Episode 101 – A Podcast About Kindness

When the world is looking bleak and there is nothing but horrible things bombarding you from all sides, we find there is nothing better to pick you up than experiencing extraordinary acts of kindness! This week Kalvin and Nick discuss some of the greatest acts of kindness in history and what makes them so, acts that have happened to us and some stuff we have done ourselves. Why not have a little faith in humanity restored via stories of small to large acts of kindness that became something extraordinary?

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Kalvin 0:06
Up to a Podcast, where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin and joining me while holding the door open from an uncomfortably long distance to co host Nick Richardson. You better fucking Run,

Unknown 0:19
run to me run to the door.

Kalvin 0:21
I just thought like, I’m like 10 feet away, man. You don’t have to hold the door. Like just let it I’ll get it. It’s fine. It’s normally a tough situation to be in.

Nick 0:31
I’ll just hold it open until like the last second and then I’ll finally go ahead and close it. Yeah,

Kalvin 0:36
then you let it go like right as they’re getting there, and then they have to reach for it anyways. Exactly. That’s a complete trip on themselves. We’re not talking about dick moves. We’re here to talk about acts of kindness. Nick is holding the door because he’s a nice person. So we’re talking about what kindness is, and are we kind of people and just talk about some some great things that people have done out of the kindness of their hearts throughout the year.

Nick 1:01
Oh, yeah, dude, I think this is a, obviously a super dope thing to talk about now more than ever, as it’d be nice to

Unknown 1:08
look dire.

Nick 1:09
Yeah. So I mean, let’s, let’s remember the kindness in our hearts folks. Know, I don’t really I’m pessimistic a lot of the time, but I definitely think extraordinary acts of kindness, which is kind of what we’re reaching for is something to be recognized for sure.

Kalvin 1:27
Yes, it is. And that’s, we’re gonna mainly focus on the, you know, above and beyond. But, you know, we’ll talk some small stuff too. But first, let’s start off with what is kindness? let’s get let’s get a definition out there.

Nick 1:39
So I looked up the definition and I was, I was ready to read a paragraph and then it was like three words, I was sorely disappointed. So it’s the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Kalvin 1:50
Oh, you got a better definition than I did. Mine was a kind act. So they use the word in the definition. So when I hazard defined as well, which is of a good or benevolent nature or disposition being good.

Unknown 2:06
Yeah. That expands more on kindness. Just be fucking nice to each other. Okay. Yeah, in the podcast, but

Kalvin 2:14
yeah, I, to me, kindness is more altruistic. Like you’re not doing it like it’s easy to be nice to somebody if they’re if you benefit from it in some way. But the genuinely kind person is more like, I’m just gonna do it because that person needs help.

Nick 2:34
Well, I think that kind of ties into like empathy and stuff like that, which I think empathy is, you know, part of kindness in a big, big way. It’s just not those three things. You know what I mean? It’s that’s really kind of pigeon holing it but I think kindness is a lot bigger than that. Which makes it makes it sound like it’s really complicated, but when you boil it down, it’s really not

Kalvin 2:58
No, not the exceptionally, but at the same time, it kind of is because people to me are naturally a little bit selfish. And you want to be kind, but at the same time, if that kindness hurts you in some way, you’re less likely to be kind.

Nick 3:15
I agree 100% 100%. And that was kind of something I struggled with, throughout, when I’m, you know, working on the outline for this is just like, people really are inherently fucking selfish, for the most part.

Kalvin 3:29
Um, but at the, at the same token, I think they want to be kind. People want to be nice and want to be helpful and you know, do what they can. It just doesn’t necessarily mean that they are, you know,

Nick 3:42
yeah, till it cost them something or, you know, it’s so easy. You can’t avoid it a lot of times,

Kalvin 3:47
or and, you know, they may think they’re being like, they may think, Oh, I’m a kind person, I’m a nice person, but just because they think they are It doesn’t mean that they are

Nick 3:57
Oh definitely I think

Kalvin 3:58
because I give $1 to a homeless Like, that’s great, but if you turn around and then I don’t know. Yell at your kids over dumb shit.

Nick 4:09
Yeah, what your kids asked for, ya know, try not to

Kalvin 4:11
go that far.

Nick 4:13
Well, I think that’s very unkind count. Yeah,

Kalvin 4:15
very is definitely very unkind but like, yeah, there’s there shouldn’t be a balance to it, you know, it shouldn’t be like, well, I did this one nice thing so now I can be an asshole to the next person.

Nick 4:25
Most fucking definitely. And it’s, it shouldn’t just be something where it’s uh, what can I get out of this? Right? You know what, what benefit does it bring me but I think that’s a lot of that’s almost like an unwritten currency in our culture. It’s like, Okay,

Unknown 4:39

Nick 4:40
will I get out of this range?

Kalvin 4:44
And it’s it’s easy to help people when it doesn’t come at any personal expense either monetarily or otherwise, you know, time, effort, whatever you want, like, just expanding yourself in any way. But when it costs something, that’s what really Ron allows you to see who the truly kind people are, they kind of rise to the top when it’s like, Okay, I have to put in a lot of effort to help these people, but I’m gonna do it because they need help more than I need. Whatever else I was saving that effort for, you know, it’s a conscious decision for sure. I’m to a point, I think with some people, some, like some of these people that we’re going to talk about, it starts as a conscious effort, and then it just becomes second nature to them, because that’s the way they live their lives. And I can say, for a fact, like, I’m not that person, like, I’m a nice person. And I want to be helpful, but, you know, there’s, there’s a threshold, obviously, it’s always this, you know, cost benefit analysis. In quick time in my head, I’m like, I can help this person but how is that going to affect me? And, you know, if if the balance is there, then Okay, fine. Yeah, I’m gonna help you but I think truly kind people don’t even weigh those options in their head. They’re just like, Yeah, sure. I’ll help you.

Nick 5:57
Yeah, and I it sucks. Sometimes it sucks to say, at this point in time, but yeah, I think I’m the same way. I

Kalvin 6:05
don’t think I want to say it though. Like,

Unknown 6:09
you have to you have

Kalvin 6:09
to help yourself sometimes like you have to help yourself. You have to take time for yourself, you have to help your family. And you have to let you know we have families. So we have to take into consideration our actions, the effects on our family, as well as the effects on this person who you may or may not be helping. So well, I’m doing it selfishly, for myself. I’m doing it selfishly to do something to help my family.

Nick 6:31
Well, they come number one, and I don’t know I’m not driving around like looking at all the homeless people like you fucking bastards. You got yourself into the situation now, but I’m certainly not giving $1 they’re not stopping everyone and giving them $1 right? Yeah, no, absolutely not. If I

Kalvin 6:46
have a I pretty much just never give money to people on the street.

Nick 6:50
I do not I don’t I say no, immediately every time because I’ve got

Kalvin 6:54
to worry about that when we talk some of our personal experiences of just like being approached in parking lots. It’s just Straight know on whatever the hell you’re saying to me. I don’t care.

Nick 7:03
Yeah, you stay away about three foot. If you get too close to me, I get defensive.

Kalvin 7:07
And that yeah, it’s more of a safety thing then like, I think you’re trying to scam me or you’re lying or whatever. Like, if these people I see him at the gas station a lot, you know, they just come up to you while you’re at school, you need a couple bucks to fill my tire to get to the next thing, whatever. It’s like, yeah, I could give you the $2 you’re probably scamming me like it’s not gonna hurt me to give you the $2 but it’s just this blanket policy of like, when people approach me I’m just like, no, get the hell

Nick 7:32
away. Yeah, I got burned too many times. Yeah. I think that’s the inherent unkindness in some people. Some people are just a lot of the population i think is just fully willing to use and abuse any, any bit of kindness or compassion they get from other people, which is sad, but it is what it is.

Kalvin 7:50
Well, that’s the other that’s the other side of kindness is sometimes when you’re a kind of person. People go out of their way to take advantage of people see that you’re willing to help at the drop of the hat and boom, they’re on it. Let me have this, let me have this let me have this instead of like, being appreciative of the kindness and they’re appreciative, but at the same time, then they want more and more and more, which Yeah, that makes being kind hard because like you want to help, but you also have to save something for yourself.

