Episode 168 – A Podcast About The Series Finale

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOWWWWWWNNNN!!! Kalvin and Nick present the series finale of A Podcast About Something with a clips show style challenge. We take several clips from the last 3 and half years of A Podcast About Something and see if we can guess which episode the clip comes from as we say goodbye to our podcast. The winner of this challenge gets to take home the A Podcast About Something Cup!

If you’re new to A Podcast About Something, this is a great place to start to get a feel for many of the topics we’ve covered and how we cover them

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Full Episode Transcript Is Available Below:

Kalvin 0:06
Hello, welcome to the final episode of a podcast about something where each week for the past three and a half years, we dove deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me for the final time your co host, Nick Richardson. It’s the fine, okay.

Yeah, it was better when we answered the phone like right away and did it but you know, whatever.

Nick 0:31
I mean, sometimes inspiration just hits you three times and you belt out. Final Countdown.

Kalvin 0:38
Can’t get away with it three times in a row. What happened? So we’re doing something very special. For our finale episode, we are creating a clips show kind of like how sitcoms used to do. Some still do, I guess. But basically, what we’ve done is we’ve taken a random 15 second clip from each of our first 150 episodes. So I had to move my mic, we had a total of 144. clips, because there were some like two part episode three part episodes where I didn’t get a clip from each one because obviously, like that wouldn’t be fun. Anyway, so we have a complete list of names of the episodes in front of us that are up for contention. So we’re gonna play the clip. And then we’re both gonna try and guess at what episode it is we don’t we probably won’t get through all 150 of them. So don’t worry about that. We’re just going to go for like 4550 minutes, see where that takes us. And then we’ll stop at a good stopping point, like a 50 7500 kind of stopping point, you know, one of those solid numbers. So we’re gonna keep score. As we go through this, we get a point for each correct guess. And we’ll kind of maybe talk about our memories of the episode or if we even remember it or anything like that was a long time. Yeah. Well, and the first year you weren’t there, right? You’re gonna have to really rely on context clues and episode names. And these are all randomized, completely randomized, I don’t even know what order they’re in. And then our list that we’re looking at is in the correct order of what they’re released. So that we got to kind of try and figure that out as we go. Whoever scores the most points here wins the podcast about something cup. If you follow us at APA something I tweeted out a picture of that cup earlier, and I’ll do it as I post this episode as well. Just so everybody can see that trophy cuz it’s pretty sweet.

Nick 2:33
It is pretty. It’s pretty fucking sick, man. I thought it was gonna literally be like, $1 store trophy with a podcast about something written on it. Not as a legit trophy.

Kalvin 2:43
Yeah, I got I got it legit. Don’t worry.

Nick 2:46
I immediately was I

Kalvin 2:47
would shout out the company that I got it from it was some online trophy company. I don’t remember the name I had to put that it worked out. Because like so there’s the sticker in the middle, right? The podcast about something sticker behind that is like a little just like a picture of a microphone. And so when I got it, I’m like, Oh, I wonder if this sticker will fit. And I just because I was gonna put it like on the back where there was nothing else. And then so I just tried to in that circle and it fit perfectly. So I was like, Oh, yeah, that’s what we got to do. That’s money. Nobody needs a generic ass microphone. It’s meant to happen. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, it’s it’s a little bittersweet. We’re ending we’ve been talking about this for a few months, you and I have been talking about it longer of bringing the show to a good clean clothes. We’ve been doing finale month where we revisit we first revisit the MCU which is our first ever episode we did a saying goodbye selective listening, and a kind of franchise ending movie superlatives. And so that to me, the only way to end it was a clip show. What what are some of your fondest memories from this show? They’re

Nick 3:53
the when we’re off in the weeds, which is, I mean, there’s probably 40 to 50 episodes just a few minutes here or there where we’re really off in the weeds, but we’re Stumbling on something, you know, yeah. And those are my fondest memories, because we really get going and make progress on an app. Dude. And the other times are what I’m, I literally laugh harder. Mostly just the dumbest shit, but hey, that’s what this is all about having fun. I gotta be serious at work and, you know, as a dad and all this shit, you gotta be serious all the time. This is not a serious time. Absolutely not.

Kalvin 4:31
Don’t do not take if you’re, if this is the first episode you’re ever listening to. Don’t take it don’t like go back and listen to more and take it seriously because it’s not gonna be that serious. There might be some serious things but usually not. I agree with you what we kind of get off into the weeds. I liked it when like i’d stumbled upon a theory that I’d never thought of. And sometimes they make sense and sometimes they’re very stupid. Like Tyrese is going to go to space and Fast and Furious franchise and get his Green Lantern right And become Jon Stewart. It’s fucking hat at the same time. It’s awesome.

Nick 5:03
Well, it’s Yeah, those are amazing hats. Well, we usually punctuated with, you know, call me Disney or Warner Brothers or something like that.

Kalvin 5:14
Yeah, whenever we universal Warner, they’ve got to come together on that one somehow I think we can do it.

Nick 5:19
It’s gonna be a lot of singing by yours truly hear my wrath,

Kalvin 5:23
we got to get into it soon. I wanted to do a clip show like this for two reasons. The first is that it harken back to like I said, all the greatest sitcoms, you couldn’t claim to have a great sitcom. And like the 90s and early 2000s are at ease. If you if you didn’t have one of these clips shows in your episode lineup somewhere, usually at like the 100th episode or the finale, or close to the finale, you get the shows where they just show clips of the whole show. And that’s really fun. So I thought this was a good way to close it out in the same way that those shows did. I love classic sitcoms. And so to me, it just kind of like brings that feeling. And the second reason is, I thought it would be a really cool discovery tool for new listeners in the future. So like, if you find a podcast, you’re either listening to the first episode, or the last episode is the first thing you’re grabbing. So with this, this is gonna be at the top of the list on your podcast app when you go to like if somebody finds this, you know, a year from now, they’re gonna go, Oh, what’s this, I got 168 episodes, they must have done something right to have that many episodes, let’s check out this last episode and see what’s up. You know, it’s a great way to get introduced to the whole show, because you get these 15 second clips of 50 to 150 episodes that we’ve done. And you know, hopefully that makes you want to go back and listen to the full episodes. If you like what you heard from the clips. It’s kind of like to me discovering a new band. And you start out on the greatest hits album, right? You don’t start with their first you might start with a first down but you’re never starting with somebody started out with either go first album, or Greatest Hits. So this is the greatest hits on the podcast about something.

Nick 6:56
Right, usually Greatest Hits whatever music videos they have on YouTube. Yeah, that helps. Yeah, and then you hit those up, which is usually their greatest hits or close to it. And

Kalvin 7:07
I can’t claim that these clips are gonna be all our greatest hits. Just because I haven’t listened to most of them listened to a couple to do testing and things like that. But I don’t know which ones I’ve listened to like, I don’t remember what the weird random naming generator I have. I have no idea what’s what. But I literally randomly just grabbed 15. So like I would open the file in Audacity, cut out, like up to like 30 minutes in 12 seconds. And then I’d go to you know, and then I’d cut after 30 minutes and 27 seconds, and boom, there’s my 15 seconds. No idea what it is. Don’t know what said, and it was different times for each episode. And I didn’t I tried to stay away from like the first 10 minutes of every episode, because that’s when we’re introducing things that we may not either will just flat out say the episode name or like we might not actually be into the episode and talking about the topic yet. So I tried to get it somewhere in like that 15 minute to 45 minute range of each episode to really make sure we’re in the meat of the episode.

Nick 8:04
Yeah, that’s solid way to go about it. I wonder I’m curious how many times decks are gonna come up in a 15 second window? Or 144 episodes?

Kalvin 8:15
All right. Well, that’s, I’ve got the scoreboard you got to keep track of how many decks we talked about and get some no paper up.

Nick 8:20
Looking on.

Kalvin 8:22
Oh, you don’t have a spreadsheet ready for that? I’ve got spreadsheets.

Nick 8:25
Of course you would.

Kalvin 8:27
You have your episode list up? I do. Alright, I’ve got mine up. We’re gonna play we’re getting you ready?

Nick 8:33
I’m fucking ready.

Kalvin 8:34
Alright, we’re gonna keep score. You get a point for getting it right. No steals whatever we both just say our guests will will take turns saying I guess. But like you got to kind of be locked in. You can’t steal my guests and I can’t steal your gas, you know?

Nick 8:50
No, nothing. I’m just gonna steal every single one of yours. All right. All right. You’re going

Kalvin 8:57
clip number one, from A to Z on the top. And it’s got the point on the bottom. He, to me said felt like he had better control over everything that was going on than read I ever did. Yeah, and he was like, marriage Rita in season three. I hope that’s easy.

Nick 9:19
Yeah, I think so. I just gotta find it on the list.

