Episode 152 – A Podcast About Gaming

Ah, video games, a favorite pastime of many. Like many of you we have a fondness for video games, and gaming in general, that began as wee youngins’ and continues to this day. But how did that journey start, and where has it led us? We detail some of the systems and games we hold dear, and maybe, just maybe, a few hidden gems that may catch you off guard, or a system of days past makes a reappearance in your memory. Where are video games heading in the future, and speaking of the future, tune in for some important announcements at the beginning of the episode regarding the future of A Podcast About Something.

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Full Episode Transcript available below:

Kalvin 0:07
Each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin in joining me from the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s your co host, Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:17
This fucking dragon thing stole my girl again.

Kalvin 0:21
We’ll see I’ve heard a thing that she’s actually the dragons girl and you keep stealing.

Nick 0:26
I have heard that. And I just want to go on record saying that’s not true.

Kalvin 0:33
I agree that it’s not true. But it is a fun little twist to think of sometimes like, yeah, I’m the bad guy, that’s I’m killing all these fucking turtles.

Nick 0:40
And all these little mushroom guys not hurting anybody. But these turtles stealing their wings and their little gopher tails, squirrel tails, whatever, they are not a big Mario guy.

Kalvin 0:51
Apparently, we are here to talk about gaming today. But before we get into that we have an important announcement regarding the future of podcasts about something. So hold on to your butts, because we’re going to podcasts about something is going to be coming to an end at the end of July, beginning of August. So I think the first week of august will be our last episode of 2021. Yeah, I haven’t written here, eight to 2021. It should be our last episode unless shit goes wild. And our schedule gets fucked up for some reason, but that’s what we’re planning on right now. We’ve got a lot of fun ideas for the last month of the show in the last few months of the show. And I kind of like I don’t know how you feel. I mean, I do know how I feel because we’ve talked about it, but maybe you want to share with the listeners. But I like that we’re controlling our own destiny here. We’re like The Good Place, we’re just, we’re gonna end on a high note, we know where we want to go, and we’re gonna get there.

Nick 1:43
100% I’d much rather hold last one thing until like, you know, I feel like I get to a point where I can’t. So I think we both kind of come to that conclusion that we’d much rather end when it’s up to us. And we’re not burnout and hating each other and quitting because we’re busy. We’re just sick of it. Right.

Kalvin 2:05
And and I mean that I’m not burnt out. But the the prep that goes into this can be quite consuming.

Nick 2:14
Be real, man. It’s it’s a lot of work.

Kalvin 2:16
Yeah. And it’s not I mean, the the after effects of you know, getting the shot, we sit here we record for an hour, an hour and a half. That’s the easy part. But the two to four hours before of, you know, doing the research, putting outlines together all that. And then the while and then like when we do movie superlatives, that’s even more because I’m watching all these movies. I’m taking notes as I watch them, which, you know, that was just something I kind of put on myself. And now I’m kind of sick of it that I started doing it because it’s but like, we only got three left. So I got it, I gotta go into it. Now I gotta keep going with it. But yeah, and then it’s, it’s the just like the legacy. Not I, I’ve lost some of my free time lately is when, you know, in the middle of this show, I had started working from home, my kids were at school or at their grandma’s house till for 430 every day. Now I’m picking them up at two every day. So that’s like two hours every day for a week. So that’s 10 hours that I’ve lost in, like, research and notetaking the consumption of media to like pay attention to things and it’s just a time. Yeah, no quiet time. Yeah, right. Just Oh, I don’t have to do anything today that’s nice or like to resource to make sure I finished work. So at night, I can have that quiet time now. Now it’s like, well, now I got to finish work at night because I had to go pick them up at two and like, it’s great that they’re home early. And we get to spend more time together. But it’s it’s taken away from my ability to do some of these other things. Which kind of takes me to what we’re going to be doing in the future. Neither of us are going away from the podcasting game. Nick still has, you are all alone. I was gonna call it alone underscore podcast. I’m like, that’s not the right name. You are all alone. He’s at alone underscore podcast on Twitter. So maybe let’s just give a refresher of what that is and maybe where that’s going in the future. So anybody who’s listening to this to see where we’re, where we’re going to be after this is over can can kinda get acquainted with that one more time.

Nick 4:28
Right. So it’s, it’s called you are all alone. We are currently on episode 40 and 41. We’ll be releasing very soon actually. It is an epic audio fiction set in a sci fi dystopian future 1100 years from now. Spoilers. Yeah,

Kalvin 4:48
I guess that’s right out on Front Street. That is the future.

Nick 4:51
There’s the tagline. And you follow singular main character. And I really don’t want to give too much away because I felt Like it’s pretty transparent, but it’s fun if you like audio fiction, audio drama, epic sword and not sorcery, but sword and steel. Yeah. If you’d like stuff like that, check it out, visit the whetstone loan podcast calm, I can

Kalvin 5:15
attest to it’s it’s a fun lesson. And I might have to start back at the beginning because like I lose the story because you do these three week releases, which is really great for like your schedule and to keep everything tight. But I kind of lose the story in between them sometimes. So I might have to do like a start over binge, because it helps because it’s just like an audio book to me.

Nick 5:33
Basically, it’s it’s very bingeable. And now, I’m going back through and I’m redoing all. So I listen to some of my first episodes, and they are atrocious from a production standpoint, just from everything. So I’m currently remastering episode one through probably 20. And I just released episode seven. So at least the first seven episodes have been remastered to, you know, a much higher standard standard. Yeah, I gotcha. And I’m going to continue doing that. And then at the end, when I catch up to Episode 31, I’m going to compile that into a giant, you know, single episode that will probably be 17 hours or so

Kalvin 6:18
that’s a good idea. And the the episodes or the chapters are relatively short, I tend to 20 minutes, I think your highest one might be like right at 30.

Nick 6:27
My highest is actually Episode 28. And it’s 38 minutes.

Kalvin 6:31
There you go. So you know, OFF TOP your head? I did.

Nick 6:33
Yeah, that’s why you’re very proud of that one. Very proud of that one. But we average probably about 22 to 27 minutes. at the most. I do have supplemental episodes there that range from like, 10 to 15 minutes, it just kind of they’re not part of the main continuity for the most part, but they add to the story. And Yep, good for a commute.

Kalvin 6:56
Yeah, very, very good for a commute. That’s where I did most of it. And then. So when I finished the current audio book that I’m on, I might start that over as like just trying to do one kind of shot with it to, to catch back up.

Nick 7:09
Hopefully you don’t run into those shit episodes. I probably shouldn’t say that. But just being honest with you.

Kalvin 7:15
So I when you and I first internet met, this was two years ago beginning of 2019. Or like late 2018.

Nick 7:24
Yeah, is February of 2018. was when I first started. So they’ve been three years back

Kalvin 7:29
can’t be right. Pretty soon as I started the show in January 2018. You started in January 2019.

Nick 7:36
That makes us that makes sense.

Kalvin 7:38
Yeah. And it’s hard. Yeah, times rough. But I was not like astounded by how bad anything was when I first started listening in early 2009, you were probably 15 episodes in when we first started doing this. So it’s not, you know, it’s, it probably sounds worse to you than it does to the world just because you’re your own worst critic, everyone’s their own worst critic, you know,

Unknown Speaker 7:59

Kalvin 8:01
Any other future projects that you can share with the listeners that that you’ll be moving on to after this.

Nick 8:07
I’m constantly working on other little audio drama productions. I have to. They’re really dope. one’s gonna require me to do a virtual con appearance, which will be no, that’d

Kalvin 8:22
be cool.

Nick 8:22
That’s all I can say about it. I had to sign an NDA before that. And then I have another one that’s currently in production, that I can’t talk too much about it, but it’s fucking sweet. I’m doing some voiceover work in a video game, other little stuff like that. And the project I’m really excited to talk about is He who recites the crown, it’s actually a romantic audio drama, or romance action type stuff.

Kalvin 8:49
It’s the new Fabio,

Nick 8:51
it’s pretty dope man. It’s directed by some ladies, and they’re very good. It’s my first time being directed and stuff like that by women. And so far, I’m really enjoying it. They’re much more organized.

Kalvin 9:04
for that. And we will keep you abreast of like when that stuff releases, and you can actually talk about it, we’ll be sure to mention it here. So anybody who loves you from this show will get to enjoy those things as well. And you can always get the latest on Nick Atlona underscore podcast on Twitter,

Nick 9:19
holler at me.

Kalvin 9:20
As for me, I will be creating a new show with my friend Chris from college. And it is called the magic number is three when it comes to TV. And what we’re going to be doing is Oh good. Yeah, thanks. I like that little tagline. I just thought of that last week. That’s perfect. So what we’re doing is we’re going to watch, we’re going to watch throughs of different season threes from a bunch of different shows and kind of break them down because to us, season three is usually what makes or breaks the show. So we’re gonna try and determine that using various season threes from various shows. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’ll start with Breaking Bad So stay tuned on that that will probably start in August pretty much right after this finishes I’m going to try and roll right into that but we might have a month layoff to just depends how start a production goes there. I mean, everything’s pretty much in place. I’m already starting to get like the logos and the Twitter is set up, you follow the Twitter account, it’s at magic three TV pod, that no content there whatsoever. But eventually, all the sweet Twitter content that you come to at APA something for you’ll have to go to App magic 3d TV pod for, cuz that’ll be my main one. I won’t keep this one up once the show’s done. So sorry about that.

Nick 10:37
Yes, guess who just followed you?

Kalvin 10:39
Nice. I think you’re my first follower. I

Nick 10:41

Kalvin 10:41
Yeah, cuz I haven’t gotten it out. I’m surprised. I haven’t gotten a bunch of podcast followers just for like having pod in my name, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Nick 10:48
People are wising up.

Kalvin 10:49
I think that Oh, absolutely. Yeah,

Nick 10:52
I’m super looking forward to that show, man. I’m excited.

Kalvin 10:55
Yeah, I’m excited to Christmas excited, we’re gonna do a pile. So you and I are taking a week off. And a couple weeks ago, I had another special project that I’m not going to announce until it’s done. And you guys see it on the feed, because I’m really excited about that. But I don’t want to jinx it or make myself more anxious about it. So I’m just not going to talk about as much as possible. So you and I are taking a week off in a couple weeks, so I can work on that. And then Chris and I are also going to do a pilot for Magic three TV pod during that week as well. So that’ll be what we’ll get. I just I kind of want to pretty much I just want to get it on the pod catchers. So like all that shits out of the way the name is saved like nobody, somebody else could take the name. But yeah, when I’m looking for to name something, I always go and search first to make sure it’s not already taken to so things don’t get confused. So I’m hoping by getting it on there. Nobody can take it. And that goes for anybody listening, don’t go take my fucking name.

Nick 11:50
It’s already taken. Guess who just bought a domain?

Kalvin 11:54
Oh, I don’t care. I’m not doing a website. That is one thing I learned from that nobody looks at the website per podcast about something I’m not spending money on it again, it’s just something for me to keep up that I don’t need to. But a podcast about something will still exist, we use a free host. So there’s literally no cost to just keep that there, there won’t be any new episodes. So the fetal always be there, you can always go back and listen to any of our 150 plus episodes. It’s gonna be like right at 169 68 or 69 by the time we get to the end of it. So that will all be available pretty much Forever, forever, for ever Twitter account will be there. And I’ll probably check it very rarely. So but for the next couple months, he still had us at APA something on Twitter. And after that it’s at magic three TV pod follows Oh, yeah. Go follow if you’re listening. But yeah, that’s that’s what we’re doing. So if you have any very strong feelings about any of that, let me know or let us know. But we probably won’t change our minds.