Nick 8:21
Well, that transitions it from it being just kindness out of your own heart or whatever to being a chore, that it’s like, oh, now you’re really fucking carving something out of me instead of it being, you know, something you may actively pursue, like, you know, you may pursue helping someone but when they take full advantage of it and just drag you over the coals and it’s like, Okay,

Kalvin 8:41
well, it’s like, it’s like, okay, your friend wants you to help them move and you’re like, Okay, fine. That’s not that big of a deal. doesn’t like it’s not how I want to spend my Saturday but I’ll do it because I want to be nice. You go help, and then it’s helping the move and then you have to move their furniture all around their house. When you get And then it’s the next thing and the next thing and the next thing on top and then you’re there the next week to, you know, help them buy a bunch of shit because now they last like, you know they need to fill their new house with shit. So you go help them buy stuff and move it into their house like it they start to take advantage once you help that one time and say yes and you’re like and then they almost don’t let you say no after that because you helped them the last time and well what have you got better to do?

Nick 9:25
Exactly, especially if you they didn’t offer you anything the first time around. So then they’ll start stepping up their game like hey, we’re about beer this time. And then after that it’s beer and pizza. Yeah, after that, you know, it’s whatever I don’t know. Nice beer and pizza. Yeah, and nice pizza. No papa john’s this time we’re going gourmet son.

Kalvin 9:45
Wait Papa John’s isn’t for me.

Nick 9:48
It is for me. It is for this family.

Kalvin 9:50
I know there’s like things wrong with the dude Papa John’s, but I kind of like that pizza. It’s fine. Our pizzas pretty fucking good. Like He’s a douche. But it’s easy to get I can order it on an app. It’s pretty quick, tasty, good rewards. Yeah. Yeah. Their rewards are good. Yeah, the rewards are really good. I’ve got like five free pizzas from them.

Nick 10:12
Yeah, I’ve gotten more than that, because I

Kalvin 10:14
probably got more than that, because I’ve done a couple fantasy football parties where I’m ordering five pizzas. And then the next time it’s like, basically free for the next like three times.

Nick 10:22
Nice. I hope hopefully the people that joined you were kind and got you some pieces another time. You know,

Kalvin 10:29
now, like I’m not a party goer, I’m sure we’ve gotten each other back and otherwise some people like try and throw me some money, things like that, like extra on top of the fantasy football entry and whatever. If you want to be nice and help Sure. I’m going to accept it but like I’m, I’m buying the pizza because I’m hosting the party. Like I don’t ever expect anyone to give me extra money.

Nick 10:51
Yeah, I’m not gonna give you shit, buddy. I’m gonna come eat all your fucking pizza. drank too much beer get really loud and ruin it for everybody. Then hit you up next week to ask you to move out or hit you up next week to ask you to help

Unknown 11:04
me move. I’m not gonna do it. Yeah,

Nick 11:08
but you helped me that last time. I didn’t even give you anything.

Kalvin 11:11
Now, I got one beer and a slice of pizza.

Nick 11:17
Yeah, fucking been there, man. I remember. I had a friend. Yeah, I had a friend that was like, hey, because I had a truck at the time. Okay, yeah, if you help me move, I’ll buy beer and pizza. And sure enough, I helped him move and then, man Sorry, dude, I just must have lost my wallet. I can see I can see it in your pants. Like I can see it right there. You fucking liar. Yeah, I got pissed and I storm the fuck out of there. Because I mean, it was like nine and a half hours and moving and I was starving.

Kalvin 11:50
It’s bad when it’s your truck. So like, you can’t be the one that’s like, Oh shit. I got something else to do. I gotta go. You know, I helped you for a couple hours. Now I’m out. Yeah, when you’re the one with the truck. You got to stay

Nick 11:59
you I’ve never driven a truck, really tempted to just put the tailgate down and fucking watch everything fall out of the back of the truck.

Kalvin 12:09
But to kind of like get back on track a little bit, I feel like most people are decent and nice and don’t go out of their way to like actively hurt others. It’s just the second it cost them something they realize it’s not worth it to be nice anymore and move on. They’re not an asshole, but they’re just like, yeah, I’m not gonna do that. Pretty much. It’s just like,

Nick 12:27
yeah, that’s a no

Kalvin 12:29
and it’s hard, you know, from being kind or kindness is kind of this more ingrained. It has something. It’s just something you do because you know, it will help someone and you don’t necessarily take your own self into consideration. Yeah, which sucks, because yeah, you people need to take themselves into consideration.

Nick 12:48
Yeah, you gotta be a little I guess it sounds. It’s okay

Kalvin 12:51
to be selfish sometimes.

Nick 12:52
Exactly. There you go. Calvin, You took the words, right.

Unknown 12:54
Sorry. No, but you know, it wasn’t kind of

Nick 12:58
to come to a fit. You took the heat. For me, everybody’s gonna be a dick to you now and you know, that was kind of you to take people’s dickish pneus away from me.

Kalvin 13:08
I already think people are dicks, so it doesn’t bother.

Nick 13:10
Oh, dude, I fully think people are dicks. I just always have the urge to fucking argue with them. It’s like, you know what, fuck

Unknown 13:15

Kalvin 13:17
So, let’s take that and go throughout history. We’ve got some examples of people who have made a difference with extraordinary acts of kindness. And you know, what makes these instances so special? You want to go first you want me to? I, you know, I’ll go first. You go for what I did. I got I got three. And I divided them into like little weird subcategories. So one is war. One is domestic and one is cultural.

Nick 13:42
So I think I could probably

Kalvin 13:46
fit mine all into those as well.

Nick 13:48
I bet you could. It took me a minute, but I kind of fell in with those. But So first, let’s

Kalvin 13:52
do that. We’ll do war. Domestic cultural.

Nick 13:55
Sounds good. So war. Boom. The year is fucking 19 14 yo, it’s the Christmas truce between the French British and the Germans on the Western Front. So I’ve uh, I spent a lot of time I’ve listened to Dan Carlin’s series a lot. And that shit is horrible. They, it was a, it was a bad time. I’m trying to you know, enunciate on that, but it was a bad fucking time for everybody. It was one of the worst points in humanity’s history. And these, you know, giant groups of men who spent the past several weeks trying to kill each other in fucking holes. Everybody smells like shit. Everybody’s starving, start singing songs and, you know, kind of all have this weird truce of just not shooting and killing each other. Even though that’s everyone’s objective and celebrating Christmas. I thought that was fucking dope. I thought that was a really kind thing to do to each other as a whole and what makes it so kind and in my opinion, Just how far it’s spread like all these men it’s you know, all replicating this act of kindness of just joining in a bit of camaraderie and setting your shit aside. You can’t talk to each other and you know, sharing your food, sharing your tobacco sharing your, you know your liquor, and playing soccer or some shit. It was a really dark time in humanity’s history and I think a few people’s kindness kind of snowballed it and made it you know, point in history that you can look to.

Unknown 15:33
Yeah, that’s

Kalvin 15:35
that’s a really good pay. I saw that one. While I was researching. I didn’t go with it. Because we didn’t hit home but like, it’s, it is like, it’s a really great thing that despite all the chaos surrounding them, these guys just stop and are like, Look, Chris, have some togetherness.

Nick 15:54
Yeah, it’s fucking Christmas. Yo. Let’s just chill in the way Dan Carlin explains it. is really, really neat because it’s basically the The British are sitting in their trenches freezing, and are all like, yes, fun Christmas, whoo. And then they start to hear singing from the, you know, the German lines. And it slowly expanded, you know, a few men started across no man’s land, and then a few more and it grew and grew and grew. And it was almost a contagious act of kindness among a few men. Because

Unknown 16:25
that’s, that’s a lot of that’s a

Nick 16:28
lot of, I want to say trust, but there’s, I don’t think there’s really any trust in it whenever you’re at that point, you know, between the war and the death and shit like that. So it’s, I don’t know, I think it’s kindness in my opinion that they brought the first couple guys to actually make that leap. And just be like, Yeah, okay. Also over Christmas with Christmas with this guy.

