Episode 106 – A Podcast About NBA Shooting Guards

The 2020 NBA season is currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that won’t stop Kalvin and Nick from diving deep into the most fickle NBA position and some of stars who played it. We take a look at each of our top 5 (subjective) shooting guards throughout NBA history. We discuss who they are and why we love watching them play. Whether it be for exhilarating highlight reels, trying to emulate them with our own game, or straight up reinventing what it meant to be a shooting guard in the league, there’s a player for everyone to love in this episode.

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See below for full episode transcriptwe’re needs we whatever it is we find interesting I’m E. health Calvin in joining me back in at the United center your co host Nick Richardson my home center yes so it changed at some point I guess not though all right cool I’m pretty sure it’s really not as %HESITATION I think they fix it up a little bit because it was a **** hole nice yep what’s %HESITATION I wasn’t sure how they got some statues out there none of neck %HESITATION but one of not yet it’s somebody we’re going to cover today as we talked N. B. A. shooting guards %HESITATION we did an episode a lot well sorry I didn’t up so a long time ago with %HESITATION some guys from another podcast that I should try to remember but I don’t off the top of my head %HESITATION about our favorite point guards and now we’ve finally after like a year and a half maybe two years moved on to the shooting guard position we may try and revisit the sooner to get through the other three positions now that we’re in a little bit slow yeah and then we made it a point guard so you get some to talk on that we could we can mole those two that together with %HESITATION I don’t know power forward or something No Way power forwards as a deep class man yeah yeah everyone the power for the semester two giants so let’s start with talking about how the shooting guard position and you know we’ll get to this a little bit as we go through a list because really the the crux of this episode is which brought five shooting guards historical N. B. A. shooting guards or the current day and %HESITATION we’re just gonna talk about why we like them %HESITATION the way they play what they’re doing now the reasons we like %HESITATION all that kind of stuff %HESITATION and as we go through that we’re going to kind of talk about the evolution of the shooting guard position what it’s gone from turned into and kind of how it’s fluctuated by need of the NBA %HESITATION yes change with the times yeah and I mean it’s more our favorite shooting guards in anything yes these are all subjective this is a subjective list this is not a list of the top five best shooting guards and yeah it’s it’s people we liked watching and %HESITATION who I like at least from my point of view well I liked emulating when I played I don’t I don’t know if you didn’t play high school if I can try to emulate him go basketball no I don’t %HESITATION yeah so %HESITATION so that that’s kind of where we’re going with this is is who we like and how we like to play %HESITATION or you know just who like watching play and so with that you know shooting R. as a position started out as I guess our main score %HESITATION Hey if you’re looking seventies eighties it was the guy who’s going to get to the ram and who was going to get you to points no matter what you’re looking at your George Gervin Jr Dominique Wilkins your Michael Jordan’s %HESITATION you know Clyde Drexler those kind of guys who were the go to guy on their team no the west workers %HESITATION I mean he’s not shooting guards use I. slot receiver %HESITATION that’s right there but yeah it it kind of it that’s a good cop the the slot receiver to the shooting guard I think is a good call %HESITATION but then it kind of grew in the nineties when you get to Reggie Miller ray Allen those type of guys it’s just strictly spot up shooters for a while Kyle Korver J. J. Redick you know you saw these guys were just they’re getting their spot they can’t defend anyone thank you bye and they will not get J. down yeah no **** possibly one playoff games possibly you know yeah just saying that you always you always had a little bit of both you know like while Reggie Miller and ray Allen at the top of the game you also have Darius miles in there who it he can get to the basket but he can’t shoot for **** you know you you still have Allen Iverson you still have all these guys to came up as shooting guards and their goal was to get to the basket not to make jump shots %HESITATION and then it kind of it in the mid two thousands we kind of went back again a little bit you you got to Wayne Wade kind of re revolutionized things and brought it back to this is the guy we want getting to the bucket well I mean this guy is the guy that can get to the rocket like a kind of a transition of this more explosive athlete right I think insert like back in the day it was more great spot up shooters but I don’t think they were traditionally like super great athletes I mean I started with I want to say you know the late eighties and early nineties the Jordan Erin stuff like other than Jordan you saw a lot of spot up shooters any specially in the early two thousands %HESITATION you look even those Philly teams with Iverson I mean how Korver’s there iris and playing more point guard and shooting R. but he still like technically shooting guard %HESITATION it’s just popping balls yeah yeah Korver is %HESITATION I got love Corrigan yeah I like Corp or %HESITATION you know one of my favorites but like as a just a pure shooter he’s great yeah he’s very talented but that is that’s kind of fallen by the wayside I think a little bit yeah it’s it’s come back around to let’s get to the bucket let’s kind of find ways to run our offense through this guy rather than just sticking him in the corner and letting him shoot %HESITATION send him you know on the elbow or whatever let him shoot well that and they need to be dominant defenders like right not I think that that’s what makes a truly great ones like Jordan was it dominate **** defender and I mean you can name whoever I was yeah I mean Tracy McGrady and you know you want Tracy McGrady when we get there we will get not argue with tracing great greatness I mean are you with his position listing that’s all you could argue about everybody we’re going to mention I probably %HESITATION she’s so good it’s objective I mean they could be like seven two and it’s like oh you’re you’re shooting guard that’s what you want to guard now your marketing like basically like he’s hybridized yeah it was I mean he he plays on the block on defense but most of the time he’s out on the primer and we’ve we’ve gotten to this era %HESITATION basically position was basketball this is one of J. one roses favorite things talk about is the %HESITATION positions the number in the system and you know point guard shooting guard small for power forward center and one two three four five you know that that kind of system of naming things was made up for people who don’t understand basketball to help them understand who people are where they should be and how they should be playing but a lot of that’s gone away and the Philadelphia seventy Sixers are great look at that if you look at that and since you’re on the you know it’s just they’ve got these huge guys all over the court the warriors of the years are another great example of that they just got five great players out there it doesn’t matter who’s playing what position you garland smaller right off mmhm I mean dream on green six eighty point power forward right power forward slash center like %HESITATION he’s almost see you must be a magic in that regard like or Charles Barkley every child for two six five and he jumped through the **** Jim yeah so you you have now a lot of teams are realizing like let’s just get our best five guys out there they’ll match up as best they can if if you’re playing in the jazz and review go bears out there okay we gotta put a big guy out there but for the most part you can find match ups right and so they’re doing that and getting their best