Episode 105 – A Podcast About Vincent Chase’s Filmography (Entourage)

Oh YEAH, Oh YEAH, Oh YEAH!!! Join Erich and Kalvin this week as we head out to Hollywood to discuss the career of one of the most polarizing movie stars of the last two decades, Vincent Chase. We go through the timeline of Vince’s career and compare the movies he made to movies in the real and discuss how the choices he made for movies effected not only his career but also his friends.

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but that’s not something we’re each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting I’m your host Calvin in joining me from danger beach just coast Eric Ludwig hang out in the back of the hi doctor %HESITATION yeah we’re we’re always here to have you I’m so bored right now yes lot of %HESITATION nonsense going on and pumping out left and right aren’t you with all the we’re still stuck on the weekly I’m Ashley doing more work now everyone else at home that I kind of realized that yeah yeah that seems like people of %HESITATION the the see other people in my company have figured out that they don’t have anything to do so they’re asking me to just pump out reports that I have dated to go over constantly %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah so we are here today we got Eric here because we’re talking on to rise this is %HESITATION one of the shows that built our friendship I would say yes I agree %HESITATION it was every Sunday every new episode for you go over your brother’s house and we it was appointment television %HESITATION yeah why would television we all have a blast watching it and have a few beers %HESITATION yes and we’re going to talk specifically about the filmography of one Vincent chase and for that she’s had some movies in his career well he said to do these yeah so we’re just going to kind of run through the movies and we’re going to talk about we’re gonna compare we’re going to see what we know about them %HESITATION just from the show or from my computer whatever I we could glean you know about what we know about the movie we’re going to talk about what we would see it or not we’re going to talk about does the movie actually exist like there’s some akel man Gaspee those things actually exist in the real world which one’s better and worse which would you rather be a part of and %HESITATION then we’re going to %HESITATION we got some fun stuff at the end that is %HESITATION insular to his movies but so during the %HESITATION tries movie piers Morgan in an interview with someone says that Vincent chase it’s fifteen starring roles rows career %HESITATION when I’m looking at the list looks like fifteen starring roles yes hi I counted starring roles and %HESITATION to where she was like had minor roles I had twelve total so and fifteen play had %HESITATION he had a small supporting role I walked remember yeah that’s on my list let’s %HESITATION and he had a movie that I bet you didn’t know about so let’s just start right there nineteen ninety seven’s traveler I did not know about scratching my head then low his name was bimbo or if he was a bimbo %HESITATION terrible name %HESITATION I would admit that one just because I probably didn’t I had no idea of any cases nineteen eighty seven I’m not picking up that movie off the rack at my local blockbuster %HESITATION but I think like now I would be there for it’s it’s definitely not something %HESITATION watching on release but there have been a point in Vinnie’s career out of gotten into like a really big Vinnie chase face I did that with Joseph Gordon Levitt from like twenty ten to twenty thirteen rises watching everything so I think at that point and it I think you would happen right around when Ferrari releases I would try to go back and start watching some of these old things that he was in well I I know exactly what you’re talking about when you get like on an actor can’t yep because I did the same thing and I know you’re going to I didn’t I didn’t write down and I I did it with and I you know I never seen %HESITATION kids can’t bang bang and and I never seen those movies because there wasn’t much of a number when I worked right you know my my pre Marvel date so but I went back and I watch the movies and I’m like oh he’s over here you near you know or %HESITATION Robert Downey fees did you get to Charlie Bartlett I did not I didn’t I didn’t get terribly deep I didn’t Robert Downey junior Anton Yelchin good movie about two is another guy I was yeah and if I yes very good I thought it was very good so I need I need to re watch to really kind of pick up on everything but it was going up yes definitely check out knives out check out Charlie Bartlett listeners I don’t sound traveler because before I put this together did not exist so his next role we get is the supporting role in a walk to remember that you mentioned the only thing we know about this movie is that it’s a real movie star and many more Vincent chase had a small role which I’m pretty sure a drinker near did not actually have a small role maybe he did %HESITATION but Vinnie chase fell in love and proposed to me anymore during a walk to remember and so many happy halted at one point so would you walk to remember or have you seen a walk to remember I thought way back in the day %HESITATION and I probably I thought way back in the day and %HESITATION I it was sad I mean of course %HESITATION you know %HESITATION I didn’t know what thank %HESITATION my shorts and options here just give me a little taste of what it is I am I am curious as Adrian Grenier was actually in it %HESITATION it is the story to North Carolina teen landing card being sold or owned together after landing in the troubled me to do community service %HESITATION Hey it’s you know it’s it’s a cute little cute little romance Mandy Moore and I just backpacking started her film career %HESITATION thinking circling career when she was kind of a pop star %HESITATION now my graduating years I was a senior in this movie came out I mean you know I kind of remember you know that a lot of people are talking bout movie my senior year %HESITATION right accrued the cast and I don’t know I didn’t see Adrian Grenier funny though it is a green yeah or or whatever I think we need to agree with something just go with it for the rest of the episode here I can be stupid which you know I’m not a problem not being but I I was told it was going here I’m gonna look it up I’m going to Google it and see what Google you can see that a lot of research here let’s %HESITATION injuring or near pronunciation I do not see that man on the Catholic on IMDb so it was just over yeah well let’s just agree to say I don’t know I I it is trying to play %HESITATION well gonna sound pretty stupid yeah right all right here we got we got you are listening to service here they’re doing the same thing we are thanks for a second we’ll get the actual all right so after a lot of %HESITATION taking deep on the internet so and it says it’s a granny I so we’re going Grenier we are committed to research giving you the right information now it’s not our fault that’s right that’s right yeah take from that what you will %HESITATION yes I was gonna say I didn’t I didn’t see a walk to remember I think people generally lake this movie like think it’s a a solid movie for what it is like you said it’s kind of a sad tale %HESITATION I don’t think it’s better if you throw Vinnie chase in there because movies are usually made better when production issues occur right right so I’m going to go with let’s keep the real walk to remember as is sorry Benny mmhm all right so the next movie two thousand four had on so is some sort of thriller suspense film %HESITATION we’re %HESITATION Vinnie chase is calm and just albums in an alley larder Senate I am %HESITATION I have a little it seems like I know its %HESITATION the T. V. show but it seems awfully convenient I don’t know if he’s doing T. V. spot for work use just strictly strictly doing movies or something he goes from a small supporting role and then two years later you get in to million dollars our a small supporting role where he **** up film right yeah yeah so it’s like how do they go right well I will