Episode 27 – A Podcast About Crazy Hypotheticals with Don’t Crack

I’m joined by the guys from the Don’t Crack podcast as we play a crazy hypotheticals game or as they call it “With A Catch”. We each presented a hypothetical situation and then the others had to come up with a catch that would us not want to follow through on our hypothetical situation. The hypotheticals used were: If you could have one cybernetic body part what would it be and why, and If you could have only one of Superman’s super powers, what would you choose and why? Before we dive into the game, we discuss pop culture including Game of Thrones, Arrow, and when it’s appropriate to forgo a spoiler warning. 2 Minute Iso on Netflix’s Jessica Jones Season 2. To hear more from the guys over at Don’t Crack search for them in your favorite pdcast app and follow them on twitter @dontcrackpod

Listen Here

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