Episode 162 – A Podcast About Airing Of Grievances Part 3

Yesssss, finally, we have come back around to the most cathartic of episodes! Our annual airing of grievances (part 3) has arrived and it’s our best one yet. Now that our lives aren’t completely dominated by a pandemic, we are reminded of all the other little stuff that used to (and still does) piss us off.  Some stuff has a way of really grinding our gears, and it’s something we are sure we share with you in some way. Blippi, skimping popcorn chicken, the gym, getting buried in candy (it’s worse than you would think), the Mandela Effect and Robert Kraft all show their pissy little faces with more on the sidelines as well.

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Full Episode Transcript Available Below:

Kalvin 0:08
Each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host Calvin in joining me in a very grumpy mood. It’s your co host, Nick Richardson. so grumpy, Grumpy Bear. I liked I wanted to use grumpy instead of like angry or upset or anything like that because I thought grumpy best conveyed what we’re doing here today.

Nick 0:29
Dude, I’m grumpy a lot. Like once I got 25 years old. I didn’t I stopped getting like mad about shit. And I just got

Kalvin 0:37
grumpy about it just perpetual state of grumpiness.

Nick 0:39
Yeah, no one ship pisses me off. It’s like,

Kalvin 0:43
I don’t like this way to 69 you’ll be super grumpy.

Nick 0:48
I’ll just I’ll live in the woods. me my wife will be. You know, Arielle, we grown up in out of the house and I will be.

Unknown Speaker 0:57

Kalvin 0:59
Being an old grumpy man, too. I’m coming. Yeah, I’m pretty good at being a young grumpy man. So it works. Today, we are hearing our grievances for the third time. Once a year we have one of these episodes. So we can let the world know how much it’s led us down over the past year.

Nick 1:16
Yeah, world What’s up? Yeah.

Kalvin 1:19
So this is inspired by the strike episode and season nine of Seinfeld. When we first learned that Georgia stanzas family celebrates the holiday of festivus. If you want to learn more on festivus, we did a whole episode a podcast about festivus. I was Episode 41, from December of 2018, saying go back and listen to that if you if you need all the ins and outs of what festivus is. That’s what we’re here for today. But one of these aspects of festivus is the airing of grievances where the family gets together and let each other know how much they’ve let each other down over the past year. So we’ve incorporated that into our podcast.

Nick 1:53
Yes, because it’s important. You know, I really, I really think it is cathartic.

Kalvin 1:59
Yeah, every once in a while you need to get it off your chest. And I think this is a great way to do it. You know, Frank is stanza. The father George Costanza, not a great person, but I think he was kind of on the right track here. Maybe not yell at everybody about the things that piss you off, but I think everybody needs that opportunity to air shit out and just vent.

Nick 2:18
Dude, 100% 100% I have a story that I will not tell because it’s probably boring as fuck. Let’s hear it. Alright, so the dude that works for me, if it’s boring, I’ll just cut it. Well, okay, so the dude that works for me. I had told him like two months ago, like, Hey, dude, if you want to take time off, take time off. He’s talking about getting married. It started off as just a courthouse wedding, and then became a wedding wedding. And then it became a wedding in October, when I told him I wanted to go on a trip. So he’s like, oh, I’ll get you a date. You know, tomorrow, two weeks old. You know, it’s, it was probably like five or six days hadn’t heard from him. So we booked our vacation. And then I told him about it and he threw such a goddamn fit. He grievances with you. You know, you told me that. You don’t even care. And keep in mind it was a weekend. I

Kalvin 3:22
really don’t sorry.

Nick 3:24
I just wanted to be like, bitch, it was Memorial Day weekend, three day weekend. I came in Saturday and Monday. So your bitch ass wouldn’t have to work. So fuck you. But I moved my vacation. And I was I was nice about it. My God. David haven’t grabbed me about that shit. On the fucker.

Kalvin 3:43
Yeah, there you go. We’ll get it out.

Nick 3:45
I was just like, yeah, just let it out. man. He’s just like, he would I mean, we almost fist fought over it. He’s so hyped up. She’s crying. Nick, no, I had some reason. The fuck man. Come on. really grumpy about that. Excuse me. Excuse me Do what?

Kalvin 4:08
So this is the third and final airing of grievances. As many of you know if you’re avid listener. So podcasts about something. July will be the last month of a podcast about something. So this is our last opportunity to air our grievances out in this platform. The first airing of grievances was back in July of 2019. That was Episode 68. The second airing of grievances was July 2020, Episode 113. And so if you’re a completionist, and you want to know all of the things that piss us off, so you never piss us off, go back and listen to those as well as this one and then you’ll have the complete picture on like just the types of things that we get mad at.

Nick 4:46
You’ll know us as people.

Kalvin 4:48
Exactly. So for this, we went all out we were not breaking these down in any way. We just each brought five fundamental grievances for us to air

Nick 5:00
Yeah, they’re fundamentalist fuck do

Kalvin 5:03
you want to go first? Or do you want me to go first? I’ve got a great first one hit me. Alright. The gym. That’s all inclusive, right? Every aspect of the gym, any gym, it just sucks. And it’s designed to suck on every single level you can possibly look at. You look at the memberships, they’re expensive, they’re restrictive. And all of the perks of joining quote unquote perks of joining are complete BS. The whole business plan of gym is to get you to sign up, and then not come back ever again. But also not ever cancel your membership. They don’t want you there.

Nick 5:39
Oh, dude, my fucking my wife tried to cancel her. You know her membership at the gym when COVID started. They’re like, yeah, you have to come in and cancel it. What do you fucking clothes like? Yeah,

Kalvin 5:50
like personal trainers that you and your own special locker and all those other bullshit. That doesn’t mean anything. You know, the good machines or weights are never open. There’s people leering at literally everybody constantly, you got men leering at women men leering at other men, women, men, women leering at women, like, it’s not always just sexual either. Like that. There’s a lot of it that is, but the whole place is designed. So you have to be constantly looking at other people. And they’re constantly looking at you.

Nick 6:20
I’ve never thought of that.

Kalvin 6:22
Sexually. They’re looking at you. They’re comparing themselves to you. And mostly just because there’s never anywhere else to look, there’s no way you can look without feeling like you’re staring at someone else. Because everything, all the machines, all the weights, they’re all so close together. And they all like they, there’s mirrors everywhere. That is so fun. We’re looking at something else or a mirror where you’re looking at somebody else, it’s it’s stupid.

Nick 6:49
Well in TVs to, like, get all those groups watching, you know, like fox news on the treadmill, and fuck me. gotta listen to this book while they’re staring at your fucking shorts. Like, yeah, exactly. The eyes are up here, the fucker. Well,

Kalvin 7:03
so then if we’re talking about the actual events there, right, the things you can do, if you go in and you’re just trying to do free weights, there’s somebody that’s gonna make fun of you for doing that. If you go in and just try and use machines, somebody different makes fun of you for that. If you go in there, and you just want to do cardio. There’s a third person that makes fun of you for that. If you try and mix them all together, then everybody makes fun of you. And they all tell you you’re doing something wrong. They the gym people, they try and sell you on it as it’s like this community and everybody’s cooperative, and it’s a judgment free zone. And it’s just not true. There’s my fucking ass. Yeah, there’s nothing you can do at the gym without some gym bro. Trying to tell you how to do it better or a different thing you should actually be doing instead of the thing you’re doing because you’re not going to get the results you want. It’s stupid.

Nick 7:49
Well, you got your headphones and they stop you like Hey, bro, bro. I just want to let you know man that

Kalvin 7:54
guy because you were doing names.

Nick 7:57
I mean, you’re not even doing them right, bro. They don’t even count. I was counting for you, bro. You’re doing set to 10 that was like a five.

