We talk all things zombie, from the most lethal zombies, the best methods to defeat them, the suckiest and the unluckiest of scenarios that would lead us down a road that ends in the Undead eating your face off. Think you got what it takes to survive?

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Episode 33 – A Podcast About Ghost Movies with The Grave Girls Podcast

This week I am joined by Amaryllis and Hawthorne from the Grave Girls podcast for a Halloween special as we give out Movie Superlatives to Ghost Movies or the Ghosties as we call them. The awards given out on this episode include Scariest Ghost, Most Helpful Ghost, Saddest Death Story, Strangest or Dumbest Thing a Ghost Haunts, Best Ghost. The Grave Girls share some personal, real-life ghost stories that they experienced. For more from the Grave Girls listen to their podcast and follow them on twitter @Grave_Girls. 2 Minute Iso on my favorite Halloween things.

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Episode 23 – A Podcast About Plattsburgh, NY

I’m joined by the guys from BSP:the Idiotsyncracy Podcast to talk about the mysterious happenings in my old hometown of Plattsburgh, NY and the surrounding area. There are many strange occurrences and paranormal activity found in and around Plattsburgh. Technical difficulties abound as we discuss the dichotomy of belief and skepticism when it comes to paranormal occurrences. We dive into everything from lake monsters to ghosts to government, mind-control conspiracies. We obviously somehow find a way to fit Harry Potter into our discussion. We talk some about the history that surrounds the area and whether or not we believe in the different strange happenings around Plattsburgh. I conclude with a 2 minute iso on the upcoming Venom movie.

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