say one thing any publicity can be good publicity you know so I think maybe it’s career maybe we’re super agent ari gold takes hold things right in the address obviously the truth in that matter to because our eagles off moment doesn’t Marshall and we haven’t but I think I like in a little bit and they get you ever heard of the the hot %HESITATION the hot convent mugshot was released and now he’s like %HESITATION now he’s like an acting and he’s doing super moderate all around the world and and I have the money so I think like maybe the negative attention of having the guys mugshot and obviously being a good looking guy you know same thing %HESITATION I choose not to let them in right on the same level there now %HESITATION I’m going to pass on that %HESITATION but %HESITATION but no I think you know of any change got negative attention nobody knew who he was he’s like %HESITATION we bought the building on a walk to remember and you know kind of put a blemish on Mandy Moore sweepers are but then it was like %HESITATION looking can’t use actually pretty good looking when we checked him out the tires are looking a little bit worried for getting a little more attention and there you go I mean maybe he hit like he’s pretty gross for between two thousand to two thousand four you know if you take some of the Ryan Gosselin anymore it’s not like you weren’t already you know Ryan Gosling and remember the Titans is by far from a dream boat right but by taking a little bit a couple years down in his career like the notebook all sun boom he’s a dream boat well also I think the story had a lot to do well yes that’s yeah every woman in the in the world soon that we so we get to would you see had on Vinnie chase just cowboy Ellie larder I saw that movie I like crime thrillers anyway and you know just a larger probably got me into it the internet twenty euro so yes %HESITATION you know so yeah I think I would I probably would have %HESITATION yeah I’ve been a good date movie college date movie yeah I’m a sucker for these %HESITATION like the popcorn thriller with beautiful people like mmhm you got me %HESITATION one of my favorite movies is fracture starring Ryan Gosling I don’t have young Gosselin and this point but it’s like this crime murder thriller that has a super thin plot but Gosselin good looks kind of Kerry it you know I I think I’d be there for Vincent chase doing basically the same thing right I’m fully aware yeah what it’s all the and then %HESITATION so but as far as we know no real actual adaptation exists like there’s a million crime thriller so maybe there’s something that’s similar but we don’t run out at on so if this were real movie who do you think would be good in Vince’s part as this comp %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION thank you somebody in that age range I guess right yeah %HESITATION part for me on these ones like who really fits kind of that age right so many guys not a lot of great male actors at this time I don’t know a whole lot of great mail like young actors right my like I’m very I’m very and even two thousand four to two thousand ten when I was going on there weren’t a lot of greet male actors nine either no no there wasn’t but I mean I think for you know somebody thank if you wanted to go maybe like a Jon Hamm role or or %HESITATION or %HESITATION or burnt all John Burnett %HESITATION you know they can rock the stubble that any in rock you know to %HESITATION hard edged but we don’t know that the call so I was thinking along the lines Ryan Gosselin again coming up and %HESITATION maybe Paul Walker yeah Paul Walker would have been nice and good looking guy with the you know he’s got L. edge because of the bacteria I was going I was trying to go like St pretty actors you know yeah all right John John Hampton I I like to go to %HESITATION move on to the big one queen’s Boulevard two thousand five we know a lot about this movie it’s about some kids from street in queens %HESITATION specifically a man presumably running from the law within queens %HESITATION we’ve got the great line you kidding me I am queen’s Boulevard one best film at Sundance %HESITATION Vince and director Billy Walsh they blocked the wide theatrical release of this movie due to changes that studio wanted to make they were trying to take it out of %HESITATION black and white input color behind it they didn’t like that stars Vincent chase isn’t even Suplee so we dition L. Robert Duvall and Billy lost directing million dollar question would you see this movie %HESITATION the word in the and I know how many hours later I mean the word in the very early get me there in fact it rarely entices I hate that I hate to be that kind of movie fan but that’s just you know when my money and it might hi you know I mean I I have a hard time believing I would go see and Chris Evans %HESITATION Robert Downey junior in detail unless I was really curious about the plot you know so %HESITATION I don’t know queen’s Boulevard %HESITATION mean I get it I I don’t know if I would get it and I don’t know if I would enjoy it as much is %HESITATION real yes %HESITATION this is another one I would have seen it but it would have been like whenever I got any change fees it would have been the one that I went back and saw no way am I right two thousand five same thing with my like I said my %HESITATION Joseph Gordon Levitt phase I got really into his indie movies and then some kind of ancillary any movies I start watching a bunch of stuff around that same time and I think queen’s Boulevard would really hit might hit me where I wanted it at that time yeah I I don’t know about the %HESITATION the cap and everything I’m sure Billy Walters I like these types of character driven dramas that don’t need a ton of flash to kind of get the job done and it depends how long it was a visit to a half hour movie not not for me exactly but if you do it like one forty so that brings us to again no real lab that adaptation that we know of if it were real movie who’s playing the sport I’m gonna go back or call I like that I didn’t think about print all all I was thinking about it I’m just like wait a minute that would keep your name but that might be it because queen’s Boulevard scene edgy Regnery street great bend neighborhood driven you can you know kind of see the Punisher in this in this role %HESITATION I like Joseph Gordon Levitt for this as I just mentioned in %HESITATION take Joan home maybe could have done it maybe mmhm if you at night caller here’s here’s a wild card Timothy shell may might be the best comp here he’s from New York he’s pretty and I’m pretty sure those are the only two qualifications for this role well that really Walsh well yeah you got to you got to agree with the only loss but I think handing many Hanley %HESITATION uncanny ability to get along and just tolerate delete ridiculous behavior that’s true I don’t know I don’t know if you could do that I don’t I haven’t seen a ton of shell me movies but I just know he’s a New Yorker and he’s got that seem kind of sloppy here pretty eyes thing going on great %HESITATION all right now we get to the real big one real one six by D. by D. N. R. right I’ll go man as our friend Dennis Hopper would say so what do we know about this movie %HESITATION Vinny plays are already half you half merman king of Atlantis I did a hundred sixteen dollars in ticket sales on opening weekend break sixty million dollars yeah that’s a hundred sixteen dollars yeah %HESITATION opening weekend breaking the previous record %HESITATION sent by spider man stars Vincent chase many more James woods ray Liotta sandstone and James hello Israeli %HESITATION I have no idea I I I’m going to guess he played like %HESITATION Arthur curry dad that would have to be my guest and what role he played the bad guy Sharon stone places mom so I can see sandstone ray Liotta lately and it’s super hero movie is like the last thing thank you yeah that would be pretty funny %HESITATION so would you see James Kaman document %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION I mean yeah I mean he was getting a lot of clout you know and I think a lot of people started gravitating towards film then then you get change