Kalvin 8:04
I was like a five bro. It’s a good gym, bro voice I like it. I think man I think Jim row and Batman need to do a full episode together.

Nick 8:19
Oh, should you here Batman’s apparently supposed to be eating cat woman out on the Hartley window. Here, do that shit.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
I can’t even see.

Kalvin 9:01
I’ve had one gym membership in my life. And I only had a gym membership because I wanted to go play basketball was when I lived in Milwaukee. They had a solid run on Wednesday evenings like after work. So like there was a good run from like five to seven there were a bunch of people there had open gym. So I would go up there and do that. But even with basketball, it’s the same bullshit for basketball. If you’re a new guy, no one wants to pick you up on their team because they all just assume you suck. And then if you do actually get on for a run, no one, no one passes the ball to each other because every player out there thinks every other player sucks. When really everyone sucks the person with the ball, the person without the ball everyone out there. So it’s like there’s a reason we’re all at this gym playing at the same time. And give me the ball we have availability at this time. Like nobody wants to involve other players because they just they think you’re gonna miss a shot and like that’s not the point like we’re just out there to have fun. Like, let’s get everybody involved. Let’s get a good run in winning. should not matter in a pickup game at a gym. Like you’re not going to go home and make yourself a little trophy because you won five games to 11 against a bunch of other sorry people like who gives a shit that you won this game tonight? Nobody does just fuck halfway and get everybody involved

Nick 10:14
like two thirds of people dudes out there. You know this man a lot of dudes got really frail masculinity. Oh, I know flex is going on and they everything’s a Carpe Diem competition with this

Kalvin 10:25
this is back in 2010 so you know those guys who got their three wins out in the open gym they went home and posted their Facebook status about it talking about how great they are

Nick 10:33
killed it at the gym. Yeah, fuckin site everybody. There was a scout there. And I got my dick suck. seen enough of them in my lifetime, so

Kalvin 10:43
And last but not least you’ve got the locker room. And like, what the fuck was waiting for? Right? Oh my god, I had to save the locker room for last. Dude, what the fuck? So Is this okay? If I’m not going straight home after the gym. Now I’m gonna go jump in a shower with a bunch of other dudes or choose to be sweaty and stinky for the rest of the day.

Nick 11:03
Do you guys not have like divided showers and

Kalvin 11:06
I don’t know I’ve never gone in the shower in the gym because I always go to the gym like No, I just go home like I’m, I don’t care. I can I can smell bad in my car on the way home. I’m good with that. But there’s always like three or 420 something year old dudes walking around the locker room with their shirt off, but not making any progress on getting dressed in either direction. They’re neither like jamming up or, like going back to their casual gear. And I’m pretty sure these guys just go to the gym and wander around the locker room for two hours with their shirt off and then leave like they don’t actually actually get into the gym. They’re just like, I’m just gonna walk around my shirt off in the in the locker room so everybody knows I’m ripped. Because they’re prostitutes. Could be that could be I never I never talked to you can’t call the cops and

Nick 11:50
be like, this guy’s a male prostitute. He’s trying to come on

Kalvin 11:52
he’s gym locker room for two hours.

Nick 11:55
He hasn’t. He tried to come on. He’s a male prostitute. Like be right there and click. And then

Kalvin 12:01
on top of those 420 something year olds, you’ve got the at least 160 plus dude wandering around just completely bucket ass naked. And again, not putting any particular effort into getting dressed one way or the other. Just like hanging all out does not give a shit.

Nick 12:18
It’s almost like a competition there too. It’s like a guarantee that you will pull your dick out. It’s like these old dudes don’t care. Why like, Dude, why that is your fucking dick. Yeah, I don’t know what

Kalvin 12:32
happens when you hit like 55 we’re just like I don’t get shaved sees me naked anymore. Fuck.

Nick 12:38
Right. It’s absurd. Yeah, I’ve got my whole life with like, no one but my partner seeing me goddamn naked. Just gonna be cool for the whole world’s you know, 27 shirtless bro, check this out. You see this fucking Wiener. What’s up,

Kalvin 12:53
I remember vividly, we went to vividly know this, like scarred me for life. It was me and my brother and some of his friends. So I was like 13. And they were like 15. And we went to this hotel, like, there was a nice hotel in town that had like this nice indoor pool with like, these water slides and everything. And they had racquetball courts, and like an indoor basketball, just fucking

Nick 13:16
nice as hotel.

Kalvin 13:19
So we went in there and like, we were going to the pool and we’re doing some racquetball or something or whatever. So, but it was winter, so it was cold. So we had to wear like our full gear. So we went into locker room and put all our gear away one other person in there, some super old dude, bare ass naked. Obviously, the entire time we’re in there, we’re in there for like 10 minutes putting our shirt away. And he’s naked the entire time. And then he finally decides he’s gonna start getting dressed. So he kind of like he does the like half lean on the bench, you know, grabs his socks, and just very slowly pulls one sock up at a time. One stock up at a time. And then he just like kind of chilled for a while again after he got the socks on before we moved on to anything else. So like once the socks got on, we made sure we got the fuck out of there and moved on with whatever the hell we were doing that day. It was very strange.

Nick 14:10
Yeah, dude. I mean, I went to a gym that hotel. No,

Kalvin 14:13
nothing just like, I’m here. I’m naked. My dicks out. I’m gonna put some socks on.

Nick 14:18
And I’m gonna lean into it too. Yeah, I went to a gym. It’s called Fit Club. And that’s where all the old people go. So I used to go there cuz they don’t lift much weights, right, you know, judges? Right? They do a lot of little weights so I would actually be able to get on the machines. And dude isn’t Taurus I was the probably the youngest person that routinely went there for a while. And it was absurd. It was fucking absurd. These men would just they’d shower their their hair like Shay should ask naked. Yep, just talking to each other at the counter, like smashing her wieners up on the ledge, dog. I’m good. I mean the fuck out of here.

Kalvin 15:01
And then on top of all the randomly half naked and full naked people, you got to just stuff all of your shit into a locker that your shoes barely fit into, but you got to get all your stuff in there. So then when you go to take it out, everything just tumbles out onto the tile floor, phones, wallets, whatever, like all your cards go splashed across the thing, you get a good crack in your phone screen, because there’s no space in there and your shoes just push everything out immediately. It’s the gym is the worst thing ever invented, invented? I dare someone to go online at APA something at me bro. I dare you to tell me one redeeming quality about quote unquote, the gym that actually makes it necessary for the gym to exist. There isn’t one.

Nick 15:45
I mean, we could get into this, but I refuse to

Kalvin 15:50
why they are weight machines. Get a Bowflex works just fine. No.

Nick 15:58
Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of the argument that came to mind because we said fuck the gym and we just bought Yeah, and elliptical clothes.

Kalvin 16:06
Sell all your stuff off at a reduced price to all the gym bros that want your machines and give the ellipticals to everybody like that to get seen. It’s like

Nick 16:15
It’s like going to the bar, you go to the bar to fighter fuck. I feel like for young people,

Kalvin 16:20
has anybody ever actually got a date from the gym?

Nick 16:25
I’ve had several. I had several older male prostitutes try to proposition me.

Kalvin 16:34
It doesn’t count. Because like I feel like that that is a it’s already an awkward situation. Like you’re there to get your pump on. And now some dudes walking up to you to ask. Like if you want to go grab a coffee sometime? No, fuck that. Don’t talk to me.

Nick 16:51
Like Hey, bro, you look really strong. We should hang out. Cool. Yeah, I don’t I don’t try to are you moving or something? Is that what you want?

Kalvin 17:00
Alright, so that’s what I’ve got on the gym, but the gym.

