Episode 153 – A Podcast About NBA Power Forwards

In the fourth entry in our NBA positional series, Nick and Kalvin get into the thicc bois of the NBA, the Power Forwards! We discuss the past and present of the position and how it’s changed over the years. Grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, throwing down devastating dunks in games or dunk contests, and some of the most proficient trash talking you’ve ever heard, our favorite Power Forwards could do it all (except make a 3 pointer). After you listen to find out who our favorite PFs are, go back through our catalogue as for PGs, SGs, and SFs, and stay tuned for an upcoming episode on our favorite Centers.

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Full Episode Transcript Available below

Kalvin 0:06
To podcast on something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me going hard in the paint your co host, Nick Richardson, going hard in the motherfucking paint.

Nick 0:19
Short white dude going hard in the paint.

Kalvin 0:24
You know, short white dudes are great power forwards in high school.

Nick 0:28
Too bad. I wasn’t.

Kalvin 0:33
I can’t help you there. But what I can do is we can provide our listeners with some thoughts on our favorite powerful words to ever play in the NBA. Oh, that’s what we’re here for today. So Nick’s been waiting for finally into the big man.

Nick 0:48
Seriously. I mean, these are my people.

Kalvin 0:51
You know, we announced last week that the podcast is coming to an end in a few months. And we had promised several weeks ago when we did the episode on small forwards that we will be finishing this year. So we have power forwards this month. And we got centers in a couple months. But before we done, we will have all five positions. So you will know all of our favorite players. Except next favorite point guards cuz he wasn’t here for that episode. There’s special guests for that.

Nick 1:15
That’s all right. I’m not fuck those guys.

Kalvin 1:18
Before next time here.

Nick 1:20
Yeah. That’s hard to say because I’ve been here a while.

Kalvin 1:24
Yeah, yeah. Good. Good. Two thirds, at least of the episodes have featured Nick so. But 100% of the episodes have featured me.

Nick 1:36
And I’m the shit.

Kalvin 1:40
So let’s start by defining what is the NBA in case anybody just like randomly clicked on this and has no idea what the hell’s going on in the world. What’s the NBA?

Nick 1:49
It’s the nice booty awards. It’s where power forwards are the ones with the real powerful,

Kalvin 1:55
but we’ll be talking exclusively about Zion Williamson for the rest of this podcast. He fits both categories.

Nick 2:03
You think Zion Williamson has a nice bowtie.

Kalvin 2:06
He thick

Nick 2:08
thick boy exploding shoes. I mean, you have to be thick to explore goddamn Nikes

Kalvin 2:17
so the NBA is actually the National Basketball Association, which is the premier professional basketball league in the world.

Nick 2:25
Which is actually pretty cool. Because I like to I love that the NFL says the world champions. And it’s like dawg, we are the only people that play this.

Kalvin 2:33
I mean, they play those games in London, though. And the Mexico City game. So I mean, we’re traveling the world.

Nick 2:41
Like Mexico in London is the goddamn world.

Kalvin 2:44
Canada Oh no, we don’t go to Canada.

Nick 2:46
No. Like third world countries have soccer teams.

Kalvin 2:50
At least the NBA you know, they they NBA spans at least two countries. You know, we got there’s a very USA teams and Canadian teams are I guess one Canadian team. Now there used to be Vancouver but just Toronto now. Hold old and true for Canada.

Nick 3:08
I mean, that would suck to have like one team for a whole continent, whole continent. It’s the concussion talk and

Kalvin 3:17
Nick was concussed earlier so when he gets his aunt hop Anton Walker takes out here you guys just chalk it up to that.

Nick 3:23
That’s why I said soccer too. I thought afterwards is gonna sound dumb as fuck. steel beams y’all Watch out for

Kalvin 3:32
So Nick. What what’s a power forward?

Nick 3:34
A power forward? Is the four.

Kalvin 3:38
Yeah, they got the nicest booty on the court.

Nick 3:40
I mean, they’re thick boys. They’re like, are you standing here be thick.

Kalvin 3:44
And Sean caps your Charles Barkley’s all of them just thick daddies

Nick 3:49
usually like the most athletic people on the court or just freaks of fucking nature. mid range jumpers, you know, the occasional three assisting in the pain often sliding the center. They’re just their true utility player.

Kalvin 4:04
Yeah. Usually your second biggest guy, you know, on the court, not necessarily always, you know, you got to have that combo speed, agility, size and power. Gotta have asked for those things. Yeah, powerful. Nasty.

Nick 4:18
Nasty sounds like a fucking porno. We got thick boys.

Kalvin 4:21
Yeah, we’re talking about thick daddy’s nice booty awards. Didn’t get nasty over here. Yeah, that’s, we’re going one way here. So the power forward over the last 30 years or so from from even into the 80s. You know, it was one thing and then through the 90s it changed a little bit then the 2000s have changed a little bit more. And then in these last five to seven years, it’s changed even more. What in your mind? What have you seen in those changes?

Nick 4:51
I mean, it’s really gone from like, a mainly a defender, who you didn’t really count on for much scoring you said

Kalvin 4:58
larry bird was a powerful

Nick 5:01
No small forward cam. So I chose him last time,

Unknown Speaker 5:05
I guess.

Nick 5:06
I mean, that’s comes first in his position listing so they’re Wikipedia wins.

Kalvin 5:12
NBA Live would always list them as a power forward when you’d play at the classic team. So, James, I guess NBA Live wins. It’s like that’s pretty sweet in NBA Live. So check out last week’s episode on gaming for more of my awesome NBA Live skills.

Nick 5:26
Oh, fuck yeah. But yeah, I mean, they’ve they’ve kind of gradually become that utility player as more has been asked of them as every other position on the courts changed.

Kalvin 5:36
Yeah, well, the game the game here, right. The game overall has changed, I think. In the 80s it was right here. defender you’re almost an enforcer out there. Yeah. Yeah, that gets sent out there to throw bows in the 90s. There were still a lot of that. But we see a shift of to athleticism like you would have that bruiser mentality but there’ll be athleticism behind it now It wasn’t just the big way dude throwing bows because he’s stronger wasn’t your Bill Laimbeer down there anymore It was now Shawn camp Larry Johnson Dennis Rodman Charles Barkley these guys who were who were big but they were also fast and ferocious you know, they they were

Nick 6:12
freaks man freakishly strong. And just these guys were the enforcer mentality was awesome. It’s like, okay, they’re picking on your point guard. You go fuck with them. They can jump through the gym and pretty much every get every guy you just named can out jump like anyone else on the court, respectively, except for Robin and Barkley.

Kalvin 6:34
But But Robin and Barkley made up for that in their tenacity like they would, they must they were leaders in rebounds and blocks, they played good defense. And then, you know, in the 90s, we started to see in even the early 2000s, these guys could all score pretty much anywhere from 15 feet in. And then as the 2000s moved into the 2010s and 2020s that that range move back, you know, they can they can now score from further away. And we’ve seen really the full transition to the stretch for which is what most people are looking for. And that’s just the way the game has evolved. Most teams necessitate the stretch for now if you’ve got too big bruisers down in the pain, you’re not going to win very many games. No, you’re

Nick 7:19
just gonna get a million penalties. You know, million fouls.

Kalvin 7:25
They’re still in soccer mode for some reason.

Nick 7:27
Football mode. Well, I mean, just something I forgot to mention is power forwards back in the day were underrated passers. Like that was another aspect of their game that they were excellent at and I feel like that’s kind of fallen by the wayside a little bit. It’s fallen

Kalvin 7:41
off for the power forwards. But Next we go and talk about centers. I think we’ll realize there’s a lot of good passing centers nowadays.

Nick 7:48
You think off to man gotta be good dishes.

