Episode 166 – A Podcast About Selective Listening – My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion (Finale Month)

Whoa boy do we have an excellent choice for our final, that’s right final, episode in our Selective Listening series! My Heart Will Go On by the great Celine Dion is the star of our show this time around. You may ask yourself why that sounds so familiar, and it’s because it was one of the most popular soundtracks to one of the most popular films of all time from Titanic. Did a family member of yours regale you with this beautiful tune? What exactly does it mean? Throw in a little twist regarding how each line relates to this podcast and this episode will make you feel like the King of the World! Our hearts will go on after the show ends, but will yours?

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Full Episode Transcript Available Below:

Kalvin 0:06
held on to podcasts about something where each week we dive deep in whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host Calvin and joining me from the bow of a doomed ship to co host Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:18
You know, they say it’s unsinkable, but I don’t know. I’ll be looking out for some doors. Maybe. Hopefully there’s room for two.

Kalvin 0:26
You really missed your chance there to just start off with I’m KING OF THE WORLD.

Nick 0:32
I can’t I have more dignity than that. Can’t tell you.

Kalvin 0:35
If Michael Scott can do it, you can do it.

Nick 0:39
I mean, I did start something called Nick’s tots. But I delivered more than lithium batteries. tater tots,

Kalvin 0:50
nice tater tots hot to your school.

Nick 0:54
Nope. Just once. It’s a one time offer redeemable I always

Kalvin 0:57
like him in clerks to where the guy had like car tots or whatever. Where you had the little like toaster oven in his car. He was like an Uber driver, I want to say and have you seen you’ve seen clerks too? We did Kevin Smith movies. And it’s uh, it’s Fred Armisen. And he’s driving Jay and Silent Bob across the country or whatever. Maybe it’s not clear to that’s it’s it’s James. Hello, Bob reboot.

Nick 1:24
It must be because I didn’t watch it. Yeah, I was like, I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about? I’ve seen Yeah,

Kalvin 1:29
several times. I would remember Scott like a toaster oven built into his like, where the glove box goes. And he just cooks tots in it for whoever’s taking his car. It’s really funny. Yeah, that’s

Nick 1:43
kind of tight.

Kalvin 1:44
I mean, like, Hey, man, his car explodes at some point.

Nick 1:47
That’s fair. You know? It’s a risk reward thing that he probably got seven eight months of tots several very good tips because you know, yeah, he’s hungry boys getting back there. Okay. Do you actually have some tater tots? He’s like by you don’t say I got a glove compartment.

Kalvin 2:05
He was trying to differentiate his Uber from all the other rumors out there. Try and try and find that scene from James silent reboot. It’s it’s really funny.

Nick 2:14
That is definitely something that would differentiate, I’d be like, dude, you gotta let me get the fuck out of this car. stat. Unless I get I get two or three handfuls of those, especially if I’ve been drinking. She’s got

Kalvin 2:30
weirdly enough, we’re not here to talk about tater tots. We’re not here to talk about Michael Scott. And we’re not here to talk about Jay and Silent Bob. We have episodes on all of those things. If you want to go back through our list of episodes and listen, we are today doing a selective listening episode on my heart will go on from the Titanic soundtrack by Celine Dion. Yes, I enrolled to do this one. And so selective listening is a series that we’ve been doing over the past like year and a half I want to say where we take a song, and we break it down line by line and kind of based on only our perceptions and knowledge of the world. We try and figure out what the artist was trying to say. We can’t look into what the lyrics actually mean. Unless we already like have prior knowledge of it. We have covered six songs I want to say is it five or 612345 This is our sixth. We did hypnotized by Notorious BIG back in June of 2020. Episode 109 loser by back that was an August of 2020 Episode 117. Monster Mash by Boris Pickett in October of 2020 Episode 125 Rap God by m&m that was in March of 2021. Episode 125. No, that can’t be 125 and Boris Pickett 125 that must be 155 ish. Maybe 145 and then grills by Nellie Paul Wall all in gip and Jermaine Dupri that was in May of 2021 Episode 157.

Nick 4:02
Speaking of grills, I almost went and saw him at those county fair.

Kalvin 4:05
Oh, I thought you almost got to grow.

Nick 4:08
I mean, I did when I was younger. We talked about this.

Kalvin 4:10
I know he did. I thought you like went back to your glory days and tried to pull it off again.

Nick 4:15
Like Calvin. It’s like Hey, dude, you’re Nevermind. I’m not even gonna go into that one.

