Episode 107 – A Podcast About Power Rangers

KIYAHHHHHHH! It’s Morphin Time! Backflip your way to wherever you indulge in podcasts and press play on this week’s mega, super, ultra 3-part episode all about the Power Rangers! Kalvin and Nick go real deep in this multi-part episode touching on all things under the Power Ranger umbrella. One of the few American shows to successfully adapt a Japanese predecessor, Power Rangers was everywhere in the early to late 90’s and still holds a prominent spot in pop culture today, as well as in most people’s hearts. In part 1, we discuss the shows’ creation and the first 6 series (Mighty Morphin through In Space), including rangers, zords, villains, and more! In part 2, we discuss the rest of the series (Lost Galaxy through Beast Morphers) in depth. And in part 3, we discuss our favorite things from the Power Rangers universe and the three theatrically released movies. Ay, yi, yi, T.V., movies, action figures, and more dominate the discussion as we delve into the Morphin Grid.

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See below for full transcripts of all three partsPart 1:
hello each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting I’m your host and white ranger Calvin joining me from angel Grove pink ranger your co host Nick Richardson the W. on so what I gotta say your it’s more fun time was very good those out on a lot of power Rangers really feel like I’ve got the time me all over voice down I feel like I got all the you know their jobs what do I %HESITATION yeah you got picked I’ll come I’ll come back to you welcome back to you well green ranger **** teenager all right %HESITATION also Tommy or like the Adam green ranger when I’m going Adam green ranger all right I like that that’s a good pick but zero not terrible right yes thank hippie and turbo several sourced about that that we are going to go all the way as far as we can go into Power Rangers and hopefully come up with some more right now we’re doing an overview of everything we’re going to go through every single team we’re gonna go to the history of the show we’re gonna go through some of our favorite stuffed this will probably be two parts %HESITATION part one today part two tomorrow %HESITATION so most you will probably see both %HESITATION at the same time when you pick this up we just want to break it up to make it a little easier to consume %HESITATION but they’re going to drop back to back so you don’t have to worry about waiting too long for some part to action it’ll be done in part one we’re going to go through team by team talk about who the Rangers are who the villains are with their swords and weapons were like and %HESITATION kind of what the %HESITATION the theme of the us that series was and then %HESITATION that will break after part one and part two will come back and talk about some of our favorite things about Power Rangers and what I’m hoping through this exercises we find some more specific ranger discussions to have in the future all right I’m sure this is a very broad and we’re covering a lot of things that we can’t get taller thoughts but like Tommy Oliver episode would be a good one because he’s been so many different Rangers he’s been such a big part of everything or like %HESITATION like let’s just %HESITATION %HESITATION read study you know well yeah go really deep into one series you know yeah private yell yell is always the worst yeah I’m super to infer that so hopefully through this and like we can do a villain character study something like that no %HESITATION hello yeah %HESITATION but well we’ll figure that out as we go we’ll come back tomorrow just because I think we both love Power Rangers and going through this exercise of watching a lot of the series and re watching a lot of things I’ve kind of regained all of four and like want to explore them more so that’s really cool yeah I found myself looking at %HESITATION some action figures on Monday because I have ceased to many action figures %HESITATION sending my heard out and I do not need to add more by watching all the Power Rangers is just like damn I remember having that and that and that and that that was exactly my thing is like I have this toy I need to get it again so I have all the head I posted pictures of the head flipping ones my old ones which I still have %HESITATION which I gifted to my daughters and my nephew and the the new ones that are in a case that are not %HESITATION faded from twenty five years of use %HESITATION I posted on Twitter last week and then I think in my Perrin just collection the white ranger Tom the overweight ranger is the most %HESITATION represented I I mean he was kind of our age groups like love child **** love the wiring to that was my first Halloween costume which I’m I I mean I had a white ranger Helling customs well I don’t know if I have a picture of %HESITATION do I got one of me doing the the like yachts it’s awesome great great just great %HESITATION so let’s start with a little bit of a history on the show kind of how and why the show was created because to me this is a really cool concept and I can’t believe it works as well that does like a lot of people say well it’s cheesy and you can see where the cracks are but honestly it fits better than like if you’re watching and you’re trying to follow it it fits better than a lot of things could I ask you some really bad kids movies and this does a better job of pulling off what it tries to then a lot of kids movies well I mean it park if it’s not gonna be around for however long twenty seven years now or whatever yeah yeah my entire **** life at least somewhat decent and I mean it’s kind of the way in in popularity a bit but it’s it it’s a definitely a really neat idea especially here in America or a house or so I’m so I was surprised I went to target today %HESITATION to pick up some other things and I I always go to the toy section look for things for my kids or for myself to add to my collection the the beast more first which is the %HESITATION latest series their toys are pretty front and center in target still Moshe and are coming out with the lightning collection which are like basically the twenty dollar phase is kind of a normal life %HESITATION and they they were going back to some legendary Rangers and %HESITATION making good toys for those %HESITATION good action figures for those out don’t think the only one I one of those is a gold G. O. ranger because I like my head flipping ones better for the older ones %HESITATION but I need to gold the %HESITATION ranger and and that’s what I’m waiting for them to release but home I’m super game for those days I saw the %HESITATION I don’t wanna mention his name because I’m gonna talk **** load about him later but I seen him out and about and I want to get out so bad all right so %HESITATION it started out there’s a Japanese series called super Sentai and %HESITATION a million different versions of super Sentai in the same way there’s a million different versions of Power Rangers %HESITATION that power Rangers was adapted from but instead of just saying like Hey there’s a cool so let’s do our own thing the American version and they decide that they’re going to use footage from the Japanese series which saves them a ton