Kalvin 7:51
But yeah, now power fours, they can hit threes, they’ll stretch out the defense, you know, so the opposing teams are left with only one big man on the paint. So your point guards and your, your slashers they can get to the bucket, and they can slash and kick a lot easier because they’re not going you know, they’re not going in there and getting demolished by the Davis brothers or, you know, a combination of Charles Barkley and Hakeem Olajuwon like they’re they’re going in and it’s just Joelle and bead standing there and you can get around your l if you really want to.

Nick 8:19
I mean you can but

Kalvin 8:20
or you can kick out to the wide open stretch for now.

Nick 8:22
There we go. And they will actually you have confidence they’ll actually hit the shot. Andrea barn Jani

Kalvin 8:27
all day, man.

Unknown Speaker 8:29
I don’t even know who that is.

Kalvin 8:31
He was he was like the six the Darko miletich successor. Do you remember Darko? miletich he was he was one of the biggest busts in draft history there was taking like third overall. And I want to say 2002 by the pistons. And he was supposed to like ring in this new stretch for he could shoot he could move he could pass all these things were talking about. And he was just awful. So then a couple years later, Andre and Barney Jani comes to the league. And he was drafted by Toronto but much later in the draft because everybody was afraid that he was the next Darko miletich. And he actually turned out to be like a pretty successful player.

Nick 9:11
I mean, they do probably work 50 times harder just because he’s a kid. I can’t be that guy.

Kalvin 9:16
You can’t be you can’t be the next Darko

Nick 9:17
just outworked, everybody.

Kalvin 9:19
Yeah. So we’re gonna move into the five but really six fundamental some things about NBA power forwards, and these are just gonna be our six, year three, my three personal favorites that we like to watch or emulate. Not necessarily the best power forwards we’ve ever seen. So keep that in mind as we go through this. Right. You get to go first.

Nick 9:42
I get to go first.

Kalvin 9:44
And I think on before you go, I think this is my least talented list so far. Like this is the worst group of players I could put together. I think out of all the other positions we’ve done.

Nick 9:55
Really. I thought I was I was fucking basking in it here.

Kalvin 9:59
You’ll I mean You’ll see when I start picking my guys that I went for a very specific type of player that I like to watch. That may have not been the most productive players in their over their careers.

Nick 10:09
Kevin’s like I love the benchwarmers they were the best

Kalvin 10:13
starters for your most efficient starters. I told you Andre bardiani rayful friends I got some of him on here.

Nick 10:22
Oh fuck Here we go. Alright zeros Alright, so number one I’m gonna have I’m just gonna go ahead and say I have several bulls players on this list in my first is Carlos boozer, them here. fucking love Carlos. Carlos boozer was underrated paddle fun. He was an underrated passer and just an underrated rebounder. That dude got no love because he wasn’t really a great jumper, but he was fantastic at using his body to box people out.

Kalvin 10:54
Charles Barkley

Nick 10:56
Charles Barkley cannot jump everyone around him.

Kalvin 10:59
You have a Charles Barkley is also six four.

Nick 11:01
That’s what he’s like six seven. Now

Kalvin 11:05
is that we’re gonna like look if you ever watch an NBA on TNT in him and Shaq happened to be standing next to each other like look at that height discrepancy and then look at the height discrepancy between Barkley and Smith. As program height, let’s shut down Cal

Nick 11:21
dog it says right there. Oh, fuck it. I’m looking right.

Kalvin 11:25
program height doesn’t count.

Nick 11:27
He sucks six. He played power forward.

Kalvin 11:31
He did. Alright, so let’s talk about Carlos boozer, not Charles Barkley,

Nick 11:34
Carlos boozer though, I was really pumped when he came to the bowls because I thought his career with the jazz was pretty sad. I mean, he he basically drugged a dead body Jazz Team. Further on, I don’t really recall them making the playoffs all that much. But there are at least

Kalvin 11:50
those early 2000 jazz teams because that was after the Stockton Malone days. I don’t know that they probably made a couple runs at it. But then he got kind of replaced by Paul Millsap who then got replaced by what’s his name Derrick favors. So yeah, they’ve only this had a solid contingent of power forwards and Utah throughout their throughout their round, you got Malone. And then you go to boozer. And then you got Andre Kirilenko in there for a little while. I’m just pulling all these power forwards out of my ass all of a sudden I don’t even know where it’s coming from.

Nick 12:21
So no genius. But yeah, I love the way Carlos boozer used his body to really box people out and dominate the paint. He was excellent at just those Second Chance rebounds.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
Love scratcher. Oh, he

Nick 12:33
was he was pretty. He was just ridiculously strong too. I mean, he was listed at 258 as his playing weight. I mean, at what 6766

Kalvin 12:43
Yeah, he wasn’t very big either.

Nick 12:44
six, nine, Jesus. You know, he really, he wasn’t like super soul or anything, but he was just a naturally strong dude. tough as nails and hella nasty in the pain. Not to mention he really wasn’t drafted highly overall. He’s drafted in the second round by the Cavs. And yeah, I just love when he came to the bowls. It was really fun to watch him. Because I really started I remember it pretty well. In 2013. Got here and we do the math. I was in Colorado, watching Game one at a bar with my buddy of the heat bowls matchup. Oh, yeah, that was a that was a good series. Well, I mean, he scored 31 and had like seven rebounds. He’s the only Lifeline might have been game to choke him though. is out there. joking. No, the ugliest man on fucking planet Earth.

Kalvin 13:39
We’re gonna talk about Joe Kim. No other senators. Don’t worry about that. Actually, we’ll talk about them all tonight, too.

Nick 13:43
We’ll talk about but uh, yeah, I was all about Carlos boozer after that and not to mention, especially after LeBron got put on Derrick Rose in game two, and just completely ground that that bowls team down. But boozer made Chris Bosh. look like a bitch dude, he bullied the fuck out of him in game one and I was all fashion

Kalvin 14:04
a great power forward. Yeah, I

Nick 14:06
mean, Chris Bosh is is nasty to

Kalvin 14:09
help revolutionize a stretch for I mean, without him I don’t think it would be where it is. Because of that heat team where him and Wade and LeBron all teamed up like that. That really see that you could have your power forward standing out on a three point line all game now it was shitty for box because box was a much much better player than stand in the corner and wait for LeBron or Wade to pass it to you. But it showed that it could be done. He did the dirty work emulating he did when he could but a lot of times on offense. You go back and watch some of those games like you’ll see boxers just standing out there waiting for a slashing kick from Oberon or wait. Yeah. or god forbid Mario Chalmers.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
God forbid.

Kalvin 14:54
Oh, Carlos boozer, that’s a good pick.

Nick 14:56
Yeah, doozer was. He actually is one of those dudes. It gave me a little confidence to just shaved my head when I started going bald to is I start going bald young, like 2324

Kalvin 15:09
day got to do it.

Nick 15:10
I just I owned it man shaved my head. I tried to grow a beard that was half decent like that, but I can’t grow a beard for shit.

Kalvin 15:16
My my my head shave is coming soon. I probably got maybe two good years left in me.

Nick 15:21
They go quick, man. Yeah, get you a good razor. That’s my best advice.

Kalvin 15:26
So I’m gonna get my most egregious pick out of the way first hit me. Josh Smith. J smooth. Ah, no,

Unknown Speaker 15:35
dude. Ah,

Kalvin 15:35
love Jason Smith.

Nick 15:37
That dude was so nasty. Oh, he is we’re gonna talk about I fucking hated how dirty he was. Sometimes you I don’t even know if he was really dirty. He was just kind of a bully.

Kalvin 15:49
Joe Smith.

Nick 15:51
Am I thinking uh, Joe Smith.