Kalvin 9:23
Yeah, I gotta I gotta make sure I’m checking these off off as we go through a process of elimination is going to be huge. That was a podcast about Power Rangers. I’m gonna I’m gonna venture a guess.

Nick 9:36
Yeah, that was 100% of podcasts. Yeah.

Kalvin 9:39
podcast about power. That was a fun one. Three. We did three hours over three hours on Power Rangers. Go back and check out Episode 107 if you are a Power Rangers fan.

Nick 9:48
Oh, man, that was brutal, too, because that was when I worked at Macy’s, I

Kalvin 9:52
think. So I know. I think you I think you had moved on to the job you have now. I can’t remember what it was. Seven was that 60 episodes ago. So that’s, that’s four weeks in a month yet about a year.

Nick 10:07
So yeah, I was at my new job, so that’s even worse because I got to get up at 430 in the morning.

Kalvin 10:13
And we’re chugging though we couldn’t stop. Oh man, we’re

Nick 10:15
killing it. That’s a super fun episode.

Kalvin 10:18
Yeah, it was. Well, before we go on,

Nick 10:20
I gotta say this. Have you heard of the Power Rangers short? It’s like, rip true to life like hello violin stuff. No. Oh, man. It’s so fucking cool. I discovered it today. I know. This is really authentic. Randy, you

Kalvin 10:37
have to send me a link on that. Yeah. Yeah, gotcha. Alright, so let’s go to number two. Number two.

Nick 10:47
That’s really not that far when you think about it.

Kalvin 10:50
So then once that didn’t work, he sent basically frontal assault after frontal assault and waves of 10,000 men after again, there’s only 7000 on the other side that are rotating in and out. As you go. Well, there’s really down

Nick 11:05
What do you think it is? a podcast about their moblie

Kalvin 11:09
Yep, that’s what I’m going with to let’s see. Let’s see. Get the score she a podcast about the Battle of Thermopylae he right. Oh, right over to fucking on it. Look at us. I didn’t think I did any of these right. That was fun, too. That was that was one of my worries is that for every episode, but

Nick 11:32
that was one of our more serious ones, which I when I first came on to the show I was tackling like a little more than those mice kind of subjects was a little more serious. Then I just started having fun with it.

Kalvin 11:46
Yeah, and like the Battle of Thermopylae, he was cool. Because like we kind of compared to the 300 I had read this book in college like I was assigned, it was the most boring book in the world. For more on that, go listen to that episode, you’ll you’ll hear plenty about how boring that book was

Nick 12:02
boring as fuck.

Kalvin 12:05
But yeah, it was kind of cool to revisit that in and learn more of the history behind it than just what we saw on 300. And what I kind of half remembered from that college course. Yeah. All right. Track three

Nick 12:25
hours a day. And that was that was the closest I’ve ever come to buying it. And my wife was with me at the time. So I was like, Yeah, no, that’s not gonna fucking fly.

Kalvin 12:37
Hey, I’ll come back in a couple weeks after I get my credit card. I’m getting I guess. Oh, I know. podcasts about collecting.

Nick 12:49
Yep. 100%.

Kalvin 12:51
Because that was like you want to buy that Funko or something? That you searched all day for something like that? Yeah.

Nick 12:57
Honestly, I don’t remember that sounds like sounds like we went to the head a trunks, Dragonball Z sword at the store I went to. And I was very tempted by 150 bucks, man. Let’s do

Kalvin 13:12
it. We both got our right again, three. For three. This was easier than I thought, Oh, man, that was talked about all of our collections and the things that we gone out and bought. And like I have this tremendous action figure and like, no, not props, but like, just different things from all kinds of different worlds collection. And you have somewhat of a collection as well. And we just talked about, and you collect comments more so than anything, I guess was was the conversation there?

Nick 13:40
Yeah, I have a fuckload of common. Yeah. And action figures. I got to debt offs. I need a third. I know you have like six.

Kalvin 13:49
Yeah, I have 1234567. And I need to get Calvinist so laxen on me. So I don’t know if you remember but I’ve got these two like big shells hanging on the wall. And I’ve got Batman and one in Spider Man and the other. I’m gonna replace those with like, I think five more desktops, just because they take up so much wall space, and they have no depth to them. So I can’t get a lot of stuff in there. Yes, I need to rearrange.

Nick 14:15
You do better rearranging. Yeah. I know that all right. Like we are on track 444 right. And he’s trying to you know, defeat Galactus himself. So he’s holding them off as best as he can. And then the watcher shows up and just fucking wipes the floor with Galactus and it’s so dope. And I think we might get an introduction to Galactus in Oh,

Kalvin 14:45
that was it was something to do with the MCU you get to you get to guess first.

Nick 14:50
I’m honest, gonna get I guess a podcast about MCU movie superlatives. Yeah,

Kalvin 14:59
yeah. I think that’s what I’m gonna go with. I didn’t remember that we did that I was thinking about doing the we did what was a superhero team up movies, superlatives? I was thinking maybe it was that but I’m leaning more towards MCU. Now that I see that we actually did that. So I don’t really remember half the time that we did stuff. Yep, that’s it. Oh, yeah. His neck and neck after four contests.

Nick 15:28
You just went with my answer. You use a little Well, no, I

Kalvin 15:32
literally saw I was scrolling scrolling up through the list. And I landed on that right as you were saying it? Yeah, I was gonna go with it.

Nick 15:39
My brain was just like, that’s it.

Kalvin 15:41
Yeah, that’s gotta be it. I mean, we gave out so movies are relatives is if you’re a new listener here. It was a monthly thing we did where we gave out made up awards to different types of movies. So for that month, we are giving out awards to MCU movies. And somehow we got talking about Galactus. And we must have been talking about maybe an upcoming fan. Fantastic Four movie, possibly, I don’t know. But yeah, so we give up out all these made up awards, and it’s a lot of fun.

Nick 16:09
Yeah, we that was a rabbit hole moment. For sure. Yeah,

Kalvin 16:12
for sure. Went both of us go. No, like I’m gonna have to cut some major silence out of that part right there because we were just both just scrolling. like trying to figure it out. That’s okay. All right. For number five.

Nick 16:26
Yes. Is it weird coincidence to

Kalvin 16:30
Yeah, exactly. We didn’t go there looking out for everyone to pay for like we were just taking him to a nice dinner. And happened that we sat next to this drunk guy who decided to be nice. So thank you drunk ex NFL quarterback. That was easy. That is a podcast about kindness.

Nick 16:49
That was not what I was gonna go with.

Kalvin 16:52
What you gotta say what you’re gonna go with now?

Nick 16:54
a podcast about life advice.

Kalvin 16:56
Hmm. Yeah, first wrong answer. Dun, dun.

Nick 17:03
I should have just been like,

Kalvin 17:05
take the lead at number five. Number five. Yeah, I remember that. That was me. My friend took this kid out to dinner one time that we knew for his birthday. And like, we were sitting there with this, like, we’re sitting outside at this restaurant. And we’re just talking and going through stuff. And drunk dude, random drunk dude walks over pays for a meal slips this kid like $100 bill and like tells us his story that he’s some ex NFL backup or some shit like that. And just like rambles on about how we should be nice to each other.

Nick 17:42
Oh, yeah, I remember that.

Kalvin 17:43
Yeah. So fits right into kindness. So are we ready for number six? Let’s do it. That was Oh, that movie? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:58
The IndyCar driver? Oh, yeah. Really good. Because Ronnie was trying to get with his wife in a movie. Yeah, he was trying to catch Moby Dick one time.

Kalvin 18:11
Okay, that’s early on. That’s that’s an Erica parents there. So that’s gonna be the first 17 or so episodes. You get the first gas here.

Nick 18:27
We go on with a podcast about good bad movies.

Kalvin 18:30
Yeah, that’s what I think it is. Somebody who’s driving in any car without help? Oh, both wrong, was a podcast about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our very first episode No shit. Somehow we got off on a tangent into IndyCar driving. I have no idea how that happened. It makes total sense. I mean, that was that was December of 2017. We recorded that. I have no idea how we would have gotten there from the MCU conversation we were having. And then so we did. So that was a very first episode. And then we did another episode me and you did on the MCU a couple weeks ago to like bring it back for the star finale month to bring it back to the first episode. I don’t think we got off on that tangent somehow.

Nick 19:23
Well, that also was not the sound of my voice.