Kalvin 16:54
Yeah, exactly. I agree. Good choice. So mine falls under war. In a little bit different setting, but it’s still there. This was a time I don’t think I wrote down the year I should have. But it was within the last decade Texas a&m students blocked protesters from demonstrating at a soldier’s funeral. I

Nick 17:17
saw that headline while I was looking through stuff

Kalvin 17:20
so this was like a small but completely not insignificant act that these students took part in. Basically the Westboro Baptist Church has a habit of protesting soldiers funerals, believing that God punishes soldiers due to America’s tolerance for homosexuality.

Unknown 17:35
And that is a

Kalvin 17:36
really weird thing to say and right out. We believe that I wrote it.

Nick 17:42
oddly specific, they have, you know,

Kalvin 17:44
weird and so like, it’s not even that they had something that’s older it’s just all soldiers if there’s a funeral for one, they try and go protest because all the soldiers are fighting for America’s tolerance of homosexuality. So the fuck Westboro Baptist Church.

Nick 18:01
Yeah, you guys are dicks.

Kalvin 18:03
They are not trying to be they they think they are I see that that’s it right there. They think they’re all doing the right thing and that they’re very nice trying to shut down the homos but

Nick 18:16
they’re not. I don’t mean to laugh like that when you say it like that. It just sounds so fucking absurd. That’s how

Unknown 18:24
people think.

Nick 18:25
I fuckin agree, man. They’re horrible fucking open shit.

Kalvin 18:28
So these students, I didn’t say how many students It was. It was like 20 to 50 students, most of whom did not know that a C soldier create a human wall around the funerals so that the Westboro Baptist Church couldn’t get close enough to protest. And like, honestly, the biggest thing that these kids missed out on was maybe a couple of missed a class. But the benefit for this grieving family, I’m sure was immense, like there’s no way to measure how much it meant to this family that they actually got to process what they needed to process. There. Like, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be a family in this situation trying to hold a funeral and then these nutjobs show up and start yelling at you about the sins of America, which again, have nothing to do with the particular soldier that you’re trying to lay at rest. So just the simple act of showing up and creating distance for the family when a huge way, you know,

Nick 19:25
in this, this act, without even being asked. That’s right. I think that’s what really makes it kind. That’s that’s an amazing thing that some young people did. And I remember being in college I probably wouldn’t have done that. It’s like one of those angry fucking Westboro people. I’m peacing out like Yeah, yeah, I don’t I don’t want anything to do with that. Then you’re

Kalvin 19:44
listening and you’re have any affiliation to the Westboro Baptist Church. You just go ahead and unsubscribe. We’re fine with that.

Nick 19:50
Fuck you. We leave you with that one. Oh, yeah. Boom.

Kalvin 19:54
What was next culture? Oh, what’s that? What was the next category? Domestic domestic.

Nick 20:02
So you know, something that just a regular person kind of did is where i is my point of view. You know, it doesn’t have to necessarily be domestic as in the United States it can be anything.

Kalvin 20:12
That’s what I took it as but I can still I can flip flop I’m good.

Nick 20:16
All right. So domestic is that that’s your turn.

Kalvin 20:20
All right, gotta go first. Yeah. Okay. Andre Johnson, the football players shopping Christmas shopping sprees. Do

Unknown 20:29
Yeah, that’s a great fucking pick.

Kalvin 20:32
This one is really cool because like I’m always a sucker for things that help underprivileged kids. And because it’s almost always not the kids fault that they’re in the situation there and there may be like, half a percent of times. Where kid is the cause of his full situation his or her?

Nick 20:52
Yeah, may not even be in care.

Kalvin 20:55
could say you know, a kid who you know is in and out of juvie or Whatever like, okay, that’s his fault. He’s making bad decisions. But something pushed him to that point also, you know?

Nick 21:06
Yeah, most definitely.

Kalvin 21:08
Usually there’s something else going on in that child’s background that has gotten them to that point where they’re committing crimes. Yeah. Anyway, so Andre Johnson spends thousands of dollars every year at Christmas time buying toys for kids under the care of Child Protective Services. And this was, as of when he was a player. I’m not sure if he’s still doing it. Now that he’s retired. I’m sure he’s doing something, but it’s probably not as big you know, it’s probably scale back quite a bit every year that he was in the NFL, he, he did this and he did it like that. He made it fun for the kids. So he didn’t just buy a bunch of toys and drop them off. He grabbed several kids and he basically held a Supermarket Sweep for them and gave the kids 80 seconds which is his jersey number to run through a big toy store and grab as much as they could

Unknown 22:00
See, that is

Nick 22:02
what I heard about that shows like, you know, you’re pretty cool. Yeah, like you and you whoop some ass on the football.

Kalvin 22:07
Yeah, he was really good football. Yeah, I like this better than just writing a check or buying a bunch of toys for tots. Because it’s more personal. Like he looks these these kids in the face. He takes them he spent the day it’s not just okay, you had your 80 seconds we’re done. Like he spends the day with them. He really makes it about him and he lets the kid pick their own toys. Which is great. Like, I’m sure these underprivileged kids who constantly are getting Toys for Tots and things like that they have to make do with whatever’s donated. These kids get to go in and they get to pick their own stuff, which is really cool.

Nick 22:40
Yeah, that’s a that’s a really really common thing to do, man. Especially cuz that probably cost him a fuck ton of money. I know he did a lot of kids like he I want to say the year that I first noticed it, it was like 20 grand or something. That should hands up man. Oh, that’s a lot of noise. You know, this was back when What 2013 or 14? Yeah, it was around. Well, still, they were making 910 million a year. That’s a lot of money. But you know, she had to spend that all anyway. I really, I gotta say, I admire the fact that he didn’t just write a check or didn’t just like send someone to do it. He, you know, he was all fucking in.

Kalvin 23:19
Right? All the best part of doing something like this is seeing the look on the recipients face. It’s one thing like I said, to write a check, and just be done with it. But to see that child’s face light up, like when they’re standing next to this cart full of toys that they get to take home is a really cool thing.

Nick 23:38
Well, yeah, and he wasn’t treating them like, Oh, you pour you know, you pour senseless little thing. You poured blah, blah, blah.

Kalvin 23:45
It’s, anyone can write a check and be like, Okay, I’m, I’m done with my charity for the year, which I mean, that’s great. If that’s what you do, like anything where you’re giving to charity is a good thing. But yeah, it takes an extra special person to look these kids. I see what they’re dealing with on a daily basis and then make their dreams come true in a way that is impactful to that.

Nick 24:08
Don’t just treat them like human beings instead of this poor damaged property. It’s like, Listen, let’s not talk about it. Let’s just have some fun.

Kalvin 24:17
Exactly. So what do you

Nick 24:18
got? I got James Harrison of Australia, Australia. I’m not even fucking try out. Don’t do it. Don’t please don’t just so James Harrison at a young age, he was 13 when he underwent underwent open heart surgery, I believe, and he required a ton of blood to survive. So he woke up from a surgery and knowing that he needed that blood to survive, he made a vow that he would donate as much as he could once he turned 18. So this guy donated every three weeks for 57 years shit. Yeah, 57 years and what makes it even more special is he has an unusual plasmic competition that has been used to make a treatment for resist disease, which I’m not entirely sure what that is

Kalvin 25:06
sort of it but yeah, it’s a rare disease I think Yeah, I’ve heard of that. But

Nick 25:12
it can kill and or, you know, alter a lot of people’s lives. So this guy’s responsible for antibodies that have treated and saved 2.4 million babies. Like that’s insane 2.4 million babies. And I don’t know have you ever done any blood?

Kalvin 25:31
Yes. Well, they’re given out free chick fil a one time so I hit that

Nick 25:37
that’s awesome. Yeah, they usually try to get us with again,

Kalvin 25:40
I’m not a guide person. Give me a free chicken sandwich though. I’m there.