Kalvin 15:52
Yeah, Joe Smith was like a big bruiser kind of guy. Josh Smith was a Dunker.

Nick 15:57
Play Hawks. Oh, I’m thinking of the same dude.

Kalvin 16:00
All right. I don’t know that he was ever dirty. But

Nick 16:02
I said I love it.

Kalvin 16:03
Let me rephrase not a dirty player.

Nick 16:05
He was a bully in the sense that he would fucking dominate Yes, people.

Kalvin 16:09
Yes, that’s true. There was something about those like, oh 5209 Atlanta Hawks teams. I loved them. You know, they were that was my squad in NBA Live that again, go back and listen, last week’s episode to hear more about how great I was. But they were trying to they’re trying to they’re trying to find a way to emulate that seven seconds or less suns team. But they had nowhere near as much talent. So on these teams, they had Josh Smith and Josh Childress in there a little bit. Jeff Teague was there Mike Williams they brought in Joe Johnson from the suns al Horford. tyronn Lue was there for a couple years. These teams were wild. But they were very entertaining.

Nick 16:50
They all had great players to what Teague was super fun to watch.

Kalvin 16:54
I love watching Josh Childress to like, he’s like a six, eight. It’s got the afro, he’s played point guard, even though he was like six, eight. He was not very good. But he was fun to watch. He’s

Nick 17:04
Weiland man. Yeah, I remember that. Was that when you enjoy China? Huh? Was that when you were in Georgia? Yeah. Nice.

Kalvin 17:12
Yeah. And they made up for their lack of shooters with extra speed and jumping ability. And that mostly like Josh Smith, came with that

Nick 17:22
100% he could touch the top of the blackboard

Kalvin 17:26
very easily. You know, I, I think part of what and this kind of carries over into real life. But part of what made me so good at NBA Live with those teams is that everyone was so quick on defense in the game and also in real life. So you could just like time these blocks perfectly and then you know, I’d use the off ball control and run smithdown and just get a highlight Liu every time and like that’s what the Hawks were doing in real life is like they would just be speedy around the ball get these weird steals or blocks that no one would see come in, and then boom, they’d get out on the other end. And at one point the the Hawks they tried to brand themselves as the quote unquote highlight factory, kind of trying to follow in the footsteps of the human highlight reel Dominic Wilkins, who I mean he should probably be mentioned here as well as one of the great power forwards. But I feel like we pride and go back that far. But I do have Dominic Wilkins, great Dunker, and like you said, john smith could just jump out of the gym. Like there’s no other way to put it and he wasn’t afraid to show it off in games and then he also made some appearances and dunk contest. He won an O five in his rookie season then he appeared again in oh six doing some really crazy shit. So in oh five, he invented the jump over some dude while catching an alley tube. And he invented the now super played out tribute dunk where you know, you put on the jersey of the other guy and try and do one of their dunks. So he done Dominique Wilkins number 21. Jersey and threw down just a monster windmill as an homage to Dominic and then you know, on one of his earlier dunks he had Kenny Martin sitting in a chair and I just watched all these that’s why they’re still fresh but yeah, Kenny Moore and and like I remember once I like see these I remember while yeah contest live cuz I love the dunk contest. So Kenny Martin sitting in the chair, he bounces the ball up, Smith grabs out of there and then like just floats over Kenny Martin and windmill jams that again it’s just it’s amazing to watch these that that oh five dunk contest in particular because something that happened in that one was he didn’t miss any of the dunks. He got four dunks made all of them on the first try which is huge in a dunk contest. The two I didn’t mention he was like it was like an almost free throw line. Just monster Tomahawk his foot was one inch in front of the free, free throw line. Which throughout history all these free throw line dunkers Dr. J. Michael Jordan, I think Dwight Howard tried it. Blake Griffin tried it. All these guys none of them have been behind the line exactly means the only one who has actually been The line

Nick 20:01
can do can fucking jump to the gym too.

Kalvin 20:03
So anyone who like tries to take points away for like, oh, he stepped on lines like Yeah, everybody did. Jordan did. Dr. Jay did everybody did it? It’s fine. It’s still cool. Yeah, it’s still in the car and like this partner stepped on the line. But Josh Smith like just he flew so Hi. And just came down with the left hand Tomahawk and that is his last dunk was like this reverse 360 left hander where he kind of was fading away from the basket. The whole performance in my mind is a top 10 dunk contest performance, which to go back and rewatch Yeah, it’s good. Go go on YouTube. But as those six appearance was, was not nearly as good. This is the one where he put down a piece of tape, like 17 feet from the rim on the elbow. Like he was about to jump from that piece of tape. And then he missed that spot by about four feet. And it was one of the lamest dunk contest dunks. Because like he made this big show, I’ll put the piece of tape down where he’s gonna jump from it’s two feet behind the free throw line. It was off to the side. everybody’s like, Oh, he’s gonna drop. He’s gonna dunk from that part. And then like, he was like, nine feet away from the rim when he jumped in. It’s like, Okay, that was nothing.

Nick 21:09
Nothing Jesus come.

Kalvin 21:11
It was like just a regular dunk. It was like he was on a breakaway. And he just went up and dumped it.

Nick 21:16
nine feet. That’s ridiculous to source. Like a fucking Hawk man.

Kalvin 21:23
So yeah, he was never really great. Like in games, he was always a solid role player. incredibly fun to watch. And then the game kind of changed to all these three point shooting stretch fours and he was left in the dust. And like even he tried to stretch the floor. And he could with his quickness off the dribble and his jumping ability. He just could not shoot whatsoever like he made probably like eight three throughout his career. Yeah, they

Nick 21:52
kind of give it to him. At least he’s trying.

Kalvin 21:55
Because like, while I was while I lived in Georgia, like I was trying to be a hawks fan at that time. And like Josh Smith was my favorite player. I was like trying to like really like them. And every time it should have three it’s just one of those. No, no, no. What What are you doing? What are you doing?

Nick 22:08
It’s like bears fans would go down. Yeah. Yeah. Like just run the ball, dude. Like, come on. Don’t throw that 35 yards, you won’t make it.

Kalvin 22:17
And then so the one of the best things about Josh Smith is my last thing is he was the judge of the 2020 or he was a judge on the 2021 contest. This one that just passed and he was just out there not giving anyone good score. He was just not impressed with anything. Everybody all the other judges will give a nine he’d give a seven all the other judges give a 10 he’s given a nine he was not there for anyone she’s like now I could still go out there and beat all these guys ended up contest because this dunk contest was a little lame. So

Nick 22:44
that’s what I was hearing at work is everybody’s like it was fucking bullshit.

Kalvin 22:48
Yeah, it was it was rough. It wasn’t very good. And I like Josh Smith. You could see every time you put a little score up, he’d kind of just be rolling his eyes over there like he was bored

Unknown Speaker 22:57
it’s like you’re wack as fuck y’all step your game

Kalvin 23:03
so yeah, J Smoove is my first pick j smooth he’s not great, but I love

Nick 23:08
I mean, that’s that’s what this is all about. Exact sometimes players aren’t the best in the world, you know? Yeah, literally no one.

Unknown Speaker 23:19
There’s literally no one.

Kalvin 23:22
So who is your second pick?

Nick 23:24
My second pick. And this is my honest to god favorite player of all time. Dennis Rodman, specifically 9596 when he came to the bowls after Horace grant left and free agency. He was the guy who I emulated my game off the most because I can’t shoot for shit. Like I’m one of those people that tries my hardest and I’ll throw the ball 30 yards behind the basket and 10 yards to the left. I just I don’t know how to shoot for some reason. I tried the arch. I tried all that stuff. But I was a rebounding machine

Kalvin 24:00
balance. Elbow, eyes, follow through.

