Episode 100 – A Podcast About A Podcast About Something Podcast Superlatives

It’s our 100th episode!!!!! Nick and Kalvin reminisce on the first two years of the show and give out our special blend of made-up awards to ourselves. After patting ourselves on the back, we discuss what podcasting has taught us and offer some advice anyone looking to get into the podcasting game.

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Kalvin 0:06
To a podcast about something where each week we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. I’m your host, Calvin, and joining me from a makeshift podcast studio. It’s your co host, Nick Richardson.

Nick 0:16
He was crazy as I am I gonna make a podcast? Yes, that is actually where you are. That’s bananas.

Kalvin 0:24
This is our 100th episode. So we’re pulling out all the stops letting you know exactly where we are. Tell us your address, Nick. Don’t do that. It’s bad idea. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. No visit neck there.

Nick 0:40
Don’t go there. Don’t do it. It’s not safe for you. Just saying. So

Kalvin 0:46
this is a very special episode. As we said it is officially our 100th episode. Now if you look at the feed, there’s way more than 100 episodes because we put out bonus episodes. We’ve got all the podcasts about football episodes from 2018 2019 in there. But this is actually Episode 100 in the sequential numbering sequence, so we thought we would do something special and self indulgent because I didn’t, I couldn’t come up with a better idea. So we are doing podcasts about something, podcasts, prerogatives. Now, if you’re a regular listener, you know, we have movie superlatives once a month, where we give out made up awards to movies. So we’re doing the same thing here. We’re getting made up awards to ourselves for this podcast.

Nick 1:36
I feel like we’re giving ourselves trophies.

Kalvin 1:38
Yeah, that’s exactly I actually have trophies here. It’s like the dundies it’s the podcast about something version of the dundies

Nick 1:45
I have to make me one now. They have dundies for sale. I might have seen something on it.

Kalvin 1:50
Which There you go. If you win any of these awards, be sure to buy yourself one. I fucking well, man. I don’t think you can win any of them though. Because there’s I don’t think there’s any thing that pertains directly to a person other than guests. But you’re not a guest so you’re not up for that. I am the best guest Yes, but you’re not a guest so don’t count. So we will be giving out five different awards can only give one award per thing and one thing per award at the all the rules don’t really translate but we’ll figure it out as we go. The five awards were given out is best guest best general topic, like not a specific episode topic but like, do like when we’re talking about TV or books or music or you know, that kind of thing. general topics. The best fact learned from podcasts about something. The best idea for a future episode What are we most excited to work on in the future? And last but not least, our favorite episode. Day. I cannot wait to get into this one. And we got a bunch of other shit to talk about at the end

Unknown 2:55
we do

Kalvin 2:57
about podcasting in general. So If you’re a podcaster and you want to learn our thoughts on podcasting, but don’t feel like listen to all our awards, which first of all fuck you

Nick 3:06
get off my feed.

Kalvin 3:09
Then you just fast forward to like prime minute 36 ish.

Nick 3:14
You don’t listen to that, right? You’re gonna be incorrect. You’re gonna be like, you know, Nolan whenever it comes to timing shoot it perfectly. But uh, yeah, if you want to, you know, get a little advice. If you’re looking to start a podcast yourself. Stay tuned to around that 36 ish minute, Mark. And you might learn a little something.

Kalvin 3:35
Exactly. That’s what we’re here for to teach you the listeners something, no fall

Nick 3:39
bow here. Give Myself Awards, and that’s a secondary thing.

Kalvin 3:44
All right, that’s fine. You can do that. Nice. Nice. Alright, so let’s get right into these awards that let’s start with best guests. You go first. co hosts do not count. So no Eric and no Nick.

Nick 3:59
Yeah. mean no, Eric no me. So that’s tough cuz I mean, I mean, I want to thank you. Yeah, I want to be like, you know, this guy’s pretty chill dude. And I’m not very chill for saying that but no, my favorite by far has been Andy and that sounds kind of mean by far. But Andy from our house episode. No, they’re all great. We thank you for coming on the show, but Episode 96 I believe, with Andy where we talked about jobs because he gave a bunch of fantastic advice. And he was, you know, enunciated it was a really good speaker and he didn’t sound like shit. That was helpful. Dude, that was super awesome. I was very, very timely

Kalvin 4:41
get a guest and you don’t know when it’s gonna come through as I agree. I really liked Andy. Again, he’s one of my friends from college. So of course I liked talking to him and you know, we’d have conversations like you and I have now back in college. And it was cool for him to bring some of his expertise onto the show because he was the first First like expert that we had on something, if you want to call him that, I’ll call him an expert. I call him an expert. Yeah. For sure, because usually it’s just other dudes, or ladies who podcast, who like whatever the topic is, you know, in the same way we like whatever topic we’re covering, but he was like a special, it was more of an interview. Let’s get you know, somebody who knows their shit on here.

Nick 5:23
Yeah, definitely. Well, I mean, I liked that a lot. And at the same time, it was somewhere where I didn’t really want to necessarily say anything, because it’s like, I’m really, I was really fascinated by what he was saying, or just the perspective coming from him was just completely, you know, I’ve always wondered what it was like on the other side of the table from your HR rep, or I believe he was an HR rep.

Kalvin 5:46
He worked in HR at some point he was an HR rep, but I think he has like a fancier title by now. But either way, he’s the Toby of most offices, not saying he’s Toby Ouch. But do shout out

Nick 5:58
to Andy. Steve Kerr. Only came out with a saw that Yeah, dude Toby started Cova 19. So Andy, What’s up, dude? You got something to tell us, bro. Other than that, Toby. Yeah, I didn’t really want to say much because it was just like, Okay, this guy obviously knows what the fuck he’s talking about. So I’m just gonna sit back and listen and learn, which was nice. Yeah,

Kalvin 6:20
yeah, I learned a lot from him. It was really great experience. I’m probably gonna go back to him at some point with more questions just for myself. But yeah, that was cool. So now it’s my turn, hit it. I went from back in the days late 2018 when the format of the podcast was to have a different guest every week. And that was hella hard on scheduling and timing. But two guys stood out to me. It was Joe and Luke from the think tank podcast, which is a great podcast, where they drink beers and think about things. But they came on to do the Seinfeld episodes with me. We do Two very long two part Seinfeld episodes, one on festivus, and one on George Costanza engagement. And I just like working with Joe and Luke, because they’re the only people I’ve ever quote unquote met that can just go insane on Seinfeld knowledge the way I can and completely indulge my craziest thoughts on what’s really going on in an episode of Seinfeld.

Nick 7:23
Isn’t that dope, though, when you run into people like that?

Kalvin 7:25
Well, yeah, it kind of happened by happenstance. I saw him on Twitter. And they, you know, they posted their new episode length that was like, we did our sign cast, which they did like two hours of trying to encapsulate the whole show, which is really hard to do with a nine season show. And so I listened to it and I just heard them and it was just like, back and forth pokes the whole time. And they’re talking about they probably lost all their listeners. And I’m like, No, I’m right there with you. I’m going with the I can name every episode you’re quoting, I can go with it. So like I immediately reach out to them. I was like, I’ve got a great idea for an episode. I’ve been trying to find a crazy Seinfeld fanatic. I think I found some and we made it work. And they’ve actually they’ve started doing episode re watches as part of their pod. They it’s not their whole podcast, but like every once in a while they do an episode rewatch, and I’m hoping to be on one soon we landed on which episode we’re going to do, we just have to find time. And they’re really great because like I said, they just indulge in the inane pneus of Seinfeld and go super deep on nothing, which is kind of like what we do here. Except, you know, we dive deep on something.

Nick 8:30
Yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s something to I mean, it’s Seinfeld but still talking to people that have a breadth of knowledge about a certain subject, especially one you enjoy and share that breadth of knowledge with. That’s super fuckin fun. Where it’s, I mean, you guys are almost in sync when you’re jamming like that. And yes, man, it’s one of the most. I don’t want to say relaxing, but it’s very therapeutic in a way. Yeah, it’s a conversation. There you go. That’s exactly.

Kalvin 8:59
All of these Thoughts I’ve always had to help this dumb show somebody there to listen to them now.

Nick 9:06
And not just listen but respond, right? Hey, something is right

Kalvin 9:09
there with me like, Oh shit,

Nick 9:10
that makes sense. Dude what the fuck yeah, that’s fucking awesome i love that usually happens to me when I run in like this new guy we got at work newer guy I’ve worked with him previously he actually worked for me at a previous job. And I was able to snag and bring him along to this new one. But he I had no idea he was a big mega nerd like me loves Halo. So like the third or fourth day and he said something about Halo and it’s just like, bro, are we best friends now? Yeah. And we just started talking about Halo for like, the next three or four days pretty

Kalvin 9:42
much good to find those people but it’s often hard to because like somebody could be like, Oh, I like that thing. And you’re like, Yeah, but do you like it? How I like it?