of money and shooting time %HESITATION to produce episodes and so and you can kind of see it basically any time early on %HESITATION the Rangers are morphed and definitely in time monsters and order on screen those are scenes that are directly come from Japan %HESITATION like I said as an adult you can see those pretty easily when it’s happening but as a kid I had no idea this is doing %HESITATION I learned about this yeah I like four years ago that this was like a thing that happened that that they’ve actually use the footage I learned that the other day I thought that was amazing that they yeah that sounds like such a pain in the **** you know what I mean what about that in a minute like but they do it pretty seamlessly they were yeah yeah you can see it as an adult and you’re looking for you can see it what as a kid you have no idea and like it it’s just amazing that they’re able to do it also any footage of read %HESITATION in season one was also ported directly over and %HESITATION %HESITATION you can really see that with reader a pulse %HESITATION in season one because her words never met her lips no and her shrill last voice yeah then after season one %HESITATION the creed lord’s ad and %HESITATION they had actual ranger uniforms for the actors to wear for like party fights and command center scenes so after season one any time that they’re in uniform like sometimes they’re in uniform and it’s the actual actors are stunned and and other times it’s Japanese footage like just depending on on what they’re doing and who %HESITATION around %HESITATION but you can kind of tell by the sets behind them to if it’s %HESITATION Japan or America slash New Zealand yeah yeah I also learned it %HESITATION you can tell if like the yellow ranger is not wearing a skirt or something yeah I just usually yellow ranger most of the time the Japanese series is not a female and in the American series usually is yeah most of I’d say like eighty five percent of the time kind of funny for male yell Rangers thanks is it more than that %HESITATION %HESITATION we’ll see we’re gonna go through each team and find out what account %HESITATION so yeah it’s just crazy how well they make it work like it’s not perfect you can obviously see and it’s one thing to pull the wool over kids eyes %HESITATION kids by nature fairly domino Bolivia’s to things like that but even watching is a color like it’s not as bad as you think something like that could go %HESITATION the actors are bad as far as actors go for the most part but they kind of do a great job at this like this is what they’re made for Jason David Frank was made to be a power ranger for his entire life oh my god yeah I mean if looks can tell it’s can it’s Warren at him the end of his life I mean but I mean it’s it’s Power Rangers man it’s like it’s like %HESITATION yeah I did I saw my comic con and he looked Haggard ASF but we %HESITATION I I I just want to cross over from one of the more recent seasons like right before we start recording and he’s in a and like first %HESITATION he’s really short I can’t really tell that in like the first five seasons because I think everybody else around him is kind of same height but keep a like I haven’t pulled up in this big jeep at one point and like he’s getting out he seriously looks like a twelve year old getting out of the jeep %HESITATION but yeah he it it’s had a cell with a lot of these Rangers actually that were in this this last crossover I watched like aged sense fast when they when they’re series is over %HESITATION I’m sure because they get about to get a bunch of money syndication I mean merchandise stuff on syndication %HESITATION they they probably have a super workout regimen while the Rangers and then probably let that go a little bit once they’re not especially if they’re not getting more acting jobs yeah because that that’s what a lot of multi because they blew me off a little bit and they look kind of like their needs don’t have it anymore than that yeah they drink one too many energy drinks and one to many beers yeah %HESITATION so another difficult thing about this is like sixty percent of dialogue is voice over and just random karate sounds %HESITATION but their friendships in the real world the show are believable enough especially in the early seasons like those original six like you could really tell that those guys were friends and like when I Usha and rocky and Adam and those guys came on to like you could tell like that the teenage friendships kind of made sense there %HESITATION and they’re all great at martial arts and gymnastics kind of the the stuff that’s required for the show and like I think about it like they could just find actors they had to make sure they found actors that could pull off the martial arts and acrobatics that are needed and to me I would rather see %HESITATION worst actors doing more believable action sequences than better actors with terrible physical skills where the cameras constantly cutting around them and start manner you know something and whatever all constantly I’d rather see fast and the furious L. or like mission impossible where the the actors aren’t quite as good but %HESITATION action sequences are good than something where you’ve got like Tom Hanks in an action movie and he just can’t do for like a legalized or two is a good example are dense wells in there and he’s it you just can’t do the action anymore yeah I mean you make a good point it’s %HESITATION I’d rather just have it it’s more fun that way I guess is kind of how I look at it because when you when you’re cutting all round you can’t keep track of **** so they had to find people that were relatively decent educator I today and gymnastics like you said and I I got to admit I like their chemistry amongst each other they all seem like relatively the same age and they’ll kind of look like David yeah but they all kind of looks like the the old people in high school like the CDS that just look like they’re twenty I think when they started they were supposed to be freshman because I want to say at the end of Z. O. they’re graduating or maybe the beginning of turbo like they’re graduating high school yeah by then I’d look at age new at all and I mentioned the videos and like at shelf they’ve deals because he apparently got bullied hell out of him like apparently the other characters or actors all believe the hell out of him %HESITATION during the original run %HESITATION that’s Billy the blue ranger %HESITATION yeah yeah that’s %HESITATION that had to be rough for him by that I mean they they left all offscreen apparently because he fit right in during episodes but he’s getting a check yes as long as possible but for me and this is some you had at the coolest thing about learning about this process is realizing how hard it is for them to build the believable stories around these like random Japanese footage and I went back I want to say this is last year sometime and I watched a few episodes of super Sentai you can like buy them on Amazon and they have English subtitles at the bottom %HESITATION because on Japanese and I just want to see like what they brought over and what was new and honestly it’s a completely different show everything yep all Rangers does is a New mythology just