Episode 118 – A Podcast About Dunder Mifflin’s Management (The Office)

Dunder Mifflin is undoubtedly one of the least successful fictional companies to have ever existed, but it may have one of the most diverse and entertaining management structures in all of television. If you hadn’t guessed, Kalvin and Nick return to one of our favorite universes to delve into one of the most fascinating facets of Dunder Mifflin, The Management Structure and those who hold management positions! We analyze the personality, work history, management style, employability, and more of each employee that could call him or herself manager during The Office’s run. From the fluid and serious CFO, David Wallace all the way down to the man who only held the Regional Manager position for an hour, Kevin Malone. How did a wunderkind like Ryan fall so hard? Or how did powerhouse woman Jan claw near the top? We’re here to give you the rundown you never knew you needed of the who’s who of Dunder Mifflin.

Listen Here

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