Episode 39 – A Podcast About Horcruxes with The VCR Kids

I’m joined by Jay and Erin from The VCR Kids podcast on this episode all about Horcruxes in the Harry Potter universe. We first review our houses, patronuses (patroni??), and wands and talk about what that means about each of us. We cover the history of Horcruxes as well as Voldemort’s journey to create his Horcruxes and Dumbledore’s and Harry’s journey to destroy them. We each give our theories about what the final unknown part of creating a Horcrux is and how it would have effected Voldemort. We finish up by talking about creators’ changing their stories after the fact and how that effects the stories legacy. To hear more from The VCR kids check out their weekly podcast on your favorite podcast app. 2 Minute Iso on Ozark Season 2 and an upcoming guest appearance on the Kidflix podcast.

Listen Here

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