Kalvin 19:25
No, that was that was the first co host Eric. So we’re gonna have the first set of 16 episodes. It was me and Eric doing my friend that lives here. And then I switched to doing it. I’d have guests every week different guests every week. And that went on until Where did you you came in January of 2019 2018? No 20 because I started we did a podcast about 2018 movies, superlatives, but it was January 23. Yes, yes. Yes. So that’s Episode 44 that you first Amen. So there’s between 16 and 44. There’s 30 episodes where, you know, we’re not gonna know who the the other voices that could really throw us off. Yeah. Well, yeah, well no the first 17 are Eric and then are the first 16 are Eric and then 17 through 43 are just random other podcasters. So I know Eric’s voice but I’m not going to remember all of their voices. So that will be interesting. I hardly remember Eric’s voice just I know through 19 is there. Ant Man and The Wasp was Eric’s last episode. Alright, so number seven. Number seven, it was a really

Unknown Speaker 20:42
hard pick for me, but I gotta go with the

Kalvin 20:47
that’s a good pick. I

Nick 20:48
like Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle is fucking awesome. And it’s before he became on the podium and

Kalvin 20:57
Alright, I know this one, I think because I saw it earlier. And I was thinking while we’re doing the Galactus conversation, I was thinking that might have been this, but this is the Marvel Vs DC that we did. Yeah, I think 100% I gotta find 95% Avengers versus the Justice League app, so 95 that’s the point. That count.

Nick 21:22
I know we’re talking about that was the only one because otherwise we weren’t talking Flashpoint. We haven’t talked

Kalvin 21:29
a lot definitely was the Flashpoint. No, we did. We did the Batman movie superlatives where we had some DC action, but we didn’t we didn’t go real deep into DC that often. So here, huge DC fan. You’re in the wrong place.

Nick 21:43
Sorry. Do you see good stuff. It’s there’s short bursts.

Kalvin 21:49
Yeah, some great Blue Beetle content right there. As you can tell. me fucking Blue Beetle

Nick 21:53
is rad.

Kalvin 21:54
I love Blue Beetle, man. Alright, number eight. This guy can do the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
So we did a little bit. He’s a little bit smaller. But it can do the same thing. Because they used to have Darren Sproles and all these other guys that they would put in just to catch the ball, anything or even started tennis. They just tell it.

Kalvin 22:17
Alright, so that’s another Eric episode. So that’s certainly on first 19 you can tell we’re in a very echoey place. We were probably both yelling into a phone at that point. Oh, or we may have been sharing a microphone don’t know. We went through a lot of steps to get to where we are now. A lot of those steps happened in those first 19 episodes so they’re gonna be a varying quality. Whenever one of those pops up. I go first, I’m gonna say that was NFL free agency. 2018. NFL free agency.

Nick 22:52
I was gonna go 2018 NFL playoffs

Kalvin 22:55
could be talking Alvin Kamara. See what it is? To get on the right spreadsheet? Oh, both wrong. A podcast about football. That was your chance to catch back up. I didn’t even see that one. I was focused on 2018 playoffs 2018, free agency 2018 draft could have been any of those could have been any single one. But it was not a lot of football talk in that first, those first 19 episodes. And then so for the next year for that whole 2018 season 2018 2019 season. We’re also doing a podcast about football where every week, we would recap what was going on and make predictions for the next week. I don’t believe those are in the feed anymore. Just because I don’t know anybody who’s gonna go back and randomly listen to be like, Okay, what happened in week six of the 2018 football season?

Nick 23:51
I don’t know some people might. I need to figure this shit out. When they

Kalvin 23:55
had a really good week six, they might want to go back. What they know. I mean, if future people when you all come upon this thanks for listening in the future shout out 2025 and you all want that sweet 2018 football season content. Let me know I can always post it back.

Nick 24:15
It’s like buying a cheap copy of Madden at gamestop for four bucks. You get it?

Kalvin 24:20
I just bought Madden 2007. Fuck yeah. And the reason I did is because they had the you could do the combine workouts. And that’s really cool. So I bought oh four, which is one of my take on the cover or Mike fix way overpowered. And I thought that was the introduction of the combine workouts was not that was the mini camps, which is a little bit different than the combine stuff. So now I’ll have both home so I can do both things. The mini camps are cool. But the combine stuff was I like doing the 40 I was really good at doing the 40 where you just kind of flick the sticks.

Nick 24:55
I believe in I was always terrible at it. So you’re better than me. I know exactly what you’re saying.

Kalvin 25:05
Alright. Track nine. Why and how he was going to pull it off? Where did it lead? In the thought so, in the story, not terrified but like thinking about the story afterwards the thought of just slowly losing yourself to something that you

think you go first to think I think I have an idea. You go first. lock it in. Oh, no. You just destroyed the whole spreadsheet. They literally did. Do you need me to send you a new one? No, I got okay. Undo button is my best friend.

Nick 26:03
I had it. I was gonna go episode for these seven, a podcast about psychological experiments.

Kalvin 26:13
That’s what I was thinking we were talking to cure at sounded like, let’s see if we’re right. We’re both wrong. Fuck 128 podcast about scary stories. That’s really that was just you talking? Yeah, but it was it was the story you told and I was like responding to that, I think. Ah, yeah. Yeah, there was.

Nick 26:40
Yeah, it was a great episode. That’s fucking

Kalvin 26:43
wack. Yeah, sweat nine. Black 10 so we’re on whack 45 That’s true. I know how much that we can’t wait. I can’t say much about the scary stories up. So because like that’s when you just got to experience. Yeah, it’s a whole night. If you enjoy scary stories, go listen to Episode 128. You’ll be scared. Hopefully.

Nick 27:06
Will you mean to them too, so I mean, that’s where a lot of humor comes in. He’s He’s just kind of a fucking dickhead. But, uh, you know, he does help one kid, so I guess that’s good.

Kalvin 27:19
He learned his lesson.

Nick 27:20
I mean, there was a bad saying that too.

Kalvin 27:24
This should be easy. Yeah. One Oh, no, it’s my turn. It’s Christmas. Adjacent. Movie swirl. Yes. 137. There it is. So,

Nick 27:33
so I got five and you got six.

Kalvin 27:35
Let’s see. We’ll total up after 10 I have seven points. And you have six points. So 70% for me. 60%. For you. That’s pretty good. Like 30% Yeah,

Nick 27:49
I’ll take 60% all day.

Kalvin 27:53
Let’s mark that one off my high school career.

Nick 27:58
So fucking lazy.

Kalvin 28:00
Oh, that was fun. We did a we didn’t do Christmas. We had done Christmas movies before but that one was specifically movies that take place at Christmas but aren’t like really Christmas movies. And you’re talking about Santa there we talked Harry Potter. diehard Batman Returns? Yeah, all those things that like take place. And so I was kicking myself because I saw I don’t remember what I saw. It was like, two months ago, I saw something that was Christmas adjacent. I was like, Damn, this would have been a great movie to talk about. Due to camera what it is. Yeah,

Nick 28:31
yeah. Whenever you think of it, just a great story. two in the morning, three in the morning. I don’t care you let me know.

Kalvin 28:37
All right, track 11. Oh, they had a Sega Genesis that we go over there. Just you know where his Sega Genesis out. And then we had a, like a family friend who your son was three years older than my brother. And they had a Super Nintendo and he was never. Alright, so I’ll give you that. That one’s gonna be hard.

Nick 28:58
That was not 28 old school video games. Well, so

Kalvin 29:02
there are four parts of the old school video games that were all separate. Like, they’re all different episodes where we talked about different areas of video gaming. Yeah, so you’re going with part two, I’m going with part three, I think it was which is 37. And I have a leg up here because I know what the when the different areas were that we kind of went through. But I might be wrong. I’m thinking it was three. Actually going with the first one. I think the first 128 Yeah. 28. Yeah, that would have been part one. Okay, let’s see. So you’re going part one I’m going Part Three is part two. Cuz we were talking about Sega. So I was thinking Sega can remember. So the first one we did and this probably come up at As we continue to go through these but the first one we did like arcade Atari up to Nintendo Super Nintendo. So then the second one we must have done Sega. Maybe it must have been Super Nintendo and Sega that that kind of that round. Yeah. And then well, no, because Part Two Yeah, so part two must have been Sega through n 64. PS one. And then Part Three was PS to Xbox. And then part four was like ps3, Xbox 360, or I believe, was the Nintendo love here. Ninja Nintendo has the most. Well, segmented era’s they, they have a console and every era that you can kind of track through time.

Nick 30:49
Yeah, except the we. We don’t track that ever ship.

Kalvin 30:53
But we doesn’t count.

Nick 30:54
Hell no.

Kalvin 30:56
All right, let’s do track. 12. I

Unknown Speaker 30:58
would, I would not. It would have to be it would have to be the knee dragging either. You’d be it’d be you. Sure.

Kalvin 31:07
I’m kind of in the same boat as Jason is. That’s the thing with trolls like I had zero. All right, there was there was a small I was about to give it to you because there weren’t any hints. I was just gonna say let’s skip that one. But there was a hint in there that you might be able to get this from it is Altai, say it’s a movie superlatives. Episode

Nick 31:32
36, time travel movie superlatives.

