Episode 151 – A Podcast ABout Selective Listening – Rap God – Eminem

Are your arms long enough to (metaphorically) slap box with Eminem? Are anyone’s? This week Nick and Kalvin return to the Selective Listening series to break down one of the most dense rap songs ever and quickly realize that our arm’s are not long enough. It takes all of our combined power to cover every single word in this amazingly constructed track while Eminem is throwing lyrics at us at supersonic speed (JJ Fad). Take a journey with us through every single word in this Guinness World Record holding song as we break it down line by line to get to them bottom of what it really mean to be THE Rap God!

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Full episode transcript available below:

Kalvin 0:06
To podcast each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host Calvin. And joining me from Eight Mile show your co host Nick Slim Shady Richardson.

Nick 0:18
Let’s be rabbit actually be rabbit, bitch.

Kalvin 0:21
Bunny Rabbit.

Nick 0:23
Still, that movie is fucking awesome. love that movie. I don’t know. I haven’t seen it in like seven or eight years. But

Kalvin 0:31
every once in a while I’ll go on and watch the battle clips.

Nick 0:34
It’s like a hunt. Oh shit like 100 times in Anthony Mackie in that?

Kalvin 0:37
Yeah. profit that

Unknown Speaker 0:40
you bought. He’s a bargain.

Kalvin 0:42
You pop none. Well, he was to park in the biggie movie too.

Nick 0:47
He really is a chameleon.

Kalvin 0:49
Yeah, I like Anthony Mackie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in been like oh, Anthony Mackie isn’t this I’m not gonna watch it.

Unknown Speaker 0:55
Yeah, dude sucks.

Kalvin 0:57
Yeah, that hasn’t happened. So we are discussing something very near and dear to all of our hearts all of us. White millennials hearts is m&m we’re doing a selective listening on his 2013 song Rap God. And selective listening is a series where we take a song, any song and we break it down line by line and interpret the meaning behind each line or phrase. From our point of view, we don’t do any research, or anything like that. We just, I send Nick a list of all the lyrics. And we both just like we kind of break them up into two different lines and stances. And we just kind of put our own spin on it and try to think of what the artists meant by it. Based on our prior knowledge of whatever goes into it.

Nick 1:43
I have a feeling a whole lot of it’s gonna be he was angry

Kalvin 1:46
about something he was angry and he thinks he’s better than everyone. That’s pretty much this whole song, literally, hence the title. I’ll have to admit on this particular song, I’ve done some prior research because when it first came out, I was trying to learn all the lyrics. I didn’t have kids yet, so it was a lot easier. I had time to like do stuff like that. So I spent a lot of time on the Rap Genius paid for Rap God, like as I’m listening to it, trying to keep up with him in my head. But I was like eight years ago, and most of that knowledge just slipped out

Nick 2:14
in that crazy how I felt like it’s, I don’t know, I looked at the date of when it was released. It’s just like no

Kalvin 2:21
shit. Yeah. 2015 2016 2017 man

Nick 2:26
Time flies.

Kalvin 2:29
So we’ve done three previous selective listening episodes so far. Episode 109. We did hypnotized by mentors big that was in June, June 1 2020. Episode 117. We’re back with loser by back. That was August 3 2020. And then Episode 125. We did the monster mash as part of a Halloween month so don’t just think we’re out here like doing random ass Halloween songs like it was Halloween week. We had to get a song in there and that’s my board is picking it. We did that in October, October 5 2020. So if you want to check out other if you like this one want to check out some other ones we did. Go check those out.

Nick 3:02
There are a lot of fun. Most of them are about basically sex in chess,

Kalvin 3:06
especially the latter might have been the funnest one we did. Yeah. Definitely about sex and chicks. Yeah, I mean, that was monster dicks.

Unknown Speaker 3:14
I thought that was the funniest.

Kalvin 3:17
That was pretty fun to hear that there. There wasn’t a lot of like interpreting to do so we just started making shit up. Yeah, that was a lot of fun. That’s a loser was deep. So the song Rap God was released on the Marshall Mathers LP two, in October on October 14 2013. This song was released to like directly to YouTube, I believe right at the same time as the album but but maybe a little bit before it hits. Yeah, it was before. Okay, yeah. I don’t know that. I heard it until the album actually dropped. Cuz that was one that that was in that stage where I wasn’t looking for new music. So unless an album dropped, I didn’t know it existed.

Nick 4:00
I heard he really I heard I just read that he was releasing a new album. And I remember buying it. And I have not listened to the album. I was like seven or eight times. That’s about it. Yeah. feel pretty bad about that.

Kalvin 4:18
That’s okay. So it charted on the US hot r&b and hip hop all the way up to number two. Got all the way up number seven on the US hot 100 number one in the UK r&b and number 53. In the Netherlands.

Nick 4:30
They’re getting down. But the stats on the song are ridiculous. Yeah. So for example, I listen to this on YouTube at 6:15pm Central time, and it had 1,203,835,440 views.

Kalvin 4:49
I looked like a million of those are prime me,

Nick 4:51
dude, listen to this. I can quantify you exactly here. By 720. I listened to it again. And it was up to 1,203,851,652 so 16,212 lessons in a little over an hour that’s insane dude for an eight year old john Calvin and solve a problem and you really need to chill out with that m&m shit

Kalvin 5:22
my bad it’s just the song almost anything else that’s why it’s this and Haley song those are the only two I listened to that song as a

Unknown Speaker 5:29

Kalvin 5:31
I literally just like the first one that came to the top of my head randomly picked it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance but it lost to Kendrick Omar’s I which that’s fair five and a half times platinum just in the US so it’s all this song alone sold five and a half million copies

Nick 5:51
sold it was pirated 550 million and a half times

Kalvin 5:56
yeah and yet it still sold five and a half million that’s legit it

Nick 6:02
is pilot only a million Yeah. And record sales aren’t what they used to be

Kalvin 6:09
no I mean yeah you don’t you don’t see that kind of work nowadays. But that that’s pretty insane. So I had to because Rap God is so dense. I had to add some a new little section here to our other to like our other selective listening. I didn’t really do this part but for this I had to I had to add some fun facts for Rap God. Oh shit. Enter the Guinness world record book for having the most words and hit single at 1560 songs in just over six minutes.

Nick 6:43
That is belligerent, is so many. It’s like literally word vomit.

Kalvin 6:50

Nick 6:51
But he it’s cohesive.

Kalvin 6:52
But like, if you slow it well not if you slow it down. If if you’re reading the lyrics while he’s going, you feel everything like I know every word to the song but I there’s no way I can keep up with him.

Nick 7:05
I do not know every word of it. I try. I do my best. But it’s I don’t succeed too well, because he’s talking too fast.

Kalvin 7:14
Yeah, that’s fair. I know every word of the song because I’ve read the lyrics over and over. Like when it first came out. I lived on this every time I heard the song I would I would read the lyrics with it trying to learn them. So another reason why I can’t keep up the songs tempo is 148 beats per minute. An average pop song is 116 beats per minute. And for rap, it’s like 80 to 110 beats per minute and I just got those I did a very quick google search of what’s the average pop song beats per minute and what’s the average rap song beats per minute so he is well above both of those thresholds.

Nick 7:49
Yeah, I mean, no shit. He’s the pop of pop right there with those beats per minute, bro.

Kalvin 7:57
Yeah, I was surprised that rap is it slower than your average pop song?

Nick 8:02
Definitely not. You get those really shitty super slow rappers is

Kalvin 8:09
that’s fair.

Nick 8:10
I mean, can he his beats per minute it’s probably like 35

Kalvin 8:16
Yeah, that’s that’s fair. Um, so the last thing that I want the last Fun fact here and the verse that begins at 426 right when he says supersonic speed JJ Fad. He wrapped 97 words in the next 15 seconds an average of six and a half words per second which he describes as supersonic speed.

Nick 8:39
That’s fair. Yes, that’s fuckin accurate. fo sho that’s accurate as fuck

Kalvin 8:46
so just any before we get into lyrics, any thoughts when rap got first came out that we haven’t already covered anything that you think about the song now. You had anything else to add before we actually get into breaking it down? Honestly,

Nick 8:58
I was really happy to see this come out. Because I was a huge Eminem fan growing up and when relapse and was the other one.

Kalvin 9:14
It’s not rebirth, that’s low weight. But read something.

Nick 9:20
I remember when we were talking. I was so pumped. I went to the midnight release at Best Buy when that was still a fucking thing. And I remember sitting over recovery. Both those albums were shit but I remember sitting in my buddy’s basement like seven of my friends and we’re just trying to like it so much. And

Kalvin 9:41
yeah, I went through that I went through that with relapse as well of like, I remember when it came out. I remember I had just moved in with my parents like after college and our drive around the shitty little town that they lived in and listened to and I’m like no, this is really like white trash party is good.

Nick 9:56
song is awful dude crack bottle

Unknown Speaker 9:59
crack up. bottles yesterday something great was on it’s good. Fucking

Kalvin 10:07
great song. Like I’m just like trying to bury it in my head that yes, these are good. This is the m&m I love and it’s it wasn’t true. So no man,

Nick 10:16
I remember my buddy Conrad. We were sitting there and we’d listen to the whole album twice and halfway through the second time he’s like, yo, dawg, this album fucking sucks.

Kalvin 10:25

Nick 10:29
like thank god man. So we had to say I was I was in denial for the longest time so when this came out and I saw I was so successful, and I had heard bits and pieces of it and I was like, okay you know, that’s that’s good for him. I’m glad to see that he’s not totally irrelevant and not fucking destroying his life doing crazy amounts of drugs.

Kalvin 10:51
Yeah, I think this was as back as he could have gotten from where he was and even like Jay Z the blueprint three was was good but he never got fully back to where like Life and Times volume three was or where the blueprint was. And even like he even the blueprint two was not as good as either those so he was starting to fall off and then he came back in he released show me got what you got was the single and out remember the album that he came back with but it was just not very good. Oh, Kingdom Come that was it. And then he did the American Gangster soundtrack and then finally blueprint three, and it was so much better than Kingdom Come and the American Gangster soundtrack that you like, bought into like, okay, yeah, he’s really back. And that’s kind of what Marshall Mathers LP two was for m&m two is? It’s it’s not his best work. But it’s so much better than the preceding two albums that you’re just like, Yeah, all right, great. Yeah.

Nick 11:46
Let’s just like thank God, dude. Thank God,

Kalvin 11:50
I’m with you. I love the song when it first hit, I still do. Again, I listened to it on repeat so much. And I was obsessed with trying to learn the lyrics. He molds the words together so well. And he does this thing where he makes words rhyme that don’t actually Ryan by tweaking his accent just a bit or using like a different version of the word. And it’s so fucking cool. When he does it. As we’re going through, I’ll point them out. It’s not only on this song, but it’s kind of an all of his music as well. But we’ll really see he does. I think he does the best job of it in the song. And this is probably in my top three favorite songs ever. I’ve never put that list together. But I think it would rank very high. Yeah, I could probably know what yeah, I could probably know what the other two of the top three would be. And this is subjective, just like ones that make me feel something that that I want to listen to and would never skip. I could probably figure those out. But I would really need to do some some deep statistical analysis to really figure that out. You

Unknown Speaker 12:47

Kalvin 12:48
Yeah, I mean, that’s where I go I’d have to look how many times I played it and iTunes I’d have to you know just give it a rating of what I think about it I have to look at the lyric in it. It’s all thing

Nick 13:00
it’s all thing that’s fair. So more or less per live episode.

