Episode 131 – A Podcast About Rap Beefs Part 2

Round 2, Fight! We’re back with another round of Rap Beefs, and somehow it’s even better than the first! The genre is overflowing with upstart youngins’ and heart-broken bumkins aiming for the top, stepping on whoever’s toes without paying the proper dues. These are rampant factors in the ancient art of beefing, and damn rappers tend to be some of the best in the business. With the vocal vehicle to do so, a following, and cash to burn, some rappers, like the ones we feature, put some heart into their beefs, and we the people are all the better for it! Covering a series of 4 of the most intense and problematic incidents in the industry (mostly) we figure out exactly how they began, the insults that were traded and the consequences of said beefs.

Listen Here

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