Cameron on board and I just think it probably would have been planned %HESITATION I would have been one of the people in line in that end this feels most like spider man and spider man two in the first two X. men movies if use more like that than any of the other superhero movies that we’ve gotten in the last twelve years now since the M. so you kind of started and I love it original spider man X. men movies and kind of miss those days of superhero movies where they weren’t afraid to go a little bit campy but still be grounded as well like they did some goofy **** within them %HESITATION and now everything is trying to fit superheroes into real world which is nice too like I love the M. C. U. or some parts of the D. C. extended universe that I can tolerate %HESITATION but really the early two thousands running superhero movies is classic and they need like you said you throw James Cameron in there I think it fits right in yeah so do I actually had a patient yes %HESITATION I commit twenty eighteens are commands trying Jason Momoa amber heard Jason Patrick in the coal Kidman which which one do you like better the theory of James Cameron I’ll command or the real argument %HESITATION hi L. %HESITATION I mean I barely it and I know a lot of people like that movie and I know I’m with %HESITATION like a kind of a and M. C. U. Homer which I’m I would not be so I I do love some of the the stuff that they did and the C. U. S. even though the Christopher Nolan movies and all that stuff but I don’t know it’s just I probably would I probably would have seen both %HESITATION probably would have enjoyed the first one better I’m not really all that in amber and %HESITATION I think James in the mall and get kind of treatment I do I do especially when he interacted like apple or you know I I think with other superhero run about able to kind of like going off the other heroes yeah I think the only upgrade in that cast is Nicole Kidman over sandstone as Arthur curry’s mom %HESITATION but I’m with you James Cameron doc command is the better movie like James came and directed terminator aliens Titanic avatar are like James want me to beautiful women movie and it’s it’s fine like I watch it again it it’s a it’s a good kind of popcorn movie and the mileage is like this cool tough guy I come in and it’s all fun but it’s James talking Cameron could engine aqua man mixed with avatar which I I guess it’s kind of whatever talk to kind of sounds like it’s going to be but that would just be an amazing movie and I and I couldn’t get past that like if they tried if they made our command and then try to make the actual Walkman that they made %HESITATION was it twelve years later it would not hold up at all it would fall in where like amazing spider man falls into the spider man continuity you know great I think you’re right about that yeah yeah yeah right the info %HESITATION yeah I’m I’m if you give me a superhero movie on there but James cannot James Cameron and sounds way better yes I always fall on hard times we moved to many in two thousand seven %HESITATION so possible Escobar life story %HESITATION to humanize Escobar runs almost four hours has a great trailer premiered at constant festival %HESITATION know why the actual release straight to D. V. D. got a Razzie nomination for worst actor for Vince %HESITATION was featured in the documentary welcome to the jungle the making of the film stars Vincent chase and directed by Billy Walsh %HESITATION probably what I’ve probably seen it I I can’t see it I don’t know how this movie didn’t make any money the the trailer is fantastic so I I think people would have gotten into that movie now it it probably would have bought off %HESITATION some early critics but I think they would have made I twenty five to thirty million it was technically an indie movie and like I’ve seen a lot of bad indie movies that people have told me are good and are not %HESITATION the the thing that I wouldn’t see this it’s too long it’s got bad production quality I just don’t think I can handle four hours of what this movie appears to be if it were shorter I think I would watch it and %HESITATION at least for the like making fun of it factor but it almost four hours I I can’t do that what kind of high or nearing the peak height of Billy Walt douche yeah you know I like Billy Walsh **** that he kind of this finally mobile them a little bit I mean if I am I recalling that correctly yeah I I’m pretty sure that’s what happened he comes back with we’re going to talk about some of any chases missed chances at the end of this %HESITATION but he comes back with %HESITATION lost in the cloud slash silos %HESITATION where he was he was truly humbled than %HESITATION but like I have any watch the Irishman yet and that’s supposed to be a good long movie I can’t imagine sitting through a shitty movie that’s four hours long you know I I really did like the E. R. I really %HESITATION it’s supposed to be good like I just can’t do three and a half I like I’m found three and a half hour block where I can break it up yeah a couple of it’s like you do it you basically do it like it’s a %HESITATION six episode %HESITATION you know limited series yeah yeah I I %HESITATION I was able to watch it all in one night but I got I got a little I got a little %HESITATION I don’t know I I got a little not bored I don’t use that all right I need a little mental because on the network and then kind of just cruise through my ball and you know and and get a little more surfing on the web and maybe why are watch W. to the end just to kind of shake it off because it is entertaining it’s just you sitting there and you realize do not it’s not boredom it’s just like the same thing has been happening for the last fifty minutes and you need to stop yeah exactly so we have three three three four five hours if you are to make even you can stop in the middle at some point and just like taken ten minutes that’s true D. E. I mean I honestly with the report I have a five hours of an email and I never really got a so anyway back to many in a couple adaptations that do exist we’ve got blow in two thousand one Johnny Depp narcos doing Netflix series out Pedro Pascal and twenty fifteen %HESITATION however the lead actor in both of those that Tate adaptations are not playing Pablo Escobar %HESITATION Pablo Escobar is kind of a side character it’s more about the cops to go after him which direction do you think would is better have you seen either of those compare them to many in I seen below %HESITATION I liked it %HESITATION I seen I I think I got three season one of narcos and %HESITATION hi maybe it just didn’t get me where I need to %HESITATION try to continue I I I thought it was good I get why people enjoy it so much but I I just didn’t really I had other things to watch that will more interested in and but I do but I’m out get out pagers are %HESITATION thank god has really grown on me as the guy that that taking a lot of teams three I think I think he would have done a good thank you yeah he probably would probably kill this role %HESITATION you know then you didn’t have to be in it yeah I haven’t seen any of the versions of the Pablo Escobar story %HESITATION so I’m just gonna go head thank you know because it’s kind of considered the quintessential Pablo Escobar adaptation at this point so I’m gonna go with that is probably the the best version someday somebody’s going to come up with a really good follow up or update a half hour that much a lot of people do it all yes you know a lot of people find him to be a very mystical you know I I call kind of kind of guy just because he has I and you can’t fall you know the Murphy group and Billy Walsh and all them for wanting to try to humanize right %HESITATION how listen because he does have a very large terrible side it’s it’s like %HESITATION American gangster Frank Lucas yeah I have the same ways used this horrible cancer but at the same time like the the community loves him because he’s philanthropic towards them mmhm just a matter of getting out of yeah so anyway yeah I would I probably would have seen it at some point I probably would’ve broken it up like the Irishman %HESITATION got on video but just because