Kalvin 31:36
We’re talking about trolls. Do you want to change your guess? Non Disney. Yeah, that’s cool. should give me half a point for it. But now that goddamn point. Some of these ones. I’ll meet you halfway on kinda like we did. They’re like, I’m not gonna hold that against you. Especially because in that 15 seconds, we barely said anything relating to the movies. And I just like I knew that guy’s voice. Like, as soon as he started talking, I was like, Oh, yeah, I know who that is.

Nick 32:16
Two voices I had never heard.

Kalvin 32:18
They are from the for better or worse podcast, which I don’t believe is around anymore. I think they stopped a while ago. They’re just a husband and wife were like, one week, he would pick a movie. And she would watch it with it. And like they’d watch it together. And then they talk about in the next week, she would pick a movie she likes and they’d watch it together and talk about it.

Nick 32:38
There’s a lot of podcast, fellow podcasters that are not around anymore.

Kalvin 32:43
Well, yeah. And we might we might run up against that here. But I think their feed is still alive. If anybody is interested in that content. They just I don’t think they’re making new new stuff anymore. Alright, so let’s go number 13. Even What the hell is rolling people that they need to stay there and continue to be like the game’s over? Go home. Why are you still throwing popcorn at Jermaine O’Neal? What are you gaining from that? And you’re like, Oh, they probably rushed over there. Like, I know. What is wrong with people? I hope that one’s for me. Before

Nick 33:20
100% Yeah, that was a fun episode. When?

Kalvin 33:24
Yeah, Episode 94. We talked about the mouse in the palace. From the Detroit slash Indiana Pacers brawl. A lot of fun there

Nick 33:33
to still remember watching that live. That’s like Oh, yeah. And we had a

Kalvin 33:42
NBA All Star play preview on the end of that episode to Hell yeah. Which nobody gives a shit about the NBA All Star game, but I do. Tie

Nick 33:53
I do. It’s fun. Goddamnit it’s fun.

Kalvin 33:58
I kind of like the new layout where they where they play quarter by quarter and then the fourth quarter. They got to get to that tart. I kind of like that. It’s it’s nice change of pace. It’s grown on me. Yeah. Alright, track 14. Let’s get it. But I think we gave pretty too good to pretty good examples. But when you try and go too far, it doesn’t always work. Right? You know, but holy shit. Oh, alien. And aliens are two great movies. And both are great, because I heard your voice on there. So you’re, you’re definitely in it. It’s got to be a movies superlatives episode, I think. Oh, yeah.

I think we’re gonna end up getting through about 30 of these. Yeah, I’m okay with that. Yeah, that’s fine. We get get I’m having fun with this. I think I got it. But I think it’s your turn. So but I’m locked in.

Nick 35:00
I’m trying to find the goddamn one I’m thinking, I mean was slasher movies? Look,

Kalvin 35:09
that’s part two movie superlatives. Part two movies. Oh, I didn’t even highlight that one for me. Because Yeah, it’s because he spelled it.

Nick 35:18
That’s a big hint. Fuck.

Kalvin 35:20
God. Damn, I tried to give you a very stupid Okay. All right now I’ve got a two point lead. You need to make a comeback here. Let’s trophy stamp.

Nick 35:29
I want that fucking trophy. Goddamnit

Kalvin 35:31
I can find me I’ll just make you one of your we made it through this two and a half years together doing this you get trophy?

Nick 35:39
your goddamn participation trophy. Here’s

Kalvin 35:42
a little smaller. They’ll have a big two on it.

Nick 35:46
Number two, might be a little shed just hanging off the edge. I don’t know. Man. It’d be like do these things like ass?

Kalvin 35:55
Alright, so let’s go to number 15. Here to go put in an application on the website. I’ve

Unknown Speaker 35:59
already put in the application. We’ll just you know go in there and follow up. Tell them you put in the applicant. Okay, what’s that gonna do? Yeah, annoy them.

Unknown Speaker 36:07
Yeah, they have a system. You should call them every day. Every day. Yeah, yeah. You got it? I think I got it.

Kalvin 36:22
That’s gonna be Episode 96. a podcast about jobs. Yeah. Kids sound very sure of yourself. You changed your mind. And you know,

Nick 36:33
I thought that was kind of a given.

Kalvin 36:34
Yeah, I know that one was pretty easy. We actually had HR specialists on that episode as a guest who kind of walked us through the other side of job hunting, which was pretty cool. That helped. Yeah,

Nick 36:45
it’s helpful. You should listen to that episode, if you’re looking for a job seriously.

Kalvin 36:50
Or if you’re hiring for a job because we talk about that a little bit too. Like there’s a lot of good information there. And there’s a lot of us just bitching about the process, which is also always fun. Remember, I’m talking about working at Radio Shack? Yes. Yes, he did work in a radio show.

Nick 37:03
That maybe fondly remember Radio Shack and overpaying for an Arduino board. I was pissed.

Kalvin 37:11
Get those for like 15 bucks on Amazon.

Nick 37:14
I paid like $65 for that thing

Kalvin 37:17
that still have one I was I was at one point I was gonna try and learn how to program things on it. And like it just I think when I got it was right. When we were buying our house. My wife was pregnant. We were buying our house and like so we bought the house and then moved in. By the time I got everything set up. The kid was here and it was like, nope, no time now. Yeah. I’m not gonna have time for like, I got three years. I got through the first like three chapters of the book. So I could make the light blink at different time increments. That was about it. I

Nick 37:45
still have that book.

Kalvin 37:46
I got it on Kindle. So I mean, I definitely still have it. Alright, number 16. stories told. But those don’t exist right now. Maybe they’ll get to them. But like, I just don’t get the joy. They get out of review bombing and spreading hate about it. I mean, they’re all just sift and training, I guess. So you know, going in that movie and you bring that I think we got two options here. You guess first on this one? He said Seth. Yeah. Yeah, so I mean, we did a whole Star Wars month. But I think there’s two that stand out here that that it’s got to be one or the other out of the five. We did.

Nick 38:35
I think I’m gonna go with 87 podcasts about anniken Skywalker.

Kalvin 38:43
I’m going with 86 Star Wars movie superlatives? Cuz I think we’re talking last Jedi right there. Let’s see. Ah, both wrong. Rise of Skywalker.

Nick 38:57
I’m surprised that whole episode wasn’t me just bashing the fuck out of it. God I hated that movie. So I

Kalvin 39:05
mean, it probably mostly was we just didn’t get that part in the 15 seconds. We got the 15 seconds of me being a beacon of hope there.

Nick 39:12
I saw that. I’m like midnight on what? Thanks are Christmassy. Oh, my Christmas. Yeah, Christmas Eve. I went and saw that shit. I walked out of that so fucking mad. I remember trying to explain that to my wife like, honey, I gotta go see this movie. I got I have to it’s for the podcast. It’s Christmas Eve, Nick. Yeah, it is

Kalvin 39:33
when this is completely tangential, but when the Force Awakens came out, we had just had my daughter. So like, I wasn’t going to movies at nighttime and like it was a hard time trying to find when to go to movies. Yeah. And so I went at like 10am on a Sunday. And that was the greatest on opening weekend. That was the greatest fucking time to go there like 12 people in the theater had a great seat. See everything was great movie. Really just really great experience there.

Nick 40:04
I was super pumped for the Force Awakens. And it was a solid movie I enjoyed myself.

Kalvin 40:09
Yeah, the force awakens is still very good. I mean, we’re not talking Star Wars. Yeah, I mean, we were first episode. Track 17 let’s see what we got. Oh, I definitely still want to see it cuz I mean, I love giant monster movies. Like, I’m gonna see it eventually. But monster movies are growing on me. It was a I hadn’t always enjoyed them. But now lately I’ve been finding that there’s no way you’re gonna get this.

Nick 40:42
I have an idea.

Kalvin 40:44
Okay, it’s in the 20s. I’ll tell you that.

Nick 40:47
I get I’m guessing 21

Kalvin 40:51
Okay, No, you’re wrong. I’m not gonna count this against you, though. There’s no way that you would have gotten that. It’s 24 Franken movies, so which was kind of a little bit of the genesis of movie superlatives. In that one we took I think we did like three different categories. And we took two different types of movies and mash them together and tried to make a cohesive plot out of those two movies. And yeah, so that was kind of like the start of the ball rolling on movie support limits in my mind. Nice. But we’re not going to count that for anyone. We’ll just we’ll just pretend that one didn’t happen.

Nick 41:34
All right. Number 80. of the cops drive by. I mean, fuck, there’s never a cop in these movies. And if they didn’t got a big sword, they get killed too. Yeah. I mean, I just I picture Michael Myers, the giant sword like a William the mountain. You know, like

Kalvin 41:54
Oh, we got Michael Myers sorts,

Nick 41:59
the mountain the mountain. I think William Basu I think you said William Wallace. Yeah.