using that footage so they had to create new backstories mythology for the Rangers mentality for Rita and her goons all the monsters pretty much everything they built from scratch based on what are from the show yeah and they kept doing that for almost thirty years now which is great and like I get that and and you’re an honest people build worlds out of nothing all the time right pretty much alone is a world you built out of nothing but and I’m not trying to diminish that anyway that almost seems easier to create your own thing then taking something that exists and building a new different and compelling narrative around it only do especially if it’s something created by someone else right you know what I mean because for me it’s just simple as %HESITATION I can R. make model son yeah I thought of this I make the rules and if it if I stay within certain parameters that and you know it works out were as they have very very tight parameters they have to fit and appeal the kids at the same time which part as **** and the thing that they’re building awful is mostly karate moves in giant goofy monsters right so they have to build a backstory for all these goofy **** monsters %HESITATION and I’m sure the continuity through you know any of the seasons is not perfect most ninety shows it’s not but first zero nine yeah for every episode they had to come up with a personal problem for one or more ranger in the real world that somehow related to one of the random mass monsters from super Sentai because they didn’t like go in order anything they just grab a monster inside well it’s we’ve got a lot I’ve also will have %HESITATION Trini I need to go to the eye doctor or some **** like that right then they had to give Rita a reason to create that monster with a connection to that ranger then they had to make a backstory for the monster that only sort on those about and then I had to find a way for the Rangers to encounter the monster then I had to feed the monster and resolve the personal problem and like all that into like eight minutes of karate moves and %HESITATION we’re looking monster and you know I keep referring to read and sort on because there is a %HESITATION Jeez but it goes for most of the seasons %HESITATION you know even when the master phone was an American creation they still have to go through all the steps and like that’s just crazy to me definitely well I mean either there’s there’s two options either the eight spent the time and really fought through this or it’s just a giant manatees in a big tank putting balls in certain corners you know what I mean South Park style and it could go either way but sometimes it gets %HESITATION it gets pretty far you’re just pretty zany man %HESITATION yeah he does but it’s definitely have fun with it it’s coherent within the realm of Power Rangers %HESITATION you know I think they bought the footage but they didn’t buy the stories from super Sentai so that’s why they have to create stuff and they have to create and up dialogue for all the monsters created up dialogue for Rita and her like fifteen henchmen she has %HESITATION the Rangers in uniform that you know they’ve got a crate and dull dialogue that matches not only what’s going on in the story but also kind of packed passing Lee matches what we’re seeing because at least the ring helmet so you don’t have to worry about their mouths moving things like that and it’s like literally eight minutes of footage from a Japanese so yeah it building on that’s going to be insanely hard I mean you know the sound guys just like any time comes upon a key %HESITATION or %HESITATION %HESITATION made from the little party dues well I wonder how often that like a situation different for me to tell me all over how many times did he have to re record his or did they just talking use the same one over and over again %HESITATION it’s in my mind that they’ve been able to do this for more than nine hundred nine hundred episodes over twenty years for really but kids are done I mean and they’re all they’re all about karate and bright colors and injures and **** which is most of the time with Power Rangers are like %HESITATION yeah they they recycle stories all the time and you know all kinds of stuff but throw super before behind the same thing and you know call and users well and then they give %HESITATION like so they have to start with okay here’s a monster made out of flowers okay and here’s the Rangers fighting that monster all right let’s come up with a story %HESITATION Zac it’s trying to give his girlfriend a flower but %HESITATION she’s not given in the time of day so he’s got this flower so re was going to create a monster out flower number gonna beat that monster and then Zach’s finally gonna give the flower because girlfriend you know so like that’s **** crazy if they can do that nine hundred times well yeah yeah it I’m more and more convinced as I’ve done the research that it’s just manage he’s in a big tank man all right and the right I don’t I don’t get that you got to explain that reference I’m not South Park watcher okay it’s it’s the south part of so they’re talking bout family guy and basically they’re like family %HESITATION is a dumb %HESITATION show it it it falls in such you know a little triangle basically and they go to the studio and it’s a giant tank full amenities with you know balls that have words written autumn like birds and stuff and they basically push a ball into a certain hole and it’s you know after three or four balls or something like that it’s random words that they build a show around gotcha so it’s like hi could be that too yeah kite water basketball Toronto and then it you know you’re so Peter flies on a kite to Toronto and runs in the choir Leonard and has basketball match against him I get it in the water in the water in the water yeah so is it exactly so I mean I could see that being an option quite frankly %HESITATION but it’s crazy that they can do it still like that though %HESITATION it is amazing and like I have to come and even though like you can definitely see what happens but like I’ve got to commend them on being able to pull off and four to be successful for twenty years it’s a town as surely as hell so what’s before we go into the seasons %HESITATION regardless of what season and what team of Rangers or what sorts are using every up so basically has the same composition so I just want to run that through real quick %HESITATION so we start with one or more ranger has a personal issue in the real world the main villain keys on this issue and send some goons to fight at least that ranger but most of the time a couple more of them are there with them too %HESITATION well the ranger distracted the don’t create a monster that’s connected to the Rangers issue in some way %HESITATION the Rangers defeat the monster but the main bill makes a monster grow to a giant size %HESITATION the Rangers always seem surprised that this happened don’t know how to big you know like forty times before they’re still like what the **** so this is open daily it’s got to be at least weekly right you know something like that man so that’s why they so much the first series mighty Morphin Power Rangers had like forty five to fifty episodes so yeah that’s at least one