Nick 9:51
Yeah, and you really don’t want to come on too strong. Yeah, they’ll think you’re a fucking weirdo. Exactly. But no, it was reciprocal is it Well, that’s great.

Kalvin 10:02
All right, so let’s move on next category is the best general topic. And again, this is not a specific episode topic. That’s what we’ll do at the end, more generalized, overarching top topic that we like to talk about and that we like to kind of keep digging in that. Well, I go first on this one. I really like our book series discussions best like the Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire ones.

Nick 10:23
You know, I really enjoy those because they fuck we really go deep, man.

Kalvin 10:27
Yeah. So I like these because the way we look at especially these two things, and I wish I had more knowledge on some other book series, but these are the ones that like I’ve chosen to, you know, immerse myself in. But like Lord of the Rings would be a great one to do this stuff on it. I just don’t have the knowledge there. And I don’t want to do a disservice to something like Lord of the Rings. But there’s, you know, tons of series out there that could use this treatment and like I just don’t have the time to dedicate to learning the whole world of them. Like, I’ve already committed to Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire. But I just like, you know, we kind of pick apart the my new show within these two things. It’d be very easy to talk for an hour about Game of Thrones and the overarching themes of it, but like what we did last week with the crypts of Winterfell, and just coming up with theories off the cuff, because we’re discussing one specific thing, to me is a lot more fun than just being like, Well, yeah, the night King might be this guy, and you know, he’s gonna go to Winterfell and then make it down to King’s Landing.

Nick 11:32
The sun is fun. No, and at the same time, I think everything we discussed was plausible. Well, I mean, especially within the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. And when when you can discuss things like that, because both of those things Harry Potter, and you know, Game of Thrones for just it’s easier to say it is we kind of brought with us from earlier days where we just didn’t have I mean, we’re both fathers. We’re both married, right? Both have jobs and you I’ve always worked forever and you know, obviously had girlfriends and stuff like that. But I had a lot more time to dedicate to stuff like that. So I mean,

Kalvin 12:10
sort of the reasons why Game of Thrones was my like, peak Song of Ice and Fire where I was like a cure, which is like a question and answer social media type thing. Like I was a sought after person to answer questions on theories and things like that. And so like, between five and six was when I read the books, and I got super deep into the world and tried to start learning more. And I had my first daughter, but like, I still had time while I was, you know, I had some time at work to look at things I had some time at home to look at things and now it’s just like, there would be no time to dive in deeper to different worlds.

Nick 12:44
It’s, it’s, I mean, it’s a major major commitment, but luckily, they’re both giant worlds that have a ton of stuff that unexplored are really not talked about and I think we kind of gravitate towards the you know, like our last episode the Crips Winterfell not many people decide to talk about mostly it’s, you know, the giant battles. And we get

Kalvin 13:05
like, you get like a five minute conversation. And there might be something in there as you’re talking about something larger, but like, I like taking that and making it a whole thing. Because we when we do that, we always find kind of more avenues and theories to come up with and move down. Same thing when we talked about artist films from Harry Potter, like, yeah, we talked about who Phillips was, but it helped us understand a lot more of the way magic in the world works and why somebody wouldn’t have magic, or how they couldn’t have magic. So like you can you start on something and you end up going down these rabbit holes and branching out onto different things that all tie back to that main thing. And like you said, the worlds are just so huge that there are literally endless possibilities of topics to cover in ways that will never get stale.

Nick 13:50
Right. I mean, I could talk about second breakfast for forever.

Kalvin 13:55
I couldn’t because I literally have seen the Lord of the Rings movies one time and that’s it. My knowledge on and I wish, I wish I had more because I would love to talk about it. And maybe I’ll do the audiobooks at some point so I can get kind of a better back round on it. Mm hmm. And I just feel like with TV and movies, they’re easier to consume. But they’re these finite worlds to live in, especially if they’re not built off of something like Harry Potter or A Song of Ice and Fire. Lord of the Rings are not built on the back of something that’s larger. It’s just whatever you see on the screen, it’s fan. You can’t take that in different places necessarily, unless somebody builds a world around what you see like Stranger Things. For example, there’s no world built around it you can only extrapolate on what we’ve seen. So there’s no way to say like, Okay, what is the upside down? Really? Where are the secrets hiding that we don’t see in the show? Because we’re only given the show to work with. That’s a fucking very point. But with these things with Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, You get this vision in your head, and then you see it on screen. And then you know, they can put all these little details that seem like throwaway details, but actually could down the road at some point come back and actually mean something, which is really great. And we talked about that a lot with the crypts of Winterfell of like, well, there’s this little thing of the start kids playing in the Crips, early in the books. Well, that might be meaningful later when we realize how comfortable they are down there like Brandon rakin hiding down there. Like it’s important to know that they’re comfortable down there because that’s where they hit

Nick 15:31
later. Exactly. Not just hid but spent months basically right.

Kalvin 15:36
Oh, shut on the show on the show. You would never know those things, because it was like we didn’t see them playing down there. So we don’t know they’ve ever even been down there.

Nick 15:44
Yeah, it’s just like this thing they know.

Kalvin 15:46
Yeah. All right. So what was your best topic?

Nick 15:50
Mine was the office. Oh, I think that might be like that’s, that’s a middling one. So it’s not necessarily super specific, but I think it’s over. I mean,

Kalvin 16:01
we’ve gotten some pretty specific going in there.

Nick 16:04
Well, we have like three hours on the office. So yeah, I think that’s we got more coming. We do we I mean, I fucking love the office dearly going through a rewatch yet again, so great to have on Where are you? season three? I just these are three episodes 16 hours so I just

Kalvin 16:20
started season four I think I’m on four or five right now.

Nick 16:23
So I’m catching up quick. Yeah. But I mean, we both fucking love the office dearly. So many people love the office and it’s something that had such great continuities and you know, little my new details throughout the show. They were fucking awesome and just added up so well. Not only is it one of my favorite subjects to talk about because you share that with me. Like Are we the dinner party episode with Episode 40 and the branch merger episode with 63. Dude, those are those aren’t necessarily major, major, major. Well, you Yes sir. Dinner Party not so much branch mergers pretty major, the the plot of the author, right? But still, that’s not what people mostly discuss they kind of focus on how Michael Scott’s a fucking

Kalvin 17:12
way who Who’s your favorite character? You know, what did you think of seasons eight, nine like that’s how people talk about the office and it’s like, okay, that’s fun but that’s again that’s finite like you that conversation ends have nowhere else to go but if you start with alright let’s just talk about this one episode and specifically the party part of this episode. I don’t care about any of the other stuff that happens then you can look at a different Episode The next step,

Nick 17:38
right and I’m it’s also punctuated by the fact that Steve Crowe was apparently forced off the show. Yeah, I just saw that a couple days ago. Yeah. It was like Oh, those heartless fucking bastards. How do you kick him off the show? He’s so

Kalvin 17:54
my wife and I were talking about it and I said cuz he was ready to come back for season eight, it said and basically me Didn’t want to pay him what he was asking. Fine. I asked my wife, I said, Do you think they would have stopped after season eight? If he came back for eight like, and we both just kind of said, Yeah, I think so there wouldn’t have been a nine because nine was just kind of to clean up what eight did an even nine doesn’t really clean up ate that well, but you have to get to a point where you can end and eight didn’t get you to any points where you could end. But with Michael Scott there I think you can get to a point where you end

Nick 18:30
right i think is something that they it was a really convoluted way to. It’s almost like they were buying time until Steve Carell could get free and show up for a cameo and he’s just like, yeah, I’ll show Yeah, sure. Yeah, for sure. I’ll be there. And then just took you know, a year and a half to get there.

Kalvin 18:47
Yeah, probably something. That’s a good pick. I like the office. That was that was probably my next thing of like, because we it’s the same thing. We just go super deep on Super stupid stuff. Right. And that’s fun. It is. It is very fun. All right. So the best fact learned from podcasts about something either through our research or listening to one of us or guests or whatever. What do you got?

Nick 19:16
I I was very conflicted. I obviously can’t pick two things, but the jobs episode was super helpful. Very, very good information to have in your back pocket. But I my main pick, it’s from Episode 88. And that’s unlucky people in their bad days. Specifically, fucking What’s his face? Sorry, two, two suits to mow to mow that guy Yamaguchi. And, and the reason why I mean, I had no idea that not only did he survive one but two atomic blast, which I mean, obviously, there’s only two atomic bombs used on people that we can prove that’s a that’s a monumental point in history. That’s a shitty couple fucking days, that dude’s whole life was turned around on, you know, at a level that I I will never comprehend like not even close. So it was something that with the facts I learned from his life and just kind of the series of events, the fact that someone was so unlucky, it really put a lot of fucking things in perspective for me, and was just like, you know, it’s like you think you, you know, you think you’re tough and you and you’re working hard through life, and it’s like, Damn,

Kalvin 20:36
you’re not ever going to be lived through two atomic bombs.

