Episode 143 – A Podcast About NBA Small Forwards

The Super Bowl is over and it’s finally time to shift focus to the NBA season! We do this by focusing on Small Forwards, one of the most underappreciated positions in the NBA, and maybe in all of sports. As a fan of the game, we here at A Podcast About Something have some opinions on the subject, and most certainly some favorites. Versatile, lethal, and often stars of the game, it takes a lot to get appreciated at the position and there have been some who have stood head and shoulders over the rest. We nominate our favorite Small Forwards, letting you know why they’re the best and we’re right, 100% of the time! What makes KD so special? Or the likes of Lebron James? We’ll fill you in, and speaking of LBJ stick around till the end for our thoughts on one of the most explosive and diligent athletes of all time.

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Read the Full Episode Transcript below:

Kalvin 0:07
Each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me from Springfield, Massachusetts, home of the NBA. Actually, sorry, just the Basketball Hall of Fame. It’s your co host, Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:20
Isn’t that where the Simpsons are from?

Kalvin 0:23
They’re from Springfield. It’s never been determined what state there are a lot of Springfield’s in America. I that’s kind of the point. It’s one of those towns that’s in every state, so it could actually be anywhere.

Nick 0:34
I’m pretty sure they confirmed after the first movie.

Kalvin 0:39
Notice on Twitter’s movie, there’s a scene where like, they point to like, here’s the states that surround Springfield, and it’s like Colorado, Alabama, Maine, and California. So it’s like these four states that aren’t really close to each other. Right? I remember that joke. I’m not big Simpsons head, though. I

Nick 1:00
could be wrong. So okay, it’s mentions Portland, Oregon, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Kalvin 1:09
Oh, there you go.

Nick 1:11
All right. But that’s not what we’re here for.

Kalvin 1:12
No, not at all. We’re here to discuss some of our favorite NBA small forwards of all time,

Nick 1:21
which is just a really undervalued position. I think it’s like there’s Yeah,

Kalvin 1:27
I think now especially it is. There’s the game has changed so much. Yeah, mid 2000s. The small Ford was the place to be.

Nick 1:38
That’s just that generation, man. Thank

Kalvin 1:40
god Long’s quick, super athletic, can hit a three if you need to. But, uh, but not necessarily like what you’re great at.

Unknown Speaker 1:51

Nick 1:52
yeah, pretty much.

Kalvin 1:54
We’re gonna talk about a lot about those guys. Today. We have starting now in February, we’re trying a new bit of a format. And mostly it’s just an outlining format for us to stay on track easier and keep the flow of our episodes. Similar, since we cover so many different topics, we want the episodes to flow in a similar way. So we have three main parts, the intro, which is this part here that you’re listening to now. And then we’re gonna have the five fundamentals, some things about whatever it is, our topic is so and actually today, we have six because we each pick three. So we have the five foot six, fundamental, something’s about NBA small forwards, which are just our six small fours we’re going to talk about, and then at the end, the final segment is called what would you do? And that’s questions about how we relate to the topic, specifically.

Unknown Speaker 2:40
Oh, and I can just see how that works.

Kalvin 2:41
Yeah, we got some good feelings. So as part of the intro, we want to describe the the topic kind of in not in depth, but just a general description of the topic. So I want to start you know, just what is the NBA in case somebody who’s listening to this and has no idea what the hell is going on? That’s the national National Basketball Association, professional basketball league for North America, but mostly just USA, there’s one Canadian team. And basically, it’s the best basketball players on earth playing the best basketball and it’s super fun to watch.

Nick 3:12
Literally super foot. The playoffs in the NBA are some of the best sports you will ever see. Just absolute awesome matchups.

Kalvin 3:20
And I always felt that NBA players basketball players, especially the position we’re talking about today, small forward shooting guards. They are some of the best all around athletes that you will come across. Maybe a football wide receiver, you could throw in that, but I just feel like somebody who is this great at basketball could play any other sport and exceed at, you know, they’re not going to go out there and play soccer and be the best soccer player but I think they could do it. They can handle it, you know? Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. They

Nick 3:54
probably played fast.

Kalvin 3:56
Right? They’re gonna be faster than most people, they can jump higher than most people that are there longer than most people, which is an incredible attribute to have when playing sports is just like, overall length of your arms and legs. Fucking boat See it? But like, so, uh, receivers top out like 6465 maybe? I mean, you got Calvin Johnson who was like six, seven, but that doesn’t have seven.

Nick 4:21
I think so. Jesus I thought he was like six three new column Megatron for a reason.

Kalvin 4:27
Yeah, he’s a beast. But yeah, like usually your Julio Jones is those guys are like 6162 your biggest receivers are point guards in the NBA, right?

Nick 4:38
Yeah, man. There really is a high disparity there.

Kalvin 4:40
So I think you put LeBron in the NFL.

Nick 4:43
Oh my God. He’s gonna be dominant. He’d be dude, he’d be a 16 sec defensive end. Yeah, in no time. At 18 years old, that dude would have been a 16. You would have probably like a nine he would have been a contributor on a good team. Well, I

Kalvin 4:58
think I just think the The hand eye coordination skills and the overall coordination that it takes to be a top level basketball player translates well to other sports and just like being able to be in the right place, and do the right thing with your body. Whereas, like, let’s take Michael Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time. You put a basketball in his hand, he’s not gonna get the job done. I’m sorry. You put a soccer ball at his feet not happening.

Nick 5:25
I don’t know if we can say that because I mean,

Kalvin 5:27
let’s look at a gangly mofo. Well, yeah, I

Nick 5:30
mean, it’s principle like

Kalvin 5:31
five two though,

Nick 5:32
but that dude, he can ball your ball. Ball we can’t judge a book by its cover. I just fucking Kimbo man

Kalvin 5:44
so today like I said, specifically we’re talking about small forwards a small forward is at the three position on the court. usually played by someone between six 610 is usually the top level there are about 610 It’s a team’s most medium sized player

Nick 6:02
that that’s a good way to put it medium size.

Kalvin 6:05
Yeah, because your short guys point guard shooting guard your biggest guys you’re putting down on the block

Nick 6:10
on there usually you’re like less scrappy players, more finesse players. I feel like that’s why there’s like people that watch the NBA enjoy scrappy players and, and that doesn’t people definitely Well, I mean, I I’m 27 I enjoy the shit out of

Kalvin 6:25
that. It’s great on our test.

Nick 6:26
Small forward says no, that’s not that’s just violent.

Kalvin 6:31
Also scrappy the Bruce Bowen, there’s another one scrappy dude,

Nick 6:34
there’s I’m not saying there’s no scrappy, you know, no scrappy threes in the NBA. But I think that’s why there’s so few like,

Kalvin 6:43
yeah, usually, you’ve got a scrappy guy that’s like six eight you’re putting him at power forward rather than small Ford most of the time,

Nick 6:49
right? He’s snatching boards. That’s what he’s there for.

Kalvin 6:53
Dennis Rodman on with that guy,

Nick 6:54
Charles Barkley. Oh, God, Charles Barkley is a hell of a ballplayer was it

Kalvin 7:02
forward, they can score it will by creating their own shots anywhere on the court. And usually one of the better defenders due to that unique mix of size, speed and skill that we kind of discussed earlier. That’s usually what I see as a small forward, they’re not necessarily your best score, but they can get to the bucket if they need to. And they can usually be up, at least moderately well,

Nick 7:25
they gotta hold their own for sure, but they’ll hit you from mostly anywhere on the court. They may excel in the pain or the key, but they’re gonna hit you somewhere if you leave them open.

Kalvin 7:36
Even if you don’t leave them open. They’re still gonna they’re gonna get buckets. Yeah, I mean, that’s what they do. They’re bucket Gators.

Nick 7:43
I want to have a shirt that says I’m a bucket Gator.

Kalvin 7:45
I bet it exists. Find the shirt for me. Now. I gotta look it up. For I could probably find I get buckets. No

Nick 7:55
bucket get. It has to be it has to be that format.

Kalvin 7:58
It’s gonna be like a bucket hat.

Nick 8:01
Okay, yeah. All right. All right. Should

Kalvin 8:03
I just get buckets? Oh, bucket, gutter hardcover journal. redbubble.com.

Nick 8:12
I need that journal. So today, I got so many buckets. I got all the buckets journal. All of them.

Kalvin 8:21
I’m sure you can get it on T shirt. Maybe not. Fire. Oh, yeah. It’s this is on red bubble, but I’m gonna look at teepublic right now. But red bubble is basically the same thing as teepublic while you’re on T public looking at this bucket get her shirt also by a podcast about something March. Because we merge

Nick 8:40
it still.

Kalvin 8:41
You get get yourself a bucket get a T shirt and the podcast about something t shirt all at the same time.

Nick 8:47
They might cut you a deal. Versus shipping. Otherwise, it’s like $18,000

Kalvin 8:54
I don’t know that it’s quite that much. It’s like $24 for a solid shirt. And ships.

Nick 9:01
Yeah, I mean, that’s ridiculous. Oh, $24 for sure. And shipping. I thought you were saying shipping. I was like Who the fuck? What do they charge you to ship to your place? Calvin Jesus.

Kalvin 9:11
I live in Australia actually. Nice. No bucket getters on T public but if you want the bucket, the official bucket getter t shirt of a podcast about something can be found on red bubble. We will make no money off of it. But somebody will. So

Nick 9:27
maybe that’s someone is you. Someone’s like this is my chance.

Kalvin 9:33
They’re gonna springboard to their fame off of our backs.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
I mean, it’s shout out to

Kalvin 9:36
the designer of the bucket glitter journal slash t shirt. Designed by badly March. There you go. Shout out to you fitting. So this is the third part of our series on our favorite players at different positions in the NBA. Nick wasn’t a part of the first one. I did that with the guys from the secret spice of life podcast. pretty solid guys. We did that one on point guards back in 2018 that Nick and I did shooting guards last year. And I am right now guarantee that we’re gonna finish the series by the end of 2021. We will have all positions done. I’m ready for centers maybe I’m not like that’s why I don’t want to finish because I don’t want to get the center so I’m gonna talk about Hakeem Olajuwon and only Hakeem Olajuwon Get the fuck out of town. power. So

Unknown Speaker 10:23
he left center, he’s

Kalvin 10:25
power four,

Nick 10:26
he’s a center, Magic Johnson.