Kalvin 4:22
This is a I’ll get you off of it. This is officially our final selective listening episode. rounded out with number six here with my heart will go on. The reason we chose this is because it’s finale month, and we’re bringing our show to a close so we’re doing kind of closing type episodes every week here. Last week, we went back to the very beginning we did a remix of our very first episode on the MCU this week we’re doing a selective listening based on a song about I tried to find songs that were about like saying goodbye or things ending you know, so thing around that and then next week we’re doing a movie superlatives, which is another series we do every month. And that’s going to be on like franchise killing movie. So all those franchises coming to an end so we’re bringing our podcast and kind of the same thing here. But for this I had narrowed it down to five final choices and then Nick got to make the final final choice from those five. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna list the five choices that I came up with for you to choose from and why I picked them as the final five because I had a list of like, 30 when I started out, narrowed it down, of course, of course. So the first was goodbye Stranger by Supertramp. And I think that would have been fun because that’s the one Michael Scott parodies on the office when Toby is moving to Costa Rica. He does good by Toby. And we just love the office. So I thought that would be good. Got skipped over no problem. The next was See you again by Wiz Khalifa, just a great song. And it was used to say goodbye to Brian O’Connor and the Fast and Furious franchise after Paul Walker died. If you’ve ever listened to like more than three seconds of this episode, or seen anything on Twitter, you’re probably pretty aware of my affinity for the Fast and Furious franchise. So that would have kind of brought things full circle for me again, but again, it was passed. The next option was encore by Jay Z. And this was just kind of a This was off of the Black Album, which was Jay Z’s first retirement album, just a really great I’m leaving at the top of my game song. And, you know, this is secretly the one I wished that we would have settled on. But again, Nick past sign sign, you know, all these good songs. Okay. The fourth choice was closing time by Sammy Sonic. And that should pretty much be pretty obvious why that made the list. But I was my least favorite option. I’m really glad you didn’t pick that good job.

Nick 6:50
I blacked out as soon as I saw that. I was like never, no, no.

Kalvin 6:55
That would have been so bad. And so the fifth choice was my heart will go on by Celine Dion. To me, this seemed like it would be the most funny option. And this is what it picks. So I’m gonna let him explain his thought process behind picking this over the three other good choices and one bad choice. Because I laughed

Nick 7:13
out loud whenever I read the list. They’ll think Yeah, that would be tough. Okay, that one that one’s beat. That’s a good song. You know, like that? No, fuck that song. Oh, and then I got to Celine Dion was just like, yeah.

Kalvin 7:28
There’s no better way for anyone who was alive in 1997 to say goodbye, then with the Celine Dion song.

Nick 7:35
I remember my, my sister singing this to her boyfriend after he dumped her. Like at dinner.

Kalvin 7:45
It’s like when Michael got dumped. And he’s sitting there listening to john mayer song on repeat.

Nick 7:50
Yeah. This is all its own. Now she yells back when Titanic and friends were like the Ted’s. And I just remember that pretty well. Yeah, it’s wherever you’re at. You’re Savage. Because you took home leftovers after that.

Kalvin 8:14
That chicken take back home. Yeah.

Nick 8:17
She started saying to him and he just kind of he’s crying. Just stop. I mean, it’s the first time I’ve been there in months. And I’m just like, What the fuck is going on here?

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Oh my god. I’d

Nick 8:37
never seen Titanic yet. So it made more sense.

Kalvin 8:40
A little young. You’re only like, five? Seven?

Nick 8:45
Yeah, my sister was 11 my older sister Heather. And she’s

Kalvin 8:54
that is a good time. Good memory for the song. Like most people for me who were alive in 1997 I heard this song every fucking Where? everywhere. It may be the most overplayed song of all time and that it’s not a hyperbole in any way. Can you think of anything that was more overplayed?

Nick 9:11
Santa baby.

Kalvin 9:13
Yeah, but that’s a Christmas I don’t think Christmas songs count because you only got 12 of them to choose from and he got to play him for like a month and a half.

Nick 9:20
Anything Chris? Chris Rock Kid Rock related.

Kalvin 9:24
Yeah, that one song. all summer long gets played a lot.

Nick 9:29
Not not around here anymore. Right. I

Kalvin 9:31
haven’t heard it in a while. But it had a good stretch like five years.

Nick 9:35
It really did. I mean, every other song on every rock channel on the radios Jesus fucking Christ Kid Rock. Yeah, cool. He’s a decent dude. The

Kalvin 9:45
other thing that this song did that I remember was that all the songs that were in movie soundtracks in the night are from movie soundtracks in the 90s. They did this thing that they mixed in scenes from the movie while the song I was playing on the radio. Do you recall that you might have been too young to like

Nick 10:07
my dad didn’t listen to. He always had CDs of sticks.

Kalvin 10:11
Yeah, sure. Sticks is so good. I fuckin love instead. Let’s switch to a stick song.

Nick 10:18
So my daughter, my daughter loves six.

Kalvin 10:20
Yeah, six is good. But so it was done on this song we’re like it would play and then like the scene from the movie, like this little quote or clip from the movie would kind of be in the middle of it. They did it with a secret card and from Jerry Maguire. Also, the Bruce Springsteen song and I want to say they did it was like a song from twister. There probably three or four right there in the middle of the 90s that they just they pumped in the clips from the movie into the song, it was weird, but it was also kind of cool. And then like still, when I hear the songs I told you, I was just watching the video and listening to it on YouTube before we started, like, I think it’s going to break in be that version where the clip starts playing and like I can kind of hear the clips in my head as where they would come in, especially the secret garden because that one was overplayed to hell to Oh, yeah. And then I’m always like, taken aback when it doesn’t actually happen anymore. Because nobody makes songs like that.

Nick 11:12
It would get so old so fast.