Kalvin 42:07
I thought we’re on fast and furious at first when we were talking about cops and stuff, but as it went further, I’m like, there’s no way I think I got an idea. I think I go first on this. I’m gonna go with Halloween movie superlatives. Episode at

Nick 42:21
Google 127 slasher movies. superlatives, huh? Yeah. Oh,

Kalvin 42:27
my catch up here. You got it. Whoo. Seven slasher movies. Good guess I’m sorry. I didn’t get that down that fun list. I got to Halloween. I’m like we’re talking Michael Myers. Gotta

Nick 42:41
be Halloween. It’s gotta be. So we’re talking swords William Wallace.

Kalvin 42:46
Get there? Obviously. There’s some slashing go 100%. Michael Myers and William Wallace fucking out here slashing and cops.

Nick 42:55
I mean, they’re slashing tires.

Kalvin 42:59
Alright, let’s go check it.

Unknown Speaker 43:01
Because he’s taking the Green Goblin formula. It’s driving him mad, threatening Peter Parker and threatening his family. Like, there’s no way he’s gonna do but he’ll try to play on the fact. It used to be friends. And there’s some really touching scenes with like, MJ and with Peter and Harry.

Kalvin 43:19
You should be able to get this one I would think. Look in the 20 to 35 range.

Nick 43:28
Oh, a podcast about spider man. Yeah.

Kalvin 43:32
I think Let me double check it. Yes. Episode 30 is about Spider Man with the FYI NP cast. That was a lot of fun. That was my first Spider Man episode like full on just Spider Man up. So we talked about comics. We talked about like storylines. We talked about the movies, venom movie was about to come out. So there was a little bit of talk on that. That that was a really cool episode to do. Because it was it was somebody who like I’ve always loved Spider Man, but this dude had so much knowledge about Spider Man and like his comic stories and everything like that. So it was really cool to like, learn from him even more that I didn’t know.

Nick 44:07
Oh, dude. I wish I could talk to you for the first time about Spider Man comic line stories would go if you weren’t here yet. It’d be going down.

Kalvin 44:18
All right. Track 20 Well, we’ll give a score update after this one. Well, we got we got to bowling and like I hadn’t really moved on yet. Because like, I was still interested in her even though she had been boring but I was like, okay, you know, I had hung out with her a couple other times the other the bad day girl. I had hung out with her a couple times. And I got this one. I know who and what I’m talking about in that story that I’m telling, but I have no idea what episode that is.

Nick 44:50
I’m going with the podcast about online dating.

Kalvin 44:54
Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna go with. Where’s that? 134 34 Yeah, that’s That’s gonna be my best guess. I don’t know what other context I would tell that story in.

Nick 45:04
It sounds like a bad experience with online dating.

Kalvin 45:08
It wasn’t all it was in person dating. But yeah, that’s it. One point each boom, boom, roasted. Now that was a person that I knew. And it was going on date with. And by the end of the night, I had gone home with who is now my wife. Because that date sucks so bad.

Nick 45:27
It that’s a great story, man. That’s awful. Yeah, go back and listen to Episode 34. And hear the whole story. I’ll have to actually I’m going to write that down. Very curious.

Kalvin 45:37
It’s it’s a good story after 20 I have 13 points. And you have 12 points. So stand right there. I’m at 65%. You’re still straight at 60%. So let me Let’s we’ll go to 30. But I’m going to start moving around the the randomizer to get some different tracks in here. I guess I don’t really know why I need to do that. They’re all random. So it doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna do that. We’re gonna do the next 10 because I’m not going to move around on my spreadsheet that has the answer key and I’m gonna move around. Like there’s too many spreadsheets to do that. So we’ll do 10 more.

Nick 46:18
How many spreadsheets? Do you have open right now count?

Kalvin 46:20
Just Well, two for this. And then I think two more for worth. only got two more, man, I swear. Yeah. So yeah, we’ll do we’ll do 10 more, we’ll get to an even 30 and see who’s the winner at the end of that. And then if, if we’re tied, we’ll do a sudden death and we’ll just keep going until somebody gets it wrong.

Nick 46:45
I don’t do well with those situations.

Kalvin 46:48
Well, let’s see what we got. Like a pro ready for words do it. Track 2121 baby is usually like George RR Martin does a good job of like mixing the chapters of like I hear the North for one and then you’re in the south for a few and then you’re nice for a few and then you get another North one. And there was just nothing from brand for a while. There were a couple neon chapters in there, but there’s no

Nick 47:13
I know this one.

Kalvin 47:17
You went first on that one. So this one’s mine. I’m gonna say 99 a podcast about the crypts of Winterfell

Nick 47:28
going with 56 A Song of Ice and Fire crypts of Winterfell

Kalvin 47:35
Yes, taking the two point lean into the homestretch.

Nick 47:41
My wife’s like Why aren’t you going fuck every 30 seconds stop it

Kalvin 47:46
sorry just losing I told

Nick 47:48
her I was doing this she just kind of like

Kalvin 47:57
when I just don’t know how to have fun

Nick 47:58
I don’t do well with these fans. I’m terrible at look you got time to catch up. I’m on my way dude. I’m gonna hit you also have to remember when

Kalvin 48:08
I recorded every one of these episodes I take very meticulous notes going into them and then I edited every one of these episodes. And so like I don’t think I remember him until you hear it and then I’m like boom I know what it is. Boom rose. Yeah, I mean I’ve still missed them is 12345767 that’s possible. So where I think where it’s hard for me is because we’ve covered the same thing several times right we’ve covered Spider Man sometimes we did Spider Man movies we did just that one episode that was like all Spider Man I we’ve done different iterations of MCU Yeah, yeah, so when we get to those I talked about fast and furious and like every other episode so like when we get to that one it could be anything.

Nick 48:54
Let’s fast 10 your seatbelt.

Kalvin 48:56
It’s coming the intern near you. Alright, we ready 22

Unknown Speaker 49:03
you know some of that blame lies on LeBron himself but I think he’s focused on getting the ball and try to win the game Oh yeah. Rather than call a timeout because you can put it back up that to Jeremy exactly where he puts it

Kalvin 49:19
that’s an Eric that’s in the first 17 Oh, I go first here we think again you got two good options here for this one. But I think I notice I do you know you got it. I got it. I’m going 17 Episode 17 NBA offseason Yep. Yep, that’s it. LeBron kicks it out to Jr. Jr. Just needs to make the jump shot or take it to the basket triples out or no, we got the rebound on that free throw. That’s what it was. And he dribbles it out because he thought they were winning. LeBron wanted to fucking kill

Nick 49:59
literally lose. Like you wanted to kill him He probably talked about that like Pillow Talk with his wife consisted of that for like seven eight months afterwards yeah it’s like baby I love you so I can’t believe fucking john mccain

Kalvin 50:13
won that series anyways but taking my cane one would have been heat for the

Nick 50:16
momentum is a hell of a thing in the NBA

Kalvin 50:19
yeah and well so that could have been basket a podcast about basketball but we we talked much broader things in that one so that’s why I didn’t think it was that alright so number 23 kind of what I was hoping for something else but you know, you know how go so we got a course where we went through that. Yes, like 15 minutes yeah Brian 15 minutes if you want to hear what we think of course. So God

Nick 50:51
that’s that’s obviously a selective listening. Yeah.

Kalvin 50:59
I go first here. You got which one you’re gonna guess? Yes. I’m gonna go 109 selective listening hypnotize them Tory is big.

Nick 51:15
I’m going on with 125 monster mash.

Kalvin 51:19
Okay. See if the ties is big, but that might seal up the game for me.

Nick 51:27
Yeah. That one I need to get every single one right.

Kalvin 51:33
Yeah, pretty much you gotta you gotta get lucky and have me miss them. I think so the reason I thought it was Notorious BIG was because we were talking like the way we were talking it seemed like it was the first time we had done it with we already did the chorus go back and listen like that to me struck as like this is the first time we were doing this.

Nick 51:49
That was fun series man I enjoyed doing those.

Kalvin 51:51
Yeah, so the selective listening for anyone who’s just discovering this is we would take a song we did what eight of them I want to say like five or six no seven or eight because we did hit that we got three out of the ties

Nick 52:03

Kalvin 52:05
Monster Mash we did a Christmas song didn’t we? I don’t think so. Maybe not because we didn’t do Christmas month. This last year. My heart Oh on we did rap. God My heart will go on. I thought we did one more in there but maybe not. Okay, so five or six. Nick’s probably right with five. But that was we would take a song any random song that we thought would be fun. And we would just go line by line and try to interpret it to our best ability. Got that so we can

Nick 52:39
do I was dying with that monster mash was going to

Kalvin 52:42
Yeah, I think every I think every song we picked worked out perfectly. Pretty much. Those were perfect. Okay. 24

Unknown Speaker 52:50
bind Mitchell trubisky Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon but in this case, having Blake bortles as a $19 million potential backup. I think you bring in foals and you actually genuinely make them compete for the job. I mean,

Kalvin 53:07
that’s a really bad take. I’m just gonna start off with that.