Nick 12:59
Probably not. Sometimes it’s just time to do something else. It’s like

Kalvin 13:04
what do you got a vacation coming up in two weeks? And you just like stop working for the next two week? Because you just got the vacation on your mind already?

Nick 13:11
Yeah, that happened to me in February when I took a week off and yeah, was not the was like

Kalvin 13:16
I don’t I don’t want to get started on this. Because you know, I’m going to be out of town next week. Dude, you’re going to be out of town in like a month. Oh, yeah. I guess like start on this one.

Nick 13:24
But I just don’t want it to Yeah, hang around.

Unknown Speaker 13:27
Yeah. What if we get stuck? And I just yeah, you know, I better hold off.

Nick 13:31
Yeah. Well, I’ll be more refreshed when I get back anyway.

Kalvin 13:34
Exactly. Yeah, you want to fully rested and recuperated Nic or Calvin to be working on this project you don’t want. You don’t want tired ready for vacation.

Nick 13:43
I know. That’s right.

Kalvin 13:45
So yeah, we got a lot of fun stuff coming up for the last three months of the show. So stay tuned. And let us know if you have any ideas. We’ll try to fit them in. We have pretty much the rest of the show planned out. But if you got anything that we need to cover, we’ll try and fit it in there. We’ll like add it on to something we’ve already got going. We’ll figure something out. Yeah. But none of that is what we’re actually here talking about. We’re here to talk about gaming. What does gaming mean to you? Nicole? Nicholas, Nikki? Oh, no, Nikolai.

Nick 14:15
No. Nikki, you got fucked up Calvin

Kalvin 14:18

Nick 14:20
I don’t know where you are. But I will find you.

Kalvin 14:25
Okay, so what do you what do you think gaming is?

Nick 14:28
gaming is? Personally I my mind immediately goes to video games. And it’s video games. You’re sitting down enjoying yourself having a sitting down it’s important to work.

Kalvin 14:40
What’s sitting down is very important there these video game companies keep getting us to try to stand up

Nick 14:45
or work out like what is wrong. That’s why video games.

Kalvin 14:50
I bought the ring fit adventure for switch. Which it’s like the next evolution of the Wii Fit

Unknown Speaker 14:59
right And this

Kalvin 15:00
is more of an actual game like you’re playing through a story mode, you have bosses you have to be and then like, you have to do kind of different is got this big ring that kind of scratches. Kind of like what’s the thing Suzanne Somers used to the ad blaster what are the thighmaster? So there’s this ring kind of scrunches in like the thighmaster. And so you’re supposed to do all these different kind of workouts as you fight these different bosses and I was with it, except like, in between all those different little exercises, you have to jog. And I’m like, I don’t want to jog in my head. Like I’m doing this on a video game. Because like, if I wanted to jog, I could go outside and jog. I bought a video game, so I didn’t have to jog like give me a different way to exercise video game. I was all for it. Because the hot outside Yeah, I need to exercise. So I figured, like, I thought I would do this. I did it. I made it through probably like three levels. And I’m just like, I haven’t gone back to it since I got a new bike. The bike is much better than the ring fit adventure. Yeah, fuck. You don’t have to jog while biking.

Nick 16:05
biking, sweet.

Kalvin 16:07
biking. Sweet. jogging sucks.

Nick 16:09
Yeah, jogging blows I’m doing I am dense. I’m in shape. But I’m five nine on a good day. And 205 to about 205 pounds and I’m just I’m like a fucking stumps of jogging. murders my knees. I don’t

Kalvin 16:25
know. I’m just so that’s the thing. My knees are bad. And my back is bad. And jogging does does not do well for them. Like if I want to jog, I could buy a treadmill and watch TV while I draw. It’s not like the game is not helping me. Exercise. The game is giving me a goal kind of. But jogging should not be a part of that goal. No,

Nick 16:43
I think games should be about losing yourself a little bit. It’s to take you from reality Music The

Kalvin 16:49
moment you own Tibetan emulator go

Nick 16:52
listen to this rap got up in here.

Kalvin 16:55
For more on m&ms Rap God, check out last week’s episode. Yeah, it

Nick 16:59
was good.

Kalvin 17:00
It was long. I agree that video gaming is the first thing that comes to mind. But I think gaming you could you can encapsulate any type of game in that. Playing games that you like, makes you a gamer. But I also think, you know, for the sake of this episode, we are talking about video games. And I think like I said, you can be a gamer by playing board games, tabletop, games, card games, lawn games, whatever kind of game. But I think when you say the word gamers or gaming more commonly refers to strictly video games. And if you’re into those different types of games usually qualify that somehow, right? You’re not saying I’m a gamer, and you say, Oh, I like playing tabletop games. You know, you specify a little bit. Yeah, it’s like Dungeons and Dragons. Love board games. You

Nick 17:44
know, whatever. Love card games.

Kalvin 17:46

Unknown Speaker 17:46
You should.

Kalvin 17:47
If that’s how you’re a gamer game away, dude.

Nick 17:50
We’re not here to hate game on bruh.

Kalvin 17:53
And then I think even within the space of video games, a lot of people try to argue that you have to play a certain amount or certain types of games to truly be a gamer. Or you know, and I don’t like that. That’s bullshit.

Nick 18:06
I think assigning someone the term casual, because you’re making it a competitive scene, if you want to make it competitive, make it competitive to you. But don’t

Kalvin 18:16
competitive people.

Nick 18:17
Yeah. Because I I like playing single single player games. Because you

Kalvin 18:21
know, my life, you know that. I don’t have time to learn the 20 different maps in the new Call of Duty and sit there and memorize every fucking nook and cranny. And then like, I used to

Nick 18:31
die on a good day. I got like, 15 minutes, you know? Well, I had about 25 minutes that I could legitimately game spread out over an hour and a half. And single player games are perfect for that. You fucking pop that shit on you play for seven minutes, put it down, you can flip the laundry, come back. yada, yada.

Kalvin 18:48
Yeah, we’re not here to gate keep video games. If you enjoy any type of game at any skill level for any length of time. This episode should intrigue you. Hell, yeah. We’re on mobile games. How do you feel about that?

Nick 19:03
Sure. Well, no. I mean, my wife has a it’s like a story game where you’re part of a kingdom and stuff like that. Not really my flavor. But she gets really absorbed and wrapped up into it. So it’s something where it’s achieving the goal of gaming. So I might as well throw that right.

Kalvin 19:22
So I have a little like a caveat here on mobile games. And if you like playing mobile games, and that’s your way to game and to kind of lose yourself. Like you said, that’s great. Keep at it, do you. But I think the array of quality and depth in mobile games makes it difficult to qualify all mobile games as really, you know, video games or not, or gaming, you know, because some of those games, they’re kind of just strictly time wasters, right. Yeah, that’s you’re just you’re just sitting there a candy crush is a good example. You’re just sitting there clicking the fucking screen over and over again. You’re doing in a waiting room. I you know, I’ve got this one that’s kind of like breakout and you get all like, you get these balls and you try and hit the little blocks down and you get more balls. As you go higher and higher and the bricks cascade down, and so you’re trying to keep up it, you know, it’s a very passive game and it’s a time waster. You know, I do it in doctor’s offices, or, you know, sometimes on the toilet, things like that I’m not trying to level. Yeah, I’m not trying to level up. I’m not trying to beat a boss or anything like that. It’s fun rank or anything like that. Right? It’s fun. While I’m sitting there, with literally nothing else going on. I had no way to get lost in it. But there’s other mobile games that can be extremely deep and have you know, kind of level up systems, power ups, everything else you’d expect from a console game or a PC game. Super Mario Run is a good example of that, where it’s got like 12 base levels. And then there’s all these level ups and different things you can do. Mario runs really fun. You got to pay $10 to get the extra levels, but it’s worth it. I’ve been playing it for like three years, and it’s Yeah, it’s pretty good.

Nick 20:52
Oh, yeah.

Kalvin 20:55
So what we want to talk about today are some different aspects of gaming and how we relate to that. We’re going to talk about our gaming origins, or talk about game systems. We talk about games, obviously, surprises that we found within the gaming community and world and then studios and how they affect games or systems or whatever. So those are five fundamentals, some things about gaming, those five things that I just said, bam. So Nick, what is your gaming orange origin? When did you start playing video games?

Nick 21:27
Man, I started playing video games. Way back in the days of the PlayStation. I don’t know about that. I don’t remember that PlayStation

Kalvin 21:35

Nick 21:36
Yes, Playstation one was on my child. That is what I remember. That is what I grew up on. Because at my grandmother’s house, cheap more my older sister who lived there at the time had a PlayStation one. And I remember that’s my first memory of gaming is watching her play Resident Evil. Oh shit, about pissing my fucking pants. Man, I might have been a little older than five. I don’t remember when the PlayStation one came out.

Kalvin 22:04
It came out like 96 I want to say

Nick 22:07
yeah, that sounds that sounds to me. Like you

Kalvin 22:09
might not have remembered it before that even if it was at the other house. You know?

Nick 22:13
That was that was very distinct to me. So naturally, I started playing on the PlayStation one.

Kalvin 22:19
Yeah, they should have had you playing like Spyro or Crash Bandicoot or something up in there. Not some resin evil when you’re five or six years old Nick

Nick 22:27
naturally evolved into that? Yeah, that’s. Yeah, I vividly remember playing Spyro Hey, Sandro. Dude, I spent hundreds of hours on that game.

Kalvin 22:39
I absolutely hated those open world games like Mario 64. Banjo Kazooie like I hated those open those early open world games were so hard to manage the camera.

Nick 22:50
Yes. I mean, I never made a pass like the third or fourth level inspiro and I spent hours and hours and hours.

Kalvin 22:59
In crash there was like a secret path you can follow and you could get to play like the first couple levels of Spyro that was really cool. Yeah,

Nick 23:07
that’s dope.

Kalvin 23:08
I don’t remember where it was because I never wanted like I didn’t like Spyro that much that I did like one time and then never went back.

Nick 23:15
Hmm. I have to check that out. Because I had the Spyro remastered trilogy.

Kalvin 23:22
remastered because I think there was another one I think. Yeah, I don’t know if it’s on the remastered or not. It probably isn’t. And I think on Spyro there was a backdoor into a level of crash to

Nick 23:33
I’ll have to check that out. But I I gotta say when I first started gaming, you remember when we were younger? And in like magazines, they would send you demos of video games, or, you know, buy them at Barnes and Noble or something like that. Yep. So every time I had to fly down to Oklahoma, and back my dad would give me pocket money to get something at the airport and I always get like a gaming magazine that came with demos. And my shit was fucking Ape Escape on PlayStation one. I loved that game. And when I bought a PlayStation two a couple years ago, like two three years ago, two years ago that was the first game I bought was Ape Escape daddy that should again

Kalvin 24:16
we um we so we got the PlayStation for Christmas one year. And this is not my gaming origin. This is just a fun story. And we had all we got was the demo that came with it had like 15 games you could play demos one was like yes Madden game crash two was on there cool borders was on there. Medieval was on medieval is a great game. If you haven’t played medieval on ps1, you should buy it and play it because that’s a lot of fun. I like the skeleton dude who goes around just hacking the shit out of stuff. There’s Metal Gear Solid level you can play on there, but like we played the shit out of that demo disc because it was all we had and like we were perfectly happy with it. Right? You know, those were the simpler times but I’ve been playing games pretty much my entire life like as long As I can remember, we had some sort of system and we started with the Atari 2600, my parents had it. And you know, every once in a while, they would plug it in probably like once a month, we would play that. And we had probably 2025 games. And I never pass up an opportunity to play it like a stand up arcade machine whenever one was round, because back in the early 90s, like every pizza place had a couple stand up arcades ever, like they were all over the place that shows just to an arcade. So like we was on, we’d waste some quarters. So that was always fun. But that was I mean, that was pretty much how I played to start out with is, you know, once a month on the guitar, and whenever we’d see an arcade machine, and then we find when I was about seven, we got an original Nintendo. And we play a little more often with that, because the games were a little bit deeper, it was a little bit better. Really, once a month, you got your fill of an Atari 2600. You don’t, you don’t need to play it more than that, because there’s not any deep games that you can really like, dive into. But then when we got the Nintendo, those games were more complex. And we were playing more and more often at that point, but we had a rule that we could only play for half an hour at a time. So we never get very far in today’s games and can’t save them. And you know, that made everything infinitely more challenging. And it was, so sometimes it would just be a half hour total between me and my brother, and like we’d have something together. But other times it would be like we get a half an hour and then we have to switch. So like that was always hard, and we’d have to try and figure out how to divvy that up. And sometimes we just be like, no, we’re gonna play we’re gonna play Mario, and we’ll just switch when someone dies. And so we always work it out. But yeah, it was it was challenging and it made the Nintendo games more challenging.