Kalvin 13:06
My top three favorite songs ever a statistical analysis that’s what everyone wants to read because that’s what’s funny is like music is such like a gut feeling thing of either you like it or you don’t and you know usually right away

Unknown Speaker 13:20
Oh yeah.

Kalvin 13:20
So like to break it down to a statistical analysis would be very like nobody would ever read that

Nick 13:25
that’d be incredibly subjective.

Kalvin 13:28
So is m&m the Rap God?

Unknown Speaker 13:30

Nick 13:35
I think he is a rap apostle.

Kalvin 13:39
That’s fair. So who’s the Rap God, but

Unknown Speaker 13:42
he’s unknowable, bro. He’s,

Unknown Speaker 13:45
he is only our Lord. In heaven.

Nick 13:48
He is either, you know, either is or is not.

Kalvin 13:53
I bet Jesus could spit some bars.

Nick 13:55
Did he? You know, he was swinging fucking straight up bars. He’s traveling a lot talking about magic and wizardry and shit. You know,

Kalvin 14:02
just when he’s on those long ass donkey rides between Bethlehem and Nazareth. He’s, he’s just he’s got his little notebook. He’s jotting down lyrics.

Nick 14:10

Kalvin 14:13
here’s the here’s the first hipster preacher that was trying to be edgy and rapping his sermons

Nick 14:18
like Jesus your beard. It looks so good. He’s like, yeah, I use hemp oil. You should just fire

Kalvin 14:25
the real Rap God.

Nick 14:26
Oh my God, I’m going to hell.

Kalvin 14:32
I disagree with you. I think Eminem is the Rap God, there’s not really any challenger to it. He He’s able to do things with his lyricism that no one else can do. Kendrick is probably the closest ever, but I don’t think he’s all the way there yet. I don’t know. So I also don’t know that Eminem will go down as the greatest rapper ever. That’s not what I’m saying here. Because he’s diluted his market quite a bit with things like relapse and recovering these last two albums that he’s done. Haven’t been great. Infinite will always have infinite. It’s not good. But I would take m&m on his best day over any other rapper ever on their best day.

Nick 15:12
See when you phrase it like that, that’s entirely I would agree with

Kalvin 15:16
that. But that’s that’s a different question. That’s why that’s where I think Rap God is is when he if his heart is all the way into something, and he’s really trying to prove a point like he is on Rap God in most of Marshall Mathers LP two, he hasn’t. He hasn’t done that since. But if he’s putting his whole heart into it, he’s trying to he’s the best there is.

Nick 15:38
I mean, I think part of the reason he hadn’t been putting his whole heart into it is because he wanted to do something different and that’s what we see. Yeah, I mean, drugs will make you rap like a motherfucker. a hell of a drug. It’s unbelievable. So his rap

Kalvin 15:52
and so so the problem with m&m vers Tupac or Biggie or Jay Z any of the any of the other you know those top echelon guys is that sucks, huh? I said Tupac sucks.

Nick 16:04
That said we’re gonna get some hate might want to delete that someone who just fucking snow at my house. It’s Nick Richardson at Elon underscore

Kalvin 16:11
podcast on Twitter to POC sucks. That’s why I set a problem with comparing m&m to these other guys is that his lows are way lower than any of theirs. You know, 444 for Jay Z is pretty low. So maybe that bumps him back over Jay Z. I don’t know. I’m just gonna keep with the 444 hate as much as I can. So when you’re considering the greatest of all time, I think you have to take the lows into consideration. So Tupac and Biggie, they don’t have those lows, like Eminem does. Jay Z doesn’t have many lows, but he has.

Nick 16:46
I mean, Tupac made a lot of shit music

Kalvin 16:48
dude. Didn’t make a lot of so here’s the thing. Tupac didn’t make a lot of shit music to park made a lot of random shit that he didn’t actually complete that got released after he died.

Nick 16:59
That’s Yeah, that’s entirely fair. It’s hard

Kalvin 17:03
to put that together.

Nick 17:04
Oh, it’s hard to put Biggie and POC in that category with him and Ryan, Joe, because they didn’t get a long career. Who else is had a relatively low career?

Kalvin 17:14
I mean, so. So if you’re comparing lyricism, then you got Jay Z, Andre 3000. A lot of people m&m puts Redman up there. And that’s about it. And then Tupac and Biggie are always getting the conversation because I have to be

Unknown Speaker 17:27
a bowtie. No

Kalvin 17:29
naughty 40. But I think like and Kendrick Kendrick hasn’t had a long enough career yet.

Nick 17:38
I mean, he’s gone. He’s been out for a while, man.

Kalvin 17:41
I think 2012 was when he released good good man city.

Nick 17:46
house so fucking good stuff.

Kalvin 17:49
And so he hasn’t had any of those lows yet. He hasn’t hit that period where it’s just he’s putting out music to make money. And he has he has other shit going on. And it’s just not very good music. He hasn’t hit that yet. Yeah, I think yeah. So I mean the those those are the three and but I think again even m&m on his best day beats Kendrick on his best day. He definitely beats Jay Z on his best day. Biggie would give him a run for his money but I think I’m still wins I think he destroys to park because to park wasn’t like off the top of the head kind of person. Now.

Nick 18:23
He’s not a real cerebral cat. I mean writing Yeah, but I think spur of the moment Definitely not. Alright,

Kalvin 18:30
so we’re about to jump into lyrics out one more on

Nick 18:32
technique. Immortal Technique could actually give him a run for his money. In a battle net in Australia in the middle of the road battle,

Kalvin 18:43
except mmm brings with it if there’s a crowd around m&ms got the crowd right away.

Nick 18:48
Because this isn’t New York. It depends on the group. If it’s in Detroit, 100% it’s in New York.

Kalvin 18:54
That’s in the shelter. Cross from Eight Mile.

Nick 18:57
That’s That’s it, brother. Ah,

Kalvin 19:00
hi. Pfeiffer’s there being a DJ.

Unknown Speaker 19:02
Oh, hell yeah.

Kalvin 19:04
There’s a lot of people who are like Lupe Fiasco is a great lyricist. But he does. He doesn’t have the the career to back it up like Eminem does. So I think it takes both things.

Nick 19:14
You got to have some inspiration that lasts forever. Yeah, inspiration is fleeting. Alright, so

Kalvin 19:21
we’re about to jump into lyrics. One final note before we do, there’s some rough language here with kind of being thrown around by m&m, not us throughout the song. So usually, in rap songs, we replaced the N word with dude, but we’re not going to do that here. Because with m&m it kind of messes up the flow and meaning of the proceeding and following lines because m&m kind of plays on multiple meanings and sounds of words. They’re more integral parts of his rhyme scheme, in almost every case that they show up. the N word in most rap songs that usually isn’t integral, it can very easily be replaced or taken away and you don’t screw up the flow. So what we’re gonna do because we’re sensitive to everything that’s going on in the world, is we’re gonna bleep them out in the final version of the episode. So we’ll say them as we walk through the lines, so that the line makes sense while we’re talking to each other, but then we’ll bleep the final product. Just so we don’t offend anyone. If you have a problem with the way we choose to do this focus all of your blame and hatred on m&m not us. He said the words were just trying to do the best. He even claimed at one point in an interview that he wasn’t trying to use these words derogatorily because he never associates them to mean homosexual or mentally challenged. He’s basically saying he’s using them as a standard for lame and dumb, but we understand how that can get misconstrued and still be perceived as hateful, even if the intent was not to be hateful. So we’re going to bleed them out. Because it’s easy enough to do and we’re not trying to be hateful.

Nick 20:55
That’s a wonderful way to say it.

Kalvin 20:57
Thank you. And don’t worry every fuck and shit will be fully represented here.

Nick 21:01
I have a whole lot of them built up ready to fucking go my guy.

Kalvin 21:06
Well, let’s go. I’m gonna start it off with the lyrics with the little intro here. Look, I was going to take this easy on you not to hurt your feelings. But I’m only going to get this one chance you come in with the little parenthetical index six

Nick 21:18
minutes, six minutes.

Kalvin 21:20
Something’s wrong. I can feel it.

Nick 21:22
Six minutes so machete you’re on?

Kalvin 21:24
Just a feeling I’ve got like something’s about to happen, but I don’t know what if that means what I think it means we’re in trouble big trouble. And if it uses a if he is as bananas, I can’t even get through the intro or he’s not even rapping. And if he is as bananas as you say, I’m not taking any chances. You’re just what the doc ordered. An m&m coming out transform into the Rap God. He’s got six minutes to blow our mind. He’s ready to do it. Do

Nick 21:51
kick us off here. I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God. A Rap God.

Kalvin 21:57
You don’t have to think just freedom.

Nick 21:59
Fuck you, man. I’m gonna sing it to start I will speak the rest of it. But give me this

Kalvin 22:07
thing the whole thing. Six minutes.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Oh my god. No, Nicki.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
You’re on the fuck you. Alright, now you’re

Kalvin 22:22
it. You didn’t even do those lyrics.

Nick 22:25
I did it. Oh, do I got to do sorry. There’s lots of spaces here. I’m beginning to feel like a rap. Rap God. All my people from the front to back, not back not. So he’s vibing dude, he’s feeling himself. He’s like, he’s vibrating a little bit and people are just like, Whoa, what the fuck and you know, his eyes are shifting under his eyelids. So people are a little weirded out. But some other people are feeling it. They’re there in the back. They’re like, Okay, I’m here for this.

Kalvin 22:58
Yeah, that’s Yeah, is the wrap Gods here. nod your heads because your minds about to get blown, right?

Nick 23:05
I mean, I would assume that they’re there for a specific reason. And you probably sent out pamphlets says like, Hey, I’m the rap guide you’re gonna see some

Kalvin 23:12
shaft Gods don’t you learn? Yeah, better nod your heads when I start singing guys. I’ll give you $5 now who thinks their arms are long enough to slapbox slapbox so this the arms and this are metaphorical. Obviously he’s asking other rappers if they can lyrically reach him to slapbox him and guess what they can’t not on the song. Not on your life kid.

Nick 23:34
They said I rap like a robot. So call me rat bought this little it’s kind of one of the few This is a lame ass line.

Kalvin 23:42
It’s got a couple lane lines and

Unknown Speaker 23:45

Kalvin 23:46
They work within the flow when we’re just reading them. They absolutely don’t.

Nick 23:49
It sounds like he’s eating like cornflakes in the morning. And there’s like the funny little puzzle on the back ends. That’s it dude. Fuck yeah.

Kalvin 23:58
Robot robot robot robot.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Haley. You believe this shit. I figured it out.

Kalvin 24:06
Yeah. It’s very simplistic. Like he’s good at rapping. So these are robot robots are good at things.

Nick 24:13
You would No wonder you

Kalvin 24:16

Nick 24:18
nobody you’re in line with them, Mr. computer guy?

Kalvin 24:21
Sure. For me to wrap like a computer. It must be in my jeans. I got a laptop in my back pocket. So if he if he is a robot, or a rap bot, then it’s like his brain is a computer and that must be in his gene like his DNA genes. But then he also plays off the hominum of genes. And he says the computer the laptop is now in his back pocket of his Jean pants. And also being so perfect lyrically is in his DNA. So this is just him playing around with words and I love it.

Nick 24:53
You’ve thought about that line a lot, haven’t you?

Kalvin 24:55
I mean I did when I wrote this out. I mean

Nick 25:00
acceptable. Yeah, I would hope so. I mean, I think you’re probably pretty accurate there. And this is the first real great example. And I think that that’s perfect to open with verse one. Yeah. And equally since I was opening chorus, and then we like it. First line to the first verse.