Nick 20:39
No, yes, no. And this dude just kept on truckin kept on fucking going. So I mean, that’s, that’s a pretty powerful motivator, in my opinion, just a normal guy who did some innately extraordinary.

Kalvin 20:53
Yeah. And that’s something like I never would have had that information. If we didn’t do this.

Nick 20:59
I just Never would have gone down that rabbit hole

Kalvin 21:01
like I wouldn’t have cared until look at like, has anyone survived two atomic bombs? I never would have googled that in my life.

Nick 21:09
No, I might have seen it on like a cracked article, right? It’s a cracker.

Kalvin 21:13
It would be one of those things in one ear out the other.

Nick 21:15
Yeah, it’s a cracked article. I’m gonna read like, you know, it’s gonna be a blurb of six sentences like this guy about two atomic bombs. I’m like, oh, cool, you know, time to get off the toilet and leave. Yep. washing hands Nick coronavirus. I’m not one of those six bucks it uses the bathroom it doesn’t wash my hands. And if you do that, fuck you. You should and do not wash your hands. You are an asshole. Literally and figuratively and

Kalvin 21:41
your hands have asshole on them.

Unknown 21:43
Yeah. Okay.

Kalvin 21:49
So mine was a little softer, I guess I’ll say. Sorry, not quite so yeah, I think can’t think of any way. Mine is that the Philosopher’s Stone of Harry Potter fame is a real mythical historical artifact in the world of alchemy. Especially within Great Britain. I always thought because, you know, this was from Episode 29 podcasts about Sorcerer’s Stone with the great VCR kids runner up, really for the best guest to thump tankers. Oh hell yeah. But I never understood like I always thought it was weird that they changed the name for the US release from philosopher’s stone to you to Sorcerer’s Stone never really understood why until we looked into this and I even went into that episode expecting to talk about like the fake history behind the stone, like whatever JK Rowling created in her world of how it was made and where it went. And then like as I’m reading and going down this rabbit hole, I realized like no, this is based on a real artifact that people historically in Great Britain thought was a real thing and thought they can Make,

Nick 23:00
yeah, but they can achieve.

Kalvin 23:02
Yeah. And that’s one of the things I love about doing this podcast is like the smallest idea takes me on these wild rides as I find out more and more about whatever the topic is. And that like, that’s again, I would have never learned about that I probably would have never looked into why the it was changed from philosopher’s stone to Sorcerer’s Stone, which like, okay, fuck you, US publishers who thought Americans weren’t smart enough? Because so just a brief why it was changed if you don’t want to go back and list Episode 29, which you should but it was changed the Sorcerer’s Stone in America because the American publishers didn’t think American children would relate Philosopher’s Stone with magic in any way. Because we don’t have that myth. In American culture at all Great Britain. They have that myth of the Philosopher’s Stone built into their culture. But we don’t have that. It’s like a I don’t know what’s a American myth.

Nick 24:01

Unknown 24:03
Damn, coming off the top rope.

Unknown 24:08
Give it zobo sun.

Kalvin 24:12
Alright, anyway, that so they changed it so it would appeal more to American readers who would understand that it was about magic without having to figure out what the Philosopher’s Stone is because again, there’s no internet really at this time where kids can just go Google What the fuck is a philosopher’s stone? So they changed it and like now, I like Philosopher’s Stone better because like it’s a real thing, and it has a basis in history. And to me, I think that’s cooler than Sorcerer’s Stone, which doesn’t actually make sense.

Nick 24:42
Well, I mean, it’s like they’re just slapping you in the face with obvious dumb bullshit, like, right? Hey, you guys are dumb. So we are going to force feed this to you, which is just fucking annoying. And the fact if you just use the verbiage Philosopher’s Stone, there’s so much behind that but There goes it leads you down the rabbit hole of alchemy for one that’s, that’s pretty tight. You can find all kinds of cool stuff in my favorite fact. So you may not have fun fact for you guys out there. Isaac Newton’s first passion was finding the Philosopher’s Stone like that was what he spent 95% of his time on, shout out Isaac Newton. Yeah, I mean, obviously, you know, gravity, bro. Thanks. You know that’s pretty tight. He he came up with some of the honestly don’t know, I know I know Isaac Newton is extremely important. came up with the theory of gravity and all kinds of good shit. But I thought that was a fun fact that I learned after listening to that episode and get down that rabbit hole.

Kalvin 25:43
Yes, listen to a podcast about something you’ll probably learn something. I hope so. Maybe not in this episode, though. Because again, we’re just giving ourselves awards.

Nick 25:53
You’ll learn something. You just learned something. I bet a lot of y’all didn’t know that.

Kalvin 25:57
Well, they should go back and listen to Episode 29 because there’s a lot More information about it there,

Nick 26:01
get it.

Kalvin 26:03
Alright, so let’s move on to the best idea for the future. So what are we most excited to dive into on a future episode? And these, I have two. And they’re both recent ideas I had. The first is actually going to we’re going to be doing it in a couple of weeks. It’s our fictional football draft. Oh, yeah, really pumped for that we’re following the NFL Draft order. And we’re just going to go back and forth and draft teams of fictional players from TVs and TV and movies. And we’re trying to fill the needs of the actual NFL teams. I wanted to try and get like guests on and stuff. But I realized we’ve really only got two weeks to pull this off, and I didn’t think I could get enough guests and explain them and understand get the picks right and do all that so well. Then, maybe next year, we’ll get the s.

Nick 26:51
Yeah, if we get more. It’s kind of a weird time in the NFL.

Kalvin 26:54
That’s very odd. It’s a weird time everywhere.

Nick 26:57

Kalvin 26:59
But that’s it. Really exciting. And then this is one. I’m watching the office right now had an idea. We’re going to dive deep into the management of the office from sea level executives, David Wallace, Robert, California, those types of people to whatever the hell Jan’s position was called. Jan Ryan, Charles minor, those guys, two regional managers, and assistant regional manager, assistant to the regional manager. Basically, anyone who’s got manager, co managers, we’re going to be talking maybe managers of other branches, get some Karen filippelli in there, the security manager, Josh,

Nick 27:40
um, there is where their

Kalvin 27:42
warehouse management, you know, Darryl, Val, oh, I don’t know. I haven’t fully vetted that one out. But we’re gonna be talking management of the office where their management styles where are they good managers, maybe we’ll get Andy back on for that and he can give us some HR perspective on who the best manager and the offices that are I mean, shout out to anybody listening if you’re a big office fan,

Nick 28:03
and you know fuck you’re talking about some ideas and you know any of those names we just said apart from you know, the office and Michael Scott or whatever. We didn’t say him, but hit us up. You might get an episode. Yeah. That’d be a fun topic in the fictional football draft. I can’t wait for that one. Dude, it’s gonna be so tight.

Kalvin 28:22
Yeah, we’re like six picks in right now. Cuz we’re just going back. We’re trying to do it ahead of time. So it’s all ready to go. But we’re not discussing it. Yeah, no, we’re not discussing just making picks moving on. That we’ll discuss it on the episode. Live for your entertainment. Well not live recorded.

Nick 28:40
Live in my office for your time. All right. So what do you got for best idea for the future? All right, none of these we’ve really talked about.

Kalvin 28:50
But that’s a point that’s why it’s a future.

Nick 28:53
Well, we’ve talked about a lot of future episodes we just had on stream you know, decided on my first one is misguided archaeological discoveries. Oh, yes. Specific like there. I mean, I think it’d be fun because we can be very stupid when we find weird shit in the ground like dinosaur bones when we first find that like, Oh my god, there’s giants. You even though we’ve never seen evidence of giants and then you know, we kind of further find more dinosaur bones and we learn more and same with like, the missing link and human beings and evolution in that regard. It’s like, we continuously find more and more subspecies and stuff like that. When in reality we fucking declared like, this is the missing link 60 years ago, but it was a god damn glued together statue basically. So that one I think will be really like that. That’s greater. You know, we found weird inventions in the ground. It’s like Dang, you know, I bet this was for absorbing the sun and using it as a death rain and rain. Yeah. So yeah, how about tooth decay back in 700 bc? God, I wish we’d had a time machine do we, you know, go back in time and see exactly what it was used for. And then just kind of put that side by side for people. That’d be fun. So there was that. I got three. So two or three is I want to say evolution. 2.0. So what’s, you know, humanity’s next big step? What shape will it take? When? And how will it come about?

Unknown 30:34
Pretty straightforward.

Kalvin 30:35
Yeah, will evolve back into monkeys.