Kalvin 10:30
point guard.

Nick 10:32
That dude played center.

Kalvin 10:34
He jumped at the tip off because he was the tallest person on our team, but he was 100% point guard.

Nick 10:39
Well, I get that I was just do you know about his performance in the playoffs? I forget what fucking year but he was his rookie year.

Kalvin 10:47
Yeah, he played every position or you guard at every position or something like that?

Nick 10:50
No, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was injured. So he came in and like game ones right? and scored like 41 points and had 12 boards and nine assists are some crazy shit. So that counts when we go on centers. So look, look to that in the future. People can

Kalvin 11:04
talk about that one game only though. Can’t talk about all magics accolades only that one game.

Nick 11:09
That’s fair. I will talk the shit out of that game. Alright, so

Kalvin 11:13
let’s talk about our six fundamental some things about NBA small forwards, Nick, you’re up first with your first small forward.

Nick 11:20
My first one was so easy. It wasn’t even funny. Kevin Durant.

Kalvin 11:25
Why did not go with the tarantula but I like where your head’s at. The would you call them? The Duran

Nick 11:31
Duran Shula? That is fantastic. I fucking

Kalvin 11:35
thought everybody knew that.

Nick 11:36
Hell No man and I spent a lot of time in Oklahoma City. My grandpa went into cardiac arrest at an Oklahoma City Thunder game.

Kalvin 11:44
There you go.

Nick 11:45
Yeah. I mean, he’s fun. He lives.

Kalvin 11:48
It’s good. That we all know.

Nick 11:50
Yeah. But I mean, Kevin Durant, that dude is a beast. He was drafted second overall in the oh seven draft and I don’t know if you guys were conscious of NCAA basketball at the time, but Greg oden was all the fucking rage at Ohio State and be one of my son or pics. Oh my god. Do you remember that play where he’d like ran clear across the core

Kalvin 12:12
of his dick and he sent it out to Twitter. Yeah, I remember that.

Nick 12:16
I did not know he did that Calvin, but I’m glad you know that for the phablet

Kalvin 12:19
out there.

Nick 12:20
I’m good. I’m not gonna stick so you can google if you hear Alexa in the background like I can’t find anything about Greg and stick. But anyway, Greg oden was drafted before Kevin Durant this fucking baller and then had knee problems, non stop problems but another knee problem. that dude’s knees are fucked. He came out after one season at the University of Texas and he was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics which automatically made him one of my favorite players just because he was drafted by that team.

Kalvin 12:59
I love the Sonics. Good squads.

Nick 13:02
They really fucking they were just fun to watch.

Kalvin 13:05
Yeah. Nick Collison.

Nick 13:07
I don’t even know who the fuck that is off the top. My head. Not gonna lie,

Kalvin 13:10

Nick 13:11
I was very, very young when I watched that.

Kalvin 13:15
He was on that team. Yeah, yeah. Stay local home study for a while.

Unknown Speaker 13:21

Kalvin 13:22
I mean, big white guy.

Nick 13:23
I remember. Oh, okay. I remember when Oklahoma City came to Oklahoma City, and no one really knew what to do. Because it’s a lot of fucking, you know, ranchers and retirees and shit. Oh, fuck, gonna have a basketball team. And then I mean, within a year, it was everywhere. It was awesome.

Kalvin 13:46
It was Yeah, they brought a solid team because then, like, two years laters when they got Westbrook and then harden the year after that. So

Nick 13:52
it was I think it was the next year.

Kalvin 13:57
After they moved, it wasn’t the first year they move. He wasn’t drafted in the first year. Because let’s see the Gators beat UCLA in the national championship in 2000. That then, yeah. So he would have he would have come out of UCLA 2007 2008.

Nick 14:22
So it was drafted in 2007.

Kalvin 14:25
Yeah, okay. So it would have been the next year. Sure.

Nick 14:29
I mean, that’s a hell of a hell of a series

Kalvin 14:30
that was the following year.

Nick 14:33
I mean, that fucker, that he’s a douchebag. But Kevin Durant is incredibly awarded. Dude has won two NBA championships, and NBA MVP award to find

Kalvin 14:46
what it was that he had to cheat to get as it is that NBA championship the

Nick 14:50
fox says

Kalvin 14:52
stupid people.

Nick 14:53
Yeah, how did how did he cheat? He went there and bawled the fuck out.

Kalvin 14:57
had had to go to the team that beat him the year before. Who wants to do that?

Nick 15:01
Can’t beat him join him, son. Let me get them rings. Fun. Yeah, people are crazy

Kalvin 15:06
idea. Let me get this ring so everybody gets off my back and then I can just play ball

Nick 15:10
get better yet let me get two of them and then I’m gonna go for ofo literally as far as I can get away from California I’m gonna go to fucking New York. But uh he’s also won an NBA All Star game Most Valuable Player for NBA scoring titles, the NBA Rookie of the Year two Olympic gold medals, and he has been selected to nine all NBA teams and 10 NBA All Star teams. This dude’s accolades, he’s a mother fucking baller with it. And something I love about Kevin Durant that people don’t talk about enough. really underrated defender, really underrated defender.

Kalvin 15:50
I don’t know. He’s not underrated in my mind. But I think I think the consensus is that I would agree, nobody talks about his defense. I don’t think anybody’s out here saying he’s a bad defender. But nobody can. He’s such a good score that just nobody even talks about how good he is on defense. He can guard any position. He’s quick enough to guard small guys. He’s big enough to block shots at the rim if he needs to. And his length is incredible. Oh, man, motherfucker. Well, his

Nick 16:17
balance is nuts. And he’s got a nine foot two standing up and reaching nine foot to like reach. Fuck is that that is insane. That is a that is a Marvel dude. And the fact this guy could not necessarily he did a really good job of defending LeBron James he gives him fits. But when the brown decides he’s gonna start biting him there’s really nothing

Kalvin 16:41
you can do. lebrons is more powerful.

Nick 16:43
Yeah, there’s nothing I mean, he’s 270 or two a 260 in just solid solid muscle. Be I mean, Duran is just absolutely so fun to watch. He’s lethal his shit. And I love the quiet little swagger he’s got about him. He talks a lot of shit.

Kalvin 17:04
Oh, yeah. Especially from burner accounts.

Nick 17:08
I mean, why wouldn’t you that’s what famous people do.

Kalvin 17:12
Yeah, I agree. I like to rant really great a lot of fun to watch moves so smoothly and that’s gonna be kind of a theme with all my guys is is a lot of the best small forwards at least the ones I like watching they they can just move through the defense incredibly smoothly. Or even try. Right, right. They just they just get through defenders. Like there’s no defenders there and it’s it’s

Nick 17:34
amazing to watch. Oh, dude, it’s insane when you especially ran assembly

Kalvin 17:39
one of those guys and then he can pull up and Jay over you too if he’s out of 3.1

Nick 17:44
I’ve never seen so many people demoralized playing basketball than when they’re playing Kevin Durant. Yeah, it’s it’s fucking sad. Well, especially that Golden State team Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant. Draymond Green, who they have. Shaun Livingston that did Andre Iguodala. He’s from my hometown.

Kalvin 18:05
ag Yeah. Shout out Andre Iguodala didn’t make the list but another great small Ford went to lamphere High School.

Nick 18:12
There you go. Pretty nice guy. Kevin Durant. Well, I had a runner up.

Kalvin 18:21
Okay, let’s hear Michael. I mean, you get three people. Why do you need a runner?

Nick 18:25
I mean, cuz I gotta pick Jordan for something.

Kalvin 18:29
Small forward.

Nick 18:29
He was for the wizards.

Kalvin 18:31
Oh my god.

Nick 18:34
That’s why he’s my runner up, son.

Kalvin 18:37
Nobody on any team with Kwame brown qualifies. Especially nobody who drafted Kwame Brown.

Nick 18:46
Hey, now

Kalvin 18:48
that’s your boy. Mj he drafted

Nick 18:50
it’s my boy MJ he’s a terrible gym owner whatever the fuck he is he’s never been good.

Kalvin 18:56
Up there. Michael Kidd Gilchrist do another one MGS picks

Nick 19:00
I think he came through the bowls for a while

Kalvin 19:03
he did could go Chris Yeah, yeah, but he drafted him in Charlotte first Yeah, he was yeah he is terrible towel to actually kick out cuz just kind of fell in the wrong time he got drafted. As one of these like lengthy get to the bucket guys right as the league was shifting to shoot threes. And he couldn’t shoot threes to save his life. So he was just like a D up slasher. And the league left behind.

Nick 19:33
See bad.

Kalvin 19:34
I liked him in Kentucky though.

Nick 19:36
I mean, I like pretty much everybody that goes through Kentucky. I like quite a few of them. They’re just usually the best athletes coming into college. Jesus Christ jumped through the gym.

Kalvin 19:49
My first pick can also jump to the gym and that is one Tracy McCready tonight oh we discussed him on the shooting guards but he has played both pieces. For most of his career interchangeably so he fits here too.

Nick 20:04
I mean, he brought him up already

Kalvin 20:07
Yeah, so the first time so I didn’t go into like all these accolades and real research like you did I went with my three guys that went why they’re my favorites and what I liked watching about them because then I didn’t have to do as much actual research so

Unknown Speaker 20:23
all the

Nick 20:24
facts I gave are what I enjoy about Kevin Durant well yeah the opening you know kind of shit he you know, didn’t college. I don’t I don’t really care that he was one and done and stuff like that. But now that dude is emotion. He’s just a fun ballplayer. But anyway, Tracy McGrady Go ahead.