Kalvin 25:18
Yeah, but it’s kind of also nonsense, right?

Nick 25:21
I mean, it’s complete. It’s complete

Kalvin 25:22
fine. It doesn’t. It doesn’t mean anything. But he plays on the word so good that it doesn’t matter. That doesn’t mean anything.

Nick 25:28
I mean, it’s still mean something. It just doesn’t outright mean something. It’s more of like, it’s this offhand comment that four hours later, you’re like, hey, that guy was fucking insulting me. You know, it’s like one of those things. It’s very subtle but beautiful at the same time. Yeah, I gotcha. My pedal go off when I have kocot I mean, this one. I don’t even really know what the fuck he’s talking about. He’s just, he’s half thinking about it. And he can just write out some serious lyrics.

Kalvin 25:59
Yeah. Yeah, I think and like the the pen is has gone in this case, right? He doesn’t even need to fully load his pen to metaphorically kill other rappers. That was my thought on

Nick 26:10
I mean, he might need to after relapse and some what some What? Oh, yeah. He

Kalvin 26:14
said he fully cocked it on Rap God here so

Nick 26:17
yeah, yeah. We’re gonna talk some shit about it.

Kalvin 26:20
I don’t know. I think I think he could still be a machine gun Kelly half cocked,

Unknown Speaker 26:24
finishing on Kelly.

Kalvin 26:28
We got a fat not from that rap profit. So he’s made a lot of money from rap. Again, this is just a very simple line. But he uses the simple lines and rhymes to connect the more complex lyrics and thoughts. So this one’s just a simple kind of connection in there.

Nick 26:45
I mean, he does have 210 million it says yeah worth that’s a fat load of money. Absolutely fat not made a living in a killing off it. See the fat not? Because obviously, he doesn’t need to do much.

Kalvin 27:02
Yeah, no, I absolutely. So I like having made a living anecdote because like when somebody says they’re making a living, that’s kind of like their day to day job. They get the steady paycheck. m&ms been doing that for decades. But to make a killing off something that’s like a big score almost right. People use it. Like, if they got a good side gig or they they bought in on a stock and sold high like they killed they made a killing off of it. So I’m making money multiple ways off of his rap skills. He made a living off it for a while and now he’s making a killing off it because he doesn’t really have to do anything, he still makes a lot of money from just being eminent.

Nick 27:37
Well, at the same time, he’s making a living by these consistent royalties. You know, they routinely come in, I’m sure you get some kind of, you know, some kind of paycheck every year for Eight Mile sales, that movie still sells. Oh, and then he’s got the killing portion, which is his big album drops. So he’s made his living throughout, you know, consistent money. And then these big scores, like you say, when his album dropped the movie drop, he’s probably had eight to 10 scores in his career. That’s, you know, big time money deals of some sort. So he’s doing all right.

Kalvin 28:15
Yeah, that makes sense. Ever since Bill Clinton was still in office with Monica, Monica Lewinsky feeling on his nutsack Mmm. So he’s been rapping since the late 90s when Bill Clinton was president. And then for the listeners are on the younger side, in 1998, Bill Clinton had a widely publicized affair with Monica Lewinsky in which he probably rubbed up against his nut sack at some point. So try and get that image out of your brain now. And he just referencing how long he’s been making a living and killing off it.

Nick 28:48
Sorry, I got all kinds of Monica Lewinsky jokes.

Unknown Speaker 28:51
Let’s hear him.

Nick 28:52
I mean, she’s making a living in a killing off Bill Clinton’s schwank attack. No, she was better. I was listening to this podcast breaking that down and they’re like, you know, Monica Lewinsky was just such a young, enthusiastic young girl. I was just like, oh, god damn it. And then all I could think about so yeah. That makes perfect sense with him and him. He probably listened to that same podcast, probably where we got the idea.

Kalvin 29:26
Well, I like here. He doesn’t rhyme is rhyme scheme is very strange here. So he rhymes. killing off it with Office, kind of. But then the next line nut sack doesn’t rhyme but Monica Lewinsky, the way he pronounces it rhymes a little bit with Office and killing off. So like the way he strings, those three lines together, rhyming in different places throughout the lyrics. It’s just phenomenal. And I’m gonna keep coming up with things like that.

Nick 30:00
It goes to the next line to between you know Monica Lewinsky and I’m an MC he pronounces that and then he does it in the middle again

Kalvin 30:08
right and then he kind of rhymes honest with nut sack also well no that’s what it’s on his because he kind of says nut sack almost an apparent medical where you barely hear it so it’s like you hear on his his kind of hammer line and then the next one it’s honest and it’s so amazing

Nick 30:26
really is because I’m an MC still is honest but is rude and is decent as all hell

Kalvin 30:31
indecent indecent

Nick 30:33
I’m sorry I said indecent but I

Kalvin 30:35
okay, I have a

Nick 30:36
mouthful nasty bro

damn Sorry, just fucking slaughtered me. Oh, it was Rap God,

Kalvin 30:55
not sag is still on until I scroll far enough to get nut sack off my screen. It’s gonna it’s gonna keep happening.

Nick 31:01
No fucking dropping that sag or two. So I mean, yeah, m&m is not afraid to say what the fuck he wants as evidence later on in the song. He doesn’t give a goddamn shit what anyone thinks and I think that lindstedt has not anyone.

Kalvin 31:17
Absolutely any.

Nick 31:19
He really didn’t give a fuck man. And he is rude as fuck. He doesn’t give a shit. There was recently he was come out and he told someone basically to go fuck themselves. I can’t remember his spell. I would love that. No, as a high profile person was like in an interview. He basically came out he was like, Fuck you. You’re a bitch. And they’re just like, Oh, thanks him. That

Unknown Speaker 31:43
sounds about right.

Nick 31:45
You’re fucking and the way he flips people off to a camera was on.

Kalvin 31:50
Everyone would know. It’s very special. syllables skill. Holic kill them all with this flippity dippity hippity this is just Mmm, flexing his ability to construct wraps around absolute nonsense syllables. Right.

Nick 32:06
He’s hanging around Dave Chappelle.

Kalvin 32:07
Yeah. Buddy, hip hop, yo,

Nick 32:11
flip any devotee hibbity hip hop. He’s like, Oh, shit, so I’m gonna write that in a song.

Kalvin 32:17
It’s gonna be one of my greatest songs ever. And you guys can’t do anything about it. Or Yeah, he’s just playing around with with syllables and sounds right here to kind of set himself up to go into ease. He’s connecting his last thought to his next thought thought by just kind of playing around with it. And again, amazing.

Nick 32:36
Fucking beast. We get a Calvin He’s amazing. All right. All right. You don’t really want to get into pissing match with this rapidly bred pack in a Mac in the back of an AK. backpack rap crap. yap, yap. yackety Yak. This is fucking nonsense, man. It really is when you know it makes sense. It makes perfect sense but it is goddamn fucking nonsense. It’s like listening to a preacher in Appalachian Mountains. You don’t fuckin understand a word of it. But it all makes like,

Kalvin 33:06
just like like and Kevin Smith red state right?

Nick 33:08
Pretty much.

Kalvin 33:09
So let me just let me just try and do these two sets together real quick and then you can go into so it’s syllable skill. Holic kill them all with this flippity deputy hibbity hip hop you don’t really want to get into a pissing match with this rapidly Brat Pack in a Mac in the back of an AK backpack rap rap yap yap yackety Yak except he does it even faster. So what do you think your little stanza meant that

Nick 33:32
basically you don’t want to fuck with me man. You don’t? Because I’m in the back of his Acura which wasn’t an accurate when he jumped out hit that bouncer probably pretty sure it’s an accurate yeah with his backpack rap crap. wack walking around with his backpack like he didn’t eat my nose. Yeah,

Kalvin 33:53
I think I think he’s calling out backpack rapper specifically there. What are you saying? backpack rappers are quite like Lupe Fiasco is a backpack rapper like those. Those like lyricist kind of indie Lear cyst type rappers

Nick 34:07
that makes no fucking sense he

Kalvin 34:10
backpack rap like Tyler the Creator. Those kind of guys those are backpack rappers

Nick 34:14
that’s new to me that sounds but that makes sense. back but yeah,

Kalvin 34:23
he’s calling them crap because they’re they’re usually lyricist over everything else. They don’t have any of the production behind it anything else? They’re just there to spit hot lyrics.

Nick 34:33
Know what rap basically is? With a combination of future. Not really.

Kalvin 34:41
So that’s not have dopler session

Nick 34:43
is trash. I’ve heard one

Kalvin 34:45
that’s like you said, Isn’t that what all rap music is? And I’m saying future is not that so? No. All right. Not in that way. Everything else. Good rap is to me. Yes.

Nick 34:57
I thought that was inferred when I said rap because I’d already knowledge that other bullshit

Kalvin 35:01
to me and you yes and like the backpack rappers that it that was a trend that started grow in like the late 2000s like oh 70809 when like Lupe Fiasco and walay and those type of people started coming onto the scene and it’s like placing lyricism over everything else. So those type of people would probably claim that they’re lyrically superior to most mainstream rappers, and mostly they’d be right. But Eminem is telling them to back off and not try him because he’s not most mainstream rappers. He’s got a Mac in the back of my neck.

Unknown Speaker 35:32

Unknown Speaker 35:34
yackety Yak

Unknown Speaker 35:36
don’t talk back. No.

Kalvin 35:41
And at the exact same time I attempt these lyrical Acrobat stunts while I’m practicing that. He just like stretched it out, play around with his vocabulary and the way words can work, which is pretty much what this whole song illustrates.

Nick 35:55
Literally, as we spelled out for you. Yeah. I’ll still be able to break them on the fucking table over the back of a couple of folds and cracking them half. This was rough.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Yeah, that’s,

Kalvin 36:09
that’s a rough grouping.

Nick 36:11
Yeah, I mean, he’s basically talking about working off that every line works off the last line.

Kalvin 36:19
Yeah, this was very hard to break up because it could have been broken up line at like absolutely line by line or it could have been broken up in like seven lines together. But then those seven lines together the last three of them they fit with the first four but then also the next four from the next set of seven lines. So it was almost impossible to break up. So we’ve got to do our best

Nick 36:38
I’m doing it here so basically saying I’m such a G this takes such little effort from me that I can do acrobats, acrobatics, while practicing your bullshit former rap in still break a fucking table. Still have the have the gumption to break a table over the back of a couple of cigarette? Yeah, basically lame ass rappers.

Kalvin 37:06
Yeah, well, while he’s just playing around with his words, he’s in a sandbox. He’s got all these vocabulary words sitting around them he doesn’t care what they are he can he can still lyrically break tables over seller dudes at the same time. Yeah, he’s got the he’s got wrestling metaphor, I think.

Unknown Speaker 37:21

Kalvin 37:24
Only realized it was ironic. I was signed to Aftermath after the fact how could I not blow all I do is drop f bombs. So it took he drops a lot of the word fuck a lot in his music. That’s an F bomb. But it took him a while to realize that he was signed to a label that References What happens after an attack when he’s usually the one doing the attacking. That’s what he’s saying. That’s why it’s ironic. He’s always the one dropping the F bombs and attacking other people. So it’s ironic that he signed to a label called aftermath.