I needed to see why the movie was such a disaster that would have been my main factor it seems I watch stand for sick you know that Fantastic Four movie heard so much bad **** about it you just had to watch it you just had to watch the train right fifteen one yeah that one Michael B. Michael B. and %HESITATION yeah that was supposed to be at work I was I was very I had high hopes for it until it was not good now Michael B. in sadly we’ll be planning unit or H. M. all I like Michael B. two I want Michael Beasley folded into the M. C. U. you just got killed monger and need that we don’t know yes I’m pretty sure we yeah I know %HESITATION so that we move on two thousand nines Gatsby %HESITATION you know there are a couple missed opportunities between %HESITATION two thousand seven and two thousand nine but two thousand nine Vinnie really makes is come back with Martin Scorsese’s gets the %HESITATION it’s a modern day retelling set in the nineteen eighties Vincent chase plays Nick Kerr away would you have seen this movie I mean the great story everybody knows so I don’t think I have to go into what we know about great Gatsby %HESITATION but yeah I’m with you I’m I’m a sucker for these big budget lavish movies in the same way as I am you know the the Indies better character driven %HESITATION whisker says you have to helm you eat at least go in thinking it’s enjoyable it’s going to be enjoyable you know yes it’s %HESITATION you know you you’re going with you know home run plant tension %HESITATION but at work like I did waste my money so I probably would %HESITATION I probably would have %HESITATION been in line to go see that one story and I well I think it’s I mean it probably would have been very similar to the actual Craig actually that came out in twenty thirteen sighing %HESITATION when our campground token buyer %HESITATION so I I think there it’s probably right in the same thing like %HESITATION especially towards the end of entourage is run they were the movies that they had in development and I’m trust seems like things that had been on the table in the real world as well %HESITATION more so early thank that makes sense just because I think the more popular show got a more cloud %HESITATION and you know you have more angry about being involved so what version do you know better %HESITATION Vince chase Martin Scorsese or Baz Luhrmann in Leonardo DiCaprio I Lee L. you know %HESITATION is it I’m I think we’re interested in the Great Gatsby as a story like it’s not I mean using to me I’ve never actually read the books so maybe that’s part of the problem %HESITATION I’ve only seen this Leo adaptation and that that really that’s enough for me I think going in with Scorsese and I think I like the modernized version in the nineteen eighties a little bit better than roaring twenties type thing %HESITATION I can just connect with that a little bit better you know I like moderate I have a hard time with the flappers does that make it not not by %HESITATION does that make %HESITATION gas B. A. like Wall Street douche though at that point like is that how he gets his money now I mean whatever whatever way could you go yeah you know with real estate mower something okay so what did you pick the ra real wonderfully %HESITATION or does a great job in gas and so stormy buyer I just didn’t like the movie that much like it’s not that interesting I think I would like eighty east telling with square says you have to help better that’s the way I’m going to lean because like I said I have a hard time with the you know the early nineteen twenties you know the way people dressed and spoke I think if you wanted authenticity and that almost make you need to get something out smoke jumpers well that never happened it did happen I watched it happen it didn’t get really well the the only shot like three weeks worth of sale that got him gapping we will talk well yes daily it got him yet we we got to talk about all right well we’ll the person right now %HESITATION originally nine brave souls stars Jason Patrick not Edward Norton Vincent chase %HESITATION I got a bad director on it %HESITATION this actually parallels to real life movie to called only the brave with miles teller do you ever see that one right I have worked for no it was on my list at one point but I no I was I was hoping for this jumper story like I went into being like Hey let’s watch smoke jumpers and it just miles teller with never stuck in a tree going to call my wife no %HESITATION %HESITATION I I look at a lot of and hated the Werner roles that Kerr or the director yeah German guy that kept %HESITATION they can’t give him any thank exactly and I thought it was really only played I I I love %HESITATION guard guard yeah so %HESITATION the the character was perfect to like kind of get that change the way they needed it like since had to have this turn we’re he’s doing a great job but somebody just doesn’t like him because yeah I think to this point nobody is just not like defense and he’s not used to that and so he can’t get over right and and try to meet the guy halfway I mean and here’s it I empathize a little bit with with that Kerr %HESITATION rebels that and I’ll tell you why I am a Chicago bear and saddle saddle with misinterpret E. from the moment he walks in there is just not the right fit and just like that any change was was shut down holes that swirled saying you got it Hey man you got to put him in your system and make it work and create a good movie slash football team and it just wasn’t working out now he wouldn’t call claims that benefited to risky because he didn’t think he could do it and just like you would give him a hard time with it so I’m getting %HESITATION reason you want to do this so let me is so you could although so %HESITATION %HESITATION how do you find me out yeah that will but anyway smoke I mean the rate the the studio shoved an actor downs throat that he didn’t want but at the same time it was more Vince’s movie than it ever was the director’s because Eric found Eric found it for Vince at some point you got to build around something and I think the studio made the wrong choice in trying to build around a director who didn’t want to build right and you know like you said I much as I like Matt navy and I just like the doctor visit you wonder what was the right higher who knows so %HESITATION so yeah that was smoke jumpers %HESITATION it that the movie never got completed but it was an interesting tale behind smokejumpers Endicott and like you said you got to be very interesting and that was that was a that was a good little run on the show yeah so %HESITATION I mention of some unnamed dog voice over that Vince does %HESITATION wikipedia said that it was a Madagascar sequel in the dog’s name was Benji just kind of a reference to a different my name is choosing to do smoke jumpers used using the yeah singer Joshua tree I mean Benji and smoke jumpers and choose the smoke jumpers %HESITATION this is a supposedly released in two thousand nine we don’t really know anything about this movie other than that Vince mentions the Tom Brady that he got paid four million dollars to the voice or a dog that’s all in %HESITATION I I we can’t can’t go wrong yeah I don’t I would have seen this movie just because they don’t have yet all children yeah I have kids now so I price yet now in two thousand nine the only way I would have seen if it was actually Madagascar sequel because I kind of like the Madagascar universe in those movies are pretty funny hello Madagascar two was released in two thousand eight so it could be that %HESITATION I don’t know if an actual adaptations %HESITATION so I went down a rabbit hole in there actually kind of a lot of dog based cartoon movies coming out at this time I can’t believe this the Madagascar movie because this dog wouldn’t have been the main character in Madagascar movie right now I got her to take place in Africa there’s no dogs in it anyways %HESITATION and they already have their main cast and I’m paying somebody for million to come in as a side character so I went L. go head does it doesn’t matter thanks for all that I’m going to do no they’re originally from is due in Madagascar I think they get to ask