Kalvin 20:43
So the first time I saw Tracy McGrady really experienced him was at the 2000 dunk contest that Vince Carter one. He was great. He was in that dunk contest, but he didn’t get past the first round. But he was instrumental in Vince Carter’s eventual historic evisceration of the competition in the 2000 dunk contest

Nick 21:01
really was

Kalvin 21:04
some McGrady on the Raptors with Carter at this time, he’s also Vince Carter’s cousin. So that made him the easy choice for the Go to aluva. Whenever Vince Carter needed an alley oops, I think he had like two or three alley oop dunks, some great he’s all over those, you know, really set up all of these dog segments of Vince car couldn’t have pulled it off that McGrady? I would say,

Nick 21:23
I agree with that. They’ve been doing that shit since they were like nine and already six foot tall.

Kalvin 21:28
Yeah. He McGrady had some really great attempts on his own. He just wasn’t ready yet. He wasn’t there. He didn’t have the crispness down to it. I think he was a rookie at the time. So he just didn’t get there.

Nick 21:41
He had that. I don’t think he had the hand eye coordination quite. Down. Yeah, you can

Kalvin 21:47
kind of trace McGrady’s lazy eye.

Nick 21:49
So he wasn’t the finesse kind of guy quite yet. No. And I mean, that’s a lot of pressure for a rookie. I would never

Kalvin 22:02
when you know, cuz he probably knows what Vince Carter has to write. He knows every dunk that Carter’s gonna do. So he has to try and beat all those dunks in his head before Carter even does them like there’s no way he was coming out with it.

Nick 22:16
And he knew he wasn’t gonna beat those fucking dunks. He’s like, Damn, man, that’s good shit.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
All right.

Nick 22:22
Let’s do this. I guess I’ll throw you the ball. Just be your balls for going for what you can get him in.

Kalvin 22:29
My favorite McGrady time was when he was on Orlando.

Nick 22:32
Definitely. That’s a jersey I had that was

Kalvin 22:36
that was his peak athleticism. I think his his actual NBA peak was in Houston for a couple seasons. So we started getting hurt. But from an athletic standpoint, he was so amazing to watch in Orlando and they had a chance to build some really great teams you know, Penny was still there hurt a lot. They brought in Grant Hill hurt a lot they draft Mike Miller was great shooter great, you know combo piece with McGrady there you got Darrell Armstrong run the point they had pieces they tried so hard and that just never all line for the magic during those those four or five years.

Nick 23:14
No, it’s really hard to win an NBA championship.

Kalvin 23:17
Yeah, and I mean it especially when you spend money on guys like Penny Hardaway and gray Hill and they’re constantly hurt. I mean, the bulls suffer from that, and it’s all on Tracy McGrady at that point.

Nick 23:29
Right and to his credit that one thing I loved about him is that dude played hard every night. Absolutely every play that dude was hustling

Kalvin 23:41
and so like I said my research for this episode was pretty limited it mostly consisted watching highlight packages for the three guys I’m going to talk about Hell yeah. And the one thing that stood out about almost every single one of T max highlights is that he beat defenders on his first step every time it’s crazy how good his for like go. Just type into YouTube, Tracy McGrady highlights watch, like the seven minute highlight package or whatever everyone is he gets the ball and steps right by his defender or, you know, he pulls the ball through steps right through his defender. Nobody could keep up with them. And that’s like, he’s just this perfect combination of length and quickness, that when he makes that step, he’s really three steps ahead of the defender. And it’s so quick that the defender can’t even react. And he just demolish people with it. It’s insane to watch

Nick 24:28
well in a manner that says I he would have been a great ballplayer to imagine him as a linebacker fucking blitzing straight up the gut right there on the line of scrimmage. Thank you. Dude, he would get through the line. Probably seven out of 10 times.

Kalvin 24:43
It kind of reminds me of Julius in Remember the Titans right? Like that. That’s the player you

Nick 24:50
know, I’m thinking of like, Chase young. Just becoming or ro Quan Smith come in, you know, right there on the line of scrimmage. That dude has an amazing First step, just in, I don’t know t Mac knew where the fuck he wanted to go. Like if he made a choice he he drove and it was nasty

Kalvin 25:09
when people couldn’t keep up with them like that first step was unstoppable. And then he would do it as he does jab step, he would do it as a step through he would do like sometimes they do these little spin, kind of back steps and still, like he’d kind of like he’d have spin, like he was going to post up. And then it’s and then he’d spin back on the to the first direction and he just be past the defender already. Nobody could do anything about it. It’s insane. One

Nick 25:37
incredible balance,

Kalvin 25:38
too. It’s very difficult to describe. But if you watch one of these highlight packages, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. There was also a lot on these highlight packages of him just jumping way too high to get these amazing ferocious blocks. His cats dogs are no joke, dude. We as dunks are insane to

Nick 25:58
me, he could jump through the fucking gym.

Kalvin 26:00
Yes, absolutely. So he gets to Houston and you know, I think all right, this finally gonna be it. My guy’s got a team. He’s got Yao Ming Stevie franchise’s there. And you know in 2021 Steve Francis Yao Ming t Mac sounds like just an awful team. And it absolutely would be in 2021 because none of them can shoot. None of them can move other than T Mac but in 2005 this team should have won 1000 championships literally.

Nick 26:26
Oh man, that was after the Lakers dynasty kind of starting to Peter out right? They Yao Ming which he literally just went San Antonio still there. Yeah, in San Antonio was so fun.

Kalvin 26:40
Seven seconds or less sons are making they’re they’re coming out party and Yao Ming just ate often hurt Steve Francis was hurt a lot and then got traded to the Knicks. But to this day, the 13 points and 33 seconds from Tracy McGrady, against the Spurs to win a game. One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

Nick 26:59
Yeah, that’s like Reggie Miller status.

Kalvin 27:02
Yeah, except this was. So they’re down. I watched it again. They’re down 7668 with 41 seconds left. And they end up winning 81 to 80. So he gets 13 points in 33 seconds while the other team is still corn scoring. So Reggie Miller was like nine points and 13 seconds or something like that. Because he hit a four point play and then he got a steal and then he got another steal. So the other team isn’t even actively trying to score at that point. But he’s going against the Spurs and spurs are still scoring and he’s still just beating the hell out of shins nasty. Yeah. But he still never got there with Houston. They just dealt with too many injuries and then his back finally gave out while he’s still in Houston never really fully recovered from that bounced around the league for a while. I never could recapture that early greatness that he had in Orlando, you know?

Unknown Speaker 27:55
Yeah, I just don’t think he had any knees left that cartilage. Well, his was all that he had

Kalvin 28:00
back problems most of his career.

Nick 28:03
I think back problems lead to knee problems. Well, yeah,

Kalvin 28:05
back problems lead to everything problems. Yeah. But just incredibly smooth for being six eight. Like I said that first step amazing. It’s like during every move he made on the court was so easy and fluid. It’s, I kind of compare him like, do you remember Westbrook in Oklahoma City? When he would cut through the defense get to the basket and then just demolish the rim?

Nick 28:31
Oh, just dunk don’t

Kalvin 28:32
get out of it. Like with the force of 1000 bombs. Like this dude that like

Nick 28:37
just really fucked his wife. Yeah, it’s just like, Oh my God.

Kalvin 28:40
That was Tracy McGrady except he was six eight and could hit threes. Two things that Westbrook does not possess.

Nick 28:46
No. And he was he was an underrated passer two

Kalvin 28:49
very good passer and then McGrady has last stand in San Antonio in the 2014 playoffs. He was this close to winning a championship there didn’t contribute at all. But Ray Allen just couldn’t let him have it.

Nick 29:03
I can re remember watching that game live.

Kalvin 29:06
Yeah. So great. He didn’t do much about it. I mean, he was on the bench but I really wanted to see McGrady win that championship even though it was it was the heat time they needed to win that like LeBron needed that one. I get it. But McGrady needs one too.

Nick 29:19
That’s just how the game that was a hell of a shot man. That’s really what shit. So clutch.

Kalvin 29:25
So my last couple things on McGrady are completely personal. So I’m in freshman English composition. I had to write a comparison paper, right. So I wrote a paper comparing trace McGrady to Kobe and the enzyme the assignment was to compare two things to make and make a point of, you know, which thing is better at whatever you’re trying to prove, using evidence. Pretty, pretty straightforward. So I was trying to make the point that T Mac was better. And by the end of it all the evidence pointed to Be actually being better if you’re looking at stats championships wins. You know all that stuff. Anything that actually goes into basketball so at the end of the paper I was kind of just like fuck it stats a wins don’t mean anything t Mac is better because I think he is. And that’s all a matter.

Nick 30:16
Your teacher was like, get the fuck out of mine.

Kalvin 30:18
He is one that was one he is in the middle he I think he had one two scoring titles in a row. So like his his points were better than COVID but that was pretty much the only stat he led it. Yeah. I gotta give a shout out to the team act twos most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn by Adidas. Thank you. I said on the last one. I got it every time we talk t Mac got to talk about t Mac tos. And t Mac’s crowning achievement. best thing that’s ever happened to them though, is I once got called t Mac. On in a pickup game on like the D level court and college. Somebody’s like, Damn, you play like t Mac. I’m like what? Okay? Yeah, right, dude, you gotta be the greatest like, moment of trace McGrady’s. Like,

Nick 31:01
yeah, I was about to say, you wrote a letter to emigrate. And you’re like, I you were compared to me today. I hope you know how you should be gracious. You should be and send me some more t Mac tos bitch.

Kalvin 31:13
This was so like, in college, there was five pickup courts running at once pretty much and there was like a local court that you didn’t want to play on unless you were on the college team. Pretty much. That was the level court. That’s where I spent most of my time. It was just second tier guys. This was like I said it was like fourth or fifth level dudes. These are like you’re really playing against middle schoolers, but they happen to be 20 years old.

Nick 31:37
That would be me. I was terrible at basketball like,

Kalvin 31:40
those guys thought I was like t Mac, which is great.

Unknown Speaker 31:43
I’ll take I mean.

Nick 31:45
I am your master.

Unknown Speaker 31:48
You are my people.