Nick 37:56
It was full circle man. Yeah, it’s like

Unknown Speaker 38:00
what’s the name of

Kalvin 38:05
circle life

Nick 38:06
Blackwater? No, it’s basically the dick cheney’s company did rebuilt iraq split personal destroying it. That I think that’s a very shallow reference to dick cheney’s form of government could be feel my wrath of attack. feel my wrath son. Think it’s saying? If I’m attacking you it’s gonna fucking hurt it’s gonna be like the box jellyfish. You’re gonna feel this shit forever.

Kalvin 38:37
Yeah, and it’s coming soon. That attack, right? I get it’s on its way here. rappers are having a rough time period. Here’s a maxi pad

Nick 38:46
of such great lon. Yeah, it really is such a great, dude.

Kalvin 38:50
So in 2013 rap was not in a great state just fucking trash. months before I think was when Kendrick or Big Sean technically released control, but Kendrick just destroyed every rapper in the world on it. So the rest of rap outside of Kendrick Lamar is not doing well at this point. So then he plays on the double meaning of period by saying you know, the actual time period of 2013 is not good for rappers, but he then hands them a maxi pad to help stop this period for them. He’s just trying to help out you know,

Nick 39:26
stop the bleeding of the fucking you up.

Kalvin 39:29
Yeah. Or you guys fucking yourselves up with this wack ass music you’ve been putting out?

Nick 39:34
Stop doing it. I know it’s making you rich as fuck but whatever. It’s actually disastrously bad disaster really, disastrously bad for the wack mean. This one’s just like a kind of a tosser, I think little throwaway line in between to get them to the next one.

Kalvin 39:53
It’s one of those connective tissue lines. It’s exactly what it says like

Nick 39:56
it’s extremely bad for these people. Like you mentioned in previous line there. They’re not not doing well.

Kalvin 40:00
Now that is back. wack 10 rappers better watch out while masterfully constructing this masterpiece he’s he’s coming through straight up artwork here. And so this is the first great example of him playing with pronunciations because he somehow finds a way to rhyme masterpiece with wack by over exaggerating the with a pseudo French accent on masterpiece. He says it master PS. So it’s exactly it’s actually disastrously bad for the wagwan masterfully constructing this masterpiece. And like he kind of like fades off at the end of masterpiece as he’s kind of it’s it’s amazing.

Nick 40:43
I mean, it wouldn’t normally fucking work but it does. It does. If you talk like that normally someone would be like, What the fuck is wrong with you?

Unknown Speaker 40:50
What is having a stroke?

Nick 40:51
Are you okay? Are you fucking Orson Welles movies like what’s up man?

Kalvin 40:58
He’s so fast onto the next line that it doesn’t it you don’t even have time to think that he said masterpiece. So like that’s why it’s great.

Nick 41:05
Right? If you break it down like we are then it’s like okay, that’s very odd, but when you’re listening to it in the moment, it just flows.

Kalvin 41:12
I always thought I thought he was and I didn’t like this makes no sense within the context of the song, but I always thought it sounded like he was saying why masterfully constructing this masterpiece ad I was like did masterpiece have like some sweet commercial or something in the late 90s that I’m missing out

Nick 41:28
dude, I fucking bet he did. Win

Kalvin 41:34
that’s a good song to do selective listening on

Nick 41:37
Oh, I could do oh my god we have so much of the song left.

Kalvin 41:40
Yeah, we do. Because I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God Rap God all my people from the back not back down. We already covered that. Now who thinks our arms are long enough to slapbox slapbox ready to cover that so you go with the next one.

Nick 41:54
Let me show you maintaining this Shin ain’t that hard that hard? That’s a goddamn lie. Mmm. It is that hard evidence by the fact he was released to trash albums.

Kalvin 42:04
Fair and a lot of a lot of very trash mixtapes. Have you ever heard an m&m mixtape? They’re bad?

Nick 42:10
They’re not great. Yet,

Kalvin 42:15
but in m&ms mine, it’s easy for him to keep going at this level. Because I think it’s more like there’s so few challengers to his throne at this point.

Nick 42:24
I mean, fuck, dude, even his worst is best than 95% of the human race. So there’s that.

Kalvin 42:31
Everybody want the key and the secret to rap? immortality? Like I have got. Everybody wants to know how he does it. Pretty simple. They’re

Nick 42:40
like, how do you remain that he’s gonna tell us what to be truthful. The blueprints simply rage and youthful exuberance. I mean, he’s full of piss and vinegar.

Kalvin 42:52
That’s what drove him wrong. And anger is a very good starting place.

Nick 42:55
Hell yeah. That’s a young angry ambition is really quite a powerful motivator.

Kalvin 43:03
Absolutely. And I think that’s really what Eminem did in the late 90s. There wasn’t any music for angry white kids, except for like our parents own rebellious music.

Nick 43:13
Which isn’t was not how we felt. Well, like,

Kalvin 43:17
I’m not gonna go throw on the remote, right? I’m not going to throw in the Ramones. Because I feel rebellious that that’s their music. We can’t listen to that. Because then it’s just accepting their stuff. And we’re not actually rebelling, is that more bonding with them? Other rap music kind of told of plenty of angry black experiences, because most of the rappers before this time were black. And you know, it’s okay. But it didn’t really hit where we needed it to as young, angry white kids and m&m came around and gave us that. Yeah. Which I know, like, I know. Like, I’m not trying to say you should feel bad for angry white kids. Because, like, angry white kids problems are not super deep or anything. But

Nick 43:57
that’s not fair. I mean, they’re people too. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Everybody needs an outlet.

Kalvin 44:03
Everybody’s anger is their own anger. And you can’t judge somebody else’s anger and what they’re dealing with like that. If somebody is angry, they’re angry. It doesn’t matter what caused that anger necessarily. And you know, you like you said, you need that outlet.

Nick 44:16
And m&m, I think gave a lot of people that that didn’t have that in the late 90s. I mean, anger is a universal thing amongst all men and and women, people, the human race. But the relief of that anger is very selective.

Kalvin 44:31
What it felt good to there was somebody singing about the same dumb shit that makes us angry, as opposed to the serious shit that makes other people angry.

Nick 44:43
Right. And

Kalvin 44:45
serious stuff. Also. Yeah, it’s a very fine, that hard line to walk on. So let’s get to the next thing. Everybody loves to refer nuisance. Say starts getting actual attention from the pissed off white parents and even cops Congress, which made it even more fun for us, just off white kids to listen to him because we knew they hated it.

Nick 45:07
Well, and he just he didn’t give a fuck. He made

Kalvin 45:09
like he made us give a fuck. Well, I

Nick 45:13
mean, he made several songs attacking george bush. You know, when it was Clinton?

Kalvin 45:17
I mean, yeah,

Nick 45:18
I remember watching the fucking 911 attacks in school. Like I saw the second plane hit in class. And I remember that shit. And just I was fucking angry at George Bush. And he nailed that shit perfectly.

Kalvin 45:33
Yeah. And and so and it’s actually interesting that we’re doing this right now because literally the same thing is happening with little NAS x right now. Because he trolled the shit out of all these middle aged white dudes by releasing Old Town road first, then he comes out as gay. And now he’s giving a lap dance to literal Satan in one of his videos. And he basically entrapped all these old white dudes, for you know, kind of going against their morals because everybody loved Old Town. froat because they thought he was speaking to them. And that’s not him. Like he just did a song. And maybe maybe he enjoyed that song. Maybe he even wrote that song. And he felt it but like, I just love the end. He’s just destroying people on the internet for being a guru. My kids listen to you, and how dare you dance on the lap dance with Satan? And he’s like, I’m not your kids fucking babysitter. Yeah, I think that’s great. Because that truth if your kid is listening to this song and watching this video, and it’s that’s, that’s on you. Yeah,

Nick 46:32
that’s your goddamn fault. I’m still rich as fuck.

Kalvin 46:37
I wasn’t allowed to listen. Mmm, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t listening to it.

Nick 46:40
But you’re goddamn right. That’s part of the fun.

Kalvin 46:43

Nick 46:46
Okay, you’re hit the Earth like an asteroid did nothing but shoot for the moon since pew pew. Pew pew working to grow.

Kalvin 46:56
And I just wanted to get it in there too.

Nick 46:58
We got to man. The double pew pew pew. Tell me he made a fucking impact whenever he hit the scene. Everybody was talking about m&ms. I can’t tell you how many blonde heads I saw walking around. And he’s he’s basically just been working his way up.

Kalvin 47:19
I wish he had a better look for people to copy. Do that was trash man.

Nick 47:22
I’m sorry. I worked so many baggy pants with it literally. on time. I

Kalvin 47:27
don’t even know that it worked on him.

Nick 47:29
It did not work on him. He’s not a handsome dude.

Unknown Speaker 47:32
That’s true.

Nick 47:33
I mean, he’s still I mean, he’s Richard shit, though. Yeah, he’s still banging Mariah Carey apparently.

Kalvin 47:38
That’s apparently up for debate.

Nick 47:42
I believe him. Oh, absolutely. I can totally Serbian, like, gross. So I’ve

Kalvin 47:49
just just from listening to him and the things he’s willing to say and put out there like I he has no shame and and it’s almost like the final battle at the shelter where he’s just like, if you’re gonna keep coming at me and like, saying, I’m gross. I’m just gonna put it all out there because it’s not gonna hurt my feelings. I don’t fucking care. And that’s what happened. You know, in the battle scene at the shelter is like, I’m going to take all of your ammo away from you. And I think he would do it and I think he has ammo if, like if she doesn’t shut up about it. About how like rhoc isn’t weird he is.

Nick 48:21
He’s like, already busted my nut. I don’t give a fuck.

Kalvin 48:25
And I fully think he is gross and weird, probably. But like that. That’s all different. They shouldn’t have to keep saying

Nick 48:31
I bet he screams at chicks while he’s banging. He’s like, Oh,

Kalvin 48:34
yeah, he’s probably an angry banger out. He’s probably

Nick 48:38
wrapping the entire time or jotting down like a rap on their back, which focuses

Kalvin 48:46
MCs get taken to school with this music because I use it as a vehicle to bus the ride as other other rappers are here to learn from m&m every time he spits. The bust of Ryan line is it’s either from Run DMC or like rock him. And he brought it back as a shout out to kind of his roots and his influence is and that was one of the things that are a member from that when it first came out and I was studying all the lyrics, but the like, who actually use that line and where he took it from is a bit fuzzy, but it was one of those like high profile late 80s, early 90s rappers that use the Busta Rhymes line.

Nick 49:24
Well, I think it’s a call to the younger generation to or at least younger lyricist. Oh

Kalvin 49:31
yeah, the whole line together definitely is because I

Nick 49:34
use it as a vehicle to you know, bus the ride to school. So buses, young rappers.

Kalvin 49:39
Yeah. Absolutely.

Nick 49:43
Now I lead a lap. Now I lead a new school full of students. There you go. That plays to exactly what I just said.

Kalvin 49:52
Yeah. I always every time I hear the song, I think he’s about to jump into some x men reference and he never does. Some of them. I don’t know why this Sound doesn’t change every time I listened to it unbelievable something about the way he puts like the vehicle bus arrived now later school full of students it like feels like he’s going into like a Professor Xavier type thing. I mean he probably could have I wish he had a me I’m a product of rock him like Kim Shibez to POC NWA cube Hey Doc Ren Yella easy. Thank you

Nick 50:27
that should made zero sense like listening to it.

Kalvin 50:31
Yeah, so he breaks it up weird because let me see if I can do it. I’m a product of rock him lock him. Chavez to POC n w a cube Hey Doc Ren Yella easy. Thank you. So because he rhymes lock him in the end and NWA and then and then ran? And then thank you to Q Yeah, it’s it’s a mess but it like it works.

