Episode 130 – A Podcast About TV Villains

The medium of television has given us some of the best examples of villains of all time. Whether it is the long-form content, in depth world building, build up, or larger cast, there seems to be a notable gap between the majority of villains who appear on film versus those on television, outside of a select few. You may ask yourself, “who is the best,” and dear listener, Kalvin and Nick are here to settle that debate! Bringing a super scientific tracking method (thanks to Kalvin) we dive in and rate some of the best TV Villains and what makes them so memorable! We dissect what makes a good villain, from the mystery factor to the connection to the protagonist, or whether their mean asses deserve any sympathy or not. Assigning a rating of 1-50, we lay out our evidence before giving a rating, and at the end we settle once and for all, at least for us, who is the best villain. Are there any ‘perfect’ villains?

Listen Here

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