Nick 53:10
Yeah, wrong.

Kalvin 53:14
Looking back three years later, Nick foles is not the answer. The Chicago Bears. No, no. You got it.

Nick 53:25

Kalvin 53:25
Yeah. Episode 10 2018. NFL free agency.

Nick 53:30
Tell me you said Oh, was it football To

Kalvin 53:35
Know podcast about the Super Bowl? Wow.

Nick 53:40
How do you string Mitchell? trubisky Nick, goddamn.

Kalvin 53:43
Why are we talking about that Super Bowl? Because that was a Super Bowl preview for whatever. Whoever was in the 2018 Super Bowl. Private patriots and somebody? Yeah. The Broncos.

Nick 53:56
Wow. 16 that’s fuckin bullshit. I wrote that down on my paper to the day.

Kalvin 54:01
Yeah, at that point. Got it. Right. I did tell I was like, Oh, that’s the point for sure. That’s got to be NFL free agency. Nope. Eric fools us again with his hot takes about Nick foles and Mitch I could hardly understand them. We knew what was going on there.

Nick 54:19
Just because I have so much hate in my heart for those sons of bitches. Speaking of whiskey, I’m going to a bears game Hey, we

Kalvin 54:30
got Justin fields You’re good? No.

Nick 54:33
I was it was either the 40 Niners game or the Ravens game I’m going to the Ravens game in November and about to bring a my Justin fields jersey under my trubisky Jersey with a big ass sign says Out with the old our rip that shit. In what the new night for me during that game listeners ravens bears Sunday at noon, November 21. You will see me in the stands repinned jerseys

Kalvin 55:02
you should you should like pre cut it down so you can do like the Hulk Hogan rip not just like take it off like so cut it a little bit like just score it and then so you can do like the whole Cogan Rep. I don’t think you’d have it in you to do a full Hulk Hogan rip without pre ripping the shirt. I’ll rip that motherfucker. Easy. Calvin, slow. Alright, so number 25 Thanks guy catching up to do

Nick 55:33
and have the original run of ultimate Spider Man was so heartbreaking. And he comes out with this new Spider Man and it’s just I don’t know, you know, you just kill spider man killed Peter Parker and he nails it a

Kalvin 55:47
lot of people have problems with it when that’s done me for a loop here. I don’t think I was in a hotel because that sound like I was in a hotel. And I don’t think I was in a hotel when we did that. What I’m thinking of but I don’t know what else it would be. As in a hotel for that one. Or you go first here don’t go yet. I’m not locked in.

Nick 56:16
I’m trying to feel like I have in the back of my mind. And I’m still going to get a goddamn bra.

Kalvin 56:32
This is gonna be the most cuts I’ll ever have to make an episode I think with all our long thinking times.

Nick 56:39
This is harder than I thought I want to I want to say 44 but I don’t think that would lie. Oh.

Kalvin 56:52
Okay, I locked down 44

Nick 56:54
I’m locked in with 44 Okay, tell tell the listeners what it is. That’s 2018 movie superlatives part dos. And we were obviously talking about into the spider verse.

Kalvin 57:05
Yes, we definitely we’re so there’s three options here. It’s that which I didn’t even consider. We did Spider Man movie superlatives at one point which it could be that but I’m going with Episode 124 superhero team up movie superlatives? Because they teamed up and into the spider verse. I don’t know if we’d have that conversation on that though. But I don’t. I really don’t think it was Spider Man movie superlatives?

Nick 57:33
I think we’re talking Avengers mostly in

Kalvin 57:38
Spider Man movies. Perlis? That’s it for me, bro. Fucking. You got no you got five more. Let’s hit him. He can’t just give up.

Nick 57:51
I’m not giving up. I never give up like Spider Man. Number 26.

Kalvin 57:59
Back in place, because he played like the same six songs somewhere in his set every time. Always. Mims? This is why I’m hot from like, oh six, and it’s now 2012 and we’re still hearing it.

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Well, it’s a good song. Okay, I know exactly what I’m talking about. But I have no idea. The context.

Nick 58:24
I went to this mall up in Schaumburg, which is by Chicago. And this, the hot sauce store I went to was Wait, this is why.

Kalvin 58:35
I mean, this is gonna be a complete. Yeah. Oh, I think I might have a line on.

Nick 58:41
Which ones Nelly? Wait, I don’t think

Kalvin 58:47
I didn’t get that far on them. Because it’s only ones I didn’t have any of the ones we did this year in 2021. There’s a couple options here. And I know what I’m going with. look towards the end. There might be one there. Last on my list.

Nick 59:04
I’m going 131 rappy. spark two. Interesting.

Kalvin 59:11
There’s a couple this one could be that’s definitely up there could be wrap up part one. Which I don’t know where that is. I’m going way earlier. It could be top 10 rap albums not going to that either. podcast episode 48, a podcast about The Notorious BIG. I think there’s a pathway to get from discussing that to this DJ who would always play memes. This is why I’m hot in the stanky leg. Because I remember one time I had this friend in town. And we were out at this bar that had this DJ that would always play this is why I’m hot in the stinky like, and he also played hypnotize that night. So I’m thinking that we were talking about all the things at the same time. Let’s see what did you say? rappy for two, yes. Selective listening monster mash Hold on oh six. So somewhere in set every time always Mims This is why six in 2012 and we’re still hearing it

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
well, it’s a good song. The Monster Mash I have no fucking idea because we hear it all the time every Christmas. Halloween. Yeah, I mean,

Nick 1:00:34
Halloween. Yeah, whatever. Christmas a lot as a kid.

Kalvin 1:00:40
I don’t know how that happened. But that was Episode 125 selective listening monster mash.

Nick 1:00:48
I’m still disappointed. We haven’t talked about Wiener.

Kalvin 1:00:51
Yes. No, the discount is

Nick 1:00:54
09 inclusive podcast here.

Kalvin 1:00:59
Let’s go to number 27 I can’t believe that still have time to catch up. You gotta get you got to start getting some right though. Like, early. How do you account for? subscription services? Right. Marvel Unlimited DC unlimited. Where? Our DC ultimate or DC Universe? Where whatever it is this week? Yeah, you just have access because you pay your $8 a month.

My problem is finding them Ctrl F I go first here, right? No, I went first. No. Yeah, now it’s my turn to go first. Are you ready?

Nick 1:01:41

Kalvin 1:01:43
I’m gonna go with Episode 124 superhero team up movie superlatives.

Nick 1:01:49
You. Yeah, that’s. That’s, that’s also what I had.

Kalvin 1:01:55
Okay. Ah, I know how we got here. That’s Episode 148. a podcast about gate scandals. We’ve just been talking about comics gate.

Nick 1:02:04
Sort of a bit. 15 seconds is really hard. We talk a lot of shit man. We have over the past few years a lot of shit.

Kalvin 1:02:14
So that was an episode where we talked about all the different scandals that end with gate for whatever reason, except Watergate. We didn’t talk about Watergate really. We just found a couple different scandals and talked about comic skate was one of those and that’s how we got into talking about whatever desease flavor of the month subscription services at this point. Which I think is just comixology at this point.

Nick 1:02:38
I’m still getting like 50 emails a week about my DC titles transferring it’s like to fuckin fuck i

Kalvin 1:02:46
was i this was like two months ago where I finally unsubscribed from DC Universe. Because like so i subscribe in the beginning to watch Titans and shit. What’s the other one?

Nick 1:03:00
Doom patrol,

Kalvin 1:03:01
Doom patrol. Thank you. So I subscribed because it wasn’t on HBO max or anything like that at the time. So I was like, Okay, I’ll subscribe to this. And you got all the comics in the same service. So I was like a great read. You know, Flashpoint. Again, I read dark metals. I read Crisis on Infinite Earths. So I could really catch up on some backlog stuff of DC Comics and I fucking hate DC Comics. But that’s neither here nor there. And then everything all the shows got moved to HBO Max, which I was already subscribed to through my TV provider. And I just kept that shit pain for months thinking I’ll go read the comics. No, never never did. They’re not good. They’re not good. There’s just there’s too much lower behind DC Comics always. Alright, we got three more Nick, you need to get all these right. I need to get all of them wrong. In order for you to catch up and go to Sunday.

Nick 1:03:57
Here we go. Never best play. I got the amazing the all talented the absolutely jacked. Movie miles. Right. My Library pick. Right. Dude is a transcendent talent. I mean, absolutely.