Unknown Speaker 51:00

Kalvin 51:01
I guess he’s just listening to his influence and basically who he went to school with right who his teachers were

Nick 51:07
right and the Hey Doc Rin rhymes with the start of the next day got slim, inspired enough to one day grow up blow up in be in a position to meet Run DMC induct them into the motherfucking Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Kalvin 51:23
This was another one that was very hard to like those two sections to get in were very hard to break up.

Nick 51:31
On all right, yeah. He just moved so fast. It’s really hard to keep up with him. But I mean, he. He, he learned from all these people, they got the persona of some shady that led him to this, you know, stardom and basically got him the opportunity to induct Run DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Kalvin 51:55
Yeah, one of his biggest influences, right? I think every rapper that started in the 90s would say Run DMC is their influence probably because pretty much that was that was all you had print influence. Right, Run DMC and rockin even though I’ll walk in the church and burst in a ball of flames. He’s still not a good dude. Yeah, he’s good enough to induct Run DMC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But if he walks into the church, like he’s got like, there’s a

Nick 52:23
God’s not a fan.

Kalvin 52:24
Yeah, there’s a there’s a religious myth that people who are going to hell will burst into flames if they walk on hallowed ground. So that’s what he’s playing on here.

Nick 52:35
On the Hall of Fame, I’ll be inducted to inducted in is the alcohol of fame on the wall of shame.

Kalvin 52:42
Oh, I didn’t even notice that. Alcohol FA not alcohol Hall of Fame. alcohol. Oh,

Nick 52:48
yeah. Alcohol Hall. Huh? man that’s super layered this kind of like five players do. Only Hall of Fame I’ll be in a parfait be in is the ALC of Hall. Like, think of like a Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s the alcohol. Yeah, I’ve heard that. That reference from an old friend of mine that went to a meeting See? Oh, I’ve gone to the all alcohol tonight. Alcohol of fame. On the wall of shame. Dang, that Dang, man.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
He’s amazing.

Nick 53:27
So I mean, I think it’s him saying, you know, I’ve I fucked up in regards to my my issues. drug related, drinking related. And I’ve still gone back. I’ve relapsed several times. But I’m still fucking here. Still getting it?

Kalvin 53:46
Yeah, I I agree. He doesn’t. I don’t know if he’s saying this sincerely. But he did say he’s always honest. So it’s kind of like he doesn’t feel like he’ll ever be inducted into a Hall of Fame other than one for like alcohol abuse. I just I’d have to doubt that. And I would think he really does too. There’s no way he came out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or like some other musical Hall of Fame. I don’t know if there are other musical Hall themes out there. He’s too good. And I think the controversy surrounding him early in his career strengthens any argument for putting him somehow fame. And I think it’s like Pete Rose and Barry Bonds should be I think they should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Because their accomplishments are still amazing.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
And it still would have been great without cheating.

Kalvin 54:33
It’s not only that it’s okay to include the controversy on their plaque so people understand what was going on with them. It would be weird if I know nothing about baseball. I’m a I’m a 10 year old. Let’s say okay, my daughter in four years, she’ll be 10 she likes baseball for some reason. I don’t know why that would happen. I hate baseball but she likes baseball. She started scribbling. And she goes who has she Google’s who has the most homeruns ever Barry Bonds comes up 73 or whatever the hell he hit it Then I take her to the museum that has all the information all the best players ever. And there’s just no sign of Barry Bonds anywhere. That’s gonna be more confusing than if he was there with like a plaque that talks about the steroid era and what actually happened. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Does not these these baseball writers are just old farts that don’t want to do anything

Nick 55:23
old fogies? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:25
huh integrity of my game here.

Nick 55:29
Eat my ass bitch.

Kalvin 55:30
Look if your players in the 40s had access to steroids that have been taken, they’ve been taking the shit out of those stairs.

Nick 55:35
They were drinking beer on the sideline kiss

Kalvin 55:37
my cocaine like come on dude. I would

Nick 55:40
have been fucking killing it at a baseball game if I was drinking beer on the sidelines you already know what a swung for the fences every time.

Kalvin 55:47
I don’t know man. I tried to play basketball one time drunk and I’m very good at basketball for like my stature or like just where my skill level should be and I could not do anything it was a very bad time

Nick 56:03
shit man I’ll call does not help athletic skills playing football shit faced and it was a great time I did very well

Kalvin 56:10
if you’re like if you’re like a running back or a linebacker I could see how it would help a little bit because like you’re you’re I’m fine like going full speed.

Nick 56:17
I’m five nine about 205

Kalvin 56:19
Yeah, he’s solid I don’t we’re not gonna you’re not gonna get hurt you’re not gonna you’re not gonna kind of feel those little hits that you take no shit just goes off beat Yeah. A little bit more. Your quarterback me hammered. I’m

Nick 56:31
sorry. Oh, hell no. I mean, you can be hammered as long as your receivers have hammered.

Kalvin 56:38
Alright, let’s keep moving.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
things, you

Kalvin 56:42
know? Yeah, you did the whole thing. Oh, man. I gotta say this one. thing. It’s all a game till I Waka flocka flame’s awful plank in Tell me what in the fuck are you thinking? So good. Yeah, he’s playing off the double or even triple meaning of flames here. And also referring to one of the worst, most successful rappers ever in Waka flocka Flame. He just wants to put all the lame rappers including Waka flocka Flame out of their misery let them walk off the plank. Just get out of here.

Nick 57:13
Yes, get the fuck out of here. Yeah, I also think you know till I walk a flock of his fire songs. See? I mean, you’d call him

Unknown Speaker 57:23
on plank.

Nick 57:25
Yeah, he doesn’t give a fuck. just throws him overboard. Oh

Kalvin 57:27
gosh. I

Nick 57:28
don’t need this. I’m still I’m still a fucking beast with the fucking thankin fucking with me.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
All right. No, I got I got you. I’m

Nick 57:34
picking up picking up look looking boy. So I can barely say with a straight face looking boy. Haha.

I hit a guy that worked for me back in the day he he’d left like that. Well, sorry, sir.

Kalvin 57:55
I like we got like 12 more pages of this shit. So I’m gonna need you to cut the work stories out here.

Nick 58:00
Oh, kiss my ass. I’m saying oh, I want

Kalvin 58:05
like 300 words or 1500 words here.

Nick 58:07
You pick this song. Calvin. This is your goddamn fault.

Kalvin 58:10
That’s that’s fair. You gotta give us a an explanation of the last line you’re at.

Nick 58:20
He’s just talking mad shit. I mean, he’s talking. He can’t

Kalvin 58:25
Yeah, he’s referencing the hot boys. Hit looking boy in these lines. Here. We hear that one? Nope. Yeah, that’s interesting. Go Go YouTube it cuz it’s got a kind of funny video. But too little looking boy. Part of what makes the song amazing is you when you listen to the song and you watch the video, the lyrics themselves. Like when we just say it this way, it doesn’t do the song full justice. Because like when he hits this point, he changes up the beat to match that hot boy song. And the video also kind of reflects and parodies whatever he’s referencing throughout the song. So he does that a few different times where he changes as he changes what the video looks like to make references or images or parodies to these things that he’s talking about. And it really it results in some of these really magical transitions and it’s it’s just amazing when you have all three parts, the lyrics, the actual song and the video all working together. In the video. you’re witnessing a mass occur like you’re watching a church gathering take place looking boy. This is another one of my favorite plays on words that he does. He uses the double meaning behind starts with massacre in that he’s killing all these lame rappers. But he’s also putting on a show like their church and he’s the preacher. Because mass is another term for a church service. So the mass is occurring. So saying you’re witnessing a mass occur in that they’re just watching him but also a massacre in that he’s killing everyone. When you know

Nick 1:00:00
I’m rappers are like good little church boys. You know, you always go to church, you you abide by the word of God, which is him giving mass.

Kalvin 1:00:08
Oh, that’s fair. Nice. I think about that. Always say that boys.

Nick 1:00:14
That’s all they say, look and boy, I mean that that’s all I could say about him like, it’s basically I think instead of I think it’s more like him saying, All I can say is I’m fucking white. Yeah, he’s,

Kalvin 1:00:26
he’s quoting other rappers here and that they’re not very creative with their disses towards him. Hey, yeah, they can only come up with the lowest common denominator of insults, which would be calling somebody gay. That’s not gay. Right? You get a thumbs up pat on the back and a way to go from your label everyday looking boy. And while they’re all truly lame, their labels keep telling them how great they are. Waka flocka kept getting money hot boys. They gave him some money. Trinidad James let’s give him some money. If you’re here Trinidad James

Nick 1:01:01
No. Sounds like a dumb ass.

Kalvin 1:01:03
He’s very agile. Let’s do it bro. He’s worse than Waka flocka he’s a very bad

Nick 1:01:11
me walk it sucks.

Kalvin 1:01:13
Yeah that James is worse.

Nick 1:01:15
Oh jt czuczman sucked a bunch

Kalvin 1:01:21
that’s all that’s all Jays juice man had going for?

Nick 1:01:25
Him and soldier. We’re buddies. But anyway, I think it was more just you know? You’re like a little kid and they’re just getting a job. You got three feet on your bike. Very nice. And you made me a million dollars. Yep, that’s exactly what it is. Hey, look and boy what you say looking boy, I get a hell yeah, from Dre looking boy. So he’s basically like, dog who the fuck are you getting? Hell yes. From I’m getting it for Dre an architect of hip hop.

Kalvin 1:01:51
Yeah. And I think I think it’s also referencing while other others labels tell them that they’re doing great he actually gets to work with his idols and even gets Dr Dre to drop his signature phrase on several tracks. Yeah for you know he not only does it get the the hell yeah from Dre in real life when he when he spits a good verse, But trail come on to a song and let him use that Hell yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
Yeah, I was gonna say he says Oh yes, Shackleton Waka flocka is

Kalvin 1:02:19
not getting a hell yeah. And one of his tracks.

Nick 1:02:22
Hell no. Oh hell Nah.

Kalvin 1:02:29
I’m gonna work for everything I have never asked nobody for shit. And he got where he is on his own. Very very simple there. Yeah, he

Nick 1:02:37
did he did a really go for it. Yeah, that one’s easy. Get out of my face look and boy. Same pack a bitch.

Kalvin 1:02:47
Yeah. Well, it’s that and he does he doesn’t want other rappers like these new rappers coming to ask him for help. Right That’s not what he’s there for.

Nick 1:02:57
Yeah, sick of you. I mean it

Kalvin 1:03:00
basically boy, you’re never going to be capable. There’s nothing they can do that’s going to ever put them on m&ms level there’s no amount of help m&m could provide to get them there so just get out of my face.

Nick 1:03:13
Yep, pretty much of keeping up with the same pace looking boy cuz he basically just saying eat there’s no way Yeah. My level. Yeah, you’re not even gonna do it. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:03:28
And I feel like a Rap God Rap God. I’ll peel from the back, not back not again. We already covered that. The way I’m racing around the track, call me NASCAR, NASCAR. So NASCAR is for some reason, a very popular brand of car racing. And m&m is as fast as these cars.

Nick 1:03:45
Yes car because they are very fit. I mean, they’re going like 210 miles. Or something like that. Yeah. Dan, Dale Earnhardt of the trailer park. Dan

Kalvin 1:03:58
Taylor, it’s much less successful brother. Right. He’s a white tires. Yeah.