Nick 24:05
You say that like I’m gonna go out here and start my shot prep? Fucking swishes. No, I was Tara. I was reliable within like three feet of the best. Like, I’ll get those in. But I’ll snatch every board down. And I was I was pretty good passer in the paint. I remember my dad because I grew up a bulls fan, obviously. And I remember my dad. He was my coach quite a few times. And he’s just like, Nick, I love you but not a great shot. So it’s like I’m not and so he’s actually the one who really turned me on to Dennis Rodman full time because I was obviously a Jordans fan. Jordan hate fan. He’s

Kalvin 24:43
like, Nick, you suck. Watch this guy. He also sucks. Basically me like

Nick 24:47
him. He’d be like, son, I’m trying we’re trying to win the game. Do not take that pass and she just grabbed it.

Kalvin 24:53
Give it to somebody else literally.

Nick 24:55
I mean, he’s like, cuz I was Jesse over

Kalvin 24:57
there. Jesse is your Michael Jordan. You give him the ball.

Nick 25:00
Literally information to me was a hell of a ballplayer he actually went on to play D one basketball. Shout trumaine Yeah. And he, yeah, he’s basically like so so he’d start telling me stories about watching Dennis Rodman live and stuff like that and how funny was to watch how ridiculous he was at jumping through the gym. And his ability to just snag boards was unreal man. And he had the uncanny ability to just pop off when it mattered. Like when

Kalvin 25:33
that magnet sent him for the ball, like they really did

Nick 25:35
what he did, and he had absolute, like heart in motor that he played harder than anyone else on the court pretty much every night unless he just got done banging Carmen Electra six times. Yeah, that’s

Kalvin 25:48
okay. They still won the championship. That’s okay that he wasn’t there.

Nick 25:51
Yeah, but my dad had a couple of recorded games that I would rewatch when we didn’t have cable. One was in 97 verse of bucks. And he finished the game with 16 points. 26 boards. Want to say right now

Kalvin 26:07
those late 90s bucks teams were bad.

Nick 26:09
Yeah, they were. They weren’t that great, but 26 boards that is

Kalvin 26:13
Yeah, that’s insane.

Nick 26:13
Dude, that’s unreal. He was a seven time NBA rebounding champion from 92 to 97 in a row, and he was six foot seven. So obviously, I’m not six foot seven, but I played real hard for a chubby little fat kid. And I snagged him boards and I was a damn good passer. And I flailed my legs and just as much as Robin

Kalvin 26:38
so Bo, i is the new Dennis Rodman. We’re just gonna call him Robin for the rest of this for the rest of our run here.

Nick 26:44
Nick the Rodman.

Kalvin 26:46
Nick the rod man, Richardson.

Nick 26:52
I hate it. I hate it.

Kalvin 26:55
But as a very bad nickname.

Nick 26:56
Last thing I gotta mention, though, about Dennis Robin, is when he played against Charles Barkley, when he was on the pistons and Marco was on the Sixers. That was the only dude that was our rebound and Charles Barkley and I don’t know his

Kalvin 27:10
he said 90 to 98 Barkley was still in the league and pretty productive during half of that time. No, he

Nick 27:15
was he was still a really good ballplayer Yeah, I mean, the fact that Robin could just his pure athleticism was insane and just a great facilitator to his his passing ability really underrated

Kalvin 27:32
Yeah, I agree with every point you made I’ve got nothing to add on test Rodney

Nick 27:38
you know the last dance so

Kalvin 27:40
yeah, and well so a lot of people have problems with him because he was so outrageous off the court.

Nick 27:46
Now I don’t give a fuck you wear a dress you you can suck all the Dickey one man whatever, I don’t care while you’re

Kalvin 27:54
you know nine to 12 during those that second three peat and so you know, I I didn’t know everything that was going on with Rodman you know, I did daily, calmer, calmer electro Stoffer, though the wearing the dress and all of that, but like I just hear all these people talk shit about and I’m like, he’s good at basketball. And his hair is colored differently every game like I don’t know why people are mad at this guy. And even like now that I know the other stuff, and it’s like, yeah, okay, running away from your team for a week is bad. But the other stuff going like he would still show up to play every other time then other than that time that he ran away for the seemingly his mental health heard. That’s what the last dance made it seem like is he needed a mental health break? Yeah, but he just didn’t tell anyone like my only thought there is okay. Yeah, you gotta tell phil jackson that you’re like, Look, I gotta be a Zen master. You understand?

Nick 28:48
You could not say that with Michael Jordan within 100 Michael

Kalvin 28:51
Jordan would come and beat the fuck out of them. But I feel like you could tell phil jackson on it. Maybe they need a texting back then.

Nick 28:59
That was not a thing back then. where you’re like, Man, I’m just not having a good Yeah. It’d be like you’re a professional Dude, you need to get the fuck out there and play that shit. You can hang yourself after the game Robin but you go out there and snag me 20 boards or else

Kalvin 29:14
on the 20th board, just Hey, just hang up there by your neck. You’ll be fine.

Nick 29:19
That took a dark turn.

Kalvin 29:21
I mean, boy from that. But yeah, you’re right there. But that’s never what people were talking about. People were talking about that he disappeared for a week, people were talking about the being in tabloids and wearing a dress and the different colored hair and the nose rings and things like that. And people just didn’t like him because you know, Ken rose the status quo of what they wanted to look at. And you know, he’s him and Allen Iverson are probably the two biggest reasons of the the NBA dress code coming in the early 2000s. Right where they all have to wear suits, and all this bullshit that David Stern put in at the time. I would like to think Rodman had a lot to do with that.

Nick 29:54
Yeah, probably.

Kalvin 29:55
I mean, Iverson gets most of the blame because it was happening as Iverson was at at the pinnacle of his popularity, but I think like that same Dennis Rodman had to start rolling that stone down the hill.

Nick 30:07
I mean, I don’t think Iverson would have done that. Because it was basically be squeaky clean and shut the fuck up and play ball. Yeah, I don’t think the NBA has really become more inclusive and accepting of, you know, other cultures and stuff like that until Adam Silver became, you know, the commissioner.

Kalvin 30:25
It’s still the late stern years, he was kind of starting to make that push.

Nick 30:31
That’s I thought he

Kalvin 30:32
was starting to realize that and I think also Adam Silver had a lot more. He had a lot more power at that time to like, he was the VP at the time. And I think he was making a lot of those pushes and kind of telling Sterling like, Look, this is the way we need to go. And I think stern had his ear and was really listening at the time. Because he knew, I think there was for several years. I think it was pretty well known that silver was gonna be the next guy.

Nick 30:58
Yeah, I think he’s done a great job.

Kalvin 30:59
Oh, absolutely.

Nick 31:01
Yeah, I really wish the NFL would get an Adam Silver

Kalvin 31:05
or just or just not Roger Goodell. But my next pick is going to be the best one on this list. There’s no arguing actually, there’s one argument you can make. But I don’t think you’re gonna make it as Kevin Garnett.

Unknown Speaker 31:20
Oh, Mother fucker.

Kalvin 31:22
Did you have gotten that too?

Nick 31:23
I did have Garnet. But we’ll talk about Kevin Garnett. Yeah, but

Kalvin 31:28
let’s save him for last. Because he’s your third guy, right? Yeah. Okay, so let me do my other guy and then we’ll come back to kg. All right, because I’ve got a lot on kg. Mm hmm. So so my last guy is March.

Nick 31:45
I fucking love Amara stolen from the sons,

Kalvin 31:48
sons of Mari Stottlemyre.