Nick 25:45
I’m fucking there. I do it for the apple juice. Not really. My wife has donated a lot of blood and I think it’s an admirable thing because it fucking sucks man like that. I smoke tobacco. So can’t smoke for like an hour after hour before some shit like that. So that’s a minor inconvenience right there. And at the same time, I guess I have thick blood. I don’t know, I don’t have a super great flow. So I have to drink a gobsmacked load of fucking water. So basically sitting there trying to, you know, try not to piss my pants while I’m getting stabbed. Right and they’re sucking my lifeblood out of me. And at the same time, I get some fucking apple juice at the end. Not that great. But this guy took so moral of the story is it sucks and I think it’s a very kind thing for someone to do. Not just, you know, once, twice, three times, but every three weeks for 57 years that is fucking blood man. That’s a lot of blood and 2.4 million children. No one asked him to do that. You know, no one was like, Hey, you. We noticed this. We think you should donate it just for the kids like it. Just I’m doing something kind I know people need this. It doesn’t really affect him. I get I mean, it doesn’t bother him. It’s, you know, something he’s willing to do. And it can help people in general but the fact that help 2.4 million babies That’s insane. And babies two babies need adults like him to help care for them more than anybody else. Like I think that’s almost the epitome of community raising a child. As silly as that sounds.

Kalvin 27:29
Well, no, I mean, yeah. You have to take care of babies if you want them to not be baby like to grow out of being baby. So obviously, yeah, it is important.

Nick 27:42
Well, and I mean, if you that’s a very specific thing that this guy’s good for and you know, what’s, what a weird coincidence that this guy happened to find himself in that position?

Kalvin 27:55
Yeah. Okay, on to the Last one which was cultural.

Unknown 28:04
Cultural it is hit me. No You go first assignment first the last. Alright cultural this.

Nick 28:11
So this one is I don’t have an exact year I know it was during his second inaugural session basically and that’s when Lincoln met Frederick Douglass for the first time during the Civil War. The bit of kindness I specifically pulled from it is when Frederick Douglass met Lincoln for the first time as he you know, he went up to Lincoln’s office, it’s very busy and obviously the civil fuckin wars going on so shifts kind of hitting the fan and Lincoln sitting there in an armchair and stands when Frederick Douglass enter this enters the room. He tries to introduce himself and Lincoln’s just like, you know, I know who you are, and he just goes to shake his hand. It’s just as a little acknowledgement of Frederick Douglass. as humanity and you know, I think that was a bit of kindness that Lincoln showed him that had fucking crazy ramifications if you follow the little weird rabbit hole

Kalvin 29:13
in Frederick Douglass was Frederick Douglass rabbit hole kin is definitely gets weird.

Nick 29:18
Yeah, well, I mean, he was a leader in recruitment for for the Union Army once they allowed black soldiers to register. So that’s something that turned the tide of the war in a lot of people’s opinion, and I share that opinion. And that was all because of a simple acknowledgement of somewhat, you know, a second nature thing for a man like Lincoln in his particular place at his particular time. But an extraordinary act of kindness in my mind.

Kalvin 29:49
I’ll give it to I agree, Lincoln, good dude.

Nick 29:54
Yeah, he’s pretty solid and coming from Alma, Illinois. You know, Lincoln is big deal around here. I’ve learned So much about that guy in the past five years and I did my entire life grown up got fed the basic bullshit, but there’s a lot more he’s very complicated cat.

Kalvin 30:09
He’s on the penny.

Unknown 30:11
Here’s a fun fact for you.

Kalvin 30:13
Yeah, he’s on the most worthless coin we have in the world. This next person I’m going to talk about has a shot of being on money someday too. And that is Harriet Tubman.

Nick 30:24
I fucking heard about that.

Kalvin 30:25
Well, we’ll get to that at the bottom of my spiel because I’ve got an issue. So she escaped slavery in 1849, and then took 19 confirmed missions to rescue at least 70 slaves through the Underground Railroad. She would hide coded messages in songs to help other slaves understand how and when to get away. She delivered she would deliver detailed instructions to people other than the 70 that she was directly responsible for helping escape. So it’s estimated that her influence helped rescue at least 300 people From Slavery, which is pretty crazy. That’s fucking though it’s crazy not only because she could have been caught at any point and put back into slavery even like if she were found in the south that could have happened but also if she made any enemies in the north they could have sent her back using The Fugitive Slave Act at the time where basically anyone catches someone they think is a slave they can take them to a slave owner and slave on a

Unknown 31:24
bed Yeah, that’s my slave. Yeah, totally for free give me

Kalvin 31:28
so there’s obviously nothing other than kindness in her heart to put her ass on the line over and over again and keep going back for more

Nick 31:36
Well, you know, she got knocked around quite a bit. That’s a lot of a lot of missions to go on. And it’s not like it all went perfect all the fucking time either.

Kalvin 31:45
No, and for most people like just escaping is as good as you’re gonna get. That’s enough. You know a couple others they may take one or two trips back, try and get some family friends close friends out, but she helps so many people escape most of them them complete strangers and just kept going back for more.

Nick 32:04
Exactly. And I wonder what the ramifications of just her you know, leading by example in that regard. What caused more jobs.

Kalvin 32:11
And later, this is a fun fact, I learned that she became the first woman to lead an armed raid in the Civil War.

Unknown 32:19
No shit.

Unknown 32:20
Yeah. Oh, she’s successful. I didn’t say get back to me. Get back to me, bro.

Kalvin 32:26
You’ll have to you’ll have to Google that on your own. Oh, Google it. So back to the beginning the article that I was reading states that she’ll be cramped commemorated on US currency, supposedly supposed to be the $20 bill that was as of 2016. But it just keeps getting held up in the voting process. And if you’re one of the represent representatives out there voting against putting Harriet Tubman on currency, just fuck you.

Nick 32:50
Yeah, I mean, seriously. It’s time for a change guy.

Kalvin 32:53
I don’t have anything else to say like Andrew Jackson wouldn’t even do.

Nick 32:58
He did quite a bit but he was a crock. The old fuck

Kalvin 33:01
yeah. I mean, can we put him on the penny? Abe Lincoln’s got two coins. Let’s put Andrew Jackson on the penny.

Nick 33:08
Get Harriet Tubman in there. I’m down. I’m down. Let’s start a petition, bro. Yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah, you can do that. Go

Unknown 33:16
go for Nick. I will support you 100% of

Kalvin 33:19
the way I’ll sign your petition. I mean it’s already a bill being legislated. I don’t think we have to start a petition to get her on and we just need people that buy representatives to actually vote for putting it through and there’s some

Unknown 33:32
petition Calvin

Kalvin 33:35
No, there’s like some dumb politicking behind it. You know how things go that it’s not like the people don’t like Harriet Tubman it’s this other part of the bill is would weekend the $20 if some dumb shit like that, that they don’t they don’t want to go through with it or they can’t change the mince out or whatever. You know, some stupid shit that actually holding it up and why people won’t vote for it.

Nick 33:57
Yeah, crotchety old white man bullshit. Yes.

Kalvin 34:01
There are senate Hey, go out and vote for all of your crotchety old white men candidates.

Nick 34:10
vote. I mean, you got about

Kalvin 34:13
a half an episode about that come November.

Nick 34:15
I would love it. Let’s do it.

Kalvin 34:17
It’ll be our one dive into politics.

Unknown 34:19
Yeah, we got a live tweet the election too. I’m not gonna do that.

Kalvin 34:24
Often. I’ll do it like I do for the Oscars where I just live tweet, whatever I’m doing, which is not paying attention to the Oscars.

Nick 34:31
Taking the shit out here the Oscars in the other room.

Kalvin 34:33
I did it really good in 2019. And then I started to do it this year and completely forgot about it about 10 minutes after I started. Oh, sure. I just did a bunch of shit. I think we even recorded an episode that night. Maybe? No, I guess it’s a Sunday. So we tried it. But yeah, just like completely checked out that it was like 1030 I was like, Oh shit. I was supposed to be live tweeting this whole time.