monster we could take a couple weeks off for Christmas and new year’s and **** like that but I mean you can’t be surprised when the grows every time she eventually I figured out there like oh **** Hey we’ve got swords let’s call those in calling the words %HESITATION sometimes rarely they fight with the individual towards %HESITATION but usually they go straight to the Megazord which like why they need individual ones just have a **** Megazords yes not nearly that is cool I mean you got the Voltron combining scene I get it that way hello yes %HESITATION the magazines or defeats the giant monsters sometimes mustard when like if it’s a multi part episode or like when we need to bring in new zords and costumes are new theme then the monster wins for one episode %HESITATION but usually not ranger solves our personnel issues based on what the experience fighting a monster and then somewhere in there Balkans call make a mess of things in offices I N. yep I’ll says I I %HESITATION I love both in school there S. as in the world there super %HESITATION I don’t like that kind of hate them thank you even when Balkans go weren’t there anymore they still kept like we got to have some new faces in every series it it’s good light heartedness dialectic dumb foils for the Rangers and their personal lives so there’s all right start out as like bullies but then they just became these dumb guys were just **** **** up yeah **** with the you know the Rangers yeah %HESITATION so in seasons one through six my more send it through %HESITATION Power Rangers in space that whole season one through six had a single overarching plot give or take %HESITATION after Power Rangers in space each season became self contained and all the Rangers were change between season with little to no relation to the previous Rangers so one three six at least one ranger moved between %HESITATION teens right yeah there’s some kind of thread between him and then %HESITATION since two thousand eleven they’ve started doing to season arts instead of single season arts so it was eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen and then all right now we’re in the nineteen twenty the peace more furs series that’s where the super and the magna **** and yes I will get to that are we ready to go through team by team nineteen ninety three through twenty nineteen yes what’s to do we’re going to go to the team %HESITATION will give a brief synopsis %HESITATION if we have memories of the team because I watched %HESITATION in my original watch I watch through Power Rangers in space maybe some lost galaxy %HESITATION but I pretty much stopped at her interest in space and then %HESITATION I did a rewatch recently where I didn’t watch the full seasons because again there’s like forty five episodes a season in the early years so I re watched %HESITATION one three six I watch just like the multi part episodes because that’s where things kind of start to happen and only in between the multi part episodes it’s just monster comes they fight the monster they defeat the monster we go on to the next week there’s not a monster but then like the multi part they tell like a real arc or Tommy comes in or %HESITATION you know they bring in H. %HESITATION rocky and add %HESITATION those kind of things happen over the multi part series so I’d like I would just T. on those and then %HESITATION yeah I I realize there’s no way to watch all the nope nope new %HESITATION yeah I definitely watch further than that I mean I’m a couple years younger and I think I had everything to do with it but %HESITATION all right yeah I definitely stuck around a little further than that I can’t say exactly eleven I think when space came out so that was my last one ninja storm was my last one %HESITATION I think new just arms like oh three so that would be right around the same time yeah eleven years old that’s when you stop watching Power Rangers but a **** apparently but if I’ve got to give advice to anyone who wants to try and re watch Power Rangers don’t try to watch every single episode or if you do make sure it’s like way in the background but do it the way I did just watch like the multi part episodes because that’s where the big swings happens or changes billing changes mythology progression %HESITATION sometimes you miss out on something but usually pick up pretty easily from contacts or what’s going on right so season one series one the mighty Morphin Power Rangers nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety five they had three seasons where they’re technically my name are from power Rangers in the first season the evil which reader polls and her minions gold R. swap %HESITATION and Finster are freed from their present on the more the wizards or not trying not to laugh at all these names with the help assistant alpha five and let’s five teenagers would come the mighty Morphin Power Rangers to battle readers vision of the %HESITATION using a power point in dinosaurs to combat her monster reassumed creates our own evil power ranger by brainwashing a recent transfer student the Power Rangers or able to free him from her control and he joins our side so that’s season one please don’t don’t forget teenagers with attitude adjuster you gotta do we got a state back as they have talking attitudes serious %HESITATION so season to read a superior lords add returns to earth to take over for readers in confidence imprisoning her once more his new monsters proved too powerful for the dinosaurs leading sort on to empower them into the thunderstorms like just to have from the beginning sort on come on like I %HESITATION mmhm I guess not time eventually lose the green ranger powers the comes back as the new white ranger and becomes the new leader of the team Jason Trini and Zack leave to join the youth conference in Switzerland and our place by rocky I Usha and Adam respectively and reader returns and merry’s lords that at the end of season two all such good love story there I know they’re so cute season three read as brother reader revolt retail Rivolta come start that destroys the Power Rangers power point in thunderstorms Power Rangers seek out and enjoy our creator of the power coins for the new power for new power point giving them new ninja powers and then injures or it’s and later the shogun zords also they fought against I. avenues and went to some weird planet with some hot lady and gotten into powers to I don’t super hot lady %HESITATION Rita also chance the new Australian exchange student kat Hillard into slowly draining Kimberly over ranger powers until spells broken Kimberly ultimately leads to train for the Pan Am games %HESITATION which are basically the Olympics %HESITATION she entrust cat to be her replacement amongst the power range that’s such bullshit lean just like Hey you’re ranger now wait till we get to talking turbo five people randomly or like you go but we’re not there yet %HESITATION service team of the first three seasons are dinosaurs in in just so good luck as a young young kid who’s just a six year old right dinosaurs specially because I was like either a power ranger or a ninja for the first eight years of my life yeah exactly sounds so the team members and special gas consist of %HESITATION Jason Lee Scott the red ranger he