Episode 63 – A Podcast About Basketball Movie Superlatives

What makes a good basketball movie? The moves? The odds? The coach? We can’t say for sure, but join Kalvin and Nick this week as we give out Basketball Movie Superlatives! From super teams to superstar players, both alien and human alike, we talk about the magic of basketball movies and what makes them so special. Whether it’s the Monstars squaring off against the G.O.A.T and co. or Coach Carter whipping a team of wayward youth into shape, there is a little bit of everything.

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Episode 50 – A Podcast About Obscure Sports with Karla from Go Postal

This week Nick and Kalvin are joined by Karla from the Go Postal podcast to discuss obscure sports. We each pick a weird and wild sport and dive deep into it’s history and present. Karla brings in some of her signature style with BBBs from Sydney, Australia and the Olympics held there. To hear more from Karla, check out Go Postal and follow her on Twitter @GoPostalPodcast

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Episode 38 – A Podcast About NBA Point Guards with Secret Spice of Life

I’m joined by Brandon and Jordan from the Secret Spice of Life Podcast as we discuss our favorite NBA Point Guards. We take a subjective look at NBA Point Guards through the ages and talk about which ones we liked watching and emulating best. We also take some time to discuss the current state of the NBA, Lebron and the Lakers, and provide a hot take on the Warriors vs 90s Bulls debate. 2 minute iso on Mount Rushmore.

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Episode 17 – A Podcast About the 2018 NBA Offseason

On this episode, Kalvin and Erich talk about the 2018 NBA offseason. We start with briefly discussing the 2018 NBA Finals sweep. We then discuss the regular season awards and who we think will win each one. We move into free agency talk and where we think some of the big name players go during the offseason. We also touch on the possibility of NFL contracts emulating the structure of NBA superstar contracts. We finish with a 2 minute iso about the first Game of Thrones spinoff announcement.

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Episode 12 – A Podcast About the 2018 NFL Draft

Erich and Kalvin talk about the 2018 NFL Draft. Erich does a Mock Draft for the Top 10 Picks in the upcoming NFL draft and we break down team needs. Then we discuss some other story lines swirling around the draft outside of the top 10 picks.

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APAS Mock Draft

  1. Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold, QB
  2. New York Giants – Bradely Chubb, DE
  3. New York Jets – Josh Rosen, QB
  4. Cleveland Browns – Saquon Barkley, RB
  5. Denver Broncos – Denzel Ward, CB
  6. Indianapolis Colts – Roquon Smith, DE/OLB
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Minkah Fitzpatrick, S
  8. Chicago Bears – Quenton Nelson, G
  9. San Fransisco 49ers – Tremaine Edmunds, DE
  10. Oakland Raiders – Derwin James, S

Episode 10 – A Podcast About 2018 NFL Free Agency

Erich and Kalvin talk mostly about NFL Free Agency in 2018. We start with a little March Madness opening weekend recap, then discuss all the biggest moves in NFL Free Agency up to this point. We talk about how these new signings fit in with the team, are they worth the money, and what we expect from some of the teams making moves this offseason. We are joined by a special guest for a new segment: “ask a 3 year old” as Kalvin’s daughter gives her opinion on what is better Princesses or the Browns.

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Episode 07 – A Podcast About Basketball

Erich and Kalvin talk about basketball. We start off discussing Space Jam 2 and who we think should fill the roles around Lebron and on the Monstars. We then pick our fictional basketball starting 5s, who do you think would win the match up? We move onto talking about the Pick Up basketball all stars. We finish up by calling our friend JP and discussing the 2018 NBA All Star weekend and the potential NBA playoff format change. 2 minute isos on Shea Serrano and the FOH Army and the decline of College Basketball.

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Episode 06 – A Podcast About Super Bowl LII

Erich and Kalvin talk about Super Bowl LII. We do a deep dive into the game itself, while going off on tangents about NFL coaching, the Patriot way, what is a catch, and more. We also discuss the Halftime performance by the Man of the Woods himself, Justin Timberlake, and everyone’s favorite part of the Super Bowl: the commercials. We may also provide some career advice for The Rock

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