Unknown 34:53
I didn’t do it. I’ll back. Get started now forget.

Kalvin 34:57
Yeah, so Alright, so let’s Let’s move on to our own lives. I didn’t you put that on to the for this together. The next point was act acts of extreme kindness that we’ve experienced. So I didn’t know if he meant that like that we’ve done unto others others have done unto us both neither. So I came up with a little bit of all

Nick 35:16
hit me. I mean, it was very open to interpretation.

Kalvin 35:18
So I’ve got four different things. For Yeah.

Nick 35:27
For me, bro, I have to, but mine are long, so hit okay.

Kalvin 35:32
Yeah, mine are mine. Very. Okay. So the first like I was having a hard time thinking at first, and the biggest stretch I can make of like somebody being extremely kind to me personally, is my friend that put me up for the current job. I have had no real reason to stick his neck out for me. I was going to fill his role because he had gotten a promotion to our corporate company. He’s since moved on several times. But I had no quote unquote, real experience and no education in this industry. But I had worked with him on a few like fun side projects before. And he helped me learn a few extra things before the interview process that would be helpful. And like I said, he just kind of stuck his neck out for me. And that could have completely backfired on him if I sucked, and it hasn’t. So like, I mean, that’s, uh, because I was in a hourly kind of dead end job that was very taxing. And, you know, he had no reason to bring me into this completely new industry filling in for him where he was still going to be working as well. And like, if I sucked, he would have had to take the brunt of that. And so like, that was a really cool, nice thing that he did.

Nick 36:44
Yeah, I mean, it changed your life set you on a trajectory that he did you know? That is pretty fucking tight. That’s very hard.

Kalvin 36:51
Okay, I’ll go with my next one. And then you do one and then I’ll do my next two, and then you do the last one. All right. So my next one was me and my other friend. Actually this guy’s brother. We’re at dinner with this. We used to work at this youth shelter for, like runaway homeless and troubled kids. That was the very taxing job I had before my current job, I imagine. And there’s this one kid who he turned 18 in, like, we’re not supposed to have contact with the kids once they’re out of the shelter. But once he turned 18, those rules are kind of turned off. It’s still frowned upon, but like he was in and out a lot due to his situation. And we took him to dinner for his birthday. And, you know, we’re just there talking, going through things like you know, just yucking it up, kind of not really getting into anything big. And this really drunk guy sitting next to us, starts gabbing at us, right? You’re just going off on his life story, and we’re just kind of like, Alright, dude, just fucking leave us alone. But he was being nice. He wasn’t being like belligerently drunk. He was just drunken talkative.

Unknown 37:58
Yeah, so that was like, leave me alone, dude. He’s kind of like,

Kalvin 38:00
what’s your story and like, we let the kid tell his story because we didn’t want to put his business out there. And like, he kind of tells him a little bit. And, you know, we tell them how we know each other and what we’re doing there and all that kind of stuff. And it turns out he is an ex NFL quarterback, but like, he wasn’t anyone that anyone would know. He was like a backup for the giants in the mid 80s. Not anyone great, uh, and you know, so he’s just talking to us. And then out of nowhere, he pays for our meal and gives us $100 just for no reason other than he talked to us and he wants to be nice, which was really great. And he was drunk.

Nick 38:37
Yeah, I feel like a dickhead. No, whoo, buddy. But I mean, that is a really fucking extraordinary thing to do. Yeah, no, that does not have gobs of money.

Kalvin 38:47
No. I mean, he’s, he’s probably got enough to spare. It was probably $200 by the end by our dinner and the extra hundred like, that’s in the grand scheme of things. That’s not really that much, but He has no reason to do that.

Nick 39:02
Yeah. Yeah. It’s a weird coincidence.

Kalvin 39:06
Yeah, exactly. We didn’t go there looking out for anyone to pay for like we were just taking him to a nice dinner. And it happened that we sat next to this drunk guy who decided to be nice. So thank you drunk ex NFL quarterback.

Nick 39:19
That’s that showed a young man that there are Yeah, see some fucking people out there.

Kalvin 39:23
Well, and this kid, he’s such a good kid after all the shit that he’s had in his life. So like, that’s kind of why we always looked out for him.

Unknown 39:30
I haven’t talked to him in a while. But that’s usually he’s that’s usually how it goes, man. But that’s

Kalvin 39:34
Yeah, that’s probably a good thing. That means he doesn’t need help anymore, which is a good thing.

Unknown 39:39
Yeah, I’m sure you were, you know, you help guide the young man

Unknown 39:44
is cool. Sure.

Kalvin 39:47
All right. So give us one of yours.

Nick 39:51
All right, so this one, this one’s going deep into my coffers. But this is my story about Miss cheney. Who was my principal in elementary school, but I got to go way back way back to when my dad was a nine year old kid. He, my dad was in an orphan. So he had a really, really tough time. And he moved a lot. So he really didn’t know anyone or didn’t know any. He didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. And he went to elementary school and the town I live in now. And he met this woman named Miss Cheney, who kind of took him under her wing and just showed him kindness after years of just my dad had some fucked up shit happened to him. So anyways, how it applies to me is when I was young, my my mother took off on me. And that was a bit you know, I had a lot of problems with women in authority, I guess is a good way to say it. And I ended up Going to by weird coincidence and ending up at the same school my dad went to when he was a kid and who was the principal But Miss Cheney, and she remembered my dad and I was I was a fucking angry, angry kid. And I was not easy to like and or love, I’m sure but this woman fucking, without hesitation just wrapped me up in her arms figuratively and physically and Dude, this lady was a champion of the people, especially for a young kid who was fucking aimless and just pissed off at the world. I mean, I was fucking borderline about to get kicked out of school, not because I was violent or anything but I was extremely disruptive and argumentative but this lady you know, she had she was a fucking principal of a not, you know, a school that’s not in the greatest area. So she’s already got a lot of shit on her, you know? Should on our plate schools even fucking air condition. It gets hot here. Yeah, and you She took now out of the kindness of her heart. She didn’t help just one generation but two generations of kind of aimless young people. And, I mean, she had a tremendous impact on me throughout my entire life, just because she showed me a little kindness.

Kalvin 42:18
And that’s great. That’s great that she has helped you along your way to become the co host of a very middling podcast.

Nick 42:28
We’re a podcast about something and today it’s about kindness. So and she was pretty great. Yes, yes, she was a special woman God rest her soul. I don’t say that for many people because I’m not a big God guy. But you know, she’s a pretty amazing person. She was just the kindest lady

Kalvin 42:45
shout out Yeah, Miss cheney shout out to heaven Miss cheney. Peace out.

Unknown 42:53
Alright, so my say that all the fucking time.

Kalvin 42:56
My next one is a guy by the name of Shay. So Rondo in the FOIA Charmy unified his stance or fuck out of here?