Nick 26:44
They made it they were a bitch back in the day.

Kalvin 26:48
I mean, I have the whole original Nintendo games and they’re hard to play sometimes I was playing the original Mario with my four year old the other day cuz she wanted to try it and I was like, I remember all the secrets and everything and I was trying to tell her how to do it and you know she made it because you can do it on the on the switch. If you subscribe to there like $20 a year whatever you get like the Nintendo throwback machine or whatever and they’ve got a nice 40 games or something on there you can play so we’re playing Mario on that.

Nick 27:15
So I’m talking about let’s check that shit out.

Kalvin 27:17
Yeah, it’s it’s it’s solid. I got a Super Nintendo one two, which doesn’t have as many good games like the Nintendo one has a lot of good games you got yourself does your Ninja gadens Mario things like that. But Super Nintendo is I’m pretty much just there for Donkey Kong and Super Mario

Nick 27:31
World. The classics. Yeah.

Kalvin 27:36
So you start out you’re only playing at your cousin’s house. Ape Escape that was your first favorite game. Did you have any other like, just early memories of this is the best thing I’ve ever done?

Nick 27:50
When so I got a PlayStation for Christmas and that’s what I played Ape Escape on. That’s not the best game. I my favorite game when I was a kid whenever whenever I had a chance was Pokemon Red.

Kalvin 28:05

Nick 28:06
that game was shit is I had a I have the picture and I really kind of want to post it. But it’s terrible. I have no two front teeth, dyed blonde hair.

Kalvin 28:16
And I posted

Nick 28:18
I’m holding like Pokemon red or blue and worms for Gameboy and like given a

Kalvin 28:29
picture of him wearing like his he’s got like an x men shirt on or something you know the picture I’m talking about where he’s in like high school he’s got like this goofy ass night like super 90s x men shirt or something like that on it. Yeah,

Nick 28:42
dawg. I yeah, I’ll look through the it’ll be your memory but

Kalvin 28:46
I can get with you a Pokemon, right cuz I didn’t even like Pokemon when I was a kid. I like I like the idea behind it. Now I don’t so I didn’t like the card game aspect of it. Right? I would watch the cartoon every once in a while. I didn’t get the cards and collecting the cards or anything like that.

Nick 29:00
I just go to tournaments when I was kid. Yeah, the floor ran with me by adults who that came. That part

Kalvin 29:07
was all over my head. I didn’t get it. You know, I would watch the cartoon every once in a while, like on Toonami in the afternoons. Not I it wasn’t something I tune in every day though. And, but when I would go to youth group with my friend at his church, we’d have like a half hour before or whatever, and somebody would always bring their Gameboy with Pokemon Red and I would always play it like that game was fun. And red is the one where you get to start with Charmander if you want who’s the most badass of the original 151 so you got to go red instead of blue. Nobody wants to eat Squirtle

Nick 29:40
he’s literally the most squirrels most versatile, but yeah, yeah fuck you. Because Charmin or had a great arc in the Pokemon TV show? Sure. I remember vividly is terrible. He almost died Calvin he almost died. So is that just

Kalvin 29:56
one of each Pokemon? No, there couldn’t have been in the car.

Nick 29:59
No, you don’t. Let me get you got you only got to choose one when you first started right

Kalvin 30:02
right right I’m talking about like in the cartoon was there only one of each because he said Charmander had a great art so that means like a singular Charmander but unless it has been like the one they focused on it was ashes Yeah,

Nick 30:14
so you in the Pokemon games are right.

Kalvin 30:17
I know how that I can kind of I mean, I would play like 15 minutes of this every three weeks or something. So yeah, I don’t know fully how they work but I did have my own save file that I would always go back to

Nick 30:31
just walk over to them and be like, give me that pitch. I’m playing Pokemon

Kalvin 30:36
churchgoer. I don’t go praise churches. Yeah. So for me it was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game.

Nick 30:45
Oh, one of the best games. Oh, man. If especially if you have people with you.

Kalvin 30:52
Oh, yeah. So we would go they had a Chucky cheese that was about an hour away from my house. And Chucky cheese sucks. Nowadays, it’s all fucking ticket games, or like these little goofy ass rides that don’t actually go anywhere. Chucky, cheese was a shit when I was a kid. And all the prizes you could get were actually worthwhile. But so it was about an hour away from our house, we would go there if we did well on our report cards. And we you know, we’d spent so many tokens between this in The Simpsons game, I would be pretty much the only stuff I play and I play some ticket games because you got to you got to walk over the price, you got to get some tickets.

Nick 31:26
Some candy. Exactly.

Kalvin 31:28
And, and so my dad, my brother, and I would all we’d all get on that together and play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for probably about half an hour straight. If we could, we’d get a couple levels in. And so we were that Nintendo that I got. We were gifted that Nintendo, and like 12 games with it. And for a long time, we only had those 12 games because that’s how it worked. Back in the day, you had your 12 games that somebody gave you. And that’s it, there was nowhere to buy more games. Because Nintendo was outdated by the time we got it Super Nintendo would come out Sega had come out. So like you couldn’t go to a store and buy Nintendo games. You couldn’t rent them from blockbuster, whatever. Other rarely knew games anywhere for Nintendo. So it was hard to learn also, what games were available at the time. I didn’t know that there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Nintendo for the longest time. You know, every once in a while, we’d go to a flea market and we would score some some pretty good games, they’d have a nice little selection. They’re not not very many good stuff. But then, one day one of my I went to one of my friend’s house and he had that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. So we would play it sometimes over there. And then he got a Super Nintendo at one point, and he gave me all his Nintendo games and included the Nintendo port of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game. And so it was so great at that point to not have to waste quarters on it. And it was still so much fun playing. We couldn’t play for players anymore, but me and my brother would just play it. And it was great,

Nick 32:51
nice friend. Yeah, what a great friend

Kalvin 32:53
that happened in the 90s. Like, somebody got new and they just gave their old shit to their friend now. Your old shit is worthless when you get something new.

Nick 33:02
Or you try to sell it for basically what you paid.

Kalvin 33:05
Yeah, I’ve got a story. I’ll talk about that in a little bit with one of my old game systems that is now just sitting on a shelf in my closet because I have literally nothing to do with it and selling it would take more time than it’s worth. So yeah, a few years ago, so I still have many of my old Nintendo games few years ago I learned there was a 30 live cheat and I finally got to play through the entire game because that was something I could never I could never get past the snow level there’s a snow level where at the end you fight like this big rat guy. Very difficult. And so I can never get past it and you only got three continues or whatever but I learned that was the 30 lives cheat just kept putting that in got all its are the game still so much fun.

Nick 33:48
Oh hell yes. cheats. cheats back in the day. Were a thing to cheat books.

Kalvin 33:53
But But yeah, you had to you either had to have a friend that knew them. Or you had to find the right book especially for Nintendo because it was outdated at the time. It was hard to find a book with them in it because they were they were already publishing like Super Nintendo cheats and Sega cheats and we’re going back to the old stuff. And I remember like at the school library that we had some like cheap books or or like video game got like kind of things that you could check out and I did that a couple times. But yeah,

Nick 34:20
sheets for the school you went to goddamn buy us for that they’d be like Get the fuck out of here. You Russian communist.

Kalvin 34:27
So let’s talk about some systems. Which systems have you owned in your lifetime? Dude, so

Nick 34:33
many are at one point in time. I’ve I own any in any? Yes. Yeah. That was my oldest sister. I own that for like all of a week. So I was like, Man, these are

Kalvin 34:49
wack. No way man those games off. He didn’t have the right games ama guy was

Nick 34:54
a pain. Come on. And yeah, it was like

Kalvin 34:58
RC RC racing group. game. Check out RC racing. But as a Nintendo

Nick 35:05
I’ve owned all the PlayStations at one point or another except for five. Nintendo 64 Gameboy gameboy color. I never had any of the handhelds have that handhelds were is probably where I spent more time gaming than on any other kind. I

Kalvin 35:22
got a Gameboy Advance when I was like 17. Finally, because me and my buddy would go, I was probably like, 15 because we go up snowboarding and the mountain was like, 45 minutes away. So I’d sit there and play Donkey Kong and NBA Jam and that those were pretty much the only games I had for it.

Nick 35:37
It was something to do. Yeah, I got my Nintendo DS. I remember. It was a pink one. But I had this girl I was dating and then we broke up and she was like, do you want those? Totally. Yeah,

Kalvin 35:49
I still have the Gameboy Advance. I need to plug it in to see if I can get some juice in it. But

Nick 35:55
yeah, oh, the Gameboy Advance SP the square one.

Kalvin 35:58
Yeah, the square one that with the little flick?

Nick 35:59
Yes. I had one of those tubes. Were some money dude. If it has the original backlight, you probably get 100 bucks at least 120

Kalvin 36:08
I’ll check that out. Because Yeah, I would take it when we go snowboarding and we’d go to a U turn. AAU tournaments for basketball. We’re always like three hours away. So that definitely gave me there was no internet. We didn’t have phones. We could play on the Gameboy.

Nick 36:21
You’d have something and back in the day. They used to have little cartridges with TV shows and movies on it. You can play on your Gameboy. Yeah, but anyway. Oh, you know all the xboxes except for the current generation. And you know, Nintendo 64 GameCube. Most recently the Nintendo Switch.

Kalvin 36:41
Did you have the Did you ever play the like the LCD handheld games that were just like these one off like x man?

Unknown Speaker 36:47
Hell yeah.

Kalvin 36:48
Yeah. Those don’t make those names. When

Nick 36:50

Kalvin 36:51
I found one so target 20 bucks. Yeah, target have the x men game and it’s not like the x men game we played when we were kids. It’s like, we’re selling you nostalgia for 20 bucks. And this game sucks.

Nick 37:05
That makes total sense. You see, we’ll get a ton of those. Oh, yeah,

Kalvin 37:07
I had I had a mortal kombat one. That was great.

Nick 37:11
Man and one that I fucking loved.

Kalvin 37:13
I had I had a football I had it was a Bo Jackson. That’s what it was. It had Oh, one side and they could flip it over and can play baseball on the other side. That was a great game to any check out eBay for some of the stuff now. Goddamnit Nick, my boy. On these LCD

Nick 37:27
trades, you can sell your Gameboy SP That’s true. You’re good to go. So

Kalvin 37:32
I had I started with the Atari 2600 I had the NAS then we jump from NAS to PlayStation no Super Nintendo no Nintendo 64 no Sega in there. Then PlayStation two PS two PS two to ps3 I had a we for a little bit. I think everybody had a we like it was a rite of passage. You had to have a week. And then we sports? Yep. absolutely had to have because you got the extra controller. That’s That’s the only reason everybody had we sports because you won the extra controller

Nick 38:02
was that and everyone had to have their own motion for we bowling? That’s true.

