Episode 127 – A Podcast About Slasher Movie Superlatives

Welcome to primetime podcasting…..b!+#h! Oh, what a wonderful one-liner from an awesome and beloved genre of film, the Slasher movie!  So synonymous with the holiday (for some reason….) with an iconic history behind them to boot, and of course ‘tis the month of fright in the night, we couldn’t help but pass out some awards! Best kill, final girl, near miss, terrifying scenario, and of course the best slasher all make an appearance along with their respective “sucklatives,” and just like that opening line, we throw out some deep cuts (get it?)! Luckily for this stab-tastically spectacular slasher Halloween, we have some fellow podcasters to share in the nostalgia and fear, distributing both awards and one-liners of their own. Thanks to Ryan L. Terry, Bring on the Weird Podcast, The Amazing World of Talkin’ Shiz Podcast, Stories of Yore and Yours, and The Average Joe Comic Show for joining and passing out some awards!

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Episode 124 – A Podcast About Superhero Team-Up Movie Superlatives

It’s Morphin Time! Avengers Assemble! Mystery Men… uhhhh, be mysterious! The natural conclusion for most superhero movie sagas is the team-up movie, and with the ever expanding world of Super Hero cinema we have more teams than ever vying for our attention. Naturally, Kalvin and Nick have to hand out some awards to this rich genre! We’re back from our week off to dive into the world of Superhero team-up movies to settle once and for all who reigns supreme! Who’s got the best rivalry, the oh so important synergy, the baddest combo move or the power to wreck the cosmos? Some superlatives may be surprising, and on the opposite end we can’t help but pass out our sucklatives too!

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Patreon Bonus Release

This week Kalvin and Nick are on vacation, so we are opening up our vault of Patreon bonus episodes to the masses!
Now that our Patreon has been shut down, we would like to share all of that sweet bonus content with you our listeners. All week we will
be releasing Random Reviews and Pilot Projections compilation episodes on alternating days. You will be able to listen to our thoughts
on classic movies like “A Force of One”, “Puss in Boots”, “Toy Story 2” and much more. You’ll also hear our reactions to pilot episodesof various
TV Shows and how we thought each show would continue and if we like the idea. Shows include: “Breaking Bad”, “The Madalorian”, “Gargoyles” and more.
We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week, but in the meantime enjoy this bonus content!

Random Reviews

Pilot Projections

Episode 123 – A Podcast About The Pensieve

The Pensieve is one of the few objects of immense power within the world of Harry Potter to not have a full-fledged history behind it. Well, Kalvin and Nick came to the conclusion that this couldn’t stand, so we decided to dive into the Pensieve and figure it out for ourselves! Throughout the story of the Boy Who Lived, the Pensieve was incredibly significant just a few times, but when it did come into play you knew something was going down. With little to no background we set our eye on this shallow bowl (don’t s*%t in it), the memory capabilities it holds, how and if it would be useful in the real world, and whether or not you want John Madden or Mike Tyson to narrate your memories. Would you get lost in the past? What memories would be worth saving? Do you share the thing?!

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Episode 120 – A Podcast About Video Game Movie Superlatives

Video game adaptations have a long and storied history of being, to out it lightly, completely terrible. Don’t fear though, Kalvin and Nick are here this week dig through the bargain bin full of failed Video Game movie franchises to find some semblance of something good. We give our best shot at giving out our patented Movie Superlatives for categories like Best Character Adaptation, Best Final Boss, and more as we search for light in the darkness. We also discuss why it’s so hard to get Video Game movies right. Is it an issue with storytelling or are video game fans’ expectations just too unrealistic to meet?

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Episode 116 – A Podcast About Disney Movie Superlatives

Let it go, let it gooooooooo! No, we’re not going to break into song, but we are back to let go of our made up awards for this month’s Disney Animated Movie Superlatives! Kalvin and Nick cast their votes, along with a healthy dose of our friends from Twitter, for Disney Movie awards broken down into five categories! Disney movies all share some themes in common like love stories, villains, helpful sidekicks, adventurous plots, and more. Of course it makes the decisions a little tougher with such a range of great animated films to choose from. With plenty of extra discussions and a visit from two bona-fide, Disney experts, there’s something for every Disney fan in this episode.

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Episode 114 – A Podcast About Classic Monsters

Who doesn’t love vampires, lycans, stinky sewn together dudes, invisible creeps, and more causing mayhem? No, Kalvin and Nick aren’t here to talk any old stable of monsters, but the Classics! We wind our way through the long history that comprises the Classic Monster scene, from the monster of Frankenstein to the Creature of the Black Lagoon and what makes them so endearing. With dozens of iterations, which ones are the best or most lethal? How did they come to be? And most importantly, how do you stop them? We dive into these subjects and more; while also establishing the thread that connects them all and the primal motivation that drives them forward.

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Episode 112 – A Podcast About Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a phenomenon that has permeated the far corners of the Pop Culture realm, and Kalvin and Nick are here to talk all about it! Starting with the history of DBZ (the short version, we promise) and who created it before diving into a graded Q&A to see just how far DBZ has infiltrated the lexicon of an admirer of Pop Culture (who has never consumed it). Developed by Nick, the superfan, answered by Kalvin, the Pop Culture fan and DBZ novice: saiyans, transformations, tails, weird head thingies, the afterlife, and more highlight this episode! Find out how Kalvin does before we find out if he will give the famed franchise a shot.

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Episode 111 – A Podcast About Part 2 Movie Superlatives

Movie sequels come in all shapes and sizes, but usually Part 2 feels like the middle child of any movie franchise. This week Nick and Kalvin celebrate what makes Part 2 of any franchise great by giving out our special blend of made up awards. New characters, devastating losses, and world expansion highlight this month’s Movie Superlatives. Be sure to stay through the end of the episode for the introduction of a new segment to the Movie Superlatives series: the first ever Movie Sucklatives, where we explore the not so great attempts at continuing a franchise.

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Episode 108 – A Podcast About Gangster Movie Superlatives

Ever since we can remember, we’ve wanted to be gangsters. Well, that’s not true, but it’s a damn good opening line! Gangster movies occupy a position near the top of the pop culture totem pole, with a rich history of brilliant actors and directors lending their talents to bring their tales to life. So, of course Kalvin and Nick had to give out some made-up awards! Who’s got the best crew? The best score, or cover? We touch on all things Gangster movies as well as some on the small screen.

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