our direct they might get there at the end but they go to some like wildlife preserve in Africa and Madagascar to hello do you want I can go through all the terms if you want hello hello I I %HESITATION so talking dog movies around at two thousand nine we’ve got underdog from two thousand seven Beverly hills Chihuahua two thousand eight bolt two thousand eight port Aug the adventures of say eighty two thousand nine and two thousand nine good in any of those I’m going to I feel like a million dollars for porn dogs that’s right a Vincent chases out are you saying corn dog dogs yes that is the name of this film real film from two thousand nine %HESITATION conversation Madagascar single newspaper are no prize next Friday the the dollar movie %HESITATION so for R. E. two thousand ten it’s %HESITATION Enzo Ferrari biopic Vincent chase as Enzo Ferrari starts Casey Affleck Al Pacino Merion coat your indirect by Frank Darabont I’m there for this movie well we just because a lot of Carly yeah B. I love for ari and I know how juvenile that sound but I mean I’ve always had an appreciation for the elegance of the craftsmanship behind it and a great cat %HESITATION he I know he’s like it’s got some issues with physically %HESITATION which is at home life but I’m usually there for Casey Affleck film %HESITATION yeah I mean I don’t have a problem with them like especially in the oceans trilogy %HESITATION yeah so I don’t I don’t have a problem with many seem to have good reporter with other actors other star actors on the set and I think a lot of that maybe come from growing up with the star well yeah it’s weird because Ben was always to star but Casey Affleck is a much better actor are you watching like gone baby gone or Manchester by the sea like those are things that I cannot do %HESITATION the case let me say that I thought he did a good job in the account he did but it’s not thank last night like Ben Affleck does good gone girl but it’s it’s not the same level to me as what Casey Affleck brings anyways %HESITATION watching Vince in Ferrari would probably kind of this is the movie that would set me down the road %HESITATION finding all the old stuff if I hit aqua man van %HESITATION Gatsby and then for R. eight like it’s like okay I like Vince let me %HESITATION see what else we’ve got and that’s where I get to meet again in queens Boulevard in traveler all that stuff that I hadn’t seen before exactly I I I would have a this would have been like any change that again for me you know let’s just say this in a J. so you know I I like %HESITATION I I would like her art %HESITATION I’m not a huge fan of bio pics are usually kind of pretty boring %HESITATION but I think in this movie there were Benson cool race scenes going on which I’m a sucker for good reason seems like if you seen the movie rush yes great movie yeah %HESITATION Ron Howard directed great racing scenes in that movie too yes great and hi my name is Tyler Racine’s I like chasing chasing %HESITATION chasing the Racine I I just I was watching bad boys to the other day I quit that freeway scene I can’t get to watch that every single time that pre way did you see %HESITATION I am not just because when I was ready to go to the theaters this whole I caught it right before like the lockdown really star before theaters close a call like to last weekend that anybody can actually do anything right it’s solid it’s no bad boys two but it it’s just couldn’t couldn’t get the fiance that to get out of the house to go to go see it you know so it’s just one of the things I got screwed I got to wait for any you know it was %HESITATION yeah hi I want to go see it but the whole thing happened I wish I would have thought that theater because I can only imagine the action scenes in here but the home theater how to do it for me so we don’t have a real adaptation for Ferrari the closest thing we have is last year’s Ford V. Ferrari which was also a great movie again that one was for me a little bit boring a little bit less than it needed to be %HESITATION but Christian bale Matt Damon do a great job in that movie and it’s not really about and so Ferrari at all though so Vincent V. would be something completely different there was a two thousand three T. V. movie starring Sergio casta lido but in this world in the world bond trust that movie already exist so they’re making like a real movie now %HESITATION so who should play Vince’s part if they were to make the ends %HESITATION for our story %HESITATION how quickly that is a problem like I guys yes it is without being stereotypical %HESITATION yeah I just think %HESITATION I don’t know thank god for a second because I got one for you James yeah I think you could do it I see I think it at the risk of sounding insensitive and I don’t want to it seems like any kind of got a few of these roles because of his M. M. at today %HESITATION that’s true so I just I have well because he he looks like %HESITATION I Hanson how are you man you can play that when I see James McEvoy I see %HESITATION a brit you know he’s a good looking guy he’s a great actor I just I don’t know if he feels that role I think I need someone with dark hair I need someone with a little Ian man winter he could pull it off I think it’s a little too Beatty date the song was Christian bale I think you yeah I like that look well it depends what time and and %HESITATION from his life they’re going with because he’s at this point Christian bill is a lot older than what many would have been at in two thousand ten %HESITATION but you know you go back to like when the dark knight came out or even Batman begins if you’re putting bell at that point I could see it yes I I agree I think we can play that role like right after dark knight yeah you know that could be a good change of pace form there so we move on to two thousand eleven the %HESITATION name that Cassidy’s movie %HESITATION what I actually said it was titled the takeover good name for a movie %HESITATION this is like an action maybe a spy thriller James gets %HESITATION injured in a stunt gone awry here stars Vincent chase Rachel McAdams and directed by Nick Cassidy’s are you there for well yes this %HESITATION I would have been there for it %HESITATION but then one downturns %HESITATION wasn’t this the kind of the the the traumatic event in Vince’s life that kind of yes this dream yeah I green show that I’ve been kind of got a little too real yeah you know I mean when when you watch entourage I’m not taking anything away I think it was necessary plot line but %HESITATION much more necessary plot line then Eric’s clingy girlfriend in season six I’ll say that oh god anyway he’s %HESITATION %HESITATION hater %HESITATION no but when I watched I wasn’t there for real you know so I mean I always think about when I think about the Cassidy’s %HESITATION episodes I always think about is the start of the of the downfall right yeah problems and all that kind of stuff so I always kind of like I would maybe skip over some of those when I watch it because when I watch Johns %HESITATION I do want to go back it’s kind of like I just want to live in that world in the fund no I got a little I completely but the movie looked really good in the movie was done once he went down his passing addiction to me it felt like %HESITATION like a really fun action movie kind of in the vein of fast and furious movies which I’m always there for fast and furious %HESITATION so yeah I’m thinking that just it same thing like bad boys two you know it’s just an action and I I’m okay with that those movies need to exist %HESITATION I know people people ask me you know what I were required to have a bad boys movies or something all boys too was so bad so good I’m like no bad boys two is far superior oh my god whatever I was I came at a movie it’s like lose overboard %HESITATION you know that yes of course it might had some weird plot hole that might have had some weird acting scene usually maybe don’t give a **** first of all they got a claim that you’ve been drug lord is the worst **** after and I see him in in other stuff too but he’s Cuban accent is so %HESITATION welcome Harel he’s he’s great he’s Vinnie chase’s Pablo Escobar’s exactly what is and I