wheeled up the power stored that Taylor the black ranger wields the power acts Trini Kwan the yellow ranger power daggers we’re just going to go right past the racism of those last two we’re just gonna move past in Arkansas super racist Kimberly Hart the pink ranger with her power bow and Billy Cranston the blue ranger with his power lance and then they were later joined by Tommy Oliver who is the green flashlight range ranger he has dragon dagger dragon shield which is also worn by Jason and Zack %HESITATION respectively at some point he also has Saba the white tiger sword which is a bad **** weapon **** love it do you like the dragon dagger Saba better Saba yeah he talks in I think so too I have both in my house so I like some of that I used to have saga like the back in early two thousands I think I got it I have one right now so yeah %HESITATION saying that rocky distintos takes over for Jason as the red ranger Adam park takes over for Zack as a black ranger I should Campbell takes over for training as a yellow ranger and then later %HESITATION kat Hillard takes over for Kimberly as the pink ranger and then they have a special friend mentor who as we said %HESITATION help some discover the ninja powers in season three and dude yeah he’s my **** guy my short told I was a kid and %HESITATION possible fine right now even my man even said that last time I haven’t looked yet check it out do I I look at a couple I just couldn’t pull the trigger because I like my thirty Bucks for a twelve dollars away yeah that exactly and they’re all be to ship but I remember my name George Roy I remember that yes because he had had slipped an action to accept like both heads looked pretty much the same one had like a band and I think yep one had abandoning has a cool sort yeah did have a cool sort I had a %HESITATION a red dragon thunders or two I didn’t have any other thunderstorms by had the red dragon vendors do not ask so let’s talk about swords they started out in season one with the Dino zords read Tyrannosaurus black mass it on yellow saber tooth tiger pink pterodactyl blue Triceratops in the green dragon so called up by the dragon dire %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION were you actually playing it no that was me with my now oh okay I have I I would grab it but I can’t I thought or I will have the dragon tiger in hand nice most %HESITATION then we move on to the thunders awards B. I had I think I had I don’t know if I had an original no I didn’t have an original Megazords I definitely had a sword I have an original mega soared into dragons or %HESITATION no thunderstorms but thunders lords of the red dragon black client think Firebird blue unicorn yell Griffin in a white tiger and also the white turtle Kerrier names tore asked do I remember him yep she loved it and then finally %HESITATION and it’s an engine sorts I did have an engine I guess or I remember that because I have loved the mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie %HESITATION yeah I I love the %HESITATION yeah I love that **** movie I watched I wore that’d be H. us out more on that in part two welcome back to the movies definitely %HESITATION so new engines or through the red tape the black road Frode blue will %HESITATION yeah Robert pink green white south and and then they had tie tennis which is like a big brackets ordered as a Kerrier sort tennis what a J. and then %HESITATION they they also have the shogun zords which were just like robots like robot warriors that were color coded based on whoever they served %HESITATION they have those during that the ninja series to kind of look like mentor kind yes that’s exactly what they were they were like different colored indoors but %HESITATION and then %HESITATION they had a couple crossovers early on %HESITATION they had in season two the episode a friend in need where they cross over with the masked rider slash Kamen rider which is other Japanese show yes dude Cayman rider came in right or you know whatever %HESITATION I had action figure him to when I was a kid but like the yellow one not the green one the green ones dope user is basically a bug guy if you don’t get on writers %HESITATION the and this was the green one so this %HESITATION the synopsis for the sub so L. five is moping around the command center ones are on asked him why he answered that he was worried about his home planet it and in a way which is lost contact with other planets are on tells him to continue monitoring the situation when the Rangers minus Kimberly who is sick and bad realize what is troubling else alpha beta volunteer to travel to at night to help sort on tell them not to get involved but only discount however upon arrival have to face the masked rider to hear of that planet who mistakes them for spices count drag on the masked rider sworn enemy attacks the planet’s surface when Max right but masked rider realizes his mistake he reveals his identity as a tech Stewart the prince of Illinois together mass right of power Rangers fight off count dragon pretty easy that was definitely a rep from Japan %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION that I think the whole episode pretty much was except the dialogue and like that two scenes of Kimberly and that’s probably also the command centers dope I don’t have anywhere that I talk about the command center but like let’s just focus on that to command center with the two beds or don said like that’s awesome it’s so clean %HESITATION yes man I love it they don’t make a good like toy model of it but I want one if they ever did bill the dira let me maybe I’m not due for cool yeah right did I could totally see the on the I I’m not like a I’m not like a I can do lego but I’m not like a building models guy like I can’t do like the little metal model like I can’t do it my fingers aren’t noble enough fair enough I would rather just buy something that’s already complete true that they also have %HESITATION ours is they also had a semi crossover %HESITATION of the wild west ranger we’re Kimberly travels back in time and gives power going to the ancestors of all the other Rangers who are also cowboys at this time that’s pretty much it yup when cal was an Indians was still cool yeah I don’t know if cools the right word but acceptable I guess I played a lot of cowboys and Indians yeah kid this kid I mean I didn’t get it right exactly you realize you’re murdering thousands of people and taking their land for them I was the Indians okay H. you’re getting murdered in good job yeah no I did the murder with all right so let’s just real quick I’m going enhancement of money more power Rangers err %HESITATION we start out with three to repulse %HESITATION %HESITATION and then the lord said comes in gold are is like the main henchmen which south to gold are big line gold monkey buckled are too he’s like gold R. should come back more in later seasons like you should just always become back to be like Hey who’s fighting Rangers now let me Adam yeah well never really do much yep and then %HESITATION we got real results %HESITATION who’s res brother us Corp in %HESITATION was like another kind of gold R. type person %HESITATION master vile comes in season three he’s Regis father the party controllers are the %HESITATION