Nick 1:04:03
He’s the white trash apostle. He’s the white trash and God. Dale Earnhardt man. A lot of a lot of people love that guy. Who has

Kalvin 1:04:17
a remember when I was growing up in northern Florida, somebody had like it was right after Dale Earnhardt died within a year after he had died and news kind of hung around for a lot longer than somebody had a goat like a couple towns over that had like this weird kind of three design in the side of the goat. And they’re like, this is a sign from God. This Dale Earnhardt reincarnated, and my goat man comes to the Dale Earnhardt goat. It was the dumbest thing in the world. Yeah, he’s he’s one of the greatest NASCAR racer of all time, I think and m&ms saying that he’s the greatest of all time in the trailer park.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
Yeah, yeah.

Kalvin 1:04:57
Kneel before generals on this planet Krypton. No. Asgard Asgard so General Zod, I feel like I got to explain who a lot of people are to the listeners that might not get. Although he had such an array of references, he’s going sports, he’s going comics he’s going like old school rap it so much that he goes in on sterols odd, prominent Superman villain who sometimes is responsible for the destruction of Krypton, Superman called planet. The kneel before Zod line is a line from Superman to that m&m is playing on here comparing himself to the Conqueror General Zod. As guard now is a different fictional round from the Marvel Comics and this line, it should probably go with the next set, but that’s not how he wrote his rhyme. So it goes here. All he says is Asgard Asgard. It doesn’t make really any sense in this context, but it Prime’s with God in white trash god,

Nick 1:05:49
it’s a comic reference.

Kalvin 1:05:50
Yeah. And he’s and he’s just transcending realms and moving easily between different fictional universes here. And I really love it when he uses comic book and superhero imagery in his raps because he was a huge comic book nerd as a kid. So it’s cool that that’s kind of carried through into his career. Whoa, yeah. Whoa, yeah.

Nick 1:06:08
Whoa, yeah. So you’ll be Thor and I’ll be Odin. So I mean, still, I’m still God. You know, everything. God of the nine rounds, I am the shit. And you’re just my son.

Kalvin 1:06:25
Right? Yeah, he’s son and all these other rappers. You wrote it, I’m Omni potent. other rappers are closer to rats than he is and m&m is omnipotent, which is a word that is used mostly in fiction to indicate that the narrator knows everything that’s going on. So when an omnipotent narrator is not usually one of the characters in the books, it’s just this ever present storyteller telling you what’s going on and he purposely screws up the pronunciation of omnipotent here to Omni potent so it rhymes with Odin and Roden and reloading, which we’ll hear next. And again, it’s just amazing.

Nick 1:07:04
It really fucking this road, Lois forum form of life. Yes, that’s what you use to

Kalvin 1:07:10
Jenny’s the highest form of life,

Nick 1:07:12
right. lead off, then I’m reloading. So he’s gonna he’s gonna fuckin pop off on some shit. And then he’s gonna reload and do it again. Freaking shit on you dog.

Kalvin 1:07:23
supersonic speed. Immediately with these bombs. I’m toting the lyrical bombs here just continuations let off and reloading and keep the bombs coming over and over.

Nick 1:07:36
command me son. And I should not be woken sorry I had a Catholic in June army. I put up a I bought a door and a goddamn gate. It’s unbelievable. And he’s like a sleeping dragon. You really don’t want to fuck with them. It’s like when Bilbo fuck with smoke.

Kalvin 1:08:00
Yeah, just leave smog alone man.

Nick 1:08:03
I’m just don’t even do it, bro.

Kalvin 1:08:06
I’m the walking dead. But I’m just a talking head zombie floating. I don’t think there’s like a ton of deep meaning here. He just kind of strung some things together that rhymed and almost made sense. This line is not as best work but it ties together the thing before and the thing after pretty well.

Nick 1:08:23
Yeah, I think so.

Kalvin 1:08:25
Wait, non-use like

Nick 1:08:28
I thought I just did that nationalism.

Kalvin 1:08:30
I did. Um, and I did on the walking dead but I’m just a talking head a zombie float.

Nick 1:08:34
But I got your mom deepthroating Wait, no new slick Fuck you. So he’s got his mom stuck around his thing.

Kalvin 1:08:44
He’s gone for the classic mom joke. He can’t pass it up.

Nick 1:08:51
Pretty much.

Kalvin 1:08:52
Why not? A mountain my ramen noodle. Sometimes people call their head their noodle. He had ramen to kind of fit the deeper rhyme scheme and he’s just saying he’s out of his mind on this track.

Nick 1:09:02
he’s a he’s the offspring of noodle. He’s the cheap noodle. He’s not your egg noodle. He’s a seven cent noodle.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09

Nick 1:09:09
you’re off brand. We have nothing in common poodle. I’m a Doberman. pinch yourself in the arm and pay homage pupil. Such a good line.

Kalvin 1:09:21
Yep, that’s a good one.

Nick 1:09:23
I mean, the way he says yourself sounds like pinch her basically.

Kalvin 1:09:27
And pinch herself. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
Like pinch yourself Doberman pincher

Kalvin 1:09:33

Nick 1:09:34
Yeah. Dobermans are nasty dude.

Kalvin 1:09:36
They are that’s why is the Doberman race metaphor.

Nick 1:09:39
I mean, poodles are basically Doberman play toys. Yeah. There you go.

Kalvin 1:09:46
Yep. And a plays off like you said, the Doberman Pinscher, and then the rappers need other rappers should pinch themselves to wake up and they should be paying more respect to m&m and not challenging him.

Nick 1:09:59
Put some spec on name so yeah,

Kalvin 1:10:01
it’s me my honesty is brutal. Again, he’s just always forthright and honest as raps. He doesn’t give a fuck no, but futile.

Nick 1:10:10
I mean, I just don’t give a fuck. That’s such a good song. But it’s honestly futile if I don’t utilize what I do, though, for good at least once in a while. That does not flow off the tongue very well. Now, it’s so hard that honestly, he’s like, I’m, I’m a bad guy. I’m still an asshole. But I’m not a terrible human being. Right. I have I have an avenue to do good for a lot of people. And he has.

Kalvin 1:10:38
Yeah, like he likes to focus on charity work when when he needs to, mostly in Detroit, which Detroit needs some charity. So that’s okay.

Nick 1:10:44
Solve the Flint water crisis with your $210 million.

Kalvin 1:10:49
Well, so that’s an infrastructure problem. He can give them all the clean water in the world. The problem is the pipes need to be fixed and nobody is going to do it. He doesn’t know how to fix pipes. You don’t have any training as a plumber.

Nick 1:11:01
I mean, he’s shed on so many rappers he probably should go back to plenty of toilets.

Kalvin 1:11:06
That’s like a little Wayne Ryan. Ryan like their Wayne loves to talk about shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:14
Fuck it does, dude.

Kalvin 1:11:17
So I want to make sure somewhere in this chicken scratch, I scribble and doodle enough rhymes to maybe try to help people to maybe try to help get some people through tough times. Eminem had tough times when he was a kid. And rap music helped him deal with them. So he wants to pay it forward in a way and give other kids the opportunity to have music that speaks to them and helps them as well. It’s all he’s doing.

Nick 1:11:39
I mean, he’s, he’s bringing along the next generation once again.

Kalvin 1:11:44
Shout out merging Machine Gun Kelly. Just give you a shout out that guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
Yeah, you’re wack as fuck dude.

Kalvin 1:11:50
He’s He’s wack nine.

Nick 1:11:52
He’s wack Machine Gun Kelly.

Kalvin 1:11:56
He’s good enough to be whacked in.

Nick 1:11:58
Yeah, fuck that guy. He’s wack 30 as in 30 clips in a machine gun. 30 rounds in a clip of an Irish young gun. I don’t know guns that

Kalvin 1:12:07
weighs 32 rounds is Yeah, in naza song when Mike talks about like Jesus was 33 when he died. That’s 32 shots from twin Glocks. That means one of my guns was holding 33 something like that. Or Oh no. 16 shots from twin Glocks means one of my guns is holding 1715 went into your crew to do something like that. Shout noses one mic great song.

Nick 1:12:31
Yeah. But I gotta keep a few punch lines and just in case cuz even you unsigned rappers are hungry looking at me like it’s lunchtime. So I mean, he’s just got to keep a few knockout blows. You got to keep that there right hand. You know, he’s keeping you away with the jab, but he’s got to keep that knockout right hand ready for when these little fuckers you know, want to try to rise up and challenge him, like, NGK and just puts out a couple little punch lines and it’s over there. They’re nothing. Yeah, he’s

Kalvin 1:13:03
got to keep his mind sharp. Otherwise, you know, he’s gonna lose edge. for some strange reason these new rape wrappers keep coming after him and because they’re hungry, but that’s not gonna happen. He’s not gonna need their lunch. No, I know, there was a time where once I was king of the underground m&m used to be the best underground battle rapper, but he’s kind of lost that recently, or 2013 recently, and I know recently also,

Nick 1:13:31
like, 20 years recently,

Kalvin 1:13:33
yeah, he’s not Yeah, he’s just kind of blown up from that.

Nick 1:13:37
Well, that’s where he came from. He built he grew up from the underground that he met in his past it’s great song

Kalvin 1:13:45
on relapse underground. Yeah. It’s gonna talk about how great relapses fuck relapse, it

Nick 1:13:52
sounds wack. It’s whack. Whack 30 but I still rap like I’m on my Pharaoh monk grind Miko row for row March Pharaoh much Pharaoh much. I don’t know who that is.

Kalvin 1:14:10
He is at the time 2013 he was supposedly the king of the underground rappers he’s pretty good. I listened to somebody because this song made me go look him up. He’s pretty good. So what I’m saying is he can still put it down as good as one of the best current underground rappers if he needs to.

Nick 1:14:30
We still work in his ass off just like them.

Kalvin 1:14:33
So I crunch rhymes but sometimes when you combine appeal with skin color of mine, so when you combine his solid rhymes his work ethic with being white you blow up faster than expected and that’s that happened that has happened to a lot of white rappers since him also.

Nick 1:14:49
Yeah, most definitely. More.

Kalvin 1:14:52
Machine Gun Kelly. Yellow wolf.

Nick 1:14:55
Also work.

Kalvin 1:14:57
Yellow wolf is very wet.

Nick 1:14:58
Why his fuck They’ll try to play that angry white dude and it just

Kalvin 1:15:03
never did. I’ll give it Macklemore at least credit for that. He did his kind of goofy Portland white or Seattle white guy stick and that’s fine.

Nick 1:15:11
I’m cool with it I got down on downtown is a great funky

Kalvin 1:15:15
fucking love downtown just every once in a while it pops in my head and I have to listen to it

Nick 1:15:19
hates that song.

Kalvin 1:15:22
The guy Foxy she’s I am is the guy’s name that like does the chorus with a really high voice at first I thought he was. Yeah, that’s the one

Nick 1:15:30
that dudes a beast.

Kalvin 1:15:31
I thought he was the guy from the darkness to remember the darkness that they had I believe in a thing called love. Hollywood a thing called love. Just gonna do this on nose down. Yeah, yeah, I thought he was that guy. But he’s not that guy. He’s his own guy who he’s at. He’s actually really good. And I really enjoy it. So if you like

Nick 1:15:49
pipes, man caught

Kalvin 1:15:50
Yeah, if you like that, download some Foxy shoes and listen to it. It’s pretty boxy shoes and I’m there for that shit. It’s kind of got this funky. Half rap half rock half soul half jazz kind of feel to it. It’s still there for that. Yeah, it’s it’s pretty good. Alright, so let’s go. Let’s keep going.