Nick 43:06
Fuck yeah, I’m very curious about this cap because I’ve seen you interacting and talking about him quite a bit on Twitter before

Kalvin 43:13
I talked about him a lot. I’ve talked about him on the show. He’s written three New York Times bestsellers at this point. The first one was the wrap your book, check it out if you haven’t. The second one was basketball and other things. And the third one was just released at October of last year is called movies and other things. I’ve read the first two I’ve just started movies and other things, all great. He, he writes, like, you’re having a conversation with one of your friends, which is really a fun way to read things. Yeah. And he’s not like a real writer. Like he just started writing to write things. And it’s just it’s, it’s really fun to read the things he writes. So if you like basketball, wrap me And movies, check out all three of those books and buy them. So he has done over my time of following, which is now about 10 years I’ve been following him, but it’s ramped up in the last five. He has done these different kind of fundraisers just out of nowhere for almost no reason, like one time, he couldn’t find his car in an airport parking lot. And no one of those ladies on the carts, picked him up, drove them around for somewhere around an hour and eventually found his car. And, like the next day, and like while they were driving around, he got kind of her life story and what’s going on with her blah, blah, blah. And so the next day he goes on Twitter, and he’s like, you know, she told me her life story. Let’s help her out. Let’s, you know, let her provide a good Christmas for her kids, whatever it was, and within like three or four days raised several thousand dollars for this woman eyes that he doesn’t know really And he does things like that all the time he finds these random people who need help and gets his fo h army which are all his followers. I like to consider myself part of that to donate whatever they can. So it multiplies and multiplies and it does a great job every time. He also like even before his books come out the pre orders put him into consideration for like New York Times bestseller like upcoming bestsellers or whatever that is number one on Amazon pre orders all that shit. Because people are so willing to just go out and do things for him. So it’s especially point well, he also does these book parties, I think is what they call and basically, he just puts it out there. If people need the book, get in as mentioned right now, like, reply to that tweet, and somebody who can get another person who book we’ll buy that personal book, basically. So like, you get a lot of people Like college students, you know, can’t afford the $20 book, but they really want to read it. And then some other dude comes in. It’s just like, Hey, I got you. Send me your address, and boom, they get them a book. I’ve I’ve tried to buy people books. Nobody ever responds to me when I’m like, Hey, I got someone a book if they want it, because I have. I have two copies of movies and other things. I have two copies of basketball and other things. And I have Kindle copies of both of them. I think I’m on my way. Hmm. So I’ll read that. I’ll check it out. No, you have to buy your own. Because I know you can Nick. Oh, you rat fucking bastard.

Nick 46:35
Check him out, man. I might get him on. I wonder if they have any of his books on Audible

Kalvin 46:41
movies and other things is on Audible. He also did like an audible special with his wife that he called a wedding thing where they talk about the circumstances around their wedding, which is a really interesting story. So check that out. It’s free on Audible. I can’t it’s only like 15 minutes long, so I can’t talk anymore about ello eyes little giveaway that was not just like, Oh, we went to this beautiful church and had a beautiful wedding. It’s a really interesting and good story. Check that out. And I and I’m pretty sure he does the audio book of movies and other things, but you really want to get the real books because they have great illustrations by this guy, Arturo Torres. And they’re just fantastic and hilarious. So I’m game for that. So the other thing that’s going on right now with Corona virus is he’s raised over $61,000 for random people on Twitter, plus, whatever his followers have thrown in that shoe just helped people pay bills right now when people are losing their jobs and getting laid off for no reason and having struggles that big companies aren’t necessarily concerned about right now.

Unknown 47:46
That’s, that’s fucking dough. Yeah.

Kalvin 47:48
And he’s, like I said, he just gives me He’s like, I’ve got 1500 dollars a day. Get in my mentions, if you need a bill paid. And then he just spreads it out. Yeah. So it’s really cool. them on that train. Yeah, get on it. If you’re not following a Serrano watch this stuff, I did one today It felt really great. But I’m not trying to say like, I’m doing an extraordinary act of kindness what he’s doing is extraordinary. I just gave somebody some money. And so he, that’s the only thing about it is like he’ll give whatever he gives. And then other people pile on like, whoever didn’t get it from him. Usually there’s somebody else who’s willing to help another person out.

Nick 48:29
Yeah, contribute because he led by example.

Kalvin 48:33
And so I got one more thing. This is a thing that happened from me to another person a couple months back, and like, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back with this one here, because I was mostly an asshole. And this situation ended up actually helping someone. So to him, it was probably a great kindness, but to me, I was like, Oh man, I was coming diktat guy. Yeah. So I go to Walmart with my three year old and we had just pulled up And I’m walking around the car to get her out. And this dude in a car in the next aisle over so like my hood of my car is lined up with the hood of his car right in the Walmart parking lot. He is saying something to and as we talked about before, when anyone approaches me in the parking lot, it’s just a straight no thank you and I keep it moving. But I couldn’t move on because I hadn’t got my daughter out of the car. I need to get her out. I couldn’t just walk away. Oh, and so he’s right there but still in his car. So he’s very unthreatening. You know, he’s in his car, not like trying to get up, get in my face or anything. And he just kept talking. And I was like, just kind of ignoring him. I got my daughter out. And then I looked at him and I see that he’s still talking and like getting kind of concerned almost, and also kind of mumbling so I got her out and I listened a little bit better what he’s saying and he was trying to tell me that he was lightheaded and having trouble breathing, and was asking me to call 9110 Fuck yeah. So I did and I stood there and like, I went through it with him. I stood there and talked to him. While we waited for the ambulance, you know, kind of close but kept a safe distance because I did have my daughter. Like, if she wasn’t there, I probably would have gotten a little closer and talk to him a little more. But like, I don’t like putting my kids into those situations.

Nick 50:12
Yeah, absolutely not

Kalvin 50:13
like this guy could all of a sudden snap and take my daughter, like there’s, you know, so I sat waiting with him for the ambulance, the ambulance showed up. You know, I just talked to him a while he is apparently a delivery person for a company delivering to Walmart. And he just finished his shift. When he started to feel like that. He said he started trying to go but realize he was in no condition to drive. He was I don’t know, 5060s it was really hot out. So I’m guessing he’s probably hydrated. Ambulance gets there. You know, I answered a few questions for them. And they just went about my business. So like I tell the story, because like I said, I think I’m a nice person. And I would do the right thing in most scenarios. But at the same time, I almost didn’t help this guy who maybe could have died. If I didn’t, because this is a CEO of a Walmart parking lot. There’s no other spaces over Going around this, like, I just happened to get the spot across from this guy, what if nobody else stopped to talk to him, you know? And like I just stray away from people in parking lots as a general rule of thumb, and away from me again, that’s mostly good practice. But this guy was in no way threatening and didn’t even approach me he couldn’t move out of his car. And so something like this, it just really highlights the difference between someone like me who’s not just like an outright kind person. And someone who is truly kind that wouldn’t have even blinked twice when this guy asked for help. And we’re just like, Yeah, what do you need standing there getting him water all this shit when like, I did the bare minimum to help this

Nick 51:37
guy. Yeah, you still did something? Yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s, that’s a big difference.

Kalvin 51:42
Okay. All right. So what’s your last thing?

Nick 51:45
My last one is one that applies to me, too. So this is a shorter one. When I was younger, as I mentioned before, we were pretty fucking broke grown up but I still my dad still, you know buses asked to give me a special So I never really had a sport I liked. And one day my dad was walking me into MC sports, which is this local fucking place that’s long closed to get some shin guards for soccer. I fucking hate soccer. I hated soccer. I

Kalvin 52:15
don’t mind it now. But like I hated playing it in like Elementary School.

Nick 52:20
Yeah. And I was overweight and just all the running and shit was just not my bag, baby, not my bag. At the time.

Kalvin 52:28
Well, I played tennis in high school, and I specifically played doubles because the running amount in singles was too much for me to handle.

Unknown 52:33
Yeah, fuck all that running

Nick 52:34
sucks. But anyway, so we’re walking into MC sports, and there’s this old dude sitting at a table outside with a little pitiful sign for the local jfl football team. And, you know, he’s like, hey, do you want to join the Do you want to join the Southwest bears? And my dad’s like, Oh, you know, sorry. I think my son’s a little pissy. Not really, but, you know, he’s just like, Yeah, I don’t know if my kid would really be into that. And I he didn’t say it I remember this fucking distinctly he didn’t say it but he implied heavily that you know we just couldn’t flat out could not afford it right cuz I mean it’s expensive

Kalvin 53:12
yeah there’s a lot of equipment that goes especially in Pop Warner like in high school they provide you with most of the stuff and Pop Warner there’s none of that. Yeah, but you walk around all of your stuff except for like the practice years

Nick 53:24
pretty much like it’s in the mouthpiece but he was just like yeah don’t worry about it well you

Unknown 53:28
guys didn’t use used mouthpieces. Oh, I mean,

Nick 53:33
you might shut them down. But he was just like, yeah, don’t worry about it if you, you know, and he looked me dead in the face and he says, Son,

Unknown 53:41
would you like to play football? I was like, Yeah, okay.