Nick 17:03
I could go on all day about the gym for like 14 minutes about the goddamn gym.

Kalvin 17:07
Yeah. I told you I had I had a good one. You did, man. What do you got for your first grievance that you need to get out there?

Nick 17:14
My first grievance and this is going to be sad living in America because we have the biggest portion sizes in the world but that’s food shrinkage. While everything’s going you know getting more and more expensive. Our foods are slowly getting smaller and smaller.

Kalvin 17:31
Okay sound like it was p money commercial.

Nick 17:34
I do that. Okay, it irritates the absolute fuck out of me. That’s fucking bullshit. I agree. We all know inflation is a fucking problem. And when I okay I had this argument wasn’t an argument is I stopped and asked my wife probably six weeks ago because I love Reese’s. I you see like a king size every other day. Obesity. Yeah, what else younger but

Kalvin 18:02
I’ve got a CCD coming up to

Nick 18:04
Oh, yeah, those things were bigger back in the day. I know. I’m not just like smaller. But they were bigger back in the day like a solid 30% Baker, I would say

Kalvin 18:14
I won’t disagree with you. But I’m also not fully agreeing on the Reese’s cup. Like I do think I agree. That food in general is like they’re trying to make portion sizes smaller, but also charging more for them. And they’re doing it in like very small increments, so you wouldn’t notice. Yeah, once every methodically Yes.

Nick 18:35
Oh my god, the Cadbury eggs. That’s a good example. They were 35 35% bigger. But can Snickers like stoner candy that comes to mind but it’s everything man like, I mean, you can relate it to any industry. But the food triggers thing really? Kind of fucking boils my blood because not only do we go to the grocery store, it costs us twice as much. Half the fucking shit is is left like there’s this brain of popcorn chicken my wife and I fucking loved and it was like a new new version that came out. And it was a solid bag there was like legitimately damn near full with popcorn chicken. This thing is a third of the way full of what it used to be not even a year ago. And it’s the same price. But it’s so good we keep pisses me off man. Like what the fuck? Ah, I swear to god next thing you know, they’re going to turn out a beer from 12 ounces to 10 ounces. Just like it’s always been that way.

Kalvin 19:39
I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already like 11.8 ounce cans. You know?

Nick 19:43
I legit you I’m sure this your most beer probably do not weigh up 12 ounces. It’s probably like 10 ounces. And they just say as well. Yeah, I think it’s they could get sued I think thicker cans, slightly more aluminum.

Kalvin 19:59
That’s That’s a fair grievance. I’ve got to say.

Nick 20:02
It’s not super in depth, but no, goddamn. And it pisses me Oh,

Kalvin 20:05
it makes sense. So we’re gonna have a mix of like in depth ones and quick ones because I got to piggyback right on that now, with with your candy sizes. And that’s parents who send goodie bags full of candies home from birthdays at school. Like if you have a birthday party, that’s one thing. But like when they have the school birthday party where you get cupcakes and all that shit, and then they’re also goodie bags. It’s so much bullshit. We already have some, like our pantry is full of candy because we have so much from Halloween so much from Christmas so much from Valentine’s so much from Easter. And then we get all these little fucking there’s 20 kids and in our kids class, each of them have a birthday and they send home a fucking bag of candy. We don’t need more candy.

Nick 20:48
I mean, let’s not neglect to mention the luckily I mean we can think big shrinkage for that. You know, at least it lowers their sugar intake. You get my kids some candy. She is an animal. she’s a she’s a

Kalvin 21:02
she’s a little young to hit this phase yet. But like, we we have so much fucking candy in our house. And everyone’s like usually before Halloween, we get rid of a bunch of it because we know we’re about to hit this run of Halloween Christmas Valentine’s Easter again, and it’s just gonna be full. And there’s no way anybody could ever eat it. And it’s just like, what is the point?

Nick 21:24
I mean, if you’re a real American Calvin, you’d pull yourself up by your bootstraps and sell that excess candy. Yeah, well eat some to be fat buddy. Yeah, well, they can

Kalvin 21:34
get so fat because we have to keep fucking sending candy home with every kid. Just because they got a year older at school. While they had cupcakes or whatever they had at school.

Nick 21:43
It’s Hillary Clinton down here. We don’t

Kalvin 21:45
need goodie bags at school. Just like they had their cupcakes. They had their little party at school. Don’t send a fucking goodie bag home.

Nick 21:53
Yeah, I’m not. First off. Fuck all of you. I don’t even know you people. Your kid just hangs out with my kid during the day. And I mean, I bought cupcakes. He’s

Kalvin 22:03
realizing that shit. Whoa,

Nick 22:07
whoa. Reminds me of the dude that gave out hotdogs for fucking Oh, yeah.

Kalvin 22:12
I remember hearing about that checkout. Trick or treating. Fucking horseshit.

Nick 22:18
I bought some cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday at daycare. There’s like eight kids in her class. And that’s most of us. I’d say most of the icing got scraped off and they’re like, here’s some dry cake with a little bit of icing on it. It’s still an animal after the fact. So a goodie bag is completely unnecessary. It’s absurd.

Kalvin 22:37
Well, my kids never eat it like it just goes into the giant bag we have of all the other candy that we already have.

Nick 22:44
You know, we have a bucket. Yeah, it’s a it’s the same bucket. We used to bathe it. No, it’s not anymore. We just have this bucket. We used to bathe our daughter. Yes. firstborn. Fucking candy. And now we have a nice fancy metal one. So we had to upgrade our shit son. We’re like we need some sturdy sighs bro our pantry

Kalvin 23:02
small enough and we give legitimately half a shelf to just candy.

Nick 23:10
Yes, separate game. Oh cow.

Kalvin 23:11
You need to hold just candy. Yeah,

Nick 23:14
yes. Just give me the candy. That’s what I want. I want the candy.

Kalvin 23:18
Well, and they’re all the fun size candy. So even like if I want a dessert or I want a treat after I’m done eating like that. That doesn’t do it for I can’t go grab a fun size Three Musketeers and be satisfied. So I need my own separate desserts. Get some nutty bars or some ice cream sandwiches.

Nick 23:36
Yeah, she somewhere else I wanted to say about this food bullshit. This food shrinkage is the quality. the quality has gone to shit man. There’s so many things. Oh, cat, dude, there’s so many things that just don’t taste like they used to. Or I understand people’s palates change. But

Kalvin 23:55
yeah, I think that’s uh, you probably like like me, give me an example. Something that I would have a frame of reference for. I’m trying to find chicken that you get from your grocery store.

Nick 24:05
Chili’s. Honey Chipotle Chicken crispers.

Kalvin 24:08
I have not eaten at Chili’s in like four years. You son of

Nick 24:11
a bitch. Well anyways, they used to have on each bullet Chicken crispers that were like hand branded and all that shit. They charge you more now and it’s just Tyson goddamn

Kalvin 24:20
Yeah. The the overall quality of chicken tenders at the majority of places has gone Buffalo Wild Wings. They’re pretty much any place that has chicken tenders.

Nick 24:30
or chicken anything. It’s just gone. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:33

Kalvin 24:35
up the worst place in the world to eat

Nick 24:37
McDonald’s zone these fast food places they’ve just gone to shit. Where’s my mcflurry goddamnit

Kalvin 24:46
the real point I’m trying to make here is parents. Don’t send goodie bags full of candy. Ooh school to go home with all the other kids for your kids birthday

Nick 24:54
and fuck you. Yes from Calvin.

Kalvin 25:01
Exactly. Well, you got next keep I got to keep keep the anger flowing.