Nick 1:16:14
You get too big and here they come trying to censor you like that one line. I mean, I mean, it only takes one line to piss off white America. And he out here making full songs about that shit. So you know, he’s getting too big off that one line and then they’re all coming after him. So it makes an even bigger song and then even more people are coming after.

Kalvin 1:16:37
Yeah, so this thing something very specific. There’s controversy surrounding m&ms angry white kid rapper early in his career, we’ve already kind of covered that. And it caused some overreaching censorship in his mind. And I kind of disagree with this and we’ll get into in the next line. I don’t think it was because m&m said this, that it got censored. I think it was that m&m said this that it got censored. The Columbine shooting had just happened. News, like I said, move much more slowly back then. So the fallout from Columbine kind of casts a shadow for a very long time. And so it was more that he was talking about shooting kids at Columbine in a too soon kind of way. Not just that people were mad at m&m for being m&m. So to piggyback on that, I’ll just go on to the next line. So he says to censor you like that one line. I said, on I’m back from the mark Mathers LP one, when I tried to say I’ll take seven kids from Columbine, put them on a line and ak 47 revolver and a nine. And so the rest of the line in the in I’m back kind of says, that’s one way to have a hell of a time or something like that. And so he repeats this almost the exact same line from I’m back on Marshall Mathers LP, to see if he can get away with it now. And he does like they don’t say that on on the actual released album, The unedited cut, this line was still censored because Columbine had just happened. And I think it like I said, it’s more of the timing of what he’s saying, you know, Rap God is 15 years after the Columbine shooting, and several their school school shootings have occurred in that time become normalized. Yeah. And the collective consciousness of what could and should be said has also changed a lot in those last 15 years. So I think it’s more of a timing thing that he gets away with it not being centered on this versus what happened in 1999. When he put out the or I guess it was 2001 was Marshall Mathers LP, so that’s only three years after the Columbine shooting, and that was still very much in the forefront of people’s minds.

Nick 1:18:38
Yeah, too bad. It’s not the same anymore.

Kalvin 1:18:41
No, no, it’s just like every fucking week it happens. But let’s not go too deep into that.

Nick 1:18:46
No, see if I get away with it now that I ain’t as big as I was. But I’m so I mean, I think you base Yeah.

Kalvin 1:18:54
That all should have been lumped together. Probably.

Nick 1:18:58
There you go.

Kalvin 1:18:59
There are just so many fucking words in the song. Yes. So I literally have this in 16 pages of notes. Just because that’s how many words there are and like things I had to say on each one. Usually, a selective listening is like three pages, maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13
at most,

Kalvin 1:19:14
morphing into an immortal coming through the portal. Again, he’s he’s transcending his moral frame is moving through a portal in time and is mostly able to keep up with the changing trends in rap music. You know, there was a time where he couldn’t, but he, he he can now with this album, and so

Nick 1:19:32
almost feel like this is a comic book reference to just be you think of the immortals like Marvel Comics, or I’m thinking of one of the turtles. There’s like there’s a comic book cover specifically I’m thinking about they came out around this time. Anyway. You’re stuck in a time warp from 2004 though. Best You just I mean I don’t really get this one tell you the truth.

Kalvin 1:20:03
I think he’s talking to his kind of his old nemeses. They’re stuck in the past they haven’t been able to adapt and change with

Nick 1:20:10
their Yeah, they can’t keep up with him

Kalvin 1:20:11
he came through the portal into the future but but they did

Nick 1:20:15
he’s still making making music and they are not Yeah.

Kalvin 1:20:19
And I don’t know what the fuck that you rhyme for your pointless as Rapunzel with fucking cornrows mmm can’t understand why other rappers even try sometimes Rapunzel with cornrows makes no sense because her whole thing is using her long flowing hair to let people climb into the tower.

Nick 1:20:35
She does she just just doesn’t have enough head to toe

Kalvin 1:20:42
tiny head you can’t put cornrows on that

Nick 1:20:44
was just got the unlimited hair man you can put all those cornrows on there fuck that would look like look terrible looking over stuff ice cream cone you write normal fluc be normal I think the I just goes back to his off the cuff rap battle type nature where it’s he doesn’t have a set time standard date whatever to sit down and write it just kind of comes to him and he writes and moves on

Kalvin 1:21:10
Yeah, it one of my favorite lines here with the fuck being normal just seriously though. Yeah, just do what you want. And I just bought a new Reagan from the future just come and shoot Yeah. And that you know he went through his portal to the future grab a reagan came back through the portal to 2004 where you’re stuck in a time warp and he’s ready to kill other rappers with this cool Reagan.

Nick 1:21:35
Like from Call of Duty when he just vaporizes you. up you booboo. Like when fabulous, fabulous. Fabulous.

Kalvin 1:21:44
Fabulous Bo ello us

Nick 1:21:47
when fabulous made rage a mad because fab said he looked like Mayweather is pad singing to a man while he played piano. Yeah, he’s just I mean, that was a gut punch by fabulous talk match and by Ray J looking at a Floyd Mayweather his house. Having a ballad for a man.

Kalvin 1:22:09
Yeah, the weird thing that happened in the mid 2000s where Ray J there was some video of Ray J singing to Floyd Mayweather and fabulous called outrage j on it. But it kind of flows into the next line also with man oh man, that was a 24 seven special on the cable channel. So Ray J went straight to the radio station. The very next day. Hey, fab, I’m killing you. So he’s, he’s gonna shoot current rappers. Like when Ray J said he was gonna kill fab that and so it all comes kind of comes together there. Those nine lines in a row

Nick 1:22:40
are instantaneous.

Kalvin 1:22:41
So the fab and Ray J thing seemed to be on all the time is what I’m saying. And it’s also a reference to hbos 24 seven series that is like a mini docu series leading up to these big boxing matches. And because Floyd Mayweather is a boxer and he was involved in this that’s how he plays on that. 24 seven on special on the cable channel. Then Ray J went on the radio and said and told Fabien is gonna kill him just like Eminem is going to kill the rappers with his new Reagan. And like I had no idea any of this fabulous re J. Floyd Mayweather stuff happened until I first heard the song and looked up more information on it.

Nick 1:23:17
I had to

Kalvin 1:23:18
Yeah, sounds like that sounds super interesting.

Nick 1:23:21
Sounds like a weird night.

Kalvin 1:23:23
Yeah, very weird night.

Nick 1:23:25
Lear is coming at you at supersonic speed JJ Fad, I don’t know who that is.

Kalvin 1:23:31
What it’s got Well, the supersonic speed is coming. smooth and we’ve all been waiting for since I first said it way back at the beginning of this episode. But JJ Fad was a hip hop r&b girl group in the late 80s, early 90s. One of their hit songs was super sonic.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44

Kalvin 1:23:46
that’s another thing that I remember from my initial research like eight years ago into the song I had no idea JJ that fad was a thing before 2013 she some allama Duma llama you assuming I’m human. I keep getting the nonsense ones. But he just starts with some nonsense and then again, just talking about transcending his human flesh flesh. He’s that good? He’s not a human.

Nick 1:24:10
Right, evidenced by the next one what I gotta do to get through to you, then I’m superhuman. I mean, obviously, he’s gonna say nonsense and make it sound dope.

Kalvin 1:24:19
And remember, this is 97 words in 15 seconds. So we’re really not doing it justice here by breaking it down this way. But yeah, he’s just trying to prove he’s greater than normal people. And you know, this is last effort. If you don’t get it after this flurry of lyrics at supersonic speed, you’re, you’re just not going to never innovative animate of rubber so that anything you say is ricocheting off of me and it’ll glue to you and is playing on that old children saying I’m rubber and you’re glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you that whole kind of thing. So any criticism that anyone has is just projection and it’s really going back on them? Yeah,

Nick 1:24:54
he don’t give a fuck. I just don’t give a fuck. I’m devastating more than ever demonstrating how to Give a motherfucking audience a feeling like it’s levitating. So that I mean, I think that also plays on his feeling of I don’t give a fuck and that’s devastating the people that insult you because when you don’t give a zero fucks and you don’t react to them, that’s, that’s worse than obviously reacting to them. And when people realize that, oh, it’s it’s uh, it’s very relieving. It’s like you get a big shit you might levitate.

Kalvin 1:25:28
Yeah, it’s, it’s very, it’s very on the nose with what he’s saying. And the impressive thing here is how fast he’s going and how he strings these things together and not necessarily saying he had to practices so much, or maybe didn’t never fading and I know the haters are forever waiting. Every everyone thinks he’s eventually going to fall off. But it’s not going to happen. It hasn’t actually happened yet. He’s come close a couple times. But he’s always come back.

Nick 1:25:57
For the day that I can say I fell off, there’ll be celebrating that I’ll never come.

Kalvin 1:26:02
Yeah, just same thing. Because I know the way to get them motivated. The only way they’re going to get motivated enough to make great music is if he’s gone right now. Nobody’s motivated. And I think Kendrick Lamar would like to have a word with this line. Like he’s plenty motivated, he’ll go out there and kill anybody any day.

Nick 1:26:17
Right. And that also plays on the next one. I make elevating music, you make elevator music, so you just make popcorn music. That’s a great line that I you know, you listen to in the 32nd span of going between floor one in Florida 27. Whereas he makes music that lifts up the whole genre. Like you just said Kendrick would have something to say about that. That that inspires Kendrick to do something.

Kalvin 1:26:40

Nick 1:26:41
That’s elevating.

Kalvin 1:26:43
Oh, he’s too mainstream. Well, that’s what they do when they get jealous they confuse there’s a time that was very hard to criticize m&m because of how great he was. So haters started going the other way on it. And now they don’t like it because everyone likes him. So he’s quoting his haters here saying, oh, he’s too mainstream. I would say that he hit this about 2002 2003 when the critical mass of the set the m&m show just released eight miles per hour. Okay, now curtain call was oaf lado for early oh five so yeah, it’s it’s all that same probably like oh 2205 is really the span of this from Eight Mile to curtain call. And you know, he’s just everywhere at this point and he he was still just as lyrical as he had always been. haters are just gonna hate in this case. So now they have to fight because he’s just as lyrical as always been. They have to find something else to hate. So now he’s to mainstream.

Nick 1:27:35
Well, then it moves on to it’s not hip hop, it’s pop because I found a hell a way to fuse it with rock shock rap with dark. So I mean, basically he people are still hating on his fucking style. He wants to do something different. So we went to went to the lab with Dr. Dre came up with this new style. And they’re having a hard time.

Kalvin 1:27:57
Yeah. He he found a way to fuse the two worlds of lyricism and pop rap. And he did it well. Throw on lose yourself and make them lose it. And the lose yourself was definitely his top hit from this period and no one and I mean, no one can play lose yourself and not get into it.

Nick 1:28:17
It’s I love that song.

Kalvin 1:28:18
Everybody loves it. I’m sorry, if lose yourself is on everybody’s head. Everybody literally anywhere you could throw it on at church, and people would start nodding their heads. Like I asked my sister

Unknown Speaker 1:28:30
in Christ. It

Kalvin 1:28:32
just furthers his statement that while he was mainstream, everything that made his fans fall in love with him in the beginning, it’s still there. That’s what lose yourself is.

Nick 1:28:42

don’t lose myself in Christ.

Kalvin 1:28:53
Jesus yourself.

Nick 1:28:56
I don’t know what words to use. So he’s basically just saying, y’all are dumb as fuck. You can’t even think you don’t have a vocabulary. You are not open minded and as enlightened as me.