Kalvin 11:14
Yeah, it was weird. This is a good song, but like, I hate it. I hate it because of how much it was played. And I just listened to it for the first time, probably 20 years. And it was fine. It was fine to listen that way. And I also like I don’t because of this song and how much it got overplayed. How much I hate it. I have kind of a bad association with Titanic. And I probably like Titanic a little less than I should because of like the song was just so ubiquitous and so annoying at the time.

Nick 11:43
Yeah, and the song didn’t recover the you know, it didn’t make me recover from being absolutely terrified of boats for the rest of my life. Because that fucking movies and hoes. I mean, if there’s hoes on a boat, I’m recovered.

Kalvin 11:58
I told my wife a couple weeks ago that like I will give Titanic another chance because I saw it. I was 10 when it came out and I went to the theater I saw it just like everybody else. I probably watched it one other time after that, because it’s like three and a half hours long. And it’s just a slog to get through and I know what I asked me. I told her I would give it another try and and see if I like being more mature if I can appreciate what the movie is beyond like this song and the annoying parts I do remember.

Nick 12:29
Yeah, could have you done that yet?

Kalvin 12:31
No, we haven’t done it yet. Okay, I was gonna say I don’t have any thoughts on it. Do you have any other memories of the song besides your sister singing to her? ex boyfriend?

Nick 12:41
Not really, man. That was the highlight of it. I know she was

Kalvin 12:45
better than that.

Nick 12:47
He straight up to the leftovers pay. I remember he Savage. Some motherfucker took all the pigs in a blanket that were left my grandma made fire as pigs in a blanket. That was pretty much all I would eat because otherwise it was like weird Southern food. It was just gross

Kalvin 13:03
chitlins stuff like that.

Nick 13:05
Pretty much. Yeah, Oklahoma soul food. So it’s just a good stick to bread pigs in a blanket cottage cheese. They’re their seven layer salad or garbage.

Kalvin 13:16
So my heart will go on hit number one on pretty much every single chart that exists every Billboard chart every country chart. However, it only got up to number 34 in Japan and New Zealand they weren’t having any a Celine Dion shit over in Japan and New Zealand. They’re like now the same for us.

Nick 13:33
She’s too loud. I don’t like this powerful voice.

Kalvin 13:37
Celine Dion has I like Celine Dion. I don’t have a problem with it. So leading up to this I kept getting not this song but a different song of her stuck in my head. Like I was trying to find the song in my head and I could never find it. I kept finding what was it? Now I got to look it up. It’s not stuck in my head anymore.

Nick 13:57
I just kept thinking of her. I kept picturing Barbra Streisand in my head

Kalvin 14:01
it’s all coming back to me now that was it’s all coming back. It’s all coming back to me. There were moments ago flash for more of my Celine Dion singing please just tune in every week it’ll be here so i two weeks left I’ll get a Celine Dion song and every time I can I can swing that I

Nick 14:22
think this gives they both get copyrighted things like this. No.

Kalvin 14:28
I think I would have a good case there because I sound nothing like her and like I think that’s just like her cow. If I’m singing it, it’s

Nick 14:37

Kalvin 14:39
So she sold over 80 million copies of the song which is insane. It’s number 10. All Time in single sales. And it’s number two all time for single sales by a woman behind only Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. I’m not going to try that one. You want you want to give a try It won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. And it one Record of the Year at the 1999 Grammys which this was the first time that award was won by Canadian. Yeah, cuz I Twain could not do it function. like should I like her first now I liked all that stuff that don’t impress me much or that I’m just gonna keep singing like all these Canadian power battle ballads you do you know you live your you live your dream,

Nick 15:33
I support you. I’m

Kalvin 15:33
gonna listen, I’m gonna have to listen to this on editing. I’m just gonna make Wow, my singing voice is terrible, and I will probably just cut it every time or just beep over it.

Nick 15:43
Uber gonna be like clamoring for it.

Kalvin 15:49
Okay, so let’s get into the lyrics for this special finale month episode, we’re not only going to break down line by line telling you what’s Leon Celine Dion actually meant in the song, but also how it relates to our time creating this podcast. So it’ll be a twofer. One here. Kind of a shorter song. Yeah, it’s really short. But it’s lyrically short. But it’s like four and a half minutes long. There’s just like some some instrumentals. I think it is the chorus like three times so I can just see Ah, and she screams for like a solid 45 seconds straight at one point. I don’t think we have that in the breakdown. You want to go first so you want me to go first?

Nick 16:29
Whatever. Let’s we have the screaming part.

Kalvin 16:33
I don’t it’s not in the lyrics. I don’t think you just have to make it up when whenever you feel it. So go for it. Whenever you feel it, you go for it. Every night in my dreams. I see. I feel just starting right off here. So Celine Dion dreams about her former lover but they’re also like super vivid dreams where she can actually feel up on him which is nice. And like with this podcast, it often haunts my dreams in kind of the same way you know, I’d wake up in the middle of the night with this great idea of a topic and then I could you know even feel the conversation that we would later have you know, I don’t expect that to go away just because this is over. I’m gonna still have these feelings in these dreams. Coming back to this podcast. Just wake up in the middle.

Nick 17:24
Your watch like Calvin Shut the fuck up.

Kalvin 17:26
I’ve gotten back into the Power Rangers comics so that that might happen for different reasons.