Nick 53:44
So I ended up playing football and that really changed that. That should do changed my life in so many ways. And he was my dad was busy so I was alone a lot after school and instead I had football to go to and everyone called him coach dad. So, he was, you know, he earned that very much. So like he always helped kids with their homework. He spent every dollar he could to do nice things for us. And, you know, in middle school would, which is a time where most all of us were rapidly changing and going through puberty and crazy shit like that. Which is a fucking rough time.

Kalvin 54:23
Dead Middle School. Yeah, he’s just,

Nick 54:24
yeah, him and his wife were just super, super kind people. And even at the end of his life, he he didn’t want us to leave his life, his life his wife broke, because I mean, they definitely didn’t have a lot of money. He obviously spent most of it helping people. But he, you know, cancer kind of ate him up and instead of continuing to fight it, he was just like, you know, I’m good. I’m gonna go out I lived a good life. But I’d rather save this couple, you know, million dollars that I have left in provide for my wife and my family, for a lot longer is by still alive. I mean, he died like 15 years ago. Yeah.

Unknown 55:02
Not at all. I mean, fuck.

Kalvin 55:04
I hear stories about coaches like that never had one that was out of their way. Like thing. I’m here for the kids, you know?

Nick 55:13
Oh, yeah, he was absolutely i mean any kid that had a problem he was there any kid that needed a ride home, he took him home, you know, you need picked up. I got you. Cuz I mean, I used to have to ride my bike to practice after work. And it was like four or five miles.

Kalvin 55:26
Yeah. And we had coaches that were nice. That would do things like that if it were necessary, but they weren’t like going above and beyond and anyway.

Nick 55:34
Yeah, he he always told me he lived near me. But he’s like, Oh, you know, I mean, it’s 830 at night. This dude’s worked all day and then started teaching shithead teenage kids how to play football. And he’s like, Oh, yeah. Yeah, I mean, I fucking suck man. I was a dick. Last wife. And he would take you know, he dropped me off along with like two or three other kids and not till his funeral. I found out because we did. Little, my father now owns had just started at the time a lawn care company, which is, you know, led to a very successful life, etc. But we were doing a little landscaping for his wife at their house. And I found out, you know, obviously where his house was, and it was, my boy, it was fucking 20 miles out of the way this dude lived way out of town. And it’s just, you know, he probably spent 18 hours a day helping people and that’s a fucking con human being. Yes,

Kalvin 56:33
yes, it is. Shout out to heaven again. Coach, dad, coach that my dude. All right. So, let’s wrap up here. What do we think about the culture of kindness today in our world?

Unknown 56:48
Fucking shameful dog. shameful. People are dicks.

Nick 56:54
People are fucking dicks. I mean, look at the look of the virus in the situation. Yeah.

Kalvin 57:00
At the same time, they’re not like, I think this is a really good time to have this conversation like this hit at a good time because there’s something to actually hold it against right now with coronavirus going around in a healthy mix. So despite what one very loud person would have you think it’s a very serious disease. And for the most part, people are trying to take it seriously. Everyone I’ve talked to, is doing their best to follow the guidelines. Now that comes at the expense of other things. And sometimes you can’t always follow them and strictly like I’ve gone to stores probably three times a week still, because we need things or whatever. But I think at first there was a movement to not really worry about it, especially for younger people. But lately, people have really stepped up to the plate in the past few weeks and are trying to do their best to stay at home, stay away from other people. And it’s just not an easy thing to do. And if you even if you’re not doing anything selfishly with that time It’s still very easy to come into contact with other people. And I think as a whole, we are doing a good job of trying to stay away from people. People want to be kind, especially, you know, like we said, if it doesn’t cost them anything, and we’re seeing how kind of the simplest acts of kindness, right now, keeping your distance covering your mouth, washing your hands, all that stuff can go the furthest into stopping spreading this, but on the other hand, you have huge dickheads who go out there and say, no, it’s all hoax. Nothing’s going on. Don’t worry about it. Go back to work by Easter.

Nick 58:32
Or, you know, cough on people shit at the store and

Kalvin 58:35
lick lick bottles of shampoo, all of that.

Nick 58:37
Like what the fuck is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s simple. And I think we’ve all kind of came to a conclusion, for the most part, like the Zeitgeist of America has kind of come to the conclusion. It’s like, Okay, this is fun. This is scary. Like we need to take this seriously. And luckily, there’s a dramatic amount of reasonable people out there but There’s a lot of not read I at my job. It’s a lot of older, you know, wealthy white men who are just like, this is a fucking hoax. They’re buying it in this shit hook line and sinker, dude. Well, we have a really big red Hatter at my work. And he is surprisingly taking it seriously. He said he’s been staying tight. Now he lives with his mother in law who was very old. Like, probably 90s, I would say.

Kalvin 59:26
So maybe that’s why he is taking it more seriously because he has somebody in one of those high risk groups, very close to him. But I was kind of surprised with when I spoke to him last week. He’s like, I don’t even think I’ve left my house in the last two weeks, which I’m not I’m like I’m leaving my house constantly.

Nick 59:41
Yeah, I mean, I I still have to go to work.

Kalvin 59:43
Yeah, I’m staying away from people but I’m constantly not in my house as much as I can be because I get stir crazy just like anyone else. And then but to go with what you’re saying. People are also generally selfish. And I think when all this blows over, we’re gonna go back to being selfish and it’s gonna To hit hard. We saw it right out of the gate with people hoarding shit. That there was never any need to hoard toilet paper meat sanitizer. So like, you don’t have to hoard those things. People are still making them they’re still going in the stores. Just buy what you would normally buy and there’s enough for everyone. Right? They’re not gonna close the store that’s not gonna stop production of these things. Just wait, I don’t know how stores still don’t have this stuff. And

Nick 1:00:25
I can tell you 100% because I work for a giant distributor of food and like, you know, toilet paper sanitizer, gloves, stuff like that. cleaning supplies, and our produce department is fucking dying, which is weird, but everybody’s buying nobody.

Kalvin 1:00:46
Exactly, because everybody thinks that this is a thing where you have to have like frozen food that you can eat whenever and nobody’s buying produce because it’s too perishable, but like, just buy it. Fucking eat it like you would any other time? Well,

Nick 1:01:03
exactly the point of it was, our supply lines are not going to. I mean, tomorrow I could or, you know, I could get 500 trucks full food. So it’s something that

Kalvin 1:01:14
delivery services are essential business, they’re not going to be shut down. farms have no reason to shut down like that. Their problems,

Nick 1:01:21
they want to sell their ship.

Kalvin 1:01:22
They’re one of the safest businesses, they don’t fucking talk to anybody. They don’t see anybody. They’re on the fucking farm all day. Yeah, and a tractor. That’s what I said about my industry is I’m in the construction industry. And we do ready mix concrete. So, like, I just keep telling people like that’s one of the safest businesses because nobody gets close to each other. Nobody touches each other. Like you get out your truck. You pour the concrete you get in your truck, you leave. Nobody, you don’t shake hands, you don’t touch you know, like there’s nothing there’s no need to touch anyone plants if you don’t have to. And so like, you know, everybody’s like, Oh, are you worried about your job shut down. Like honestly not in apparently in Florida construction is considered essential so we wouldn’t be anyways. But I just never saw the need for it in this industry. And that’s the same thing with food production and the toilet paper production saying like production doesn’t necessarily need to shut down in the scenario where people are treating it like it will. Yeah. Yeah, because they because they don’t want to take the time to understand it.

Nick 1:02:26
Well, it’s the end of days you know, it’s, I don’t even it’s so depressing to see it’s frightening and all and then

Kalvin 1:02:34
the worst part of it is the people hoarding it to price gouge somebody else.

Nick 1:02:38
Yeah, fuck you. I would God I would love to watch some ass.

Kalvin 1:02:41
It’s a very narrow thought process and worldview that gets you to the point where I’m gonna buy 60 cases of toilet paper because either I need it for the next six months fuck everybody else or I’m gonna sell more yours. Well, yeah, I’m gonna sell this for a fucking hundred dollars a roll because people are going to need it like Fuck you if you’re doing that,

Nick 1:03:02
well in their minds, it’s, you know, the America, the almighty dollar capitalism, capitalism. And where do they parent that information from? I think we both know, sir.

