Episode 161 – A Podcast About the Tourney at Harrenhal (ASOIAF)

Now that it has been awhile since the disastrous 8th season of Game of Thrones, we think it’s time to visit the subject again. Arguably, the event that kick started the events that we loved as fans for at least 5 seasons, The Tourney at Harrenhal! Shrouded in mystery during a time period of much calamity, the Tourney was one of the biggest butterfly effect events that occurred throughout fake history. Shadow alliances, attempts at a coup, marriage and love were all present and dialed up to 11. It’s most certainly poignant that it occurred at one of the most expensive castles ever built while hosting the best knights that have ever lived as the spark of Robert’s Rebellion is ready to explode and tear apart the realm. Also, who the F&%k is the Knight of the Laughing Tree?

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Episode 142 – A Podcast About Dragons and their Riders (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Now that some time has passed and we have had some time to grieve for our dearly beloved butchered world of A Song of Ice and Fire, it’s time to dive back in and get to the fat of the matter! That’s right, what you came to GoT (Game of Thrones) for in the first place; the motherfu*$%ng dragons! We take a deep dive into one of the most interesting aspects of the world itself, and most definitely the most interesting creatures to inhabit the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. But how did they come to be? How did someone even get close enough to tame the first one, considering they aren’t puppies? What made the people who rode dragons so special? We provide our theories and more including the history of dragons, the biggest and baddest of all, the riders who, well, rode them, and where the hell they ended up. With the keen ability at waging war, the history is bloody, full of intense moments that shifted the power dichotomy fifty times over. From humble beginnings to power unattainable to the regular peasant, to the descent that led to extinction (kind of), we cover it all!

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Kalvin 0:06
Hello, talk about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me from the smoking See, it’s your co host, Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:16
The smoking see my dog 14 flames, the flying creatures in the sky.

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Episodes 134 & 135 – A Podcast About DUNE with Alex from Suck My Fan Fic

Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet. If you couldn’t guess, we’re here to dive into the desolate future of Arrakis, the desert planet also known as Dune and the character known as Paul Muad’dib. Joined by Alex from the fantastic Suck My Fan Fic podcast for an epic 2 part episode! In part 1, Kalvin and Nick share our thoughts on the Frank Herbert novel in the midst of an expert. We touch on some of the major events, characters, cultures, economics and more that occupy the world of Dune. Then in part 2, with Alex to guide us we learn what happens in future novels, how they are set up in the first, and if it affects whether we will check out the other novels or not! Are you pumped for the release of Dune in 2021? If not, you will be after this! Don’t worry, we don’t neglect to mention the ‘84 movie, as well as some of the less than stellar happenings that have occurred across all mediums for this Sci-Fi property. Check out Alex and smff on Twitter @suckmyfanfic.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 114 – A Podcast About Classic Monsters

Who doesn’t love vampires, lycans, stinky sewn together dudes, invisible creeps, and more causing mayhem? No, Kalvin and Nick aren’t here to talk any old stable of monsters, but the Classics! We wind our way through the long history that comprises the Classic Monster scene, from the monster of Frankenstein to the Creature of the Black Lagoon and what makes them so endearing. With dozens of iterations, which ones are the best or most lethal? How did they come to be? And most importantly, how do you stop them? We dive into these subjects and more; while also establishing the thread that connects them all and the primal motivation that drives them forward.

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Episode 99 – A Podcast About The Crypts of Winterfell (ASOIAF)

In a series full of mysterious situations, places, and people, one place, in particular, is often glossed over, but absolutely deserves a deep dive: The Crypts of Winterfell from A Song of Ice and Fire. Return to Westeros with Kalvin and Nick, to the far north where the Starks keep watch over the icy kingdom, an ancient clan full of magic and mystery. Where they bury their dead might not seem too important, but looks can be deceiving! Considered ancient in an ancient world, we dive into who built the crypts, why they’re important, some of the major events that occurred in the novels and TV show, and what mysteries they still have hiding in their cold, dark depths.

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Episode 70 – A Podcast About Argus Filch (Harry Potter)

A dastardly villain who thwarts the doers of good with glee, a major kitty fan, and overall total buttface of a person dominates Kalvin and Nick’s discussion this week, as we unpack the squbiest squib that ever squibbed, Argus Filch of Harry Potter infamy. Whether you know him as the crazy cat dude or a straight up tattletale, you can’t deny the man is interesting, and lives under interesting conditions. How did his position come into fruition at the famous Hogwarts castle, and how did they find such a man to fill it, and most importantly what made that man who he is?

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Episode 56 – A Podcast About Game of Thrones VS A Song of Ice and Fire

This week Kalvin and Nick discuss many differences and similarities between a literary masterpiece and the most epic TV show of all time that it spawned: GoT vs ASoIaF. The similarities are abundant, as are the differences and we aim to discuss the big ones! Ranging from Dorne to the Doom of Old Valyria, we touch on it all just in time for the TV show’s hotly anticipated epic conclusion, while we wait patiently for the books to do so as well. With such a rich history of triumph, heartbreak, death, and love, there is no doubt this show will resonate with us audience members forever, living on among the epic landscape of Pop Culture until the end of time. What do we say to the God of Death? Not today.

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Episode 46 – A Podcast About The Kingslayer (A Song of Ice and Fire)

This week Kalvin and Nick discuss one of the most fascinating characters in modern literature, but also one of the most misrepresented in modern television. A man of more titles than even Jon Snow: Captain of the Kingsguard or is it Queensguard now? The Kingslayer of House Lannister and by the gods we hope Kinslayer, Jaime Lannister. The character from the novels is picked apart; how he came to be, who he is, what he’s about, his future and more. Don’t worry, we even discuss the show as part of an episode so epic it couldn’t be fit into one.

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Episode 39 – A Podcast About Horcruxes with The VCR Kids

I’m joined by Jay and Erin from The VCR Kids podcast on this episode all about Horcruxes in the Harry Potter universe. We first review our houses, patronuses (patroni??), and wands and talk about what that means about each of us. We cover the history of Horcruxes as well as Voldemort’s journey to create his Horcruxes and Dumbledore’s and Harry’s journey to destroy them. We each give our theories about what the final unknown part of creating a Horcrux is and how it would have effected Voldemort. We finish up by talking about creators’ changing their stories after the fact and how that effects the stories legacy. To hear more from The VCR kids check out their weekly podcast on your favorite podcast app. 2 Minute Iso on Ozark Season 2 and an upcoming guest appearance on the Kidflix podcast.

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