Episode 146 – A Podcast About When the Music Stops

Have you ever heard a band or musical artist and knew immediately they were destined for greatness? But what happens when they fall short of that greatness prematurely? Kalvin and Nick are here this week to discuss these some of these acts and when they fell short and how hard of a fall it was for them. We dive deep into 4 musical acts to learn about how high they could fly and how hard they feel along with some honorable mentions and our thoughts on what leads to long lasting success in the music industry. Let us know your favorite musical act that never quite lived up to your enormous expectations on twitter @APASomething and @alone_podcast.

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Full episode transcript available below:

Music. reality. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Unknown Speaker 0:10
But we as entertainers

Unknown Speaker 0:13
have a responsibility to these kids.

Kalvin 0:26
Hold on to a podcast about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me from an abandoned warehouse full of us record. It’s your co host, the true superior, Nick, Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:41
God damn right.

Kalvin 0:43
Take that with Mel mama tennis podcast.

Nick 0:46
My god damn rackets.

Unknown Speaker 0:50
Yeah, I take that.

Kalvin 0:53
Back again.

Nick 0:55
I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m shady. But you should tell your friends.

Kalvin 1:00
Tell a friend, Guess who’s back. Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back down on, Dan. So today, we’re gonna talk about track 16 from the m&m show when the music stops. And I think this song, it just does a great job. It really getting to the heart of what happens when we lose our love for an artist or when an artist just stops making music? And you know, that’s hard to deal with sometimes.

Nick 1:25
Yeah, especially when you can tell the artist has lost love for themselves.

Kalvin 1:30
Right. And that’s what m&ms getting on with this track. So let’s just talk about the song. Let’s do it. I

Nick 1:36
can fucking do it.

Kalvin 1:37
That’s not actually what the plot was. For this episode, we’re actually gonna talk about a lot of different artists and musical acts who have lost that love or lost their popularity in music. Where we thought, you know, they were at the tippy top. We thought they were gonna be around for a long time. And then they just fell off. We’re not talking just about a random Eminem song from 2002

Nick 2:02
it’s not even that good. It’s,

Kalvin 2:04
I mean, it’s okay.

Nick 2:05
It’s okay. Yeah, it’s very, it’s very okay. But no,

Kalvin 2:08
we’re gonna get out of the 15 out of 22 on the m&m show.

Unknown Speaker 2:14

Nick 2:16
there’s like four interludes on? Yeah. At least two I know there’s two But no, we’re gonna get into some musical acts that we personally thought were gonna be like King shit or not necessarily that but more so they were super duper important to us at a point in our lives where we thought that they were never gonna go away and then they kind of fucking in

Kalvin 2:42
important to us or like felt like they were more important to the world then maybe they actually were right in society

Nick 2:48
at large. Yeah.

Kalvin 2:50
Because sometimes things take the you feel like a band takes the world by storm and it does and then all sudden, they’re gone. Like Hootie and the blowfish. What the hell happened to those guys?

Nick 3:06
Simon and Garfunkel?

Kalvin 3:08

Nick 3:09
I think Simon died.

Kalvin 3:11
Yeah, I think so too. And I know like dairies are still out there doing his thing. But hooting the blowfish. It’s not like they’re not a thing. They’re big in the 90s. dish. Wallah. There’s another one. A lot of random 90s bands pop up. But we’re not talking about either of those specifically. Did you do any research on the first mega act that was like this big thing world wide and then fell off?

Nick 3:34
I I gotta say he’s not necessarily fell off. But he did fucking die. And his reputation took a big hit. And that’s Elvis goddamn Presley.

Kalvin 3:47
Okay, you so here’s I went even older than that, but I’ll let you go in on Elvis first.

Nick 3:52
I think honestly, Elvis is really the first like worldwide musical name. Especially. I mean, he toured all over the world. And he did a lot of crazy shit. But his reputation. I mean, he’s the butt of a million jokes. I’ve heard one Elvis song in my entire life that I actually enjoyed.

Kalvin 4:11
I’m not a big fan.

Nick 4:12
It was his Christmas song, which my wife played relentlessly when we first got together. So it’s around Christmas. So it’s like, Okay, I guess I gotta like this. Elvis is fine. But like, I would never go out. I would

Kalvin 4:26
never go out of my way to listen to Elvis but like, you know, on the store shopping on I’m not gonna get immediately mad. Like if I I don’t know what to call me. Maybe it was on at the height of its power, right? Where it’s played every fucking day. 17 times a day.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
Call Me Maybe who’s Carly Rae Jepsen? Yeah,

Kalvin 4:49
I was gonna sing it but then like most of the lyrics left my head so I like I can’t put it together. Sorry.

Nick 4:53
Don’t lie. You know that whole song.

Kalvin 4:55
I if it goes on, look, if it was on, I would but I can’t like Pull. I can’t pull the pieces together in my brain right now to do it. So that’s a problem. So if somebody wants to play it for me, I got it.

Nick 5:07
I’m right there with you because I heard that song at least 2000 times through my headphones at the gym.

Kalvin 5:16
Right. And so Elvis isn’t that doesn’t bring that level of ire out in me. But I agree with what you’re saying and that he was this first huge act that had the ladies swooning. You know, men wanted to be him. Women wanted to be with him. Everybody from around the world knew who Elvis was and wanted to dance in their blue suede shoes.

Nick 5:36
I mean, there’s people make a living impersonating that fat son of a bitch. He has a

Kalvin 5:41
boy. He’s not it’s just him going to different places. That’s true.

Nick 5:45
I mean, he’s he is a hard worker. Very, very hard worker, but his downfall man is really what got me it’s drastic. barbituates and amphetamines will fucking get you and being horrendously. I’ve never understood someone who could do that much like amphetamine and be that fat. Well,

Kalvin 6:06
not only the amphetamines, but also was active. Like if you’re getting on stage and singing and dancing. Like that’s not a hard like there’s a that’s not an easy job. It’s not easy on your body. There’s a reason people like Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger are so fucking skinny. And that gross drugs are part of it and being on stage, sweating every day and like moving around dancing like that. That’s hard work. Worked full work. Well, it

Nick 6:33
takes effort. I mean, just not sleeping in your own bed having no routine touring all the time. He did 168 shows in his last like year of life. When I read this funny little quote that said, basically all the dude did was just stayed posted on his fucking mic stand and just did not like move from. So he’s just pouring out of his big, dumb, stupid idiot white suit. And I just I feel bad for the guy being such a caricature now.

Kalvin 7:03
Yeah, yeah. And that’s all it is. Bruno Mars even got his start as an Elvis impersonator in Hawaii.

Nick 7:09
Yeah, yeah, in Hawaii.

Kalvin 7:13
But I’m gonna drop some knowledge on here. Because this was not the first mega act. I googled around the internet. And what kept coming up was a man by the name of Franz Liszt. Never heard of Franz Liszt. But he showed up several times when I googled, quote, first musical superstar. So that’s gotta count for something. So I looked into him right. And my immediate thoughts went to Elvis and the Beatles. It’s it’s one of those right? Because Elvis is in the 50s. Beatles are in the 60s. And then it takes off from there. And I think Elvis led to the Beatles. I don’t think the Beatles would have been the Beatles without Elvis being there first. Yeah, maybe that would have been I don’t know.

Nick 7:53
I don’t know. I think it was,

Kalvin 7:55
but I think it took Elvis take those steps, but neither of them would have been able to take those steps if it wasn’t for my man, France. So German. He is a 19th century Hungarian classical composer.

Nick 8:08
Nice he already had the best beard ever. I sorry, I got

Kalvin 8:14
I don’t know about his beard. That’s a good question. I didn’t check him beard it because it wasn’t about beards, no, no beard. It’s got some sick locks though. It’s got flowing hair, no beard.

Nick 8:26
I wish

Kalvin 8:28
he overcame a poor background to become a bonafide celebrity. And in fact, the word celebrity started being used in its current form surrounding lists rise to fame according to the Oxford Dictionary, so celebrity existed the word celebrity existed before Franklin’s list became I keep thinking there’s an N in their in his last name, there’s not the word celebrity existed before that, but the the modern meaning of it rose with him of like this person that is in the limelight popular star kind of thing. So he he revolutionized the word celebrity. So Elvis do that know,

Nick 9:07
this dude banged so many tricks that every beat writer was just like, this guy’s a fucking celebrity. This guy.

Kalvin 9:16
This guy, they had to make it. They had to start using a new seldom used word to describe him.

Nick 9:20
People do that weird shit dude. I’m telling you. So is it was all men writers back then. There was no female writers. They’re all just like, nice.

Kalvin 9:31
According to his biographer Dr. Oliver films, he released a highly infectious strain of listo mania that gripped Europe for years at a time. He captivated audiences at an early age as a musical prodigy, but also later with a distinctive air he cultivated at the piano, tossing his shoulder length lock shoulder length locks and swaying hypnotically over the keyboard as he played some sort of 19th century elton john or something over there.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
He’s a fucking word.

Nick 10:02
He’s gonna say us. I gotta say, I thought you were literally talking about an STD first. He unleashed over Europe. horrendous strain.