Nick 30:37
I mean, shit, dude. I’m not necessarily opposed to that. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m pretty close to a monkey. I just have a lot less hair. And then three is we have a fan right in, which is super odd to say. But they want to hear us talk about a few subjects and one of them was anime slash Dragonball Z. I’m going Dragonball Z bro. It’s

Kalvin 31:05
Thomas me han. Shout out bro.

Nick 31:08
Thanks. No these suggestions. Absolutely. Thank you for the suggestions and I’m trying to put it in Calvin’s ear I would love I will write up the dopest outline, and we’ll have a fantastic conference is going on

Kalvin 31:19
to you teaching me things about anime and Dragonball Z. Well, I mean,

Nick 31:23
I tried I tried before to get you in a little anime with the

Kalvin 31:27
camera didn’t work.

Nick 31:29
No, that one’s I walked into. I mean that shit is violent, bro. It is intense. But Dragonball Z is like goofier a lot less vile and stuff like that.

Kalvin 31:40
I was thinking we could do something like Dragonball Z type thing. And you can set up you’d have to set the outline because I don’t know enough about it. And I can just like, give my thoughts on like what I’ve consumed through popular culture. Like, I know some things exist and that they’re related to Dragonball Z, but I don’t know what the context is. So like, you can you can put the thing out there and I can be like, Oh yeah, Goku, he’s this dude that does this, which will be mostly completely wrong, I’m sure. And then you can like actually fill in the real story.

Nick 32:15
Yeah, be like, Listen, dickhead. If you know about Goku,

Kalvin 32:19
there’s a there’s a fun podcast. They’re not they don’t do a lot anymore. And they they may be defunct now, but it was Should I got it on my thing? Basically, they they didn’t watch movies. They just reviewed movies through what they saw within popular culture like they would watch one trailer and then try and just guess at what the movies about based on the trailer what they’ve read on other reviews, what they read on Twitter, things like that.

Nick 32:48
It sounds fucking hilarious.

Kalvin 32:49
Yeah, they’re not active anymore. And I don’t have the name of it. Yeah, because it was a lot of fun to listen to because you’d be like, hey, what you Be so far off with what they’re guessing. And that was fun. So I kind of want to do that with Dragonball Z. I think that could be a fun way to approach it of just like me trying to explain what these things are. But having absolutely no idea what that

Nick 33:13
I love that I love it.

Kalvin 33:14
I love it. Let’s do a dude. And then you could actually fill in the actual blanks because I think that’s important. Hell yeah. All right. So we’ll get that in the works. He another suggestion of his was Power Rangers and there is a power rangers outlined in the works I just don’t know when we’re gonna get to it, but it’s coming in the next couple months.

Nick 33:32
It’s coming. I actually started my rewatch. I got like nine minutes in of the Power Rangers movie. So that’s, I mean, everybody’s gonna watch

Kalvin 33:42
the show because all the seasons are on Netflix. If you’re betting really show, let me tell you. This is how I did it. I started out trying to watch every episode and that it just is way too formulaic and repetitive because every episode, it’s one of the Power Rangers has a personal problem in real life. Read repulsive tries Take advantage of that sends a monster down. They fight the police for a minute without their costumes. Then the monster comes they morph monster beats him up for a few minutes, then the monster grows then they call him the Zords. And they beat the monster. So what I did, instead of watching each formulaic episode, I would just go to like the three partners, the two and three partners, because those were like when things would happen when they change Zords or they’d get a new member or like Tommy came in or like Jason turned bad for a couple episodes, so that was kind of a better way to watch it because it’s just the same thing monster comes they fight monster monster girls, they fight monster again, and it gets really boring really quick, but if you just try and watch the important parts, it’s a lot easier to stomach and you still get most of it. There’s a lot of that in Dragonball Z but fucking Power Rangers dude is dope and that’s really thought about it like

Nick 34:48
25 seasons deep and like 19 different teams. So it’s Dude, it’s let’s just say Say it out loud. It came from a pretty blatant Let’s just say racists. I mean it was but the black guy was the Black Ranger. I always thought that was really fucking cool Yellow Ranger. Yeah, and the ditzy white chick was the Pink Ranger. It’s just like, man, ooh, this is I felt like they tried to retract that later on. Like, no one noticed it. And then someone pointed out to him like, Oh, yeah, you know, this is kind of not not cool, like, fuck on

Kalvin 35:25
their own the next. The next iteration when when they came to the movie, and they did the ninja Power Rangers. They just switched the the yellow and the black. Basically, the black girl became the Yellow Ranger and the maybe asian guy became Yeah, I’m pretty sure maybe Asian maybe Hispanic of some sort. I think he was a felon. I’m trying not to be insensitive.

Nick 35:47
I don’t. I mean, dude, it was from when I was like, five.

Kalvin 35:50
Yeah, I know that. And he was an OG in the movie. That was his new animal spirit was the frog and he was really upset about that.

Nick 36:00
That’s dope bro. exhaust. Oh,

Kalvin 36:03
yeah, the frogs were just cool. Anyway, this is a podcast about Power Rangers that’s coming in the future. All right, let’s move on to our final category. We almost said our 36 minute mark like i said if you came here from the beginning, aiming for the 36 minute mark, you get to hear our final category which is great, favorite episode you go first personal favorite either to listen to, or that you enjoyed researching and planning or basically just had the most fun with

Nick 36:27
my favorite episodes Episode 48 b movies in biceps, bro.

Kalvin 36:31
Nice. That was a good one.

Nick 36:32
That was one of my favorites. That was when I felt like I finally hit my groove and started to I don’t know settle in a little bit more. It was I think that first episode

Kalvin 36:42
I really yeah, that was there. So you pick the topic for and we went in on?

Nick 36:47
Yeah, and I just I mean I thought it was such an asinine you know, weird topic. And at the at the time in my life. Exactly. I mean, at the time of my life, I it was really fun to just Talk about something stupid like I was at a job that was just serious all the time. And I felt like I was being serious all the time. And that was something that you know, was really really fun to do was just talk about fucking Arnold Schwarzenegger and you know, all kinds of Yeah, the rock and just jacked fucking dudes with huge guns. Pun intended. And I’m not gonna laugh at that. g motherfucker. You laugh You laugh right now. But yeah, that was a that was fun to get a little creative control I guess and come up with the outline and shit like that. So that was my my favorite episode. We talked about a lot of goofy goofy shit. And that’s what I needed at that time. And it hit me right in the fields, bro.

Kalvin 37:46
And that’s why this is fun, because we can go from talking Goofy, Goofy shit and then talk about the Battle of Thermopylae, which is not goofy. You know? Yeah, that was pretty dope. So we can we can jump back and forth. So I’m going Kind of down the same path, but not really. My favorite episode is Episode Five way, way, way, way back, where we did a podcast about Fallout boy, one of my favorite bands. And this was actually one of the topics that made me want to start the podcast. And for me, it was just super fun to put together in the same way that you know, you had fun putting that beat movies and biceps together and looking at it in the way your mind shaped it and going down that whole rabbit hole. I like it. That was the same thing for me here because Eric and I like for our first four or five episodes, we were doing these super broad topics, the MCU football, basketball very, very broad. And this was the first one that I was like, let’s do something specific and close in like, okay, we could do music and just talk about our favorite bands, and rappers and songs and things like that, but that’s not as fun. And so this was my first one that I was like, No, I just I want to go super deep on one’s particular band their whole discography. And I really like doing the music episodes because we’ve done a couple now, where I just take it and get super analytical about things that are usually just taste based. So it’s a lot of fun just going through and I went through I ranked each song, I ranked each album, and then kind of finding out gave everything a one to 10 ranking, added them up to rank the album’s. And it was cool to compare the analytics to kind of what my gut thought I thought was my favorite song and my favorite album, and they actually lined up pretty closely and you know, I probably fudge it a little bit, so it would, but we did the same thing with the top 10 rap albums that had that same thing going for it is I have a gut feeling of what I liked best. And but then I put numbers to it and the numbers kind of came out and it’s cool to see those things side by side and to think of it in an analytical way. And with fall boy, it was just like one of these random thoughts. I had one day of like, I’m driving down the road. I’m listening to a song On Mike, this is a great song. But this other song is also great. But that’s on this album. So which albums actually better top to bottom? Like, I was like, I could build a spreadsheet and extrapolate all this out and do it, but why am I gonna waste my time doing that? So then I’m like, you know, what if I started a podcast, and I could just do shit like this, and I would at least have a reason for it, it may not be a great reason, but it would be a reason behind it right? So I can build my spreadsheet and rank my songs and my albums and talk about it. Like, I could have done it just for myself, but it was much better to have a platform to launch it off of and have someone else like Eric to bounce those types of thoughts off of and now you and the guests when I was doing guests every week, like it’s, it’s fine to just do it for myself and go Okay, cool. What is the best album? Nobody gives a shit. I could tweet it out to my like 90 followers that I have on my personal account. Again, no one gives a shit it It was much better to put it onto a platform and like actually talk through it, of why I thought things and you know, have Eric come back and have his thoughts on it, and then have people listen to it and get feedback, you know, theoretically get feedback on it, we get a lot more feedback nowadays than we did back in the, you know, first 10 episodes when we were still finding our footing on everything. But theoretically, it was out there to receive feedback on

Nick 41:27
well, right. And it’s, I mean, there’s the big, big catcher right there. It’s out there. You know, when you put something out there, it’s very much on Earth, if you’re a podcast listener, but you don’t make podcasts. It’s something that I don’t know you it’s like making a statement to someone that you can’t take back. So it’s like, someone may this may be the only thing someone ever hears of you even just, you know, a 10 second clip and they may come away with it thinking you’re absolutely ridiculous, which I also think you’re absolutely brilliant. Yeah, I don’t mean perfect. Like, I don’t really give a shit. I mean, if someone thinks I’m very stupid because they caught a blurb of me,

Kalvin 42:06
okay? But Congrats.