five people that can work the best in the situation together and us creating new ways to score and to win and that was it I mean that’s what you saw with the warriors %HESITATION and part of the reason why they’re so good even before direct out there they were they were really good at getting their best five people on the court at the same time well they just had great rotation they had great reading you know they had a great report with each other to I think if you get the five best guys they’re gonna drive kind of fast line up that year are like those years before to rank up there was Shaun Livingston who’s technically appoint Arby’s like six eight %HESITATION Steph curry whose maybe six but he’s shorter than I am I’ve stood four feet away from his shorter than I am %HESITATION clay Thompson who’s six five six six five thanks you know if you’re shooting guard Draymond green who we talked about and %HESITATION I drive it all and you yeah that was our best line up that they throughout the playoffs I mean eighty was they’d they’d rotate login but but we didn’t have a huge role on that team because he couldn’t keep up with the wrestler offense no he’s too slow knows guys the ball ray he can’t shoot like they wanted to do a lot of more interesting things than have somebody standing on the block waiting for rebel yeah I hundred percent fun fact I got a set I’m from the same town as a merry go yeah is a fun fact it is a fun fact he’s a really nice guy yes that’s so I for good good basketball player to yeah it’s pretty solid we make it to him on the list we’ll see these I so yeah and the shooting guard has now kind of morphed into it it’s become a hybrid of all three of those things right %HESITATION your guy who can get you buckets anytime you want you’ll get Donna Mitchell clay Thompson Brad Beal these guys are I mean quite Thomas is not the best player on the team but that’s only because Steph curry’s there and Kevin Durant was there any other team he goes to he’s might be the best player on the team %HESITATION Donna Mitchell Best Buy on the jazz Brad Beals best player on the wizard they they are yep that’s got the ball let him get to the bucket they can be spot up shooter so if you need them to be and they can play defense so it yeah I mean it’s gotten to the eventual place where it’s less makes all the stuff together and be really great well they they’ve kind of taken a little pressure off the point guard to facilitate I think that’s what made Chris Paul still such a wonder at his age James harden is other than the defending James harden James harden same way you can get to the bucket he can shoot well I’m saying passing it’s like facilitating that regardless I think the the sh he’s not necessarily %HESITATION argue against James harden for days but he’s I think they’re good for like five assists a game now five six assistants have like right nothing well and but here being crucial fives %HESITATION spring the all the court a lot now and there’s there’s some %HESITATION one of the guys I’m going to talk about is is kind of invented this or are brought to light this way of getting open without the ball and facilitate any offense even when you don’t have the ball and so that’s what %HESITATION like Klay Thompson is great at that Klay Thompson scored sixty points with troubling ball ten times or some **** like that like it’s crazy you just get old I mean thirteen on other players I gotta I gotta say but I think that also makes a really **** important is being able to shake and move you got hit open yeah otherwise you’re just useless okay let’s get far less let’s do it man so just to reiterate these lists are subjective and it’s important keep that in mind because shoot for me two very important and great players have been left off my list purposefully the first is Michael Jordan and I left him off because it’s too obvious and I think if we start to get to talk about torn to much it’s just giving him a Jordan podcast I want to explore different types of players and I figured you being from the Chicago area I have Jordan on your last no spoilers okay I will not spoil that for you so the other %HESITATION mission from my list is Kobe Bryant and I know he just died and it’s sad and tragic and blah blah blah all that but I hated Kobe Bryant as a player I absolutely hated his unfortunately great but I always felt like he’s a selfish player and just not a great teammate and I always liked to he sieve team units that sit well together like one of my favorite all time teams is the %HESITATION seven seconds or lack last %HESITATION Steve Nash sons from like %HESITATION five oh eight yes I do love our Saddam iron should yeah Donna Myers on Merion Joe Johnson was there %HESITATION Quinn Richardson was there there a lot of great and they just kept bomb I I love that team and it just never felt like %HESITATION we strive to be on that type of team %HESITATION and so I have to find examples of how deep my hatred for Kobe Bryant as a player ran the first Sam is %HESITATION in my college composition class %HESITATION like English one oh one or whatever word you just have to read six papers at your whole thing %HESITATION one of the papers we had to write was a comparative essay comparing one thing to another thing improving that one thing is that based on your reading right so I chose to compare Tracy McGrady to Kobe Bryant improve that despite not having all the accolades T. mac was a better player %HESITATION and again when we get to small forwards we’re going to hear more about team back I I think T. Max a small now hmmm %HESITATION anyway take up on that anyway %HESITATION so it’s like two thousand five it’s pretty much prime Kobe in prime to make the %HESITATION the Shaq Kobe Lakers had just broken up a little bit of a rush rough patch pal hadn’t gotten there yet %HESITATION and I think T. mac had either just gone to the rockets or it might have been like his last season Orlando at that point and it was definitely before always back injuries happened so anyway I ran through all Kobe’s championships all star appearances season playoff Ford all that kind of stuff and then I ran through like all the stats had to head and pretty much anywhere you stretch it on paper and really it in actual life Kobe was the better player but I just couldn’t admit it in my paper because I’d set out to prove that to mac was better right and it would’ve been easy because like that they don’t give a **** what I’m trying to prove I could have just been like oh no I just gonna switch the pieces of the paper right to prove Kobe was better because everything pointed to that but instead I was like you know sometimes a lot of the stuff matters you just have to look at the players %HESITATION to make it better so I just like wouldn’t admit in that paper it’s a witch hunt yeah which I believe %HESITATION it’s which one is fake I mean I really I was seventeen years old you can’t hold it against me forever right dude I’m amazed you only have to write six papers like I’m sitting here like no **** six papers so I took the composition class at the local community college I took it my so don’t be weird but it was my junior year of high school because I was going to graduate early I had to pick up an extra English class and they didn’t have any I couldn’t take the English twelve as scheduled in high school so like I had to take the college classes to fit that credit right let me see %HESITATION yeah so like and it was it was that the community college it was super easy they were like six two page %HESITATION five two page papers and one six page paper %HESITATION yeah you weaker that is pretty sweet so then the other thing that points to my hatred for Kobe as a player is %HESITATION before I had kids and that’s had much more time I have to play video games whenever I get the latest NBA live or NBA two K. game the first thing I would do is go in and play with every team and try to get a win online just to prove to myself how good I was and as I was going through I would pick like five or seven teams actually like to play with right and then that would be who I put the rest of the time whenever I get to Lakers I would bench Kobe for the entire game smush Parker years when they