Episode 136 – A Podcast About the NFL in the Time of COVID

Oh what a time to be alive! While a majority of options out and about that used to entertain the masses have been taken off the table, the good ole American past time of sports has remained front and center. Now more than ever the entertainment the NFL provides is essential to some people and provides thousands of jobs and massive amounts of revenue. They, however, are not immune to the effects of Covid-19, and Kalvin and Nick are here for it! What have they done to keep the players playing? The coaches coaching? How has the experience been different for fans such as ourselves, and the teams who play the games? Have they figured it out, or is it the false sense of security that has bitten so many other organizations in the ass? We’re gonna break it down, and then provide our amazingly valuable insight into where the divisions stand, who the dark horse teams are, and our pick for who will not only be in the Super Bowl, but win it!

Listen Here

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