Episode 31 – A Podcast About George Costanza’s Engagement (Seinfeld) with the Thunk Tank Podcast

I’m joined by Joe and Luke from the Thunk Tank Podcast to discuss George Costanza’s Engagement in Seinfeld. In this 2-part mega episode we dive DEEEEEEEEEEP into the season 7 story arc while George was engaged to Susan Biddle Ross. We start by talking about when we started watching Seinfeld and why we still love the show after almost 30 years. We discuss why this was such a terrible idea for George and the many exit ramps to the relationship George could have and should have taken. We dive, probably, deeper than anyone else ever has into the psyche of George and why he does the things he does and how it effects the people around him. In this episode, I finally unveil the Costanza Theory on getting engaged and what you should do if you’re planning on getting engaged as well as a theory on why Jerry didn’t kill Miss Rhode Island’s doves. We had a great and long discussion of the entire relationship so much so that we had to split it into two parts so it’s easier to consume. At the end of part 2, we have a trivia challenge to see who knows more about nothing. For more from the Thunk Tankers listen to their weekly podcast and follow them on twitter @thunktankers. 2 Minute Iso at the end of Part 2 on the Luke Cage Netflix series.

Part One: Listen Here

Part Two: Listen Here

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