Nick 25:07
Keep this anger for Kids TV shows. Oh, I disagree with you there. Kids TV,

Kalvin 25:14
man, everyone’s yet

Nick 25:15
do fuck that shit my kid watches. There’s some that I find tolerable and she doesn’t want to watch those anymore. Like it changes so quick. But her big thing has been Blippi on. So I

Kalvin 25:28
don’t know where Blippi is at now. But when my younger daughter was first, like starting to catch YouTube stuff, that was when that was in the early days of Blippi. And the early days of Blippi, we thought was really good. He went to he went to one of the museums down here in Tampa. And so we’ll go to that museum sometimes, like it’s a children’s museum and like they want to do all the things that Blippi did. But I know he was starting to like kind of go off the deep end towards the end of our run with flippy

Nick 25:56
he’s intolerable dude. He’s so weird. He says weird shit and just acts weird as fuck. He’s, like, stupid. I get that. But he tolerable. They’re dumb as fuck. But what makes me so mad? Partially since this man is worth $40 million to act like a fucking dumb ass with worchestershire sauce. Can’t believe that didn’t get in the workout did not. And yeah, fuck Blippi I cannot stand it. My daughter probably can hear me right now. She’s like, Oh, she calls it mipi I think she’s trying to say my Blippi mipi maybe this is like yeah, we’ll put on some Blippi and I will want to that’s what I just grabbed a switch. To switch my excavator? Yeah, I dig after she later. Fuck Blippi I mean, it’s 40 $40 million. Dude. Like what?

Kalvin 27:00
I don’t mind Blippi give me some other shows that you don’t like.

Nick 27:04
Okay, Dr. Stephens? I am stunningly sick of anything little baby balm or Coco melon. Because Coco

Kalvin 27:12
Marie’s I don’t know. Little baby balm.

Nick 27:16
Oh, it’s horrendous. It must be new. There’s I don’t have the names. Because it’s all knockoffs of those two that I really hate in social gets sick of like little baby bum. And then she’ll want to watch the knockoff, right? Little choo choo.

Kalvin 27:31
Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve seen that one. does she do the YouTube of like the kids that play with dolls

Nick 27:39
yet? No, No, she

Kalvin 27:40
doesn’t. Oh, she’ll get there.

Nick 27:43
This year, she likes to sing like a lot. That’s her thing. So she’s anything where they sing and well, so we’re

Kalvin 27:49
really, we’re really excited for my younger daughter of like going the way of Blippi and like some puppy dog pals and things like that. Because by that time, our older daughter had caught the YouTube videos of like, it’s just these kids who play with dolls. And like they have this whole story and they and they like keep the story going Episode Episode like these kids storytelling abilities are on fire. I’ll give him credit for that. But they have the most annoying voices in the world. So it, it’s very grating to hear throughout your house the whole time. So we were like, pretty happy that our other daughter was doing more Blippi and she likes number blocks now and things like that. And then but now she’s also coming around to watching the other kids play the toys, and she’s found an even more annoying one. Our first daughter originally had some competition it has like this. It’s like this Swedish little girl voice now instead of just the English little girl voice I have nothing against the Swedes. But this girl for whatever reason has maybe the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard in my life.

Nick 28:54
She’s like, Daddy, Daddy, look at this. This is so cool. And you’re just like, Yeah,

Kalvin 28:58
she also watches these. So we like to play Mario Party. And so she’s found these YouTube videos of the people have just mashed up a bunch of playing minigames. And so she’ll watch those two and try and like learn how to play the minigames because she’s so little. She doesn’t know how to control it all the time in the different minigames. And so like she’s actually gotten better at Mario Party by watching these YouTube videos. So she’s she’s like, Oh, shit.

Nick 29:21
That’s kind of tight. Yeah, my daughter’s too and can’t do that cool stuff yet. I tried SpongeBob

Kalvin 29:29
they don’t make good kids. You got to sweat, right?

Nick 29:33
Yes. Okay,

Kalvin 29:34
so the best game I can tell you to get that that kids will be able to handle is Paw Patrol on a roll.

Nick 29:44
I don’t want to put my switch in my daughter’s

Kalvin 29:48
get a dock and you put it on TV and hander controller.

Nick 29:52
I don’t want to put a controller connected to the dock which is connected to my switch which is connected to my TV to have wireless

Kalvin 29:59
Nic Alright, fine. So other errands other than Nick got the shit. If you have a kid who’s less than four years old get Paw Patrol on a roll, not the new Paw Patrol game where they’re like superheroes cuz that one’s more open world platformer. But Paw Patrol on roll is just like a regular II play with the Paw Patrol guys. It’s just a regular platformer. Very easy things to jump over and little like mazes to go through and things. It’s very easy for them to get used to how the controllers work. Because that’s always the biggest thing is like, the SpongeBob game. You try and go by that and it’s like this big open world thing. There’s no path for them to follow. They don’t know what to do. They don’t know how to move their person around. My older daughter now who’s six, she’s just getting the hang of playing in these open world we play like this Lego Worlds game, where it’s like Lego mixed with Minecraft, so you can like kind of build structures and shit in there. It’s pretty cool. She plays this lol dolls game, which is an open world game. But there’s, if you’re trying to start your kids off, you can’t start with Mario. It’s too hard. You start with Paw Patrol on a roll. Very simple, very intuitive. Kids will get it right away.

Nick 31:06
They want 40 bucks for that shit.

Kalvin 31:08
Yes, sir. All expensive. What the fuck?

Nick 31:11
Get the fuck out of here. No, I just Yeah, she. I mean, I actually tried playing watching SpongeBob as well. But either way playing No, I play like I was playing heave ho the other day when she was very fascinated by or Overwatch or watch me play that a little bit. Find some kind of scary. She threw a goddamn fit like nine seconds in. Just like just watch some cool stuff for once. It’s bright, it’s colorful, they sing and dance. It’s great.

Kalvin 31:43
SpongeBob or Overwatch. SpongeBob. My kids kind of like SpongeBob. Like, they don’t go out of their way to watch it usually. But like if it happens, like if it comes on YouTube or whatever, or they’re scrolling through Amazon and they see it they’ll be like, Oh, yeah, let’s watch SpongeBob but they don’t ever go out of their way for it. Usually.

Nick 32:03
Now. Yeah, it sucks. Watch Rob’s great. Or hey, Arnold. Oh, hey, Arnold. Good

Kalvin 32:08
stuff. No, I’m trying to get my daughter into some some of the other stuff that I like. It’s going slowly. She likes to watch Barbie cartoons, which I mean, that’s fine. The Barbie life in the dream house on Netflix. That’s okay.

Nick 32:24
Do my I was hoping my daughter would go down the road of Power Rangers. And she started sleeping with a Power Rangers Megazord every night that I got on eBay. It just

Kalvin 32:35
plus one, right?

Nick 32:37
No, no, one of the original ones cakap one from Turbo. Oh, yeah. I can’t remember his name. But anyway, I ordered one because it was just something where I don’t know. And she adopted it for like a week. And it’s somewhere I don’t know what the fuck it is. She has this crazy habit of losing everything.

Kalvin 32:56
My daughter, I’ll put in a little Power Rangers time she does like Space Jam. She’s really excited to go see Space Jam too when that comes out. Or Space Jam is no, I’m excited. Space Jam is a super difficult movie to explain to a six year old who has no context of who Michael Jordan is that he was a basketball player that he retired at one point to play baseball. So that’s why he’s playing baseball. But he also likes golf. So that’s why he’s playing golf. And then he stopped playing baseball went back to playing basketball but they never really thought aliens in that time. He was really just playing baseball and maybe had a gambling addiction that he had to get worked out. And like it’s important that Michael Jordan was there because he’s the best player ever. And these other guys, they’re good, but they’re not Michael Jordan level. Good. So I monstar stole their powers. And it like I was trying to explain all that to her in the context surrounding Michael Jordan and she’s like, Huh, okay, okay.