Kalvin 31:50
I also played I played one of those games with a former NFL player, which was kind of fun. Jeremy mincy. look him up.

Nick 31:58
At smokey bro.

Kalvin 32:00
I was on his team. But yeah. So he was a defensive end. He played at Florida. And then he was in the NFL. He won a Super Bowl with Denver. He wasn’t that integral in that Super Bowl. But he was on that team. bounce around. He got drafted by the Jaguars and then play for Dallas for a little while and then Denver. And he started for Jacksonville for a while. But yeah, he was like six, eight to add like a real good defensive end. And yeah, he just smoked dudes. He showed up and like I was the only one there sitting there waiting for the next game. He’s like, he’s wearing all his Jags here. I thought I knew who he was. I knew he was from the town that the school was in. Hmm. And so I’m Alex. I just started chatting with him. He’s like, you know who I am? Right? I was like, Yeah, you’re Jeremy menzi. Like, not hard to put together like Yeah, and I knew some people that he knew from high school. And so I was like, Yeah, I know this person that Oh, yeah. They didn’t tell you I was gonna basketball did that. I was like, nope. Then he just showed out for the next two hours.

Nick 33:03
It was great. Did he at least sign some shit for you?

Kalvin 33:08
No, I didn’t have anything for him to sign. He like he wasn’t there to be bothered. Well, I was there to ball like he’s just at a fucking college pickup game. He’s not not sitting there. Hey, sorry, my shirt. But I did like I had worn I had this Arkansas like shooting shirt that I had wore that day. from University of Arkansas. And like, I had to hide it in my bag. It’s like, No, I’m a gator fan. Man. I promise.

Nick 33:33
Like you fucking better be.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Do you profit?

Kalvin 33:38
Alright, let’s get to your second pick.

Nick 33:40
My second pick is boring as fuck it out for a second.

Kalvin 33:46
Which would have been boring as fuck.

Nick 33:47
That is a deep cut man. Man, he he was instrumental in

Kalvin 33:53
seven seconds or less, son seems man.

Nick 33:56
He really fucking was. But uh, I you know, I chose the ugliest man that’s ever graced the earth. Also one of the best basketball players it’s ever graced. him. No. Nope. Larry Bird. The bird? Yes. Power for Nope. Definitely a list of as small forwards on.

Kalvin 34:18
I gotta look at a small forward. power forward. Yeah, exactly. Small forward and power forward basketball. reference.com. Alright, they don’t lie.

Nick 34:29
But I mean, with the name the hick from French Lick. How can I not pick this guy?

Kalvin 34:34
The Great White hope.

Nick 34:36
I mean, it’s kind of a little weird saying that. I’m not gonna lie. or hearing it. It’s just like, man. I don’t know. I just I couldn’t trust that guy with either way. Dude. Was he us a 12 time all star. I mean, that is insane. He received the MVP award three consecutive times. And

Kalvin 34:57
are sure about that.

Nick 34:58
Yes. Four, five and six.

Kalvin 35:01
Okay, I just seen in my research that nobody would want it three in a row. So maybe I was wrong. Because I thought only Nash wanted two in a row and he should have won third year in a row and he didn’t

Unknown Speaker 35:13
know, but

Nick 35:17
But anyway, he got paid

Kalvin 35:19
like a motherfucker time MVP right there

Nick 35:24
Calvin’s fact checking for y’all in real time.

Kalvin 35:27
The only reason I’m questioning is because I read that thing that Steve Nash didn’t get his third.

Nick 35:32
Well, I mean, he wouldn’t look at Larry Bird and be like, that dude is one of the biggest ballers of all fucking time. And as a big, a bigger dude, like you said more of a powerful word. But he did play small for for a bit. He’s just a blower, dude. He’s really slow, but he could post up. He was an incredible passer and the most clutch player I’ve ever seen. I started getting into Larry Bird because I watched NBA fights on YouTube for like five hours straight one day. And he was in most of them. Yeah. And I mean,

Kalvin 36:06
here are your Mount Rushmore of NBA fights up there just for that one fight. He was Oh, yeah,

Nick 36:12
it was so nice. I mean, but fucking Larry Bird would throw hands for nothing. Oh, I’ve run into him. He just started throwing fisticuffs, and I love it. Dude, I missed some of that in the NBA. I don’t want to see people get hurt for sure. But I kind of missed some of that hard foul shit like that. That rough and tumble aspect of basketball. That was really what I grew up on, solely because I grew up on it and Larry Bird minimized it. He was toughest shit. Had a weird way. I mean, the fact that he pretty much ended his NBA career with a back injury from shoveling gravel. That’s not tight. And when you

Kalvin 36:50
guys have clauses in their contract, now that they can’t do like any physical labor, or play any sports outside of their actual sport and all that stuff, man,

Nick 36:59
I don’t really sign that immediately. They’re like, you can’t ever shovel gravel ever again. But we’ll pay you a shitload of money like alright, I’m there. I didn’t want to shovel it in the first place. How about I pay someone else to do that with my millions of dollars. The fuck Larry Bird. But I mean, humble guy, and just could score from anywhere and hang with really just about anyone without the physical, like athleticism. I mean, he’s athletic to an extent. But as much as I don’t know, I’m athletic on the basketball court. I’m not very nimble. I’m a hell of a football player, not a basketball player.

Kalvin 37:39
Now and he didn’t even have to be incredibly athletic in the 80s to be a great basketball player. He could shoot he was great passer

Nick 37:48
he’s tough shit.

Kalvin 37:49
He was tough shit and and in basketball, in the 80s you can hang out in the paint and people would mostly come to you like they’re the three point line existed but people weren’t taking threes like they do today. So a lot of times you weren’t chasing the ball as much.

Nick 38:06
There’s just wasn’t as much yet. That’s a good way to put a trailing of of the ball. There’s a lot more, you know, standard and

Kalvin 38:13
yeah, there was the player movement wasn’t as intense and that all started rip Hamilton on those Detroit Pistons. teams have just constantly moving constantly moving love that spread throughout the league. And now everybody’s moving all the time. That didn’t happen in the 80s nobody was moving ever.

Nick 38:31
And those pistons teams were fucking awesome to watch to

Kalvin 38:35
the low four. championship team. Yeah, that was fun. I think we talked about rip Hamilton on the shooting guards. I think he was on my honorable mentions.

Nick 38:44
Yeah. But that’s my pick fucking Larry Bird.

Kalvin 38:47
I like burpees I still contend that he’s a power forward. So we’ll be talking about him again next time. I probably wouldn’t pick him to be honest.

Nick 38:56
I guess I could the really the defining factor for me was the fistfights and yeah,

Kalvin 39:05
that’s what this is all about is you like them for the reasons you like them. It doesn’t matter if they’re an all time great. And in the point guards episode, I picked Stevie Francis because I liked watching them in the in the dunk contest.

Nick 39:14
Do I mean shit, dude, I just that’s how I got acclimated with Larry Bird. I would have never watched Larry Bird highlights with it. If I didn’t start watching, you know, because most of the time it started with a fantastic play by bird or

Kalvin 39:27
Yes, you know thwarting of a play being made by bird just as weird as steel falling out of bounds just chucking it behind your back perfect past this. Danny Ainge on the run for a layup. Like that’s,

Nick 39:40
I mean, it’s just poetry and motion we have ever seen.

Kalvin 39:45
When we were kids, we had this VHS tape, it was called NBA superstars, Volume Two. And there’s there’s three volumes. Oh, yeah, I have them all now to actually

Nick 39:55
VHS. Oh, no, that’s let’s say it’s really nice.

Kalvin 39:59
I have Volume one two and three. I don’t watch volume three Volume One is terrible but so they take songs right? And they basically make music videos with highlight packages and the Larry Bird one. I don’t remember the song they use it for the off top my head, but it’s like kind of the somber song because he was they made it the year he was retiring. And so they’ve got this kind of like, I will remember you type song. Sarah McLaughlin type shit on there, as you know, watch all these beautiful plays that he’s making. And honestly, it almost brings a tear to my eye when I watch it just the way they frame it. Watch NBA superstars Volume Two, it’s a lot of fun. Volume three is probably a lot of fun too. Don’t watch Volume One. It’s

Unknown Speaker 40:39
awful. fucking awful man.

Kalvin 40:41
But volume twos got your best players. It was like 92 or 93. So it’s got MJ Barkley, David Robinson, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, he’s got a highlight package on there magics got a highlight package.

Nick 40:54
It’s good time for basketball. Clyde

Kalvin 40:55
Drexler is on there. Yeah, a lot. A lot of fun stuff and the music’s bad. Mostly.

Nick 41:02
Well, yeah, but that’s a given.

Kalvin 41:04
But they do a good job of putting it with the highlight packages in Volume Two. anyone’s ever heard of Teddy’s jam. You’ll know what I’m talking about. That’s a bad song. But it fits in an NBA superstars dunk compilation.

Nick 41:19
It sounds like Kobe Johnson from you know, the farmers market or some

Kalvin 41:24
JOJ it is jam for me.

Nick 41:31
Fucking Jeremy jam. get jammed.

Kalvin 41:35
Alright, so my next pick. We just mentioned your boy. Scotty

Nick 41:43
the second ugliest man on the face of the earth Not

Kalvin 41:45
Have you not seen joke him? No, seriously?

Nick 41:48
Dude, I’m a bulls fan. So I’ve seen joking. No, that dude is he’s pretty fucking. There we go. But Scottie Pippen, man, holy shit. He’s had a lot of work done. And a lot of fun. He’s definitely some veneers put in.

Kalvin 42:05
So everyone gives Michael Jordan all the credit. He deserves I am not. Right. Yeah,

Nick 42:10
I mean, I feel Yeah. 100%. Scott,

Kalvin 42:12
I don’t think it’s six without without Pippin. If not there. Because it was before Pippin got there. Right. Well, I mean, yeah, but a lot of that’s on phil jackson to

Nick 42:24
Phil Jackson was a was a hell of a fucking coach. I’m sure everyone listening to this probably watched the last dance. That really epitomized how great Pippen was but I remember growing up my dad, huge bulls fan. I was a huge bulls fan growing up. He would always say if Jordans the number one player than pippins the second best player and it’s like yeah, you know,

Kalvin 42:45
he’s not wrong. He’s when Sports Illustrated did their 50 greatest players of all time he was in the top 50 deservedly so obviously. And let’s not forget that when Jordan retired that first time Pippin still drag the bulls to the playoffs and MVP level season. almost made it to the finals you know the match shakin Penny magics didn’t their way and that that’s a tough duo to get past.