Nick 31:49
If he just didn’t get injured so much man, he would be he would

Kalvin 31:53
let his knee and then he never came back really fully from that. And I was watching his highlights. And he actually I was surprised with how many were from his next days. There were more than I expected from his career. Well, that was so he blew out his knee. And like oh six, I want to say and then he was on the suns for maybe one more season. And then he went to the next but he wasn’t in the league that like I think he came in and oh two or three

Nick 32:21
that he really wasn’t around. I will have a long time.

Kalvin 32:25
So and something that you’ll notice with all three of my picks are they were all straight from high school to the pros, which doesn’t happen anymore.

Nick 32:34
Yeah, but after LeBron,

Kalvin 32:36
no, there was two more years after lavonne it was oh five was the last year of it. I have a stat on it here somewhere. Really? Yeah, I think during rKg talk, I think I’ll talk more on that. All right. So Mr. Sarver Perfect, perfect balance of size, speed and power. Absolutely like he had everything hit the mid range jumper he could run the floor he could play defense. He was the Tracy McGrady of power forwards

Nick 32:58
I mean he was that dude was one of the best power forward center power centers that I ever see Well

Kalvin 33:05
yeah, he played center a lot for those sons teams because they also have boys do and Shawn Marion really like I like the whole guys on those team

Nick 33:14
was do it was fun as fuck. I hate

Kalvin 33:17
it. I hate it. And so because the sons are another team I would play up and Boris do like he would do these things in real life. That just didn’t happen in a video game for whatever reason. He couldn’t do shit in NBA Live. He’s very frustrating.

Nick 33:31
He’s magical man.

Kalvin 33:33
Yeah. boisdale great passer not the fastest person but he could shoot outside if you needed to. But yeah

Nick 33:42
20 pounds he probably could have could have avoided carrying. He would have been a much more agile player.

Kalvin 33:49
He was he was shifty for how big he was pretty agile. Yeah.

Nick 33:55
Oh man, beautiful feet. His his balance was extraordinary.

Kalvin 33:58
Beautiful. We’re back into the thick that he’s now those beautiful feet were sexy. I always thought it was the most fun part of those seven seconds or less suns teams and I know like on every one of these episodes, we’ve probably talked about the seven seconds or less suns teams because they’re one of my favorite teams ever. But Steve Nash Landry Barbosa, Rob bell. Joe Johnson was there for a while Shawn Marion, Omari, you know Boris dl all these guys were so much fun to watch and they worked so well together. But you know, Omari he you know, he’d gets you a steel or a block and then you run the floor for just some monstrous loop on the other end. He had a solid mid range jumper great passing skills he’d had he had a really great spin move on the block. And then something I noticed while watching his highlights, like night, it’s probably not 90%. But I said 90% it’s probably but it is probably like 75 to 80% of his highlights are this thing he would do. Where he’d get the ball. He’d face up to the basket. He’d get about two feet out of the restricted circle at the bottom. The pain he jumped as hard and as high as he could into the stratosphere and then just come down with a perfect dunk with the force of an atom bomb it’s it’s insane like go watch one of his 10 minute highlight packages seriously most seven minutes of it are that exact play is all he would do.

Nick 35:17
He’s a straight up sniper yeah not in the sense from shooting from long range but

Kalvin 35:23
know that from jumping into long range and then jamming on

Nick 35:27
airplanes slamming it on people he has so much class too.

Kalvin 35:32
Yeah the glasses are always good legit you know he he was the next Shawn camp and I think he knew better than to get too fat like Shawn camp eventually did and but he didn’t get that chance because he blew out his knee

Nick 35:44
I think he put too much weight on in this like muscle I think so too much muscle on so

Kalvin 35:50
I haven’t as he blew out one knee and then he came back and blew up the other knee which is usually what happens because you start favoring the other knee in it and it happens and then he’s just never really the same but he did he had some of those you know stratosphere atomic bomb dunks still on the next and I even saw on like when he was with the Mavs which was like I want to say like 2017 like you still out there doing it every once in a while. He did try his hand and dunk contest as well in 2004 and 2005 he didn’t win and he really didn’t even do that well but you know I got to give him some props for he got a header from Steve Nash and a rainbow kick Liu from Steve Nash which which were

Nick 36:29
great dunks, but another part of his game that he was really good at was taking those those quick spit like the baby hug. Yeah, like him in pounds of soil spin into the middle and just baby rocking that baby right? Oh, shit was beautiful. And he had great ball control with those. That dude had the biggest hands.

Kalvin 36:49
Yeah, well done was no just he had the biggest hands. Well, I mean, yeah, there’s tg kg is insane. Like we’re gonna talk about Kj in a minute, but one thing back to his injury like I don’t ever get and we see it with Blake Griffin right now how these guys they have these good mid range games, right? Like a Mari Stottlemyre is great to get into the basket. But he could also shoot for mid range, he could hit a three if he really needed him to save Blake Griffin. But then, all of a sudden, you know, they tear their ACL or whatever their speed and jumping ability is diminished. And now that all sudden they can’t hit mid range jumpers anymore. I don’t get that. They just they just like forget that it’s okay to take a jumper? Are they being guarded differently? Like what’s going on? There is what I don’t understand.

Nick 37:30
The I honestly, I think it just hurts.

Kalvin 37:34
Yeah, it could be like, you get that little bit of pressure in your, when you’re going up. I feel like as many shots as easy I take in practice and everything they would become accustomed to that. The only thing I could really come up with it with is that the defenders are not they now close out harder on that. Because, you know, they know they can’t get to the hoop as easily anymore. They’re not going to blow by you and do that, you know, just straight up and down jam on you anymore. So now that offenders can get right up in their face, they can guard that mid range shot a little bit better, where in the past before the knee injuries, they had to play off you because they they know you could go by them or that you’d be dunking on them soon enough if they didn’t give you that step. So maybe that’s it. Maybe they just had more open jumpers before.

Nick 38:17
I don’t know what I think it’s more apprehension. I mean, there’s got to be some kind of fear that they’re going to tear some shit again.

Kalvin 38:23
Yeah, there’s that too. That’s that’s fair. All right, so let’s talk kg. Are we ready for kg? g that man he could do it all.

Nick 38:33
I loved having his jersey. I used to wear that shit all the time.

Kalvin 38:36
I never had a jersey but he was my first favorite player. Like real favorite player like everybody’s favorite player was Jordan in the 90s then you know on 1213 kind of like really starting to watch games and really starting to see what’s going on. kg was my guy. Oh, man. He did have a shoe. Like I didn’t have his jersey but I had the kg shoes at one point.

Nick 38:58
I got his jersey because I I mean, I had to pick a favorite player after after Jordan. And naturally kg was it. Yeah, him and Tracy t Mac.

Kalvin 39:08
wasn’t quite there yet. Yeah, right. So kg had that had I because he came into league in 98. And team I came into like a one time. Really?

Nick 39:19
Yeah. 95 straight out of high school.

Kalvin 39:21
Yeah, I know that. The way he’s like

Nick 39:25
I’m going to the records, man. I

Kalvin 39:26
know. I don’t believe I thought it was like 9876 So yeah, 95 it would have been 19 Damn, all right. Well, I’m wrong there. Okay. So yeah, kg had that run from 95 to like 2001 when traffic Tracy McGrady came in and like 9099 2000 something like that 2000 dunk contest, so it had to be before that. But kg had a good run before. Yeah. 9798 before t Mac got there. Which was Yeah,

Nick 40:00
I mean, he was also a player that I kind of wanted to. He was when I was actually really playing basketball. Yeah, I was pretty fucking young, but I’ve been playing basketball. I played basketball forever. And he was just so nasty in the fucking pain, dude. Oh my god. A tall skinny ass dude.

Kalvin 40:23
I was so drawn though.

Nick 40:24
And so ridiculous, man, and that motherfucker could yell like crazy. I used to love listening to his commentary on the court. When they catch the hot mic. What’s up bitch boy? Thank you.