were just absolutely god awful besides Kobe didn’t matter I didn’t want to play with them and I wanted to win without him and a lot of times I did but yeah so that that’s why I can’t put Kobe on my list I know he’s a great player I know he’s like top five greatest players ever I I now when I favorites I’m sorry that’s for Mr yeah everyone’s entitled to their opinion yeah he’s also not one of my favorites but I did take me some Kobe do you have like eleven like I do absolutely not I did hate him for a long long long time my compares fan Hayes Erin Rogers but you know thanks change I’m pretty sure everybody hates and Rogers %HESITATION other than I’m pretty I’m pretty sure like he hates himself talking she hates him too but you know she’s like Jesus you know I got me an NFL quarterback %HESITATION I guess engine loaded %HESITATION all right you go for some who you go first me I you nickel right goes first whoa shops are I mean it was broken okay Alan over in this but Nicholas all right this too much bro to much I’m just waiting for you to name %HESITATION **** and issuing out here I’m so I mean I’m waiting for you to start calling me nickel okay first NBA shooting guard Tracy McGrady thank tracing grace the small forward just gonna put that on Front Street here but I will talk well you thank kind of like your Kobe essay even though the stats prove you wrong well let’s look at the roof yes Lori right in Toronto he’s a small forward because because Vince cars there as a shooting guard in Orlando he was small for because Mike Miller is there as a shooting guard %HESITATION in Houston I think that’s when he kind of played both roles that’s when he came and he leaned more towards shooting guard that’s when I I think that’s when he was at his best well I I totally **** up is back so I think the position changes what hurt him so I’m sticking forever Orlando Tracy McGrady in my brain I like the I had I had the Orlando Jersey myself those things I used to put those on like N. B. A. live %HESITATION three I play that team is like T. mac Mike Miller at like Terrel Armstrong was our point guard grant hill was there for one year %HESITATION till he got all **** up and hurt %HESITATION injured Clark I think was there one of the grant twins was there your memory is **** us down you know how many games NBA live I probably played with that team I do not I’m guessing in the hundreds yeah because that was back I was in high school the team member or so I just had M. A. live %HESITATION three for like three years yeah I like mad and %HESITATION six four six is the worst I was the one and the %HESITATION the vision cone would you be vision go yeah it was also the one where the bears were awful unfortunately seven check it just has to every time he was a terrible receiver but we’re not here to talk about them we’re here to talk about Tracy yeah %HESITATION Tracy hello tracing gray I **** love tea bag he was drafted ninth overall by the raptors and ninety seven day end up trading in the magic use there for a couple years now for years and then went to the rockets as we mentioned where he had more most prolific years I think you like you mention you also got hurt there so it’s kind of a of those like a bittersweet bittersweet situation great rockets team to they had C. V. Francis Yao Ming was still there at like both those could have been some really good teams %HESITATION hello yeah him and yell manning %HESITATION my god if he he just became less consistent which is pretty unfortunate but as one of my favorite players like the reason being he was an absolute **** beast and he’s the first guy I pay attention I paid attention to who wasn’t Kobe like everybody **** work code word you know so I I wanted someone yep %HESITATION yeah I was there and it’s just like this guy can score at at will I mean he just shakes people off drains a basket right face thirteen point eleven cents or something in that one game I I I can tell you off the top and I I always think of Reggie Miller when I think of that quick score you know it to Max was a little long he’s got like thirteen points in like a minute I want to say but it was the last thirteen points of the game and he didn’t like the other team score either and it was it was just a fierce showing of ability absolutely like strength of will and you know he’s one of the few people they could hang with Kobe that’s what I’ve I’ve loved about on the migration is great defender and when he would just shut people down and then drain **** threes or you know just that beautiful little jumper right in their face it’s all manageable so nasty let’s not forget he passed the %HESITATION off the glass how you to yourself and all star games too and how to do it every time he was there which is all always a great boy in this bad **** like I wouldn’t you could I mean I think everybody’s tried that once and I like I I like watching the all star games as we talked about when we did our all star preview %HESITATION a few months back but you had to tune into the all star game until tracing rate through some stuff off the back aboard and then you could just turn off because nothing else mattered after that once you got that play in your done but yeah it was me going to got got %HESITATION brought into N. B. A. street where you could do that so yeah yeah I can shut up Sir you got to give a shout I mean I I I just mentioned it his battles with Kobe or some of my fondest memories of basketball period like those guys went at it so hard %HESITATION I I the a specific game always comes to mind and it’s November twenty seventh of %HESITATION to when Kobe had thirty eight ten for into anti mac had thirty eight nine into steals or thirty eight nine assists and two steals and I just absolutely a pen in my search tools which at the time Kobe is you know at least he’s already being talked about is one of the best players of all time maybe the go like Jordan and this too can **** hang yeah and those battles were like you said they were epic and I you know my fondest memories playing with the magic and and they live two thousand three and I’d go for like sixty with them every time every once in awhile I but Mike Miller get a few few trees up but like it it’s it was one of the things that was just he was one of those guys that was going to show up in big games and he was a natural yeah and it was fun to watch I think you got a couple scoring titles I wanna say two or three I thought he only got one maybe one %HESITATION I don’t know but I I know he he was up there he he was always in like the top three in like that last Orlando year in the first few Houston years he was always right up the top fighting for the the scoring title which was always great %HESITATION and low key had one of the most comfortable basketball shoes that are one of my life no **** I’ve never I’ve always wanted %HESITATION but I could not I think it was the team act to that was the most comfortable one because I’m the team act three now %HESITATION nope it’s not that one maybe it was the one that was so comfortable yeah I I never really had very many pairs of comfortable backs basketball shoes %HESITATION I so I never only shoes but like I forgot my shoes a practice one day and somebody had a spare that was the team at once and I tried him on an average so they were light and they were questioning on the inside and it was fantastic and then like the team act to have like this weird little pokey thing up by your ankle which they didn’t fully thank you because I went to get those and and I couldn’t do it right now yeah %HESITATION so yeah it’s cemex ones it’s a great you get me some on eBay four I think I mention this do you remember the Sprewell shoes my diss anybody remember this group they had the little spending room on the on the heel of it yes %HESITATION I remember I’ve been trying to find a pair of those anybody knows where I could get a Pere Sprewell’s please let me know I would pay less than a hundred dollars for I’ll go down to my local %HESITATION convenience store run by certain people and I will get you a pair for like twelve Bucks your star breeze or sorry yeah you can get for thirty Bucks from Steven berries yep %HESITATION yeah do my buddy Mitchell had like thirty