Kalvin 38:07
Yeah. Um, I had ps4 Nintendo Switch. And now I just got PS five like a month ago. So Oh, yeah, that was I did not buy it from scalper. I got lucky on Walmart. So yeah, that was nice.

Nick 38:24
Congrats, my man.

Kalvin 38:26
I have not really used it. Like I play ps4 Madden on it. And I play Crash Bandicoot I have not used its full potential yet. I’m gonna try and get started on the Miles Morales Spider Man game this weekend though. That doesn’t do.

Nick 38:39
Yeah. Let me know how that goes.

Kalvin 38:42
So what Adam all the systems you own? What was your favorite?

Nick 38:46
My favorite. Honestly. The original Xbox.

Kalvin 38:51
Okay. Oh, that was it’s wrong, but I’ll accept it.

Nick 38:54
Oh, hey, hey, hey, no, currently, it’s the Nintendo Switch this this is too tight it Yeah.

Kalvin 38:59
I love it switch later.

Nick 39:02
Oh, yeah. But the original Xbox was from the design. The thing was, you could kill someone with that. I for some reason. I thought that was great. It’s like, man, if I get invaded, you could kill it in the controller. Oh, the Duke.

Unknown Speaker 39:14
I remember

Nick 39:17
that. That was what I learned how to play Halo on. Yeah, that I had these tiny little fucking hands. He’s Donald Trump hands. And I hated

Kalvin 39:25
Halo on Xbox One. Because the controller was so unwieldly

Nick 39:30
on the Xbox. Yeah. Oh, the Xbox One. I get it. Yeah, original Xbox. Yeah. But the bootup sounds were fucking awesome. And I love the accessories that you can you can make it play DVDs and stuff. Like I thought that was so cool. You had to have attachments and shit, but they weren’t.

Kalvin 39:51
Well, so and that’s why you’re wrong with Xbox because PS two is clearly the right answer. You got the most bang for the buck. You didn’t need an accessory to play DVDs. It just did it straight out of the box. You could get the network adapter on there. You could you could get the multitap you get four players on there, which I know Xbox see that’s the Xbox didn’t need the multitap or the network adapter that stuff or memory cards, because

Nick 40:13
I had no in the original

Kalvin 40:15
Yeah. Second one. You could rod the Xbox, which was impressive. Did you have any friends that ever did that? I did. But he was a modern mentor and a bunch of games and played pretty much every fucking game he could

Nick 40:28
want for like, maybe three or four minutes apiece. No, I had four or five games but they were ssfs tricky.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
Oh, great

Nick 40:38
snowboard. Love that fucking game noon in summer about Xbox exclusive games back in the day. They just had great soundtracks. They all did. It’s so weird.

Kalvin 40:49
I yeah, I’m with the I think that generation was probably the the most complete generation in video games, you had the most games for ps4 and Xbox at that time, you know, I’ll still go back and play those games. The ps3 was backwards compatible Xbox, obviously, it couldn’t be backwards compatible, because there was nothing backwards of Xbox yet. So I go back and play on my ps1 games. If I wanted to, you could do the DVDs on it. And I think that was the biggest selling point of the PS two because when PS two came out, DVD players were like 100 bucks on their own. And so now you get the player and the games system for the price of one. You can just do whatever you want. It was great. PS two. Still have one. It’s awesome.

Nick 41:26
It’s it. They’re great systems. My eye broke

Kalvin 41:30
so many ps3 controllers though.

Nick 41:33
Oh, yeah.

Kalvin 41:34
They were only 24 so I was like, fucking

Nick 41:36
mad cat. No, I

Kalvin 41:38
would always get the DualShock I had one mad cats for a while but like I play NBA Live and I was so good at NBA Live that anytime one little thing would go wrong. I just fucking rocket my controller gets across the room. I was a freshman in college. I had a job and I had a student loan. So school was paid for with the student loan. So all my job money was my money. So yeah, I had no problem going find more controllers. I probably broke like 10 in my freshman year.

Nick 42:05
God damn, I bet they do to GameStop loved you. He’s like my man, Calvin.

Kalvin 42:10
cross the road. So I just go to Walmart. So what do you remember that a big part of video gaming in the 90s was you had your system and you had your set of games. But your friends, they had a different system and a different set of games a lot of time. So what do you like? Where’s that nostalgia hit of you going to your friend’s house and playing different games, different systems? Or did this for you?

Nick 42:35
Maybe it did. I had a couple friends. I actually experienced Halo for the first time at a buddy’s house. That’s what everyone did

Kalvin 42:42
the Xbox. Nobody like nobody I’ve ever spoken to bought Halo. Right? Like it was always somebody. He always played it at your friend’s house first.

Nick 42:50
Right? His uncle lived with him and he was like 22 and smoked so much weed but he’s like, y’all got to try this. But really the game that comes the leader.

Unknown Speaker 43:00

Nick 43:02
like try this and then try this. Got an Adrianna. Yeah. Scott was not that bad of guy. But uh, excuse me. Um, my buddy Matt. He had a gamecube and had Sonic Adventure Battle to win

Kalvin 43:19
we ever played that.

Nick 43:20
Oh, man, you had little animals he took care of and the opening level has a super good soundtrack. It’s it’s super fun, but I could never like find that game pretty much anywhere because it was basically outdated by the time I just got

Kalvin 43:33
it. So GameCube was a great My friend has that system system. It wasn’t the one you wanted and like to have to spend your money on. But like I remember one of my friends had a gamecube we’d go over there we play NFL Blitz, we would play NBA Showtime, we would play. We’d play a couple of other games with him. And then in college one of my roommates had the GameCube and we’d play like the the Mario Kart Double Dash which might be the best Mario Kart game still where you could sweat like you choose two riders and you could switch between them throughout the thing. And we’d play Super Mario Strikers two which was the soccer Mario game, which was a lot of fun.

Nick 44:14
That is super solid game gamecubes underrated.

Kalvin 44:17
It really is I might have to get a game god dammit Nick stop talking me into buying systems.

Nick 44:22
Game cubes or words fucking I want to talk about handheld systems. That one had a handle built into the back of it. That was your first carry so

Kalvin 44:28
really what I need is an internal switch to come out with the GameCube throwback.

Nick 44:33
I would lose my fucking mind Dude, that is so awesome. That’s so many good games on The Cube on the cube.

Unknown Speaker 44:42
Fuck you. Pollen cube

Kalvin 44:46
$51 for a USD on on. on eBay. That’s not bad.

Nick 44:51
That’s a bad at all. I

Kalvin 44:52
myself was 22 shipping. NASA 164 for the purple one. That’s a that says it’s clean, sanitizing. He set the purple one yellow one for 240 for a purple one. console only?

Nick 45:07
I guess not. Yeah. This later brown might have to get on myself.

Kalvin 45:11
I mean, you’re gonna be in bidding wars for game cubes all night.

Nick 45:14
My wife will be so pissed. She’s like, this is 20 years old. Why are you buying this fucking awesome.

Kalvin 45:20
And then you load up Ocarina of Time and she’s right on it with you. So actually, I think my friend’s wife has a gamecube maybe she doesn’t play it. I think I liked playing Sega the most when like, first of all that absolutely. But we had the NAS so like, anytime we go to a friend’s house, they do have a Super Nintendo or Sega. And I think I like Sega more than Super Nintendo at a friend’s house. We got the the PlayStation one pretty close to when it was released. So we were on par with the kids who had in 64 already, so I never had that jealousy of like they have a better system. And I also didn’t think the N 64 was better than the ps1 I liked playing Smash Brothers and GoldenEye, but that was about it. Perfect Dark. Never played it. Road Rash. 64 is another good one. I played I love

Nick 46:09
Road Rash. ghacks

Kalvin 46:13
I think X was on PlayStation two though. I think you can play

Nick 46:17
fucking love that game. Second. Ocarina of Time was so good.

Kalvin 46:20
Sega had a lot of great games. You got Mortal Kombat like the true Mortal Kombat. You know, Super Nintendo had it but it wasn’t it wasn’t as good. The streetfighter port for Sega was better than for Super Nintendo. There was a cool Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game that I like to play NHL 94 was on there. NBA Jam was on there. Battletoads Sonic? all this great stuff that Sega had it had everything you could want. Really?

Nick 46:44
It just had more buttons to

Kalvin 46:46
it. Just one more. Just one more button. No. No had more buttons. No way. Yeah. Sega had ABC and the triggers Super Nintendo had the triggers and a B x y.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Oh, it did? Yeah.

Kalvin 47:00
So Suck it, Nick.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
And you suck it suck. Jurgen.

Kalvin 47:08
So have you ever had any trouble getting your hands on a system? Man The only what’s your like best memory of getting your hands on a system where it was like I finally did this.

Nick 47:19
So this will be a two fold story. What they’re getting my switch. Okay, that was a that one was a bitch because they just didn’t have any in my city forever. And all the game stops within 50 miles said they were out of stock. Same with Walmart, Target etc. And I went in there and I was just like, hey, by chance you have any you know, switches I can preorder. He’s like, I got one of the back actually. Like, did we get that shit? But like my first big purchase

Kalvin 47:48
the snitch? Come on, man. Golden Snitch. Yeah,

Nick 47:52
there you go. Hey, oh, but my first like, purchase and buy Oh, my first system I bought for myself was my original Xbox after I played Halo. Because at the time I mowed yards for money in my neighborhood. So I went to my buddy’s house and I played Halo. The very next day I went to every one of my finger gun clients, you know, on finger gun. And when I went and told all of them I was like so my dad’s a weatherman and he said it’s supposed to rain for the next two weeks straight so I need to mow your lawn today. And either they are ridiculously stupid and bought it or they’re just like man, this kid’s he needs some cash money. And I earned enough money in that one day to go buy an Xbox. I remember going to

Kalvin 48:36
I like to say they’re all really stupid.

Nick 48:39
One of them had a dog that funny story is will be quick. The kid that undercut me and price for this lady she had a pitbull and it the first week he mowed her grass it got out and attacked him. Not funny. Not funny at all. is pretty funny. I fucking hated that kid. He’s an asshole. cocksucker Gary, you bitch if you ever hear this fuck you reverse shattering homecare

the derryberry douchebag I’m sure he’ll hear. If you by chance. Listen to this. fuck up. Anyway,

Kalvin 49:16
I was wondering how many people like from my past that I’ve offended and like what if I ever hear this? But like called out?

Nick 49:23
Yeah. Fuck you all.

Kalvin 49:26
book you bitches. Get back then. It was didn’t want me. It was all on me. I’m looking at cable again. Sorry. Yeah, that’s good. Got your money up. I think when we got the PSU we were like working. We were like doing umpiring stuff in the summer and things like that. But I don’t think we bought it with our own money. Maybe we split it, but I think we got it for Christmas. For me, I’ve never had any trouble like the getting my switch was pretty much the exact opposite of what you went through. Cuz I got it in probably 2018 it was, it was probably six months to a year after it had come out. So like, There’s no rush for any of them. They’re not sold out anymore. I was just in Walmart and I’m looking around. I’m like, I’ve been bored a lot lately. Let me get a switch. My daughter was there with me. I’m like, this is gonna take a minute which games look cool. And we got Mario Kart, and maybe Mario Tennis. I don’t know if it would come out yet. But yeah, Mario Kart and smash brothers. I think were the two I got right away.

Nick 50:31
So let me casually drop 450.