Kalvin 10:14
That’s how his biographer describes it. Like that’s insane that that this is the way that they were talking about him. So in the process of emergence that’s what it was. In the process of over 1000 recitals he effectively invented the profession of the International international concert pianist, crowned heads of state paid court to him women threw themselves at his fee and others lost their reasons. The popular press of the time reported at length on this concert, and at an even greater length on the numerous escapades that fueled their feverish interest in him. So like, this dude, was legit. He’s out there just mowing down chicks with his gorgeous locks after he plays the piano.

Nick 10:58
It I keep picturing Adam Scott in a stepbrothers singing. Oh, has a man Dinah. Got that fake dressed up? little stupid here.

Kalvin 11:09
That’s got what it is. He’s got that look a little bit. Nice. He looks nice. I want to see a movie with Xiaomi playing him. A big shout out to fan him.

Nick 11:21
Yeah. Here’s a podcast about something. Yeah, we love shall have a

Kalvin 11:25
shout out dude. So his fall came with a literal fall. He fell down the stairs at a hotel and why Mar at 70 years old and was left immobilized for eight weeks and never fully recovered. He died of pneumonia five years later after dealing with several ailments and constant feelings of desolation despair and a preoccupation with death after this accident. So he fell, never returned to prominence.

Unknown Speaker 11:53
Boo. That’s what

Nick 11:54
that sucks, dude.

Kalvin 11:56
Yeah, that’s why he asked me.

Nick 11:59
That’s why it’s 36. Oh,

Kalvin 12:01
I don’t think he had to go back to 35 because the listeners didn’t hear the 35 joke earlier.

Nick 12:06
Oh, well, they’re not gonna get it now. So it’s whack. 10? All right. Yeah, whack 10.

Kalvin 12:11
next one will be whack. 11.

Unknown Speaker 12:12
All right. All right, I

Kalvin 12:16
will have to keep a running whack list, what number we’re on.

Nick 12:20
I will do that.

Kalvin 12:21
So what do you think leads to the long standing success that a lot of these groups or artists that we’re gonna talk about today couldn’t quite achieve? Like, what are they missing?

Nick 12:32
Knowing when to quit? That’s part of it. That’s definitely that’s, that’s like the number one thing is knowing when to say, we’re done. We put out our best stuff, our creativity is gone. Let’s, let’s go away and just not sell ourselves out. And second is marketing. If you can’t market yourself at all, you’re not going to be a good band.

Kalvin 12:54
Yeah, I agree. I had branding on one of as one of my things, I think strong branding pays off more than it should. And you can look at like Taylor Swift and Beyonce to see that their brands are synonymous with great music, regardless of what music they’re putting out. So anything they do at this point is perceived as great. Regardless of it actually is or not, you can say the same thing for like Jay Z, where 444 was objectively terrible. And it was stuck in this like shifting styles rigmarole that I want to talk a little bit more about. And music critics just ate that shit up. They’re falling all over. Oh, he’s back. Jay Z’s the best, you know, and they just couldn’t bring themselves to say anything negative about the chicken man. And honestly, it was bad. 444 was bad.

Nick 13:43
Damn, Kevin is about to get some hate mail.

Kalvin 13:45
Yeah, if you like 444 then you can unsubscribe.

Nick 13:49
I’ve never listened to 444

Kalvin 13:51
Yeah. And if you go back further, some of like Aerosmith can still draw a crowd with Steven Tyler. Like, because he had and he has so many like forward facing jobs. He’s doing singing competition shows in commercials, all that stuff. Because 75 Yeah, he’s he kept the Steven Tyler Brandon the Aerosmith brand at the forefront of the collective consciousness for like the last, what? 60 years since the 60s 70s.

Nick 14:18
Well, and at the same time, they haven’t what? They don’t put out much music

Kalvin 14:26
early 2000s of probably last like actual album.

Nick 14:28
Right. And they had one great single from that album. And I couldn’t tell you what the fuck it is. I know. It’s a more recent one.

Kalvin 14:39
Yeah, because they had, so they had an album in the late 90s. Then they had the Armageddon song don’t want to miss a thing. And then they had one more album like really early in the 2000s. I had another couple singles off of it, which I don’t remember off the top my head and like it helps that he has this truly unique and amazing voice that kind of sets him apart. from other rock stars, but he’s kept himself out there. So when you think of Aerosmith, you think of him first, your mind doesn’t go to a single song. That’s the same thing with Beyonce and Taylor Swift. And Jay Z. When you think of them, you think of them, you don’t think of a song, whereas like, you hear ti or AC DC, do you think of what your favorite song is by them? Right? You don’t think about a band as a whole or the person?

Nick 15:24
Right? Absolutely. You’re I mean, you’re correct.

Kalvin 15:28
Correct a mood. And so I think with your marketing, I think that’s what i mean that that’s important. The other thing I think, that helps have this long thing, success is being adaptive to the shifting focus of whatever popular music is.

Nick 15:44
Or at least setting the trend. I think the most successful bands or groups are the people that set the trends as you know, time progresses,

Kalvin 15:51
but are there do they get left behind? Are?

Nick 15:56
No, I mean, like, look at Drake, that too. Okay, so right trends.

Kalvin 15:59
So that was the person I was going to talk about here is Drake, he has shifted, every over the past one or 10 years, Drake has been, you know, at the forefront of hip hop. But his style on every album you listen to after over the last 10 years is different. But he’s still good at it each time. Whereas like Jay Z, and ti or even little Wayne, they try to have shift styles, but they only they only get like halfway there. And they still want to do what made them great in the early 2000s. And kind of try and blend in what’s actually popular today, which is not the same thing as what they’re good at. So then you get this album that’s like halfway in halfway out and it just doesn’t work.

Nick 16:39
Well it’s fucking shit. Like anything Wayne put out after no ceilings, in my opinion, has been shit. I mean, are no ceilings. And after that album was trashed Jay

Kalvin 16:49
Z same thing Kingdom comm was bad. The American Gangster soundtrack was good. blueprint three was good. And then nothing else was Magna Carta holy grail was not like it was fine, but it wasn’t very good. 444 wasn’t very good. Ti after papertrail like really right after he got to jail was his last good album. Little Wayne, like you said, No ceilings, and they just they can’t recapture that. And when they when they do this, you know, one foot in one foot out, they modern audiences don’t like the one foot out that we would like. And us older fans, we don’t like the one foot in where they’re trying to meet modern audiences halfway, and it just becomes this garbled mess.

Nick 17:30
Well, they don’t. I mean, unless you can capture everyone successfully, or new generation successfully, then you’re fucked. And I think I think you have to be a trendsetter. I mean, I think Drake not only has adapted as it’s gone along, he set that people have followed and that’s incredibly tough to do. But also, if you can do it, then you’re successful. Yeah. And Santa Claus.

Kalvin 18:02
When when Drake came on the scene in 2009 2010, he was very much mimicking what was great at the time, Jay Z, ti, little Wayne, right? He’s right there with that. And then as we moved into mumble rap, he kind of went that way too. He kind of slowed things down. I start working with the weekend and and with Bruno Mars and things like that, and slowed himself down and adapted to modern audiences. And then and he’s still doing that, like, I won’t listen to a new new Drake album, because it’s not for me. But you know that the people that it’s for love it. And I can still go back and listen to early Drake and I love it. And every once in a while he’ll put out a banger. Usually it’s a diss song of some sort. And he’ll put out like a real rap song now. And you know that, to those those are listened to, because that’s the style of music that I like. And whereas these other guys that I was talking about, they’ll they’ll put out on a song on an album or even just a song. They’ll do that half in half out where nobody fully likes it. So they’re splitting their audience and then they’re splitting their audience again, because you’re like ants, okay, everybody’s just like ants. Okay. Right. Right.

Nick 19:10
Well, and just in on the back end, you have lack of Critical reception. Is that still, that’s still a fucking thing. I mean, people talk online and stuff, but people still look to like Entertainment Weekly and stuff like that to see. You know, no, no, they

Kalvin 19:22
all said 444 was good, and they’re fucking wrong. So

Nick 19:26
that’s what I mean. They go to it to see what not to listen to.

Kalvin 19:29
Yeah. Next week on a podcast about something podcasts about 444 we’re just gonna trash it the whole time. Okay, I’ll listen to that whole album. Don’t do it, Nick. And I think Taylor Swift and Beyonce, like I said on the other thing, they’re great examples of this as well. But and like you said, they they control the shifts, right? They’re the ones that set the trends. They’re the ones that saying, nope, this is what pop music is going to be. Now when Taylor Swift first came on, she was a country singer. And then once she got more and more Poppy, she started setting Okay, this is what pop music is gonna sound like in Katy Perry’s Carly Rae Jepsen and Selena Gomez all followed her lead. Same with Beyonce. And, you know, if you compare them to like Britney Spears, who had a good run in the 90s and early 2000s, but just couldn’t hold on as long because she didn’t have that ability to completely change her style as needed or to set a new style, or like brandy, who didn’t have a great run, but you know, she was really good in the 90s everybody loved her. And she was like, at the tippy top of the game. 9798 like brandy was it. But she wasn’t super AJ sister. So um, Alicia. She was on Maui show, she had like, couple number one hit singles. She was in a, a Cinderella remake. She was at top of her game like 98. But she wasn’t versatile. like Beyonce is and she couldn’t do other things. So once, once the music passed her, she was done.