eight pairs star berries and I think them also at issue from their same thing and then %HESITATION the other ones I like I’m not a big issue guy but %HESITATION the the data as the C. web data still remember those no I doubt it was like it was it was like %HESITATION three oh four it was a new brand been earlier like between %HESITATION one and oh three somewhere in there a new brand on the spot they came out with like they’re all black and I may just have this bill rates patent leather stripe across some of their other Chris Webber shoes something they are all %HESITATION but everybody wants like really why does he look at number thirteen shoes and like I would just laugh at me time that really got if I was a Perrin tell those kids and they’re like yeah by the yeah I’d like yeah you can kiss my **** %HESITATION just give him some white shoes and color %HESITATION up myself yes it all right so my first guy is Isaiah J. R. rider I have no idea for here %HESITATION he was dropped nineteen ninety three by the timber wolves %HESITATION play until two thousand one and just go on YouTube and just look up J. R. Ryder highlights %HESITATION there’s like two shorter shorter career yeah he’s got like a three to six minute clip there’s a couple clips out there but like the three to six minute anywhere in there any of those you choose are going to be great %HESITATION but the highlight of these highlight mixtapes is one of my favorite place I’ve ever seen she step by steps back on this guy like he’s on the elbow does little dribble doesn’t step back the guy falls over which is always great she stops himself looks down on the guy on the ground laughs Adam and then drains the jumper it’s it’s it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s the main reason he is showing up on my list with that one play but all of us highlights from his generals years are great he won the nineteen ninety four slam dunk contest %HESITATION with the East Bay thank dunk awful that’s yeah I agree %HESITATION %HESITATION but I awful he also had stints with the Blazers the hawks the Lakers and %HESITATION text him contract with the nuggets in two thousand one %HESITATION many phones in hard times after his career %HESITATION had some drug abuse and assault issues in two thousand seven he was sentenced to seven months in jail after pleading guilty to cocaine possession evading the police and battery and he only served about half the time and twenty twelve he announced he was planning to release a documentary about his life called my testimony raw and uncut I’m not sure that ever happened I’d be curious to find out I’m very very Kerry what’s the highlight calls I I already got a pulled up I got a link to the link when we %HESITATION when we release the episode he he’s a he’s a mixtape highlight guy he he was never one of the greatest players but she has a great highlight reel got a couple of moments where it’s like bam and he he played cagey right %HESITATION maybe a little bit when the K. G. get drafted ninety five fish earlier than that I don’t think so I don’t know anyway %HESITATION ninety five so yeah he would play to them for two three years before I went to port is going on for years on Portland for like maybe two years he’s on the hawks for less than a year Lakers for less than a year so yeah he will play okay G. for a little bit and then he sucked yeah he’s not he’s not a great player %HESITATION also that so we doing %HESITATION make dress style sure we can do that so my next one I don’t have much to say about J. R. at our subject have a silence because our partner my next one is another kind of highlight guy %HESITATION not one of the greatest players ever but just immensely entertaining to watch not Quinn Richardson two thousand and two thousand thirteen I really wanted someone from the early two thousands clippers couldn’t pick terreus miles because he’s not good and according to Getty I just I I didn’t like his style as much %HESITATION but that early two thousands clippers team was so much fun to watch we talked a bit about it on the %HESITATION what a college movies are coming van Wilder because they were all in that movie as their college team %HESITATION it was just like they were such a bad team they couldn’t win but they were so much fun and high flying and just enjoyable to watch %HESITATION which sometimes that’s all you want you know so I mean basketball’s %HESITATION game so it’s like I like watching people have fun while playing it exact it’s still going to be competitive and **** like that but I mean the early two thousands were ripe with fun basketball really bad teams yes %HESITATION I mean the I I’m not going to say they were bad by any means but like the Detroit Pistons war hello **** fun watch they were super fun %HESITATION like a I. Sixers like they were a lot of fun to watch so bad outside of A. I. like you drag him to playoffs %HESITATION yeah he he literally drag every inch of it like that every inch of the early two thousands Lakers teams were fun to watch you know okay early two thousands magic with team back really fun early two thousands period yeah really good time so everybody just decided that we’re not gonna shoot jump shots anymore and that was a lot of yeah pretty much right Alan yeah yeah **** ray Allen’s over here chewing his gum like gone with the person and then and then in two thousand four Olympics we found out why that’s a bad idea yeah I have nobody that can shoot the ball yeah this this clippers team kind of a precursor to lob city that would come there later with Chris Paul Blake Griffin and deandre Jordan %HESITATION just down of the actual talent around that %HESITATION I just felt quick riches in he’s the best all round player from this team and then he bounced around the league for a little while I did stints with the next with the magic %HESITATION couple other teams thrown in there just like ran out he was a big trade peace a lot of time and then he had massive potential and they’re just our return right and I really like every trade from two thousand five to two thousand thirteen %HESITATION he was part of seven seconds or less son’s team that we talked about before one %HESITATION two thousand five N. B. A. three point contest and the best thing about Quinn Richardson was the %HESITATION the pulling out in tennis there’s miles refresh my memory so you remember that in time they’d have a good player like an alley oop to to one another they do %HESITATION like they tap I’m doing it and nobody can see me but they type process on their head you know remember that a lot of people thought they were like pulling out antenna like they’re communicating with each other but really what it was %HESITATION Darius miles admitted that players Tribune article a few years ago that %HESITATION they played like a pick up game with these aren’t they name please take up they just went to watch a local %HESITATION I high school team play and %HESITATION the guys on the L. A. high school team we’re doing that so they decided they were gonna start doing as like a shout out to that local high school team be sweet because they they like how they like to have those guys played so they’re like but imagine being those guys on the high school team and then also any C. two ND miles out there doing your thing and everybody’s like are you still that from those guys and really they stole it from you they couldn’t begin interview near like the post Tommy okay what that should first for Kim there was I considers most doing that there is miles acting career to you using van Wilder he was in %HESITATION the perfect score or they try to steal the M. C. S. A. T.’s using a few movies in the early two thousands are never panned out from there either **** off onto but a perfect score I like couldn’t Richardson as a player you use a great spot up shooter he kind of hit that that hybrid like we’re talking bout of where he can defend a little bit you can get to the basket get a bucket if you need them and then he could spot up for three to %HESITATION so that’s why I like winter X. I’ve I’ve Dick let’s get your next guy let’s give him a nice guy you mentioned him already that’s it Allen Iverson from an A. I. dog yeah it’s great yeah