Nick 43:08
Yeah, no should. But yeah,

Kalvin 43:11
he he’s fucking amazing. And this is what I like most about him is he was the first true point forward. You know, a lot of people say it was magic. But he was really just a tall point guard. He wasn’t he didn’t play the four position. That might really yeah, there was that one game where Kareem was out. But now he played second keep. He was strictly magical, strictly a point guard with Pippin. He’s gonna grab your board and bring the ball up and run the offense. And it’s also just he can run it from any spot on the court and that’s why phil jackson triangle offense works so well. It doesn’t work without an excellent passing forward. You can see that with Pau Gasol. You can see it with Rick Fox with those Laker teams.

Nick 43:52
Yeah, that’s just, I mean, incredibly smart ballplayer, great passer, great defender, underrated defender.

Kalvin 44:00
And I think that’s a big part of the reason that the bulls struggled to get over the hump before Pippen got theirs is they couldn’t they couldn’t run a good enough offense with just Michael Jordan doing everything. They needed something to take the pressure off and Pippin was that Oh, dude. Get Pippin could bring the ball up and let Jordan get to where he needed to be more effective. And if Jordan if Jordans getting doubled, then Pippin can beat his guy anytime.

Nick 44:28
I mean, if Jordans getting doubled, he’s pippins having a triple double Yeah, or almost a triple double every fucking time. And that’s

Kalvin 44:37
the same thing. Same thing with Kevin Durant. He’s big enough and quick enough to guard whoever the other team’s best player is regardless of their position. And I think that’s kind of what puts him in the point forward is he can guard center three point guard if he needs to. It doesn’t matter. He’s bringing the ball up. They don’t they’re their, quote unquote, point guard was Steve Kerr, who did not bring the ball up most of the time. like Steve Kerr’s role is to go stand in the corner wait to shoot a three, because much Pippin or Jordan got trapped at the bucket and are kicking it out. I mean, Steve Kerr is a great player. I’m not trying to take anything away from him, but he wasn’t the primary ball handler that was Pippin. And this is why because he was better at it,

Nick 45:16
too. He just also, I think everybody we mentioned so far has the same thing in common. And they’re just like, fascinating. Well, not watch move. I mean, watch move, but it’s like watching a tortoise read a hair. It’s like literally passing them

Kalvin 45:34
down into the ground. With his fist. Yeah.

Nick 45:38
And he’s just he’s, he was hard as fuck Not gonna lie. I would not want to fuck with Larry Bird. Pippin was like Buzz Aldrin, not

Kalvin 45:47
Scottie Pippen? We’re over Larry Bird.

Nick 45:52
You may be over Larry Bird. I’m never over Larry Bird.

Kalvin 45:57
So Pippin, he’s this precursor to the mostly positional is basketball that we see now where people like Ben Simmons can come into the league and be point guards, because it doesn’t actually matter what your position is listed as the five best players on the court all the time. And that’s what these bulls did. They made sure their five best players were on the court. It didn’t matter what they were listed as.

Nick 46:17
is what has been Simmons like 656 10 He’s 610 pretty sure shit.

Kalvin 46:24
maybe six nine. I think he’s listed as 6960 611 Jesus Christ. He’s playing point guard to the yank. Fuck. What they call him. Apparently,

Nick 46:39
it’s a terrible name.

Kalvin 46:40
Yes. Just

Nick 46:43
I wouldn’t be happy to be called that.

Kalvin 46:46
No, not at all. You got next.

Nick 46:51
I got motherfucking I mean, dude, I I got Barry bird. It’s that one rep LA.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Rick. Rick Barry.

Nick 47:02
I mean, all the berries all the berry brothers, john Berry. No, I got Paul here. So. Oh, the motherfucking truth.

Kalvin 47:11
That’s interesting.

Nick 47:13
I mean, I was a huge fan of

Kalvin 47:15
your work here. Yeah, apparently you’re a Celtics fan?

Nick 47:17
No, not necessarily. Not necessarily. I, but they’ve had a lot of really fun players to watch over the years.

Kalvin 47:24
I will disagree with that.

Nick 47:26
I still I still love watching Brock Ray john. Rajon Rondo. Rajon Rondo? I don’t normally say his first name. Often it’s usually just Rondo

Kalvin 47:36
could be john could be Ray john could be Ray, john. I usually go Rondo, Raj. I think I’d go with Rajon Rondo.

Nick 47:47
But I go with his teammate Paul Pierce Hall Pierce’s are actually

Kalvin 47:51
talking about shit his pants in a game. Just get that right on Front Street.

Nick 47:57
I didn’t even have that doubt. No, that’s fantastic that you contributed that. Thank you.

Kalvin 48:03
There we go. If we

Nick 48:04
can shift his drawers during a game,

Kalvin 48:07
he admitted to just race I think it was last season during the bubble. He finally copped to it.

Nick 48:15
And then his wife came out two days later, he’s like I’m divorcing is dirty. Nasty.

Kalvin 48:22
In 12 years, Lamar Jackson will be doing the same thing with his game, his playoff game. He just said, Yeah, you don’t take shit.

Nick 48:28
That video he that came out, like, out of the way.

Kalvin 48:32
100% like that. should only be I gotta get out my way. And if we’ve all done that, we’ve all done I gotta take a shit turtle walk, Lamar. It’s okay.

Nick 48:41
It’s like I ate some nasty shit. It’s unfortunate at that time. I mean, Pierce that’s how dedicated he was though. He just should have drawers. He didn’t give a fuck. He probably didn’t mean to do I don’t

Kalvin 48:54
know. Yeah, I think he got hit in the stomach or something.

Nick 49:00
He was I don’t really think Paul piers ever got the the love He deserved. I think he was always on usually pretty bad teams until Garnett Ray Allen came along.

Kalvin 49:14
Yeah, I’ve been a bad teammate before that. Ricky Davis, maybe? Yeah, I mean, Jeff Green, I don’t know.

Nick 49:23
Not the greatest kind of kind of the situation that a lot of other players have faced if you know the rest of their teams down or they’re one other decent contributors down. They just got to fucking do it all. And he wasn’t the best defender. But the way that you can score was just fun as hell so fun. But I gotta say the his ability to hit the three was my absolute favorite thing about him. Is he nailed that shit at some of the most clutch times. He was so killer.

Unknown Speaker 49:59
He is

Kalvin 50:01
He is very good at being. He’s kind of like Joe Johnson, right? He’s, he’s great. It’s great if he’s the best player on your team, but you’re not making the deep playoff run with him being the best player on your team. He needed. He needed Ray Allen to spread the ball out. I think melos technically better, especially offensively. I think that was a better score. Paul Pierce could probably play better defense. But Boston it didn’t seem like he really got the love that he deserved. I think once they start winning championships people warmed up to him, but I think he got a lot of hate and Boston’s a tough city to begin with. From a fan standpoint of like, if you’re not winning championships, you’re useless. So being the best player I think they always thought he should do more. But in my mind, it’s like the same thing with MJ in in Chicago is like he couldn’t do it all no matter how great he was. He wasn’t going to be able to do it all on his own. He needed someone there to take pressure off of him.

Nick 50:58
It’s a team game team sport. But I mean, the fact this dude was in 10 time NBA all star that that fucking says something and I mean, he was absolutely the Celtics won that championship without him. I don’t think Carl Garnett and Ray Allen could carry that team and their you know, background of

Kalvin 51:18
No, I think interesting. What if case that’d be fascinating Rondo Allen and Garnett and let’s say somebody somebody who’s one step below Paul Pierce,

Nick 51:30
who was their center

Kalvin 51:33
ah kindergartens and the backup right has no big baby Davis. Once he the backup, he was in their shoes so much.

Nick 51:50
She say you hate him.

Unknown Speaker 51:51
Yeah, yeah, he’s

Nick 51:52
an ass white. He’s a fuckin asshole.

Kalvin 51:57
So I you don’t think Rachel Rondo. Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett will keep Kendrick Perkins there is the center and instead of Paul Pierce, you’ve got Quintin Richardson

Nick 52:10
as your Perkins was the thunders Thunder center. I thought

Kalvin 52:13
later, he was on these championship teams first.

Nick 52:16
I did not mean to interrupt you. I’m sorry. That’s fine.

Kalvin 52:19
So you think Quintin Richardson subbed in for Paul Pierce? They they’re still not winning? No. Even somebody more like DeMarco Rosen, like that guy, which is kind of where Clint Richardson falls now. I absolutely think they still could win.

Nick 52:33
I think it was the perfect storm because Paul Pierce had been there for so long. Yeah. Like you said, once they started having some serious success, I think the people of Boston were just like, Alright, he’s our son. Yeah,

Kalvin 52:43
they raised him after that. Like, yeah, we always had your back beers,

Nick 52:47
right. I mean, he’d been there forever. And it’s something that they’re kind of a blue blood type city. They, you know,

Kalvin 52:53
he’s an interesting case, too, because he kind of he transcended arrows, right. So he’s there in the early 2000s, run in gun, flashy era. And then he, he continued to have success. I think, like, I would say, 2008 2009 is that breaking point where we started getting into analytics. Let’s look at threes. Let’s start shooting more threes. It’s not just about speed and getting to the hoop.

Nick 53:18
We’re just beginning in the pain,

Kalvin 53:19
right and big men in the pain. It’s Let’s spread the ball, spread the floor, get shots up. And that can’t you know, that came with the sons, mostly, but he was still effective of the sons after that time. Oh, we’re gonna talk a lot about the sons when we go to power forwards.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
It’s gonna happen.