Nick 17:30
So they’re solid solid.

Kalvin 17:31
finally started on beyond the grid. So

Nick 17:34
nice. They just had a new appearance of a new arranger, like two weeks ago, very solid. But

Unknown Speaker 17:40

Unknown Speaker 17:41
Celine Dion.

Kalvin 17:43
Yeah. You’re up unless you had something else to say about my life.

Nick 17:50
I think it’s very hilarious. That’s that’s about it. As soon as you said it. I was like, I can totally. That’s happened to me several times where I like I’m falling asleep. And I think if something’s like, Oh, I remember for the morning. No, man. Oh, no. And then you don’t remember shit. He spent the whole day like,

Unknown Speaker 18:07
Fuck, what

Kalvin 18:09
was the idea? Where is it

Nick 18:10
didn’t happen to me all the time. That’s why I tend to carry like a scrap of paper and a pencil just about everywhere.

Kalvin 18:16
Well, yeah, I keep most of my notes in my phone. So like, I’ll have no problem grabbing my phone and starting to try and type it in there. Before I forget it.

Nick 18:25
I’m an old man. And that is how I know how to go on. Like my rendition.

Kalvin 18:33
Yeah, it was good. It was pretty good.

Nick 18:36
I yelled really loud, that my kids upstairs like, Dad. And I mean, I see you every night in my dreams. I think about this daily. So you know, that’s how I know it’ll go on. It’s on the internet man. It’s eternal. I’m gonna be like 75 and be like, hey, Grant, son,

Unknown Speaker 18:59

Nick 19:01
Listen to this I did this 50 years ago is dope.

Kalvin 19:06
They’re gonna be on to like, some weird shit by them hear me like what the hell of the podcast and the same way we don’t really know what a track is. That’s gonna be podcast for them. I’m going to preserve this forever and be one of those 97 year olds on the news. It’s like this person’s

Nick 19:19
recorded every episode of the news for the past 30 years. You’re gonna keep like

Kalvin 19:23
whatever phone you have. Now. You’re just gonna download every episode and just leave it on there. So that way you always have it like in that one phone even though you upgrade and upgrade. That’ll be the way to do it.

Nick 19:33
I think I might do that. No,

Kalvin 19:34
that’s that’s how I know you go on. So yeah, I mean, I think she understands that his memory lives on and the memory of this podcast will live on forever these dreams that we see and feel fine, far across the distance in spaces between us. You have come to show you go on. So even when she’s far away from this dude, she knows he’s still going With his life, you know, she knows he lives on and even though this podcast is ending, I know it’s gonna live on and that some people will still get to stumble upon this and listen to it. And so thank you for that future listeners.

Nick 20:14
All of you who clicked on my heart will go on. We’re Yeah. My heart will go on. Let me get our shitty Texas like hey, fuck you

Unknown Speaker 20:26
that broke my heart. Why would you? How would you tell anyone that that was my lowest? Dare you play that for laughs

Nick 20:33
Yes, I live on 30 acres by myself with 40 guns. That was my lowest point though.

Kalvin 20:41
That’s what started down that path night. Her heart did not go on.

Nick 20:46
Apparently not I mean it did with remingtons and whatever blocks or whatever the fuck,

Kalvin 20:52
she’s making sure Lance’s heart doesn’t go on. coming after that mother fucker.

Nick 20:56
It’s been 20 years just ready to hunt this bitch down.

Kalvin 21:02
It’s like the Winter Soldier. She’s just got to wait for that trigger. And as soon as she hears us breaking down the song she hears some of these lines. It’s gonna go off in her head.

Nick 21:10
She’s gonna track him down, abduct him and then dip him in icy water Good night lands My heart will go on but yours won’t because we haven’t dreams you know it doesn’t matter they come to you from anywhere. So you know you could be on the go and have a dream if you pass out in a drunken stupor because your hubby died. I don’t know. Whenever this guy was her. Yes, I

Kalvin 21:37
have a question. I don’t think we’re ever going to come across this actually in like as we’re going through this, maybe we will but I’m gonna jump ahead if we do end up doing it. Do you think the song is about x that has died? Or just a breakup? Like I get in the movie? It’s supposed to be about somebody who died but like the the lyrics of the song don’t feel like it’s about someone who died.

Nick 22:00
Yeah, it feels like she has a tough time moving on.

Kalvin 22:03
Yeah, she knows he’s out there doing okay, he is he has gone on. Right. His heart goes on and her heart will go on. So this doesn’t feel like a lot like a dead lover to me. Yeah,

Nick 22:18
I think especially the far across the distance and spaces between us. Like he’s still a contemporary of Yeah,

Kalvin 22:26
totally dead. And he’s he’s shown he goes on.

Nick 22:30
He’s out here impregnating. Hello chicks on our her. Yeah, salty about it. He’s like, damn it. Really?

Kalvin 22:36
Here’s the theory. JACK survived the whole time. Just didn’t tell anyone.

Nick 22:41
Like I got to get away from her. So he’s the king.

Kalvin 22:46
She’s ready to leave. After like, three days together. I’m just gonna pretend I frozen this like somebody will pick me up. I’ll be alright.