think that Jesus I think that maybe they were when they wrote those many you know does it like here you need to be him how awful you need to be when you play that or so I always but you didn’t take away from the movie name you know I mean the last moment yeah big big fan of bad boys two %HESITATION I think the takeover is kind of in that same vein so I’m yeah I mean actual adaptation exists the only Cassidy’s movie that he direct in two thousand nine was my sister’s keeper which is a Cameron D. as cancer make you cry movie not nearly whatever Vinnie chase is going for here %HESITATION in two thousand twelve he had another movie called yellow which was a Sienna Miller led dramedy about a woman with a drug addiction so neither of those two movies sound like what Vince is in %HESITATION could be maybe similar to two thousand tends takers starred TI Paul Walker and Chris Brown but I’m I don’t think there’s an actual adaptation your C. taken out I didn’t see takers I I enjoyed it was all yeah I don’t feel bad for what time of that movie no %HESITATION I I actually just got it recently I’m gonna rewatch it because I it’s been a while I pride I son two thousand ten when it came out and I I kind of wanna nice little heist action movie yeah we’re sorry watch like the the the name here yeah so if the take over was a real movie whose payments as part I’m so bad it’s it doesn’t matter because it’s a thousand percent of Paul Walker movie %HESITATION I tend to agree yeah maybe maybe main going pretty interrogatory gold just like nothing has worked with a place that but this is before either has work I think either have yeah this now if it’s made right now Paul Walker could not do it right now that’s an issue thank you for reminding us all %HESITATION yeah I could see him as we’re doing it now %HESITATION my my what might be good in it like you he kind of had that %HESITATION that’s same vibe yeah I take it I think people anyway that are kind of sure at all yeah so so that’s why I go closer to Paul Walker because Paul Walker’s not a big shirt off guy no %HESITATION you know he’s he’s a lot more grounded then we get you right in those scenes exactly that’s why that’s why I stay away from him is worth a memo %HESITATION because they’re kind of beefy guys %HESITATION but that brings us to two thousand thirteen %HESITATION Walker where Vince really hits a wall in his %HESITATION struggle with addiction this is a Standley create a comic book retelling %HESITATION potential franchise %HESITATION wikipedia says Vince actually dropped out before filming ended up beginning but they did put it on hold while he was in rehab all that stars Vincent chase %HESITATION Sasha grey was rumored to be in a role Randall Wallace was going to direct he quit Peter Berg %HESITATION was then the director %HESITATION Friday night lights painting gain same and %HESITATION here’s a fun fact for it David Benny off was a writer on her Walker so we do really any from game of thrones I don’t think yeah and this would have been %HESITATION twenty thirteen that’s ray in game of thrones %HESITATION we’ll house you know game thrones starting in two thousand eleven so maybe that one later season started to prop used to busy with err Walker %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION I think even though it’s kind of a property %HESITATION shop for a superhero movie %HESITATION I would have had high expectations for it it sounds like it had as much production trouble as fan for stick did in like we already talked about how poorly that turned out %HESITATION so I’m thinking it’s probably going to be similar to that %HESITATION so I don’t think we have an actual adaptation this in the movies there’s a lot of superhero movies that exist but not err Walker however %HESITATION Walker is a real Marvel character he first appeared in Fantastic Four number one twenty March nineteen seventy two is also appear in Captain America Dassler in Silver Surfer comics and the poor comic %HESITATION Gabrielle lan is his real name he’s a member of this and are in need of a court as seen in guardians of the galaxy %HESITATION the Nova corps there %HESITATION huh he is transformed by Galactus in and out of the power cosmic so that’s kind of the same power set that’s over surfer has %HESITATION he served as Herald to Galactus he’s got super human strength endurance reflexes reactions %HESITATION he has mastery of electromagnetic spectrum total immunity to the rigors of space you can travel faster than light and he also has the bow of Gabrielle which allows its user to terror form whole world and that hyper and riches the error nutritional properties so collectors can come by and consume them later so that is error Walker so I %HESITATION no he’s like silver server did you ever see %HESITATION is error code four zero actor so he’s kind of doing it outside I I I think at some point he breaks away from that and becomes a good guy %HESITATION but if you’ve seen the that’s fantastic for the rise of the Silver Surfer like from two thousand four whatever the second bottle %HESITATION that’s what’s over server was doing he was glad to assist Herald he didn’t want to do it but he had no choice %HESITATION so I think that’s kind of the same thing is is what’s going on here Walker here do you have %HESITATION you have a nomination for who could play that part yeah %HESITATION no he’s a guy %HESITATION I. I’m struggling again because this because I think you probably would want somebody hit your reboot that right now she M. C. right at this point maybe it’s part of guardians of the galaxy family %HESITATION I’m thinking this might be were mark Walberg fits into this whole thing %HESITATION I I don’t I never really saw mark Wahlberg as much as I enjoyed building I never really see him and then see here %HESITATION %HESITATION I don’t know why I can’t put my finger on it but I think if you were to give it a whirl I think this is going he’s he’s lesser known and %HESITATION where if you have like a one or two shot deal that he was you know character might have been somewhat forgettable to be completely sucks you can just kind of thrown away exactly but if it’s good you know expert mark well we’re getting back in the N. T. you know I think that probably would have been nice %HESITATION pros and cons to having him do that part no not bring just to Vincent chase’s last movie that we know of from the entourage world and that is twenty fifteens hide %HESITATION this is a Jekyll and Hyde maybe in the future %HESITATION it makes over four hundred fifty million dollars I said million that time worldwide %HESITATION Johnny chase wins a golden globe for best Supporting Actor Vincent chase is a star in director %HESITATION Johnny chase has a small but pivotal role that won the golden globe and Ryan Gosling apparently as well I saw the movie yeah I would I would really just because I I would have been interested in I know how this is gonna sound %HESITATION I hope it doesn’t D. as a and the personal bad taste one kind of movie but I would have been okay with what was the Perim out doing their whole %HESITATION monsters universe or they’re they’re dark dark universe I think that %HESITATION universal I think they they kind of pull the plug on that a little too early I never saw the movie I did and it was %HESITATION yeah okay but I mean it wasn’t without action sure from what it sounds like is they tried to throw too many things in it right away kind of like to DC extended universe it is like we’re gonna give you movie we’re going through every possible spin off into around just making a movie %HESITATION so they try to twelve spin offs in there before they actually got one movie off the ground well they were trying to %HESITATION she weren’t in Russell Crowe as doctor Jack and he becomes Mr high during the whole like %HESITATION no the money’s after me %HESITATION I got to deal with this guy although he’s after me you know and so I don’t know it just it didn’t seem clutter but the I I thought the concept of trying like the middle man if you have you seen that a new one no it’s it’s you horror for me and it was for me a little bit too like going into it because my fiancee love horror movie