Nick 20:58

Kalvin 21:00

Unknown Speaker 21:03
motherfucking those. So

Kalvin 21:05
that’s, that’s what makes good bands and artists last a long time. Let’s talk about some bands and artists that couldn’t quite hold up the way these people we were just talking about can Nick, you get to go first here. It’s your idea who is your first group or artist?

Nick 21:24
So we obviously we get to pick two each. And these were really hard for me to settle on. There’s been a lot of like, a lot of bands out there that I thought were the shit. And then they just fucking went away.

Kalvin 21:37
Yeah, so we got just a point of order here. We have to each next can go I’m gonna go next. I’m gonna go and then at the end, our fifth fundamental something about when the music stopped is all our honorable mentions people that we’re considering putting in here and we didn’t for one reason or

Nick 21:54
so. I picked My Chemical Romance. I think he might have been a little older. So they didn’t hit as hard with you.

Kalvin 22:03
They know they were big. With my contemporaries. I did not like them in their first album. I really liked their second album.

Nick 22:11
Oh, the second.

Kalvin 22:13
Welcome to the black parade.

Nick 22:15
No, that’s their that’s their third album. Okay. Their second album is Three cheers for sweet. That’s

Kalvin 22:21
the one I didn’t like. But that was their first like hit album right that their first one was I don’t know what it is. You probably can’t explain it to us. I didn’t like their sound on Three cheers. But I really liked Welcome to the black parade so that day, but they were they were there. They were around when I was when I was banging.

Nick 22:43
So you play them while you’re banging Calvin.

Kalvin 22:45
I really banging anyone when I was banging Michael romancey Trust me, I

Nick 22:53
know, do these. These guys hit me right in the fields? I think I was they released Three cheers for Sweet Revenge in 2004. So their second album, and I was in seventh grade.

Kalvin 23:10
Yeah, it’s in 10th grade.

Nick 23:13
I was in seventh grade. So right that whole album is just teenage eggs and did that was when I was like diagnosed with depression and and all that bullshit. So Yo, I thought they were I was part of that emo crowd for a little while, had all the long hair stuff like that. And I remember I discovered them because I was back when MTV was a thing I used to watch MTV before school every day. And I saw the music video for Halina it was just like whatever this is, I want to do it I want to like you’re preaching to my little you know preteen heart and I mean they just absolutely nailed like the teenage angst and just being the creative oddball outsider that had something to say where I don’t I don’t think anyone really captured that quite like My Chemical Romance did in the emo era.

Kalvin 24:14
I not gonna disagree with you because I think you’re right again I I just wasn’t a fan during Three cheers I was in the i didn’t i didn’t go full emo but like me and my friends we enjoyed this type of music you know taking back Sunday brand new rufio Fall Out Boy Hawthorne heights census fail all I could ever think Hawthorne heights would probably fit on this list pretty well. I don’t think they ever had. Yeah, I don’t think they ever had an actual height but I was more into those things. And I knew My Chemical Romance was around it just it never hit me the way some of these other bands did. And I don’t know why. I just like that was the one that I was wasn’t gonna be enough. That was the real emo kid like the real emo kids get My Chemical Romance I get all this ancillary stuff on the outside of emo Right.

Nick 25:08
I mean, I wasn’t I definitely didn’t wear like all black all the time. And now that’s it. I was a Debbie Downer for sure. And I, I thought a lot about it. And I think it boiled down to the frenetic nature of it, because it’s just so frenetic and so chaotic with this barely strung together overarching plot. And that was like, perfect as a 1112 year old, like, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m feeling. So I’m going to gym out to this bullshit. And fuck, dude, I saw I saw them in concert. And what really kind of kicked me off of them because I hated the black parade. Like, this was, this was my favorite album, The

Kalvin 25:51
Black parade was more Poppy, which is

Nick 25:55
Dude, I fucking hated that album. It just it all sounded the same to me. You didn’t have any variation to it. And I saw him in concert when I was young. And I was so hyped up to see him. You know, I had all the merchant CDs, and I was gonna meet him and all that bullshit. And it was terrible. It was fucking Yeah, there’ll

Kalvin 26:18
be a rough Concert Band.

Nick 26:21
Well, there His voice is so good on the album’s and like their music videos are really creatively put together and shit like that. So you think they’re going to be really dope live like that, that frenetic nature will translate. And it did not. His voice was just like so gurgly from being shit face and smoking 1000 cigarettes and

Kalvin 26:43
I know you’re making me think of all my favorite emo bands now.

Nick 26:48
They’re just not moving around and stuff like that. It just wasn’t wasn’t as tight. So that was a bit of a bit of a template. You know,

Kalvin 26:55
I call for height.

Nick 26:56
I didn’t say that. Like they had like two bangers that was better. I like their whole, their first album was really good.

Kalvin 27:02
second album, that they’re saying that so they try to do the same thing. Like they got a little bit of street cred. And then they went poppy on their second album, and it’s weird.

Nick 27:11
But they just they let the studio or the label get involved. And it just blew me away. I mean, usually there’s some drugs involved with emo bands. That’s or like some kind of extreme mental depression. And that’s what, that’s what hit the lead singer of MCR. Gerard weighs. Half the songs are about fucking blowing your brains out or some shit. That dude was shit faced all the fucking time. You don’t look like that. Unless you’re drinking very heavily.

Kalvin 27:42
Yeah, I could see that for sure.

Nick 27:45
So, you know, they, I mean, they just they couldn’t adapt like he like you said they they went Poppy. And they lost the the main author edge. Yeah. Well, not there. Yeah, I guess it is. But they lost their you know, the main group of people that what else do teenagers have to spend money on? But fucking shitty albums and makeup and My Chemical Romance themed shirts?

Kalvin 28:10
Exactly. Where Are They Now besides on the clearance rack at Hot Topic,

Nick 28:16
doing pretty well actually. They reunited surprisingly, this was news to me in played a couple concerts, and I mean, they, they, they priced the tickets to like 200 bucks. And they sold out in four minutes. Like 30,000 seat arenas. So I mean, they’re still decently popular, even though they had completely disappeared over the past 10 years. But Gerard Way is actually he was a comic illustrator before they got together and was inspired by 911 happening on his way to New York. That’s I thought that was kind of weird. He decided to start a band after 911 I gotta fucking write some music about this shit. But anyway, he he wrote Doom patrol for a while, and then he created the umbrella Academy. So

Kalvin 29:08
he’s been okay. Okay, yeah, he’s out there.

Nick 29:11
Yeah, I was a fool. I should have picked up umbrella Academy number one, because I saw Gerard Way and Gabriel. You get I think it’s

Unknown Speaker 29:19

Nick 29:22
On the cover, and I was just like, Yeah,

fuck My Chemical Romance. I’m sick. They’re poppy bullshit. So I didn’t pick it up and I’m a sucker for that because that would have netted me like a couple 100 bucks.

Kalvin 29:37
Yeah, that would have been a good that’s a good plan. Sorry. I had a great idea for a episode on the emo music scene so I’m trying to write out some notes

Nick 29:48
fuck those notes Calvin write them later.

Kalvin 29:50
While forget them. If I write them later. I think I got a good enough start that when I go back, Toby I go Yeah, that’s what we were talking about.

Nick 29:57
You can text me like 230 like dude Can you help me out with something?

Kalvin 30:03
What was that one song by coheed and Cambria Don’t you remember it Come on

Nick 30:07
the suffering I do remember it brother. The End Welcome home. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the suffering I actually like that song. It’s just really quiet on all their their albums and YouTube and stuff, but the it? Yeah, welcome home. I keep wanting to say the end but I had a shitty group of friends that were in a shitty band together. And that was like their local claim to fame through a bunch of 14 year olds PLAYING Welcome Home terribly. But they can play it for like nine straight minutes. So good on him, I guess.

Kalvin 30:43
So are we good on My Chemical Romance? Yep. I like him. Korematsu solid shout they were writing Doom patrol.

Nick 30:54
Do I mean in umbrella Academy? I enjoyed the comics are a lot better than the show.

Kalvin 30:59
I didn’t enjoy the show. So that’s why I’m not giving a shout out for

Nick 31:01
I like the first season. The second season was

Kalvin 31:07
my first musical group is Third Eye Blind. Doo doo, doo, doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo. Well, the third eye so you know what? $1 bill, it’s got the pyramid on the back. Right? With the eye. Yeah, that’s, that’s the third eye. So they’re the same as the third eye is blind. I guess. I don’t know. My interpretation of it.

Nick 31:33
That’s fair.

Kalvin 31:34
I don’t really I’m not basing that on anything other than like,

Nick 31:38
literally what I just said. It just makes me think they don’t take help from the man. Yeah.