the goons basically of season one into that the cannon fodder they just go out there and get killed and distract arranges for a little bit and then the tango warriors are like the raven like **** from the ninja seasons that same thing they just come in and get killed their brothers wedding gift by read %HESITATION to read items that I thought those were super cool twenty controllers definitely yeah yeah because they can file you sent another little well so I read I read the parties like they were %HESITATION they’d be destroyed if you beat him they were destroyed but tangos they weren’t they %HESITATION they were replaceable like they literally died if you kill them so they would always fly back when they get too scared of the Rangers %HESITATION %HESITATION that makes a whole lot of sense yeah so at the end of season three read %HESITATION or master vile might have a master vile turns all the Rangers into children and they need to be saved by the mighty Morphin alien Rangers %HESITATION my god and this is not a full series this was ten episodes they call it season three and a half I really liked the alien Rangers when I was a kid and let me just say I was **** wrong so so here’s here’s what’s weird is I did not remember them at all I when I when I read my name more of an alien Rangers I was like okay someone made a **** priority as they should and then it turned out to be a real thing and I have no idea how I just to not I must’ve been that bad I just turn it was very bad yeah I you must have realized that better than I did because I was just for anything else Power Rangers so when Rita’s father master vile comes to earth he turns back time turning the power Rangers and many other friends and children sort on calls upon his proteges the alien Rangers of act which are to protect the earth from master vile’s monsters and to help work on a machine that would return the Rangers to their proper agent unfortunately only Billy returns to normal as the machine which require the power coins as a power source is still in my read on gold aren’t allowing Rita and said to destroy the calling the ranger kids then traveled throughout time to gather the fragments of the zero crystal to bring time back to normal during her journey to Africa Asia meets Tanya Sloan and realizes that she can do more help to stop the sickness playing the wildlife in Africa and sends tiny back with her the %HESITATION crystal so she was like **** it I’m done being a ranger you you go do that yeah piece I’m gonna I’m gonna give up this is an after you know I’m not a **** doctor of any sort yeah no **** that’s right she was training to be a vet she worked at like a vat %HESITATION clinic or whatever that’s how they found cat originally %HESITATION that turns into be the pink ranger so I was gonna go real off the rails for a second here read %HESITATION in chanted cat to be a cat and then I Usha bike picked her up and was like this is my new pet and took her home and cat like lived with icing Kimberly for like a day and a half until they figured out what was going on and disenchanted her **** weird man that sounds weird but yeah and I thought when I first watched it because like I’m not watching too intently I thought might be to just made this person out of thin air and made this cat out of ten err but apparently she and chanted and existing person so it’s a little lotus S. so bogus %HESITATION so Simmons this is aliens from a water planet that all have similar powers the ranger Rangers also each ranger has like a shape associated with them and shapes is probably the worst %HESITATION team for the Rangers it might come up with a couple more times though they also had like this weird accent which was a bubble accent is the best way I can set where everything I said sounded like it came through like you’re talking under water and it’s goofy and stupid and I have **** dumb heads and faces yes Sam like brains on their heads with like a weird kind of like a mask thing yeah it’s stupid so the team members %HESITATION included or Rico the red circle ranger she could vanish and reappear in another place so I stroke the blue square ranger %HESITATION they have the power of the Accra tar waterfall %HESITATION type Tydeus the yellow triangle ranger could shoot energy beams court just the black Pentagon no special powers noted for Corpus sorry quarters and dell scene the white Erro ranger had extreme Durrance and could survive longer periods of time outside the water okay I remember there Megazords yes they had their swords were the battle boards which were kind of not to be aboard the battle boards are kind of like the shogun zords they just %HESITATION we’re like humanoid robots that match the Rangers caller they were triangles yes okay yeah I remember the triangle and square one was a different like had a different shape on that dumb yeah I remember that that was done %HESITATION hawks yeah the whole archive this is across or basically the villains master vile Rideau large at Reno so that’s pretty let’s move on to the %HESITATION yes Power Rangers Zeo go %HESITATION so what is the %HESITATION crystal restored in time brought back to normal the Rangers are caught off guard when gold armor Rideau steal the crystalline destroy the command center hello Zora now far fine and the headquarters rebuilds itself into the power chamber with the power chamber still too because it’s got like all the old uniforms surrounding it %HESITATION they won the Rangers at the machine empire is planning on conquering the earth and the Rangers must use the power of the zero crystal becomes zero Rangers to battle that Billy decides to use his scientific prowess to work on this he was lower than other machinery and his presence in the structure of command center leaves him unable to receive the powers of the gold ranger %HESITATION but Jason later returns to become a gold ranger instead hello yeah and Billy has an arc where he begins to age rapidly %HESITATION side effects from the regenerator Hughes returned it was normal age and he leaves are to go to Acworth chart to be healed and just never comes back well I piece it’s like avatar but power in your style yeah they’re not they’re not going there for the %HESITATION obtaining M. so in this series Balkans call recruit %HESITATION so Rito and Goldar lose their memories and have no idea who they are so Balkans goal recruit them to be their maids and things series yes so the theme of %HESITATION these Rangers are the %HESITATION crystals %HESITATION shapes the numbers really taking it back to get it on here and the number the shapes are based on the sorry the number of the Rangers based on the number of side their respective ranger shape has yeah they were seen I’ve I’ve fallen so team members are Tommy Oliver he’s the Red Star and has the %HESITATION power sort %HESITATION also zero ranger five because star has five sides or five points Adam parties a green rectangle with is the %HESITATION power hatchets %HESITATION the arranger for rocky to Santos your interest three is the blue triangle and he has %HESITATION the %HESITATION power axes which like I’d be pissed if I was without power hatchet staying next we got power axes yeah %HESITATION trade one yeah so we can both have you know