Kalvin 40:36
Yeah, he’s got he’s got tenacity. He’s got skill and most importantly, he’s got those trash talking jobs. So every opponents

Nick 40:44
nightmare. Then he was if Kevin Durant never came into the league, I would say kg was like a one off. But then Kevin Durant came into the League. He was like a prototype kit, you know?

Kalvin 40:57
Yeah. Ad when he was really well Chris Bosh is kind of that too. But and Kj I think was the first guy to really be able to stretch the floor he could really devastate you from outside at being a four with how strong and how powerful he was in the paint. He could hit shots from outside he could drive past you if you if you tried to get in his face from outside. He was he was the first one that really started stretching the floor from the floor position. And you know, it took the game a while to kind of catch up to what kg was able to do a no and then Duncan comes in and Duncan you know, he’s a mid range guy. He can’t stretch.

Nick 41:36
Yeah, he wasn’t nearly as athletic as kg. Yeah, right.

Kalvin 41:39
So but that’s my argument for who the other like the actual other best power for whatever is his Dunkin Oh, because he’s got the championships and because he was so good for so long, but I think I think kgs skill Trump’s Duncan skill, I would take kg on his best day over Duncan on his best day.

Nick 41:56
I wouldn’t 100% agree with you because Tim Duncan had a better team and better coach around him. Pretty much. Yeah, I

Kalvin 42:02
mean, that’s dragging fucking Troy Hudson and Wally’s Szczerbiak to the playoffs every year leaser Wally’s are back man

Nick 42:10
deserves well I mean it that was I think he was really like the first player that that’s not necessarily true. I was gonna say the first player that walked onto the court and was like this is my court. Every Yeah, he definitely wasn’t the first player to be that but you got you got to take this shit from me Dawg cuz I feel like he pumped out. Everybody he played with he threw some nasty aspose to shit was

Kalvin 42:34
slightly his. He wasn’t the first straight out of high school. But he was I think he was responsible for the surge that happened in the late 90s and early 2000s that led people like LeBron and Mari Stottlemyre, Josh Smith coming into the league. And it’s it’s crazy how good and how ready he was right out of high school. Oh, absolutely. And how big and strong like It’s one thing for LeBron to come out like LeBron in 2003, when he came out, was nowhere near what LeBron was in his actual prime went from like a strength and speed and ability standpoint, like LeBron was ready. But he didn’t have the he didn’t have the strength to carry his team to the playoffs. kg did right when he came into the league like he was.

Nick 43:15
He’s not going to be denied.

Kalvin 43:17
Yeah, he was a grown man.

Nick 43:18
He was a fucking Yeah, he had some hair on his chest. He was a goddamn man. And he really didn’t get much bigger. That’s what’s hilarious. I think he has a little bit like he’s just such a lean player. And his man his defense, like, he’d get that real low squat. And he just

Kalvin 43:39
is so quick. And so for our younger listeners, I just want to point this out. If players were allowed to go from high school directly into the NBA anytime prior 2005 season, as long as they were at least 18 years old. Moses Malone was the first player to ever make the jump. And Amir Johnson was the last player to ever make the jump taken in the second round of the 2005 draft. So fun fact for everyone to learn today.

Nick 44:01
Fun fact.

Kalvin 44:02
So I always thought LeBron was I thought that was the last class two was the oh three class, but oh five actually was because that’s Josh Smith. It’s Jr. Smith. It’s I mean,

Nick 44:12
Dr. Smith was drafted right out of high school.

Kalvin 44:14
Yep. Well, so I was watching this dunk contest earlier. It was the it was the ofour High School, McDonald’s all American dunk contest, and it was jr Smith, Josh Smith, Candace Parker, and derrius Washington Jr. who never made anything out of themselves. And the whole time they’re going Oh, Jr. Smith is going to North Carolina. He’s gonna play with Rashad McCants and all this other stuff. And it’s like, nope, he did not go to North Carolina.

Nick 44:39
Straight to the NBA look dumb as fuck.

Kalvin 44:42
I mean, he’s been playing for 20 years, so I think

Nick 44:45
he did dumb his fucking play for 20 years.

Kalvin 44:49
won a few championships. Oh, Jr. Smith.

Nick 44:53
Quit refuting every point I’m trying to make. It’s rude. You’re making me look bad.

Kalvin 44:59
Yeah, Garnet Absolute freakin nature. Yeah, I weren’t number 21 of them I had a pair of shoes or I wore number 21 in basketball because of him. I had a pair of shoes. It did really bother me that Duncan was also number 21. Because like I hated dunk and I hated the big fundamental of Dunkin. You know, and Duncan’s a great runner, and I can get that now in my immaturity, but as a kid, nobody wants to watch Tim Duncan play.

Nick 45:22
He’s boring. He’s boring as fuck. The watchmen is not nearly as smooth as Garnet Garnet poetry in motion. Yeah, it’s unreal. When he’s when he’s on. He’s on. He’s never really a big score. He’s just Yes. All around extraordinary basketball player.

Kalvin 45:40
I mean, putting up 20 game.

Nick 45:42
That’s not really all that big of a score when you think but I think for

Kalvin 45:45
a big man it is.

Nick 45:47
I mean, yeah, he

Kalvin 45:49
was one isn’t out there putting up 30 a game either.

Nick 45:52
No, I’m not. Yeah, that’s fair.

Kalvin 45:54
We’ll talk more about Hakeem Olajuwon next time.

Nick 45:56
But a kg was the reason I got in basketball cards for a long time there because they had those you remember those cards where they cut up jerseys and put a little piece of their jersey on it? Yep. You remember that commercial with kg?

Unknown Speaker 46:10
Maybe, man, you’ll

Nick 46:12
have to look that up. Yeah, early 2000s. I

Kalvin 46:14
thought I would probably remember I had I think I had a kg rookie card at 1.0 I

Nick 46:19
still have a kg rookie card.

Kalvin 46:21
My brother probably has it now he I got all the action figures. He got all the cards.

Nick 46:25
That’s fair. Yeah, actually know if you have Pokemon cards, or some

Kalvin 46:29
Pokemon cards. We weren’t that big of nerds.

Nick 46:32
nerd. I still never dug out that picture of me with that missing two front teeth. I’ll find it tonight.

Kalvin 46:40
And everyone remembers kg on the Celtics winning championships like in the atom know if that was his prime, but they were so good and you know, anything is possible and all that but dominant he wasn’t

Nick 46:55
Sorry, I forgot about anything is possible.

Kalvin 47:01
But the point I’m making here is how dominant he was in Minnesota. He won the league MVP in 2004 kit you know, like I said he carried several of these wolves teams who their next best players while he’s RBI for most of those years, you know, no hate on Serbs, but it’s tough when he’s your only help.

Nick 47:18
Let’s I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna run through a couple of accolades that Kevin Garcia has,

Kalvin 47:23
cuz I you do the accolades cuz I got the actual fun stuff after that.

Nick 47:27
He was a 15 time NBA All Star 15 out of 21 seasons.

Kalvin 47:33
Yep. And the six he didn’t make it, or probably those the last six, but a couple

Nick 47:38
last wolves run. He was his first couple early seasons. Oh, really? And then yeah, his a nine to five. I don’t I don’t recall. Thank you one defensive Rookie of the Year.

Kalvin 47:50
Yeah, I know. You’re a couple times.

Nick 47:53
So he was an All Star 9798 2000 through 2011 and 2013. He was a nine time NBA all defensive first team from 2000 Oh, 50809 and 2011. So a little later in his career, he had to mature a little bit more. So he was on the court more because I felt like he got called for a shitload of fouls. Yeah,

Kalvin 48:17
well, and on those Celtics teams, he wasn’t needed to be the bruiser. You know, they had big baby Davis down there. They had Kendrick Perkins. He really changed his game during those Celtics years. And it was it was very interesting to watch because it was

Nick 48:31
he was a more mature player.