Nick 53:37
And I think that’s why he was able to stick around in the league for so long because I mean, he had like a 16 year career. That’s That’s a long time in the NBA being an active player and something I had no idea until I started doing my research is this motherfucker almost didn’t play basketball after 2000 September of 2000. He was stabbed 11 times in the face and neck and back and had a bottle smashed over his head while at a nightclub still went on to start at two games in the 2000 2001 season. Dudes hardest fuck. Yeah. What’s he do? Oh my god. I mean, a team. Now if he did that shit, they’d cut him in the hospital. they’d send an executive Oh,

Kalvin 54:23
absolutely. Fucking cut, bro. Yeah, it wouldn’t even take a minute there’d be there’d be a Twitter release of Oh, we know about the situation. We’re learning all tax but he is not part of this team as of right now.

Nick 54:35
Yeah, he’s dead. Does Who? Who Paul Paul who

Kalvin 54:38
Sacramento would pick them up and they’d win a championship.

Nick 54:41
Oh, immediately shout out to Aaron Fox. I like the kings are scrappy.

Kalvin 54:46
Yeah, I agree. All right. final one. hasn’t been mentioned yet. How can we make it this far? It’s LeBron James.

Nick 54:56
LeBron James. I think we we’ve actively avoided mentioning logic Ron,

Kalvin 55:00
yeah he’s LeBron. I don’t know that I need to say anymore but

Unknown Speaker 55:06
I will because I want to say oh man

Kalvin 55:09
he’s the Brian all right so now not next week. That dude

Nick 55:12
is literally watching magic happen on your TV. He is so incorrect.

Kalvin 55:18
Okay, it doesn’t appreciate a little brown needs to just shut the fuck up like

Unknown Speaker 55:21
are your

Kalvin 55:23
Jays better? Well, you know he had to go to Miami. Like Shut the fuck up. You’re You’re stupid and don’t know what you’re talking about.

Nick 55:30
I’m a diehard bulls fan. I’ve mentioned that five times on this podcast alone. It’s still contention for me, I will never say that LeBron James isn’t at least up there. It’s a personal thing for me. Of course, I’m gonna say in all time, but if I looked at it, objectively, legit, I was gonna say like James Brown. I say that to fuck with my wife. But LeBron James is the best basketball player of all fucking time. And?

Kalvin 55:59
Well, it’s fine. What we saw with LeBron early in his career is what we’re now seeing with Patrick mahomes is just the moment and then, if the Cavs even cared one little bit about building a team around him, they could have won every single championship, but they didn’t. They were like, we’ve got LeBron, that’s all we need. And so and we might see this with the Chiefs in a couple years, because they’ve got to start paying people like tyreke Hill, and Travis Kelsey and their offensive line. And they can’t do that with mahomes is huge contract. So it’s gonna be interesting to see if mahomes can still get it done. I think he can because I think a quarterback can influence a game more than a single player in an NBA game can

Nick 56:41
in any sport.

Kalvin 56:45
But I he is the most talented, skilled, coordinated and

Nick 56:55
physical specimen.

Kalvin 56:56
Yeah, he’s got the highest IQ. He’s got the intensity, he’s got leadership. He’s got the best skill and strength at any place on the court than any basketball player anyone’s ever seen in their life. And anyone who argues in Brawl,

Nick 57:11
dudes average, like 24 points, a game, nine boards and six assists. And one like 1.2 steals since he was 18 years old. He’s like, 30 What is he? 38

Kalvin 57:23
a minute. 2003. Now he’s 36 is a 62,003. When he was drafted, it’s 2021. And technically 2021. But he I don’t think he’s had his birthday yet. So I think he’s 36

Unknown Speaker 57:35
shit, dude.

Nick 57:37
He’s still I mean, he’s, I wouldn’t even say he’s lost a step. He’s changed his game. Yeah,

Kalvin 57:42
he’s changed his game. But the steps he’s lost have been by his own will. Right. He changed his game to play differently. In the same way. Tom Brady has

Nick 57:52
just a less physical approach more longevity? I think yes. Those early in his career. That shit was hailing him.

Kalvin 57:59
Yeah, it’s load man. Everything he does now is load management. And when when they were coming into the league, I would argue like that I liked Melo better. I think just because I saw him more playing for Syracuse, you know? Yeah. And and then as soon as, like, a year after that 2003 draft, I was like, okay, no, it’s LeBron is LeBron. That’s fine. Well, I

Nick 58:18
mean, fuck you saw. I just remember being at the doctor’s office and picking up a magazine when he was in high school, like the North Irish or something. And I saw him on the cover and I started reading it was waiting to get my like routine checkup. And that’s the first time I heard about LeBron James. And was submitted this cat is one of the best ballplayers, if not the best ball player of all time, was when they were playing the bowls in the playoffs during Derrick Rose’s in the MVP season. And Derrick Rose was tearing the shit up. Oh, man, he’s killing it. And then they put LeBron James on him. And it was over. Derrick Rose was completely eliminated from the game. It was incredible. I’ve never seen someone shut down so thoroughly. So morally demoralized. It was incredible. Derrick Rose lost the will to play ball for like four years after that shit.

Kalvin 59:17
And he’s like, do that Geez. Any player on the court at any time he could and he can literally do anything on the court and I there’s nothing he could do that would surprise me like it would surprise me. And I would be awestruck, but it wouldn’t surprise me that he could do it. Right. I could be like, yeah, okay,

Nick 59:32
I buy that. Oh, dude, when he traverses the entire court to smack a, you know, a ball off the backboard while someone’s

Kalvin 59:39
going in for a nice Jason layup to chase down blocks for so much time. I’m sad. We don’t get that anymore. That was one of my favorite things to watch and I kind of forgot about it until you mentioned it. Those were so fun like that, that. That first calves run that was all he was doing right is he was dunking hard and chasing down every possible block. He could for The full court.

Nick 1:00:01
I mean, he’s playing his ass off. He not only was he the most athletic person on most physically gifted person on the court, most high basketball IQ, like you said, and just the most talent, that dude is so good. And I think one thing that he’s kind of slowed down on his the theatrics, because he was just a whole persona in Cleveland, like he was there. You know, GDP he was there he was, he was everything. He was their entire economy. So I mean, he, he played it up and he’s taken. He’s gotten a lot quieter in his Lakers row, because Anthony Davis can absolutely be a centerpiece of a team. And LeBron can just hang out until the sun is in the NBA. And

Kalvin 1:00:45
yeah, so the point I think I want to make here is that LeBron has had more or less three phases of his career. It could maybe count for if you want to count la separate, but I don’t I don’t really think you need to. So phase one is early Cleveland, right those little bronze first seven seasons in Cleveland. He’s absolutely amazing. We talked about the the ferocious dunks the chase down blocks, attacked every single game with ferocity intensity on both sides of the ball. Other players, if I was playing NBA, I would have been legitimately scared to play against him. Fuck yeah, just go back to his highlights and look at some of those dots between like oh, six and oh, nine. It’s aggressive. Dude, it’s

Nick 1:01:25
like watching a leopard play basketball. It’s ridiculous. Unless it’s a 260.

Kalvin 1:01:30
Like Imagine if they made Air Bud but with a leopard. That’s what LeBron was

Nick 1:01:34
a hungry one. Yeah, and that dude could probably run. I bet he could probably run a four 440

Kalvin 1:01:40
Yeah, in those years Yes. I don’t think he could right now. Oh six to turn the burners up. I think he could for Yeah. But the problem in that early Cleveland is as I said is the organization did not give one single shit about building a team that could actually help him win.

Nick 1:01:59
No, the second best player for the most part was like Verizon or some shit. Awesome Verizon.

Kalvin 1:02:04
I had the two best players for those first days. It was the dryness of Gauss Gus and my fucking love

Nick 1:02:10
heel Gauss garrison

Kalvin 1:02:10
Versailles up there. He those are the three

Nick 1:02:14
and they’re gonna be in the hair.

Kalvin 1:02:16
Yeah. They’re just not good enough. And he dragged five of those seven awful, awful shitty teams to the playoffs. They only they missed the playoffs in his first two seasons. That’s it.

Nick 1:02:30
They basically just hooked dead corpses to him just literally inanimate objects. They weighed upwards of 230 pounds. Yep to LeBron James or like, go

Kalvin 1:02:40
play. He’s a guy want a West boobie Gibson. Eric snow. Like, come on. I can name these cosplayers.

Nick 1:02:48
That poor bastard.

Kalvin 1:02:50
Yeah, he’s having some rough times.

Nick 1:02:52
He’s doing better now. Thanks to Mark Cuban.

Kalvin 1:02:54
I’ve seen that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
What a good guy.

Kalvin 1:02:58
I don’t know how anyone could have blamed him for leaving in 2010. The Cavs did nothing to help him and he knew it and they know like they didn’t give a shit.

Nick 1:03:06
No, absolutely not.

Kalvin 1:03:08
So that’s phase one. Phase Two is clearly the Miami Heat. I got a conspiracy theory on this. It goes back to what I just said. So during the 2009 2010 playoffs, some sideline reporter asked him some question. I don’t remember who it was. But I remember distinctly he talked about he was going to change his number from 23 because it was disrespectful to Michael Jordan. And he said he was probably going to go a six as an homage to Dr. J. And this is the first time that he’s full of shit on some level because it’s disrespectful to where MJ is number but not Dr. J’s, who literally revolutionized the game. Like MJ is great. But Dr. J literally revolutionized the NBA.

Nick 1:03:45
So to Michael Jordan, he beat the NBA on the map, you got to admit that it went to an international sport, which became popular internationally with Michael Jordan. So there’s there’s that facet for sure. But I think he was just just wanted to play basketball. That was I respected the fuck out of LeBron James for his he’s a humble dude, he married his high school sweetheart. You never hear about him in the tabloids he you know, start schools and does go

Kalvin 1:04:13
out there dating Kardashians. What can I do?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
So Alright, so Chris Humphries.