Unknown Speaker 50:34

Unknown Speaker 50:36
That mean, that’s just like,

Kalvin 50:38
I don’t know that my second daughter had been born yet. Maybe she had I don’t think she had yet. So yeah. Money for days. Yeah, for 400 days. But the only thing really, that’s been close to a crisis of the PS five crisis that we’re still in the midst of. But I wasn’t like really chomping at the bit to get a PS five. I was just kind of sitting here. And it was like, I would check probably once a week to see if any of the stores had them. And it was funny. I was on Reddit and somebody was on the I think it was the gaming subreddit. Somebody was bitching about how the bots and the scalpers buy up all the PS fives before anyone even gets a chance, right? And they’re like I was on there told me to refresh, I refresh, refresh 100 times. And they’re all gone before I can even refresh and I’m like, oh, check to see if any of my stores have them while I’m reading this guy pitching. So I go on, I go into target, nothing. GameStop nothing Best Buy nothing. I get to Walmart. And I click on it. And it’s like 357 or something. It’s like, we’ll be in stock at 402. I’m like, Oh, I’m just gonna sit here for five minutes. Okay, I sat refreshed a couple times. And like it’s still said the same time inside and forward to the inside for to sign I’m like, Okay, I’m just gonna sit here. Wait, literally, when it turns 402. I’m going to hit refresh. And I did and I checked out my got it. And boom, it was like it was easy. But again, I haven’t gotten the full potential of it yet. Like I said, I play ps4 version of Madden and Crash Bandicoot four, which was technically built for ps4. But it includes some PS five functionality with the triggers and stuff like the adaptive triggers, but it’s not like it’s not the super deep thing. And that’s why I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get one I know I don’t really have that much time to really dive into it. But you know, when it shows up on your doorstep like that, you gotta you got to grab it.

Nick 52:29
Fuck yeah, I mean, it’ll probably be in its prime in another year or two.

Kalvin 52:33
Yeah, exactly. This shit takes time. Well, that and then by then there’ll be really releasing the ps4 Pro, which is I never buy the like pro versions. I just get the original version and right, I’m not a pro. The Pro version doesn’t do anything for me.

Nick 52:48
I really am frugal.

Kalvin 52:50
It took me every ounce of restraint to not write on that guy to like brag on my guys post of like, hey, seeing this made me go look to see if anywhere in stock around me and I happen to get one Haha,

Nick 53:03
bitch. And she bit some more.

Kalvin 53:07
But yeah, I didn’t do that. My first big purchase was the ps3. I remember it very vividly. I was my sophomore year college, late 2006. I went back to my parents house for Christmas break and I was working at the bike shop that I used to work for my freshman year. So like that whole Christmas break. I worked there pretty much every day. All sudden done. I made like 600 bucks over the month or whatever. And I’m driving back from my parents to school. And I’m just like, Fuck, I just got paid $600 again, student loans exist. I’m gonna go by ip ps3 stopped at Walmart on my way back. Got it. Got it set up. My roommates weren’t gonna be back for a couple days. So I had some time I got resistance and mad no seven. Oh, yeah.

Nick 53:50
Resistance the fall of man.

Kalvin 53:53
Yeah, resistance was pretty good. I don’t think I ever made it all the way through. But Madden oh seven was very bad for ps3.

Nick 53:59
Oh, yeah. That’s probably a Yeah, they

Kalvin 54:01
didn’t they didn’t make it for ps3. So it wasn’t all the way there. Very, it was great to have that autonomy over a purchasing decision where I’m just like, I have this money. I’m going to go spend and buying from Walmart, in hindsight was a bad idea. Because there’s a recall on the system from the period of time that I bought it like that six months after release, there was a recall on any of the ones that were released within that month. And Walmart doesn’t register, anything that you buy from them, so they don’t inform you of recalls. So about a month after the factory warranty was up, I got the red light of death had to send it in to get fixed that cost $150 and it took like two or three tries for them to actually get it right. lost some digital purchases and like saved progress in the process of all that. But I did get a few extra years of life out of it, which was great because that I still had the first gen ps3 and that was backwards compatible. So I didn’t have to have PS two ps1 anymore. I could do everything there. But then Probably about three years after that I got red ring again. And at that point it was just easier to go out like it was cheaper. I think the PS like the slim ps3 was like 100 bucks so it was easier to just go get that then to try and get it refurbished again.

Nick 55:16
Yeah, the cheap end up pretty quick.

Kalvin 55:17
Well, the ps4 I think the ps4 was less than a year from coming out to when when that happened, so I knew I was gonna get a ps4, but I also could not play video games for however long that period of time was. I need it. Yeah. I’m a single man with no children in my early 20s. Yeah, I need video games.

Nick 55:35
Fuck yeah.

Kalvin 55:38
So yeah, that was a lot of fun to like, have that opportunity to just be like, yeah, I’m gonna buy it and not have to go you know, lie to people that my dad’s a weatherman and that they should pay me because I need to mow their lawn today.

Nick 55:49
Dude, I was like, 12 man fucking kiss my ass. I think that was showed some ingenuity. I advanced seven adults that they needed to pay me on the spot to cut their grass that mostly didn’t need it. And they did. x.

Kalvin 56:07
So let’s talk about games.

Nick 56:10
What, oh,

Kalvin 56:12
let’s talk about your favorite best game most well made games that you have played and like to play.

Nick 56:18
A best game the most well made, I gotta specify that.

Kalvin 56:23
Yeah, those are different. Those are different.

Nick 56:24
I have one game did is very specific. And that’s the last of us. Okay, that is the most well made game I have ever experienced. I won’t disagree, but I didn’t like playing it.

Kalvin 56:38
I adored right click with it.

Nick 56:41
See, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the subtlety of the story. And I can talk for days about the last of us. But by far it was the most polished because I got the remastered version on ps4. So your most polished visually stunning tight story, great characters, the whole nine it was just the best game I’ve ever played.

Kalvin 57:01
That’s a I’ve got a few here. And I’ll try to move through them quickly. Spider Man two for PS holds up extremely well. And it’s incredibly deep for when it was released. It was revolutionary. Absolutely. The open world of New York was so amazing that the soundtrack in the back of it from the movie was really good. There’s just so much that went into it. And that you had the side quests, everything like that I put Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for in this category of really well made. And the reason I kind of come back to this time period is this was when developers were smashing as much content as they possibly could into their games with side missions, unlockable content. Everything was there. And it was really to me it was the best of times in video gaming.

Nick 57:46
He just got more bang for your

Kalvin 57:47
buck. You’d think you’d beat the game and then boom, all of a sudden, they’re like two new worlds to explore 10 extra missions each. Like there’s all this extra stuff. Spider Man was that way Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater four was that way Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare two are very well made games. I think just you got to throw in how great the multiplayer of those games were on top of the great campaign at least Modern Warfare one had a great campaign Modern Warfare two was a little slack on it because they focus more on multiplayer. Right. And they developers still this is ps3, they hadn’t quite figured out that they could microtransactions to death yet. They weren’t there.

Nick 58:24
They just didn’t think that was possible, right? They didn’t think people will keep doing

Kalvin 58:27
and people have and that’s why it still happens. But I think the last thing I want to mention is the first three Arkham games so Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham wars are already origins, not

Nick 58:40
keto, vitamin C, which

Kalvin 58:43
for those are the most modern, you know, what I’ve named, and just the fighting style is so great. And the world in each is incredibly deep and infinitely explorable. Just even like Arkham Asylum where you’re in the asylum and just that little space outside of it. There’s so much to explore in there, and then each game expanded on its predecessors in some meaningful way. And that’s where Arkham Knight kind of falls flat is the stuff that got added to Arkham Knight fell very shoehorned in and it forced you into playing with like the batmobiles and doing shit like that and not like that. It wasn’t the best way to do things always but they’re like, No, we design this new thing you fucking do it. Alright, whatever.

Nick 59:18
grapple places with your giant tank.

Kalvin 59:21
Yeah. The upgrade system and all the Arkham games works really well. ton of challenges and side missions to come to do you’ve got all of like that you can play with the other bat family members when you’re doing some of those challenges and things it’s it never really got stale.

Nick 59:38
Now I can those have pretty close to infinite replayability Yeah, at least to Arkham Asylum. Arkham City to an extent Arkham Knight not so much.

Kalvin 59:47
Origins is oranges tougher because the orange origins I don’t know why I keep calling it oranges.

Nick 59:53
I don’t know either. Calvin

Kalvin 59:54
origins is pretty good too. I think that one the world got too big for itself. And they hadn’t figured out how to get you around the world was city was good was a little bit better because the world was smaller so you could kind of traverse it a little bit easier. And then I think with origins into Arkham Knight, they’re like, Oh, it’s too hard to get around the city. Let’s give you a fucking Batmobile. But then they did too. They messed up.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
They took a too far.

Kalvin 1:00:19
I so let’s talk about our favorite games. I got a few here again. So if you’ve only got one you want me to go first? Or do you have more than one?

Nick 1:00:28
I have. I only want to talk about one. And that is mostly encompassing a series so you can take take it for what it’s worth. Halo Combat Evolved 100% my favorite game I love playing it. It’s the shit. The story behind it. I have probably 25 Halo books. I have a literal desktop cabinet full of Halo, you know, accessories.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
And Halo.

Nick 1:01:01
Yeah, yeah, I got a couple of I got the Master Chief. One of those that came out. I have two helmets. I have the whole I get it all man, favorite game of all time of Halo Combat Evolved. I can play it any day of the week.

Kalvin 1:01:16
I’ll give you that along that line. Mine is Crash Bandicoot. Specifically, Crash Bandicoot. Two is my favorite of them all. Crash Bandicoot. One is very, very complicated. Crash Bandicoot. Four is very, very complicated. I spent so I just played got to play a level earlier. You get there’s kind of challenges within each level and Crash Bandicoot for and you get gems for completing the different challenges. And one of the challenges on every level is to die less than three times. So as last level I did I died 62 times a day. I did not get that gem. So yeah, like it’s very challenging. But it’s sometimes it’s fun, challenging in a fun way. And other times it’s just like you desert you over design this level. And it’s it’s too hard to do the thing that you’re supposed to do correctly. But it shows Crash Bandicoot two was my first modern favorite game and I could play that game for hours at a time and never get bored. I still could. It’s endlessly fun, easy to pick up and play no real learning curve. It’s jump spin slide. Very simple. The platform is really easy to get used to the levels aren’t very complicated in Crash Bandicoot to some of them get a little challenging but for the most part you can do them all pretty easily. So that that’s always my like, if I just need to go back to something that makes me feel good. It’s that that’s a great pic. Then they fucked it up on the remaster because they used some of the remaster for crash one and crash two, they use the crash three control scheme. And it doesn’t work with the level design on crash one and crash two. So it’s very, it’s more complicated than it should be. I watched this whole thing on why the remaster doesn’t feel right. to people who aren’t used to playing the originals. I guess. They never do. No. Tony Hawk Pro Skater four gets a mention here as a favorite game. That’s another one I could just drop into any time. I think it really perfected the skateboarding physics, especially for the time and everything just worked. Endless cheat codes you can put into do a lot of cool shit, which is always fun. I love Tony Hawk Pro Skater for worlds we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
pretty big.

Nick 1:03:26
Okay, love and affection for those great soundtrack

Kalvin 1:03:29
on all the Tony Hawk games Really?