would be cool %HESITATION Tony Sloan %HESITATION it is the yellow ovals the arranger to and she has zero power club so they couldn’t find anything or two sides whatever just like to **** lines kat Hillard is these pink circles your ranger one and she has zero power shield and then we get tray of try Fauria who’s the gold ranger the six ranger comes in with his golden power staff and he has like just told like six lines but it’s like one line in the middle and six lines coming out of the side of it so that’s how he’s B. six ranger less creative yeah and then %HESITATION Jason Lee Scott comes back and takes over the power of the gold ranger later but they do this whole thing where %HESITATION any time like they don’t know who the gold ranger is for a long time when it’s Tran tri Fauria and they do this hold misdirection where they make the viewer think it’s Billy because anytime the gold ranger shows up like nobody can find daily and I just like walks in after they Hey guys you save your **** again huh what happened who was just yeah he sounds amazing level well five zero zorz Joe’s or one %HESITATION the pink one based on the more Y. %HESITATION it’s a powerful cannon five missile launchers on each side but it’s just like a kind of like a tower nothing nothing really going on there yes or two is based on the job %HESITATION and that’s the yellow one %HESITATION S. top mounted blasters and swelling can same thing just like to basically towers cannons on zero zero three now we’re getting somewhere is the blue stinks zero George Ford Taurus the bull %HESITATION is green and years or five is the red Phoenix time I always get so that’s the words he really **** command and the best colors to yeah and then %HESITATION the gold ranger has Pyramide S. which is just a big **** pyramid yeah I thought that was that %HESITATION yeah it was weird %HESITATION but it gets weird because the super zeros or is that they get later in the season %HESITATION they’re just one two three four five they are just the shapes get a pink circle you get the yellow ovals blue triangle green rectangle Red Star and for the gold ranger you get the warrior we’ll warriors I don’t remember that I didn’t either I had to click on and look at S. just a wheel nothing nothing too cool nice let me get the wheel yeah %HESITATION so there there’s a cross over here %HESITATION called ranges to world or the alien Rangers come back asking mondo returns he takes quick action against earth and sons %HESITATION called changer in revenge for the zero Rangers for destroying him lord said Rita quickly joined in on the fight and send down their own monster %HESITATION meanwhile Billy as quickly aged and the Rangers need to fix this problem before it gets worse in the Power Rangers Zeo time of greatest need the mighty Morphin alien Rangers come to help on both fronts in yes a bill %HESITATION so the villains in this one on the machine empire yeah king mondo queen machine %HESITATION prince sprocket and the calls are the cannon fodder goons I do like the machine empire I think they’re pretty cool yeah I’m sure empires pretty good they’re good costumes too yeah I like to call because I I kind of like the calls better than the parties yes very much so if if we’re being honest %HESITATION all right so it’s going to real quick how to pull today at A. P. A. something who is the best mighty Morphin power ranger so I was really looking for that first run but you know whatever if you want to answer other things fine %HESITATION the choices were Tommy green ranger Kimberly pink ranger Billy blue ranger or other %HESITATION I can’t believe Billy got votes the bill came in dead last twelve point eight percent Kimberly came in %HESITATION well other came in second fourteen point nine percent Kimberly came in third with twenty three point four percent and if there is any doubt the green ranger tiny came in first with forty eight point nine percent about and just some of the comments here %HESITATION at BloodRayne pod everyone knows %HESITATION at J. D. F. and that’s just name Frank sort of handle was the real one he’s got a gift of the dragon that you’re getting played %HESITATION cheers comic actors comics got a gift of the black ranger just okay %HESITATION just moving right along and %HESITATION tennis podcast give those green and get the **** out I agree %HESITATION and at Chris Riley L. C. P. just notes %HESITATION that Tommy was that sixty nine percent nice %HESITATION okay okay I see what I’m picking up which button down %HESITATION to sense and nonsense podcasts at two nonsense I get to vote for Tommy white ranger and then last minute vote Sean and Chris at dad no rock tell me what ranger with %HESITATION with the gift of Japanese white right so thank you for participating thanks guys we appreciate it yes polls every week at A. P. A. something check amount vote get a shout out so it works yes Sir it doesn’t work out all right we got to get through this we a lot of teams to get through early nineteen ninety seven yeah Power Rangers turbo nineteen ninety seven after detox is plans are for this is a direct like sequel to the Power Rangers turbo movie like the Power Rangers turbo movies actually can’t in the mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie is not so that’s kind of weird but it’s not cannon now because they do the whole ninja journey again when they go return into power yeah that’s true okay hello after detox plans are foiled she sets her sights on conquering the earth with the turbo Rangers and eventually the intergalactic police officer the blue center in combating her monsters Tommy Adam Tanya and kat soon retire from being Power Rangers choosing TJ Johnson Carlos alert Ashley Hammond and Cassie chan as a replacement we’re also assisted by the phantom ranger %HESITATION sort also lease putting Dimitri %HESITATION in his place I was completely checked out by the time I made it to turbo in this last three watch all of the %HESITATION G. characters have been replaced at this point and I just have no investment and you guys prove yep pretty much in the Platten villains kind of sucked just the dialogue to even worse it really went down hill for a while here yeah I’d be able to fly through our notes quickly here for a little bit they rode the coattails for sure so the theme of this our cars and rescue vehicles %HESITATION team members we start Tommy Oliver red turbo %HESITATION ranger with terrible lightning sort Adam park is the green turbo ranger with the turbo thunder cannon tiny Sloan yellow ranger with the turbo star Chargers and kat Hillard is the pink ranger with the turbo wind fire and then Justin **** Stewart is turbo ranger with Kelly bowl %HESITATION because when in the movie when rocky injured himself Justin was chosen by sort on to be the blue ranger Justin however was twelve years old and an experience so come safer is used he was able to morph into an adult size form as a blue ranger and he uses the turbo hand blasters we’re not gonna talk too much about Justin now we’ll talk about him %HESITATION get to turbo a Power Rangers movie heard **** trust yeah for %HESITATION %HESITATION replaced as we said D. J. Johnson comes red ranger Carlos alert the green ranger actually him in the yellow ranger Cassie