Nick 33:51
Yeah, I don’t care. She did. I

Kalvin 33:53
have a little. It’s a very little figure. It’s almost like a precursor to a funko pop of Kevin Garnett. And she walked by it the other day, and she goes is that Michael Jordan? Because it kind of looks like he’s, he’s bald. He’s got long, stringy arms. He’s dunking, you know, I could see how you get it. If you have no context of any of that. I was like, No, it’s not Michael Jordan. But I think some of it Thank you.

Nick 34:13
That’s a guy that would want to punch Michael Jordan in the face.

Kalvin 34:17
Yeah, can we get Kevin Garnett and space shoe? Space Jam three. Let’s get Kevin Garnett.

Nick 34:22
Ah, no uncut gems to Space Jam.

Kalvin 34:27
Space Jam x uncut gems.

Nick 34:31
Nice, dude. Alright, then it’s fun. What is it? Denis Villeneuve get on the ship.

Kalvin 34:39
So my next thing is when you’re in traffic, or just driving not necessarily traffic, but it’s someone usually an old person realizes that they’ve missed their turn. So then they stop just completely stopped traffic and try to wiggle their way into the turning lane in front of all the other people that didn’t fuck this up. Rather than just like going ahead and making the next turn and getting yourself turned around just go make the fucking U turn it’s okay that you missed your turn you’re not going to lose your life like just go You don’t have to fuck over everybody else on the road because you missed a turn and now you’re a jackass about it I hate it so much

Nick 35:19
so much and it’s always when you’re in a hurry and they’re just like

Kalvin 35:24
so down here in Florida the land of the old people it’s always always because every every main road to get anywhere it’s a three lane road and there’s always this jackass that has no idea where they’re actually supposed to turn and so they’re just sitting there in the left lane and he can tell every every cross street they’re they’re stopping a little bit and looking and then they go a little bit further and then like oh no I missed it and then they stop even more and and pull three lanes over into the turning lane and cut everybody off and try and cut in front of all the people in the turning lane All right, it’s the most ridiculous shit in the world. Just go to the next fucking turn in turn there you’ll be fine.

Nick 36:04
Y’all agree with that? That is grinds my gears

Kalvin 36:08
because it also gonna hurt somebody?

Nick 36:10
Well, you’re gonna I mean people aren’t expecting you to do that and exactly time they don’t fucking signal either, right? And they just like

Kalvin 36:18
yeah, they stop abruptly and then they speed up abruptly into the turning lane. when nobody’s expecting it

Nick 36:27
well some another it’s like a cousin of this is when they are trying to you know get into the left lane and you’re behind them in the right brain so they just they slow down for like 35 seconds you know 20 miles under the speed limit so they can get in the fucking lane. And it’s like, why don’t you just speed up and get into the other fucking Lane? Because it’s you know, your fucking me over here. We’re going 40 on the interstate What the fuck are just, you know, that’s, that’s not tight. It’s 70 miles an hour. Let’s go. Let’s see what

Kalvin 37:00
happens on the highway a lot to somebody misses their exit. And I get it a little more on the highway because the next exit could be like 510 miles away.

Nick 37:08
But this one was 27 miles away. Exactly. missed my first exit.

Kalvin 37:13
And that’s when you can immediate and turn around.

Nick 37:16
They will get you here. love doing that shit.

Kalvin 37:19
I just it’s when it’s like in this town. There are so many cross streets in the town we live in that it really doesn’t matter. Like you can miss your turn four times before you’re far enough away that you actually made a dent in your estimated time of arrival by turning around and going back. People suck. People suck. That’s why we’re doing this. Nick, what do you got next?

Nick 37:43
I got Sony, the company Sony. Obviously most people know Sony specifically. We’re gonna get into a couple little things.

Kalvin 37:54
So first, the New England Patriots. That’s really who your problem is with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that guy.

Nick 38:00
Double check. He’s a dick. And fuck Robert Kraft. No, I specifically, I’m adding Kraft milking the Spider Man franchise. They don’t even have goddamn Spider Man in their fucking movies. And they’re making they’re building his whole uniform. How spider man not in the fucking venom movie.

Kalvin 38:27
movies like Woody Harrelson is awesome. And I’m excited.

Nick 38:31
He does in this preview and at the end of venom, the first I mean, he looked stupid as fuck. He looked like a petrified goddamn electrocuted

Kalvin 38:42
Ronald McDonald you’ve been locked up for as long as Cletus Cassidy has you

Nick 38:46
would too. Fucking bitch ass I think was terrible. That looked on there’s gonna be Carnage fuck out of here. Woody Harrelson you’re wack. Woody Harrelson

Kalvin 38:57
is a national treasure he makes every single movie he’s ever been in better just by being there

Nick 39:02
not arguing not trash Woody

Kalvin 39:04

Nick 39:05
I think if anyone dude let’s be real here that looks stupid as fuck.

Kalvin 39:12
I don’t know I like venom is fine I don’t put any stock in how good or bad venom is so like it doesn’t nothing that happened to it. I didn’t get bent out of shape about anything that happened.

Nick 39:23
But my point ultimately goes back to milking the teddy it what’s terrible is Marvel is doing the Spider Man movies and doing them better while I will say into the spider verse is arguably the best Spider Man

Kalvin 39:38
and they should just give up all the their villains and everything all everything live action. Just give that to marvel keep you’re into the spider verse and walk with that Sony.

Nick 39:47
Seriously, and I just I cannot stand the fact they’re making a morbius movie while I think that’s cool. morbius does not need a goddamn fucking movie.

Kalvin 39:57
Now just make a vampire movie.

Nick 39:59
Yeah, dude. Yeah, I mean, yeah, you could bring them from fucking Marvel make a blade movie. Marcia Ollie punking out, Jared. Jared Leto would be dope. That would be super sick. I pay 10s of dollars to see that. Also, the PlayStation five. I mean, I guys, I’m good dog. I mean, I understand that I don’t even want to PlayStation five, I think they’re overpriced. And I think they’ve gone the route of pumping out an inferior system. That thing is fucking huge. And I know,

Kalvin 40:35
I don’t know why it’s so big.

Nick 40:36
It doesn’t need so they can charge more money.

Kalvin 40:39
Now, that doesn’t really make sense. Like there’s no need to make a bigger to charge more money. Usually, you can charge more money.

Nick 40:47
I mean, you can do it in both directions. Oh, it has more, you know, CPU, whatever the folks in a console to make it great. But my, my good friend, man, he’s bought a PlayStation five he sent it sent it in three times to be refurbished, because it keeps crashing every time he launches a game. And they basically are just kind of pushing them off until he gets to the end of his what is called warranty. Yeah. And they’re like, oops, sorry, can’t fucking help you. That’s bogus. Dude, that’s not tight. I think this this bullshit of putting out inferior systems that just break down. It’s not tested just trying to outpace people.

Kalvin 41:29
And I’ve enjoyed the games I played, I haven’t played that much on it. But I the the release schedule of it, and in the way that they’re that they’ve seen how the the problem with how many they released in the beginning, they saw how that affected their popularity and how much people want them. They’ve seen the supply and demand work in their favor. So now I think they’ve trickled them out rather than like actually working to build up a stockpile and release them to meet demand. They’re just trickling them out. So they can keep people wanting more, rather than like, taking your time and like, let’s take six months, let’s build our stockpile, and then boom, everybody can have one rather than Well, here’s three, here’s three more. Here’s another couple. Like, that’s bullshit. And they’re doing it, they’re clearly doing it on purpose, because they know that they could do it differently. And they’re just they want people they want that sense of urgency around them, because they think that drives even more people to want them.