Nick 1:03:32
For real that first one. So that chip was poppin

Kalvin 1:03:36
and then this is my most outrageous pick, but I always have to mention it Star Wars Episode One Jedi power battles on ps1. It’s an A never it’s an objectively terrible game. But it’s also the first Star Wars game to do lightsaber combat Well, it by today’s standards, it’s not done well. But by at the time it was and I was always gonna pick a lightsaber Star Wars game over any other type of Star Wars game and you kind of just it’s one of those games where you just play through the movie through episode one. As you got five characters you can start off with the surface quag on Obi Wan Mace Windu Adi gallia in Plo Koon who are not even really in episode one but they’re they’re kind of off to the side

Nick 1:04:20
in the council sure

Kalvin 1:04:20
yeah. And even barely in that and so like the first time we got this we’re like Who the fuck are these two but it really is great cuz she’s super fast and flow Coons great cuz he’s really powerful but also super slow. The levels are they’re pretty easy to maneuver. You can unlock more character you can play Darth Maul. If you win with quagga and he can play as Padma you can play as one of the like the flight captains like they’re because each each beating it with each person unlocks another person you can play with which was always great about ps1 ps two games is beating the game unlocked something new. Always. That doesn’t happen. That’s

Nick 1:05:00
So you get that replayability Yeah,

Kalvin 1:05:02
the biggest problem was with the lightsaber combat, and theoretically it works perfectly. But it absolutely does not work perfectly in practice. And like when I first got the game in the late 90s, it didn’t matter because it was all I knew. And he got used to the muscle memory of it, but like when I go back to it now, it’s extremely frustrating. how bad the timing of everything with the lightsaber is. It’s very bad.

Nick 1:05:24
I know how that goes, dude.

Kalvin 1:05:26
There’s no better classic

Nick 1:05:27
games. Yeah,

Kalvin 1:05:28
there’s no better experience though, than fighting against Darth Maul. While duel. The fates plays on the soundtrack behind you. And this is the only game you can do it in. It’s fantastic. Devin. Yep, that’s the one. All right.

Nick 1:05:41
That’s that be it.

Kalvin 1:05:42
So final category here in the games. What is the most fun game you’ve ever played? Because I think fun is different from favorite and best because I think with fun, it’s something like crazy taxi where it’s really fun to play, but you play for like 20 minutes every once in a while. It’s not something that you go back to every day, or anything like that. But it’s really fun for that short amount of time you’re playing it.

Nick 1:06:02
I have an easy one. And that’s World of Warcraft. Okay. Well, I’ve also played this game in a very short capacity. I remember my sophomore year of high school. I was on spring break, which at the time was two weeks. And I did not leave my house one time. Not once Calvin. I sat at my computer and I played World of Warcraft for two fucking weeks. I went from level 12 to level 80. And you’ve got a shit. I had a problem. I could not stop playing it. Even now I could go back and play World of Warcraft for days. I don’t know why it’s gotten very repetitive. But that was just my shit. funnest game the most fun I ever had was playing that game.

Kalvin 1:06:47
That’s that’s fair. I’m sorry. We do have more categories in the game section. But that point of order here crazy tax is not my answer a lot of fun but but not the Grand Theft Auto three through whatever the ps4 Xbox versions were all of those ones that stretch of like four games in a row. Where like you could play the mission. But that’s not what anyone did. We all just went in put in every cheat code we can find and then just tear the city up for like an hour. Yeah, get as many stars as you can. And then you put in the cheat to reduce all your stars and then start over the head of the controller to the next guy. endlessly entertaining with Grand Theft Auto rampage. Another one on the old arcades at your play rampage.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
Oh, fuck yeah.

Kalvin 1:07:26
So much fun to just waste like 20 minutes punching buildings. I introduced my six year old to this a few weeks ago because we’ve got to stand up arcade that you know is legal adjacent. And got some games on there. rampage is one of them. Like she could have sat there for weeks playing that game if I would have let her.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
That’s hilarious, dude. It’s I

Kalvin 1:07:45
mean, it’s so simple, dude. joystick. Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch, jump on the building. Punch, punch, punch, punch. Punch. Very

Nick 1:07:51
good. That building down.

Kalvin 1:07:52
Yeah. Oh, the building fell. And like because it’s in our garage. Don’t need quarters. Your guy dies. You just hit that button again to insert the metaphorical quarter and you’re back at it. You’re good to go. And Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater gets one last mention here. Everything is fun. And Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Nick 1:08:10
I 100% agree with that.

Kalvin 1:08:13
So what’s the worst game you’ve ever played? On the other side of the coin?

Nick 1:08:16
Ah, man, the worst game I’ve ever played. was honestly anthem. That game was stupid as fuck. I was really really hyped up for it. But when I first got it, I mean, honestly, I played a total of probably 25 minutes and traded this game and I was that disappointed that? That upset with it? And I’ll leave it at that. It’s really it’s just not tight. I mean, we have people I know for days about it.

Kalvin 1:08:48
I agree with you. Mine is NBA Live 14. And I can have fun playing almost any game, especially sports games are really easy usually to pick up and get used to. I bought NBA Live 14 when I bought my ps4. And I was super excited for it. Because I played NBA Live growing up and then it got canceled for you a few years because the 2k games were so much better and they just couldn’t keep up. Yeah. Oh yeah. But I stuck with NBA Live as long as I could until they literally stopped making it then I switched over to 2k and I was just I was so good at NBA Live from like, oh 6209 which is another reason I started I didn’t want to switch to K because the controls were different. So I was like No, I’m just gonna stick with me allowed me to go down with the ship because I’m so fucking good at it. So I bought a ps4 nama live 14 the first year it came back, I invited my brother over to play with me. We got through half of the game of like basketball games, probably eight minute quarter or something like that got through half. I said fuck it. took it back to GameStop traded in I paid 60 bucks for it like not even an hour ago. When three hours I’m back. They gave me 30 bucks for it because I had opened it I was okay with that trade off, because that’s how bad wine was like that. You couldn’t you couldn’t get your players to move in the right direction passes would just go all over the place as possible impossible to get around defenders or they just like practically didn’t exist. Either. They’d be a brick wall that you couldn’t get past, or they’re mostly non existent. It was the weirdest thing in the world. It just goes, Yeah, everything that happens in a basketball game didn’t work correctly. That makes total sense. So I talked that $30 up as a sunk cost and bought NBA 2k 14 with what was left over and we came home and started playing that instead, it was a much better experience.

Nick 1:10:34
So I’m talking about Oh, fuck, yeah,

Kalvin 1:10:37
yeah. I’ve never experienced anything like that, where there’s just zero redeeming qualities. You know, I’ve played bad games, but there’s usually something and say, Well, this, you know, this isn’t fun for me, but I’m sure someone else would like it. You know, I

Nick 1:10:49
actually have a runner up. Okay. Now you say that line. And I’m gonna go with destiny. I was hyped as Dude, I was hired to ship Peter Dinklage was like your little your little dude. Yeah. It was so broken when I first started playing it and just such a grind.

Kalvin 1:11:06
Yeah, it was a grind grind. That’s that that that was a big problem in the like, what was that about? 2013 to 2016 is they just they so we’re right after everything? Yeah, we’re gonna make you grind and grind is so fucking annoying because I just wanted to play and and then they had the the always online aspect of it where like, you’re constantly bumping into other people or like trying to join other people’s missions. Like No, I just want to play through my omissions. I don’t want to get on a team of four people.

Nick 1:11:34
Fuck them. They suck. They’re

Kalvin 1:11:36
what I want. I played a Finding Nemo game one time for PS two. And it was basically just the same level and mechanics over and over again. And even that I’m like, Okay, this is a kids game. That’s fine.

Nick 1:11:47
Right. I will play this. Yeah,

Kalvin 1:11:49
I’ve also got to give a river shout out to Death Stranding. This is my runner up here.

Nick 1:11:53
Oh, yeah, dude, I played like a couple hours that gave fuck.

Kalvin 1:11:56
So you played a couple hours, meaning you watch the fucking hour and a half long movie leading into it and then got to walk around for 20 minutes.

Nick 1:12:03
That’s exactly what happened.

Kalvin 1:12:04
That’s exactly literally an hour of cutscenes. And opening credits with very little minimal user input and the user input you can do. You have to walk from like one place to find a cave, that you have no idea how to get there or where to go. It’s it’s very you’re not actually playing the game. You’re just it. And

Nick 1:12:23
it’s an interactive.

Kalvin 1:12:24
Yeah. And once you get into the game, it’s just a walking simulator. It’s it’s the video game equivalent of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Nick 1:12:31
That’s pathetic.

Kalvin 1:12:32
It looks beautiful, but you’re just walking and walking and walking. I had rented that one from Redbox. And I sat there same thing like two hours and barely got into a single mission. I’m like, Okay, this is going back. This is fucking terrible. And did you notice? I think this was done in part as like a troll move, but had Hideo kijima. His name appeared on screen at least 50 times within that first hour.

Nick 1:12:55
I did not know that. Yeah, so

Kalvin 1:12:56
the credits are gone this whole time and Hideo kijima, his name just keeps popping up on the screen over and over again, written by directed by cutscenes. Like, you know, whatever they could attribute to him they did. So I guess there was this big issue with Metal Gear Solid five, where he wasn’t credited correctly or something like that. There’s this whole big thing with the studio about it. So when he released this game under his own company, he purposely put his name all over it, but to me, it was very distracting.

Nick 1:13:25
It’s like, Dude, chill out.

Kalvin 1:13:27
Yeah, absolutely. We get it, we get emails. So if I can get it, we’ve talked about about what makes games or why we like games, but in your mind, what makes or breaks the game. What makes it good or bad?

Nick 1:13:39
completeness, I think that is the defining factor. That’s good. If you can get a game that’s at least complete, playable. By and by complete. I mean, it’s playable. You get all of the content in said game. I mean, expansion passes that add to the overall story. That’s cool. But as long as I want

Kalvin 1:13:57
to add something on to it not like right, here’s half the story. We’ll get to the rest of the month.

Nick 1:14:03
No, 100% and I mean, that is make or break in my opinion. That

Kalvin 1:14:07
was that was the big problem with anthem, right? Is it what the full game wasn’t there to begin with?

Nick 1:14:12
No, it was just it felt incomplete. Yeah, it was like playing. It was like, okay, it was like having, say I had just use Photoshop. And I was fluent with Photoshop. I’m great with it. And I enjoy using that’s my preference. But then someone takes away my Photoshop and hands me MS Paint and says, this is all you get to use. Now I did this have at it. Right? make this look lifelike. That’s what it felt like.

Kalvin 1:14:44
For me. It’s replayability is this? Is this game still fun to play after I’d beaten the straightforward campaign. Is there more to do after that campaign? Can I play with my friends in some way that’s different than just playing by myself. And I think that’s why with a lot of this, like Go back to ps3 games, because PS two and Xbox games, that was the time of just endless replayability everything they could smash in that they did, the more times they could get you to pop their disk. And the better the game was because no one wants to either now or back then wants to spend 40 to $60 to play game one time for a few hours, and then have it sit on a shelf.

Nick 1:15:21
You know, it just wasn’t that wasn’t gonna work.

Kalvin 1:15:24
Yeah, and I don’t care if the game looks shitty, or it has bad mechanics, as long as I can have fun playing it over and over again, like, I’ll be there. And that’s like Jedi power battles is that it’s not the best looking game. It doesn’t have the best mechanics, but I’ve always had fun playing it. But if I play through your game, and I never want to pick it up again, you’ve done a bad job. But if I play through your game all the way and I want to pick it back up again next week to see what else I can do or just to start the campaign over. You’ve made a good game. That that’s that’s that simple. That’s

Nick 1:15:55
a great point. That’s a fucking great point. I like that. I’m gonna adopt that as like a one a for myself. Okay, go for it.

Kalvin 1:16:02
So let’s talk about our biggest surprises we’ve ever seen in the gaming world. What What do you What’s your first when it’s like, Whoa, I couldn’t believe that happened.

Nick 1:16:12
Man, uh, my first one it was that way was okay, so you play you were an arcade game kid, too. Oh, yeah. I spent a lot of time in the arcade here in town called Aladdin’s castle.