champing Granger %HESITATION also assisted by the blue centurion who’s an intergalactic police officer from the future in the phantom ranger who is a mysterious ranger whose powers come from L. to R. which is sort ons homeworld okay so the blues and Terry and I’m just throwing this out there is like the best part about that season yeah absolutely I found my when I was going to my other toys I found my blues enter into a and he he had to come in to be %HESITATION mounted with the rest of the the Rangers nice %HESITATION so they had the turbos or are the turbo zords %HESITATION red lightning Blue Mountain blaster green desert thunder yellow doing star any pink when chaser and then later they were replaced by the rescues orders which include the red lightning fire teamer D. blue siren blaster green thunder loader the yellow star racer and pink wind rescue I don’t know why why does she keep getting wind what’s up with pink and went I don’t know how that helps with cars I think I think she had like a Jack %HESITATION rescues awards like the fire team or that %HESITATION fire truck %HESITATION the siren blasters a police car the thunder loaders like %HESITATION bulldozer %HESITATION like a **** construction loader %HESITATION star racers a race car and then I think the wind rescue was object %HESITATION yeah so that’s how that works okay %HESITATION they had a crossover with the robot Rangers which were robotic versions of the turbo Rangers that were created by sort on in tested on earth against flash at invoke Meister who bought my the villains of Power Rangers turbo were %HESITATION detox Elgar Raghad general havoc and then the goons were the Parana trans and the chromite do we have anything else center about can we just go to space **** terra let’s go to space nineteen love space love it you do love it because I was out because I I didn’t have any investment any character so I like I didn’t watch space on my wife’s rewatch dude I I remember the theme song to this day but Sir **** no all right I would never know after the attack succeeds in destroying the power chamber’s she’s called off planet to participate in dark specter’s evil alliance in conquering the universe T. J. Carlos Ashley and Cassie travel into outer space trying to stop in to meet up with interest they joined to become space Rangers to stop dark specter and is pro J. S. trauma bus let your out there as well waking addresses friend seen the silver ranger and free interest a sister Carone who is astronomer %HESITATION from dark specter’s control and ultimately use or don captured by dark specter to defeat dark specter’s aren’t wow that’s a lot and free the universe from his control any of those words what they meant well I mean apparently it was like the end of Power Rangers so they won all **** out with this one yeah so yeah this was %HESITATION the last series that I originally watching where I stopped and I rewatch after I finish this I just went through and watched %HESITATION team up episodes that brought in original six season Rangers so yeah yeah I’ve seen of this one is space and the team members %HESITATION are Andross the red ranger Hughes a spiral saber T. J. Johnson %HESITATION the blue ranger astro axe Carlos the layer to the black ranger use the lunar lance Ashley Hammond yellow ranger with the star slinger if for concealing shot come on Lampkin weapon yeah seriously that’s lame as **** %HESITATION Cassie chan the pink ranger has the satellite stoner and then zine the silver ranger here’s the super silver riser but he also is limited to a two and a half minute morphing restriction for awhile from the series that is pretty good handicap %HESITATION they at times team up with the alien Rangers trip try for a comes back to loosen tearing comes back phantom ranger comes back %HESITATION and then they have those words which %HESITATION they’re just like space ships the mega Voyager’s magazine one V. two V. three V. four V. five and the medal winner I really like to their %HESITATION their Megazords I thought is pretty dope yeah it’s a good Meghan’s order but %HESITATION the zords leave a lot to be desired I’m like basic aspirations yeah the whole is way better than the individual pieces yes I agree that so got a big crossover with Power Rangers in space early on to its like episode three called shell shocked a team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles well the next mutation %HESITATION which is such a bad so I watch this team up and then I’m like I realize that the next mutation is also on Netflix %HESITATION like I remember watching that let me go back and see if this has any merit it does not do not watch change maintenance drove the next mutation on Netflix please don’t no I got through that it’s terrible it’s **** awful %HESITATION so anyway for this crossover teenage maintenance Charles have been hypnotized by astronomer they infiltrate the ask from a ship and capture the Rangers except for Andross Andrews freezes friends and after going through power field the turtles %HESITATION return to normal Estrada gets away and the Rangers come after her while alphaworks to prevent the mentorship from self destructing let me also just say alpha five is replaced by alpha six here alpha six is the worst %HESITATION alpha six is just like this %HESITATION rapper accent I guess or what they think is a rapper accent it’s bad it’s terrible %HESITATION Donatello manages to stop the destruction and the turtles joined the Rangers in fighting the Quan tron later Michelangelo as an address for something %HESITATION in the end the turtles are single lighting on the galaxy gliders three space which shall also that %HESITATION how do they breathe doesn’t matter not important I think I asked myself that question when I watch system like the **** turtles I can’t breathe in space spaces water apparently well they can’t bring the water either no I can’t %HESITATION villains and henchmen of the season our docks best specter astronomer and the Quan trong are the %HESITATION like the cannon fodder goons Kwan from %HESITATION I dig yeah it’s okay like I said I think space is is good I just like I didn’t care about the characters anymore sorry I couldn’t like really invest my time in this part of the space that I thought was were super do super super cool but %HESITATION yeah I mean I was a kid so I was foolish yeah go watch it now see if you still like I know I’m good okay that is the end of part one of a podcast my Power Rangers this is actually an unplanned break we were only gonna trying to it into two parts but we ended up going wait longer than we expected %HESITATION so we’re just gonna end part one here and %HESITATION pick back up on part two tomorrow where we go through the rest of the Power Rangers teams and then part three will be the following day where we talk about some of our favorite %HESITATION Power Rangers memories and we talk about the three theatrically theatrically released Power Rangers films thank you for listening come back for part two and part three %HESITATION you can always follow us on Twitter at A. P. something AT and AT alone underscore podcast thanks always to those cats for providing all the music for something they

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