Episode 127 – A Podcast About Slasher Movie Superlatives

Welcome to primetime podcasting…..b!+#h! Oh, what a wonderful one-liner from an awesome and beloved genre of film, the Slasher movie!  So synonymous with the holiday (for some reason….) with an iconic history behind them to boot, and of course ‘tis the month of fright in the night, we couldn’t help but pass out some awards! Best kill, final girl, near miss, terrifying scenario, and of course the best slasher all make an appearance along with their respective “sucklatives,” and just like that opening line, we throw out some deep cuts (get it?)! Luckily for this stab-tastically spectacular slasher Halloween, we have some fellow podcasters to share in the nostalgia and fear, distributing both awards and one-liners of their own. Thanks to Ryan L. Terry, Bring on the Weird Podcast, The Amazing World of Talkin’ Shiz Podcast, Stories of Yore and Yours, and The Average Joe Comic Show for joining and passing out some awards!

Listen Here

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