Episode 44 – A Podcast About 2018 Movie Superlatives (Part 2)

This week we move on to part 2 of the 2 part episode for 2018 Movie Superlatives where we continue to discuss a little something, a dash of nothing, and a whole lot of everything when it comes to 2018 movies and pass out some awards. This episode focuses more on the mainstream awards (as opposed to part 1) with some selections neither of us saw coming. Join the discussion and find out how well our choices, and yours, line up with the 2018 Oscars (Spoiler: they don’t) and maybe discover some new and noteworthy movies you may have missed out on in 2018. We shine some light on what stood out, what amazed, and what was flat out less preferable than being punched in the face. Don’t miss out on this weeks 2 minute iso as we bring categories to the table that coulda, but not necessarily shoulda, been as well as an update regarding Patreon.

Listen Here

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