Kalvin 1:03:12
And I just feel like I’m more I’m more afraid of like, in six months when this is all blown over, there’s a cure or treatment process, whatever, something where life can somewhat get back to normal, you know, I just feel like people are just going to it almost immediately forget about everything we went through, you know, life’s gonna go back to normal. We’re going to be, you know, people are just going to be looking out for themselves. We’re gonna see black friday people pushing and shoving and knocking each over to get to the toy or the TV or whatever. And it’s just like, did we forget what just happened and how much we need each other. So look at my slapping dudes.

Nick 1:03:51
Yeah, I mean, look at 911 people fucking just for God basically, never there and they feel patriotic when it’s around. But I mean, like,

Kalvin 1:03:59
every night Don’t you see the people changing their profile pictures on Facebook to never forget with a picture of ghost Twin Towers? Yeah.

Unknown 1:04:08
Driving that

Unknown 1:04:10
it was alright, but anyways,

Kalvin 1:04:12
alright, final point. Do you think everyone deserves kindness or is there a threshold for that?

Nick 1:04:20
yes and yes, I think everybody deserves I think everybody deserves basic kindness but for me it’s it borderlines between you know, kindness decency in basic human respect, like you are. You are a human being just as much as I am. I don’t know anything you know, for example, if I didn’t know anything about you, I don’t know anything about this random person on the street but

Kalvin 1:04:44
but basic human decency is fine.

Nick 1:04:47
Yeah, I’m not gonna be a fucking cocksucker to them and just not be aware of my surroundings and yada yada but obviously, there’s a limit me fuck Hitler, child rapists. Fuck those guys. They do not deserve kindness they can be thrown off clip for all your shit. Just some, but that’s obviously very drastic examples. But yeah, people

Kalvin 1:05:08
those types of people are barely people at that point.

Unknown 1:05:11
Yeah, they’re fucking monsters.

Nick 1:05:14
Monsters don’t deserve kindness so we can say, all people do deserve kindness. Boom, there we go.

Kalvin 1:05:20
Yeah, I agree to an extent, you know everyone is deserving of kindness and the same way you were saying, but it’s kind of on a personal day to day person to person basis both from the giver of the kindness and the receiver of the kindness. So and I think like going into any first time meeting or anything like that, or just walking by somebody on the street, I think everyone at least deserves the benefit of the doubt right? Even a complete piece of shit deserves basic human decency in a banal, meaningless conversation. Not in a, you know, what’s up as you’re passing by, is not too much like that’s better than just flipping somebody off for walking by. You know, if I met Hannibal Lecter tomorrow, I’m not going to like fall over myself. trying to be nice to him. But I’m also not going to spit on him and throw a rock at his head.

Nick 1:06:04
You know, you deserve to die for sure that I had

Kalvin 1:06:08
a real person in this example, but I had to switch it out for a fictional person. So I didn’t talk myself into a corner.

Nick 1:06:14
I didn’t want to be a good man. Yeah,

Unknown 1:06:17
good, man. But so yeah,

Kalvin 1:06:19
very basic human kindness. It’s really easy to achieve. And I think that should apply until someone abuses it. Like going back to that Hannibal Lecter example, obviously, he’s abused it at this point in time, but at the same time, he’s never hurt me. So he would just start at a very low baseline. But like if a family member of someone he killed an eight came across him tomorrow, it’d be completely reasonable for them to throw rocks at us at

Nick 1:06:45
100% 100% I you know, kind of all depends,

Kalvin 1:06:49
right? I I would never claim that he’s a good person. But I, I think showing another human you know, whom you’ve never met the very base human decency of saying hello and not throwing a rock at their head shouldn’t be unreasonable either. Please, thank you.

Nick 1:07:05
Yeah, holding the door for someone and just being ident being aware of your surroundings if I’m holding the door, and

Kalvin 1:07:12
I realize it’s Hannibal Lecter walking up beside me, or behind me. I’m gonna keep holding. No, I’m not just going to shove it in his face and be like, haha, fuck you, Dick.

Nick 1:07:22
Yeah, you know, mostly because I don’t want to die.

Kalvin 1:07:24
Well, yeah, he’ll definitely kill me and eat me if I do that.

Nick 1:07:27
Yeah, eat my fucking brain and keep me alive like that sick fuck sick puppy. I won’t do that. Like you’re saying,

Kalvin 1:07:31
like, I’m gonna be generally nice to someone when I first meet them. But the threshold diminishes each time they abused that niceness. You know, I’ll be nice to you. But if you’re completely continuously an asshole to me, like that niceness is just gonna go down and down with each interactions until I cut you off completely. Or, you know, just

Nick 1:07:51
I’m gonna be cold as I possibly can. Well, yeah,

Kalvin 1:07:54
so that’s where the problem comes in. If it’s like a co worker or family member who constantly abuses your kindness, and you can’t Just simply tell them to fuck off and cut them out of your life. Like, that’s a hard thing to balance sometimes of like, well, I don’t like this person. They’ve never been nice to me. I’ve tried being nice to them. And now I’m at the point where I’m just like, okay, fuck you, but I can’t do that because you’re my wife’s brother, you know?

Nick 1:08:15
Yeah. And then they’re like, why are you mad at me do well, yeah, what’s wrong? What do I do? Exactly?

Kalvin 1:08:21
So can be kind to people.

Nick 1:08:24
Yeah, be con guys shit,

Kalvin 1:08:26
but take some time for yourself to it’s okay to get you guys to talk.

Nick 1:08:29
You. Absolutely, absolutely. 100%

Kalvin 1:08:31
hold the door open for Hannibal Lecter? Okay.

Nick 1:08:35
I mean, this is being smart in two ways. So Zack

Kalvin 1:08:38
is going to help you out in your life. I swear.

Nick 1:08:40
I mean, he has fantastic wine pairing suggestions. That’s true.

Kalvin 1:08:45
That’s true. He does. All right. You got anything else? I’m being kind. Rewind, be kind and rewind.

Unknown 1:08:51
Great movie underrated. That is a good movie. it’s enjoyable. JACK black most deaf. Yeah.

Nick 1:08:58
Okay, so in most was trying man

Kalvin 1:09:01
is a weird movie though didn’t they? Like live under power lines and jack black had some like superpower or some shit. I most def had like a it wasn’t like a superpower but like a weird, like a weird ESP type thing. Yeah,

Unknown 1:09:14
yeah. I don’t know.

Kalvin 1:09:17
Strange movie but good trench, check out

Unknown 1:09:22
in Shavasana

Kalvin 1:09:23
Sanchez rounds definitely check out Cesaro.

Nick 1:09:25
I’m on it, bro.

Kalvin 1:09:26
I’m doing it follow them on Twitter become a part of the fo h army. You get like a cool little patch, which I’m holding up to a camera that nobody can see.

Unknown 1:09:36
See See this

Kalvin 1:09:37
and you don’t actually get this you had to like preorder the book at a certain time and send him a screenshot to get the patch but I’m sure he’ll do it again sometime. Nice. Get some cool NBA bookmark. A lot of cool stuff. And he just because he’s awesome. Shout out chase around.

Nick 1:09:55
Yeah, those kind of thing for you to do. Kevin send all of our thousands of followers his way

Kalvin 1:10:00
Exactly maybe he can send some back our way that’d be tight All right, thank you for listening. Thank you for being nice to people thank you for staying inside in this trying time and staying away from people as much as possible Follow us on Twitter at APA something at alone underscore podcast we got anything else give us a review on iTunes we don’t ever ask you to do that do it now. fuckers are fuckers in.

Nick 1:10:29
Be nice. Give us

Kalvin 1:10:31
a review. Having trouble talk. We got to stop this cuz I’m having trouble talking now. Hey, no worries on iTunes. Thanks to those counties for all of the music for podcasts.

Unknown 1:10:43
And you guys stay

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