Episode 43 – A Podcast About 2018 Movie Superlatives (Part 1)

For part 1 of a 2 part episode I am joined by the new co-host Nick from You Are All Alone Podcast as we discuss a little something, a dash of nothing, and a whole lot of everything when it comes to 2018 movies and pass out some awards. Join us as we dive into the good, bad and ugly of an epic 2018 moviescape and give our hot takes on what deserves some love, and what deserves to be tossed into a hot pile of garbage as we hope you find some new movies to enjoy, and learn what to avoid. We will be back next week with part 2 to finish our hot takes and awarding of 2018 movies with some selections that may very well surprise you. Also, don’t miss out on this weeks 2 minute iso as we learn a little bit about the hosts of A Podcast About Something.

Listen Here

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