pack like I find an excuse to the water in the kitchen when she’s watching these movies all the lights on around you yeah %HESITATION no I I honestly this movie there the invisible man movie and I know I have a four o’clock all right all in here second but %HESITATION the invisible man movie I thought was very side by %HESITATION it was a thriller I wouldn’t call it a horror movie it wasn’t our blood and or where it’s like it’s billed as horror but it’s it’s really just suspenseful I kind of had to the edge of the seat feeling the whole time yeah you’re in the in your state because he’s invisible you don’t know if he’s in the parking room right so %HESITATION so yeah I I I thought I was just gonna tolerate I ended up really enjoying it and Elisabeth moss %HESITATION specially coming off the last week the the hand made bail and a host of other successful outings was no other movies are going to I mean she’s she’s got a lock on the Best Actress Oscar it was except she was exceptional and %HESITATION and and I I thought and it’s not going to be a part of it or it’s not gonna be a part of that whole film series with the mummy and doctor Jekyll Mr Hyde and you know all that because they pulled the plug on it but I thought this would have been a really cool addition to that whole thing because you you just got a host of really good like %HESITATION who’s the guy one of the he played one of %HESITATION NWA you play one of the NWA guys it wasn’t I was not looking thank you %HESITATION yeah that was doctor tray and no that was %HESITATION wasn’t hand and it was well %HESITATION %HESITATION but that that guy was and he’s a good actor I like him %HESITATION Masi would’ve kind of pulled into that you know major protagonist set you know her alongside like Tom Cruise and you know whoever’s trying to control Mr hygiene before the money came out Victor Frankenstein with James McEvoy and Daniel Radcliffe and that was actually supposed to be tied into it too it was kind of like a prequel to creating Frankenstein’s monster so you would have James McEvoy and there’s Victor Frankenstein as well which could have been a good thing to pull in if you needed to %HESITATION but yeah that dark universe it could have worked if they had just made if they just made the mummy a movie it would have worked mmhm no I’m actually %HESITATION you know I was disappointed because I mean how crazy a movie would have been with all of our Frankenstein invisible man a Buck and mommy and you know Mister Michael Michael and then Mister Hyde yeah hi can you imagine that while that would get to Russell Crowe side two zero when he’s Dr Jekyll and and he joins the bad guys side when he’s Mr hot but I think we’ve gotten away from our point %HESITATION well %HESITATION O. okay let’s get because because I thought this this would have been a really cool way to introduce that Kerr %HESITATION if they would have tried to go on younger in a solo movie yeah like you know when he when he got he’s like the J. and in the sewer and that’s all I could do our G. twenty thirteen was a weird time I don’t need to %HESITATION I didn’t you know I don’t think you had to be AT and T. Jamie I think the concept of having something geared towards a younger audience in order to establish a different day job %HESITATION I’m fully on board but I thought that the point is that like I don’t know if you could have gone with Russell wrote %HESITATION don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the way he played that character and I enjoy him as an actor mode what I think if you’re gone younger this is would have been a good McEvoy %HESITATION %HESITATION I had for who she is part is McEvoy because you seen split you know he can do the multiple personalities and he probably does better than anyone else same thing twenty is %HESITATION doctor professor Xavier like he has to play all these different moods at the same time so like it’s yeah I I I think McEvoy there and like I said I thought maybe growing younger you know as opposed to having an older Russell Crowe but having an older Russell Crowe started %HESITATION the buzz the younger audit and you probably would have had a little bit more but %HESITATION hole in that audience and and clamoring to see that character again all right so let’s talk about some of this is missed opportunities all the movies that we know of that instead apparently were missing three according to peers Morgan but I don’t know what they are so let’s talk about some is missed opportunities %HESITATION first matter horn which is prior to the Kerr being in the snow %HESITATION calling Ferland up taking that role when you think about matter more I don’t know much about it I mean no I mean fine I probably would have done anyway I I’m not a fan of calling feral so I don’t know that I would have seen that we’ve got the untitled surfing movie %HESITATION led by Harvey Winegard studio %HESITATION what about film no that’s not seem to be such later this is the serving movie that he was call or yeah thank you be just Carl or the surfing movie wise they were gonna do it instead of our command because James Kerr was with Leo supposedly pitching the role of our command him so I was wondering Sundance the first time %HESITATION then we got I come into we’re Vince was replaced by J. John Hall %HESITATION written by Kevin Smith and directed by Michael bay I’m telling you right now that’s not a good superhero movie that again one more time %HESITATION it was written by Kevin Smith and directed by Michael bay which one what %HESITATION I come into %HESITATION yeah I probably would have been like the clock yeah everyone says the original was better %HESITATION this kind of parallels tummy wire was almost replaced and spider man two by John home it’s kind of a joke going on there then this is what I’m most interested in I want to be sedated the Ramones biopic %HESITATION I don yeah this is the biggest missed opportunity in my mind for Vinnie chase and like I think you might be interested in that is something I would honestly want to see this and I think Adrian Grenier I should be in that role let’s make you know what hello go do it I don’t know what the what the hell are you doing throw Justin long in there like I think we can make this movie log yeah further I say from Justin logging better I think a lot of Kate %HESITATION we have you mentioned this earlier Lawson cloud slash silo %HESITATION lost in the clouds wasn’t Edith Wharton novel and about snowy mountains and Billy Walsh took this and turned it into a futuristic thriller on a farm in two thousand seventy five %HESITATION so the Billy wall sounds thing and that kind of crumbled after many in crumbled then we had danger beach so working title %HESITATION that was a car alerts directed movie that wasn’t actually ever an opportunity for Vince it was just a way to leverage a meal Hirsch Neil Hirsch Parker played a role in some of these movies to think we overlook %HESITATION he’s a he’s a good parallel defense I think %HESITATION don’t have Benji the dog as we talked about he was going for that same time smoke jumpers %HESITATION whatever good choice on smoke jumpers I think and then smokejumpers which are talked in detail about yeah I have a claim like what that is all right %HESITATION right exactly yeah I mean you read these things Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio are pretty much up for the leading role nowadays so like they’re they’re out there %HESITATION so which actor do you think in real life their career most closely resembles Vincent chase %HESITATION I got three nominees for this mark Wahlberg is none of them which one but the show started it was kind of supposed to be about Walberg life as an actor with his dumb **** brother in his dumb **** friends %HESITATION but I think it grew beyond that pretty quickly because and I’m glad for that but well I don’t think mark Walters license that interesting %HESITATION we’re entourage is interesting %HESITATION CD I mean you got to make it interesting I’m glad I’m I’m glad I just sell stories from you know from Saudi right you know and that kind of thing so I I don’t know it’s just %HESITATION yeah I I don’t know that might be interesting