Nick 22:58
I love you rose. And he’s like fallen fallen under. I’ll never let go into the water and you

Kalvin 23:03
got all fake out and and you can let go of me. Like,

Nick 23:08
what was that? What do you say? I love you too. He’s like,

Kalvin 23:14
like, his body sinks in the movie. Like bodies don’t sink. So if you

Nick 23:18
don’t have any rocks that I can hold in my pockets I need to post.

Kalvin 23:23
I’m calling bullshit on the whole Titanic movie. jack is alive and well. And rose knows that. She knows that. That’s why she’s being so sneaky with Bill Paxton and all those guys. Now I definitely want to watch this movie again.

Nick 23:38
Yeah, see all the points where he’s like setting himself up to just get data later. Like, I’m

Kalvin 23:44
gonna draw you naked. And then I’m bouncing.

Nick 23:47
I need I mean, spec banks weren’t necessarily conspired back then. They were too proper. He’s like, but I got me a nice

Kalvin 23:57
All right, that’s your line here and the chorus kick off the chorus for us. Here far wherever you like. You got like started that angry? Yeah, but you’re here. I’m gonna fucking kill you.

Nick 24:11
I’m sick of your shit. JACK. Lance. Yeah, Lance.

Kalvin 24:16
keep taking bad for this guy. Like, what is this guy? lance? Here’s this.

Nick 24:20
I hope he does, man because I looked up to you after that so much. I was terrified of my sister and you just fucking but I’d never I’d never seen such balls on someone before. It’s like oh my god. This. Okay, this dude was whiter than white paint. Just like elmers glue white, bright red hair. And he was like six four. maybe

Kalvin 24:44
six four. Yeah,

Nick 24:48
they weren’t they were older unit. She was like 14

Kalvin 24:53
Oh, he said he said 11 before so all right.

Nick 24:56
I don’t fucking remember because I remember him. You know, I was really So he manages to appear taller.

Kalvin 25:02
Well, I mean, the song stayed on the radio for a long time. This could have been two three years later after the movie and and she’s still singing it.

Nick 25:09
I just Yeah, I don’t remember when I was old I was remembers distinctly fucking Thanksgiving or Christmas or so.

Kalvin 25:15
Yeah, that’s kind of funny. Alright, so what does this line mean for lance? I mean for for Selena and her man

Nick 25:22
that she’s a little creepy. You know, it doesn’t matter. He could get restraining orders he could get that he could fake his death in a freezing ocean. And she’s still just like, I will never forget

Kalvin 25:34
you ever I should

Nick 25:36
I feel your warmth and I dream about you every night you know it’s a little much but at the same time it’s it’s very adorable.

Kalvin 25:45
The Miko is adorable. Absolutely. So cute.

Nick 25:49
I love it. It’s very near far, wherever you are. I will find you. I will get that picture you drew of me back. That’s it. That’s what it’s about. Her has nudes. And he’s threatening to release it and she’s like psyched Yeah, I

Kalvin 26:09
will first case revenge porn

Nick 26:11
seriously got you ever sullied

Kalvin 26:15
show Kathy Bates. This and then she’ll be pissed. so pissed.

Nick 26:18
Her heart will go on.

Kalvin 26:23
And, you know, what’s great about podcasts is you can listen to him anywhere near far, wherever you are. Just download it when you’re on Wi Fi and then he listened to later doesn’t matter.

Nick 26:32
Yeah, go. Yeah, that does, I probably should have said that.

Kalvin 26:37
You weren’t like getting there. So I just had to push the push it a little bit.

Nick 26:41
Push it. That’s your real, your real good at that.

Kalvin 26:46
I believe that the heart does go on. So even though she can’t tell her ex how she can’t exactly tell how he’s doing because he’s near or as far as wherever he is. She believes he’s probably fine. And kinda in that same way. You know, I’m not gonna be monitoring this show as closely anymore once we move on to our other projects. But you know, I know it’ll go. I know, it’s still there.

Nick 27:08
I’ll read listen to it several times.

Kalvin 27:10
I probably won’t read Listen, but I’ll check in on the stats every once in a while. check my emails. See DMS on the Twitter

Nick 27:17
fucking blows up in like,

Kalvin 27:20
I mean, that’d be dope is Becca, Stan. Shout out us Pakistan in the future. How’s it going? Yeah. You guys were the first with flying cars. That’s amazing. I can’t believe it.

Nick 27:30
I totally can. They’re like, minding their own business like, Hey, we

Kalvin 27:34
should make a fine card. Okay. And they did. They did.

Nick 27:39
Their heart goes on. Once more. You open the door.

Kalvin 27:48
opening that door, but there’s leftovers.

Nick 27:52
What’s more, do you open that door? Don’t ever come back, you asshole. When something like that

Kalvin 27:57
you don’t have Lance’s have a microwave at his house. So he had to come back to your house opens up the door. Get to your microwave.

Nick 28:03
Much like Celine Dion. He wants more you open the door he left and then he got home and realized he didn’t have the microwave. So he texted my sister and was just like, hey,

Kalvin 28:15
thanks, guys.