Nick 42:33
I think that’s fundamentally flawed. Especially here in America, most people I know that couldn’t get a PS five, just bought an Xbox. Well, I don’t have I PS five. Now,

Kalvin 42:43
I was waiting on it. Because I didn’t care. There were no games that I needed to go out of my way to play. I haven’t gotten any new games in a while. And I was kind of reserved to, I’m not going to buy any new games until I get a ps4 because it’d be stupid to buy a game on ps4. And then three months down the road, get a PS five and not play that game anymore. So I was just like, whatever, I’ll play the games I have. And I’ll wait for whenever PS five is available. And I just got lucky. I like checked on Walmart one day because somebody was bitching on Reddit that they couldn’t find one. And I was like, I’m just gonna go check the sites while I’m thinking about it. And I got lucky and hit it at pretty much the exact right time and got one. So it was always just like this. If I get one I get one. But I’m not going to go above and beyond to get one in any way. Oh, yeah. 100%. Because I like I said, I don’t play that much. So it didn’t matter that I didn’t have one. But now that I have one like it’s cool to have one. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I suppose. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna piggyback right on that a little bit son of a bitch. It’s like a, it’s like a half pee back. I’m like just groping at your shoulder here. Alright, Sony has been a perpetrator of this next thing, but they’re not they’re not by any stretch of the means the main one, and that is targeted ads. So here’s the thing. I like the idea of targeted ads, targeted ads, because mostly they relate to the things I actually want, which is great. That’s what they’re there for. If If I’m thinking about buying a new tablet, I want to get ads for tablets. Like that’s a good thing. The problem is that I search something one time, and then my YouTube ads are for that same thing for fucking months. months, dude, because I searched it one time, because like, some random schmo mentioned it and I was like, What is that and I looked it up and now I just have ads all over the place for it. So everywhere permeate every aspect of your fucking life. I was back when we were gonna do the newsletter and everything. I was researching platforms for the newsletter. And so the one we went with was Survey Monkey and And vistaprint those were the two that was kind of coming down to and I had a couple tabs open on my computer for a while comparing the two and trying to make that decision. Every single ad for like two months on YouTube was MailChimp, or constant contact or vistaprint every single one for two months, and I still get them I don’t get them as often I get other things mixed in there too. But I still get MailChimp ads. And it’s like, that’s the problem with targeted ads. That’s why they’re annoying. Annoying is because, like the target is good. They just haven’t figured out that frequency yet that is necessary and will actually like capture your attention but not annoy the fuck out of you. Yeah, they just spam the shit. Like I am probably just for saying MailChimp so many times I’m gonna get even more now.

Nick 45:47
I was talking about crypto with my buddy. I get nothing but Coinbase Yes.

Kalvin 45:53
Because I yeah, I was talking about Bitcoin because I have a friend who works at a bank. And so I was just kind of joking around with him. Like how secure is Bitcoin and all that stuff. And same thing Coinbase ads all over the place. I set up a crypto.com account and just put a couple bucks in there to play around with it. And still ads, ads ads. And so like that’s the worst part is you search something you actually buy the product. And then you keep getting ads for it like bro, you’ve got my money already. Move on. I know we want more money. Why is crypto.com still advertising to me? I have enrolled I have put money in there. I am using it. You don’t have to keep telling me that you exist alone. I’m aware. Well, you just you’re pissing me off now. Yeah, I don’t even want to deal with you. Exactly.

Nick 46:51
Yeah, that’s can kiss my fucking ass. so sick of that shit. What else? Yeah. I have this one’s near and dear to me. Comic culture. Specifically, I keep saying specifically, I’m going to go into a couple

Kalvin 47:13
company like this general and then you’re like, it’s not the whole thing. It’s just this one fucking guy. I saw one time.

Nick 47:18
Yeah, fuck that dude. No, I’ve mentioned it previously, but the whole comic gay bullshit. Yeah, dude, women are fantastic comic artists. There’s some amazing work out there saying we’re I mean, they’re fantastic writers do they write good stories? I enjoy them. They have a place in comic books. These dudes are just very insecure. And he put that shit behind him and just stopping decades to check some minorities because they got good shit. Second, comic grading culture.

Kalvin 47:52
What does that constantly

Nick 47:52
Okay, so if you have a rare comic, you send it to a company called CGC and they put it in a hard plastic case and assign it a cover or a grade between one and 10

Kalvin 48:06
of like how mint it is.

Nick 48:08
How mented is how beautiful it is. So like a 10 is perfect super rare like never happened. So

Kalvin 48:13
it’s the condition grade not the quality of the book grade.

Nick 48:19
Right there they are world renowned company. And say you have Spider Man 301st appearance of venom. A raw copy in decent shape will sell for probably 400 bucks. A graded 9.8 CGC will probably sell for 1400 bucks. So you just have the minimal cost of getting a graded for like 45 bucks from CDC. The people just are flipping comics like goddamn crazy and flooding the market with these these nine point A’s and just buying shit of like, right? You can’t fucking get some of these comics. It’s stupid. It’s so dumb. It’s good for these, you know, small independent studios, but it really fucking pisses me off. Because I can’t get the books I

Kalvin 49:06
want to read.

Nick 49:06
I know most people say digital is the way to go. But I like physical books. So I like to go the cost of them.

Kalvin 49:13
And a hard time always between digital and physical like with the Power Rangers with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from boom studios.

Nick 49:19
That was the digital one for me.

Kalvin 49:20
I’ve got well I’ve got like, especially with the Lord dragon run in like the first 30 issues leading up to shattered grid. I’ve got like 10 of them on digital. And then I’ve got a trade paperback of shattered grid and then I’ve got like three other random trade paperbacks. And then I want to get more on digital because I want to keep reading and I’m just like, I got I got to choose a lane because there’s too much going on and I can’t swap back and forth.

Nick 49:46
Yeah, so it’s it’s a mess. I I’ve always just been a physical book guy. And I’m going to go in on CGC for a minute. Do it cuz cuz fuck them. I sent her the last

Kalvin 49:58
GC, not the CDC. What’s the

Nick 50:00
CDC I’m not hating on him? But yeah the CDC I said in the last round in number one that ninja turtle storyline, very good condition. And I just got it back last week. I said it January 5, when at the time they told me it was a 42 day working day turnaround. And then it turned to a 78 working day turnaround and then the counting. No, I hear footsteps. It was all

Kalvin 50:30
sorted. I thought you were like, like tapping your fingers in the mic counting.

Nick 50:34
No. someone’s not asleep at 830 at night.

Kalvin 50:40
is mad that you said fuck flippy

Nick 50:43
where’s he gonna fuck me up? Swear to me. But anyway, and then I got I got it back and the hard plastic case that came in is scuffed to oblivion. And now I wouldn’t mind some few scuffs here and there, but it’s literally the entire turtle on the front of the cover is scuffed just the turtle, so you can hardly fucking see the thing. And also about comic culture, the cost of them? Yeah, I mean, I remember when comics were $1.99 for

Kalvin 51:18
five bucks now.

