Episode 117 – A Podcast About Selective Listening – Loser – Beck

I’m a loser babbbbyyyy so why don’t you kill meeeeee. Everyone knows the line, whether it’s from the standard ‘rock’ station in your car or the background of a movie. You may have thought while the artist waxes poetic about wax and termites, “wtf is this jabroni talking about”?” Well you’re in luck as Kalvin and Nick dissect Loser by Beck, line by line, in this edition of Selective Listening! Painfully random but tongue in cheek sums up this stalwart of the 90s and we aim to figure out just what the hell fueled this Norwegian(???) drug induced nonsense! Can we take it at face value? Or is there more hiding under the forced irony of each line? We aim to find out, while also establishing if we even like the song and how it maintains popularity today. If you like this song let us know why on Twitter @APASomething and @alone_podcast, and while you’re at it let us know what you think the message of this song from the folk/flunk/rap/buttrock ‘legend’ that is Beck is.

Selectively Listen Here

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