Nick 28:17
It was he was fucking loaded. But I remember she had that crystal like the clear phone. We could see all the wiring and the motherboard and all that shit. Very cool. But he opened the door It was like Nah, I’m out. So yeah, she just, she just thinks about him has these dreams, you know. And once again, it opens the door of emotion that she’s trying to seal away. And that’s what it would be like for this. You know, it’s like, oh, man, I spent three years of my life on this pie. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. And you know, I’m just gonna get the creative urge every once in a while when I when I think about it, and then I’ll have to reopen that door.

Kalvin 29:00
Exactly. New episodes that I won’t post. I was I was thinking that like maybe he reached out to her you know, and he like kind of creeped that door open a little bit

Nick 29:11
like 230 in the morning

Kalvin 29:12
Yeah. You up text Yeah, yeah. And I think just like you said this podcast it’s gonna come call into a Sunday we’re gonna have a great idea you know, we might see ourselves making a comeback at some point just being like we gotta hit it for you know, fasten your seatbelt. We got to be here for the Batman.

Nick 29:29
That’s what I thought about it. Yeah, yeah, we got to discuss that. So you know there

Kalvin 29:33
that the door is is could open.

Nick 29:37
I mean, especially if you hold the door,

Kalvin 29:39
especially if we get big in these Pakistan like like we expect to

Nick 29:43
and that’s there in my heart.

Kalvin 29:47
And you’re here in my heart, but she doesn’t she knows she doesn’t need to get back with the ex here. You know, he opened the door but she knows it’s best not to because you know the time they had together, lives on in her heart and you know I think the past of this podcast, it’s always gonna be with us. Regardless if we make a comeback or not. It’ll be here in our hearts.

Nick 30:08
I’ve learned so much from this podcast. It’s ridiculous. Yeah. So that’s a good thing. In my heart in that regard, I

Kalvin 30:16
agree. I didn’t have anything to add to it. But I completely agree with you.

Nick 30:19
It’s a valuable use of time, I think,

Kalvin 30:22
Oh, yeah, definitely.

Nick 30:25
In my heart, will go on, and on, and on and on, and on and on, and on and on. That’s not really how it is. Now, just to AWS. Yeah, to, you know, she’s just like, you know, I still remember you fondly, but I’m gonna keep moving on getting drawn by other dudes who think I’m French or something. Or I want to be a French person.

Kalvin 30:49
Yeah, I don’t think he thought she was French. He just drew French people most of the time French girls most of the time.

Nick 30:55
Yes, dude was a bold liar. So yeah, totally draw French to French chicks, naked. Oh,

Kalvin 31:05
French decks and French chicks. Whatever. She’s like, what

Nick 31:08
do you mean to me? And that’s, you know, and our heart will go on. She’ll she’ll keep moving on with her life. She’ll find other booze. He’s not. And, you know, just like we’re moving on to other projects. Yeah, can’t give up the podcast game just because it’s coming to an end. I mean, at least it’s coming to an amicable end. And we’ll move on to our own shit.

Kalvin 31:31
Yeah, our heart goes on and on. And our podcasting goes on and on. And it’s probably the healthiest option for us just leave this in our review. Like, it’s good. We had it. And it’s there.

Nick 31:43
I’m glad we didn’t quit it, you know, just out of the blue. I see that a whole time.

Kalvin 31:46
Yes. No, I like that. We that we decided, like, let’s round it out. Let’s get in the topics we want to get in. And then let’s set up for like a real finale. And well, we’ve got a doozy of a finale coming in two weeks, don’t you guys worry.

Nick 32:01
You better fucking believe it.

Kalvin 32:04
Love can touch us one time. And last for a lifetime. Love and doors, all things, you know, even if the love is short lived, you hold on to it, or at least some version of that forever. And I think this podcast kind of has the same thing though. It’s a brief period in our lives three years, you know, it’s nothing to sneeze at. But also I’m over 30. And it’s like, what 1/10 of my life. So it’s not that big a part of my life, but it is a part of my life. And it will endure beyond this. Because it still exists. And you know, our our love for it will always still be there.

Nick 32:40
It’s a passion project. It’s certainly been one of those for sure. Yeah, three years is nothing I’m I’m 28 definitely nothing. I started this before my kid was born for my child existed.

Kalvin 32:54
Now she’s a 12 year old.

Nick 32:58
Okay, I’m sorry. That’s really sorry, I still thinking about the 12 year old. Like, no, she’s two, but it feels like 12 years.

Kalvin 33:10
Yeah, yeah, that’s those first two are like, at least 20.

Nick 33:14
I’ve, I was mostly bald when it first started. And now I’m like, totally ball, game kids. And never like, go till we’re gone. Like, like you said, I mean, love endures forever, even if it’s brief. And you know that that was cool memories, I guess. I’m sure you’ve had, you know, first loves in your life and stuff like that. Just like, Oh, yeah, and I don’t remember most of that fall, and most of it was fucking awful and stupid. But there’s parts of it that were cool, I guess. And, you know, I’m sure yeah, tell the stories for a long time. And that’s

Kalvin 33:55
just Oh, that’ll tell them but they’re in my mind, though. I

Nick 33:57
can’t wait to sit down and be like, Okay. This is what you don’t do. And, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 34:08
mean, I’ll die one day.