Nick 42:09
I mean, yeah, right. It’s it’s out there. So it’s something there, it has a finality to it, which is and that you

Kalvin 42:15
have that kind of anxiety in the back of your mind as you’re pushing submit on those first couple episodes because usually you get a couple episodes in the can before you release them. So you have three or four to go live with. And like just that first day of, okay, you hit submit, and now you’re just kind of watching the numbers go up, hopefully. They can’t go down. That’s the positive is the numbers can’t go down.

Nick 42:38
Yeah, we all start on a level playing field. It’s done.

Kalvin 42:41
So yeah, it was kind of the same way you set it up. That was your first thing be movies and biceps where you grab the reins and put your the way your mind works behind it. This was really the first like, because when you’re talking to MCU, football, basketball, we just kind of hit on different topics. It wasn’t like this. It wasn’t Like really analytical or weird kind of my mind goes to weird places. This was the first one where I let my mind Take me to a weird place and get analytical on something that nobody else would think to be analytical on edge. Oh, I like that song and move on with their lives.

Nick 43:14
Yeah, they weren’t. They weren’t Calvin about it.

Kalvin 43:17
Yes, I liked that. I got to flex the way my mind worked on something.

Nick 43:23
Okay, now it was pretty fucking good.

Kalvin 43:25
Good tacos every week. Yeah, ball boy is a great topic. We’ve got more music ones coming, too. I’ve got some some other people who I’d like to explore it in that same way. Oh, hell

Nick 43:34

Kalvin 43:37
And okay, those are our categories. Again, we gave out best guests. Best topic. Best fact learned. best idea for the future and favorite episode. We also had some Twitter feedback, which I meant to go to earlier, but I forgot so we’re gonna do it now. Hey, on Twitter, we asked what is your favorite general topic for podcasts, including this podcast to cover Leave a comment and we’ll give a shout out when we record our hundredth episode. Yay. So the options were movies, TVs, books, or movies, TV books. I don’t know why keep pluralizing TV but whatever. And that won in a landslide. 54% Sports came in dead last, which I was surprised with and 5% music got 6.3% a solid, and other got 36.7% and we have a lot of feedback on other. Yeah. So starting with the 10 inch podcast at 10 inch pod, listen to them. They’re great. They are. This is the big category that we missed in the poll, and I’m okay with it because I’m not a fan, but they suggested true crime and like another podcast that later weird stuff. Which I think we cover some weird stuff. And we tried one true crime episode. We did. And it was all he really knew what was going on there.

Nick 44:52
Yeah, it was a little bit simpler. No,

Kalvin 44:55
yes. But we’re not going to tell you the secret. You got to go listen for yourself. You got to figure it out. All right. Frank Colby maquette Coby told me movies and sports. Shout out Colby firestarters podcast at fire starters, pod politics from Henry over there at the fire starters. Not gonna happen here. Sorry, Henry. Dude, come on. I do not want to talk politics.

Nick 45:14
I’ll talk I’ll talk politics with you. I’ll come on your show, bro. We’ll talk politics.

Kalvin 45:18
He can come on here and talk about it with you. I’m just excusing myself from it.

Nick 45:22
Yeah, get out get after us, man. Let me know what you want to do. I will go to your show. You can come to my show or our show. And we will have a great time with it.

Kalvin 45:29
Take it easy. They’re claiming your show here. Or

Nick 45:32
our hours. That’s what I said Our

Kalvin 45:36
Lady Justice podcast at Lady Justice pod. Good old true crime is my boo again. A huge fan like it’s fine.

Unknown 45:45
It just makes me so sad sometimes. That’s true.

Kalvin 45:48
Man, bring on the weird at bring on the weird. This is the one that said weird stuff. lol which I’m gonna have to say bring on the weird is probably a podcast full of weird stuff. I’m gonna have to check you out. Yeah, I like weird stuff. Like weird stuff. And again, no. Cheers Thomas podcast at cheers to comics interviews. I like hear about gaming, I like to hear about all types of topics from different perspectives. interviews are fun.

Nick 46:18
I don’t have the energy to do interviews. They are, like we said earlier in this episode, as husbands, fathers and you know, employees is very tough just to

Kalvin 46:30
schedule them. Yeah, I mean, questions to ask somebody else. Like, it’s easy to think of the questions to ask myself that I would want to answer and then like, take that to you and be like, Do you also think this way and want to answer this question and like sometimes you sometimes when it’s my outline, you have shorter answers on things that I do. And when it’s your outline, I have shorter answers than you like that’s how it works. Because the questions are more open ended than like, I’m not good at just like asking a question. Let somebody talk for 10 minutes on it and be like, Get up Yeah,

Nick 47:00
I like to read some shit.

Kalvin 47:06
The couch pilots podcast at couch pilots congrats on 100 episodes thank you thank you that was very kind they always moved to Florida at bay underscore move True Crime again. I understood that reference at cap understands I may be biased about movies and stuff. I like talking movies. That’s why we do our movie superlatives. True. Brave for the beside podcast at Bravo underscore side also other like shows such as Mark Marin and Anna Faris. I didn’t know Anna Faris had a podcast.

Unknown 47:37

Kalvin 47:39
like a comedy interview kind of thing.

Nick 47:42
She’s in first is funny but I just I have trouble with her voice. Yeah, there’s nothing against her otherwise, but I just don’t know why.

Kalvin 47:51
The wheels slash blue blues podcast at wheels blues. I picked other because it would be cool to hear about some video games you guys like And I told him we did a four part series on video games through the ages. But we may do more video games in the future. I heard somebody likes Halo. Yeah, Shadow Halo. That would be another fun one. To do. That same way I was talking about Dragonball Z because like I played Halo. I know very little about the lore of it.

Nick 48:19
I’m balls deep in a halo.

Kalvin 48:21
So that might be two good ones to do that. Just like I have no idea what I’m talking about. But I’m gonna try my best.

Nick 48:27
Dude. I’m so game for that. And I would have to do I’d have to reciprocate that and do Seinfeld. Yes, yes.

Kalvin 48:35
I did early on Eric and I did a a Seinfeld trivia episode. And he got demolished. I fucking bet he did. That’s Episode 14. I believe. If anybody wants to go back and listen. It was rough on.

Nick 48:50
I kinda want to hear Eric demolish

Kalvin 48:53
Grand Rapids Ian’s play video games at Grand underscore video, audio drama audio fiction, role playing Life a RPGs Hey, I know somebody with an audio drama audio fiction check out alone underscore podcast.

Nick 49:06
yeah check me out You are all alone. It’s we’re on our 29th episode will be released plus like a bunch of supplemental. So fun stuff out significantly

Kalvin 49:14
less than 100 though let’s

Nick 49:16
yes point that out nowhere near that milestone 30 is pretty sweet. Oh,

Kalvin 49:20
that’s great for the audio fiction because there’s a lot more production value that goes into it and it’s really great. fuckin takes up and like writing and thinking and this is just like, oh, Michael Scott likes to do crazy shit.

Nick 49:35
I mean, but I think we get pretty in depth about that. But anyways, continue

Kalvin 49:40
creatively exposed podcasts at creatively x pod empowerment of people of color creatives and they shared a link to their podcast. Cool. I like people who hijack my things, but I do it to other people too. So I guess I can’t do that man. Check out creatively exposed if you want to support people Color creatively. Which you should

Nick 50:03
Yeah, I’m all game. Yeah.

Kalvin 50:04
I agree with what the tweet is saying. empowerment of people of color is a great thing again,

Unknown 50:11
I jacket my ship bro Yeah.

Kalvin 50:14
But I do it to other people like if somebody has something to do with one of our episodes I always put the tweet like in there so like

Unknown 50:21
I’m guilty of it

Kalvin 50:24
blind hostility at blind hostility video games again we’ve done some we’ll do more. The Raven of shallot at Madame Raven one I like horror nerd horror narrations and lore.