Kalvin 31:45
So they’re in the Adult Contemporary alternative rock genre in the mid to late 90s. Mostly mental late 90s. Some early 2000s I technically they’re still going but we’ll get to that in a minute. They formed in 1993 in San Francisco. They released their first studio album. Hmm,

Unknown Speaker 32:02
it’s a good year.

Kalvin 32:03
Yeah. 93 shout out I’ve six they released their first store. Their first studio album in 1997 titled Third Eye Blind. I went six times platinum which means it’s sold over 6 million top copies if you don’t know Platinum means it’s 1 million copies sold. Yes, a lot. It peaks a shitload. It peaked at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the the album did it featured five singles which were semi charmed life graduate, how’s it going to be losing a whole year and jumper their second album blue was released in 1999 when single platinum and featured for singles anything, never let you go 10 days late, and deep inside of you, which went out when I was doing this and putting this together and every time I’d read deep inside of you. It reminded me of the eldest snow song from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but it’s not Hell yeah. inside of you. Just went from six to midnight.

Nick 33:03
I fucking love that movie.

Kalvin 33:06
So it’s not that song different came inside. I would say they’re their biggest claim to fame is by far semi Term Life. Which as Wikipedia puts it is an alternative what is an alternative rock song composed with a rap influencing style? It incorporates shoe gazer and big guitar chord soundscape musicality that’s what fluc does. I don’t know that’s what Gil Kaufman from billboard wrote. And I just copy and paste it from Wikipedia.

Nick 33:35
You pretentious fuck? Me? No, go coffin I’m not gonna you’re not pretentious for copying and pasting he is Who the fuck is gonna understand that shit. Just say it’s dope. Yeah, kill fucking loser.

Kalvin 33:48
So I’ve got some more copy and paste of notes from Wikipedia here. charmed life was written by solely by frontman Steven Jenkins, Jenkins intended to write a song that acted as a San Francisco response to Lou Reed’s walk on the wild side with the doot doot doot chance present throughout the song being directly inspired by Reed song. In regards to the style of song Jenkins explained that it is meant to reflect changes that were occurring in San Francisco music scene particularly a growing interest in hip hop. In an interview with Rolling Stone Jenkins said that the concept of the song was developed through his observations of friends using crystal meth at a private concert. The Just let me throw it the juxtaposition that we go back to the crystal net. The juxtaposition of the music and the lyrical content was intentional as Jenkins intended to illustrate the bright shiny feeling one gets when using crystal meth. However, Jenkins maintains that the meaning of the song more broadly relates to changing periods in one’s life. He further explained the meaning of the song. There’s more. It’s about living in lower height in San Francisco, and all the machinations that were going on at the time where my friend group was finally out of the educational institutions that we’d been in our home lives, because we’d all been to school since kindergarten. Everybody’s now now in their 20s and out of college, and then probably underneath that also the weight of coming to terms with the kind of agony that your life is always about change and never be reliable. Yeah, I

Nick 35:17
think that’s probably better that he extrapolated on that.

Kalvin 35:20
Yeah. And he talked about how doing crystal method will lift you up. So he won’t stop. Lift. You mean,

Nick 35:27
there’s there’s been a string of amphetamines involved here. So

Kalvin 35:31
yeah, but so everybody says it’s a song about crystal meth and they do like they’ve straight out say doing crystal meth will lift you up and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I but I get what he’s, he’s saying here is it’s not actually about doing crystal meth. It’s the way doing it. I’ve never done crystal meth. So I can’t speak to this. But what he what he’s saying is the doing doing the way doing crystal meth makes you feel is similar to that of your ever changing life in your early 20s. When you’re job to job trying to find a job moving to a new apartment, getting roommates all this, like everything’s going on once and it’s hard to kind of clamp down on anything. So I think I get that.

Nick 36:09
Yeah, yeah. I still think it’s about crystal meth though.

Kalvin 36:14
I’m trying to find I got the lyrics up. I’m trying to find the crystal meth. Doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break it won’t stop. I won’t come down. I keep stuck with Tick Tock rhythm above for the drop. And then I bumped up I took the hit that I was given. Then I bumped again then I bumped again.

Nick 36:31
That’s I mean, that’s a lot. That’s like a full stanza. I mean, it sounds sweet Louise talking about

Kalvin 36:38
Well, yeah, let me start from the beginning of it. The sky was gold. It was rose I was taking sips up into my nose. So yeah, this is still all crystal meth and I wish I could get back there someplace back there smiling in the pictures you take doing crystal meth and blah blah blah.

Nick 36:51
So yeah, the whole sense of sounding crystal crystal meth so it’s about crystal meth

Kalvin 36:56
Yeah, yeah. You’re changing life, you know makes you want to go back to it. So he initially was against the decision to release me from life is lead single from Third Eye Blind as he did not believe it was representative of the work as a whole, which is not it has a pretty different sound than the rest of their album.

Nick 37:18
I mean, often, like bands hit singles do yeah.

Kalvin 37:24
The guitarist Kevin cadigan was concerned with the explicit clear, explicit lyrical content of the song and he had fears that radio stations refused to play the song. Electric records suggested that the band released cemetery life as their debut single as opposed to losing a whole year, then prompting the release of several radio edits of the song upon the song success, Jenkins explained that he felt most listeners misinterpret the song to be a to simply be a happy summertime jam. And

Nick 37:51
literally when everyone interprets that, it

Kalvin 37:54
was I mean, until

Nick 37:58
you pointed out meth to everyone Calvin,

Kalvin 38:00
I didn’t point this out. This has been going on, I would say since like, oh, six people been like, yo, you know, it’s really not crystal meth. So in the beginning, yeah, it was just the summertime pop. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:13
Doo doo doo doo doo doo crystal meth. It’s working. Good.

Nick 38:21
cheap. Walter White.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
Mike Jones phone Jesse pinkman

Kalvin 38:32

  1. We’ll get to my stumbled there.

Nick 38:35
You stumbled there, man. Crystal Meth up all right.

Kalvin 38:38
I didn’t stumble. I stopped short of going into the whole thing. So I had to recontextualize the pho into actual four is what I was doing.

Nick 38:50
Have you ever tried doing that?

Unknown Speaker 38:52
Oh crystal crystal meth.

Nick 38:56
Third Eye Blind wants to try.

Kalvin 38:58
So semi charmed life spent 43 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is debuted at number 17 and peaked at number four in August 1997. It reached number one on the modern rock and mainstream top 40 charts. And it was it’s number 53 on the all time mainstream Top 40 chart, which I think that’s about right for the song.

Nick 39:20
I hear like once a week on the radio still.

Kalvin 39:22
Yeah, I think number 50 like it’s right in the middle of great pop songs. Have Ever.

Nick 39:29
I mean, I always thought it was a happy summertime Jim. And here I am wrong realizing it’s about crystal meth.

Kalvin 39:35
So their downfall really Frey started. Shortly after their second album Blu was released. They fired the lead guitarist Kevin cadigan. He turned around and sued the band for wrongful termination, and he was claiming royalties were being withheld from him. And that suit was caught in 2002. There wasn’t really so their next album came in 2003 was titled out of the vein. It’s Sold 500,000 copies over four years, which is

Nick 40:04
Yeah, that is fucking Yeah, not 12

Kalvin 40:08
Yeah, that’s definitely wack 12 they fired at in 2010 they fired another guitarist, which similar lawsuits followed after they fired that guitar. So apparently they had issues paying members after they fired them. And it was just kind of all downhill from there. They’re mostly irrelevant now. I would say they do still tour and they released an album as recently as July 2019. But I could not find a sales numbers on it though.

Nick 40:34
because there weren’t any Yeah, people just like hard pass Third Eye Blind. I have crystal meth Obi. Thank you.

Kalvin 40:41
They have a they’ve gone through several configurations are they’re technically still together. Lead singer Steven Jenkins and the drummer Brad Hargraves are the only remaining original active members now. I think they like their their touring set is five members, so they have to have the original five still.

Nick 41:00
I wonder how much they pull down every year. 40 grand,

Kalvin 41:06
that’s probably more than that. I bet they can make a good living touring people fucking like they’re a blind man. Oh, I think their Eye Blind they

Unknown Speaker 41:14
they were regarded as

Kalvin 41:15
one of the best pop rock bands in the mid to late 90s. I want to say like they’re up there with Hootie and the blowfish, Counting Crows, those type of thing like Third Eye Blind is mentioned in those conversations. Right? I guess. Are you not having those conversations about the best pop rock bands of the mid to late 90s?

Nick 41:34
I am today Yeah, and it’s fantastic.

Kalvin 41:36
And I and to me semi Term Life and jumper still slap and if you throw on semi charmed life, every single white millennial within hearing distance of that song is going to start singing and dancing to it. Every single one.

Nick 41:50
Oh, dude, I’ll always it’s when I’m driving my daughter to daycare. Speaking of they used to dry they used to play loser every morning. And now they’ve turned to playing Kid Rock. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to update you with that. listeners. Yeah. Every time I hear it, I’m like, man, I need to say something to Calvin.

Kalvin 42:11
We gotta do a selective listening kid rockin as a Ba ba ba ba BANG BANG Dickie Dickie Dickie jumped up again up jumped to Boogie.

