Episode 161 – A Podcast About the Tourney at Harrenhal (ASOIAF)

Now that it has been awhile since the disastrous 8th season of Game of Thrones, we think it’s time to visit the subject again. Arguably, the event that kick started the events that we loved as fans for at least 5 seasons, The Tourney at Harrenhal! Shrouded in mystery during a time period of much calamity, the Tourney was one of the biggest butterfly effect events that occurred throughout fake history. Shadow alliances, attempts at a coup, marriage and love were all present and dialed up to 11. It’s most certainly poignant that it occurred at one of the most expensive castles ever built while hosting the best knights that have ever lived as the spark of Robert’s Rebellion is ready to explode and tear apart the realm. Also, who the F&%k is the Knight of the Laughing Tree?

Listen Here

Full Episode Transcript available below

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