Episode 41 – A Podcast About Festivus (Seinfeld) with Thunk Tank

I’m joined again by Joe and Luke from the Thunk Tank Podcast to discuss Festivus from Seinfeld. In this 2-part mega episode we dive DEEEEEEEEEEP into Festivus the holiday for the Rest of Us from Seinfeld. In part 1, we discuss how Festivus came to be in the world of Seinfeld and how the Costanza’s celebrate. We dig into every plot and side plot of this episode as well as the wider Seinfeld canon. In part 2, we talk about Festivus in the real world, we flesh out our own Festivus traditions, found the Thunk Tank About Something Latvian Orthodox First Church of Festivus, and have our second trivia challenge. Find the official Thunk Tank About Something Festivus Clock at https://amzn.to/2DQ4G89. For more from the Thunk Tankers listen to their weekly podcast and follow them on twitter @thunktankers. 2 Minute Iso at the end of Part 2 on a big announcement for the future of A Podcast About Something.

Part 1

Part 2

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