Nick 42:21
It is in fact,

Kalvin 42:23
that’s gonna it’s got a pretty sick like lead in. I’m not gonna lie.

Nick 42:27
Oh, it’s, I mean, it’s not a horrible song.

Kalvin 42:31
Kid rocks first album is kind of solid.

Nick 42:33
I mean, he’s soft. I burn that burn that type.

Kalvin 42:37
So they’re not lying to me was interesting, because to an extent, they transcended all genre norms. They’re technically a rock band, but they gained pop level acclaim and exposure. And they also, you know, like I said, in that Wikipedia breakdown, they infuse some of that hip hop lyricism into their songs. So they sounded completely different from a lot of the popular rock bands at the time, which were going more in the grunge rock or country rock direction.

Nick 43:08
Third Eye Blind successfully sung about drugs and I noticed it right right in like a really poppy manner. Right?

Kalvin 43:16
So that’s why that’s what I was gonna say is what was different is their singing about how doing crystal meth makes you feel and everybody fucking jam to it. Every person. teens and 20 somethings liked it because it let them you know jam out to a song about drugs that older people couldn’t keep up with and less had no idea it was about drugs. Parents listened to it because it was hella catchy. Kids liked it because their parents let them listen to it. And it reminds me of the scene in the office where Michael Scott messes something up down with the warehouse, right? And he orders pizza for the whole warehouse and all those guys and he’s like, pizza is the great equalizer. Men like pizza. Women like pizza. Why people like pizza, black people like pizza. Wait, do black people like pizza? That is semi Term Life.

Nick 43:57
The only thing I remember from that scene is the way that dude eats his pizza. Read so cheesy monsters like, like a fucking animal? Like, no, no, that’s not how you eat pizza.

Kalvin 44:08
Like, I’m not lying or exaggerating here when I say every single person in the late 90s. Light semi charmed life. Oh, definitely. And I am so confident this that I put it to the test. I put a poll up on Reddit. Because you know, the internet is somewhere where no one has ever agreed on anything. Pretty much. There’s always some way on the internet, especially Reddit and Twitter that somebody is gonna find a way to be device. So I put up a poll. All it said was do like semi charmed life by a third eye blind. It was on the nostalgia. subreddit. Yeah. Got 134 votes. 107 said yes. 27 said no.

Nick 44:50
I mean, that’s a pretty drastic margin.

Kalvin 44:51
Yeah. That’s what 85%

Nick 44:56
I don’t do percentage as well. I’m like borderline idiotic when it comes to math,

Kalvin 45:04
it’s 80% even close. I brought a calculator up and did it but yeah 80% of people said yes, they like sunny term life. And there are some comments that are like, well, I liked it, but it got overplayed and blah, blah, blah. That’s not the point. I was making the point. I was making the question. Yeah, if it came on, are you nodding your head and tapping your foot? And the answer is yes. Listeners mean,

Nick 45:24
whoever doesn’t say doo doo doo doo doo. When it first comes on his fucking line and themselves. Absolutely.

Kalvin 45:33
Do you have any thoughts on Third Eye Blind?

Nick 45:35
I don’t. I had more thoughts than I thought I would have on third eye blonde.

Kalvin 45:38
Not doing crystal meth to lift you up until you break till you go. Who is your second? team?

Nick 45:48
My second is the one. The only Soulja Boy to help you. My cats. I can. No Not me. Please, dude. Okay, before I begin, Soulja Boy, was also a big High School thing for me. He was that shit. That was my freshman year of high school. That was like, Yo,

Kalvin 46:16
I’m just like, in the middle of you talking?

Nick 46:18
Don’t worry. Well, we had this. You better shut the fuck up.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
To man. Oh, no.

Nick 46:27
No, but uh, we had this kid named Braxton on the team who’s like six, nine. And our whole you know, our theme song was Soulja Boy is working.

Kalvin 46:40
Everybody’s was in 2007 Yep.

Nick 46:42
I mean it. I remember when. So Braxton was a bit of a an asshole. And we were doing we whipped the shit out of this one team and we were doing the handshake at the end of it. And he was at the front of our line because he was injured at the time. And was talking that shit this Oh, and he’s like, that’s why you are a bitch. So this dude spit in his face. And then both teams just started fighting. So there’s like 100 teenage kids fucking fighting over football and soldier boy. That’s how much soldier boy meant to me. So I have this year. Oh, go ahead. I was just start. No,

Kalvin 47:19
you got I have two great soldier boy moments. One is the 2008 Summer Jam with a bow called Marco Polo. I saw I’m just gonna leave it at that. Great jam. Bow soldier boys before they go back to our episode on rap beefs to hear more about Soulja Boy and bow beef in Overland Park Lamborghinis and shit. Yeah, that’s a part one of the rap beefs. The other is Tom Haverford party jam into turn my swag on DJ Roomba, kick tracks.

Unknown Speaker 48:05
Jerry, you killed him.

Kalvin 48:15
Alright, so keep going on Soulja Boy.

Nick 48:16
Anyway. Soulja Boy was fucking everywhere. You couldn’t take a step without hearing someone yell at you or fucking Soulja Boy. And, I mean, it was literally just that. And as an independent artist, for the most part, I got it admired this dude’s hustle. I mean, he had some questionable means to get people to discover him like he was a YouTube

Kalvin 48:41

Nick 48:43
No, he was a MySpace rapper actually MySpace and soundclick. But what he did I guess in doing my research, I found out that to get himself notice he like wait for the most popular song of the day to drop or you know, whatever it was that day and then he would change the song title of his to whatever the song title was the most popular song so people would accidentally download his should and this is like, classic soldier boy dude.

Kalvin 49:14
Everybody’s trying to download the best song and they just get Soulja Boy over and right over here.

Nick 49:19
Right like this dude on YouTube was like legitimately pissed about it. We started with motherfucking little Wayne’s who are trying to get the new

Kalvin 49:26
way to fire man and I just keep

Unknown Speaker 49:31
the fuck is this?

Nick 49:32
And does that mean different? Certainly different marketing. And this guy was the, like the first person to actually do that. Like to be discovered by the internet.

Kalvin 49:45
Yeah, via viral marketing.

Nick 49:47
Well, I mean, and he the most digital downloads, this guy had fuckin hit on his hands. And if you’re listening to this, I would imagine you have some familiarity with this song and probably yelled, you Superman some kind of yobbish

Unknown Speaker 50:01

Nick 50:02
Oh fucking yeah but yeah

Kalvin 50:04
that was another Omar’s that me and my friends would like. So we kind of hate we loved to hate Soulja Boy like we knew it was trash but it was it was also so much fun with garbage crank that and cuz she got a phone, soldier girl all of we’re so bad but so much fun and like Dude, I knew that and we were part of that moment and we were just like yeah yada yada and each other all the time

Nick 50:31
and every teenage kid knew what the fuck that meant, especially teenage why kids were like yeah soldier boys my guy looking at shorts, he gets it. Just look at that shit. I don’t think I ever go in

Kalvin 50:41
soldier boys my guy but

Nick 50:44
I was all about soldier boy mostly because most of my football team was just like soldier boys and should everyone was wearing bathing apes. That was a huge thing for there for a while and I really learned what

Kalvin 50:58
that was until like 30 seconds ago when I’m looking through the lyrics and and saw it and clicked on what it meant. So

Nick 51:04
Oh, shit. vapes, bro. I mean, my buddy had a pair of the richest kid in school he bought a pair of bathing ape ice creams. And yeah, let like people stomp on him or associate it was dumb. is dumb as fuck but that that’s that’s the shit that soulja boy did to people. He’s like, yeah, I’m gonna get this I’m gonna be fuckin awesome. But he also was incredibly prolific. This dude had 62 mixtapes 62 I don’t know if prolific the right word. Just, I mean, he’s fuckin shitty. And that’s kind of what leads to his downfall. Like, that was his. He had probably eight singles that were really really popular especially, you know, crank that seven,

Kalvin 51:50
eight triple 98212.

Nick 51:54
But fuck man, his second album really killed him. Because he went from being ranked like second overall to 43 on the charge, eight and second in the hip hop and r&b charts. But then it’s like, Where’s Shawn way or something like that placed 90th 18th and eighth. And then his next album, so his fourth studio album, didn’t even place it all on any charts, anywhere in the fucking world.

Kalvin 52:21
I am seeing here he has a 2021 album. Soldier world.

Nick 52:27
Oh, god damn it. That’s news to come in. Yeah, though. That leads me into my most recent interaction with soldier boy because I haven’t heard any of his songs. And I soldier

Kalvin 52:35
boy. That’s the album. I actually downloaded the whole thing. birdwalk I remember that. So that was big in birdwalk was big in Georgia, because of the Falcons and hawks and crashers. He’s not from Atlanta. He’s born in Chicago. Yes, but he moved. He claims of six. Right? So birdwalk was really big, right? Because everything and like my school was the Eagles. I remember we had a like at a basketball game or a pep rally or some shit. There was a birdwalk competition. And most of the people knew what was going on. But they got like this one white dude up there. And he had no idea what fuck was going on?