he’s a BC was drafted first overall by the Sixers played there for ten years and like you said drug them to winning now winning seasons and playoffs and just practice this is correct so that is infamous and I love it the reason I couldn’t pick a %HESITATION my list is because he was too good I could never actually emulate him I wanted to I want to be that good at handling ball I just couldn’t do it so I’ve got a little bit of much of a chip on my I love he’s a great player I love watching play so feisty any so undersized and she didn’t at the time he didn’t fit shooting guard position at all he’s under sixty not at all %HESITATION but he also played shooting guard the whole time like %HESITATION they had Eric snow there and %HESITATION who’s the other guy that hi Larry Hughes who would often be the actual point guards in a I would play off the ball or you know once he did they run their offense threw him off the ball or they get on the ball to do it like but he wasn’t their main ball handler that’s what Eric snow when I use are there for he was just so good though %HESITATION he’s like a lightning he was so fun to watch and like you said he was way too good for me remotely emulate but I played basketball with the kid who you had a game super similar to him and I was just an all of it I guess is a good way to set my watching someone just move like that you know the the super quick feet and well being %HESITATION coming across is kind of a %HESITATION not necessarily intellectual his basketball intelligence was amazing like I always thought A. I.’s basketball intelligence was really really good and he just knew where to go and I think his sense of timing was yes since I absolutely he he gets a lot of credit for his ability to get to the basket and score over bigger players and also you know his dribbling ability obviously but she was really good password to of finding people where they should be and where they needed to be and getting them the ball when he was stuck when he was star and that was I think not it was a strange he was well no he would push push push telly got struck and then it sometimes use a little reluctant to to give yes all but but it wasn’t because he didn’t know what to do with it he just thought he could find his own way out is that a woman’s teams **** trash come on now yeah come on but I mean the closest clear I saw that I you know B. sides a I had like that quickness and that drives and that just ability to finish was Derrick rose before he got hurt and even their clothes a little early he’s bigger any sticker yeah he’s like six three yeah and and bills but his quickness yeah kind of what I’m focusing on like his feet and his balance %HESITATION but A. I.’s dribbling skills to were insane like dude he crossed out in J. he cost so Michael folk in Jordan euro before the you know before the brakes and but so the the closest comp I was giving right now from a dribbling aspect is probably Steph curry Steph curry can do some very impressive things handling the ball %HESITATION guy handles for sure and and like nobody give Steph curry that credit that he deserves like he is a really good ball handler and he does some crazy **** with the ball that nobody sees coming %HESITATION and he like I I know a lot of people growing up if you are my age or younger right pretty much from my age your age everybody who was less than six one was trying to be A. I. so everybody kind of yeah try to develop that %HESITATION ball handling skills and so if you’re looking at and be able obviously but people like us don’t matter but like if you’re looking NBA players point guards in the latter end of their career Steph curry %HESITATION John wall those type of guys they’re all looking to do that and as they’re growing up there trying to be Allen Iverson and and like I feel like he’s the best one that it still yeah I mean he was a true true talent and he had that light that means streak almost because I mean the whole thing came from Michael Jordan calling the little **** and you have a set of **** balls on you’d be like art I’m a **** and yeah yeah and then he took it and now I’m going across the **** out like that was that was insane and I mean my other favorite memory of Irish and was he was talking **** to Dennis Rodman and you got **** happy down a little bit and came back at him again and again and again and his last was tough as well and I thought that was that was bond also love that about him noted a better football players and basketball player yeah that was ordered back in her have been Mike Vick yeah like I guess you could throw further than Michael Vick had a you know a better R. and Michael they kind of crazy are while you’re on YouTube listeners looking at the J. R. writer highlights look at Allen Iverson high school football highlights it’s in **** Saint %HESITATION he’s just way too small like he would have never been able to play football college I mean three cone bro %HESITATION yeah Allen Iverson would’ve gotten literally murdered because Allen Iverson he’s short and he’s also small slight yeah yeah he’s a hundred pounds if that yeah you’re gonna have some leeway there well like when he entered the NBA that’s price how big it was coming out of high school in yeah probably not even yeah but he’s still around %HESITATION so round he’s a player coach from three’s company in the big three league I like to be very nice usually yeah I just hope all’s I like the idea of the big three league I just like something about watching three on three for as long as our games are it gets a little boring yeah exactly everybody usually all right to spread out for too long like you got it you got a way to ratchet up the scoring somehow yeah all right so let’s hear what your next one is my next one is also a guy we’ve mentioned very briefly very briefly %HESITATION but that’s this car insanity man half amazing the **** the love that tagline do those always one of my favorite phrases people out half man half amazing what a great way to describe this guy he’s been a bit of a a journeyman though through his career I gotta say you play it I I wrote the list down just because I thought it was funny for the yeah the raptors nets magic sons Mavericks Grizzlies kings hawks and he’s sort of retired with the hawks %HESITATION apparently he’s going to announce it this year but kind of movie that off that a little bit maybe because the seasons cancel that’s not official yet yeah not official but the I think that’s why his retirement is not the official right perfect and loved it Vince Carter he was an absolute athletic we use who destroyed his need to jump into the gym %HESITATION but I mean his highlight reel is on believable and the longevity of this dude like the yeah is in sees a dinosaur and he’s still out there for some ball in outrage von outrageous but like yeah he has been eight player yeah I mean he’s he’s %HESITATION top eight player on whatever team is they might not be a starter on the hawks are on when he was on the king’s %HESITATION or the Grizzlies but like she’s been a solid role player for those teams and been able to come in and do we need to and everybody remembers his dunking ability and its jumping ability in its ability to get to the basket but she was a great defender any could shoot to he’s got a great shooter but if you need them to knock it down he could and that that is good at creating a shot right like just get little stuff away checking someone just a little bit now he’s since we’ve gotten older his shooting has become more of his game kinda like Jason Kidd as Jason Kidd got older elders jumpshot that never happens younger years Vince Carter did the same thing like he knows he’s not gonna go jump over some voters anymore so he’s got %HESITATION you know work on his game which is you know that’s led to his longevity is that he’s been able to change his game and continue to be a role player on teams like it it’s easy for so I keep take Kobe in in his last few years ago we always had every aspect of the game you need to do to defend he could shoot he can get to the basket you know he can do whatever you needed him to but as he got older instead of becoming a role player she said no I’m still the best player on this team