Nick 50:35
You know I got some for you to come to my feet actually I’ve written several short stories. They’ve been asleep like six or seven and I’m gonna make into some audio dramas and put up nice,

Unknown 50:49
that’d be fun.

Kalvin 50:51
All right, so thank you everyone for the Twitter feedback that is at APA something on Twitter and you can also follow Nick on twitter at alone underscore POC As we already said, Love it. We usually have polls every week that pertain to our episodes. So come back for more polls, they’ll be there and you get a shout out if you participate.

Nick 51:11
Yeah, and thank you guys for participating. Thank you is so much fun when you go

Kalvin 51:15
even the person who hijacked our post,

Nick 51:17
even Yeah, I mean, that that has something going on in the back of my mind. So either way, every little bit is awesome when you guys communicate, we all sat down,

Kalvin 51:27
but I just like shit on that person. I didn’t mean to.

Nick 51:29
Well, no, I mean, here for me it was. I don’t want to be insensitive, because I’m a white dude. Yeah, so it’s like, I mean, I really, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. But I think there’s a lot of really neat shit that we could talk about. And I’m all for talking about it. It’s just I can’t initiate. We’re not the initiators here, but if you want to initiate a fellow podcaster hit us up.

Kalvin 51:56
Yeah. Alright, so let’s talk some other stuff. General podcasting. stuff that we’ve learned through How long have you been doing URL?

Nick 52:05
A little over two years now. Okay, same here. We

Kalvin 52:08
started early 2018, January 2018. We we launched so

Nick 52:13
February for me,

Kalvin 52:14
just over two years for each of us. So we’ve got some background on podcasting and what it means to be a podcaster. So let’s start. This is the interview section. Really? What have you learned through this podcast, or you are alone about podcasting and talking for lack of a better term a living? We don’t make any money on this, but we do it a lot. We, I mean, it takes up a lot of our time in regards to it’s a big it’s a big commitment. You know, cue the fathers, husbands, sons brothers, you know, straight like that line. I mean, also, if somebody asked for this, we’re open to it.

Nick 52:52
Hit us up, man. We got really cool merch.

Kalvin 52:55
Yeah. What have you learned through this podcast or you are all alone about podcasting and or talking?

Nick 53:00
for a living, I mean quite a few things but first and foremost two major things stand out to me and that is bring a little passion. I mean if you’re just crawling on and just going hoping to get rich or something like that, yeah, it’s not gonna hurt you’re gonna really disappoint yourself if you want to do it dive in like I mean it’s almost like football in my mind a football I think you had if if you played it you had to play that shit like your hair was on fire.

Kalvin 53:32
Like it was just can’t there’s no half speed in football.

Nick 53:35
No, it’s you’re all in and I think that’s how it is whether you know whatever means that takes but when I something a lot of my free time I think about podcasting not because I think I’m gonna get rich shit like that. But I just I really enjoy it. I really enjoy the community. I really enjoy, you know, building something from the ground up on to two separate shows like not necessarily to but you get what I’m saying that So that’s, that’s, and that’s all from, you know, brought to life from passion. It’s just, I am not always super into it in the moment. You know what I mean? Like, it’s not like 24 seven, I’m thinking about podcasting. But

Kalvin 54:15
I mean, there have been some times where I’ve had to like slog like, Oh shit, we got to record tonight. Let me make sure I got my outline filled out and got everything in there. It’s like, I have the thoughts, but there’s not as much fire behind them as like when I first drew up the outline, I was like really excited about the idea. By the time we start talking, I usually get back into that frame of mind,

Nick 54:33
right? I mean, I think you share that passion with me. I mean, we just said two years is a long time in the past, Nick.

Unknown 54:42
But that leads me to my second

Nick 54:47
my second topic, or my second thing, which is

Kalvin 54:49
sorry, I wanted to say so I was trying to not cut people off as much as I feel like I do that. So I was trying not to. I did want to add to that. Like, if you’re going to To do a podcast, first and foremost, you have to do it for yourself. And because it’s something that you’re interested in, because you’re not going to get rich from it, you’re unless you already have a following of some sort, and you’re not going to like, you’re not going to get fame and fortune out of it, you’re not going to get noticed. You have to do it because it’s something that you are interested in and want to extrapolate on. If you’re just throwing it together, because it looked like fun, and you know, maybe your heart’s not all the way in it. It’s not gonna last you’re gonna make it like a month and then you’re just being like, I don’t give a shit.

Nick 55:34
Right? I mean, it’s was something like that. It’s often some kind of close to that you get you play close to the chest, like, I’d never talked about my story really, with anyone but my wife, and then I fucking threw it out there for the world. Like, I can’t take that back. That’s something I share with all of you that have listened to it. And over time, like I, you know, my passion with it, it’s it’s, uh, you know, it’s proud of it. I have a group of people that listen to it when Every drops you know, I talked to people on Twitter that’s a lot of fucking fun.

Kalvin 56:04
I same thing on the I didn’t tell my I told my wife about it because I had to meet with Eric and like, make plans. And you know, so me and Eric talked about for a while I didn’t tell my parents probably for a couple months after starting it and like getting a lot of episodes out there. Mostly because they’re kind of critical. And I didn’t want like, I didn’t need somebody critical right then I just needed not even feedback. Like I needed support. Not criticism.

Unknown 56:27
Okay. Oh, here’s a tool, man.

Kalvin 56:28
Go for somebody going. Yeah, that’s a fun thing.

Nick 56:32
Oh, yeah, that was that was my wife for me.

Kalvin 56:34
So yeah, it was it. If your heart’s not in it, it’s not gonna go anywhere. And the only way that I’ve ever seen people gain a following is if they’re truly, you know, 100% behind what they’re doing. So if you’re just like, whatever, I’ll throw it together and you’re not engaging on Twitter. You’re not engaging with your audience when you’re on the podcast. They’re not going to engage with you and they’re not going to give a shit.

Nick 56:57
No, you’ll be an afterthought and if that’s okay with you, that’s cool. I mean, that’s personally Yeah, I don’t I don’t really mind. I think it’s super awesome. I love it. But uh, yeah, I mean, it’s that’s not why I do it. But yeah, second second thing is that I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off. No, you’re good. second bit of advice is consistency. We kind of like we may not always have shit, man, life happens, dude. But we religiously we sit down our Wednesday or occasionally Thursday. And you know, we talk and that’s something that we’ve committed to and, and being consistent and if you’re not consistent, if you’re a couple days late here and there, something like that, like you’re picking up, let the people who listened to your show no, like communicate with them. That’s huge.

Kalvin 57:47
Especially for like, you know, smaller podcasts like we have in the podcast. Nobody expects perfection because everybody has different lives, right? And you can’t always be connected. But if you let people know like our a couple days later I should I forgot to upload it. It’ll be ready later today like that people understand those things but when you just like ghost for two weeks because you didn’t feel like posting or you didn’t get together record and you’re not posting anything about it. People are just gonna be like, okay, guess they’re done and you’re

Nick 58:18
getting the or they’re gonna unsubscribe. Well, I mean, that’s reasonable people, for the most part reasonable when it comes to something like that. I’m not gonna be like, God.

Kalvin 58:25
Fucking I need this on Monday, and it’s not come to Wednesday. What the hell am I gonna do?

Nick 58:31
Yeah, I’m gonna. I’m just gonna I’m never gonna listen to him. Fuck him. Yeah, yeah, I mean, some people, I’m sure probably like that. But for the most part, people are fucking reasonable. And it’s really, really awesome when someone reaches out on Twitter and they’re like, can’t wait for the next episode. You know, take your time. Love it. And it’s like, Okay, cool. Yeah, thank you for that.

Kalvin 58:52
I agree. Okay, so for me, it’s that there’s always an interesting angle for anything. There are a million ways to break things down. We talked about this going through our awards, but there’s a million ways to break things down and to find a way to talk about them. That will be interesting that, at least to me, it’s interesting. And hopefully, it’s interesting a way that other people find interesting to the listeners. And I know it has to have at least some appeal because like you’re in on it and the listeners that we do have that I have interacted with, like they’re usually in on it. So but that’s good. It’s always a way to look at something you know. And when Eric and I started, I was worried that we’ve run out of things to talk about, or ways to talk about things because we started off like I said, with these broad talk, let’s talk about football. Let’s talk about basketball. And you would run out of things really fast if you only focus on it that way. So that’s when I kind of realized instead of trying to fit this huge topic into an hour, so what if we took one simple bullet point from that outline of the huge thing, and we take that bullet point and turn to an hour Because then the next time we want to talk about basketball again, we take the next bullet point. And there’s another hour. And you basically create limitless paper in a paperless world

Nick 1:00:10
job. God damn it, you are a smooth motherfucker.