Kalvin 48:33
Yeah. And he was just he. He was a smarter player. All of a sudden it wasn’t just ferociousness, for the sake of ferociousness, he was he was picking his spots a little bit better and making plays more.

Nick 48:46
I mean, he could be what he is naturally gifted with when you have Ray Allen, Paul Pierce. You know you got you got Rashad, Rondo, man. Oh my god, how can I forget? Rhonda was probably my favorite point guard of all time.

Kalvin 49:02
And he was on my list on we did point guards way back in episode like 26

Nick 49:07
Rondo is the man he’s a crazy motherfucker, but he’s a man. He’s also a three time NBA all defensive second team and says, Oh 607 and 12 and four time rebounding champion. That’s my shit. He’s a whole lot bigger than Dennis Rodman, but I’m only the rebounds. The boards are my shit.

Kalvin 49:29
So now that we got that out of the way, boring stat guy that boring numbers that I do for

Unknown Speaker 49:33
a living.

Kalvin 49:35
Let’s talk about how he would just eat this rate opponents mentally with this.

Nick 49:42
Oh my God. He would make people i i’m sure at least they should do a 3430 on Kevin Garnett and how many grown men he made cry.

Kalvin 49:52
Well, so I was watching a bunch. I was glad you were a little bit late tonight because I got I got to watch the rest of the YouTube videos that I had saved up. It was just cagey. All the highlights so now I need the kg trash talking highlights. And then he made big baby Davis cry Andre Blatt, she made cry there was another one that I saw that it was crazy he started beef with Joe Kim Noah and Noah his first ever game you know he’s joking knows idle this whole time growing up and no like tried to say something nice to kg and kg wasn’t there for he basically told me the fuck off. And like he’s like what are you talking about? He’s like, Who the fuck are you talking to me? Who the fuck are you talking to? I can, like no one ever spoke to him yet.

Nick 50:35
I want neither. To be the ugliest dude in the world and your idol just told you to

Kalvin 50:41
stop taking shots at my boy No. Dog.

Nick 50:44
I love joking, Noah. But how can you not you got to be real with yourself.

Kalvin 50:47
I know he’s ugly. There was also a wedding with Steven Adams. And Steven Adams rookie year. He’s Australian so cagey tried to say some shit to him. And Stephen has played the I don’t speak English card. Uh huh. Okay, he just never talked to him again.

Nick 51:06
I’m surprised kg didn’t just kick him straight in the nuts. Fucking forwarder.

Kalvin 51:12
So he also wants allegedly called Charlie villain the wave of a cancer patient. And for those of you don’t know, Charlie Villanueva suffers from alopecia where you can’t grow hair on your body. So he looks like you know, somebody who’s had cancer is going through chemotherapy. You know, Kga later tried to cover his tracks on this saying, you know, he said he was like a locker room cancer. It was cancer to his teammates kind of thing. And but the only way was always stuck with that story that he called him a cancer patient. Yeah, I gotta believe that on the way over here.

Nick 51:42
I mean, yeah.

Kalvin 51:44
That sounds very cagey.

Nick 51:46
Totally. That’s totally cagey. That’s probably the one he chose to say because it didn’t have 15 expletives in it. Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 51:54
So you fucking push Get the fuck away from the fucker. So he’s, Oh, go ahead.

Nick 52:02
I was gonna say I heard that dude say fuck on live television. More than I can remember so many times a minute catch him saying fuck.

Kalvin 52:10
So the last one is probably the most important. One time allegedly again, he told Carmelo Anthony that his wife, who was La La from MTV, tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Damn. And that

Kalvin 52:24
led to a whole thing. Carmelo Anthony tried to like meet him outside the locker room. And I guess Lala and Paul Pierce have both come out and said that he never said it. And again, like I don’t believe that I’m sorry,

Nick 52:36
dawg, I bet he didn’t think he said

Kalvin 52:38
Well, the thing I was watching it’s like, he had to he had to say something that bad for Kemal. Carmelo Anthony went after they both had technicals like he went after him for the rest of that game. And then he’s sitting there waiting outside locker room, like you’ve got to say something really bad to get one of these guys, because they hear the shit all the time. And I guess, Jordan Crawford who was a Celtics benchwarmer at the time, tried to also tell Carmelo Anthony that he fucked his wife. That’s like Jordan Crawford. You You sit down you sit this one out.

Nick 53:07
You sit this one too. I mean, there’s a whole thing after Delonte West Bangla bronze,

Kalvin 53:11
latte West.

Nick 53:14
Yeah, straight I made that dude homeless, made him crazy. rounds. Like I’m literally

Kalvin 53:20
made him crazy, but he is definitely

Nick 53:21
a contributing factor. You think LeBron, he’s like, Alright, here’s what your job is.

Kalvin 53:26
You’re spiking your water bottle of PCP for the next

Nick 53:31
three months. Here’s a gift of a pound of PCP. And I’m gonna have these people call you 300 times a day. So don’t sleep.

Kalvin 53:40
It’s a lot of fun that cages and analysts now but I just don’t think anything’s ever gonna live up to his shit talking as a player.

Nick 53:48
Is it bad? That Have you seen you’ve seen family go before? Right? Yes. You know, Blackie Wellington is gonna write Oh, yeah, that reminds me of kg is a an analyst.

Kalvin 54:03
Pretty good. Okay. kg when he slows down and tries to do it. He’s very good at being an analyst. Oh, I want to talk about like, with his actual highlights when, when I’m watching these highlight packages and and a lot of them are his blocks because he was such a tenacious defender. He would go up for these blocks, and he just snatched the ball out of the air one hand and it was this crazy thing to watch because he’d go up with such force that you think he’s gonna send it into the top row in the stands. And then just all of a sudden you look down and it would still be in his hand, because he just got one handed and just like pelmet copy, and still just like come down with it. I’m not even talking like cuz he does the thing. You know, after the buzzer rings and somebody throws up a shot or like a whistle blows and somebody throws up a shot just to like get a shot up. He always does the thing where he blocks it. But like these are in games, he’s just jumping straight up and grabbing the ball out of the air like it’s a fucking ping pong ball. It was mine. It’s crazy to watch.

Nick 54:56
His hands are freakishly big.

Kalvin 54:58
Yeah, you got anything On cagey,

Nick 55:01
I don’t man I fan Boyd enough over that thick boy

Kalvin 55:04
was one of my favorite parts of watching, especially the three people I picked on watching the highlights of them was that all three of them were in their primes at around the same time, or at least some part of their prime, you know, between 2002 and 2008. So, there’s all these highlights of them. But then there’s also highlights of them making each other look silly. Like Kevin Garnett gets a dunk. It’s on Josh Smith. Josh Smith gets a dunk. It’s Ana Mari Stottlemyre. Now Omari Sarma has got to dunk. It was never on Kevin Garnett. I don’t think they might have blocked him a couple times. But yeah, it was cookies. Omari had a few dunks on Josh Smith like it was cool to kind of see both sides of it.

Nick 55:41
As you’re just that’s straight up bad. That’s like Hector fighting Achilles. It’s just really fun to watch those Titanic battles. Like I’ve mentioned Rodman and still haven’t watched it yet. Don’t spoil it. I

Kalvin 55:53
just watched it yesterday.

Nick 55:55
I’m really excited to I want to see Mortal Kombat.

Kalvin 55:57
Yeah. Yeah, that looks dope. I had to get caught. I know. So I had a problem with that in the trailer. At least maybe we’ll fix it in the real movie. The inflection isn’t right on Get over here. No, it’s like the one thing you’ve got to get right.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
Yeah, you have to get over.