and kind of made forced the Lakers into making sure he was the best player on the team which hurt them and their ability to be a good team later in his career %HESITATION well the win championship record pin Vince Carter didn’t give a **** about that he he was going to whoever taken he went to Memphis kind of I went Santa title run but definitely like trying to get to the playoffs %HESITATION the kings she could be but it when he played for the kings they should have been better than that they weren’t they should have been able to make it to the playoffs %HESITATION same thing with the hawks this year like that that is a potentially a playoff team %HESITATION so he’s not necessarily chasing brings me he’s going to be a role player on these good teams I think he wants chase rings I think it’s a bit of it well I think you’re going to LA right %HESITATION %HESITATION I don’t know if they want to because you still kind of expensive but I mean I I don’t get a contract stuff like I I can’t ever wrap my head around contract stuff for numbers guy that’s pretty great well I just because there’s so many like like I get what two years fifteen million it I get that only like a little like well you can trade them in time for this person %HESITATION but you can’t trade him to this other team unless it’s this month like there’s there’s all the little intricacies of how the contract actually work and what real money is owed by the team and what’s owed by new team if they do get traded or if they get cut like there’s too many intricacies to just like what goes into how they’re getting paid I guess and that I’ve never taken the time to understand that’s for sure so yes he he still comes with it’s not like you’re still getting Vince Carter on your team well I mean that’s a slam dunk contest back in two thousand still the best one I’ve ever well I mean that maybe love basketball like I was a fat uncoordinated kids whose like all I could do was box people out like body people like a mother **** rebound and it dream to develop my offense to just dunking it’s like well I mean I can’t shoot the ball for anything but I could probably jump that high right the ability to jump high yeah so you can work on that you cannot work on just being a terrible shot I mean you can’t two hundred jump shot today even that I tried a lot was not good but yeah I agree the two thousand on contest still one of the greatest the greatest performance I’ve ever seen in a low key great dunk contest we talked about it on our all star preview that we did earlier in the year %HESITATION but Tracy McGrady was Esty Francis was in it Ricky Davis was there like there were six guys all great August hello good dunkers Vince Carter was just way better then everybody else %HESITATION and it it I’ve talked a lot about who I like to emulate and why and how now when we put the room down to eight feet but my go to was just to do all of that card dogs because I could on if you like I’ve always been able to jump but I’ve always been short I’m not anymore but like through high school and middle school I was but I could always jump higher like I could touch the rim when I was in like eighth grade even though I was five seven five eight so when you put that down to %HESITATION you know you put it down to the a program I could do all this crazy stuff to Vince Carter could do the only thing I can’t do is like the between the legs I’ve never had a coordination to do between like Stockwell now I can’t I can’t do it quick enough %HESITATION so I could like that would be my go to like we’ve you know we’ve got our friends over and we have I don’t contest and I just feel like I’m just gonna do the best dogs I’ve ever seen which is the two thousand dunk contest and I did them and it was a lot of fun that sounds pretty **** fun I wish and this %HESITATION so the same thing you said about like it made you want to B. like play basketball and be able to dunk I bet that was kind of the same thing for me is like I I watch basketball and I play with my brother some but then when I watch that it was like okay I’m I’m going to get I’m going to be able to jump enough to dunk one day and I’ve talked one time in my life it was started out I wish I mean I’m that’s still more than me so there’s that it was in a pick up game in college I was the only time and that’s only because I felt like a **** monster at the time %HESITATION I I would have been able to in high school I had I stayed in high school for my senior year like because I started doing it %HESITATION Erler jump system and like I got three quarters the way through it and then my parents told me we’re moving and like that I was going to finish high school %HESITATION and I’m like well **** S. like look I’m not gonna play sports I’m not gonna keep doing this every night right %HESITATION and then like when I it it definitely carried over in college because when I start my freshman year I was also running faster and jumping higher than I ever had I’m like where did that come from spire not quite that good I know Andrew Garfield jumping from half court to dunk on class option %HESITATION all right so my next guy we got we got to get through five organizer my next guy is George the Iceman Gervin I went old George Gervin nineteen seventy four to nineteen eighty six I got to give it up for this guy who based his entire career on the finger roll because that’s another thing I try to develop when I was in high school the federal it is talking hard to get good at doing the federal way harder than I thought it would be I thought it’d be yeah you’ll be like okay you’re all set in there for really good with my fingers I’ve used my whole life first of all you got to be able to get up to the room that’s the first and most important part and be in a short guy that was hard for me true with that %HESITATION also all time great nickname and I’m a sucker for a good nickname yeah Iceman is a fantastic made me one of my favorite axe man so I’m postman the mailman now it’s called the postman I thank you some element Carlo yeah for sure as opposed to mail in get us onto it or what do you think so %HESITATION I’m just calling %HESITATION in here %HESITATION one’s going titled in the seventy seven seventy eight season seventy eight seventy nine seventy nine and eighty %HESITATION they took a year off from when it’s going title but one again eighty one eighty two he had the most scoring titles by any guard history until someone came along %HESITATION that’s Michael Jordan Michael Perkins draft in nineteen eighty three %HESITATION and then also I’m gonna stop running %HESITATION scoring titles go figure too bad government to me is just criminally slept on as a historical NBA figure like nobody’s talking NBA history I mean like you know George Gervin man well I mean you said it yourself he kind of was one of the first people to become overshadowed by Michael that’s true he just got a box out there I mean that’s kind of the end of his prime eighty three eighty six those last four years in the in the NBA it is prime was seventy seven to eighty two and eat during those years he Kerry dispersed teams much in the same way that Iverson Kerry the Sixers team to Western Conference finals three times never quite made it to the M. A. files which is I think it’s probably another reason he gets left on a little bit %HESITATION is number forty four is retired by the spurs and he was inducted into the hall of fame in ninety six %HESITATION and fun fact actually played with Jordan on the eighty five eighty six bowls and Jordan get this he did that they traded for absolutely hate it can you believe that Jordan Hey Linda this is misty may oh my god no way Jordan what so and then currents final NBA game was %HESITATION Jordan sixty three point game against Celtics in the playoffs %HESITATION the that would us us well I he played like I I I didn’t write it down but it was like you play something like five minutes had to assist and three south or some **** like that this yarn you know it’s just you and about the whole NBA careers and primes are a lot shorter than they are now like Ron’s been in its prime for seventeen years Irving has yeah seventeen long yes and so yeah %HESITATION but I I just like %HESITATION and man he he’s a good player eat he could hit a jump shot a little bit get to the basket he was he was from that we kind of talked about how in the very old in days %HESITATION shooting guard was your guy that could get to the rim and that was like curve and really embodied occurring correct Clyde Drexler in the late seventies and eighties they were the embodiment of like we’re just gonna get this guy the ball and he’s going to school there yeah this quarter shift teams are starting to move away from the %HESITATION cream Abdul Jabbar let’s get our biggest guy the ball all the time into let’s get someone who can move with the ball and get to the basket and it it led to things like Michael Jordan Magic Johnson like all these guys coming in and being looked at as they’re not just there to get the ball to the big guy which is not right hello I like so it’s going to order for a quick second %HESITATION at AVA something we did full %HESITATION we want to know who’s your favorite shooting guard guard not named Michael Jordan and I made sure to say favorite not best %HESITATION the options we’re doing weight right down George Carlin as mentioned and %HESITATION other comments so Dwayne Wade getting forty five percent of the votes ray Allen with fifteen percent George Gervin again criminally slept on at five percent and %HESITATION lead ray Allen got that much other got thirty five percent and I think there’s a big reason the other got thirty five percent and we’ll start with yours to comics at your C. comics %HESITATION code right and %HESITATION and then ask if Duncan on your boyfriend’s Carter there nope yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t asked if %HESITATION I don’t think thousands Carter no it’s not it’s not nah nasty Jeff %HESITATION to guess %HESITATION called back at Colby told me given no shot off for Kobe %HESITATION the tennis podcast at tennis pot as gifts of Jackie moved thrown issue at some guy they made me laugh out loud while out on lunch break I was like oh yeah I I remember that **** lady came by and said what are you laughing at on the matter the tennis podcast is our %HESITATION known the office stands and I just at the office episode a few weeks ago so I thought it was going to be a Michael Scott gets when I first looked at because I know they’re not sports guys and Jackie moon took me by surprise and I love it but I would say Jackie moves more power for he’s definitely because I think coffee the %HESITATION shooting guard their coffee black what R. G. %HESITATION the Ocho Durrell parlay our at %HESITATION D. parlay are they to further picked to coach Duffy so coach Duffy acco stuff eleven coming in %HESITATION he says his heart it’s Allan Houston or John starts from the Knicks but she’s Shuttlesworth always hold a special place got all around %HESITATION I guess yeah like right now we’re going to do a %HESITATION a fictional NBA draft sometime and I think she’s Shuttleworth has a chance to go number one overall there going to be it’s going to be between him and shack from blue chips so that’s gonna be tough working there %HESITATION taking me for Marvel versus D. C. at NY for moral first T. C. Allen Iverson all day and they’ve got to get from him crossing Jordan yeah switch to greatness %HESITATION Jordan just trying so hard to get %HESITATION so also can’t do it yeah yeah Hey look there’s no recorder %HESITATION yeah when you when you pass our snow is %HESITATION but come on %HESITATION now %HESITATION and then the social man cave at cave underscore social what are your thoughts on the last and documentary I have not watched it which is another reason I didn’t want to bring up your here have you watched it %HESITATION yeah I watch some of the remote and I finished up so for last night it’s just so much so long so **** good content you just told me you wanted me to watch it’s only ten hours or an hour long episode of peace %HESITATION they were ten two hour episodes now sure positive all right I’ll go back one year old well I could not get away with two hours of the ship that was my problem I I heard it was ten two hour installments I’m like I can’t **** do that no they released two episodes at a time %HESITATION it’s five five two ounces yeah it’s ten am so that our our peace they just released to every Sunday I don’t know if you’re right on that really she ten part documentary yeah maybe right each one’s an hour all right okay well now see now now I might be able to get in on it you need to watch that should do it is **** amazing all right not now I know it’s ten hours of twenty I can handle that yeah that’s feasible yeah that’s that’s for you well that’s you’re going to say I I told you to watch dispatches from elsewhere which is a great show listeners you should also watch it that’s that’s same thing ten hours I get that now white wire comparing to though all right let’s move back into our pick thank you for on who participated %HESITATION weekly polls at A. P. A. something she also hit Nick on Twitter at alone underscore podcast we’re always there to chat and %HESITATION dimples and **** like that love it all right my next one was on the pole wonderful Dwayne Wade the Y. anyway my **** way either well that’s hard for me not to pay %HESITATION two thousand and four two I guess retired last year two thousand nineteen I think so this is an easy one to pick like I there’s there’s not much to say I talk bout of the top he re revolutionise the position %HESITATION like I said it was just becoming spot up shooters who couldn’t defend and weight kind of brought it back and it was the best player on the heat for six years and then drag them to a title in oh six you know Shaq was there Shaq was not shack anymore no six %HESITATION I know he was broken yeah I mean that chan though yellow that Shannon yeah all right R. I’m sorry it’s channels **** amazing K. and I %HESITATION like because that team is you’ve got you Dallas has on there which I mean you guys have on the legend in Miami and %HESITATION for the Florida Gators obviously but %HESITATION overall in NBA player it’s not great he’s not gonna make my list of you know favorite part power forwards ever %HESITATION it just it wasn’t a great team and Wade really put the money back and got their %HESITATION seems waited so reason I don’t want to go too deep on like the history of the way anyway because I feel like if you’re listening this you probably watched a lot of him playing so I want to talk instead do you think lebron and bosh joining he does that hurt wave legacy in anyway now I agree night out because I mean he won before they came yeah in the same time he was there after they left right wait is with the heat and Miami will forever in his city at least you know from a basketball standpoint **** when he played for Chicago we I mean he’s from Chicago we love wait yes he’s from Chicago but it does go to college at Marquette it’s always from but anybody in their right mind would choose Milwaukee or Chicago I’m just going to point that out yeah I mean Chicago can suck hello my walkie never been you should go to Milwaukee you should go out next time you’re Chicago just drive ninety minutes more and go to Milwaukee instead because better %HESITATION no %HESITATION but it so not only does Wade represent everything that my name maybe came in the two thousands those teams were just super fun to watch and I don’t really care about %HESITATION the well lebron needed to other superstars to win an argument because it was just too much fun to have them all on the same team and watch them play together right and that’s the same field on the warriors between twenty fifteen and twenty nineteen and I just I don’t get how and why people hate greatness like white people because it’s so easy to hate that’s what it’s surely some watch these athletes at the top of their game being the best versions of what they can be I’m not saying like let’s jump on every bandwagon and okay the lawyers want to our %HESITATION now or your stand he went to a row now he can you know the patriots are when I’m pages I don’t you don’t have to jump on the %HESITATION on the bandwagon but there’s something special about watching truly great teams play Brady in the past