Kalvin 1:00:13
I just watched that episode, so I had to throw it in there. too smooth. And it’s the same thing we do with Harry Potter. Yeah, we could talk about which book is the best and, you know, rank the books and rank the movies. But when we take it as Okay, let’s talk about the Sorcerer’s Stone. And then next time, we’re going to talk about the horcruxes. And then the next time we’re going to talk about filters. And I still have five different topics Harry Potter topics that we haven’t even gone into yet. And that’s still just scratching the surface. Oh, I don’t have a Quidditch one. But that would be a good one.

Nick 1:00:42
God damn it. Yeah.

Kalvin 1:00:44
Oh, yeah. But yeah, so there’s six. There’s always another thing and there’s always an interesting way to look at something. Same thing with the office. There’s nine seasons. We could do nine episodes or you could do a million episodes on each little thing that happens within those See, I was gonna say if you gave me a half hour I could probably come up with 90 little so exact talk about for and that’s what I do. Now when I’m watching things like the office or I rewatch Parks and Rec and Seinfeld, it happens a lot. And it sucks that you aren’t into Seinfeld. Because like I have all these great ideas of what we could do a Seinfeld and maybe like if I said we try it with a Dragonball Z and Halo episodes first doing that, you know, one guy knows one guy doesn’t and go in it that way and see how that works. And if it works, maybe we can try that with Seinfeld a little bit too. I’m just I don’t know what the way my mind goes into Seinfeld. I feel like is on a different level than anything else. But I could be wrong.

Nick 1:01:38
After check it out. I mean, that’s something that eventually, sorry, but

Kalvin 1:01:42
like I constantly watch Seinfeld, and every time I catch something new and I’m like, oh, that would be a great thing to talk about. That would be a great thing and like, I’ll find time to talk about Don’t worry, like I’ll get the thumb tankers back on. You’re gonna have another kid eventually.

Nick 1:01:54
We’ll need to fill some time. I just had a scare. You’re watching Oh, I literally just had one today, you bastard.

Kalvin 1:02:04
So yeah, that’s my biggest thing is, like I said, I was worried that we’d run out of topics too soon. And then I realized, like, there’s always another angle to look at something.

Nick 1:02:14
I mean, hell yeah. And when you’re, I mean, as a living human being, you’re kind of at different points that you never know when inspiration is going to strike quite a lot. I sent you like a group of six outlines one day, I just sat down and was like, okay, but it just kind of came out and you know, you expand upon them a little bit more. Okay, that’s good. Let me sit him on. So that’s, that’s really fun. And I mean, it’s when those moments come, it’s like, strike while the iron taught.

Kalvin 1:02:43
Yep, I just start writing and then I like I, I’m like, Oh, this is a good idea. And then I’m like, Okay, let me write some quick bullet points down. So when I eventually get back to this in three months, and we’re ready to put a full outline together, I don’t forget why I thought this was interesting, right? That’s always my problem is like, Oh, this I have a because I’ve got Google Drive full of ideas. And some of the ideas are just literally the idea. And I’m like, wait, what was interesting about that?

Nick 1:03:06
Yeah. What was I doing? Yeah.

Kalvin 1:03:10
Yeah, I got a Google around for a little bit. I’m like, Okay, I think I can find an angle on this. Alright, so let’s move on to the next thing. What have you learned about yourself from doing either this podcast or your own?

Nick 1:03:22
A couple things. It kind of built off. Something I learned in college that I just I never realized about myself is I can hold my fucking arm in a conversation. Like I cuss a lot. So a lot of people think I’m maybe it’s stupid, whatever you want to say, but I just I, you know, everyone around me cuz growing up, so it was just something that I kind of do as a reflex. You know? So that was cool. And talking, I mean, talking in general, like I never would have put shit out there. It’s some of the things I’ve like, come out. Instead on the show points of view that can be viewed as controversial. So just added drama into my life that I don’t necessarily need exact. You know, it’s like you know, I’m willing to I’m willing to

Kalvin 1:04:11
it’s a safe space to talk about it because one not that many people listen and nobody I personally no listens my parents listen every once in a while Eric listens Andy lessons and but those aren’t people who are going to like come at me and tell me how terrible My opinion is.

Nick 1:04:30
Right? And I mean it’s just it’s just getting, you know, it’s more

Kalvin 1:04:36
like it’s where I’m gonna be held accountable for my opinion like I’m not gonna walk into work one day and they’re gonna be like, I can’t believe you fucking said this. I hope that they didn’t I don’t think I’ve said anything that controversial here but my mind kind of on the same thing. I like talking and interacting on Twitter more than I ever thought I would in person. Like when I meet somebody in person, I’m talking to somebody in person. I have a heart Time leveling with people and finding common ground because, to me, this is why and like this might sound self centered or whatever, but like just the way my mind works, I don’t ever think somebody else’s brain is going to be working in that same way and that they’re going to engage in the thing the way I do. Like, I always feel like if somebody comes up to me is like, this was when the show was on not anymore because nobody wants talk about anymore, but they were like, Oh, do you like Game of Thrones? I just go with like a simple Yeah, it’s a good show, and don’t get too deep on it. But what I really want to do is extrapolate on what it actually means that john is writing ragle instead of Vissarion like he should be. And but like, you can’t. When somebody asks you for like Game of Thrones, you can’t just hit them with that. Right? Yeah, right. Most people will be like,

Nick 1:05:45
are you okay?

Kalvin 1:05:47
Are you okay? So I have this this thought that I’m going to scare quote unquote, normal people away with the way I like to think and talk about things. But I found in podcast Twitter and in this podcast with you and with the other guests that I’ve kind of found my people. And you know, I had a lot of fun when I was doing all the guest episodes at the end of 2018. because it gave me a chance to really pick apart things that I don’t usually think about. And you know, through podcast Twitter, I can still put those ideas out there. So whenever I have this kind of random thought that I want to dig deeper on, but I need to bounce it. Like, I can’t ever go up to a co worker and just be like, Hey, what do you think about Filch in Harry Potter, you know, but like, I can now bounce it off you and we can try and make an episode out of it or like if it’s if it’s not that much of a thought yet, I could just throw it up on Twitter. And there’s usually someone out there that can pick up on it and just go with me for a little bit like there was one the other day the the parents from Frozen, I said are easily the worst fictional parents out there. And you know, another podcast not suitable for adults. Great podcast, check them out. They just picked it up and kind of ran with me and went back and forth on tweets. for a few minutes, that’s not a whole episode. But it was like, I just had this thought that I needed to like that I need to put out there and like, again, I can’t just walk up to something like my wife’s friend’s husband and be like, yeah, so you’ve seen frozen right? Here. It’s what the fuck are they doing? What’s wrong with them? And maybe I could maybe there is another person out there who’s thinking the same thing and wants to talk about it. But like, that’s not a face to face. Like, you can’t just walk up to somebody and start talking about that. Usually, it’s more at least in my experience,

Nick 1:07:27
like fuck, man, I worked with a dude for two years. And then now I’m working with him again, I had no idea that he was a big mega nerd like me. Right? And it’s just

Kalvin 1:07:38
never had that conversation. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there like me that exist and that are willing to have these kind of thoughts and discussion. And also just want to talk, you know, deeper than surface level pop culture stuff, right? because anybody can go Oh, yeah, you know, infinity wars, the best MCU movie anybody can see say that but like okay, what really makes it that? Let’s let’s build on that a little bit.

Nick 1:08:04
Let’s talk about the problems here.

Kalvin 1:08:06
Yeah, let’s talk about you know, what was corvis? grave grave really after with his fucking stick that he kept stabbing vision with? Yeah dude.

Nick 1:08:17
Yeah let’s not go down that route

Kalvin 1:08:20
no that’s that’s for a different time alright so what advice do you have for other indie new podcasts we touched on this a little bit let’s maybe extrapolate just a little bit on

Nick 1:08:30
I touched on it quite a bit in regards to you know being consistent, something you know just be consistent for the most part but really

Kalvin 1:08:41
have fucking fun with it something that you’re going to enjoy.

Nick 1:08:46
Just Just have fun Don’t worry about building your brand or, you know, just worry about building relationships is the thing.

