Episode 132 – A Podcast About Teen Movie Superlatives

Being a teenager is a rite of passage we all share; an awkward phase in our lives where we grapple with the oddity that is ourselves and the preconception of what the world is supposed to be like. Like every other aspect of life, being a teenager in high school has been blown up and put on the big screen time and time again. Some do it well, bringing to life an idea of the high school experience meant to wow the watcher and fantasize about the experience. Others are straight garbage and miss the point completely (there were no 35 year olds in my high school)! For this month’s superlatives, we dive into high school/teenage movies and which big-screen adaptations get them right or wrong. Who attends the best high school or has the best friend group? Which puppy-dog young love couple is the best? Which parents rock, or suck? We bring you compelling awards for every aspect of cinematic high schools as well as awards for those who do it the worst. Lastly, we aim to answer whether the experience in these movies was a reflection of real-life or utter crap.

Listen Here

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