Kalvin 1:29:09
Yeah, he’s just mocking everyone else because they don’t get it. Let me know when it occurs to you. While I’m ripping any one of these verses that versus you. It’s curtains, I’m inadvertently hurting you Lula. other rappers think they can challenge Mmm. And he’s kind of just waiting for them to realize that they can’t. And at what point in this song are they going to realize that he’s going to beat every challenge or that he comes across? That’s what he’s saying here. Like, it doesn’t matter if you were half his weight. I didn’t get to that part. Yeah, he’s just he’s just waiting for people to come around.

Nick 1:29:40
But he’s just waiting for people to realize it’s like the, you know, you hear the gunshot long after it’s fired? Yeah. I feel like that’s what he’s talking about.

Kalvin 1:29:49
He’s waiting for that panic to actually set in right for everybody to just get the hell realized.

Nick 1:29:53
He’s saying so he talks all that shit then just bounces and then you know, 15 minutes later, they’re

Kalvin 1:29:57
like, Oh, fuck, right. That makes sense.

Nick 1:30:00
How many verses I got a murder to prove that if you were half as nicer songs could sacrifice versions to your songs you could sacrifice versions to how many times you got to spit mad fucking game to prove the you if you shoot was half as nice he would I mean you would literally sacrifice Virginia you

Kalvin 1:30:21
did back in the day if you’re even half as good as him you could be considered a quote unquote God to not the Rap God but one of those like pagan gods and everyone knows aren’t real but it and you know that doesn’t stop ancient people from trying to sacrifice versions to them so you can be one of those Gods but not but not the rap guy that’s still me is what he’s

Nick 1:30:41
not the our

Kalvin 1:30:44
school flunky pill junkie, but look at the accolades the skills brung me. He hasn’t always been the best person or role model, but you can’t deny how great he is on the face.

Nick 1:30:53
I mean, he still made a shitload of money. Yeah. Full of myself, but still hungry. He knows he’s the best he’s had. He made a song called fucking Rap God. Yeah, but he’s still grinding at 44 years old. At this time.

Kalvin 1:31:06
Yeah, still still wants to get better still wants more. I believe myself because I make me do what I put my mind to just a nice play on what a bully is and how he kind of always choose whatever he puts his mind to. He’s his own bully. He doesn’t need bullies.

Nick 1:31:20
I wore that skin. And I’m a million leagues above you. So he’s even he’s at the same time bowling these fucking people by just saying how much better he is in the sense of the theme here

Kalvin 1:31:31
that he’s just thinks he’s better than everyone. That might be ill when I speak in tongues, but it’s still tongue in cheek. Fuck you. He doesn’t even have to speak real English words to be better than everyone else. So fuck them all.

Nick 1:31:44
Just sounds like fucking gibberish when he’s talking sometimes, but it’s still a very tongue in cheek reference. I’m drunk. So Satan take the fucking wheel. I’m asleep in the front seat. I think it goes back to his old fucking songs. Drunk it fit the vodka dare me to drive. So Satan take the fucking wheel. Like my bad persona that slim is and I’m gonna go ahead and take take a nap while you drive this car down the metaphorical road and making shit tons of cash. Yeah, he’s

Kalvin 1:32:15
just letting his worst impulses lead him through the rest of the song and career. And it’s also play on Carrie Underwood’s Jesus take the wheel. Yeah, I shared that song. Bump and Heavy D and the boys still chunky but funky, who doesn’t love some heavy D when when Satan’s driving?

Nick 1:32:31
Right and the boys. But in my head, there’s something I can feel tugging and struggling. This point the video was great. And I think it’s a callback to his addiction and his unending need to be the best.

Kalvin 1:32:48
I think it’s that and and there are still certain criticisms that he kind of gets hung up on sometimes. Yeah, that’s perfect. I think he’s, I think he’s gonna go into in a minute here. Angels fight with devils. And here’s what they want from me. He’s got you know, the little Kronk Angel and devil on his shoulder and he doesn’t know which one to follow right now.

Nick 1:33:06
didn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what they want. They’re asking me to eliminate some of the women hate so I mean he’s I think it’s a call back to you know, the people that love him which are the angels in the devils which are the SEC and people that want to censor him all the time. And

Kalvin 1:33:24
say FCC or FCC, the S

Nick 1:33:27

Kalvin 1:33:28
now that Securities and Exchange Commission but they’re not they don’t give a shit about what m&ms asked the FCC that wants to censor man, I don’t have a well let me shit. So let me be try to shut me down on MTV. But it feels so empty without me. Yeah, it’s FCC, the Federal Communications Commission.

Nick 1:33:48
There. Thank you for correcting me.

Kalvin 1:33:50
I gotta make sure the listeners know what’s going on. So what does this line mean?

Nick 1:33:57
Basically chill the fuck out. We’re not gonna stop censoring you.

Kalvin 1:34:01
Yeah, that a lot of criticism of m&ms treatment of women. I think I think this is one of those things that he can feel tugging and struggling of like, he knows it’s wrong. But he’s not there yet. You know, and he’s about to address it here. Because he knows on the surface, it’s wrong. But there’s more to it in his mind. But if you take into consideration the bitter hatred I have, then you may be a little patient and more sympathetic to the situation and understand that discrimination. He’s had very bad and abusive relationship, abusive relationships with women in the past, including his mother and his first wife. He’s trying to say that that this hatred, it comes from past trauma. He doesn’t just hate women to hate them. There’s something deeper at work here that he can’t always move past. And if more people understood that about him, then then maybe they could be more sort of sympathetic and less critical of where these things are coming from.

Nick 1:34:59
I mean, he He’s just screaming from the rooftops that they’re not looking at the symptoms of the illness. It’s just like, oh, they are

Kalvin 1:35:07
only looking at the symptom. Right now. They’re

Nick 1:35:08
only looking at the diagnosis. Oh, he’s, he’s.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:13
Yeah, why?

Nick 1:35:14
How did he get cancer? Oh, he smoked for 55 years.

Kalvin 1:35:17

Nick 1:35:18
You get what I’m saying?

Kalvin 1:35:19
Yeah, I got you. I’m picking up what you’re putting down. My daughter started saying that phrase and she gets it wrong, like 80% of the time, when she’s trying to say I’m picking up what you’re putting down. It’s very funny.

Nick 1:35:31
It’s kind of funny.

Kalvin 1:35:33
She’s like, I’m putting down and you’re you got it up. Like No, no, that’s not it.

Nick 1:35:39
Like you know what, honey, your God did you

Kalvin 1:35:41
find what I put down over there? Those may be

Nick 1:35:47
a fucking life hands you lemons make lemonade then. So I mean, he’s, he just is buying into all the bullshit. They’re trying to brew up about him. He’s or he’s playing into it more. So he’s, uh, he’s creating more controversy on top of the controversy, because it’s a moneymaker it’s fucking bank.

Kalvin 1:36:07
I think you’re right. But I also think it’s that the lemons in the situation are his abusive past. And he made the lemonade by writing it into his songs and making just a shitload of money off of it. I think that’s a great point. But I think you’re right with the criticism. It’s the same way with the criticism instead of taking that criticism and considering it and just cutting the some of the stuff out of his, his raps. He faces that head on and like creates more of a whirlwind around it. It makes even more money. So it’s all the lemonade is always money,

Nick 1:36:40
whatever it is, man,

Kalvin 1:36:42
but if I can’t batter the women, how the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake. And this is just another really clever play on words with the double meaning of batter as a cake batter and like physically beating women. He’s saying if he has never mistreated them in his lyrics by battering them he wouldn’t have ever learned how to treat them right in baking them a cake. So so he if he if he never got the opportunity to kind of release his frustrations then it never would have come back to that. What he’s doing is wrong. Like because that criticism existed helped him realize I can bake them a cake now I know how to treat women right now.

Nick 1:37:26
I think that and if I can’t better the women How the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake then? Like these women are having their cake and eating it too Even though they did something terrible to him. And he retaliated in the form of these terrible songs and physical abuse. But they still won in the end. Like if he could I mean if he can’t batter the women. I think it’s just a How the fuck are they going to get their cake and eat it too if I didn’t even do anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:58

Kalvin 1:38:00
I see what you’re picking up what you’re putting.

Nick 1:38:03
Are you putting over there? What

Kalvin 1:38:05
is it? Yeah, that’s it.

Nick 1:38:08
Don’t mistaken for Satan. It’s a fatal mistake. Yeah, I mean, he’s not the devil. No, it’s

Kalvin 1:38:14
little as x is clearly the devil right now.

Nick 1:38:17
Right a lot of other things will get you I mean old town roads will fucking get ya if you

Kalvin 1:38:22
thought I had all day because I’ve been like I’ve I watched his new video that everyone has an issue with and then like that led down to like old town road some thing with Old Town road came next. So it’s been stuck in my head all day and it’s awful.

Nick 1:38:34
never listened to that whole song.

Kalvin 1:38:37
I don’t think I have either. It’s not good. Hey, new songs not very good either. But it is interesting.

Nick 1:38:45
People love that shit.

Kalvin 1:38:46
If you think I need to be overseas and take a vacation to trip abroad and make her fall on her face and don’t be he plays again on the double meanings of almost every word in this line and it’s a beautiful the way he does it. He’s saying you know Don’t be stupid. And that kind of there’s more than one way to skin a cat in this right he the only way to take a trip abroad is not to be overseas and taking vacation can also make her fall on her face that’s tripping abroad. He can do things his way and still get to where he wants and still get that understanding of what people want from him

Nick 1:39:28
yeah yeah 100% Dude, I think it plays back to his his grinding mentality if you think I need to take a vacation Fuck you. Don’t be you know retardation slow down damping diminish Don’t be Don’t slow your career down. When you’re on a fucking roll. Just keep going grinded out. became thank not know he he wants more than that, bro.

Kalvin 1:39:55
Yeah, he’s not he’s not here to be the kingdom forever. Why be a king when you can be a god what’s the king to a god? I mean it’s that’s it should we not do that at supersonic speed?

Nick 1:40:12
No we didn’t that’s all right though. It’s fucking long song man

Kalvin 1:40:16
there are a lot of words in that song Dennis world record holding song and now I think we have a Guinness World Record holding podcast for covering it this way that’s right that’s how the Guinness World Records work

Nick 1:40:28
and like five grand or something

Kalvin 1:40:30
yeah yeah anything else on rap Got it? I’m pretty sure we covered it.

Nick 1:40:35
The beat for the song is dope as fuck. I don’t think we mentioned that one time but it mentioned how fast it is. But yes, it’s fast but it’s sick as fuck yeah. I would really hypnotic.

Kalvin 1:40:46
Absolutely. I’m probably going to listen to the song and then throw on lose yourself and lose it. Right after we’re done with this.

Nick 1:40:53
Yeah, I’m there. I’m there with you. Well, let’s have a party.

Kalvin 1:40:56
So a white trash party.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:57
Why trash corny?

Nick 1:41:00
Let’s crack a bottle.

Kalvin 1:41:04
We’ll do it underground. You’re looking for me or underground. That’s enough. Those are the three relapse songs I remember. So I was

Nick 1:41:12
gonna say these tunnels are infinite.

Kalvin 1:41:17
Check us out on if you want to join us and listen to rap God and lose yourself right now. Hit us on Twitter at APA something at alone underscore podcast. You can also visit a podcast about something calm where we got some great stuff and check out those cats. They’re not the rap Gods but they are really good and they provide all the music for podcasts.

Nick 1:41:36
Stay sassy. Stay

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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