Kalvin 1:04:20
I’m still on my conspiracy theory here. So he’s he announces he changes his number from 23 to six. But that’s all he says. And, you know, people kept asking him about if he’s staying in Cleveland if he’s not and he wouldn’t respond. But do you know, in 2010, what numbers had been retired by the Miami Heat?

Nick 1:04:40
Of course, no.

Kalvin 1:04:41
Okay, I do. It was 33 for Alonzo Mourning 13 for Dan Marino, and 23 for Michael Jordan. He, at this time didn’t have a ton of accolades on their own. So 23 is retired in Miami, he can’t go to Miami and were 23 without paying some fine and blah blah blah, all this other shit. I think I think now, they’ve also retired either five or 50 for juwan. Howard, but I could be wrong on that. But at the time it was 3313 and 23. Only one.

Nick 1:05:09
Hmm, why Michael Jordan?

Kalvin 1:05:11
Why not? I don’t why Dan Marino. That’s a terios play sport.

Nick 1:05:18
But it’s Florida though. I mean,

Kalvin 1:05:21
he never won a championship or anything.

Nick 1:05:23
He’s still in Miami.

Kalvin 1:05:25
So LeBron knows if he goes to Miami. He can’t were 23. It didn’t matter what happened to the rest of the playoffs. LeBron was already plotting his move to Miami. That’s, that’s he knew ahead of time. He’s telling them he’s dropping these breadcrumbs. That’s always been my conspiracy theory that he knew that he was going to Miami way before he ever announced it.

Nick 1:05:45
Yeah, that makes sense.

Kalvin 1:05:47
All right. So let’s talk about his actual time in Miami. I think it’s exactly what LeBron needed he got that championship monkey off his back. He ushered in the era of the super team, which I think is great. I love the super teams. Like let’s get all the fucking good players on the same teams.

Nick 1:06:04
I mean, that’s when you get the best playoff basketball of all fuckin time right? Watching him Dwayne Wade. Chris Bosh play. Oh, dude, Ray Allen. That was such a good team.

Kalvin 1:06:15
This is why people like watching all star games because it’s awesome to watch the best players playing together. And now this happens in every single game because the players realize they have all the power and know how to put themselves in the right positions to maximize their team’s potential and their own potential. No one wants to watch Charles Barkley or Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp toil away and mediocrity because their teams never tried to build the best team they could. They’re like we got one guy, we’re good and they stopped working. Penny likes that nobody wants to watch Tracy McGrady play for Orlando and just drag this team to the playoffs but get bounced in the first round every year. That’s terrible. Give him a fucking teammate.

Nick 1:06:52
It’s demoralizing.

Kalvin 1:06:53
Bring Kevin Garnett to Orlando with Tracy McGrady. Let’s watch that team. Dude.

Nick 1:06:59
I feel like Kevin Garnett would have fought everyone for Bodhi and Tracy McGrady who would have been that’s my God.

Kalvin 1:07:06
I just made up that fantasy team and it would have been awesome, dude, that would have been fucking amazing.

Nick 1:07:11
I mean, I think Kevin Garnett is one of the best centers of all time. He’s the power forward center and centers. You get what I’m saying?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
And I think

Kalvin 1:07:20
I think that LeBron would have been tradesmen, great. If he stayed in Cleveland, they would have he would have kept getting better and better and his team around him would have kept getting worse. They were fine. Just having a LeBron. They weren’t making any free agency moves. They they couldn’t because nobody wanted to go to Cleveland anyways. Like I think they brought in like shit, what’s his name? antawn Jamison. That was their biggest free agent signing lebrons years antawn Jamison at the twilight of his career and like his ninth season they bring in Anton Jameson

Nick 1:07:51
I don’t even remember who fuck that is

Kalvin 1:07:54
he’s a solid player played for the wizards most of his career. Your boy MJ his team you like oh a or oh nine and he’s he’s a power forward. He was fine. Carlos boozer is another one where like, yeah, they drafted him fucking love coin, but he’s he wasn’t. He wasn’t turning the needle on any of these things. They needed actual good players. In Miami, LeBron got the best chance at winning every year and an organization that was going to do as much as they could to make sure they got to the finals every year. Every year they brought in more talent. They brought in people like Mike Miller, they brought in people like Andre Iguodala this year even they, they kept going after free agents, even though they have three of the best players in the league. They brought in Ray Allen’s Mike Miller’s

Nick 1:08:42
I mean, they gave Erik Spoelstra

Kalvin 1:08:44
yes, some shit to work with exactly. Including Cleveland was making money off LeBron whether they won championships or not. They didn’t give a shit any further than that.

Nick 1:08:53
No, I mean, I would have went to Miami to he wanted to win a championship. You know Spoelstra, he Pat Riley, they all wanted to win.

Kalvin 1:09:01
Well, he knew he knew that the comparisons of Michael Jordan ended at World Championships, which is, which is a shitty argument to like, that’s not an argument. That’s a you don’t actually have any good thoughts. So you’re just gonna say something that you think is gonna end an argument, but really, it’s not profound in any way. And it takes no thought to say that.

Nick 1:09:22
That’s what everybody knows. Right? I think LeBron James would have bodied Michael Jordan.

Kalvin 1:09:27
Oh, absolutely. No way. Jordan can beat LeBron. I’m sorry.

Nick 1:09:31
I think he would have just bought him. Yeah, he’s physically just incorrect. He’s one of the most incredible human beings I think I’ve ever seen. Jordan Wasn’t he had to work at it. LeBron could have played his entire career without working at it.

Kalvin 1:09:45
Yeah. And and we see that with Carmelo Anthony,

Nick 1:09:49
fuck Carmelo Anthony,

Kalvin 1:09:51
but LeBron chooses to work at it, and that’s what makes him great. So now we’re in phase three ring chasing, and here’s conspiracy theory number two, LeBron was always going back to after his contract in Miami was up. He was always going back to Cleveland. And by leaving, he actually gave the Cavs the best chance to put together the best team possible. Because it worked. Over the four years of Brown was in Miami, Cleveland had three number one draft picks. They only completely whiffed on one that’s Anthony Bennett. And they had seven first round picks total in those four years. They had two fours which they got Tristan Thompson Dion waiters with they had a 19 and a 24, which were like that not not anything to really sneeze at. But the other two number ones were Andrew Wiggins, which eventually got traded for Kevin Love. So that’s that’s a value pic. And Kyrie Irving, which directly helped LeBron win playoff games,

Nick 1:10:43
pretty much, and I cannot believe I completely forgot he was drafted by the Cavs. Kyrie Irving. Yeah,

Kalvin 1:10:52
yeah. So as Anthony Bennett,

Nick 1:10:54
I remember Anthony Bennett. I remember that one. Remember Andrew Wiggins, too.

Kalvin 1:10:58
Yeah. But LeBron knew he was coming back with the team he needed to win a championship with. And that was the only thing that mattered. He was coming back Cleveland, they had put together the pieces that they needed, they had two number ones that they could trade in Minnesota to bring in Kevin Love. And he had the team to win, he knew he was coming back. And I think he’s in the same place in LA, he’s only there to win as many championships as possible and La will continue to do whatever they need. So that that keeps happening. I think if you stayed in Cleveland Clinic, you could already see that Cleveland wasn’t going to make any more moves to make them better. They they reached their limit. And him and Kyrie had the falling out and everything like that. They were done actually putting good teams together. He had to leave again.

Nick 1:11:40
Well, they they’d given up man, they just they got over the Golden State warrior hump once and otherwise, they just I think they were just defeated.

Kalvin 1:11:50
Well, Cleveland as an organization didn’t need. Dan, not Dan Snyder. Gibson. Didn’t need like he does. He doesn’t care about winning championships. He was happy he got that one. And that’s all he needed. He filled the Quicken Loans Arena. He’s good. He’s good toiling away in mediocrity now. I don’t think we’re gonna retire until he’s got seven rings. He’s close. He wants that. And he wants to play with or against brawny. His Son, which I don’t think is that far.

Nick 1:12:21
I think he’s like three years away if he can stay in the league. Oh, dude, he he’ll totally be. He could probably be like, brainy man. I can see Brian playing till he’s 42.

Kalvin 1:12:30
If trace back to that 2014 spurs team, LeBron James can be on the bench of the LA team in 2024. Easy. Yeah. And I think that would be pretty cool. That’s never happened in the NBA. It’s only happened in the MLB with Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. So I think that would be a cool thing to see.

Nick 1:12:50
That would be really tight, especially for LeBron.

Kalvin 1:12:52
Yeah. He’s also been incredibly lucky to never be seriously injured.

Nick 1:12:55
Oh, dude. I think that speaks to his freak athleticism and

Kalvin 1:13:00
his training regimen. Yeah. And and just like, All he cares about is winning basketball games and being the best basketball player he can be. And that goes with his load management, and his cryo chambers and all this other stuff. I know he was out a lot in 2018. But again, I think that was load management. I think he knew their team wasn’t good enough to get to the playoffs or make it far in the playoffs. So he he sat when out, so he could go full steam of 2019 2020 when Anthony Davis came to town,

Nick 1:13:27
You’re damn right.

Kalvin 1:13:28
I think I think they had a shot to make a run in the playoffs in 2018 2019. He would have recovered just fine.

Nick 1:13:34
Oh, yeah, I think it was a jelling period. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:13:39
All right. So final segment here. What would you do Nick, who is your favorite current NBA small forward, you can’t pick Kevin Durant or LeBron, because we already talked about that.

Nick 1:13:50
Well, you didn’t tell me that ahead of time. So I picked LeBron James. Oh,

Kalvin 1:13:54
I guess that Well, I

Nick 1:13:55
mean, for all the reasons we just said, I love watching LeBron play. Ever since. You know, he beat out Derrick Rose and made him look like a bitch. Dude, he he fucking destroyed that man. I remember, but I don’t think most people remember it as a you know, not a diehard LeBron and or bulls fan. That’s, that’s what did it for me and James Brown. may very well be the best of all time.

Kalvin 1:14:25
He is. Do you have anybody else off the top of your head? That’s not LeBron or Durant? Nope. All right. Cool. So mine Yanis onto the combo.