Kalvin 1:04:17
I would hope would be easy. is

Nick 1:04:24
a 103 2020 fictional NFL Draft

Kalvin 1:04:30
hmm I think it’s at three football movie superlatives. Because that right there at the beginning, I said Who do you have for best player? That’s the ballgame. Winner winner chicken dinner. We’re still gonna finish out the next two but just let everyone know I want

Nick 1:04:49
okay. I’m not sending you this trophy. I paid $38 for a

Kalvin 1:04:53
trophy. It’s sitting on my shelf forever. If I was going to pay $38, I would go up to the 125 and just get the championship belt. already have one of those for fantasy football, so he’s so awesome.

Nick 1:05:12
Oh shit, man, my wife would fucking kick me right the dig if I was a kid, honey, I bought this belt. Stick sick. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:05:20
Did you need a new one? No, not that. Well, that’s you gotta win it, Nick.

Nick 1:05:26
I’m not a good winner. I’m not good under pressure. You know, it looked at all this shit a bunch.

Kalvin 1:05:31
He should have been listening to episodes for the past eight taking snapshots of 15 seconds in your head. Alright, let’s go number 29. We got two more finished

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
plastic bags that were washing up on the beach in Baja. So it can make a difference. But yeah, it is one small part of the entire plastic spectrum and classic never degrade or never biodegrades. It just degrades, which means it breaks up into smaller

Kalvin 1:06:02
ones in the 20s. And it’s named wrong. So let’s get that one. We’ll do two more. That was a podcast about sustainability. But on the line it’s it’s Episode 26 it just says a podcast about something with who the guest is was named kiss that world is her podcast. But yeah, the names wrong. So you would never like figured it out. Maybe it went up but yeah, that one wasn’t fair. We got two more.

Nick 1:06:37
No dishwasher and so we had to wash all these fucking bottles by hand and we had there’s this one brand. It’s like Doctor something. Yeah, do not buy those people. They’re like real long, stupid. I

Kalvin 1:06:48
remember looking bottles. They’re eight ounces and they’re junk. I think I know what that is you guys.

Nick 1:06:59
Hold on control. effing. Yeah. 133

Kalvin 1:07:04
fatherhood podcast about fatherhood 133 let’s see if we are right. Yes. Ding ding ding ding.

Nick 1:07:11
I’ll remember those bottles forever. Like, fucking hated though. God, they were terrible. All right, last one. He threw all those into a roaring trashcan.

Kalvin 1:07:24
Yeah, we we tried to impart our wisdom on other fathers in that episode. So if your father or soon to be father, go back and listen that there’s some good stuff. And that’s Episode 133. All right. This is the last one Can I get a drumroll?

Nick 1:07:41
drumroll. I have surgically repaired hands.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
For Captain America catches dancers glove. They actually removed our stones. Yesterday, so you wouldn’t know that he had that many. I don’t like Why the hell even put in the trailer.

Kalvin 1:08:04
Right. Hmm, I think I know this one. We had a guest clearly.

Nick 1:08:11
I’m blocked.

Kalvin 1:08:13
I’m not right close man. Cuz that was one that talked about Thor Ragnarok. We were already doing our thing by Thor Ragnarok. So I had to be another guest on there.

Nick 1:08:27
Yes. I thought we were talking about a different movie.

Kalvin 1:08:34
Well, they’re talking about the Infinity War trailer at first, but then he at the very end, whoever that person was mentioned, Thor Ragnarok. That’s a tough one is I don’t even know whose voice I like. I don’t remember that voice at all.

Nick 1:08:54
I don’t miss many. super early. Our tenure is my daughter wasn’t born yet.

Kalvin 1:09:03
I seriously have no idea who that is. I apologize. If you’re listening. Whoever that was. I have no idea who you were. Oh, all right, you’re going with 60

Nick 1:09:14
that’s just just to have a guess of support.

Kalvin 1:09:17
gets you going maybe 60 Avengers end game. I think it might have been one of our movies. Because remember how every once in a while we do the movie superlatives. And we would have, like other people send in their like they would make pics right? Oh, yeah, I think it’s probably one of those. I just got to figure out which one

Nick 1:09:40
still sticking with 60 All right,

Kalvin 1:09:42
I’m gonna go with 141 future movie superlatives. You’re on 60 Avengers endgame. I’m going 141 future movies pros and it is 27 crazy hypotheticals Which I like I get it that that sounds like it’s that episode. And now I remember those guys are from the don’t crack podcast. I don’t know that they’re active anymore either. But I don’t really know how we got into Avengers by going crazy hypotheticals. I don’t know. We just thought we thought of all these different like hypothetical situations and we kind of like we tested each other. So like somebody would bring something and then you’d have to give it a limitation. And you’d have to choose whether you do it and accept the limitation or not. Yeah, it was kind of fun. It sounds pretty interesting. Yeah, so that was Episode 27. I that wasn’t for me had I didn’t know it.

Nick 1:10:45
Yeah, no fun.

Kalvin 1:10:47
So let’s go to Twitter real quick. We asked on Twitter. I shared our trophy earlier and said if you share any of your favorite moments, or just anything about podcast sharing below, and we’ll read them on the show so we got a couple comments. I’ll read them out real quick. The at the mix media forest podcast at at media forest cast on Twitter, just said the end of a legacy trophies up emojis, gears, random ramblings at grr pods and have a great show. I think we did. We did that. And then somebody the alone underscore podcast just said surprisingly cool trophy. Like Come on. buckets. We chose the dopest trophy for that, guys.

Nick 1:11:30
I found that Jeff and then that’s a GIF on that Jeff and I rewatch it like seven times and then the full YouTube video. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my fucking life. Turns being socially so funny.

Kalvin 1:11:51
Well, I mean, if you want more on Alex Jones, we did a whole podcast episode 90 on crazy comparison. conspiracy theories. We talked Alex Jones in there,

Nick 1:11:58
we got down on Alex Jones, because he’s fucking he’s

Kalvin 1:12:01
talking about the frogs were being gay or something like that. Yeah,

Nick 1:12:04
they’re putting their head a gay bomb, and turning the frickin frogs gay. And then he beats the dead. Oh.

Kalvin 1:12:15
So thank you, thank you to those two people who reached out on Twitter. You can still follow us on twitter if you feel like it’s not gonna be very active. But it’s at APA something. And that alone. Your Twitter should still be active for your podcast, you’re all alone. That’ll that’s at alone, underscore podcasting. Follow Nick there. If you want to follow me and get my like my actual thoughts follow my new show at magic three TV pod on Twitter. There. There’ll be a lot of stuff there. And we’ll talk about that more in a minute. Let’s kind of close out this episode. So final score. Calvin with 18 out of 30 and Nick with 14 out of 30. So almost got to 50% there Nick to be expected. Yeah. I mean, there are some tough ones. We own a string of neither of us knowing like foreign or Oh,

Nick 1:13:03
there was some fucking tough ones, dude. Yeah, so cuz it’s hard.

Kalvin 1:13:08
15 seconds off, but I don’t want to be like 30 seconds because it was 30 seconds. We’re gonna let 15 clips in that one event fun? No, I think the listeners got a good sense of the variety. If this if this is the first thing you’re listening to, hopefully got a good sense of the variety. I mean, we have 168 episodes on 168 different topics that we always approach in a fun way. Maybe sometimes we hit on a few of the same ideas, but we talk about them in a different and exciting way every time. So there’s a lot of great stuff. If you enjoyed anything that you heard here, go back and listen to more stuff. You can send us DMS on Twitter if you like the show needs to come back we’ll come back if people are begging for it. You know when we get big in Lithuania over the next two years? You know we might come back for with Lithuanian fans

Nick 1:13:53
will drop a Lithuanian movie superlatives episode.

Kalvin 1:13:57
Yeah, I mean, like, I don’t know that. We’ll do that because I haven’t seen any with winning movies. I mean, pretty difficult. What is Lithuania? So yeah, that I take home the trophy. I keep the trophy. Good for me. Nick, I’ll send you the smaller participation trophy in a few weeks. Nice. Just Yeah. Tell me your dress. It’s me. This has been great. The last three and a half years have been so much fun. I appreciate every guest that’s ever been on the show. I appreciate Nick, I appreciate Eric and everyone who has helped make this show possible all, you know, 15 of the listeners that we’ve had over these three years. Thank you so much. No, it’s way more than that. And I 17 Yeah, it’s at least 17 I’ve changed hosts too many times now that like I don’t have a real record of how many downloads we’ve actually had. But I think we’ve hit the 10,000 number twice at least. That’s pretty cool. I’ll take that shit. Yeah, that’s good. So again, just thank you for listening. If you want more from this show, go back and listen to what’s already there. And, and the the, the feed is not dying, it’s gonna be here, it’s always gonna be there. It’s all about free hosting site. So you can always listen. And if we feel like it, we can make a comeback. If we got something that we just need to talk about. We’ll be back if we need to. There might be you never know, stay tuned. So the last thing before we sign off for the final time, is what is one topic that we didn’t get to that you wish we would have?