Kalvin 1:16:27
The first time the castle?

Nick 1:16:29
Aladdin’s castle Gothic castle? Yeah, that one? The garlic bread? Yeah. But the biggest surprise for me was this little known Xbox game called steel battalion. Where? Oh, man, the controller was 200 bucks. But it was like a full fucking loadout controller where you control this mech, and is fully interactive and stuff like that. And I just that was the most amazing thing to me when I was younger. And I stood I save so hard for that game, and I broke it in maybe 18 minutes. I didn’t really break it. It was more like I had a Capri Sun and my cat was there and I hit on it. It’s always my cat’s fault. But that was a huge surprise to me in the time because I just did not realize how advanced It was like I always looked at games is very rudimentary it’s you walk from A to B you fight. Yeah, right. And this was just so above and beyond I couldn’t believe that they could achieve that at the time. And now that I look back on it, it’s like man, this is wack wack as fuck.

Kalvin 1:17:40
For me it was the we just everything about the way I can’t believe how well the we sold and still continues to sell based solely on a great system. You can pretend to bowling golf with your friends family on the couch. They

Nick 1:17:53
had a shit ton a great game

Kalvin 1:17:54
they really did. I had away for a while. Like I said I sold it about two years ago on eBay for 150 bucks. And so I just retired my ps3 when I got the ps ps five because I don’t have a TV for the ps3 anymore. And I don’t have any like ps3 exclusive games, except ncaa football 14. Gonna have that forever, because they’re not making it anymore. It may come back, there’s hints that it may come back in for 22. That would be good. be tight. I can’t imagine that I could sell the ps3 for $150 if I tried to. I don’t think it was 350 for it. Yeah, exactly. Nobody.

Nick 1:18:31
I gotta give a shout out to the week because they’re like, indestructible that shirt I dropped the one down a flight of 22 stairs down and it’s still worked.

Kalvin 1:18:41
I’ve got my shoulder pen and I’m looking at prices so 90 bucks for 170 for one but they have like 100 fucking games with it. $100 to controllers GameCube games were so cute. Do 33 now Yeah, I don’t think so. Yeah, it looks like for just the system 62 maybe 100 bucks.

Nick 1:19:05
That name but

Kalvin 1:19:06
no, but like I said, a we two years ago 150. And that was like an easy I just, I set the price to sell it not to like get a bidding war or anything like that. But but the we worked like that everything about it worked. Like you said, My roommates and I we’d play all of those eSports games, we’d really compete in them too. It wasn’t just like passive like, we would try and get the best golf score. We try and get 18 and golf would try and get 300. And in Bowling, we all had our little tricks that we would do with the controller to get the ball just right every time. You know, my parents had one and we’d play together on holidays and stuff is a party so they brought people together, they found the perfect way to involve everyone in gaming by making it as simple as possible for as many people as possible. You had two buttons in most of the things worked with with motion. That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
I loved it.

Kalvin 1:19:57
I think the only audience they really missed was the hardcore for gamers, there wasn’t much there for them. Because the two buttons system, you can’t get these deep complicated games, like on other systems, because there’s only so much you can do with two buttons and the motion, it doesn’t work for like intense fighting games or first person shooters, right? So you’re stuck there. And now now with the switch, I think they’ve bridged that gap a little bit. And they have, you know, they got more buttons, but still the motion controllers. And the problem with the switch now is that some developers will overcomplicate their games, because they have more buttons to play around with. So games that should be simple and just use kind of like just a little bit of motion, maybe one button, they try to do too much, and use all these motion and button combos, and it doesn’t work.

Nick 1:20:42
Right. And I haven’t experienced much of that on the switch yet, just because I’ve only played seriously like three games. Yeah, which is all games I’ve played before the Mario 3d Smash Bros, and Bioshock, right.

Kalvin 1:20:56
And none of those are anything where they’re trying to combine. So Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is one, my daughter and I play. And Mario Tennis does it to a little bit of an extent. But like on Mario and Sonic, at the Olympics, you can choose in a lot of the events, you can choose just motion or just buttons, which that part’s fine. But then there’s some events like the like the floor gymnastics, you have to use a combination of motion, and buttons. And it’s never just a simple motion control. Like you have to do the super complicated thing. And push like four buttons at the same time, like a four button combination at the same time. And like so my kids try to play it, they have to try and figure out that correct motion and the button combination, and they can’t do it because it’s too complex. And like, I can’t even do it on that I try and like I’m pretty good at video games and can figure these things out at night. Like I have not figured out how to do the floor exercise gymnastics thing and actually get it right. So like in my mind, if you’re gonna use motion, just use motion and if you’re gonna use the buttons, just use the buttons. Don’t try and do this thing where you’re smashing as many convoluted control mechanics into one thing.

Nick 1:22:05
Yeah, that’s fair. I mean, it’s not I don’t even want to get on that. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:22:12
It if kids are supposed to be your main audience Don’t make it too complicated for them. Is my point.

Nick 1:22:17
Yeah, pretty much. Seems like an easy fucking thing to to do. But hey,

Kalvin 1:22:22
yeah. So let’s talk about what the studios have done. Like how have they hurt games or characters in games? Things like that. Oh, fuck. Go ahead. I don’t have much on this. So you got it.

Nick 1:22:39
I’ll be pretty quick with it. Um, let’s see here. 343 Industries you fuck. You ruin the Halo franchise. Suck my fucking Wang with Halo five.

Kalvin 1:22:52
All right. So how did they ruin it? Like what? What?

Nick 1:22:55
How did they ruin it? I don’t like the game. With a Do you played Halo? Right? No.

Kalvin 1:23:02
I played Halo two multiplayer like that. And I played some Halo three, like I got a halo person.

Nick 1:23:09
So you know, masterchief is the main, your main protagonist. You played some levels as the arbiter. In previous games with this one. They framed it with Halo five, they framed it as masterchief did something bad he killed a bunch of dignitaries, and Sergeant Locke, this other fourth generation Spartan has to catch him and bring him in. So he’s basically a bounty hunter. Okay. There was like a podcast that that went into this that had Keegan Michael key in it and stuff like that. It was pretty big. And the advertising was fantastic. And then they had the game as eight levels of you playing a sergeant Locke Who is the most Oh, he had a TV show to who’s the most boring vanilla character I’ve ever fuckin played. And so Opie, he comes in beats chief in a fistfight. Basically, they were just trying to do way too much. And they totally fucked Halo. Halo infinite was supposed to be released with the launch of the newest Xbox. And it’s been laid off an entire year. So this is seven years they’ve been working on this game now. I think that just gives credit to the fact that they totally screwed the pooch. With Halo five they did a pretty solid job with Halo four.

Kalvin 1:24:31
I would have to shut down it like take several years to redo your whole sequel. That’s that’s a problem.

Nick 1:24:38
Oh man, they they they lost their identity entirely. They had a perfect map made by Bungie to make a series of games that were fucking fantastic. They had the money, the technology and the talent. And they screwed the fucking pooch trying to reinvent the wheel. Fuck them.

Kalvin 1:24:57
I’m gonna go back to it because I I stick very closely to things I’m comfortable with. And so I don’t like branch out to see a lot of these things where, you know, they just destroy things, but I’m gonna go back to the Arkham games and Arkham Knight specifically. I don’t think they ruined Batman by any means, but I think they ruined a lot of the fun of the game by the way, they use the Batmobile, because introducing the Batmobile was really cool to get around this time. That was awesome. But because they included it, they forced you to use the Batmobile to plead all these missions that it would have been way easier just to do as Batman. Like and you’d have to use it to get Riddler trophies, and you’d have to use it in these stupid races. And it’s just like, just let me drive around like they they kept shoehorning this Batmobile into every piece of the game that they could and by the end of it, it was legitimately annoying to use the Batmobile. I just I could unlock the different versions of batmobiles. And that was a really cool thing. But like I didn’t even want to drive it anymore.

Nick 1:25:58
I resented the fucking thing.

Kalvin 1:25:59
I agree. So what is the worst gaming flub in your mind?

Nick 1:26:05
I’m gonna go with cyberpunk. 2077 Yeah, it’s been around. I believe that’s and Fallout 76.

Kalvin 1:26:12
Yeah, I remember Fallout 76. I’m going bigger. Back to Nintendo, though. We you? Oh,

Nick 1:26:19
is this console you have in your closet?

Kalvin 1:26:21
No, that was the ps3 that’s in my closet. But I can tell No, I never got a Wii U and new Nintendo thought they really figured it out in like they found this new redact direction to go portable touchscreen mechanics. And it was just terrible. You know, the they tried to do it because of how quickly people started adapted, adapting to mobile gaming. And they were just, yeah, they’re just wrong. The problem was, you know, they tried to introduce this hybrid, that gave you a tablet as a controller, but you can’t play the game while you’re looking at a tablet. You. You can’t look at both the TV and this tablet and use a touchpad. Like you need that tactile feedback from the buttons. And it’s just super slow to like touch and drag things on a touchpad as your main form of input. When you can’t see what you’re touching, and you’re watching something on the screen, you know, like there’s a reason everybody with a fucking laptop gets a x external mouse. It’s because nobody likes using the little touchpad.

Nick 1:27:17
And they just they didn’t look at the pure optics of it like you as a user optically how you bring in information. Yeah, they thought of the Nintendo DS, which is a great concept and worked out well also has that will make this a console also has buttons, several of them, but it has a touchscreen with the 3ds and you know, a standard screen on top. But they’re just so close in proximity and small enough, you can get all that information at the same time, right? Whereas the way you it’s just you got to look up and down and up and down. It’s just, there’s too many very Yes,

Kalvin 1:27:52
button buttons are just more intuitive because you kind of instinctively know where they are without taking your eyes off the screen.

Nick 1:27:58
Right? If you’ve been gaming for any amount of time you figure out buttons pretty quick.

Kalvin 1:28:02
And I think they found again, they found the balance here with the switch you have a touchscreen and you can use it but you only use it in like touchscreen mode. Normally you have the the controllers on the side or controller separately. Your and or your your if you’re using the touchscreen, you’re using it on the screen you’re playing on so it’s like you’re using a phone or a tablet by itself. Right? Did you play cyberpunk 2077 or Fallout? 76?

Nick 1:28:30
I played both for about 15 minutes. Wow,

Kalvin 1:28:33
that’s that’s not good. Did you get through the opening credits in that first 15 minutes of gameplay?

Nick 1:28:40
It might have been more than 15 minutes was 76. I remember I started walking around for an indeterminate amount of time and then my character basically just glitched out and I got stuck in a fucking hole and I couldn’t figure out how to get myself out. So I was just like, you know what? The fuck this game

Kalvin 1:28:58
that happened to me in a Jedi fallen order one time, like I fell off the side of a cliff and he just kept falling infinitely.

Nick 1:29:06
It was so weird.

Kalvin 1:29:07
I was like into the game at that point and really enjoyed the game so it wasn’t like within my first hour of gameplay that is okay, fuck this if I can’t even walk off a cliff.

Nick 1:29:16
I mean, I’m first I’m just exploring this game and that goes down. And I was new to the fallout franchise for the most part. I played Fallout three a little bit. I tried it all out.

Kalvin 1:29:30
No, that was Far Cry. Sorry, different one.

Nick 1:29:33
Love Far Cry.

Kalvin 1:29:34
I tried the primal. And I didn’t like not fun. No, it was not that I dropped pretty quickly. Alright, so let’s move to what would you do? We’re going to talk about the future of gaming here, Nick, where do you see the future of gaming going? Realistically,

Nick 1:29:52
realistically, VR,

Kalvin 1:29:54
I disagree completely, but go ahead with your explanation and all refute it. We’ll have a debate.