Nick 51:20
I mean, you’re lucky if you find DC sometimes puts out issues for 299 like rarely, most are 399 if you’re like that’s where

Kalvin 51:30
digital kind of kind of Trumps he cuz like what I’ll do. I like to read the Darth Vader comics Like I said, I like the the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Usually you can get like a collection four or five books at a time for like 1299 Digital on the Marvel app and through comixology or, or Amazon Kindle. I think they’re I think Amazon owns comics comixology so it’s the same like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ones some of them were just free they were in like their reading library or whatever. And then the other the other collections were maybe 10 bucks. Whereas like if I want to buy the physical one it’s 2025 bucks for the collected Yeah, if

Nick 52:14
you can even find it most of like there’s a massive resale market on comic books. So they’ll just clear out the first round of stuff and then you know you got to pay $65 for a $5 comic that got that last round number one I mean, I bought it for cover at 899 it’s graded nine but that that’s it’s worth probably like 350 bucks that’s insane and I got mine graded to keep us you know in my personal collection because I love the fucking turtles

Kalvin 52:44
and a couple weeks ago

Nick 52:48
if you could see my wall of turtle stuff it would probably need

Kalvin 52:54
a shell filing I got two little shelves in the desktop I need I need a full that tall for turtles as they’re growing beyond what I want my power rangers into their own debt all because I’ve got too many of those also. Yeah, I got a whole shelf

Nick 53:12
with a tear like system in there for my turtles because I got all four turtles Casey’s splitter

Kalvin 53:19
to shredders canister from secret I have like

Nick 53:22
I literally have 10 newscasters because they come with every

Kalvin 53:28
I think it was like 50 bucks it’s a it’s a tall one like it but actual not the actual movie prop but the size of the movie prop.

Nick 53:35
Yeah, they did a Casey’s mask one of those, but I’m not gonna pay that money for that. I just want the fix. Anyway, comic culture.

Unknown Speaker 53:43
Yeah, fuck that.

Kalvin 53:44
I get it. So my final one, people who can’t be on time. Oh, God. So like, let me let me clarify. Alright, I’m gonna pull you here. But more specifically,

Nick 53:58
more specific, I get a chance to share

Kalvin 54:00
if something comes up and it pushes you back a little bit. Or, like trying to get anyone with kids to meet you somewhere at a specific time is almost impossible. It’s not going to happen. I understand

Nick 54:11
what me Do me and my wife will be there. A lot of time.

Kalvin 54:15
We try our hardest but hell or high water. Oh, one kid. Trust me when you have a second kid. That’s not happening anymore.

Nick 54:21
Not happening. Not not up in here. Not up in this. Nah, I mean,

Kalvin 54:29
I’m talking about the people who are just by themselves as a one person, not necessarily a single person as a little person on their own adult with nothing out of the ordinary going on. That can’t ever seem to meet you at the agreed upon time. Like if you know that you don’t get off work until five. Don’t tell me you’re going to meet me at five. Tell me it’ll be there by 530 or six. I would rather schedule something later so that everyone can be on time. Then like to schedule it earlier where you think I’m like, I’m couldn’t be happier to be there earlier. But then really I get there and I’m now sitting around like an idiot waiting for 20 minutes.

Nick 55:06
Yeah, well, it just shows a complete lack of respect. Like you obviously don’t respect my time enough to be here when you say

Kalvin 55:12
I would rather spend those 20 minutes at home doing nothing in my home where I have everything that I could possibly waste time with. Then sitting in a car or sitting in a restaurant by myself, or like, just standing outside, wherever we’re supposed to go. Like, just just either be on time, or tell me a time that you can be on time for don’t write. Don’t do this bullshit will like, Well, I’ll tell you a time that’s earlier, so you don’t give me shit. No, just tell me what time you’re going to beat. Like, tell me what time you’re actually going to be there.

Nick 55:40
Just tell me what time you’re good. And then I can figure a time out then. Plus 15 minutes like, exactly, that’s totally fine. Because time is a finite resource and the most valuable any of us fucking have. That’s why I think it’s so does respect that shit. Well, this is so off and I will get so much anxiety if I’m like, are they even coming remotely?

Kalvin 56:01
Possibly, like in an accident? What the fuck is going on? Yeah, there’s a million things that go through your mind in those 20 minutes that you’re sitting there waiting?

Nick 56:08
Well, it’s just like, What the? Okay, well, and then it’s always a question. How long do I wait for heat up and fucking bounce? Yeah,

Kalvin 56:15
exactly. Well, so I’m punctual almost to a fault. If I’m buying less if it’s just me trying to get somewhere on my own. And, and like, I don’t have the kids to worry about it on my way to worry about, it’s just me trying to be somewhere. Like, I’ll try to show up the places fashionably late or assuming that the other person’s not going to be on time. And it’s just like the Red Sea parts for me. And it’s the easiest, can you ever make like, a trip in 10 minutes, and I was trying to be late, but it just didn’t happen. And it works the other way around, too, if I try to leave early to make sure I’m somewhere on time are like I’m there early. And I’m not late, because it’s more important. All of a sudden, there’s traffic wherever it never exists. And I again, show up right on time, my co workers in the past have taken bets on how close to the actual time of the meeting, I will show up for meetings. And it’s always right on time, and I have no control over.

Nick 57:08
It’s just magic.

Kalvin 57:09
It can be a 20 minute drive, it can be a five minute drive, it can be a two and a half hour drive. It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna be there if the meetings at nine o’clock I will be there between 859 and 901. I don’t know how. So like It baffles me that other people can’t plan their day to be on time to places that they say they’re going to be

Nick 57:30
maybe you’re a wizard he just arrived precisely when you mean to

Kalvin 57:34
I’m like George Michael in Arrested Development where my internal clock is so good that I’ve just I’m just perfect. But being

Nick 57:41
Dude, I feel like I’ve trained myself with that. I I do not like being my wife and I

Kalvin 57:48
have a core Mahler next to your crib. When you slept as a baby that ticked in perfect time, I guess

Nick 57:53
or metronome or something. I don’t know. I just I remember that event that started that with me as a kid. Not going into

Kalvin 58:03
sound like a good story.

Nick 58:04
But it’s it’s kind of funny.

Kalvin 58:07
The extra cherry on top of this is when you’re sitting there waiting. And you call them when you text them, you ask how far away they are. So you know how long you’re gonna be waiting. They lie to you and say they’re five minutes away, so so you’re not pissed off at them. I don’t fucking care how far away you are. I got here on time, you’re not here. Now I want to know how much time I’m going to have to waste before you get here. Because if it’s actually five or 10 minutes, I’ll just stand around away or play on my phone or wherever. But any longer than that I’m finding something else to do or somewhere else to go while I wait. Like if there’s a store nearby, or just something else to do. I’m not going to stand there and wait for 20 minutes. It sucks that you’re late, but now you’re already late. So that doesn’t matter anymore. So don’t lie to me and tell you that you’re closer than you are to try and make me feel better. Because that just makes me end up standing there longer because I wait the 10 minutes you said you were you’re still not there. So I’m like well, okay, it must just be a couple more minutes. And then it’s an actual 15 minutes after the original 10 minutes. It’s like Well, fuck, I could have gone and done something productive.

Nick 59:06
I could have literally done it. I can fucking wiped one off like 50 times in that 15 minutes.

Kalvin 59:11
I would have done that because I’m already somewhere.

Nick 59:14
You’re at a Chili’s man. That’s what you do at Chili’s shrew baby back ribs. And wake it off.

Kalvin 59:20
Alright, and us on a high note. Nick, what do you got? I got something a little ironic. And that’s people who are always on

Nick 59:28
time. airing grievances. No outrage culture. Ah, dude, it’s exhausting. It’s exhausting. Like why? Why are y’all so fucking mad? Like I saw some shit on his Twitter. It was like this influence or want to be influenced or girl who’s like posting? Do not buy the McDonald’s BTS meal if you are not a real BTS fan, and it’s cultural appropriation to eat their sauces if you’re not a real fan Yo, what the fuck? No 100% series arguing with people in the comments. And it’s click for me dude, I see this all the time people are just mad about fucking everything. And the fact that they they just go above and beyond everything is an absolute black and white.