Nick 1:14:37
That was the best pronunciation of his name

Kalvin 1:14:39
and you I’m practicing

Nick 1:14:42
in parentheses by a white guy.

Kalvin 1:14:46
That’s not being paid by the NBA to say his name.

Nick 1:14:50
They even they fucking Yeah, they do. He’s I didn’t want to pick him because I know you pick.

Kalvin 1:14:55
Yeah, I love he’s it’s a lot of the same things as McGregor I can’t shoot quite as well, but he’s just incredibly smooth for being so big and so long. He’s I think he’s over seven feet tall. Now. He gets to the bucket whenever he wants, and he’s got the frame of a gazelle.

Nick 1:15:11

Kalvin 1:15:12
yeah, the the Euro step dunk from the three point line will never not be fun to watch. And no one can stop it. Because no one thinks who’s who thinks is gonna take a euro step from the three point line and dunk it

Nick 1:15:25
not me.

Kalvin 1:15:26
No. It’s top notch defender when he needs to be. If he you know, this is what they’ve been saying about him for eight years. But if he gets a jumper, he’s gonna be a perfect basketball player.

Nick 1:15:35
He’s been in the league for eight years, I

Kalvin 1:15:37
believe so it

Nick 1:15:38
sounds right. No fucking way. I still feel like he’s 22

Kalvin 1:15:47
drafted in some time. 2013 2014 so 1234567 This is his eight seat.

Nick 1:15:59
So he’s he was basically 18 when he came in.

Kalvin 1:16:02
Yeah, cuz he can’t Yeah, he came from Greece. He had professional. She’s still fucking number 15 spot in the draft, which was stupid. He’s still probably grown. Let’s look at the 2013 draft real quick and just go down the 14 people who were drafted in front of him. Okay. Let’s see. Anthony Bennett. Number one, Cleveland, Ola depot. I’ll give you that. He was told he was a good player and you had film on him from college is great in college. So like I think you got to go with Home Depot over Yanis because you don’t know anything honest. Yanis Otto Porter? Not a great pick.

Nick 1:16:39
This one’s egregious. His next one Cody

Kalvin 1:16:41
Zeller, Alex Len nerlens Noel who everybody thought it was gonna be what Yanis actually is and I’m pretty sure is that in the league? Ben Macklemore, who was like a fine player contagious Caldwell Pope again, another fine player, Trey Burke, who is five, eight and can shoot threes and that’s about it. Yep. CJ McCollum is probably at this point in their careers The only person that you could defend saying yeah, I should take him over. You’re honest. He’s a little bit more well rounded. You can do more with him because he can shoot he can space the floor. Yanis is a better player, obviously. But I think like if you’re if you’re saying okay, we’re drafting 2013 in 2021. knowing everything we know, if somebody takes CJ McCollum over Yanis you’re you’re looking at him with a little side eye but you’re also like, Alright, he can j It’s okay.

Nick 1:17:31
It’s all right, dude, I’m looking at who the bowls picked. Michael Carter

Kalvin 1:17:34
Williams, from Philly Steven Adams to OKC Kelly olynyk and Shabazz Muhammad from UCLA and number 14 then we get youness.

Nick 1:17:45
Fucking the bowls took Tony Snell at 20 dude suck

Kalvin 1:17:49
at me. Who are they gonna take Gordy? Dang

Nick 1:17:52

Kalvin 1:17:54
They got they got Noah they don’t need go. Are you dying in 2013

Nick 1:17:58
fucking Mason Plumlee. You got Tim Hardaway fucking Rudy go bear. I gotta stop looking at this shit. Yeah, Yanis Yeah, dude.

Kalvin 1:18:10
So are you paying attention to this NBA season at all?

Nick 1:18:15
slightly to the bowls, because they change their entire front office and are playing some decent basketball. But outside of that, not much, I usually tend to tune in like, two three weeks before the playoffs come into the picture.

Kalvin 1:18:29
So I’m in the same boat very slightly. Like if a games on I’ll kind of pay attention and I’ll see shit on Twitter every once in a while. I don’t really pay attention to the NBA until after the NFL season is over. And that usually coincides with the all star break pretty closely, which is my favorite part of the NBA season. So I’ll watch all star break. And then pretty much everything there’s like, you know, a month or so leading up to the playoffs at that point. So that’s usually when I get locked in on it. So what do you think? How do you think this season plays out? We got the championship. Lakers in Priority way wrong about the NFL Super Bowl, so

Nick 1:19:07
I did call What did I call

Kalvin 1:19:09
the Packers? Oh, you said Green Bay in Buffalo. Yeah.

Nick 1:19:12
In the Super Bowl. I thought I said cheese Green Bay.

Kalvin 1:19:15
Maybe you did. You’re standing for buffalo for a little while though.

Nick 1:19:19
No, but my wife and I decided they’re our second favorite team now.

Kalvin 1:19:22
That’s fine. I like but they’re just not better than the chiefs. No,

Nick 1:19:26
I’m calling Lakers and five Lakers

Kalvin 1:19:28
if I agree, I don’t know if it’s a five. No idea at this point. I think they win the title again. There’s I think there’s way too much going on with the best teams in the east. And the Warriors aren’t fully back yet. So the East you got the Sixers who were fighting off rumors of getting blown up all offseason and don’t seem like they’re doing any better this year than they did last year. The Celtics keep getting trade rumors thrown around about their best two best players in Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. I don’t think they’d ever moved Jason Tatum but there are a lot of trade rumors about Jalen brown and the Nets just have too many new pieces. Is that I don’t think we know how they actually fit together

Nick 1:20:04
with heart into cancer.

Kalvin 1:20:07
Yeah. I like the the sons are a nice dark horse team to watch too though. They’re having a good season. I’d like to. I’d like to see him in the playoffs.

Nick 1:20:17
Oh, yeah, definitely. Always like ever since Nash, man.

Kalvin 1:20:21
Yeah. Devin Booker’s. good player. Want to see Memphis in there, john Moran again, but yeah. So we’ve had to COVID shortened seasons Now, last season, obviously. And 2021 season started late. Do you think that this is actually going to stick the shortened seasons?

Nick 1:20:40
Not? No. Just because of the profit margin? How expanded? It would be? I think if Adam Silver had his way, yes. You know, at the players had their way. Absolutely. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:20:52
So I think it’s on the players more, right. They’ve been advocating this for a while. Mostly for the load management reasons. Right? All all the greatest players are taking 10 to 15 games off a season anyways.

Nick 1:21:02
Right. Even as a fan, I would not mind a shorter season, honestly that I want to get to playoff basketball as fast as possible.

Kalvin 1:21:10
And I think the the teams in the league, they’re the ones fighting back mostly because like you said, the TV contracts more games equals more money with TV contracts and stadium contracts. But I think we have we have two actual use cases for it now. And I’m sure the NBA has been finding creative ways to make up that lost revenue from less games. And and maybe now the players union has a little bit more backing for their case to keep the shortened seasons, they go look, this is this, it worked in the last two seasons, we’re still making loads of money, we can do this, we can do that we can put more fucking logos on our jersey who gives a shit. Like there’s ways to make money in this and only play 70 games?

Nick 1:21:53
Well, and it’s only going to get better. I think this forced a revolution of the NBA. So I mean, eventually it’s going to point to you know, it’s going to lead to a shorter season and has to these men just can’t, it doesn’t hold up because what sells what puts us in the seats when it opens back up star players, and they’re not gonna fucking You know, I think if you have like,

Kalvin 1:22:17
Toronto run denisa like 30 games that season all for load management,

Nick 1:22:21
something like that. But I mean, if you release that ahead of time, like Hey, kawhi Leonard is just not going to be at this game. Or not going to be at this game not really gonna play at this game, or

Kalvin 1:22:31
people are gonna do they’re gonna sell their tickets real quick, like, people are gonna want show up.

Nick 1:22:35
Right? And then people like me, who would you know, I enjoy going to basketball games. I’m not paying a lot of money. Right? Not going to do it, man. But I would probably go to something like that.

Kalvin 1:22:46
Yeah, I’m cool with it as long as they cut off the beginning of the season. So I’m not missing out on a bunch when you know, I don’t start watching till after the NFL season. Like it would suck that okay, NFL season ends. And now we’re a week out from the playoffs. Like I need them to cut. September off right September. Let’s start at Halloween. And just go through. I mean, they started at Christmas this year. I don’t think anyone’s missed anything from it. No, not at all. So Adam Silver, we know you’re listening. His on Patreon, but also like, seriously, think about the shortened seasons.

Nick 1:23:20
I would enjoy it. It’s Pam.

Kalvin 1:23:22
Yeah. You got anything else to say about small forwards? Or the NBA season?

Nick 1:23:27
I don’t. I’ve talked more about them this evening than I think I have in years.

Kalvin 1:23:31
So there we go. Shout out. All these people we talked about. And everybody listening. Thank you for listening. We have got the merch store up over teepublic that we mentioned earlier, we actually don’t have a Patreon page anymore. But if silver wants to give us money, like there’s ways we’ll get in touch.

Nick 1:23:49
I don’t email dog yet we’ll figure it out.

Kalvin 1:23:52
We also have launched the podcast about newsletter, or sorry, a podcast about something newsletter, a newsletter about something. The first one will go out February 21. So you got to get on that mailing list. The link is in the description. There will be giveaways every quarter. So March, we’re giving away something June we’re giving away something September we’re giving away something December we’re giving away something and the only way to win these things is to be subscribed to the newsletter. So get on it. Links in the comments. It’ll say newsletter with a little link, you just click that put in an email address. Boom, you’re done. Nick did it earlier today. He’s not eligible to win the prizes, but he’s still in the newsletter.

Nick 1:24:31
Damn it. It took about literally seven seconds to do it, especially if I have an iPhone.

Kalvin 1:24:36
Right? It’s really easy. So do that while you’re at it. Also leave a review on iTunes or wherever the hell you’re listening. Thanks as always to those cats for all the music for podcasts.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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