Nick 1:30:04
Or should I say AR? So like, alternate reality is that what how they refer to augmented reality, augmented reality, I could,

Kalvin 1:30:14

Nick 1:30:15
more interactive and it’s more environmental, I think they’re gonna focus on the optics a lot more but individualize the experience. So say you’re playing a four player game. That’s all virtual for the most part. And so each person has a headset, the technology is good enough. So it’s cheap enough that four people could realistically own for virtual reality headsets in one house. And you interact with a bunch of people that brings up proximity concerns, for sure. Because you might

Kalvin 1:30:46
have a problem with VR, is I think it can be cool, but I think we’re gonna end up in the realm of 3d movies sooner rather than later.

Nick 1:30:58
Have you played VR?

Kalvin 1:30:59
I’ve tried various VR things. It’s hard for me because I get motion sickness pretty easily, especially with that. I haven’t played a good like, I haven’t played psvr or like the, the HTC Vive or whatever it’s called, or the was the one by the Facebook, the company Facebook. Oh, Oculus Oculus. Yeah. So I haven’t played like a really good one. But I’ve played enough to know that it’s just like, it’s, it seems like more of a fad to me. And I think I don’t I think it goes back to what we were talking about. I don’t think people want to mix video games and exercise that much. I think most people want to play games as a way to relax, you want to sit in your comfy chair, and look at a screen. And I think VR makes you get up and move around too much. You know, I’m not trying to say that gamers are inherently lazy, and they just never want to move. I’m trying to say for the most part, it’s not the best way to enjoy playing video games is like being up and moving. It’s it’s better passively. With a controller.

Nick 1:32:06
I mean, I suppose to a certain extent,

Kalvin 1:32:08
so that’s why that’s why I don’t think VR is gonna come and it’s too high of a price point right now also,

Nick 1:32:13
it’s very expensive.

Kalvin 1:32:15
And then the the other thing is, you still have this big goofy ass peripheral all the time, which that’s the biggest problem with 3d movies, they find a way to do these things and make them immersive without having to wear something extra, then I think it could take off.

Nick 1:32:30
I mean, that’s, that’s fair. Like I’m, it’s hard not to agree with you. I just I played a bit of virtual reality. And I think that’s the only way to take a step further in the development of gaming is to make it more immersive. Yes, yeah, you can mean it looks as beautiful. Half the shit looks in virtual realistic. You know, it’s it’s insane the quality and the depth and the detail that they can provide in video games. The storytelling is on another level for several video games, it’s still pretty subpar for the overall industry. I think that’s the next step, the next, you know, for progress when it comes to gaming.

Kalvin 1:33:12
That’s, that’s fair when I want to see and this might not be a realistic thing, I think this is just something that I want to see is better second screen capabilities, I should be able to have my phone or tablet open up to the PlayStation app or to a Games app and get extra information from the game that I’m playing. Or at least there should be an option to do like it’s not, you know, mission critical stuff. But I should be able to do some of this stuff on a second screen like in first person shooter, I should be able to look at the map or different loadouts that you can switch to without having to take up your field of vision on the screen or with like these menus and animations. For sports games, play calling substitutions would be good to be able to do on a second screen, so that you can focus more on the game of like power ups, upgrades, inventories, anything like that, I think mission statuses, I think those could all be managed on a second screen anything that you go to the pause menu and look at, I think you should be able to do from a second screen rather than having to take yourself out of the game. Does that make sense?

Nick 1:34:09
Yeah, to a certain extent, but you’d still have to take your hand off the kid, right? So

Kalvin 1:34:12
that’s where you run into a problem.

Nick 1:34:15
You can still navigate most games like the first game, when you say that, that comes to me as Bioshock just to have the

Kalvin 1:34:21
Mad man like if I have my phone to the side, like on a stand where I could look at it separately from the screen. I think that would be a good thing. Well, I

Nick 1:34:31
mean, if you can, like sit there, you’re running around you say and you got your MP five. In your hands, you’re equipped. And then you can sit there and you just got done with a firefight and you can reload all your other weapons right while you’re, you know, still playing and moving and shit like that.

Kalvin 1:34:48
Yeah, that’d be cool. I think that would be good. I think what we’re actually gonna see is kind of this return to replay ability. I think people are getting a little fed up with having half games at release. Or at least kind of DLC fueled games?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:03
Oh Most definitely.

Kalvin 1:35:04
And I like I’m fine with extras being on DLC but I think you need to relate release a full game first and then if I like it I’ll spend extra money on it you know not Yeah, here’s here’s six hours on a game but you’ve got a you’ve got to pay extra for the rest of it

Nick 1:35:21
well and not just extra but $30 random shit like that it’s just like what

the fuck out of here with that and i think

Kalvin 1:35:28
i think the DLC it should be actual extras that add to the game and I think studios are starting to realize this it’s it’s taking them probably longer than it should have to come back around to in I’m sure billions of

Nick 1:35:39
dollars of profit.

Kalvin 1:35:41
But I think take only take fine make a complete immersive game give us give us more to do at launch Madden is a really bad example of this. of they’ve just been stripping away features and features from regular gameplay, you can’t create custom uniforms or teams, you know, playbook editing and editing is somehow more complex, but also super toned down any pretty much any create an aspect of black is either completely gone or just trimmed down to where you get to pick from like six, mostly bad options. And it was the funniest part of Exactly. And that’s what everyone like I’m in this in this long term franchise that I play with some other people online and like we all want to move our teams and be able to design our uniforms and you know, build our stadiums and stuff like that. And it’s just these shitty options that you can that are pre loaded that you can choose from it’s not immersive in any way. You know, scouting is really bad and very, like simple and toned down. And, you know, it’s just there’s it, I think, what’s on the other hand Crash Bandicoot for that I’ve recently been playing is really good at this. I’m playing through the game right now all the extra skins are unlockable by playing levels and replaying the levels. There are additional side quests that you can kind of unlock as you go where you play as adjacent side characters. There is, you know, there’s just it seems like there’s depth in every level I play, it seems like there’s more and more to do that. I’m like, Oh, I got to go back and do this, I got to go back and do this. Rather than, well, I’m going to I’m going to beat the 25 levels or whatever. And then I’m just going to be done. Right and then and then once I do all that I will still be ready to like buy DLC and play more levels or more characters. You know, I’m okay with that.

Nick 1:37:30
I’m totally okay with that. If it’s quality content,

Kalvin 1:37:32
I think we see good parallels and fighting games too. Because like injustice too, was so loaded with these loot boxes. Everything was like you could unlock it through gameplay, but it was a loot box. So you would unlock Batman’s helmet from this one skin. But then you would have to unlock the the chest plate from a different loot box that maybe you could get maybe you could and it was really like hard to get a full skin that you want it you’d have to kind of piecemeal these things together that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. And so right.

Nick 1:38:03
Yeah, I mean they’ve they’ve introduced that into pretty much every customizable option in every video game of the past three years

Kalvin 1:38:10
well, but so Power Rangers battle for the grid, which is come out more recently is kind of the opposite where all the additional skins are released through gameplay. And you can you know, you can play you can get new characters through DLC, but to to get like alternate Red Ranger skin. You just have to beat it with a Red Ranger or something like that. So I think games are starting to come around to the quote unquote right way to do it.

Nick 1:38:39
I mean, I look at Smash Bros ultimate. And they you can borrow a lot of these characters, you know on a DLC or you can unlock it with gameplay

Kalvin 1:38:47
right? Exactly. Love it. So do you last question of the day? Do you think you are ever going to stop playing video games?

Nick 1:38:55
Probably not. I’ve actually started playing video games more in the past. Well, since I got my switch just because I can because you can take it with me and right i mean like when I’m sitting there my daughter’s watching TV my wife’s kind of unwinding from the day. Normally when I just sit on my phone and read bullshit that makes me depressed when playing switch Alright, play a couple rounds of smash or you know catch a few Pokemon and the new Pokemon games and put it down Do

Kalvin 1:39:23
you have a let’s go pick it you

Nick 1:39:26
know I have a sword.

Kalvin 1:39:28
Okay, I’ve got I’ve got let’s go Pikachu I really like that. I was playing with my daughter for a while but she didn’t really get into it. So I’ve got to kind of play the rest of the way through it. I think if I unlock more Pokemon and just kind of let her see and play with the Pokemon that’s the part she likes. She doesn’t like wandering around and like doing the battles and stuff like that.

Nick 1:39:48
Yeah, I get that. Your five year old

Kalvin 1:39:51
six but yeah, six close.

Nick 1:39:53
Yeah, she’s she’s that age. Right. So you’re being like, yeah, yeah, that doesn’t sound like that’s Pokemon or yo

Kalvin 1:39:59
I I agree I don’t, I don’t see any reason to stop. My kids are right now at the age where it’s hardest for me to find time to play, you know, when they’re home, it’s 100% Attention

Unknown Speaker 1:40:10
all the time, pretty much.

Kalvin 1:40:12
So when they’re not home, I try and fit it in whenever I can. But it’s only going to get easier for me to play as they get older, because they’re not going to want to spend time with me as much anymore, they’re not going to want to engage with me as much, they’re gonna want to do their own thing. Or they’ll get to a point where they will be playing games, right. And then I can play with that, right, which, like, that’s what I’m excited for. I want to play some of these games with them. And you know, I’ve I’ve already started to we play Mario Party together we play. Like I said, we play rampage together, we’ve got this little Paw Patrol game on the switch that we play together, sometimes a lot of fun stuff, but I’m really excited for them to get to the point where they can like really pick up games and figure them out on their own, because I just want to smash them and like something like Need for Speed hot pursuit to, you know, one of my old school, go back to my roots games. This is called a drift. And you know, and I think, like, studies have shown that playing video games help keep you sharp in in many ways. So like, I don’t see a reason to stop playing. You know, I’m too old or whatever.

Nick 1:41:16
I’ve gravitated towards like puzzle games and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:19
Yeah, the switch is perfect.

Nick 1:41:21
They are hollow Knights a great game. I love that game. Man. There’s a bunch of feudal alloy. That’s a great game. super cheap. Heave ho. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:34
you haven’t played

Kalvin 1:41:34
switch does a lot of good sales on like random stuff all the time. So like, I get called, I have so many games on my switch that I’ve just never touched. Because I’m like, well, it’s cheap. It looks like it might be fun. I’ll try it sometime.

Nick 1:41:45
It’s like three and a half bucks.

Kalvin 1:41:46
Yeah, exactly. Or like ones that I think my kids will play with me. And then we never actually get around to it because they just want to play Paul patroller like we got this new lol which is like a little doll set for kit like a surprise doll set that my kids love. So they came out with a game that now they want to play all the time. So I get stuck in that stuff. Tell me listen. Yeah. But yeah, that’s gaming, you got anything else on gaming?

Nick 1:42:13
I don’t I mean, I could to honestly talk for hours about gaming. Got out everything I wanted to.

Kalvin 1:42:19
I agree, a lot of fun to be had in the video game world. It’s a lot of exciting things coming up, I think, in the future of gaming, and it’s going to be fun to watch how it evolves and continues. And you know it as as the show will Well, not this show, but we’ll continue to evolve into other our other shows. So remember to check those out when we move on from this. That’s magic three TV pod and you are all alone. I remember one of these days. I listened to it. I just don’t remember the name of it.

Nick 1:42:58
That’s my I don’t remember the name of it or what it’s about. I

Kalvin 1:43:02
remember what it’s about. I wanted you to explain what it was about because it’s your thing. You can just you can follow us on twitter now at alone underscore podcast and at APA something and all the music for podcasts about something is provided by those cats.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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