Nick 1:15:38
There’s got to pick one. Honestly, depression, more of a heavier mental

Kalvin 1:15:49
health depression or like the Great Depression,

Nick 1:15:51
mental health depression? Yeah, I think that would have been an interesting subject to pick apart with you. So

Kalvin 1:15:57
yeah, it definitely would have been and I don’t, I have a hard time with stuff like that. Because like, I I’m in no position to diagnose anyone or give anyone like assistance. One of my one of my greatest coping skills with my own social anxiety is I had kids and like that’s, that’s not a good coping skill to teach people like, Oh, you you suffer from anxiety, have kids, I don’t help. That. Don’t, don’t do that they are. But the reason that’s helped me is because like, if I go into a store in the past, and I was trying to get something for myself, and I couldn’t find it, I just like, fuck it, I’m not getting it, and I walk out. But like, when my kids need something, and I can’t find it, I have to talk to somebody in the store, like they need that thing. I have to go get it. So like that has helped me break those barriers a little bit, in my own mind. But yeah, I like that. I can’t tell people just like, hey, go have kids. feel like that’s an unhealthy piece of advice to give. So that’s why I don’t like I don’t want to go fully into that stuff. Because like, I don’t know enough about it to like, I know my own experiences, and you know your own experiences. But every person who battles this has a different experience. And it’s hard to give like one flat answer, like, well, you can do this, or here’s how it affects you. Because it affects everyone differently.

Nick 1:17:12
It’s not even necessarily advice. I’m looking to give just moreso talking about experiences. Yeah. And in the sense that it’s like, Listen, you can broadly just give boundaries, because a lot of people something I found with one of my best friends who really struggled with it, because his dad just did not understand it at all was really conceptualizing it in a way that made some sort of sense. While he didn’t need to intimately understand what the fuck it was, you could at least sort of look at the bigger picture instead of such a closed minded view about it and that’s that’s kind of what I was right

Kalvin 1:17:49
you kind of get a stigma to D stigmatize it a little bit just have an open calm conversation about where it comes from. Have we dealt with it those things that that that could have been interesting,

Nick 1:18:00
right, just a conversation from two people that have kind of dealt with that shit. We would

Kalvin 1:18:06
Yeah, we would have to be very careful with it to to not make it worse in somehow you know? Yeah, perfect. Yeah, that could have been cool. I think for me, I want to do more of the villains episodes. We did the TV villains that one time. That was Episode 130. We talked about different TV villains and we ranked them and scored them and tried to figure out who the best TV villain is. It’s a it’s the guy from season one Fargo Billy Bob Thornton’s character. He was the best ever we came to the conclusion I think he got the highest score. But yeah, we talked about what like six different villains eight six to eight different villains and gave me a score based on these different factors. I wanted to do more of those like I had ideas for like Harry Potter villains and, like MCU villains.

Nick 1:18:58
There’s not good villains. Oh,

Kalvin 1:19:00
yeah. Batman villains, Spider Man villains, you know, just all these different types of villains in different mediums. And I thought that was like, that was another series that I kind of wanted to try and get back to. And we just we didn’t. And that’s fine.

Nick 1:19:12
We had a lot of subjects we wanted to cover. Yeah, like a shitload. And we

Kalvin 1:19:18
covered a lot, you know, we covered 168 different subjects. Yeah,

Nick 1:19:24
I covered an asinine amount of subjects more than I thought we would when I first started the show.

Kalvin 1:19:29
Yeah, for sure. You know, I thought I thought like starting it, we would kind of fall into these patterns of subjects that we cover and keep coming back to things and that was one of the things starting to show I never want to do is just be like, Okay, well movie came out this week, we’ll we’ll talk about that or what, what cool thing is happening in pop culture. I don’t want to talk about those things. There’s a million other people talking about those. I want to talk about things that don’t get as much shine as other things and things that I can learn from, you know, rather than Okay, Game of Thrones is the hottest TV show right now, let’s just talk about that every week, which we also did some.

Nick 1:20:04
Well, we always did that as like supplemental stuff, you know, extra episodes on the side that man, there was some times where we’re recording for two and a half, three hours a night, but those extra episodes. Yeah, that was rough.

Kalvin 1:20:15
And the good news is, I’m backing up all my outlines on an external hard drive. So there’ll be there forever when we need to come back to it. Boom, we’ve got outlines. We’ve got ideas. It’s all ready to start back up at any time if we feel the need. I printed that shit out.

Nick 1:20:31
I got them in a fucking giant 90. I mean, yeah, sort of 28 going on 90.

Kalvin 1:20:40
Get yourself a Google Drive. Nick,

Nick 1:20:42
I have one I just don’t want to pay for extra storage. So that’s Yeah,

Kalvin 1:20:47
I’ve got to stop paying for extra storage on this one and pay for extra storage on the new show. So I’m just gonna back everything up to an external hard drive. I’ve got nine at home, so I should be good there.

Nick 1:20:56
Like your nine laptops?

Kalvin 1:20:58
Yes, exactly. You have an external hard drive freak laptop. That’s how it works. You know,

Nick 1:21:03
I like you’re stuck. I need to get to where you’re at.

Kalvin 1:21:08
Just fucking collect computers. They all don’t work very good. But that’s okay. They’re they’re

Nick 1:21:12
like, dude, can I come back to the show? Cuz I got those nine that you were talking about? Like, please.

Kalvin 1:21:18
Thank you to everyone for listening. It’s been a wild ride. I appreciate it. I am not leaving podcasting gaming. And neither is Nick. I am moving to a new show that I will be doing with my friend Chris. The show is already up, you can listen to some preliminary stuff. We are starting with our first real episode in two weeks. And what we’re doing it’s called the magic numbers three, when it comes to TV, concerts that on your favorite podcast app, you’ll find it right now. Or you can just search the magic numbers three, either way you’ll find it. And what we’re doing is we’re going to do watching Recaps of different season threes of different TV shows, we’re starting with Breaking Bad. That is our first episode that we’re doing, or our first show that we’re covering season three of because in our minds, season three makes or breaks a show. And I think in the case of Breaking Bad I think we’re gonna find out that it definitely made the show of Breaking Bad like that was kind of a turning point. And so we’re gonna cover Yeah, we’re gonna cover season three Breaking Bad. So show up there in two weeks. And listen to that. If you liked any of this, we’re gonna be starting with Breaking Bad and going from there after we do 10 episodes of Breaking Bad. We’re gonna move to another show and see what season three brings us from a different show.

Nick 1:22:29
It’s got to be sick. I’m looking forward to your new show, man.

Kalvin 1:22:31
It will be there. Nick tell listeners about what you got going on. I got you are all alone

Nick 1:22:37
going on. Just like I always do. We keep that show going for a long time epic sci fi. Sword and sorcery.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
Not sorcery. But

Nick 1:22:46
there’s sorts. It’s dope. Check it out. We just dropped a New Compilation episode with the first nine episodes. So if you like bingeing stuff that’s for you.

Kalvin 1:22:57
Yeah, it’s like that that compilation episode. It’s basically more or less listening to an audiobook of the first what 40 chapters as you say, nine chapters, first nine chapters, so not quite 40. But you can just keep listening after that. And you’ll hear the rest of them.

Nick 1:23:11
You can got 44 for some supplemental episodes. And that first little compilation episode is two and a half hours long so

Kalvin 1:23:24
so on your next long drive, pop that bad boy shouldn’t be worth that. And you can follow Nick on twitter at alone underscore podcast, you can follow me at APA something. But if you really want the great content that I provide, it’s at magic three TV pod on Twitter. That’s where all my cool thoughts will be from now until that show ends whenever that’ll be till the end of maybe, I mean, we get some of that Spotify money then. Yeah, sure. Of course.

Nick 1:23:55
You’re like I will do that shit. Literally until I die.

Kalvin 1:23:59
I just have to watch an episode of TV every week. Sure I can do that fucking pay me. I’ve got a lot of other great spin off ideas too. So I mean we there’s a lot of things we can do.

Nick 1:24:09
You are an idea man.

Kalvin 1:24:11
Spotify, you know if you need some, you want to throw $6 million at somebody I got seven ideas I can have up and running tomorrow. I’ll give you 60 ideas for $6 million. may not like them all but we can give you as many as you want. So that is our final episode. Thank you for tuning in. Keep listening. There’s a lot of fun stuff in the backlog. And all the music for podcasts about something was always provided by those cats. Guest a sassy stay classy. Start You’re right. I don’t always have spirit please.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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