Episode 83 – A Podcast About Football Movie Superlatives

Are you ready for some Fooooottttbaaaalllllllllll — Movie Superlatives? Good, because Kalvin and Nick are first and goal with our patented made up awards for Football Movies! We’re joined this week by some fellow Podcasters who took the time to hand out some awards as well, which we follow up with for best coaches, goals, players, and who could forget touchdown celebrations! There is no better time of year to talk Football, especially around the holidays when there is nothing but re-runs of timeless classics on millions of TVs which is perfect after a massive meal! Extra special thanks to the Kolby Told Me Podcast, Boomer from The BOOMSTICK Podcast, Self Shoots the Sh!t Podcas, Thoughts from the Basement Podcast, and The Random Reviews and other Ramblings podcast!

Listen Here

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