Episode 115- A Podcast About The Jejune Institute/Dispatches From Elsewhere

Welcome to the Jejune Institute, a purveyor of divine nonchalance as well as many other oddities and the mortal enemy of the Elsewhere Society. Will you, like countless others (including Kalvin and Nick), fall down the rabbit hole of this Alternate Reality Game that popped up from elsewhere in San Francisco in 2008 and disappeared in 2011 after inducting 10,000 people? Is it a cult, or something more. We dive into the Institute, a 2013 documentary based on the 2008 Alternate Reality Game and the inspiration for AMC’s Dispatches from Elsewhere, and what made it so enthralling that people became “indoctrinated” and some even forgot where the game ends and reality begins. The evil Octavio Coleman, Esq. and the exuberant Commander 14 will guide the search for Eva, a mysterious missing girl, as we decode The Dispatches from Elsewhere.

Listen Here

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