Nick 53:12
I was gonna say I was hoping you would say he killed it. Turn my swag

Kalvin 53:15
on kiss me through the booty got swag. Gray crispy. Yeah.

Nick 53:24
Yep, I just remember, jam into that shit with my subwoofers and like all of us are like, this doesn’t mean we’re gay though. Guys. This is just a fucking jam. Like this may be a girl song, but it’s fucking it’s a banger. But I mean, soldier boy. This guy really completely fell off in my opinion with his soldier boy gang console’s. Oh, Jesus. I remember. After dissing people like crazy getting in a bunch of, you know, bunch of legal trouble and stuff like that. This dude started selling bootleg Chinese consoles called the soldier game console. The soldier game handhelds, which was basically a Gameboy and the fuse

Kalvin 54:04
was like that you get it on wish calm that claim to have 256 games on them or whatever, right?

Nick 54:11
It’s an emotion.

Kalvin 54:12
Yeah. But it’s not even an emulator. It’s like a knockoff emulator.

Nick 54:17
It’s a it’s a booty Chinese emulator. Yeah. And what’s funny is in doing my research, not even one day, so three days ago now he is back at it again with a new bootleg. That looks like an Xbox One with the DualShock controller. So this guy, the mighty has fuckin fallen. Which I think being a creative because ultimately he is I gotta say he’s a creative but being you know, he was a trendsetter at times. He I don’t deserve that. He fucking sucked. He looks stupid as fuck in all his music videos. He his fashion sense was wack. His music was what I

Kalvin 54:56
guess you’ve never seen the Marco Polo video cuz nobody looks stupid. There.

Nick 55:00
I’ve never seen that but I go listen to

Kalvin 55:03
it over and you’re gonna be like,

Unknown Speaker 55:04
Where’s this been all my life? This is a fucking banger.

Kalvin 55:09
Marco Polo Marco Polo.

Nick 55:11
I’m sure I’ve heard that song. So good. If you had subwoofers in the 2000s like you jam Soulja Boy, this is his shit. Oh absolute hardest fuck.

Kalvin 55:21
He had some level of talent.

Nick 55:25
He was incredible.

Kalvin 55:26
I thought he thought he’s great at marketing and he knew how to market himself. Yes.

Nick 55:30
Oh dude. Yeah, but that’s that’s pretty much it for fucking Soulja Boy.

Kalvin 55:35
That’s what he said 10 years ago.

Nick 55:37
Yeah, we’ll see how it goes for him.

Kalvin 55:40
So the font my final entry is none other than the MA dollar sign e mais

Nick 55:47
from see this guy was unknown to me.

Kalvin 55:50
You don’t know mace? Not really. Feel so good. Mo Money Mo Problems. Harlem Warlock.

Nick 55:59
Calvin’s like, it’s fucking over.

Kalvin 56:03
So next week, the true superior Nick will actually be back from the tonnage podcast, the lesser Nick will no longer be around if he doesn’t know.

Nick 56:14
I will. I’ll figure it out. I swear.

Kalvin 56:16
Go Listen to me. Go download all of Harlem world right now. pay for it. Don’t bootleg it pay for Harlem world.

Nick 56:23
Wink wink.

Kalvin 56:24
You’ll you’ll know what’s up. So he’s a rapist, hip hop artist. He rose to fame and fame in the vacuum that was created by tourists Big Cheese death in the bad boy family. He was around a little bit before big died but he was mostly on her own before that. Puff Daddy kind of relied heavily on mace to fill that void left by Becky’s date death he mostly delivered in the late 90s I know you haven’t heard of him but that doesn’t matter. He’s the bridge rappers. Yeah, he was never the same level as big. Few are obviously the doors big on episode like 46 go back and check that out. He was really good and he was fun to listen to. which is important.

Nick 57:17
I probably should have listened to some mace

Kalvin 57:19
you really should have. He hit his Zenith with the release of Harlem world his album in 1997 debuted at number one on the Billboard pop and r&b charts went four times platinum. Again, that’s 4 million copies sold. The singles from Harlem world included feel so good looking at me and what you want. He was also featured in 1997 Mariah Carey is honey Brian ignites you should be mine and brandy is sitting on top of the world and we already know you don’t know who brandy is so that doesn’t matter.

Nick 57:45
Shit. I mean being featured by Mariah Carey in 1997 though that’s some shit. Yeah, I mean that is as big as you can get dope he was on. He was

Kalvin 57:56
on Mo Money Mo Problems at the same time, which is P Diddy, Notorious BIG little cam. I use on all about the Benjamins he was on. What’s the one after Biggie died? I’ll be missing you.

Nick 58:12
I’ve been killed.

Kalvin 58:13
He’s out there. No, I’ll be missing you by Puff Daddy in the family. He was on that. So his claim to fame is probably Mo Money Mo Problems. But that wasn’t his song. But he came on and destroyed his verse on Mo Money Mo Problems, which really put them on the map in terms of people recognizing that he is a force to be reckoned with. And I like to compare it to Nicki Minaj verse on monster where she came out of nowhere to just destroy people like Jay Z and ti and the Riza on you know, something that’s their track. And then Nicki Minaj comes out of nowhere and has the best verse on the track that was based on Mo Money Mo Problems.

Nick 58:51
Some people do that shit, man. Like Jay rock did that with Kendrick Lamar is our first

Kalvin 58:55
Yep. But again that that wasn’t his song. He needed his own song to really take the leap. And that came with feel so good, which peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and the hot r&b hip hop chart. And that’s a bad bad bad Bebo. You make me feel so good. No, I don’t really know that. Yeah. So that went sort of the song went certified gold within a month of release. Chris Tucker appears in the music video which was directed by Hype Williams and the song was featured on the money talk soundtrack track which features Chris Chris Tucker and so that’s why our money talks Money Talks stars Chris Tucker, so that’s why he’s in the video.

Nick 59:36
Make sense?

Kalvin 59:37
Have you ever seen money talks?

Unknown Speaker 59:39

Kalvin 59:40
Chris Ducker Charlie Sheen it’s pretty funny.

Nick 59:43
I mean, that is a killer combo.

Kalvin 59:45
Yeah, they the Chris Tucker’s like a con man kind of any he’s trying. Charlie Sheen is someone else on the counter all his rich friends. Yeah, it’s pretty fun as one does. Yeah. Not a whole lot to feel so good. It’s not Deep song. It’s it’s kind of one of those classic examples of a hip hop song created for pop audiences. But it’s a bag.

Nick 1:00:08
That means sometimes those are fucking bangers and I’m cool with that. I see hip hop comes to me in two modes once I just want to banger someone fucking jam that’s feel so good as and the other is I want some lyrical shit I’m a little invested, right?

Kalvin 1:00:23
Yeah. And this this his he has a good lyrical flow and he gets some of that but it’s clearly not made for that purpose. And it’s one of the ultimate never skipped songs when it comes on the shuffle. It’s just too hard not to smile and dance when it comes on.

Nick 1:00:41
I’m really gonna have to check this shit out.

Kalvin 1:00:43
So at this point with feel so good Mesa prove to the world that his smooth flow had the ultimate staying power, and that he could bring his brand of hip hop lyricism to mainstream pop music. And he would follow feels so good up with a slew of hit singles and future tracks culminating in front lining the theme song to the Rugrats movie was there that same is in black streak. That’s gonna

Nick 1:01:05
be his downfall signifier.

Kalvin 1:01:07
No, take me there is a banger go listen to take so you got you got homework. Marco Polo. Feels so good. Take me there.

Nick 1:01:15
I’m sure. The Rugrats theme song for the movie. Yeah, definitely listen to that.

Kalvin 1:01:21
Oh, it’s it’s mais Maya and blackstreet It’s really good. So here’s his downfall. He released his second album double up in 1999. It debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Top 200 but it did not sell well. After that he became more aggressive on double up and that seemed to work towards his detriment. He wasn’t delivering the poppy hip hop anymore, which is kind of a niche he fit it fit himself into with his early releases and features.

Nick 1:01:48
Do you go a lot more DMX instead of you know, a little more exhibit?

Kalvin 1:01:54
I think you went a little more general.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56

Kalvin 1:02:00
I could I didn’t find any record of any of the singles from double up charting at all so that like it did not do very well. And then in 1999 interview with in an interview with funkmaster flex on hot 97. Mesa announced he was retiring from rap to answer a call from God. Yeah, this is directly from Wikipedia. He claimed he was leading people, friends, kids and others down a path to hell, stating that he left to find God in his heart and follow him. He said it was time for him to serve God in his way. Sing rap was not real and he wanted to deal with reality and had become unhappy with what he did no matter how much money it had made him. The same year Mason rolled as a freshman at Clark Atlanta University, a historically black college and began taking classes on August 19. Unlike other freshmen mace was permitted to live off campus and commute but he is said to have downplayed his past as rapper and stayed fairly low key while on campus. After graduating, mace became an ordained minister.

Nick 1:02:57
That’s I mean, actually pretty cool. I can see why they do disappear.

Kalvin 1:03:01
Oh, he didn’t disappear for forever, though. Oh, she’s completely irrelevant now. But he tried his hand at a few comebacks.