the fifteen to nineteen warriors eleven to fourteen heat pretty much any spurs team from two thousand two thousand thirteen ships orders bowls you know the those seven seconds or less %HESITATION sons like they’re just all amazing to watch and I would rather watch any of those teams play any day of the week then watch like a son’s magic game because I’m from almost Orlando you know three with you because I’m from almost there when like there’s so much more fun things to watch and I can be a fan %HESITATION whoever I want like I’m a Bucks fan because I when I moved to Milwaukee and two thousand nine like I went to a bunch of books games and was trying to Brandon Jennings run where he was going after rookie of the year and got it stolen by Tyree Kevin’s and like I just really like selling love with going to the games and and watching them play so I I’m I’m answer like if you ask me who my NBA team is the box but like I would still I still like watching the great teams play well I mean yeah dude I’m like I said or is playing go this is bullshit they just they just keep getting shot they’re just so good like for this is bullshit **** when it is cheap to rescue I mean it’s I hate error Rogers but I respect the game best analogy I **** **** that guy but he is great you got it with me I will not have when he came back in the first game of last year in **** one with my knee what was that two years ago %HESITATION it’s it feels like every **** year with that guy only that’s because from bears fan if you watch him objectively has very few fourth quarter comebacks he has very few like actual pull games pull wins out of the clutches of the few games he is very good if he’s up by ten he is not very good in close games because he’s afraid to make mistakes and he will not throw into traffic when he needs to let’s not go too far in their office right now we can this is going to devolve to ours right now anyway thank you I like I wait wait as a dog contest judge %HESITATION is he’s kind of a weird commentator in any respect he he’s in this weird spot where like he’s trying to compare everything to when he played but also be objective and like he just hasn’t found his groove yeah no you’re not there yes I’m retired right and that’s that’s happening a lot in most sports and it worked really well with Tony Romo but with most of the guys it’s and actually I think it’s worked really well with Alex Rodriguez I don’t follow baseball but apparently he’s like become this good media guy like they try and bring them into medium right off the corner right off the field and like they’re just not there yet like they they need time away from the game a little bit to re objectify themselves to to become objective yours again rather than being like I just played against that guy three months ago **** him you know anyway %HESITATION yeah next well I got next I got I see probably my favorite player on this list and that’s Mani Jim noble %HESITATION first same so I hated my new for a while I hated his name minute I hated the nouns or had this roommate %HESITATION my sophomore year in college that would play may live as the spurs and he would just **** kill me with my new and Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and like I just hate it so much because he would beat me with that and so like I just had this hatred mostly for monu but because he would like be his main go to guy but money’s agrees that you missed that’s misplaced Hey mark %HESITATION it absolutely for it was it was he’s a video game performance though %HESITATION it watching him play is amazing your monthly of a just like his draft position his fifty seventh overall in ninety nine by the spurs it reminds me of like Russell Wilson in a sense this kind of generational guy and he stayed in Argentina so %HESITATION too but this suit was the man he was one of my favorites because I use nifty as **** and being the six man of the year like he was not a fan of you I mean he’s the generational six man he’s not a fan of like sheeps of praise he didn’t really want to be in that none of those spurs players really did %HESITATION but I mean he played his role so well well he brought to the game was like he was one of the nastiest finishers I’ve ever seen I when that guy saw light he had that **** I mean hard as she invited a new move like the euro step exists because of monitor noble and it’s it’s been a bit at this point people are just like taking %HESITATION yeah three point line but and travel yeah I mean that’s a pretty much monitor they they would call the **** out of that back in the day but what I loved about you know Lee was his passing like is passing was fine real man and in the NBA one %HESITATION to go go look at his highlights and and here’s a good example look at is %HESITATION twenty fourteen NBA finals in game one he’s trying to pass as they should through Norris Coles legs in transition or seamlessly yes Norman name %HESITATION and then also in the same files he drove he saw lane like you could see it on film D. E. C. is this lane tries hard in the paint and junk stuff for I remember that past due yeah he made him look like a **** man and he was staring out laying down harder than Mitchell to pesky stares down as receivers and he’s still **** docked on Chris Bosch who was at you know he’s up there yeah I mean he’s still in the midst of his semi private I was going to start with your reason bosses in play right now because you have health issues yes that’s that’s very hard issues I mean he he would still be in the league if not for that %HESITATION let’s also not forget that my name slap the **** him back out of the sky one time during the game I do not remember that yeah this was oh seven oh eight ashen a playoff game no no no no it was it was later than that because it was going to say he in one of the finals %HESITATION either thirteen or fourteen because this is bat flying around got an Erina somehow and %HESITATION like they stop play because I know to do this talk about on the court would you do and he just like some backed it out here to look it up managing over slash bad a year there %HESITATION I have looked at set up man because to do okay I mean I got like two hours just to walk yeah J. R. writer highlights %HESITATION Ann Richards and and there is miles antenna pulling out %HESITATION what may I do for ball Hey I high school football is the other one and %HESITATION now manager nobody’s laughing about it here though but yeah I mean I need to play let’s just for that I’m there he you can’t such a great career and it lasted forever he he was he had a long career yeah he just I think it was sixteen seasons and all yeah %HESITATION but now he’s just enjoying retirement Argentina challenge is not trying to be much of anything which is kind of the way I expected him to go off I read this thing on %HESITATION Tom from my space today ontrack dot com was like Tom from my space just ease like on Instagram now taking pictures %HESITATION fantastic vacations and like that’s all he does it’s like he’s the only tech bro that ever just like retired right like he sold his company for millions of dollars and then just **** did nothing yes sounds you know all these other tech guys this other company and then you make a new company or they find another way to to screen over or steal your data you know not Tom from myspace users after living as best what that’s that’s manager noble yeah he’s not jump boost %HESITATION do play by play with Doris Burke get out of here laying on the beach in Argentina man all right I did I’m we’re going to break the snake draft because I know who your last person is and that should be the actual last person so I’m going to you know break off going to my last person and then we’ll do your last person because that’s what setting %HESITATION are my last person is Richard rip Hamilton I think everybody everybody I think except doing weight has a nickname of some sort I love that red tent love repelled him and he was %HESITATION please yeah so my whole basketball playing career as a point guard %HESITATION I’m very good at handling ball rid him to made me want to move off the ball to shooting our rows in


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