Kalvin 1:00:22
I feel like our grievances here have been have been pretty much valid and they’re they’re generally things most people experience they’re not this like super specific thing that, you know, I’m just gonna get mad about on the internet.

Nick 1:00:33
That’s light hearted I thought yeah, I’m talking about the people that genuinely believe their bullshit, that everything is black and white. There’s no no gray area in anything. Capital punishments for fucking everything we were watching. We were watching superstore on Hulu, which is pretty funny.

Kalvin 1:00:53
And so they were having like a Halloween costume contest on the show, they all work at like this big Walmart esque store. And so I

Nick 1:01:01
haven’t got that with the total. I said I got that

Kalvin 1:01:05
the listeners might not. So having a Halloween costume contest, and everybody’s dressed up as all this different stuff. And one of the characters wants to win the contest is like an extra day off or something. And so they start like, let’s say bullying or being pushy about how all these other people are culturally appropriating things like there’s a white guy wearing like roster dreads, and there’s what were some of the, there’s just all these things that are like the borderline cultural appropriation and probably not actually cultural Oh, there was a an Asian woman wearing a hula skirt. And she’s like the young hot one in the store. And she’s wearing like, hula, like the coconut bra, and the hula skirt, being a hula dancer, right. And so there’s a Hawaiian character also. So I walked up to the Hawaiian character and like, tried to explain how she should be offended by it. And their whole thing was they’re trying to just get people to stop wearing their good costumes. So they’re good costumes would actually when it was they weren’t actually like, trying to make people offended. They just wanted other people take their costumes off. So my wife and I got into this whole conversation about like, what, where’s the line on cultural appropriation? What is actually appropriate? And it just, there’s no good answer. Other than like, if someone’s pissed off on it, like if somebody is legitimately pissed off at it, and has a legitimate reason to be then it’s probably bad and you should stop but ordering the BTS meal at McDonald’s I don’t think is legitimate because concern

Nick 1:02:38
because like getting getting their sauces Dude, that’s so true. It’s like chicken

Kalvin 1:02:41
nuggets in a burger, isn’t it? Well, that’s a good meal at McDonald’s.

Nick 1:02:44
Well, it’s because they have this fucking like spicy sauce and Cajun mustard. And it’s like, isn’t BTS like, a? Like a Kpop band? Yeah. Okay, so what the fuck Cajun is Southern French people my my guy the fuck out of here. Why is this cultural? This is what pisses me off like I’m trying to get out here man. But it makes me

Kalvin 1:03:11
lose actually culture is the beat or BTS culture appropriating Cajuns, or am I culturally appropriating BTS? sauce? They’re getting the go wacky being what happens when I eat sour sauce from Dairy Queen. Is that wrong? What about Polynesians? I’m not Hawaiian, but I love the polish. Sausage chick fil a.

Nick 1:03:32
I’m sorry. But that’s cultural appropriation. That was their sauce. They didn’t give you see, I

Kalvin 1:03:37
think the dividing line I call the Hawaiians and ask them if I can eat Polynesian sauce.

Nick 1:03:42
Yeah, I mean, you’re probably going to get a mixed bag, maybe even a gray one instead of this black and white bullshit. Like this. It’s 100% Hawaiian people just be like, nah. Most people like Dude, I don’t give a fuck. chick fil a. We don’t have those in Hawaii. Yeah, well, okay. And there’ll be like five or six people are like, no, that’s really tight. So I always think of like, dreads on white folks. So that that kind of establish the dividing line for me. A lot of people may find this. rude, but Okay, I think it’s if you can rock it. So like, I’ve seen one white dude with solid dreads, like they they look,

Kalvin 1:04:22
really, there’s probably white people in dreads. You all look stupid. It has nothing to do with any I’ve seen her that you’re appropriating you look 200

Nick 1:04:31
I’ve seen 200 white folks with dreads they’ve all terrible and disgusting and dirty. The one person had like perfect fucking dreads, and this was in high school. And but every you know, that was like a bonding thing between him and a lot of dude like everybody on our football team. I use that as an example. All the all black kids on the football team. We’re always talking like, Dude, what’s your routine? That’s it looks fly. How’d you get that? You know, just little shit like that he was able to rock it he was showing, you know, I think that’s kind of a sense of respect is like, I’m going through the, you know, the steps to take it. I don’t know, I can get something like that, is it?

Kalvin 1:05:15
Is it a case of, we’re gonna use cultural appropriation as the scapegoat. Because we don’t want to be mean and just flat out telling you look stupid. So we’ll just be like, hey, that’s not cool, you know that. You’re appropriating our culture, blah, blah, blah. And, you know, I don’t intend to matters at some point, right?

Nick 1:05:36
I think intent matters deeply. If you’re trying

Kalvin 1:05:38
to make fun of people with the way you look, then yeah, you’re probably a shithead. And you probably shouldn’t be doing it. But like, if you’re or if you’re

Nick 1:05:44
just lazy and don’t wash your shit. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:05:46
Or if you’re celebrating them in some way. Or, you know, it came down to one in superstore, one of the characters were wearing a Mario costume, and then they’re like, you’re appropriating Italians? And they’re like, no, this is a character

Nick 1:05:59
who happens to be Italian?

Kalvin 1:06:01
I mean, is that ever proven that he’s actually Italian? Or we just all assume that for our entire lives?

Nick 1:06:09
mandela effect?

Kalvin 1:06:10
Yeah. I just it’s a very hard line to walk and it’s a slippery slope. Don’t get mad on behalf of people, other people. Right? If it doesn’t actually offend me, I’m not going to get mad because it might offend somebody else. I might tell you that, hey, that might offend somebody, but I’m not gonna get mad at you over it.

Nick 1:06:31
I’ll probably tell you don’t go to this area with that or like that or saying that? Because you’ll get fucked up. But for the most part, just the outrage about everything. Yeah, people are just so upset. You know? Okay, so, a good one is, uh, I’m going to take a shot here. The I told you about all the trumpers in my neighborhood that took down their sides. Well, then they decided to go with back the blue. And now one of them’s flying like a 20 foot fuckin Biden is not my president flag. This is like oh my god, will you get we stop? Why are you so upset? That we chill the fuck out? you’re retired? You’re rich as fuck you have a great life. Why do you give a fuck? Like this is fo outrage. Stop it. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:07:19
They do it for attention.

Nick 1:07:23
It’s a dumb ass looking flag. It’s

Kalvin 1:07:24
all for the gram.

Nick 1:07:25
What sucks is my parents are friends with the lady because like she’s a fantastic painter. She does a lot of painting around my city. And super nice lady like I’ve had conversations with her multiple times was woof Alright, I feel good. I do I feel so lighter. I’m asleep so good soul has released wouldn’t be dreamed about fucking giant flags and tiny food

Kalvin 1:07:53
Yeah. And and not going to the gym. If you have any grievances that you’d like to share with us, hit us on Twitter at APA something at a loan underscore podcast. We’re always there to hear things you have problems with because fuck the world.

Nick 1:08:08
You probably agree with us on a lot of it.

Kalvin 1:08:10
Yeah, exactly. And, you know, as I said before, this is our final airing of grievances. So we need to take in as much as we can have nnp but we should have done a Twitter before this and ask people to share some of their grievances and read them out my bad on that. All right, sorry, guys. But don’t worry. We’ll talk about them on the next episode. But we are moving on. At the end of July I will be moving on to the magic numbers three podcast where we discuss just season three of various TV shows and see if they made or broke the that particular show, Nick will always be over at the URL loan podcast. And you can check more out on that at alone podcast calm and just thank you everyone for listening. Check the links down in the show notes for everything else about a podcast about something. Thank you to those cats. For all the music for podcasts about something

Nick 1:09:08
Yeah, stay sassy. Stay

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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