Nick 1:03:07
Don’t tell me he came out with a Jesus Christ theme rap album.

Kalvin 1:03:11
He did not he was on the remix of Kanye West as Jesus walks though, had a banger verse on that. No shit.

Yeah. But his first comeback attempt was in 2004, he returned to music with the album and single Welcome back. And I was there for this mace come back. And it was definitely like a moment in hip hop music and you not knowing mace. It probably wasn’t for you. But people my age mace was one of the first rappers we listened to because he was radio for his first album, his first couple singles were radio friendly. And we’re and we’re that kind of pop hip hop mix. So that was our introduction into like, feel so good was a skating rink, staple. roller rink feels so good as always on the roller rink in the late 90s. Yeah, I mean, so then, and he just disappeared, and we didn’t know where he was. So I first heard about his comeback. It was I was at this three on three basketball tournament that was held in this residential neighborhood in the street every year where we played on eight foot rim so mostly everyone could dunk nice a lot of fun three on three tournament it was it was super awesome.

Nick 1:04:22

Kalvin 1:04:23
So anyway, someone mentioned in passing that mace was back and you know, all of a sudden, the focus came off of whatever games were being played on these two courts and moved on to what this dude was saying about mace. And this was early in 2004. Early internet you didn’t know really about new music unless you happen upon it. And FYI, he or you subscribe to magazines, like industry magazines, or anything like that. Or you were just way late on anything, right? You didn’t know what was coming in when it was coming. And this dude just all of a sudden captivated all of us with this announcement. You’re just like,

Nick 1:04:57
Whoa, tell me more.

Kalvin 1:04:58
Yeah. mace was dead like we just had heard from him five years in 1999 unless you’re in New York, listen to hot 97 you didn’t hear that he left it to be a minister like you. You didn’t hear any of that. So now it’s five years later. mesa is out of our consciousness we don’t even realize and now this dude’s telling us now he’s just been a minister just added the game and now he’s back in just released an album. And I want you Yeah, I went to fit so fast after my team got bounced out of three on three tournament and picked up welcome back and listen to it for like a week straight.

Nick 1:05:30
Week though. Was it wack was a wack. 13

Kalvin 1:05:33
No, no, welcome back is pretty solid. That’s farms. So shout out to Josh Alexander. But also shout out because like, I really hated that dude so much, but then re shout out because he was the one that put me back on base. It’s come back like

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
I forgive you.

Kalvin 1:05:48
Yeah, I’m barely used. It wasn’t a great album. You know, I’ll still jam with some of the tracks on it. It’s more born out of histologia than anything because it was so great just to have me back and it allowed you to overlook some of the flaws with Welcome back. I debuted at number four on the Hot 100 and went gold selling over 500,000 copies.

Nick 1:06:08
I had a rapper very similar to that. Soulja Boy, no. sweatshirt. Oh,

Kalvin 1:06:14
that girl fucking put me on her.

Nick 1:06:16
I fuckin love her. Doris has a fantastic album. But yeah, he disappeared for like three. He came out with so much good music when he was like 17 and then just disappeared for three years to Samoa and then reappeared with Doris. Dave Chappelle. No, not with Dave Chappelle.

Kalvin 1:06:37
So Mays completed this first comeback by joining m&m and Fat Joe on the lean back remix which is really great remix to a song Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45

Kalvin 1:06:46
lean back not very good because most of its Fat Joe but then he brings a remix with mmm Mason it cranks it up to 11 real quick

Nick 1:06:53
yeah Fat Joe realize he’s like man, this fat people don’t want it.

Kalvin 1:06:59
So mais attempted to come back two or three more times and then 2000 mace temporarily joined g unit and was featured on several songs on the soundtrack use feature several songs on the Get Rich or Die trying soundtrack and released some solid mixtapes in which he had officially dropped the quote unquote bad boy gone clean image that was the image he went on Welcome back. He was the bad boy gone clean cuz he used to be on bad boy. And now he like welcome back was a it was a clean album there. There wasn’t a swearing or anything like that on it did still going back to his roots as a minister, he was trying to to kind of bridge that gap of being a man of God and being a rapper. Again, don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
know very well.

Kalvin 1:07:43
So when he joins JUnit, that’s all out the window. He has sent said that working with J unit was not something he regrets, but that the message he was sending was a mistake. He joined g unit to appeal to a different audience. So they could see that they could change just as he did, thinking that in order to get people where I’m at, I have to go back to where I once was. So he thinks he’s gonna change g unit into godly man.

Nick 1:08:06
He’s like, y’all put the weed down and pick up the Bible. And for

Kalvin 1:08:12
those of you who don’t know JUnit is 50 cent Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo. And who’s the other one?

Nick 1:08:23
Well, I mean, literally every single one of them been shot. Yeah, at least was there not one

Kalvin 1:08:29
shot enough for all?

Nick 1:08:30
Yeah, at least nine times.

Kalvin 1:08:32
Yeah. So he attempted another comeback in 2009 by first appearing on some r&b remixes of popular hip hop tracks, most notably a remake of Drake’s best I ever had a remix of Drake’s best I ever had also some like Ron Brown songs and oj to juice man I remember some oj

Nick 1:08:52
fucking hated oj juice man.

Kalvin 1:08:55
He and then he was releasing new tracks through weekly spot on power 105 on the TJ self show. And then his final comeback attempt occurred in 2012. When he hinted at joining Rick Ross’s label Maybach Music Group MMG. He didn’t release any albums or singles during this time, but he was featured on several tracks by m mg artists, including walay and Pusha T. And he was also on Kanye West put together like a collaboration album between good music and MMG. That was called cruel, cruel summer, and he was on a few of those songs as well. He had hinted at the time that the only way it was fully coming back to rap music was by joining Kanye West good music or Drake’s OVO Sound label and I’m gonna guess neither of them really wanted

Nick 1:09:39
Yeah, they’re like, pass hard pass in Kanye West loves God.

Kalvin 1:09:45
His last release was a distract aimed at Cameron in 2017 titled The Oracle. I have not heard that. I’ve heard a lot of his mixtape and underground stuff. I have not heard the Oracle.

Nick 1:09:58
Man. There’s very few fantastic mixtapes and it sounds like mace had none of them.

Kalvin 1:10:05
I know bass bass is pretty good.

Nick 1:10:07
Like don’t fucking hate on bass. Yeah,

Kalvin 1:10:08
Esther can’t hate on me. So that what I’m about to read this is from Mason’s Wikipedia but it kind of perfectly summed up the answer to what do people think of him? or What did he mean to the generals like guys, so I’m just gonna straight up plagiarize it here and sidebar is it plagiarism if you agree upfront that that’s what you’re doing?

Nick 1:10:29
I don’t think it’s plagiarism if you’re just reading it

Kalvin 1:10:32
fair. All right, I’m taking that mesas melodic rap style has had an enduring influence on hip hop many rappers such as Pusha T fabulous and Kanye West have adopted mazes lazy yet melodic flow on several occasions. So throughout this I had a really hard time coming up with the perfect way to describe Mesa style. And that’s it that that’s the perfect description lazy yet melodic flow. Jay Z and Drake, among other rappers have borrowed meses lines in their song, and Kanye West has described me as his favorite rapper ever. So that is the impact that Mays had on the current hip hop world.

Nick 1:11:09
Wonder if Kanye would still say that.

Kalvin 1:11:14
I don’t know what Kanye is saying nowadays, man.

Nick 1:11:17
Vote for me.

Kalvin 1:11:18
Yeah. Um, so what do you got for honorable mentions?

Nick 1:11:22
So for honorable mentions. I got Asher Roth.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27

Nick 1:11:28
You fucking Remember that? Yeah, I love college. God damn, man.

Kalvin 1:11:32
I love drinking.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34

Kalvin 1:11:35
love women. Yeah,

Nick 1:11:36
sleeping the bread aisle was my shit for a couple weeks.

Kalvin 1:11:41
out to piggyback on that and go traveling McCoy, who was very similar to he was the Gym Class Heroes front man. And then he kind of went off on his own and signed with T pain’s label. I thought it was gonna be so good. And he wasn’t Gym Class Heroes was great.

Nick 1:11:55
He still has a clothing line actually. driving record us? Yeah. All right. Good for him. Yeah, they sold it at Macy’s. I remember seeing it every day when I walked past it up like hey, Chuck, close your eyes. Man. I’m happy to listen to feeler songs. Because they had a couple decent ones. And my second pick is motherfucking t pain.

Kalvin 1:12:16
Oh, no. Yeah, t pain, man.

Nick 1:12:18
I mean, I love Where the fuck is he was on Twitter.

Kalvin 1:12:22
It’s doing Twitch streams on the mass singer

Nick 1:12:26
doing all kinds of man kids fuck out of here with that show you

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28
fall off if you show up on the messing dude, because he’s, he’s been. He’s been falling off.

Nick 1:12:34
If he’s on Twitch streams, dude. Next thing he’s gonna be doing is making a console.

