Episode 70 – A Podcast About Argus Filch (Harry Potter)

A dastardly villain who thwarts the doers of good with glee, a major kitty fan, and overall total buttface of a person dominates Kalvin and Nick’s discussion this week, as we unpack the squbiest squib that ever squibbed, Argus Filch of Harry Potter infamy. Whether you know him as the crazy cat dude or a straight up tattletale, you can’t deny the man is interesting, and lives under interesting conditions. How did his position come into fruition at the famous Hogwarts castle, and how did they find such a man to fill it, and most importantly what made that man who he is?

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Episode 69 – A Podcast About a Zombie Apocalypse

The world has halted, infrastructure has crumbled, food runs low, and a wall of man eating animated corpses is heading your way and the only thing running through your mind is you still need to listen to Kalvin and Nick this week as we discuss the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse! We talk all things zombie, from the most lethal zombies, the best methods to defeat them, the suckiest and the unluckiest of scenarios that would lead us down a road that ends in the Undead eating your face off. Think you got what it takes to survive?

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Episode 67 – A Podcast About Will Ferrell Movie Superlatives

You’re my boy Blue! For this month’s movie superlatives series Kalvin and Nick do it a little different as we’re joined by 5 fellow podcasters who answer a few questions and we discuss, and of course quote a comedic icon whose prolific portfolio has entertained us for more than 20 years, Will Ferrell. Tune in as we award a man of many characters, some iconic, and some not so much, but nevertheless downright entertaining. From villains to shenanigans galore we discuss it all and won’t stop even if there’s a fire! Shout out to Cult Popture, AnxZenity, Kolby Told Me, Our True Crime, and The Black Case Diaries podcasts.

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Episode 63 – A Podcast About Basketball Movie Superlatives

What makes a good basketball movie? The moves? The odds? The coach? We can’t say for sure, but join Kalvin and Nick this week as we give out Basketball Movie Superlatives! From super teams to superstar players, both alien and human alike, we talk about the magic of basketball movies and what makes them so special. Whether it’s the Monstars squaring off against the G.O.A.T and co. or Coach Carter whipping a team of wayward youth into shape, there is a little bit of everything.

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Episode 60 – A Podcast About Avengers Endgame

SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME AHEAD: But I mean come on, if you haven’t seen it yet shame on you.

Avengers Assemble!

The time has finally arrived for this epic 22 part saga that comprises the Marvel Cinematic Universe to grace our screens and Kalvin, Erich, and Nick are here to talk all about it. From heartbreaking moments to gut busting quips, we breakdown a movie that does so many things well and brings this wild ride to a perfect conclusion. We also discuss where this wonderful universe will go and the sad goodbyes to beloved characters that we had to endure. Over ten years in the making and worth every minute of it, we reminisce on the story the Russo brothers have spun, and the satisfaction they delivered to our inner child.

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Episode 58 – A Podcast About MCU Movie Superlatives

This week Kalvin and Nick pass out some more made up awards to something nearly all of us are invested in, The Marvel Cinematic Universe. We discuss the best of the best of an epic 22 film arc that spanned over 10 years of our lives, and with the end of Phase 3 fast approaching we aim to settle the score, no matter the cost. From best Hero to best Alien we explore it all, including some of our thoughts for what’s to come in Phase 4 and beyond.

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Episode 54 – A Podcast About Road Trip Movie Superlatives

This week Kalvin and Nick are back to hand out some more made up awards while cruising Route 66 to something that stands as an icon of Americana, a right of passage, and often part of a bucket list: Road Trips. We all have our own experiences, but often the most epic, and inspirational, are those we see on the movie screen. We award some of the best of the bunch and share our own Road Trip stories, both good and bad and hope we inspire a road trip of your own. Gas up, get yourself a Monster, find the right tunes (or podcasts) and strap in while we hit the open road.

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