Kalvin 1:08:55
True Crime is easily one of the biggest venues JOHN rose for podcasts, it would be very easy for anyone to just say, I’m gonna do a true crime podcast because that’s gonna get me the most listens right off the bat. But I don’t give a shit about true crime. So like, yeah, I wouldn’t have fun doing it every week. I wouldn’t have fun researching. I wouldn’t have fun talking about it. I had fun on the one we did because of the way we did it. And because it was funny to me. Yeah. But like, I don’t want to do that. And even putting that together. It was like, felt like a lot of work and a lot of Matura. Yeah. It was a lot more than I usually put into this. And so like, yeah, I could do that. And my listeners would jump exponentially, just because it says True Crime on it, but like, I wouldn’t care. I’m right there with you. Yeah,

Unknown 1:09:47
I think

Kalvin 1:09:49
that’s good advice. Mine is just do it. Like if you have an idea that you think may be interesting to someone or just to you and you are interested in it. Start Recording Yeah, just don’t worry about equipment right off the bat, it doesn’t matter. I know some people out there that still use their phones, they get the anchor app, and they get the same or more listeners or less, it doesn’t matter because listeners aren’t what’s important. What’s important is that you’re doing it for you, like we talked about earlier. But they get it out there because they’re engaging, and they have something interesting to say. I’m not a huge fan of the four dudes just shooting the shit podcast. But like, that’s your thing and your way to hang out with your friends, then just do it. Yeah, go for it. Who cares if someone else is listening? That’s your way of bonding with your friends. Doesn’t matter what your mic setup. You can get mics for like $12 on Amazon. They’re shitty. But they work.

Nick 1:10:42
Yeah. You don’t need a laptop. You can do it.

Kalvin 1:10:45
In the library. If you have a phone anchor is a free app. audacity is a free app. There’s just getting it out there. Like we said before can be very cathartic. Just when I did that Fall Out Boy episode. That thought had been the best. In my mind for like six years of Well, what’s really the best follow up way out? And just the fact that I got to talk about I got to make my spreadsheet that I wanted. And I got the thought out there that thought doesn’t reach me in the back of the head anymore, because now I know definitively Infineon Heiser Best Album.

Unknown 1:11:16
And don’t fucking even me.

Kalvin 1:11:17
Yeah, I think that’s what I came up with. I’d have to go back and listen, but I think that’s what I came back. Like you said, anchors a free platform, audacity is free on your laptop, on a desktop, whatever you’ve got. You most likely have a phone you can download anchor, you can record straight into anchor, there’s literally no barrier to entry on podcasting. Once you get going, you’re going to want to upgrade your equipment, you’re going to start telling your friends and family I don’t want this thing for Christmas. Get me a new microphone, you know, yeah. And and you just build it as you need. But it’s not necessary to start. Like I have two or three other ideas that I think would make good podcasts. And I would love to get them off the ground. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to recording and editing More than what we do now. Like I got another idea myself in twice. In 2019 I did the podcast about football with Eric and all these episodes, it sounds two episodes a week and like I was just buried, and I hated it. I loved doing both things. But like it was just a slog every time to get through editing and posting and make sure everything was up to date and it was it just wasn’t worth it to do both of them.

Nick 1:12:25
It’s where I mean even when we were doing our bonus

Kalvin 1:12:28
episodes, yes, just like who right well and we were doing the bonus episodes at the same time. So that was like three things I had to pay attention to each week I had to take notes for every NFL game, you know that I saw and it was it was just a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to forget to say or or whatever. So you know, the second I have some time I would probably work on launching these other things the second my wife get two more promotions on that.

Nick 1:12:53
I’m fucking there.

Kalvin 1:12:57
Okay, the final hopefully satis question. Do you think this podcast has an expiration date?

Nick 1:13:05
When I first read that question, I was just like, Oh,

Kalvin 1:13:10
dang deep, man. Yeah, hit me. Right give. Let’s give the listeners something hopeful to go on here.

Nick 1:13:17
Well, we just we, I mean, we hit our hundredth episode. So let me go into this.

Kalvin 1:13:22
It’s gonna be December 9 2021. That’s the expiration date. Sorry. No, fuck.

Nick 1:13:27
Anyway, I was gonna say,

Kalvin 1:13:29
we just really randomly ended on that day, like, I’m gonna completely forget, I said that in a year and a half ago, and then all of a sudden, like that. Just our lives take over. We can’t keep up anymore. And that’s what ends it’s like, Oh, shit. Yeah, I mean, I’m Thomas here for Calvin. Calvin. No, that’s terrible. He doesn’t reach.

Nick 1:13:48
No, man. I honestly, I don’t really think because we don’t really have a start. You know, we’re kind of we’re all over the place. We talk about subjects that are so my new I highly doubt we’ll run out of topics, right? We haven’t really run out of we each know enough about these topics and are willing to research enough like, Fuck, man, it’s not that much of a, you know a commitment in

Kalvin 1:14:14
much research into it like me not like tops, I might spend three hours a week researching. I mean most of I have a base, right? There’s a baseline and then I just wanted like, it’s more like, confirming my thoughts of like, right. I think that this came from here, let me just go make sure okay, let me write that in better words.

Nick 1:14:32
Yeah. And, I mean, if we haven’t stopped through the myriad of stuff that’s gone on, like, just in my life, for example, like a major Job Change the birth of a child buying a house. It was a big thing was a fucking pandemic. Yeah. And yeah, we’re still here. So it’s,

Kalvin 1:14:53
it’s not playing right now. But we are.

Nick 1:14:55
Yeah, we don’t fucking we don’t. We’ve all heard you. We know punk bitches. Wow.

Kalvin 1:15:01
Yeah, shots fired Kevin grant you’re having Mitch says, Nick, not me. fools like you on the court. Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I hope not. I’ve had this thought before, which is kind of what made me put it here of like, Okay, what is it? Like if we get to Episode 100? And we’re not at a certain number of downloads? And I’m like, Yeah, I could say that, but really doesn’t matter. Because I haven’t talked about everything I want to talk about yet. Like there are a million things I still want to get out there. I have at least 100 topics on the Google Drive right now that like I could at any moment just go in on so like, I don’t think you can base it on. Okay. Well, we’re not growing anymore. Or you know, nobody new is listening. Or we’re not. The ringer hasn’t picked us up yet. Well, no shit.

Nick 1:15:48
You know, I mean, we’re just two guys. But

Kalvin 1:15:50
I mean, we’re here at the ringer. We’re here.

Unknown 1:15:52
Yeah. I mean, I’ll totally take it.

Kalvin 1:15:56
I know. Like you said, I’m never gonna run out of things to talk about because I’m Constantly consuming new things or looking at old things in different ways. And my brain is just now wired to turn anything and everything or something into content. So like, anytime I’m watching something or reading something, I’m thinking about, okay, how can I talk about this? Even that book I read that I was telling about a couple of weeks ago, off to be the wizard, where the guy, you know, he hacked something becomes wizard. I was thinking of ways that we could talk about that. But you know, that comes with its own barrier to entry, you have to also read it and probably have to read it a couple times to understand it enough to have, you know, in depth talking points on it, right? And what’s the audience for that? How many people have actually also read that book that care about to talk about it, you know, and they usually find this and it’s a six book series. So like, do should we read all six books first. So like, there’s things like that, that we’re like, okay, I want to talk about it, but maybe it’s not time. Right. But again, I’m reading new things. I’m watching things all the time. So there’s always new content to

Nick 1:16:59
discuss. In this world of non stop content, it’s kind of a given at this time, right? It’s just if you can pull it together, like if you can make it happen, by all means.

Kalvin 1:17:09
And like I said, I can usually take the smallest bit of something and find a way to turn into an hour.

Nick 1:17:14
And you know, hell yeah, dude, I’m sitting there watching just random shit. The Office I’ve seen a million times and my wife is like it the other day, we were sitting there watching it. And you know, she’s like, What are you thinking about? Because I just had this dumb ass look on my face. And I was like, I need to rewind this because I thought I saw a frame where I don’t remember the character, but he was clean shaven, and then the next frame, he had five o’clock shadow and then the next round, he was clean shaven again. And it’s like, sure, fucking. He was

Kalvin 1:17:44
nitpick frames of the office. That’s gonna be an episode.

Nick 1:17:47
Well, I mean, I just never show that noticed it. So I mean that yeah, that’s something that you always notice new little things. I could probably do that. I wouldn’t make that happen.

Kalvin 1:17:57
And like I said before, there are plenty of have other crazy people out there that would take me by the hand and go at this stuff with me if for some reason you couldn’t continue, you know, like, even even if one of us has an expiration date for whatever reason, like there is, like I found through doing all the guests episodes that there’s people willing to talk about pretty much anything. You just find them and find the time to do it. To me, the only limit to this podcast will be how long my wife or your wife puts up with us doing it.

Nick 1:18:31
My wife loves it. Yeah, he’s like, yeah, you enjoy it. It’s good for you. So I think we answered that question.

Kalvin 1:18:38
Yeah. Any other podcasting thoughts or podcasts about something thoughts to leave us with?

Nick 1:18:47
No, no, I think that’s I think we beat that.

Kalvin 1:18:49
Yes, we that’s it. That’s the end. That’s the end of the show. We’re done forever. Bye. Good night. Thank you. As always to those cats. You gotta stay sassy. Mistake

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