Nick 34:09
Obviously, I’ll carry. I’ll carry those memories of yada yada with me. And just like this will last for ever.

Kalvin 34:19
Yeah. And I think I think we’ve got to hold on to this podcast until we’re really gone. Right. We’ve got to we got to make sure we keep it going until we’re gone.

Nick 34:28
I totally agree. I was not one for not bringing the best effort. I could, at least for these last couple episodes, because that would just not be fun. Especially if it starts feeling like a burden, you know.

Kalvin 34:42
Exactly. I agree. Love was one I loved you know, love is Shane’s line or he says she got a big booty so I call her big booty. It’s just that except much more Well, I guess especially coming from Celine Dion just got a much better voice.

Nick 35:03
I can understand her also. Quite a bit better. Yeah.

Kalvin 35:08
And you know, bringing it back to us in the podcast I would just say you know, a podcast is when I podcast with you. And that’s it. Right? I was really glad I got that line and got to go after two Chainz

Nick 35:21
shots fired. Also, you’re gonna get a copyright strike there. Really Can’t you mentioned his name and I didn’t get the royalties, royalties. My royalties. Love is what it means passion project for sure. And we we’ve put a lot of hard into this thing for a long time and that’s all we can give to one true time I’d hold to in my life will always come on. I don’t really fucking one true time I’d hold to like I so

Kalvin 35:53
I figured this out late in the game.

Nick 35:54
Like what the fuck does that even mean? Is that Canadian speak? No, I

Kalvin 35:58
think I think I broke the lines wrong. I think his love was what I loved you one true time I told two. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, yeah. If you tie those two together, but I didn’t want to change it because love was what I loved you just by itself is really funny. Okay, this this song is corny as fuck, man. It really is. Love

Nick 36:20
is what I loved you one true time I’d hold to Yeah, okay. So as you do when you’re in love, but then in my life will always go on. That’s literally the end. I’d never let go to work on no fucking shit. You’re seeing the same same thing. Like literally the same fucking thing in my life and always gone. You’ll never sever the ties. Hopefully she’s not just leaving some dude on for her. You know his entire life. Let them go Celine.

Kalvin 36:49
I don’t know that she’s leading him on. I think it’s more like he left and she just won’t let go of her.

Nick 36:55
She’s been really creepy.

Kalvin 36:57
Yeah, she always wants to hold on to it. Hmm.

Nick 37:00
Does she have a Neck Beard? I need to know

Kalvin 37:03
to Celine Dion have a Neck Beard.

Nick 37:05
I mean, I don’t think so. She’s her behavior is startling.

Kalvin 37:13
I think we’ll hold on to this one true podcast and now it’s ending you know, we have to go on but we’ll always have this.

Nick 37:21
It’s basically been the same. go on forever. That’s so that’s where I’m getting the This song is just a bunch of

Unknown Speaker 37:28

Kalvin 37:33
You’re here. There’s nothing I fear. I mean, that’s pretty straightforward. She’s nothing to fear when this dude is around. And especially now that he’s back around. And you know, in the same way, there’s nothing to fear when we’re recording this podcast canceled culture can’t touch us. Bring out your one star views. Our hearts are gonna go on. You can’t stop us. We’re stopping ourselves. bitches

Nick 37:56
with dignity. Which is what jack died with. I’m really starting to think Celine Dion died.

Kalvin 38:01
Heavy air quotes died.

Nick 38:03
Yeah, she might have killed somebody or, you know, just let someone fall to their death. You’re here there’s nothing I fear because you can let go of the door before me. And I’ll live there you go. But, I mean, yeah, this this is so even when like for me in regards to this podcast. And that one is there’s been times where like, my other projects have kind of abdun flowed or at least my creativity levels for him. But this regardless has been a constitute through the entire process, which has been dope. It’s been very nice to have keeps the creative juices flowing. Probably something for her. Got that insurance money coming in. So she doesn’t have to work and just write music.

Kalvin 38:52
There you go. I mean, it is her job to write music. So she she’s working.

Nick 38:58
There you go. And I know that my heart will go on. I mean, it’s not the end. Ever. She’s She’s alive. Or she’s gonna keep going. She knows she’s, she’s alive. She thinks he’s dead. Yeah, for sure. There’s a guy out there hiding but

Kalvin 39:16
yet she either knows he’s dead or that he’s gonna leave again. And but she knows she’ll move on. She’ll be fine. She doesn’t seem seem to be moving on, but I don’t have much knows she’ll move on.

Nick 39:27
We’ll see how it goes. Good luck, Celine.

Kalvin 39:29
She knows she’ll move on but she doesn’t seem to be actually moving on. I think that’s an important distinction to make there.

Nick 39:35
I watch I’m gonna be talking all this shit. And like seven months from now. I’m like, bro, do you do an episode? I’m tweaking for him. I need to do an episode.

Kalvin 39:48
Yeah, this is coming to an end. But we’ve got to move on. You know, we will move on. We know.

Nick 39:53
We have to.

