Episode 45 – A Podcast About The Dinner Party (The Office)

Let me take you by the haaaannnnndddd. Join Kalvin and Nick as we discuss one of the greatest episodes of a comedy in history; The Office Dinner Party Episode (season 4 episode 13, or season 4 episode 9 for those who consider 2 parters to be one, cuz we sure do babe). Ingenious plans, Osso Bucco, plasma screens, Dundees and more are discussed, along with one of the greatest songwriters of this generation babe. But, ya know, BFD we’re screen writers around here. Settle in and enjoy and don’t let yourself grow distracted even if your house is on fire, er, flooded and let Serenity by Jan be your guide as we take a bite out of this great episode with our soft teeth while staring at our plasma’s. We finish up with our own Office Dinner party experiences as well as a chance for you to win an epic A Podcast About Something magnet through Twitter, stop in to @APASomething and join the conversation.

Listen Here

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