Kalvin 56:14
Get over here. Yeah, you got it. Yeah. Do something like that. You can’t You can’t guys just like kid over here. Like his. His voice is intimidating. It’s just it’s just not right.

Unknown Speaker 56:29
Batman would do it right.

Kalvin 56:33
So Alright.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
Good over here.

Nick 56:38
I was gonna be so postively shot.

Kalvin 56:42
So who is your favorite current NBA power forward? Alright, I

Nick 56:46
got I got to give this guy his props. His honorable mention. lamarcus Aldridge.

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Yeah, just enjoy really tired, tired. Yeah. Yesterday, two hours ago. Or was it two hours ago, I

Kalvin 56:57
saw the tweet. I saw the tweet today. It might have been no he so he played they played a game yesterday that he played in. And then he had to go to a he’s got an irregular heartbeat or something that he said it was bothering him. He went to the hospital after the game. his teammates were really supportive, blah, blah, blah. So the the actual retirement I think the announcement came today.

Nick 57:14
Okay. So

Kalvin 57:16
yeah, there’s this is Wednesday, April 15. Just for anyone who’s confused listening to this on a different day.

Nick 57:24
Yes, I feel like it’s Wednesday. Oh, it

Kalvin 57:26
is Thursday. It’s Thursday, April 15. We usually record on Wednesday.

Nick 57:30
Yeah, I’m all kinds of thrown off. Yeah, but I had to get him out there. He was really fun to watch and yeah, like someone is prime and he

Kalvin 57:38
NBA player though, so.

Nick 57:41
Give me that bullshit. Okay, if I got to pick a current Lauri markkanen for the polls. If do Fuck you man if he is if he’s healthy. He’s easily a top 10 powerful word. I don’t know about that. This was the Swiss.

Kalvin 57:59
Yeah, something like that. But he went to college. He was. Yeah, he

Nick 58:02
went to Arizona. Yeah, something like that. I’m pretty sure he went to Arizona. I want to know if I’m right or not, because

Kalvin 58:09
my honorable mention is the thick daddy himself, Zion Williamson.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
fuckin sorry.

Kalvin 58:17
She’s a beefy dude. But he is so powerful and yet somehow so graceful and can just jump out of the gym all the time. It is

Nick 58:25
it doesn’t make any sense. He’s a swaller lebra like, okay, his body is what prime LeBron his body was. The second he came out of college.

Unknown Speaker 58:35
Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 58:38
but he looks big. Yeah, it looks Brown has

Kalvin 58:41
never looked big. LeBron has always fit in his his body. When I say LeBron never looked big. Like obviously if I was standing next to him, he is massive. But he he looks like a tight end. Right. And that’s that’s that’s the built in body type you want as an NBA small for powerful design links like a left guard, but moves like a running back. It’s insane. I don’t get it.

Nick 59:09
He moves like he moves like a boxer. Almost like Yes.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
Good comparison, shifty, smooth person

Nick 59:18
you made, but it’s like fuck you. But it’s like Aaron Donald playing basketball. Just that first

Kalvin 59:25
scene. Aaron Donald play basketball. He doesn’t move like that basketball court.

Nick 59:28
No, but he’s swole like Zion Williamson. Probably Harley has to work out. And if he does he, he’s got to be careful because you’ll gain too much weight because he’ll get too jacked.

Kalvin 59:38
Yeah, you don’t want that. My other pic here is Pascal siakam. From the Raptors, okay,

Nick 59:47
I thought that’s who you were talking about. I wasn’t positive. Has he done shit in the past year.

Kalvin 59:52
I don’t know that he’s done anything recently. But you know, he had a couple. They had a good run a couple years ago. And I think he was where he was going was the next evolution of kg and Tim Duncan. He’s He’s taken the four out of the stretch for and now he can just play all over the court. He can guard anybody on defense, he can score from anywhere on the court. And he’s just when he’s good. I think he got hurt maybe last year too. When He’s good. He’s a lot of fun to watch because he can do everything so well and move around the court so well. Right. Yeah, that’s

Nick 1:00:23
good point. I think. I just don’t think he’s ever gonna be leveled. Yeah, I probably would, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Yeah. Well, I

Kalvin 1:00:30
think it’s hard to be a star in Toronto. Also. Kyle Lowry has never really made that jump like Colorado. He’s really good never made the jump to being a star to Margo Rosen. Same thing was really good and really productive in Toronto, but nobody’s like, Oh, yeah. Tamara Rosen. Let’s go watch him play.

Nick 1:00:45
I mean, people in Texas are

Kalvin 1:00:48
well, now they are people on Toronto, then we’re.

Nick 1:00:51
Yeah, they’re like.

Kalvin 1:00:53
That’s, like a little bit more athletic. Andre Kirilenko.

Nick 1:00:59
I love that name.

Kalvin 1:01:00
Yeah, it’s a good name. That’s why I brought it up again. We didn’t get to talk enough about Andre Kirilenko earlier.

Nick 1:01:07
Let’s talk about Pascal but whatever.

Kalvin 1:01:09
Oh Pascal siakam Yeah, good name, too.

Nick 1:01:12
It’s great name. Five a son. I’m gonna name him that.

Kalvin 1:01:16
Pascal siakam Richardson.

Nick 1:01:18
Fucking All right. People would be like, dude, you’re an asshole.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
You got anything else?

Kalvin 1:01:26
Besides Yo, how great of a power forward you were back in your day?

Nick 1:01:30
No, I played center. Because I literally would not take shots. Like I would get maybe four to six points a game up purely off just put backs.

Kalvin 1:01:41
Nice. I was a point guard and I didn’t get any shots up either. So that’s fine. I was I was a distributor or disher Yeah. Like the offense get people where they need to be.

Nick 1:01:53
I can see you talking a lot of shit too.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55

Kalvin 1:01:58
No, I never like I was too focused. And like I everything was always kind of blocked out in my mind. I didn’t hear things I didn’t see things like I only saw latency. Yeah. And it wasn’t like a but I would like so my junior when I sat the bench most of the most of the time I would talk mad shit on the bench. But I didn’t have to focus on Yeah, fuck yeah.

Nick 1:02:28
It’s like your roll on when he whenever you run the bench.

Kalvin 1:02:31
That’s your by that time I had gotten like we had built up kind of these some of these rivalries with the other teams and I knew a lot of the players on the other teams by that time. So yeah, that was always Alright, right. Power forwards I was it. This is our shortest episode in a long time. Good job really is.

Nick 1:02:49
Yeah, we rock that shit.

Kalvin 1:02:52
Thank you for listening. You check us out on Twitter at APA something at alone underscore podcast by the merge this podcast isn’t gonna be around much longer. You got to get your merge while it’s still hot. So I mean, it’s always gonna be there for you to get but you want to get it now.

Nick 1:03:05
It’s hot right now.

Kalvin 1:03:06
Yeah, it’s hot right now. That’s at t public comm to search for a podcast about something you will find us and shout out to those. Wait, we’re not gonna do those cats yet. If you’re ready for the next adventure from me, Calvin. After podcast about something go head over to at magic three TV pod on Twitter. Follow me there for all the latest on the magic number three podcasts coming sometime. 2021. And now

Nick 1:03:33
is the three a number three or the number

Kalvin 1:03:35
three magic the listeners? magic number three. TV pod. dope. Yeah, thank you for that. Thank you for that clarification. The logos are up the logos done. The guy who did the podcast about something one did this one from YouTube. His name’s Vincent. Great guy. Good artwork. So yeah, go check it out. And as always, the music for a podcast about something is fried by those cats.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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