lowered with kind of a jacket back then so I don’t know if I would have liked that show so do you have anybody that you think Vincent chase in the real world his career resembles Perillo yeah far as like the ups and downs go yeah and at the same time it doesn’t have to be in the same time frame I would say maybe like %HESITATION and and longevity because obviously she T. V. show UP only projects you can fit in that’s why his filmography so short I’m sure so I don’t think it looks but I think you know the diesel hi I have a lot of peace in the valley maybe maybe I’m off I don’t know %HESITATION but I hello Bob maybe he was a punch line a few times you know but he’s still you know bounce back and been to unbelievable franchises you know it’s still collecting all that I mean he he guy that can that can Kerry a movie is also not the guy you know and a lot of the if if there’s somebody with a bigger name you know he’s not afraid like secondarily that’s it that’s I think that’s the thing about vin diesel and I think I compare that to be any change that you know I think towards the end of Anne’s career even more unafraid to sheriff spot like when the middle of his career he was like all about myself and I think that’s kind of like when he did the whole Rick’s %HESITATION which wasn’t awful but I’m sure you know you get a couple of things like what happened fire so compare I like that the only thing I would say for the comparison or the early career doesn’t match right because Vincent chase got a bunch of movies early because he was pretty like head on block remember those are movies that he gets because he’s pretty vin diesel wasn’t getting movies because he was pretty he was because he was off yeah same thing yeah I know but I don’t see %HESITATION then D. as well as a cop thriller you know right %HESITATION so I had Ryan Gosselin kind of had that that pretty face going on early in his career I had a few rom coms %HESITATION I had some like just cops thriller type things Paul Walker was another one %HESITATION you know he didn’t do anyway I had a few more a few more %HESITATION Ron and Paul Walker death even though yeah the bacteria but outside of that there’s only I mean that’s lose is a home run yeah that’s not him yeah %HESITATION but he he’s got that pretty face the the dark blue eyes that like to bring people in to begin with do you have so I I compared it to like Vincent early on was doing these popcorn movies something like into the blue I would I would say into the blue with Paul Walker and just cow but is kind of the same thing as head on with Vincent chase in Tesco you know we’re just like we’re gonna make a pretty movie with pretty people and doesn’t matter what happens in the move and here’s what I’m going to try Robert Downey junior the invalid yep transaction I’ll call yeah you don’t you don’t think after hot like hide doesn’t launch %HESITATION franchise like you’re saying that could launch the dark universe in in this alternate reality we’re on track to exist that could launch the dark universe and he’s playing that doctor Jekyll Mr Hyde roles for the next ten years culminate I’m sorry I. religion game I really like that but I think if they were to let’s just say I don’t know American art waxing nostalgic in an authorized becomes something that’s being means a lot or something that’s being you know auto again in a positive light when the movie came out a lot of people kind of like you say I mean you were discussing it before we start recording and you know very you know people did not care for that movie credit rating and and I I think it kind of it lost I think some people lost in the mail or I didn’t I’m anytime you can get Jeremy Piven on screenplay ari gold I’m gonna be I’m going during the show on trucks more than any of the other characters did and it brings us to what is Vincent chase doing now like where his career go after Hyde releases in twenty fifteen three twenty twenty what do you think he’s up to I think he’s I think he’s doing what what you said I like I like the car is because like I was going down that road we started waxing nostalgic in H. B. O. was like %HESITATION maybe they do maybe they do like a little anthology series where you know you know so last year and by the way it that courtesy I don’t %HESITATION %HESITATION but anyway it’s %HESITATION I would think a little a episode you know expiry let us know and I think I think a lot of that would be you see a lot more posters in the Murphy group office %HESITATION hide and maybe some related characters you know maybe even Johnny gets his own spin off and and things are going great for the boys and you know twenty twenty four that we’ve got a franchise owner and now we’ve got this whole interconnected universe and it’s definitely a storyline that they can write on and a comparator marble in the world yeah I think he’s definitely in some large franchise let’s just say it’s %HESITATION but you know the entrees version of the dark universe and he’s kind of pry aging out of it like Chris Evans in Downey are right now but he’s at right end of his run in that universe and he’s about to be replaced by somebody I think he’s maybe doing some Broadway like really flexing his acting chops and maybe some %HESITATION harder indie movies like because he’s in this big franchise I think you need to kind of L. I. yeah he’s got to have something that that he can take pride in but I think he’s also just kind of being careful about what roles he picks and is trying to pick only good movies outside of this franchise and kind of Oscar chasing a bit like Leo had been leading up to the resident he’s he’s picking those types of movies right now like what’s going to get me closer and closer to an Oscar every year I like that well I like doing my you know pretty big franchise yeah hello I liked a lot %HESITATION I think the Downey you know maybe not with as much reverence early on a career right you know like you know Downey was white hot for all the all the ship without any you know he’s white hot now again I think it you know Danny had a point where he was white hot you know started biggest earning movie on the planet early on in his career but you know didn’t write any needed have a supplement Downey definitely a comparable %HESITATION definitely accountable are %HESITATION and I think that if you took it there that would be really cool I I I would enjoy seeing that would be good like you said I yep so run on H. B. O. let’s do it H. B. O. no right now how funny would that be if %HESITATION I mean you were sitting there watching it and four years we we we we turned to each other like what the hell man they listen B. for B. so what’s your favorite James roll roll I think you want to go with %HESITATION little more %HESITATION story arc of the show and the way I like they have any with handling and so I can’t hi seen any of them %HESITATION well yeah but we’re living in the movies I want to live in that world %HESITATION I I would probably have to go with it yeah it’s probably a tie between queen’s Boulevard the way he prepared for that role I fought for that role and how much she put it in self into that movie I think I would have ended up but %HESITATION I think that it’s just it was interesting watching and and and you know the dynamic with Billy Walsh in a dynamic thing delete the and those are some of my favorite episode in the series and then %HESITATION I I like the pre you know the the gap eight one engine to lead a happy in between smoke jumpers and got %HESITATION the way he the way he broke his back trying to grapple that you know and and it just wasn’t working and you could see the adversity in inside and and he was fighting to get this roll over into the same thing with Martin Scorsese which is what he needed %HESITATION I’m gonna I’m gonna closer to what you first said with %HESITATION like that run from queens Boulevard I come in I think I’ll come in a probably my favorite role the one that kind of really started it all kicked off form and I’m just such a goofy character and like Vince and James Cameron pulled this movie off and killed at the box office so that is probably the mo

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