Kalvin 39:54
We’ll stay forever this way. Which is the antithesis of what we just said. I But I think it means more that their love will always exist. Like they may not be in love anymore. But the love they had will always exist in their hearts and in their mind, even if they’re not together. And the podcast, same thing, it’s gonna stay forever. Even if we’re not actively doing it. It’s still there.

Nick 40:18
The Internet lives on forever.

Kalvin 40:20
It does. It will stay forever this way. forever, but we’ll also move on.

Nick 40:26
You got to so life’s all about will stay this way forever. Sounds a little one sided

Kalvin 40:34
photo. Hopefully,

Nick 40:37
it’s not going to be that way. You are safe in my heart, because you’re a figment of my imagination. And you don’t exist anymore. Have you heard the I keep thinking of the Titanic movie. Have you heard like the conspiracy theories that she’s crazy. And he’s just a total figment of her imagination.

Kalvin 41:01
He’s an imaginary friend more or less. Yeah, I have heard that. And I thought that’s where you’re going. Yes,

Nick 41:05
that is exactly where I was going with this. But I mean, it kind of possible. I wanted to cut myself off before I got too far. Because then I get in the weeds and people are gonna be like the fuck is this dude talking about

Kalvin 41:15
as crazy as severe damage. I don’t think you can really remove this song from Titanic. You have to talk about both of them simultaneously. So I don’t think we’ve if anybody’s clicking on an episode about my heart will go on. I think they’re probably hoping for some Titanic talk.

Nick 41:29
Yeah, most likely.

Kalvin 41:31
And jack is still alive. Hashtag jack is still alive.

Nick 41:35
Hashtag hashtag. Jack’s not did jack.

Kalvin 41:39
He is the mysterious q anon. It’s actually jack from the

Nick 41:43
oh my god I saw that

Kalvin 41:45
brought it all together. Day. JOHN F. Kennedy Jr. It’s fucking jack from the Titanic.

Nick 41:51
New Mitch aka Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah, she’s, the memories are always safe there. You know, it’s a nice, nice place to keep the fond memories. And just like this, I have lots of fond memories that always have a place in my heart. And we won’t let it die.

Kalvin 42:10
Never in my heart will go on and on. And on and on and on. The memory is gonna stay with her as long as our hearts pumping. You know, the memory of their time together, like you said, is safe in her heart. And as long as her heart continues to go on and on that memory safe. And and I think that’s important. And again, same thing with this podcast, which is just what we’ve been saying the whole time. is, it’s there. It’s gonna be there.

Nick 42:36
And enjoy going back to it several times.

Kalvin 42:40
Yeah, you’re here in my heart in my heart will go on a podcast about something. So

do we have anything else on my heart will go on or the Titanic movie?

Nick 43:00
No, that was a much shorter song that I gave it feels like it last for fucking ever. But I suppose that’s that’s kind of good. It’s our shortest one yet?

Kalvin 43:09
Oh, absolutely. No. Monster Mash was pretty short.

Nick 43:14
I mean, we kind of figured that song. pretty quick. It’s all about fucking

Kalvin 43:19
you Yeah. mashing their decks together those monsters simple pitch. And if nothing else, we come up with some great theories on these selective listening episodes. So I would highly recommend go back and listen to the other ones because if you like hashtag Jack’s not dead hashtag jack is Q and on go back because there’s some there’s some great great stuff in the in the past episode. I can’t actually like when I tweet this out. I can’t actually put jack was given like, I can’t put a hashtag jack was q&a because that’s gonna get picked up by some crazy fucking people.

Nick 43:53
Yeah, we’ll get one star pond. Yeah, well, liberals.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
fuckers. Talking about

Unknown Speaker 43:59
our guys in Titanic. No, this is America. America. Jackson. He would he wouldn’t let that woman be on the door. He would have taken the door sound the strongest man out here. He’s an alpha. Alpha is don’t give up doors. We take doors, kicking the door,

Kalvin 44:19
if somehow they’re still listening after this diatribe. Thank you for listening. You can check us out on Twitter, at APA something at alone underscore podcast for a bunch more hot takes on fun stuff. And there’s all kinds of cool links down in the show notes that you can get merged and check out a website and follow us on other places. As my heart will go on. It will go on to the magic number is three when it comes to TV podcast. That will that it’s already out there. You can search for on pod catchers. We got a couple episodes out there. I keep saying pod catchers and I hate that word. I’m sorry world. It’s on podcast apps. It’s out there. Go check it out. We will be hitting the ground running with that starting in August of like actually getting into TV shows and going through the episodes as they’re supposed to be. Right now there’s just some fun like intro stuff out there. So check that out. can also check out Nick on the URL alone podcast tell listeners about that.

Nick 45:17
It’s a sprawling sci fi epic audio fiction podcast, it’s sick, and you should check it out.

Kalvin 45:24
It’s either sick or it’ll make you sick. One or the other. You decide though,

Nick 45:29
it’s very visceral at times.

Kalvin 45:33
Now, I’ve listened to it all I’ve never gotten sick. So it’s it’s good. It’s good. If I say it’s good, then it’s got to be good.

Nick 45:39
Oh, I appreciate that. That’s so sweet.

Kalvin 45:43
So check that out. Check out the magic numbers three when it comes to TV. Check out those cats. They provide all the music for podcasts about something. Yes. So stay

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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