Episode 30 – A Podcast About Spider-Man with the FYMP Podcast

I am joined by Khemit from the FYMP Podcast as we discuss all things Spider-Man. We start with why Spider-Man is our, and a lot of other people’s, favorite superhero. We talk about each movie iteration of Spider-man and which are our favorites and why, as well as expectations for the upcoming venom movie. We talk about the different animated versions of Spider-Man and high hopes for Into the Spiderverse. We go back and forth on some of our favorite Spider-Man comic books arcs and finish up by discussing our favorite Spidey Villains and Suits. 2 Minute iso on the new Marvel’s Spider-Man video game for PS4. For more from Khemit check out the FYMPCast, follow them on Twitter @FYMPCast, and visit their website fymplanet.com

Audible Trial: audibletrial.com/apodcastaboutsomething

Listen Here

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