Episode LXXXV – A Podcast About the First Galactic Empire (Star Wars Month)

The First Galactic Empire, also known as the Imperium (way cooler, we know), willed itself into reality at the behest of a mighty Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine after nearly 25,000 years of the Republic’s existence. However, as with any intricate task like the scale of the epic overthrow of the Republic, it’s a little more nuanced than that, and this week, as part of Star Wars month, Kalvin and Nick dive deep into all things Galatic Empire! From how Palpatine rose to power to the inception, construction, and implementation of the mighty army that would lead it, its power structure as well as the multitude of things that had to go just right so the whole operation didn’t go up in smoke. A story of just how far one man has to go to change the galaxy to instill the ultimate Empire unfolds before us.

Listen Here

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