Kalvin 1:12:39
Now he’s like he got I followed him on Twitter for 12 years now. I got on Twitter in 2009. And he was an early adopter of Twitter. So I’ve been following him this whole time. But he he got like, wait like 2013 he got way into video games and started streaming and things like that. So he does some things. No, no, that definitely not he he likes to have his hands in a lot of different creative endeavors. He’s not going to create his own console, but like he he likes to diversify. diversify

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
your bonds.

Kalvin 1:13:15
Yeah, dude. But he’s an he’s interesting. He isn’t. I agree that he fell off and fell apart. I mean, I was there. Probably till about 2012 he kept hinting that he was going to drop this big album and he dropped a song here and a song there. And now full album never came. And I’m just like, I kept with him. He’d released mixtapes, and just it wasn’t ever as good as like, what three rings was.

Nick 1:13:41
Sounds like Dr. Dre kind of.

Kalvin 1:13:43
Yeah, it’s kind of just like that.

Nick 1:13:47
We’re gonna get, we’re gonna get jumped. Oh, yeah,

Kalvin 1:13:49
I have. I have three honorable mentions.

Nick 1:13:53
Oh my god.

Kalvin 1:13:55
The first ones real quick, Houston. Houston.

Nick 1:13:58
I don’t know who the fuck that.

Kalvin 1:14:01
This was just funny to me. He had one song. That was a 2000 for Houston. You stone that’s how he pronounced it. He was. He was he was like he was like a chimney prodigy or not prodigy protege.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
Camilla there

Kalvin 1:14:21
is a little before a millionaire but he he’s, the song’s called. I like that. It was it was fine. It was like one of these pop poppy hip hop sounded just like me almost. I went and bought the whole album and the whole album was complete garbage.

Nick 1:14:36
I don’t you hate that when you buy it? I

Kalvin 1:14:38
couldn’t I couldn’t tell you anything else that was on it. Other than I like that. So that’s the only reason I mentioned here because I was like this dude’s awesome. Let me go check it out. And it was bad. It was very bad. So my next one is Mike Jones who Mike Jones 313308004 hit Mike Jones upon Hello because Mike Jones about to blow and blow he did for about six month

Nick 1:15:01
do his music shit.

Kalvin 1:15:03
I had his first album. It’s not for sound was solid. Yeah,

Nick 1:15:06
I think of solid. It’s not great, but I respect you Calvin. Though I think wack

Kalvin 1:15:12
once the freshness of him saying his phone number 100 times on a song and realizing that hey, that’s a real number I could call and calling it I think after that wore off, he didn’t have much left. I call that, like 1000 Oh, yeah. And you leave a message and that’s it.

Nick 1:15:27
Be bones. It’s like bam. Fucking Mike Jones hit me back, dude.

Kalvin 1:15:31
Yeah. And you and I were talking on text. I think 281-330-8004 is the 8675309 and part time. Oh, everybody just knows that number. 100%.

Nick 1:15:40
Yeah. 800

Kalvin 1:15:45
hit Mike Jones up on the mic. John’s about to blow

Nick 1:15:47
just music videos. So wack.

Kalvin 1:15:51
Yeah, they all are. It’s wack. 15 he jumps up to wax. That’s how bad the music video is.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55

Kalvin 1:15:57
So my last one was Nelly and this was one that I was seriously considering. Putting on the

Nick 1:16:03
list, man. He started The Longest Yard though.

Kalvin 1:16:07
So now he was great. And we talked about it before we were so nasty. Episode 59 Top 10 rap albums we talked all about country grammar, and how great Nelly was he just came on trial and country grammar. Nelly Ville was full of bangers which that’s usually tough for a second album, you know, not one more banger. And you know, no one had a higher high and a faster fall than Mr. Cornell Haynes. Now we know.

Nick 1:16:37
His name is Cornell Haynes. Yeah. How the fuck do you get out of that?

Kalvin 1:16:42
Cornell Nelly. He was who? Oh no hands junior or the third. So his dad was Cornell and they call him Nelly.

Nick 1:16:50
So that kind of makes sense.

Kalvin 1:16:51
Yeah, have random facts about Nellie in the back of my head for something. He performed at the Super Bowl twice within three years. He was in a movie with Adam Sandler sweating soup. So it was a moment man releasing that double album grills was amazing. The lesson we’ll hit in 2005 that that had movements all its own and I I wrote this thing about grilles on the site that’s no longer there. Because you know, I realized I didn’t have enough time for all these different hobbies that I had been developing and writing on the website was the easiest one to just drop because nobody’s paying attention to it anyways. And it became too cumbersome to find the time to research for that and for this And anyway, so I wrote this thing about grills and grills is probably going to show up in a selective listening episode at some point because I had a lot of good thoughts on grills for that that I need to get back out to the masses

Nick 1:17:40
dude I will So talk about grills real bought one dude, because that’s all

Kalvin 1:17:46
all right from here, we’re just gonna move right past that. And boom, he’s gone after that.

Nick 1:17:54
I got my girl money.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
I think Paul Wall actually got your girl money.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:58
Fuck Paulo,

Kalvin 1:18:00
Iceman Paul Wall. Man, Paul. Well, he kept making music, but I think the industry had overtaken them. In the meantime, like little Wayne ti Drake. They had all blown up in the meantime of Nelly trying to figure out what his next move is. And there just wasn’t space for nearly anymore.

Nick 1:18:17
He was he got to mainstream NFL like,

Kalvin 1:18:20
yeah, I really liked Nelly. He was always a lot of fun. And he just he lost himself trying to change with the times and that passed him by kind of like I was talking about it before. Like he tried to do these different styles be like Lil Wayne to be like ti and he just didn’t have it in him at that point in his career.

Nick 1:18:36
Now he’s like, 33 is that age?

Kalvin 1:18:41
It’s done. dunzo

Nick 1:18:43
fucking dunzo is a rapper. Alright,

Kalvin 1:18:45
so let’s get to the what would you do portion of this name, one band or group or artists that could either be mentioned above or now that you still love and interact with radio relatively regularly.

Nick 1:19:00
This may be a bit controversial, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Oh, yes, man. I literally grew up listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have some of my favorite music of all time and they’re still, you know, as people discover them, they’re still decently big. But they’re nowhere near what they were in the late 90s early 2000s and I mean, they haven’t released a good album since 2006. Like the last two albums have just been shit.

Kalvin 1:19:31
stadium Arcadia

Nick 1:19:33
fucking love that dope. Double sided album. Great well, side one was great side to have two good songs on it.

Kalvin 1:19:40
So are you listening to I guess I haven’t really released anything. You’re not listening to a relatively recent Red Hot Chili Peppers but you go back and listen to the old stuff often.

Nick 1:19:50
Well, I mean I bought their last two albums and I you know when they’re on I’ll listen to them. My daughter likes Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I will have Happily go back to their older shit every time

Kalvin 1:20:04
Yeah, I’m in that same boat with Nelly as I just outlined if he released anything No I wouldn’t listen to it t pain same thing like I’ll listen to almost any t pain at any time. If t pain dropped an album tomorrow I would buy it Nelly not so much because I haven’t liked anything from him in years but like I’ve been anticipating t pain album for so long that I think I would have to just to see how it is and not long ago. It was within the last four years because I lived in the house I currently live in when it happened he released t Wayne was a concept album that him and Lil Wayne had worked on back in 2009 that they never completed and they never actually released it because label drama and all this kind of stuff. So he’s just like fuck it I’m gonna release it for free and it was pretty solid. It was also all made in 2009 you can very fully feel that Oh, yeah. But if he dropped something tomorrow I definitely give it a listen. And then another one is his follow up boy. podcast about something is all about fall out. Boy. They whenever they have a new album, I listen to it. Their last one mania was not very good in my opinion. But they have kind of a forever sound that I could always listen to.

Nick 1:21:10
I go back to them every six months or so. I have like, I don’t know I listen to my catalogue of Fallout boy songs and then move on for him for a couple months.

Kalvin 1:21:20
Yeah, so my catalogue fall boy songs is every fall boy song ever so it’s Daniel Berlin.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:25

Kalvin 1:21:28
But yeah, I enjoyed them and it’s just it’s it’s one of those comfort food bands just like if it’s on. I feel in the right headspace.

Nick 1:21:40
I’m there with you. I feel 100% on that.

Kalvin 1:21:44
Let us know on Twitter what you’re you know what bands you think should have made it bigger? What bands used to listen to that you wish it made it bigger. You can find us on Twitter at APA something at alone underscore podcast. Let us know what you think because we left off a lot, you know, we only covered really four groups or I mean, so there’s a lot of people that fell off in between bluefish thought

Nick 1:22:09
I mean you keep going back to Hootie and the blowfish I think we just need to have a supplemental episode about Hootie and the blowfish

Kalvin 1:22:15
I have nothing to say about the blowfish. I just think it’s funny. So yeah, you follow us on twitter there you can check out our merch store t public comm slash APA something or slash users APA just search APA something or podcast about something you’ll get to us on T public comm or click the link in the description down there. leave us a review on iTunes. We like those. And thanks as always to those cats for all the music for a podcast about something

Nick 1:22:46
you guys say sassy

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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